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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 20, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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enthusiastic for joining. we have byron york and tom dew price tomorrow. you always. we appreciate it. here's lou t to dobbs. trish: good evening. i'm in for lou dobbs tonight. we're talking about the discredited trump dossier to spy on the election campaign. devin nunes asking obama official to explain how they handled the dossier. we're going to discuss the community's efforts to expose fbi and doj corruption with dr. sebastian gorka also tonight, special counsel robert mueller straying far from his russian collusion update. mueller charging a new york attorney with lying to federal investigators about his interactions with a long time
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business associate of president trump's former campaign chair paul manafort. we'll have a full report. president trump ordering the justice department to propose regulation to ban bump stocks, the devices that allow rifle to mimic automatic weapons. the president saying we must do more to protect our children. >> the key in all of these efforts, as i said in my remarks the day of the shooting, is that we cannot merely take actions that make us feel like we are making a difference. we must actually make a difference. we must move past cliches and tired debates and focus on evidence based solutions and security measures that actually work and that make it easier for men and women of law enforcement to protect our children and to protect our safety. trish: we're going to take up the fallout of the president's
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move with two of the best political analysts in the business, ed rollins and charlie hurt our top story. house intel chairman devin nunes sent a list of critical question to senior obama administration officials about the dirt ya discredited dossier, bought and paid for by hill clinton and the dnc. katherine her ridge has our report. >> law enforcement and state department officials, the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee launched phase two of the committee's trump dossier investigation. chairman devin nunes posed a string of dossier related questions covering when the officials learned that the dnc and clinton campaign paid for the information. fox news learned the questionnaire including a threat to subpoena information went to former fbi director james comey,
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former director of national intelligence, james clapper and john brin nan among other. the republican staff memo released earlier this month said the fbi and justice department knew about the dossier's democratic root when it asked the court 18 days before the 2016 election to collect trump campaign aid carter page's communications. almost a year later brennan testify he didn't know the whole dossier story. >> director brennan, do you know who commissioned the steele dossier? >> i don't. >> do you know if the bureau ever relied on the steele dossier as part of any court filings ? applications, petitions, pleadings? >> i have no awareness. >> in a separate development, a london lawyer entered a washington, d.c. federal court and pled guilty to lying to special counsel investigation i. he lied about his communications 2000 months before the presidential election with rick gates. along with his business par par,
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paul manafort, gates was indicted on money laundering charges. the white house spokes mab says the lawyer's guilty plea is where steps removed from the special counsel collusion mandate. >> this has to do with an attorney representing one of the individuals who has already been indicted. nothing to do with the actions related to this president. >> the guilty plea places more pressure on gates to cut a deal and cooperate with the special council against ma manafort. he faces a fine of $250,000. but given his cooperation he's likely to get six months or less of jail time and a fine not to exceed $10,000. his sentencing is scheduled for early april. trsh president trump tomorrow set to meet with students and teachers impacted by school shootings following last week's tragedy at a florida high school. the meetings come as the president demands the justice department draft regulations
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banning bump stocks. our chief correspondent john roberts has the report. >> in the wake of the douglas high school massacre, president trump reached back to the last mass shooting, las vegas. announcing he'll seek a ban on the so-called bump stock that allowed the shooter there to fire off so many rounds so quickly. >> just a few moments ago i signed a memorandum directing the attorney general to propose allegations that turn automatic weapons into machine guns. i expect that this critical regulations will be finalized very soon. >> as he recognized today the va lore of safety officers who responded to yet another mass shooting, san bernardino in 2015, the president praised the heroism of those who sacrificed their lives last week. >> in the aftermath of this evil massacre, our spirits have been lifted by the accounts of
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bravery at the marjory stoneman douglas high school that show us that the forces of love open and courage are always stronger than the forces of evil and hate. >> douglas high school is the first mass shooting at a school since president trump took office. today he pledged to take steps that would actually make a difference. >> the key in all of these efforts, as i said in my remarks the day of the shooting, is that we cannot merely take actions that make us feel like we are making a difference. we must actually make a difference. >> the president will hold listening sessions this week on school shootings. tomorrow he'll meet students and teachers from doug last high school and sandy hook. thursday he'll meet with state and local officials to hear what they have to say. president trump voiced support for a senate bill that seek to make the background check situation more consistent but when pressed with the secretary
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admitted more needs to be done. >> the president is focused on mental illness, working with the health and human services department to determine the best path forward on that and what is available and allowed under the law. unfortunately we can't just flip a switch but there is a process. we're a law and order country and the president is trying to do everything that he can under his capacity to address these concerns and certainly when it comes to men tl illness. >> the white house today also defended a tweet president trump was widely criticized for. on the weekend he said that the fbi missed all of the many signals sebt out by the florida school shooter because they're spending too much time trying to prove russia collusion with the trump campaign. >> he's making the point that we would like our fbi agencies to not be focused on something that is clearly a hoax in terms of investigating the trump campaign and its involvement. >> four days after robert mueller announced indictments against 13 russians for interfering in u.s. elections,
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president trump today faulted the obama white house for not taking russian meddling more seriously. and while the president made no effort to call out the russians after mueller's announcement, the white house today insisted president trump has been far harder on russia than the obama administration ever was. >> he helped push through $700 billion to rebuild our military. he's helped export energy to eastern europe. he's closed three diplomatic properties that were russia's here in the united states. he's helped arm the ukrainians. there are a number of pieces that obama was too weak and refused to take and put pressure on russia where this president has. >> president trump also took aim at the obama white house in his memorandum to the attorney general seeking to ban bump stocks. pointing out that the obama administration repeatedly concluded that the devices were legal to both purchase and possess. at the white house, john roberts, fox news. trish: a lot to talk about
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tonight and we have none other than dr. sebastian gorka, now a fox business national security strategist. so good to see you, dr. gorka. i'm going to start with phase two. what is this going to look like? >> well, this is a very very interesting development. we saw the memo that basically proved to all americans that a fisa warrant, a surveillance warrant was illegally acquired against a member of the trump campaign, exculpatory evidence was hidden from the fisa court, the fact that this was an op ed paper paid for by hillary clinton and the dnc. now who knew in the obama administration about the file, where it truly came from and where did the -- what did they know and when did they know it? specifically, has john brennan committed perjury. that's going to be the big big question. trish: look, in some ways i
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think, dr. gorka, we should have known about this, right? by the way, the obama administration did know about it and didn't do much about it. but the reality is this is how government in the first world tries to influence things. and whether we like it or not we've had a history -- again, don't know if obama did this. there were a lot of things he should have done that he didn't do. but historically we've tried to influence elections. and we would be awfully naive to think that the russians or the chinese wouldn't also be trying to influence elections. i mean they've gone back decades, right, trying to, the russians, influence sentiment here in the united states. i guess the question is have they been able to actually influence them. i'd argue that after all it was her decision not to go and campaign if pennsylvania. so the russians had nothing to do with that. but they created enough distrust. they created enough chaos. for goodness sake they had
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rallies that michael moore was championing so they put one side against the other. with all of that in mind, how do one, we protect ourselves from any other influence going forward and two, what did we miss? what should we have done during the obama administration years? >> look, let's jetson the moral equivalency market. america has influenced elections in other countries. the soviet union did it since 1970 onward and so has china. we're the good guys. we yurpd mine communists and fascists. when former kgb officers like vladimir putin are having his people do it to us here in america, that's a threat. we have to revitalize counter
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intelligence in this country. we haven't done effective counter intelligence since the end of the cold war. rod rosenstein used an interesting phrase in his press conference last week. used the phrase active measures. active measures is what the soviet union and now russia does. we need to have people who shed light on the propaganda, connect it with who is doing it and then, people who aren't hiding in other countries and can be extradited. the people who know about the fisa-gate scandal, who used that, gez what, they're here and they're americans and they can be charged and they can be prosecuted. trish: look. unfortunately -- you and i have talked about this. you got cnn and the likes of other mainstream outlets doing the work of the russians for them. >> right. trish: you have the fbi issuing in this case a fisa warrant not telling the judge where this information was coming from, in
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this case christopher steele, fusion gps, hillary clinton and the democrats. this is not the research that perhaps was actually fed to christopher steele by the russians in the first place, to which i say are we that dumb, dr. gorka? is our fbi that dumb that they missed that entirely? because i read that thing and it certainly didn't read like a piece of intelligence to me. >> look, it's a personal issue for me. i've worked with thousands of fbi agents and analysts. look, the problem isn't with them. the problem is with the seventh floor at the fbi and doj who were convinced hillary clinton would win the election and they were in the tank for hillary clinton. just read the text messages from that ig investigation which has yet to drop. remember, the ig's report, which may be far more damaging for the obama administration than devin nunes or the grassley referrals has yet to be released.
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these were people who were politicized and who obama allowed to politicize others. that's what we have to get to the bottom of. trish: and i think the tragic thing in all of this, you can relate these two in that our fbi was politicized and whatever direction they were getting from the top on down was not to do what we needed the fbi to do to protect our children and protect our country but instead to go after this administration and perhaps florida is proof of that. you know, a tragedy all around. but there's room for improvement. that's for sure, dr. gorka. >> there's a reason that this sition since 1776 onward has never created a kurt service. we don't spy on fellow americans unless we have a good reason and the judge gives you the warrant. that changed under the obama administration. we have to walk the fbi back from being a political arm of
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the president of the united states and donald trump is not going to allow that to happen again. trish: thank you so much, dr. sebastian gorka. we're coming back with a whole lot more. stay with us. the house intelligence committee chair launching phase 2 of his nfltion as president trump slams the obama administration for not doing enough to stop russian interference. we take up the anti-trump web of corruption with ed rollins. and the battle for midterms heating up. republicans making gains. we'll have all of those details an oh, manatees. aka "the sea cow"" oh! there's one. manatees in novelty ts? surprising.
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trish: president trump is blasting democrats for using the issue of russian meddling as an excuse for losing the presidential election. the president citing this remark from then president obama back in october 2016. watch. >> there is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even -- you could even rig america's elections in part because they're so decentralized and the number of votes involved. there's no evidence that that has happened in the past or that
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there are instances in which that will happen this piem. time. so i'd advise mr. trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes. trish: maybe we should play that over and over and over again for hillary clinton. anyway, president trump today tweeting, quote, that's because he thought crooked hillary was going to win and he didn't want to rock the boat. the whole game changed and the russia excuse became the narrative of the dems. in another tweet he writes, i have much tougher on russia than obama. look the the facts. total fake news. joining me with more, fox business political analyst ed rollins. >> thank you. trish: he's right. listen to that sound from october 2016 and the president was saying, there's in way the russians could ever. >> no one thought trump was going to win. very few, each e eac even thoses
11:21 pm
dedicated to his cause, including people very much in the camp. he had a tremendous victory. 74,000 more votes in those three critical states that made the difference. won 300 electoral votes. won states that we haven't won since the reagan campaign. we need to move forward. hillary needs to go elsewhere, ex-president doesn't matter. donald trump is what matters. trish: they can't understand why or how he won so they're clinging to this idea of russian collusion. >> there's no evidence whatsoever that russians caused one single move. did they create a disarray to a campaign, maybe. but at the end 0 tf day, what does that mean. it's not about votes, not about stealing votes, not about casting votes. and i think the reality is it created confusion. they want to play propaganda games. trish: they've always done that. >> and we've done a little bit of that too.
11:22 pm
trish: absolutely. chris said no, we don't odo that. and i thought, that coups we had in venezuela with chavez, we might have had a hand in that. and if we didn't, we should have. and over the last eight years if we didn't play that game, i would fault the obama administration for not having playing it. that's part of what you do. >> and part of it is basically making a story is told that the government itself tells. i would hope that we have people in russia that are telling the truth about putin. that's very important. trish: that's part of the game that is played. we ought to understand and president obama ought to have understood that that was in fact what the russians were trying to do. i agree with you, that you can't really actually steal an election, not unless you're breaking into the voting machines. but you can create confusion and you can perhaps stir the pot a little bit on an emotional front.
11:23 pm
>> and they did that. they played the facebook game effective lip. spent a lot of money. it was a good effort, at least what i've read about it, to create discord and that's what they did. trish: okay. now nunes is launching phase 2 of his investigation. what do you think that will yield? >> probably not much more than phase 1. i think the key thing here is if you want to go after the obama administration, and the critical thing here is that, as maria said on her show on sunday when she had the attorney general, there are 27 cases of leaking, felonious leaked out of the administration going on right now by the justice department. if you can get people like brennan and others who basically may have misrepresented the case, you have a big case. and clearly there was a lot of that activity going on. trish: lastly, very quickly. the president talking about bump stocks and getting serious. i mean this was talked about
11:24 pm
after vegas and it went nowhere. now he wants to use his executive power. >> and i think that's a good thing. you're going to have difficulty passing any legislation change gun laws in this country. and i think to a certain extent you have a problem with privacy laws. going after some of these people, you're violating privacy. but the things he can do he needs to the and i think at the end of the day, we have to look at the whole system again. is the security in our schools adequate? obviously not. in israel they lock the doors at the beginning of school. and you don't get out without a pass. trish: i'm all for that and also being a little more careful on the mental illness fronts and looking at bump stocks and look at who the heck can get a gun because clearly this guy in florida didn't have the right to have one. >> and we need to basically have a system where you can go in and, as a parent or as an individual that knows someone bought a gun that's disabled or
11:25 pm
mentally disabled, have the ability to go to law enforcement and get a warrant against that. trish: thank you very much. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe the house republicans probe of dems and deep state link to the phony dros yay is far more important to the democracy than the endless mueller witch hunt. you can cast your vote on twitter. follow lou on twiet, like him on facebook. > on wall street, stocks closing lower. the dow falling 255 points. the s&p down 16 and the nasdaq off five points. volume on the big boards, 3.6 billion shares. the dow dragged lower by walmart after the retailer reported online growth slowing down. and a reminder, listen to lou's report three times a day, coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, republicans winning
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trish: republicans are winning the all important money game. the national republican congressional committee raised $10 million in the month of january while the democratic km pain committee raised 9.3 million. a spokesperson credited the tax cuts and strong candidates. joining me now, david bossie, author of a new book "let trump be trump." a great title. part of what you guys were able to do during the campaign which he has successfully. when you look at what's going on right now, david, you know, in terms of the mueller indictment,
11:31 pm
in terms of him now going after another person that was tied to the campaign whose father-in-law is a russian oligarch, do you think it's getting better, worse? i mean how would you diagnose what's happening now? >> well, first of all, i think this lawyer's indictment, it had literally nothing to do with the cacampaign. this person was a lawyer for rick gates who has been under indictment and he is -- the lawyer is being charged with lying and possibly destroying evidence, meaning getting rid of e-mails. so it has zero connection to the president's campaign or to anyone involved in the president's campaign. trish: let me ask you this as well. there's a lot going on today and i want to get to the bump stocks issue in a second. but the president is coming out fully supportive of mitt romney,
11:32 pm
someone he wasn't so supportive of before winning and someone who has been highly critical of him. but let's face it, by the way, mitt romney was right. don't forget, president obama was going after romney saying you can take your 1980 foreign policy act. right? he understood that russia indeed was a threat. how do you think romney is going to do and do you anticipate the president being fully supportive and behind him even though there's this whole russia thing that could perhaps at times be in the way. >> let's talk about it in a big picture and then we'll go to mitt romney if that's okay. my belief is that this president understands that his agenda and the success of his agenda, the things that are making america great again, you know, are on deck when it comes to the november election. and what i mean by that is, we have to win additional seats in the senate and we have to keep the house of representatives.
11:33 pm
if we do not, the first thing speaker pelosi is going to do is try to impeach this president, try to end this agenda. and so when it goes to supporting candidates like mitt romney, he's doing that across the country in state after state to make sure that a republican wins a seat that we must have. and this is a replacement of orrin hatch. it's a seat that a republican is most likely going to win and mitt romney, if he comes to washington and is going to want to participate in the president's agenda, i welcome him. trish: bump stocks. there are members of the base that may not like what the president is trying to do here. what do you say? >> you know, i'm a member of that base. and i'm also an avid gun owner. and hunter. and my kids are as well. and i've got to tell you, until the las vegas shooting -- and i own a lot of guns -- never heard of bump stocks.
11:34 pm
i'm not a guy who is worried about being -- having bump stocks being regulated in some form. i think that what the president is doing is sound and responsible. and i think that whether it's going to be regulating bump stocks or making it tougher for people to get guns, meaning a stringent background check. it has to be done in a hurry and it has to be done, you know, the right way. but we have to have maybe some tougher background checks and i think that all americans can come together on that whether you're a gun owner like myself or somebody who is opposed. trish: well it's going to take some real leadership, david. this is your book title, right? >> that's what this president is good at. he's very good at leading and taking the heat. he talked about it with immigration he said i'll take the heat if we can pass something that solves this problem. democrats obviously don't want to. we'll see where the rubber meets the road on this issue.
11:35 pm
trish: the nra has been pretty powerful. the nra backed him for president. >> of course. and i don't think the nra is going to have a problem with regulating bump stocks. i don't know. i haven't seen -- trish: what about the background checks? >> i think the nra has been very responsible. over the many years of background checks. and i think that if it's -- especially if it's about mental health issues related to that background check, i think that's going to be something that the nra and this president can grab ahold of and move it forward. trish: it's amazing. i would just point to the incredibleness of this. i mean it's like nixon and china. because the president that the democrats thought would be awful when it came to gun issues and just awful on immigration may be the president that solves some of these things and meets them halfway. >> a broken washington.
11:36 pm
a broken washington, d.c. is the reason, one of the reasons that this president got elected, was to come here and make change. come here and make washington work again. and he's a businessman and that's kind of what he was known for in that world and that's what he's doing here in washington. trish: he's shaking things up for sure. good to see you thanks for coming on. we're coming back with it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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trish: i'm trish reagan in for lou dobbs tonight. than so pelosi attacking the president's tax cuts in phoenix, arizona calling them unpatriotic. >> i kawldz heunpatriotic. watch. >> if what you're doing is cutting the taxes at the high end and therefore not being allowed to invest in the future, you're doing a grave disservice to our country. most people have to struggle to make ends meet. so -- no, we're not talking about that. so in any event -- trish: it just keeps getting worse, right? i've called her the marie antoinette of the democratic party. this is the same problem that hillary clinton had, not connecting, not understanding what it's like to have to pay the rent every month.
11:41 pm
not understanding what it's like to have to pay a mortgage own put food on the table. this is part of the democrats' very problem right now. on top of that, she can't get her talking points straight. she's saying it's nothing but a tax cut for the highest earners. it's not a lot of the highest earners are in california, new jersey, and all of these are high tax states. and guess what, the high earners can't deduct their state and local taxes anymore. so they will pay more. i wish the democrats would get their talking points straight. in fact i've helped them on some of them because this tax line isn't perfect but they keep going back to decades' old rhetoric. joining me now, washington times opinion editor and fox business contributor charlie hurt. great to see you. >> great to see you, trish -- trish: if i'm a republican
11:42 pm
strategist i would keep saying, keeping bringing her out. she's doing all of the work for them. what is it that you think that nancy pelosi didn't get and for that matter the democratic party doesn't get? >> in a lot of ways, than so pelosi is a greater gift to the republican party than hillary clinton is. and hillary clinton of course won't go away. she is so out of touch. she has been around for so long and she has sort of fallen back into this thing where all she talks about is all of this class warfare business. and when they're not talking talking about class warfare they're talking about racial division and playing racial politics and all of this stuff that the vast majority of americans put behind them a long time ago if they ever put anything into any of them to begin with. it's all they've got left. it's a real danger thinking they can go into the elections just hating donald trump, they're going to lose.
11:43 pm
trish: americans want something to vote for, not against. >> exactly. trish: i'm wondering if the problem here is their platform. the whole distribution of wealth. this whole social ideal where they're going to take from you charlie and me and from the union workers a the the local plant and everybody else. in other words, anybody that's earning an honest living. >> right -- trish: is going to get attacked by the dems and money will be taken from them and redistributed to people who aren't working for a living. and i think that people fundamentally, those that are working have a problem with that. >> well it's the whole -- i mean, this is america where, you know, we don't have a cast system in america. this is not india. this is not some terrible country where people can't be born, you know with nothing and then rise to the extraordinary levels that people do in this country if they work hard, play by the rules and are creative
11:44 pm
and never lose that enthusiasm or that vision for something. but you're exactly right. voters want to vote for something. and when you look at -- you look at barack obama in 2008. he was showing -- he had a hopeful campaign. the sun was shining on his face. people wanted to vote for him. and the same thing about donald trump. and that's what so many people in the media missed, is the fact that he was presenting a very hopeful image about the future and that's why people voted for him. and hillary clinton wasn't doing that. and nancy pelosi still isn't doing that. trish: it's a huge mistake. i think the reality is they have no palsy. spolicy.all they go back to is a racist, he's sexist, this and that. nobody wants a misogynist in the whowtion and nobody wants a racist in the white house. maybe that motivates their base. but you're right.
11:45 pm
if you want to get people out to work -- out to vote, they're the people that are actually working. in other words, their economic success is the link, i think, to political success for these parties. >> absolutely. and you know, if you look at these -- all of these wild acquisitionaccusations that we'w for years about donald trump. the problem isn't that people believe it 0 an and they're igng they don't believe the accusations anymore except for the craziest fringe element of the democratic party. everybody has heard the accusations, they've thrown their hands up after having heard them for so long and seen so many times the stories fall apart. and it's the problem with the russia collusion case as well. you hear so much of this stuff, so much of it turns out not to be true. at some point people throw their hands up saying, you know, we're not listening to any more of this nancy. trish: i got news for nancy pelosi. there's nothing unpatriotic
11:46 pm
about allowing the americans to keep the money they've worked hard for. and she needs to learn that quickly. it's easy i guess when you get as much money as her. you start to forget. but if i were her political adviser, tell her to study up fast. >> i hope she doesn't. and the more she shows this, the better off smart people are. trish: good to see you coming up next, alleged russian interference extending beyond the election. we're going to have a full report on latest target. and later on the house intelligence committee demanding answers from top obama administration officials. we're taking up the deep state efforts. stay with us. don't go any liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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trish: new reports tonight that russia is once again interfering in american affairs. according to the "the new york times," they're trying to influence the debate over gun control following last week's school shooting in florida. fox news media analyst howard kirk has our report. >> it was an hour after the florida school shooting that twitter erupted with hashtags gun reform now, ar-14 and parkland shooting. and we now know that hundreds of
11:51 pm
posts came from twitter accounts suspected of having connection to russia. this is part of a far reaching disinformation campaign that includes conspiracy videos on youtube, phony interest groups on facebook and bots that can drive a twitter discussion and push excite the mainstream med media. anists say that gun control is fertile ground for these covert russian operatives. >> what thigh ear trying to do is they're trying to get american to point fingers at each other, to drive wedges and dundouble down on fissures that exist in the society. >> robert mueller highlighted the problem with indictments against 13 russians for cyber hacking and trying to disrupt the election campaign. these russians organize rallies. they accords nateed one rally
11:52 pm
called so-to-show your support for president trump and another one called trump is not my president. in the case of protesting nfl players, the russians took their cue from the president's criticism by pushing hack tags like, boycott nfl, stand for or anthem as well as take a knee. after russian bots whipped up gun control sentiment, they moved on to the hashtag false flag, pushing an outlandish conspiracy theory that the students reherbse rehearsed the. they were mainly interested in putting donald trump in the white house. it's now clear that russian prop gan dpa and disinformation are a constant fact of life even or perhaps especially when americans are being killed. trish: thank you very much. up next, another hollywood celebrity flirts with political stardom. george clooney might have his eyes on the white house. we're going to aw talk about the
11:53 pm
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trish: in our online poll last night we asked you, do you think it's time for the fbi to clean up its clevelandership and focus on crime? 98% of you said yes. it's pathetic to think in this case our fbi got played. our fbi was so busy chasing his ghost of collusion that it missed the real story which was protecting those kids in florida. i think it would be healthier for the country if we can focus on what really matters. >> absolutely. domestic crime prevention has to
11:58 pm
be the focus. protocol wasn't followed. meanwhile you have this russia investigation that has gone on since july of 2016. and we found no collusion. it's time to change focus on protect our citizens. the fbi got played by the russians in terms of this fisa warrant. there is a dossier by this ex-british spy that was fed a bunch of garbage. but that was paid for by the democrats and by hillary clinton and fusion gps. then it makes its way to the fbi and uses that phoney intelligence to ask get a fisa warrant. i look at what's going on right
11:59 pm
now. so much of the mainstream media for that matter is doing the russians work for them right now. don't we need to be smarter? >> absolutely we need to be smarter. the question when need to get the answer to, was this dossier russia-sourced, paid for by democrats. was it used unwittingly? people in the fbi know this was garbage but used it nonetheless which is a whole new level of frightening. our fourth amendment rights matter even if you are part of the trump campaign and being spied on. trish trish: michael moore was leading one of those protests at one of those rallies orchestrated by none other than the russians. talking about getting played. that's it for us tonight.
12:00 am
enthusiastic for joining. we have byron york and tom dew price tomorrow. kennedy: russians are meddling in you are democracy, but why. the president said he'll increase federal background checks on guns. lace up your boots, time to ride. we can all agree russian meddling conclusion are two didn't things. filthy corrupt russian government is meddling in our election despite laughable claims of innocence. why does identity theft shape our


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