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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 21, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EST

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enthusiastic for joining. we have byron york and tom dew price tomorrow. kennedy: russians are meddling in you are democracy, but why. the president said he'll increase federal background checks on guns. lace up your boots, time to ride. we can all agree russian meddling conclusion are two didn't things. filthy corrupt russian government is meddling in our election despite laughable claims of innocence. why does identity theft shape our politics?
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democracy is a threat to freedom oppressing authoritarianism, and other than oil, that's russia's only export. they certainly won't assure global dominance through twitter box and goofy rallies. in that discord there is the sweet chorus of transparency. he would be rounding up and disappear higgs enemies, further shutting down the internet and trying to smother the life of political opponents and the insurgents. don't give into the impulse to
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squash online discourse by force. answer to russia is not to become russia and operating in darkness and destroy freedom. that means you, not giving in to convenient and lazy confirmation bias. broaden your source of information, ask critical questions. freedom will win not baits has to, but because it's better. and so are we, our economy, our way of life, and our ultimate pivot toward life that defines us even in the political dark of night. let's shine some light on it. welcome, i'm kennedy. russia can never hope to be as good as the u.s. when was the last time you bought anything maid in russia.
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-- made in russia. our vodka is even better than theirs. can their purpose be to divide us making them look better than it is. joe con scha, guy benson and cabot phillips. it's obviously a two-part goal. russia wants to create instability in our system while listing -- lifting themselves up by destroying democracy. have they achieved those goals? ben: they made steps towards that. that monologue was terrific. it was powerful. i hope it will end up on
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youtube and people watch many times over. some of this is within. they are he can ploight something we are doing to our sells. they are riling up an existing problem and cancer in our politicsing. one thing i would add about the why question. putin is a kgb guy. he's still angry we won the cold war. he's angry the soviet union is gone. he has delusions of grandeur about russia and hostile toward us. anything he can do to bring us down a peg or two he's happy to do it in addition to the geopolitical stuff. >> they try and pretend to be a cool, unemotional player. i think there is a lot of emotion involved and a lot of humility. they are not going to have any
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military proliferation. they are busy going for dominant middle east. that's what they are doing. how do we stop them without shutting down our freedoms? >> i don't know if we have to stop them. if you look at the numbers around this, half the ads were purchased on facebook around the election. there was $3,000 total that was spent in wisconsin, and michigan. the campaigns spent $81 million. what they did couldn't have had real effect in terms of turning votes over. kennedy: i think the effect they are look for is chaos and discord. and i think that's what they achieved. and people are up in arms about the social media manipulation.
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that's what everyone does. it doesn't matter if you are the campaign or lobbyist or anyone with any kind of agenda using the tools within their means to affect the outcome. >> guy said the russians exploited something. they did, our media. even after the election when the russians were trying to foment a protest rally in front of tower. it was covered heavily by the news outlets after being pulled because it was organized by the russians. kennedy: the confirmation bias exists with who you follow in the media itself. and there are people who now feel obligate to give a
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subjective view, their version of the truth. and that's just as problematic as someone pretending to be someone else on twitter. >> this is a real discussion we ought to have about the role we have played. we can all agree they meddled in the election or attempted to in a serious way. they should be the enemy, but people on the left are trying to throw trump under the bus. trump is pointing at obama. kennedy: meantime, president trump fully pushing his belief the previous administration is to blame for this fiasco tweeting there is no serious person out there who would think you can rig america's elections. i would invite mr. trump to stop
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whining and make his case. when i easily won the electoral college the whole game changed and the russian excuse became the narrative of the dems. does he have a point or is he shifting blame here. he wants to be vindicated base wants to make sure people know that the russians didn't help him win. he won on his own. even though he had a billion and a half dollars fighting against him. should he be less concerned with vindication and more concerned on tackling the russia problem? >> i'm glad he finally mentioned his electoral college victory margin. to me he's mostly deflecting here. he's angry people are trying to
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delegitimize him. trying to push this off to base a little bit of a ploy. the obama administration was aware of russia's meddling. there was other meddling going on and they didn't do that much to stop it because they had designs on u.s. policy and they wanted to stay in the relative good graces of the russians and they thought hillary clinton was going to win. they thought this is not only bad, it cost us politically and they are ticked off. i think trump is highlighting this. but he sometimes denies russia's malfeasance. kennedy: barack obama made fun of mitt romney for bringing that up in the 2008 debate. but he didn't do enough
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considering how much he knew which i'm guessing is more than they let on. joe: i look at the headlines and it says over and over, trump tries to shift blame to obama. at last check president trump was a private citizen at that time and president obama had the ability to do something. kennedy: or if i step in and god forbid she wins because of the information i'm about to reveal. >> i think the obama administration was worried about appearing that they were trying to meddle in this election as well. but we need to rub also there are mid-term elections coming up very soon. unless we want a vicious cycle then blaming the russians. we need to fix this.
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kennedy: they are going to try and blame russia and fake news. ben: the russia issue was adjudicated during the 2016 election. hillary called trump the puppet of russia. we talked about russia. voters got a lot of that information and made a choice. kennedy: guy benson is so multi faceted and talented. we are going to see the panel a little later on the show. special counsel mueller's team revealed another indictment today. a dutch lawyer was charged with lying to investigators. he reportedly lied to the fbi to
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his relationship with gates and reportedly agreed to testify against his old pal man fo -- p. how does it fit in. >> this such a tepid charge. he forgot to remember something. there are far more serious lies going on thang this. but they do have him. he did agree to plead guilty. while he is pleading guilty, richard gates' lawyers are gore griergt a deal. bob mueller has the upper in and that negotiation. this young man, the dutch lawyer was the lawyer for gates and manafort when they were doing what they did from the ukraine which forms the basis for the money laundering charge against
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them. kennedy: against them and the president? this is very distracting and gets us away what our original target was suppose to be. >> the money laundering charges go back to 2014 and as far as we can tell have nothing to do with trump. if gates testifies against manafort and this young lawyer testifies against him, this is what the government does when they want to get you. kennedy: what about the attorney-client privilege. >> it was detroyed when he admitted to a crime. the effort to pressure manafort to plead guilty and say what he knows about trump will go up
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exponentially. manafort said no amount of pressure will get him to do that. kennedy: let's say there is some connection with money laundering. and ban none said in the michael -- bannon said in the michael wolff book. can the president be charged? >> there are two goals. one is to justify the existence of mueller's office. he can justify the existence of his office by indicting manafort and this dutch lawyer for things that have nothing to do about the campaign. second goal may be to find out what they know about donald trump. money laundering which was alleged by chris steele or obstruction of justice.
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this is the standard operating procedure of federal prosecutors. you indict, you charge, you punish at the bottom of the totem poll. we all know who is at the top. kennedy: we do. it's a matter of whether these loosely connected figures and points create a ladder to the white house. if it doesn't, what a phenomenal waste of time. >> manafort would say -- but the down side is, an unaccountable special counsel materially interfering with the president's ability to govern. when will this end? i don't think this will end this year. i think more indictments will
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come. if they try manafort, the country will be captivated on it. kennedy: pressure continues to you build on politicians to strengthen gun laws. will any of it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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kennedy: high school students in florida today staged a walkout to pressure legislators the act on gun violence. the forum comes on the heels of a poll that shows congress and lawmakers are being blamed for not doing enough. welcome back, suits. you and i talked about guns on the air plenty of time. a lot of people after newtown thought there would be meaningful gun reforms after that horrific tragedy. what makes florida different?
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>> i don't know that anything does. activism and compelling stories told by survivors is great tv. but i want to know more about nikolas cruz. because even before when the first news reports were coming out and it was a lone short and former student of that high school, it's almost like you can fill in the blank that we have seen since 1999. yet another white middle class kid on psychotropic drugs since 2012. if they do talk to about the forensic toxicology and adam lanza. it's not the meds, it's when they stop taking the meds. lanza stopped doing it. james holmes, left home for the first time in his life six
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months before. he turned 18. when they stop taking their meds and they are not walking on the straight and narrow. you can get rid of the ar-15. it's military grade. you should see what my deer rifle can do. it wasn't an ar-15 it would and diesel pickup truck. kennedy: that's my point about this kid. i don't want to devolve into reading a sheet of nra talking points. but what concerns me is it's apparent there are people out there who have this violent form of mental illness that not enough people know how to treat and identify. so if all guns had been confiscated with, if they didn't exist, would his impulses also not be present? i don't believe that he would be
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a naturally easy going person. >> no. a prominent radio and tv celebrity doctor says he's 99% sure that this kid like a lot of russian orphans has fetal alcohol syndrome. i would warning my fellow second amendment lovers you bert start restaking the narrative about these psychotropic drugs. that's the common thread. the vermont tech guy had handguns and he killed 35. do i have a right to know whose sitting next my daughter in third grade? kennedy: maybe we shouldn't be overprescribing kids anti-depressives that change their brains. >> we need to give a little on mental health privacy.
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technology this convenient... could make history. what's in your wallet? kennedy: democrats are obviously hoping to defeat president trump in 2020. some say nominating a woman might be just the right thing for them. the top list includes kamala harris, kirsten gillibrand, and elizabeth warren. they are going to push the #metoo movement and focus on his sexual relations.
12:29 am
this seems like a strange way to narrow the field. i think i speak for many americans which say i would love to see a woman become president, especially for my daughters, someone to look up to and know they can aspire to do whatever job they want in this great country. however, should gender be the sole basis for primary basis for the democratic party to select their nominee? >> i think they have a lot to learn from 2016. i think it comes down to having the right women as candidates. i think either party has a lot to the choose from in terms of potential candidates for the white house. but the bottom line is american women voters aren't going to vote for someone based on gender alone.
12:30 am
they want to know the character, personality and policy position of these candidates. there will be a split depending on which way you lean politically. kennedy: thank god. no one wants to be lumped into a box. i think that's what hillary clinton relied upon. how do people like joe biden orsherrod brown -- and wer and d brown feel about this? >> i think it's natural for any out party to become the party of no and the party full of critics. let's hope they focus on the policy sig items.
12:31 am
to make your policy alternatives known and be just the party no. this what we have to offer not just women voters but voters of all shapes and size and genders and sizes. kennedy: the women i talked about at the top. they all have detractors. they all bring deficits into the general election. i have some real issues with kamala harris with some of her policies in california politics before she was elected to the senate. and i think she is a prickly pear. there is a good chance they will run her if she run anyone because she is younger than some of the other candidates, but she doesn't have the greatest disposition. >> we can say that any particular candidate.
12:32 am
the thing about hillary clinton, showers one who came to the table with a lot of political experience. but in the course of her political career she accumulated baggage. i believing as long as both parties continue to focus on the issues of the most of importance to women voters, that will be the centerpiece. women and men will both say generally speaking that the economy is the most of important issue. but when you look at the distribution among women voters, this a broader widths of those issues including healthcare and education. i hope both parties take that into account and present a full awraip of policy issues. kennedy: they should learn something from hillary's corrupt, stinky baggage. our nations veterans are picking
12:33 am
up the fight against the absurd war on drugs. many returning velts suffer from ptsd and chronic pain. and they say marijuana helped them heal. but under federal law marijuana is classified in the same category as heroin, creating an obstacle for those looking to obtain medical cannabis. what will it take for those who fought for our country to find peace and relief. the party panel is back. marijuana should be rescheduled. if nothing else, even if it doesn't offer some relief to people who want it, they should at least study it. if it's the worst anything world, let more scientists figure that out by responsible
12:34 am
means. >> it's never bad to get more information on top is. but there are arguments that could be made by both sides. rule of law. i think the people of that belief will want see the federal law changed. lobbying congress. so federalism. i do think there is a lot of americans who were able to look at this from the standpoint much these are our vets. i think it's time to have some studies. you don't see people take their own life and overdose because of a can business crisis. the vets who come back who fought in iraq and afghanistan and other places who have mental and physical aflikss. what are they prescribed? medical prescription and opioids which only exaser payments mental and physical problems. >> my wife is an e.r. doctor.
12:35 am
she is libertarian, you would get along with her. gallup has been polling on this topic. 51% of republicans support marijuana. for personal usage. 2/3 of americansing support this. you tribe opioids it becomes addictive. this seems like a no will brainer but you have an attorney general month won't agree with you on this. ben: this is a hard-line position from the administration. i can see that opening this up could be abused. but at least studying the damn thing and following the science, there is no defense.
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kennedy: thank you so much for being here. cabot, joe and guy benson. the u.s. is used to being at the top of the medal stand. why isn't steam u.s.a. bringing home more gold? i'm not tired of the winning next. ♪ no, please, please, oh! ♪ (shrieks in terror) (heavy breathing and snorting) no, no. the running of the bulldogs? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money aleia saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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kennedy: the united states has a
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problem in south korea. this time it doesn't involve rocket man. a few days into the final weeks of the olympics the u.s.a. is hovering between 5th and 6th place. we are neck-and-neck with russia. the team whose best athletes had to sit out this round because of doping. the united states has the biggest team competing in the game. so what the hay? what gives? how can we make team usa great again? joining me is brian kilmeade. it used to be called "kilmeade and friends." now it's call? >> the brian kill need show.
12:41 am
i started at fox, i was hired to be a full-time sports guy, but that didn't work out, i wasn't too good. kennedy: the jowive now allows you to keep your eye on sports and culture. we love seeing the gold medals stack up. the problem the athletes aren't getting the training and support they need? >> up until 1976 we used to tell athletes if you are really good get yourself a body suit and practice on your own and see if you qualify. now we give them everything. it just happens to be a year where we only have 11 medals. we are behind france and norway. we have 23 million people and only 10 medals.
12:42 am
that's only -- is it about how you play the game or about winning? kennedy: it's about winning because you play the game well. >> the there isn't a lot of -- every year since 2001, since patrick ewing's rookie year is another story. i don't think america cares enough about winter sports. when do we talk about the luge in an off-olympic year. kennedy: we shouldn't need the spotlight on thesing can. we have better facilities and better coaches. we should have better outcomes. and i would like to say,
12:43 am
snowboarding, this is a sport that was invented and purified and evolved in the united states. and the snowboarders have done us proud. four our five gold medals. >> we invent a lot of stuff and a lot of people are beating us at it. we are not going to lose in basketball. they are going to be tough to beat in the winter olympics. i'll give an example. in soccer people say how could you lose to costa rica. it's not how many people you have, it's how many players you have. a lot of times the bigger, the harder it is to get the best. that's my explanation or it could be a down year. i think it winter olympics are in a lot of trouble. i think it costs a lot of money and we have yet to see a profit. kennedy: a lot of it is
12:44 am
subsidized by government and it doesn't pay off. the venues are completely abandoned. it's almost hi hysterical to see the blight of former venues. >> $963 million nbc paid for it. kennedy: i love bob costas. >> i think he's bored with it. he's don't for 30-40 years. he wants a place to talk about thing other than sports. i look for bob costas to be a regular player. and i look for kennedy to be maybe on the third show. i think third. so don't give up yet though. they said we'll get 20 medals. so we are barely under
12:45 am
achieving. kennedy: we are under acheechg by half. >> it's not over yet. kennedy: coming up, a wisconsin man stole a cop car after learn how long to escape from his handcuffs. we'll have we took legendary, and made it liberating. we took safe, and made it daring. we took intelligent, and made it utterly irresistible. we took the most advanced e-class ever, and made the most exciting e-class ever. the 2018 e-class coupe and sedan.
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kennedy: on this day in 1947 a chemical explosion destroyed 42 blocks in los angeles. they consider its the second worst disaster in history after fergy's rendition of the national anthem. police in adams county, wisconsin do not mess around. when they stopped a man who gave them a fake name and tried to run for it. not only did they arrest him, they left him in the squad car afterwards. because what could possibly go wrong. what's he doing with his knees? he's awful squirrely.
12:50 am
he had outstanding flexibility. he's gets out of the cuffs. you only leave once. she is getting away. having led cops on an 18-mile case before he went danica patrick and crashed into a wall. the ream housewives of new york took a pleasure cruise. there were wine glasses tblieg everywhere, and that was at dinner before about the boat started sinking. they planned on sunning themselves on board a luxury yacht.
12:51 am
but they arrived to find that they were being given a decrepit vessel. fortunately or unnortht fortunately, depending on how you roll. a passion boat rescued them, because materials were so rough that by the time they made to it shore everyone was covered in vomit. the worst part was the camera crew hadn't gone the it fall one take s so so they had to go outo sea and' limit again. kfc is forced to close 900 because of a mossive chicken shortage. most of people didn't think there was ching under all that
12:52 am
grease and breading. their new delivery partner noticed operational issues that flultd delayed bird delivery. i love that people think kfc is raising meatless zombies with 12 wings and no feathers. those are the same dummies who think the world is round. the company has set up a website where a customer can find out the date for the reopening. chances are you don't need to visit the website. you need to visit the gym. we don't normally get into serious subjects in this
12:53 am
segment. but lucky charmts is adding another' look to their cereal. if you corral the marshmallows to one side of the bowl. once you get to that, the new look goes on sale this week. if you prefer something healthier for your kids. allow me to recommend crack cocaine. i'm kidding. lucky charles don't kill teeth. people who eat lucky charles kill teeth. topic number 5. a michigan man was busted for using movie prop money to pay child support.
12:54 am
he claims he got it from a friend. it also didn't help that the bills say for motion picture use only on them. number mind that benke franklin seems to be doing the people's eyebrow like he's the rock. he was booked later that day. he was forced to get a resourceful ride home. oh, man, how am i going to get out of these? they are definitely going to take away his license. but knowing him, he has another one. coming up. do you want to live a long, beautiful life? a new study hes put down the barbells and head to the bar. details in the nightcap next.
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kennedy: do you want to live, 90 and sexy as heck in start drinking. there was a long-term study and those who drank two beers or a couple of glasses a day cut their risk of premature death by
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sexton, dennis miller and michio kaku. i'll see you on the i'll see you on the "outnumbered" couch tom for time life's music collection. (theme from "a summer place") it was an era of incredible stars... ♪ ...fantastic voices... ♪ i know i'd go from rags to riches ♪ (announcer) ...beautiful harmonies... ♪ sincerely ♪ oh, yes, sincerely (announcer) ...magical melodies... ♪ catch a falling star and put it in your pocket ♪ ♪ never let it fade away (announcer) ...and music we will always remember. ♪ writing love letters in the sand ♪ (announcer) it was the golden age of pop.


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