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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 21, 2018 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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don't have the supply. the irony the 10-year-year-old is creeping higher and stocks are creeping higher. can they coexist. neil cavuto, take it away. neil: you're right. you don't see that often. something has to give. charles, thank you very much. maybe we'll get the first hint what the federal reserve was thinking at its last shindig when janet yellen was running things. what they were making and what the fed collectively was thinking regarding interest rates. the prevail view we'll probably see more interest rate hikes this year otherwise have been the case. no way of knowing for sure. what we do know, the white house focused on economic matters and again week after the shootings in florida, what to do to prevent them right now. he will be meeting with teachers and students directly affected at that school, elsewhere. parents of those who lost children in prior shootings, iron out some of plans or at
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least ideas being discussed to address this. meantime, blake burman with the latest from the white house. blake? reporter: hi, there, neil, the white house within the last minute releasing the economic report of the president. this is a pretty lengthy, 500 plus page document put together by the president's council of economic advisors. we've gone through it t paints a fairly rosie picture coming out of obama administration. tax cuts, the president talked about the need and the want and how he feels potentially we could get to 4% gdp growth. however when you look at 10-year span as the administration economic advisors are projecting out, they're projecting gdp growth over 3%. when you get to the back end of this 10-year term, dropping just under 3%. they do warn though of some headwind in both near and long
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term and this is it. they write, quote, challenges remain for 2018 and the longer term including increased opioid dependence. the recent low rate of labor productivity and wage growth. downward pressure on labor force participation rate from demographic shifts. there is the debate, neil in washington, as the administration rolls out the infrastructure plan. the question is, how will you pay for this massive plan or this massive idea as it stands right now? might they raise the federal gas tax? this document sort of dives into it. and leaves at least the general impression that maybe now is the time to do just that. it points out that the federal gas tax has been at 18.4 cents per gallon since 1993. for last 24, 25 years. it points out construction prices, cost to build roads, highway, et cetera, increased nearly 4% every single year since then. as for the events ongoing at the
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white house today, we look for the 4:00 hour event with the president and 15, 20, paints, students, teachers from marjory stoneman douglas senior high school in parkland. this listening session will take place in the white house. for those listening session, those impacted by sandy hook and columbine shootings. neil? neil: thank you very much, blake burman at the white house. there is a back and forth talking about economic matters both parties addressing about the tax cuts and majority of americans now in fact, double what was the indicates before these came out the chute not like them, have favorable view of then. democrats are in a bit of a conundrum how to react to all of that. congressman tim ryan, remember he was the ohio democrat challenging nancy pelosi for leadership of the democrats in the house, he recognizes that. take a look. she runs unchallenged will you
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let that happen? >> well, you can have me on if that is the case at some point but i don't know if that would be the case. i don't know how these elections are going to turn out. i know between now and then, between now and november, democrats have to jump on this economic message. neil: let's see how that sorts out with the dow up 100 points. deroy murdoch and kat timpf and shelly holiday. shelby, are democrats in a bit of a box because not one of them voted for it is getting favorably view. we're. >> they are boxed in. candidates hold the vote against tax reform against them. senator heidi heitkamp that is being held against her. the big issue the democrats should talk about the economy. their perception of tax cuts don't match up with reality. polls showing momentum in favor
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of tax cut bill, even among democrats. now that they see tax cuts in their paychecks and see benefits, the market stumbled and back on solid ground. people generally feel good about the economy. when you oppose a bill that your constituents are happy about there is a little bit of trouble. neil: responding to improving economy that those tax cuts are making possible, right? >> that is an economic worry. if you're upset about the fed, you yell at the fed, not the republicans. gop is not pushing up -- neil: they're lookings at, i got a tax cut. now i know it is more expensive for me to borrow. do they sort that out who to blame? >> i don't think they blame the gop. we had long debate about the tax cuts. gop won that. you would think the democrats would back off. but nancy pelosi saying going from crumbs to armageddon. if you voted for tax cuts i
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guess you're guilty of treason. they got, said your tax was go up. you have all the benefit. 375 companies raised wages, given bonus, announced something like $50 billion investments in this country by apple alone. so you have all this good stuff going on. it will continue throughout the year. at some point the democrats say we're sorry we should have voted for the thing or come up with a positive agenda, change the issue. >> stop slamming it. >> they can't stop doing that. neil: we talk about, young people, you both are representative of that, maybe not you and i are they might change their views on this, depends what they see in their paycheck, right? >> young people, just like everyone else like to have a little more money. it is absolutely correct that the democrats should focus on a economic message. we can make it even simpler for the democrats as deroy hinted, have them have some kind of a message. mainly by and large the
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resistance, resistance. did you hear what trump said, did you hear what trump did, bad, bad. they already tried to run an election on resistance. look what happened. they lost that election, oops, exactly. still running on the same thing. you have to be for something. some sort of a positive message rather than counting on talking down everything trump says or does. neil: i'm wondering how all this factors out by november? people always see the prism of politics and so much else that happened could still yet happen, that will take attention off this. i was thinking if you have the atlanta fed and some of these others, now even the white house itself giving pretty conservative economic projections. 3% growth on their part. the atlanta fed dramatically revised down optimistic scenario for first quarter growth. what is going on here? >> well that is true. aside from the market data that we're seeing, the market projections we're seeing the republicans have a very difficult time focusing on the economic agenda, focusing on
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benefits, because we have a president who continues to tweet about things like russia. we school shootingses sexual misconduct, foreign elections and the shift is difficult, very difficult to tout your message when you have a president driving the news cycle every day in all different direction. >> would certainly help if the republicans didn't talk about things like raising the gas tax. that is absurd and ridiculous. >> voters will notice that. >> not just a little. they want to go from 18 cents to 43. neil: under reagan it was nine cents, right? >> yeah. neil: he is last republican president to do it. >> that was what, a generation ago, something like that? if they raise the gas tax, americans for tax reform that it will reduce the tax cut benefit by 6 60%. people feel that. neil: when they raised gas tax
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in new jersey, was raised many times it was falling. many did not see the magnitude out of it. could that help. >> gas is going up. neil: fast is on the rise. >> to your point maybe republicans wouldn't be held responsible by voters for increasing interest rates but gas taxes certainly. >> they will get the blame for that, deservedly so. they shouldn't do that. >> they will get the blame no matter what. people don't put the interest rate thing together. it is really the fed but it is republicans. >> no matter whether you like the idea or not it is not going to happen with months to go before the midterms. it is not in the offing. >> right. neil: real quickly, do you twice seeing republicans hanging on to the majority in both houses? >> i think it will be tough. i think it will be really tough. there are a lot of issues affecting voters right now. whether sexual assault, shootings. like i said, russia. people are concerned -- neil: normally party in power
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loses seats. i think they don't lose the 23, 24. that could be a worry. they lose some -- >> i think they hang on to the majority if they're optimistic. they're diving under their desks. economy is growing. they can run on tax cuts. isis down to couple sand dunes in the desert. there is positive news. they should be optimistic, not hiding biting their nails which they do now which is terrible. >> as long as we put forth good candidates instead of some disasters in the past, we all know what i'm referring to there, absolutely they could hold on to the majority as everyone behaves themselves and stays on message. neil: including the president. >> especially the president. democrats continue to not have a message. i think republican cost be in food shape. no riding to the polls on a horse. neil: that is exactly right. that is exactly right. when we come back here, a lot of things are waiting. president meeting with those affected by last week school
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shooting. he is calling his party to task, not only cracking down on bump stocks, cracking down on background checks. that is roiling some in his own party. the that after this.
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♪ neil: continue to watch live shots out of tallahassee where they're having student rallies. a lot of students directly affected from those in that florida school that was hit by that attack as well as other sympathetic students across the state, gathering in tallahassee, demanding gun control right now. florida republican state representative matt caldwell calling for changes, whether they suit some of the students doing protesting i don't know. he is here right now. sir, thank you for taking the time. >> absolutely. thank you for having me on, neil. neil: what have you had a chance to tell those students, tell those concerned about this, telling those who don't want to see that again? administrators like yourself, politicians, lead, offering them? >> yeah, no, not about me telling them anything. i'm listening to them. they came by our office here about an hour ago. i gave them about 20 minutes just to tell me exactly what their experiences were. we're talking about some kids saw their own friend honestly die right in front of them. it's a horrible tragedy and i
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wanted to hear what their thoughts were, were the things they wanted to work on. ultimately, we'll have to figure out what it is that is going to make a difference. i think what will make a difference, treating this for what it is, it is a lone wolf terrorist attack. these are individuals, maniacs, they plot, they plan, they practice, but we need to be able to take them as seriously as we do radical religious terrorists or radical civil terrorists, people who lay out a plan in the long term to side to carry out an attack on the people at our schools, in our churches and places where unfortunately we've designated fun-free zones, so -- gun-free zones so no one is able to fight back. neil: did that satisfy them, representative? a lot of them who i heard want a lot more. they recognize the nature of the crazy shooter issue but their problem seems to be guns again and again, too many out there,
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too many in the wrong hand. >> they're focused on that. we absolutely want to pursue ways to keep the wrong people from getting guns. that is all i will have from my position. what will be effective. the worst outcome we have pass a blanket gun ban like proposed yesterday or tried to pull out of committee yesterday. that not actually solve anything. that not make any difference. when do you look in the next parents eyes, this didn't solve it, try something else that won't have any impact on the situation. you have to have law enforcement willing and able to communicate with each other. clearly in this instance, fbi knew something about him, school district knew something about him, they weren't talking to each other. they weren't able to identify he was a threat in time. that is kind of things we're talking about, identifying lone wolf terrorist what is these folks fit in. they are not religious terrorists. they are not civic terrorists. they're looking for fame in some horrific way but our actions
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match the. we'll talk about some of the proposals out there. we heard people talking about changing the age to buy certain guns and certainly the legislature is the one that should speak to what is the age you can do things, whether talking about buying tobacco or alcohol, guns are just the same. absolutely should have that conversation. neil: are you open to that? is the legislature open to that? would at the entertain in florida you have to be older than 18 to get one of these weapons? >> certainly want to talk about it and figure out how would that change anything? at the end. we look at experiences people had. you go to sandy hook that wouldn't have any bearing. he killed his mother. stole her guns. in that instance we needed to know who he was and what he planned to do, whether or not you're able to buy a gun at certain age would not affect that outcome or circumstance. it is not any one solution. all that i want to make sure we recognize is that our second amendment rights are the same as
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first amendment rights. they were written by people who had to fight rebellion, overthrow a king. they wanted to guarranty they would be able to defend themselves in the future. they would be able to speak freely in the future. any changes we talk about having coming to self-defense, would we entertain this in the same way as it of affected the first amendment? the founders looked at them equally important. that is why they're both side by side in the bill of rights. that is -- neil: do you have any idea about semiautomatic weapons or people who would have access to that and shouldn't? >> no. but they had no idea about the internet or anybody would accept the federal government coming in to try to censor what you're able to say or not say in either of those media. look, that is where there are parallels. we absolutely need to make sure people mentally unstable, are not buying guns. people who intend to harm us, whether that is because of religious fanaticism, whether they want to bring down the government, they want to for
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whatever reason they will be famous attacking friends and family in these situations. that is what we have to address. neil: sir, thank you very much for taking the time. matt caldwell state representative, tallahassee. >> absolutely. >> president is meeting with survivors of school shootings including those in florida last week. both side are coming together. we don't know how they're being chosen and who is specifically being invited but it is an important powwow. to "the hill" editor-in-chief bob cusack. bob, do we know a little more some of these include those very critical of the president and his visit to florida last week? >> no, no. we were talking about this morning. we don't have that level of detail but i agree with you, neil, whoever in the room will be survivors of these shootings. that will be a key meeting. trump is is the key player here. not paul ryan or mitch mcconnell. it is president trump, even though he has gotten support with the nra.
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he said if you're on terrorist watch list you shouldn't get a gun. pushing forward on bump stocks. he is talking about background checks. clearly though, this movement, neil, it is not going away. they're in the state capital of florida. they're coming to washington and trump knows that. i think that's a powerful thing. now as you were alluding before in the prior interview, not everyone will be happy with whatever solution comes up with. i think something has to get done what will be a problem for the president and law makers in congress. neil: what i worry about this stuff, both sides get into their intractable positions. for example, if you think this is about guns, of course the rap is republicans are afraid to take on the nra conversely when republicans point to these violent video games and movies that begin a backdrop, lo we come to discover in the shooter's case, police visited his home at least a few dozen times over the past few years, several of those times because
12:22 pm
his mother was taking his xbox game away. there you could say, democrats are beholden to hollywood and won't take them on. is there a middle ground both sides begin to prick their sacred cows? >> i think so. it will be awfully difficult. i mean there was no real solution after sandy hook. neil: right. >> that was a big showdown between the president and the nra and he had a democratic senate at the time. so, they didn't get anything done there but i, this could be different. i do think that both sides have to get in the room, we'll not agree on everything but we'll agree on certain stuff. there is bipartisan legislation in the senate backed by conservative democrats, sponsored by john cornyn, the number two republican. neil: right. >> that could be part of the solution but certainly gun control activists will want a lot more. i do think there will have to be compromise on this issue. it will honestly happen over the
12:23 pm
next month. that is what we're talking about right now. these students have dominated the news cycle this week. neil: they really have. changed the tone of this as we watch one after another speak about this and activism behind this. i am curious, bob, what what implications are for real change? you have a short life to change something, because it dies down. you would think they would have moved more quickly. >> yeah. neil: on these, bump stocks and they didn't. here where there seems to be some common ground addressing at least checks, tightening who is getting guns and when, with, when john cornyn gets a-plus rating from nra, gun users favorite senator, the time for thoughts and prayers of our victims families has come and gone, that this is that moment. is it? >> i think it is.
12:24 pm
time is of the is sense, i agree with you. when you look back to sandy hook, democrats in the senate bipartisan proposal pushed by pat toomey and joe manchin. they had hearings, and didn't act quicker. that is part of the reason the bill died. neil: well-put. bob cusack, "the hill" editor. what makes them different. they are kids. maybe your kids. they have seen their friends, their colleagues, killed. and parents who are tired of this sort of thing, seeing one incident after another, these kid are saying, no, no. it stops. after this. think about all the double miles you could be earning. (yelling) holy moly, that's a lot of miles! shh-h-h-h!
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neil: all right. it is one of those rare events where stocks are up, even though interest rates are up. now stocks aren't up as much as they were before and interest rates are not as high as they were before but they're still high. it is as if the 10-year is sort
12:29 pm
of panting for 3% right now. about an hour 1/2 we'll get the minutes of the last federal reserve meeting. that was the last one for janet yellen. that might sort of tip their thinking as it was going into the new year and how many hikes we would be seeing. conventional wisdom we'll see two. then maybe three. and now with the improvement of things, maybe four. to "barron's" editor-at-large jack otter, what he thinks about all this. what do you think? >> i think we financial journalists will be really digging into this one. i think we probably overanalyze these fed statements but this one i think will be interesting. any slight language change. the fed knows this. they're very careful. neil: what do you look for in minutes? everyone is a part of it, right? you get a sense what the collective think is, right? >> right. you have to judge, we've had strong leaders, whether obviously greenspan, but yellen and bernanke also, they were clearly the leaders. i think powell bill be the same
12:30 pm
way. but i want to say -- neil: would we know his thinking in these minutes? >> this is i believe yellen's very last -- neil: even a honcho in his own right, would that come through? it would be yellen, right? >> that's right. they don't give the individual names at this point. to your point earlier unusual that the bond and stock market would be moving in same direction. in the very recent term, yes, bond rates scared the stock market. credit suisse came out with an interesting point that said low levels historically, the 10-year not even at three, until the 10-year gets a bit higher it is postively correlated with stocks. as the 10-year rose at this relatively low level stocks also went out. to maybe the freakout was a little bit san rated. neil: let me ask what is expected and what you're used to. i can remember a lot, lot higher interest rates. there are a lot of people for who even a slight uptick seems
12:31 pm
draconian. getting to 3%. getting to 4%. would be historically below averages of more than 5%. >> worth keeping in mind current stock levels seemed to priced in low interest rates. neil: right. you brilliantly read my next question. by that you could say that the markets wouldn't adjust for backup of more than that, more than 3 1/2%, i would think, before they freak out, right? >> well, one interesting measure if you flip the pe, you have something called the earnings yield. that is upside down. the distance between the 10-year bond and earnings yield is 5.7% historically very wide. what that could indicate you could have bond rates come up before they start pressuring that earnings yield. when the earnings yield goes down, stock prices do. we may have a way to go before there's a danger zone. neil: talk about the stock
12:32 pm
market if i can. many argue with beaten down 10% correction hit a couple weeks ago, that we were still pricing not as pricey, multiples on s&p, dow, you name it. got a little bit more affordable, but still historically high. now we retraced half that ground. couldn't you argue that we're historically high, then some? >> well, i'm going to dodge your question first, then answer it. neil: you "barron's" buys do that all the time. >> yesterday, blackrock, really smart guys over there, they came out and were bullish on the market. at the same time, morgan stanley, really smart guys, came out negative on the market. my point is people be careful listening to morgan stanley and blackrock and guys like me. neil: you've been very prescient. you were saying the it was oh done and now everybody jump back in the water. you argue be careful. >> my first thing is, imagine what your stomach would feel
12:33 pm
like if the market lost 20%, 30%. put that in real numbers. if you have $100,000, suddenly you have 70,000 next week, would you sell? if the answer is yes, now is the time because we're awfully close to all-time highs. we're back where we were in early january. so, take measures now to make yourself comfortable with a market loss. neil: if you're anticipating that kind of a drop. >> even if you're not. neil: really? >> the reason, neil, that i can make a guess, you can make a guess but generally it's a coin flip. in fact sometimes it's a little worse than a coin flip. neil: i can absorb the coin flip or buffer by dollar-cost-average? >> dollar-cost-average. if over the past nine years of a bull market where you have gotten out of whack, portfolio 80, 9% stocks, understandable given how lousy bond yields, now is the time to adjust, not when stocks are free fall. neil: people thinking do more
12:34 pm
what you're advocating could you feed the beast, right? you could have a sort of slow bleed. >> by that you mean? neil: the market keeps falling? >> it certainly could happen, right now that means it is time to take a bit off the table take your winnings. market can continue to go up, if you put a gun to my head, it will go up higher. neil: are you saying taking 20% off the table. >> i know i'm wimping out here, but everyone has to find their own comfort zone. if you're 40-year-old, looking at retirement account, stocks are still your friend. you have many buyer and bull markets ahead of you. but, if you're the sort who sells after correction, then now it time to do it, rather than waiting for the market to go down. neil: all your investortores would be inclined heed your advice do what? >> take a little bit of stock winnings off the table. short-term bond are looking pretty good. the two-year i think is 2.3 now? somewhere around there. that is not terrible return for
12:35 pm
cash. and then you're in a position where if the market does -- neil: that is at at nine-year high. >> put more money if it should tank, otherwise be happy. historical predictions are historically very bad, longer term predictions are easier to make. you largely base them where valuations are. right now valuations are a little high. that doesn't mean they can't go higher. what it means the next nine years will not be as good in the market as the past nine years. that i will take -- neil: i already told my kid, they were curious enough to find out when the dow was going, did it affect them? i said all your money is gone, kids. it is fon. whatever is left over your mother and i keep it, every single penny. >> tell them to call me. neil: jack otter "barron's" editor-at-large. he is very modest guy but somes the turns in this market he presciently saw. we're dealing with unseasonably warm weather. people are looking it is great
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neil: have you gotten your flu shot? i ask because it is getting very warm throughout much of east coast of america. it is going to be in the 70s? people look at that spring is here. i certainly don't have to worry about a flu shot or worry about being a jacket. the temperatures will plummet another 30 degrees tonight. of course it all gets back to old man winter. to tracee carrasco in the newsroom, why the medical profession fears we're getting a little too cocky about this. reporter: good afternoon, neil. from wild market swings to wild temperature swings, it could hit a record-setting 70 degrees here in new york city. but in less than 24 hours we're
12:41 pm
expected to be right back in the 40s. many people are concerned about getting sick, rightfully so this flu season continues to be a severe one. the latest numbers from the cdc, shows flu is widespread in 40 states. flu activity is likely to remain high with this year's vaccine only 36% effective. by the end of last week the cdc said there were 22 more pediatric flu-related deaths bringing total to 84. the cdc doesn't keep account of adult flu deaths. 10% of all newly-reported deaths were due to flu and pneumonia. rates among adults over age 50 remain high. the rate at which people visited doctors for flu-like illness has stopped rising. it is too hard to tell if the flu season has peaked. the cdc is hopeful we're through
12:42 pm
the worst of it. don't forget, flu season can last all the way through may. neil: i was shocked to hear that. tracee, thank you very much. we have a former ceo here, looking to pull off an upset against new jersey democratic senator bob menendez. former celgene ceo and new jersey candidate right now. we put out calls to senator menendez. said he is traveling. hope springs eternal will come on. you never know. very good to have you, bob. thank you very much. >> good to be with you. neil: you face uphill battle. entrenched senator. dodged a bullet with the hung jury and federal government not retrying him. you're in a very, blue, blue state now has sweeping democratic control all branches of government. >> neil, i'm currently energized in the challenge. in my life i have taken on loot more significant challenges with bigger risks than this one. i'm ready for it. the state needs it. the state of washington, washington, d.c., is not helping
12:43 pm
new jersey. new jersey has a lot of issues. we'll do something about it. neil: the governor, who comes from wall street, is pushing millionaires surtax on upper income. how do you feel about that? >> i think knew injured is so heavily taxed already, taxes are not part of the solution for new jersey. i lived in new jersey. born in new jersey. raised in union city. lived in union county last 20 years. we're overtaxed already. if you think about new jersey, the economy will be hollowed out, if we lose all the high income earners leaving to lower taxed states we have big problem long term in new jersey. higher taxes are acts absolutely not part of the solution. neil: phil murphy says they always threaten to leave but they don't leave. >> my god. looking around neighborhoods. they are plotting how much to say they can leave. it is happening. we'll lose businesses too. it is hard to bring businesses
12:44 pm
to new jersey. harder with prospects of even higher taxes. neil: how do you feel the tax cuts republicans came up with? hurt states like new jersey, it is high-taxed state to begin with. you can't write that off to the degree you used to. people feel burnt by that. >> the tax bill is good for the country in many, many ways. give you two specific examples. i was invited back to celgene a few weeks ago of a new manufacturing facility in summit. up to 500 new jobs the ability corporate taxes are level around the world. so we have a level playing field. we can bring the jobs back to new jersey. i was ceo of one of the most promising biotech companies yesterday and he will build a new manufacturing plant in the united states. unfortunately not new jersey because of taxes but in the u.s. for first time. so the tax bill is very positive for the country. new jersey was incredibly disadvantage with this 10,000-dollar cap on state and local taxes and senator menendez
12:45 pm
did nothing about it. he sat on the sidelines, did nothing. could have been 15 or 20,000 so much fewer new jerseyians -- neil: every democrat voted against it. >> he is on the finance committee. accountable to the voters this november. he has to be held accountable -- neil: do you buy the argument democrats have this was cozy deal for companies? their rates are permanent. rate cuts are permanent. individual are not. they're getting a feast of goodies and benefits and they're handing out, nancy pelosi says crumbs to their workers and bonuses? >> i've been, i'm only involved in companies that pay their workers very fairly and very appropriately. in fact taxes probably go up because people don't know how to manage their taxes. i think it was good for quality and fairness on the corporate side. i do think we need lower taxes for individuals. higher earnings should pay higher percentage than lower
12:46 pm
earners. neil: when it was lowered to 37% were you against that. >> lower rates are better for everyone. lower cap on deductions raises taxes significantly in those states. we'll lose those earn. neil: is phil murphy spend $25 million of his own monty to become governor of new jersey. would you spend anything close to be senator? >> i will spend what it takes to insure the people of new jersey have the opportunity to hear messages clearly and fairly. neil: you're self-funded? >> i will put significant amount of resources into the campaign to make sure voters of new jersey hear the message. this guy violated public trust and failed to deliver for the state of new jersey. new jersey is 50, out of 50 what we get back as taxpayers what we put into washington. we're not a rich state. we're a high cost state. neil: do you worry this anti-republican year? >> you to worry about everything. this is menendez versus huge begin. who hue begin.
12:47 pm
>> he will call you a corporate fat tax. >> first in my family to go to college in princeton. served the opportunity in the marine corps. spent seven years in the marine corps. built a career adding jobs in new jersey, not other states and around the world. made a difference in people's lives in cancer. celgene extended people's lives with multiple cancers by many years, is on the verge of curing multiple cancers. i have lived a life of service. that is what i will bring to this election. i don't care with anybody says, we'll win this election. neil: will you have president trump campaign for you? >> listen, i'm going to support anybody who wants to support me. if they believe -- neil: president called you tomorrow, you know i like you. i heard you on neil's show, not that he watches but i think he does, that you would say yeah, come on? he lost new jersey by a lot.
12:48 pm
>> yeah. i'm going to be independent, right? new jersey he is independent state. you described it as very, very blue. we had a lot of republicans get elected. neil: you're right. seems extremely blue now. >> it isn't. it is uphill fight. i will represent every new jerseyian, doesn't matter what race, religion, where you come from, what party you are, even who you voted for. i will be independent. if governor murphy or senator booker have good ideas to help new jersey i will stand up and support them. if president trump or republicans have ideas that hurt new jersey i will stand up and oppose them too. i will forge my own way. my whole career has been that way. i have not been anybody's disciple. i deliver what it best for the circumstance and deliver for the people, and that is what i will do in this election. neil: bob hugin, former ceo of celgene. if you're dismissing deep pocketed guys, phil murphy was dismissed out the gate and i think he is governor.
12:49 pm
of course he is a democrat. we'll have more after this.
12:50 pm
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12:52 pm
>> i think a timely conclusion of the investigation with all significant prosecutorial decisions having been made can be accomplished before the election cycle begins in november. neil: really? before november? >> i still do i think that is
12:53 pm
possible. depending you don't know what you don't know and you don't know what he might fine. neil: robert ray thinks this whole probe is wrapped up before the midterms, then what? if it were to fall that way. let's let'slet's go to charlie . what do you think? >> a little breaking news, put this in the context whether it will be ended soon, one of trump former campaign advisors sam nunberg will be caused into the special prosecutor's office. i know him pretty well. he worked for roger stone and trump. he was fired in the 2015 campaign over racially charged campaign posts. you can read about this. we got it from sources close to the matter, it is interesting, there are two-ways of looking at it, because either they, i'm not sure what light sam could shed on the campaign. he was not on the campaign.
12:54 pm
it didn't start in 2015 officially. maybe they're just mopping up, dotting is, crossing ts, talk to a guy there for a long time with trump. i don't know what they're going to ask him. what is interesting about nunberg, i think it could be potentially problematic for the president, the president said over the weekend he wasn't going to run until 2015. so, you know all this russian stuff, you know was, is sort of a nonsequitor, how would they know i'm running in 2015, in 2014 when they started if i really started in 2015? therefore there was no collusion. there is no there there to russians helping me. neil: right, right. >> now nunberg can really shed light on the notion that he was serious as early as 2011. you know because that's when trump brought in nunberg, working with roger stone and
12:55 pm
they were seriously laying out a game to run for office and, as you know in 2012 i think is when trump gave some interviews about wanting to, seriously thinking about running. he didn't run that year. neil: he teased a lot over the years but you're saying this backdrop, if you wanted to play black helicopter there is pattern that could have involved russians but we don't know? >> what, the russians clearly wanted him to win. he clearly wanted to run for president increasingly starting in 2011. if he says he didn't want to run until 2014, or 2015, that he didn't make up his mind, someone like nunberg can tell the fbi, well, that is not the case you know. he really wanted to run in 2011. decided not to do the 2012 campaign. 2013 it heated up even more. here is the thing, there may be nothing there with the russian thing. neil: you would have to prove that russian connection or that
12:56 pm
he was talking -- >> here is where it gets weird. if donald trump gives testimony to the fbi, to mueller and says, listen, i don't want to run in 2015, until 2015. you have people like sam nunberg saying here is what we were doing in 2011, 2012 -- neil: every candidate formally announces versus thinking what they're doing, plotting strategy. >> was making very overt moves. i don't know, i'm not there, but bringing this guy in is kind of interesting. we'll see what happens. the markets are, before, i was planning for a hit about the markets here. the markets are moving off this stuff. whether this is, whether this is nothing or something i can't tell you. neil: we'll have to see. buddy. charlie gasparino.
12:57 pm
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neil: you know, what excites me more, fed minutes day and we get the white house releasing its economic expectations day, hillary vaughn with the latest on all of that, hey, hillary. >> president trump's tax law if made permanent could grow the economy by 4%, house minority leader nancy is joining a 100 stop tour across the country to change america's mind. the california lawmaker worth an estimated $43 million has made herself the face of opposition fighting against cuts an thousand dollar bonuses she
1:01 pm
famously called crumbs for the american worker at town hall event in phoenix last night pelosi said, quote, god never intended for one group to live in wealth but when a person in the crowd asked her how much she is worth, she didn't want to answer the question. >> some are, but most people have to struggle -- >> how much are you worth, nancy? >> no, we are not talking about that. >> all this plays right into the gop's game plan for midterm election, new polls have republicans now leading in the generic poll, rnc chair rona mcdaniel calling pelosi's comments crazy and major dem super pac issuing memo if democrats big plan to oppose trump, that could cause problems for them in november, neil. neil: thank you very much, james freeman, editorial, and former
1:02 pm
presidential adviser and dagen mcdowell. [laughter] neil: dagen, what do you make back and forth on tax cuts? dagen: i think nancy pelosi continues to dig a hole for herself, a tip for congresswoman pelosi, don't order black truffel risotto. they don't serve it. neil: are you sure they don't serve? dagen: a list of democrats trying to distance themselves from her comments and even -- the the koch brothers running ads in missouri, democrat because she didn't vote for it and they are pushing the message that democrats are not in favor of middle class tax cuts and seems to be working.
1:03 pm
neil: i'm curious, i know all democrats are against this, they tell a man or women that they would still vote against it, from standing to a whole of other prominent democrats have said nancy pelosiing the thousand dollar bonuses as crumbs was not the right approach to take and it might be boomeranging. >> moving like 4 to 5 points in real clear generic. they've always won by being for something. you have to have proactive agenda. you can make one point that the tax cuts will explode, the deficit that's out of control, but then you to make the point that we need just tax reforms but reform. half of the people don't have 400 bucks in emergency, warren buffet and jeff bezos have more money. how do we address inequality to tax system not just giving money away, reincentivizing and
1:04 pm
democrats will have to have a proagenda to win. neil: neither party that would get handle on spending, priorities and all, they back away from them, that's the bottom line. >> well, i wish there was more of a consensus on cutting spending but i think democrats are realizing how big a mistake they made last year in not joining the consensus on tax relief. they really have no explanation for why they didn't push a middle class tax cut. neil: do you think the reason why the numbers have changed and this average about how the midterms could shake out? >> yeah, i think that's the question issue and it's got people on the left very alarmed, you saw essentially the postmortem in "the new york times" today on how the democrats blew it and i think what has to have them scared and as republicans encouraged is it looks like in the new york times only half of the country realizes they are even getting a tax cut. withholding tables are just changing this month, last few
1:05 pm
days. neil: it's february, march and april development. >> yet, most of the country likes the plan even before they see direct benefits. dagen: "the new york times" points article that president obama did quite well, he presented himself against john mccain because he had a plan who backed middle class tax cuts but because of nancy pelosi's language, a thousand dollars feeds a family of hour, you have democrats, keith ellison, emmanuel trying to push back on that language on -- neil: i don't think pushing back on her, right? dagen: that a thousand dollars is crumb to somebody. neil: there is a sense here that should democrats take the house, in other words, big surge, they get the 24 seats they need, they won't make her their leader,
1:06 pm
what do you think of that? >> that might be likely. it's time for a change and the democrats are not anymore -- they've not anymore found themselves in some ways in the republicans, both parties are searching for answers now and in some ways you see in all the polling. i think pelosi's comment about crumbs really takes away the attention that it's a temporary tax cut for people and like a bloom mortgage, you will feel down the line. it's a november pay stub that will influence the election. tough election for the democrats to win by the way in the house. if you look at the line-up. neil: republicans will lose seats, i still don't know that they'll lose control. >> i don't think so because people look at the disasters, 1994, 2010 after the government second time successfully tried to mess with social security. people optimistic about the economy, about their prospects, so -- neil: but do those people get out and vote in the midterm,
1:07 pm
isn't always the people that are angry that get out and vote in the midterm? >> i think that's the x factor, how much can democrats harness people who generally don't vote with just an anger against trump. i think the republicans do need an answer to me too and they need to say -- neil: answer on all the rallies, gun control. >> they don't throw us out because some big democratic fundraiser in hollywood did terrible things to people. dagen: the message should be who makes the best decisions with your money, is it nancy pelosi or you, you're getting to keep more of it, she wants to take it away from you. that's the messaging. neil: school shooting rallies and tallahassee that are coming up as wedge issues, i don't want -- dagen: not at all. neil: what i'm curious is do you think that that gets the attention off all the economics, it's angry people. dagen: ultimately is about
1:08 pm
someone's personal situation, their family and financial security and where the republicans have fouled up potentially is 300 billion-dollar spending increase over ten years that sends us to 1 trillion-dollar deficit. that's what people are feeling at home. car payments are going up, credit card payments going up, they will see mortgage rates rise, that could have basically offset any benefit the republicans get from the tax cuts. >> i agree. neil: do you get any sense that there's anybody like a barack obama out there for democrats who offered hope, change, he had a clear kind of a vision, you didn't have to like it or accept it but enough democrats did at first against hillary clinton, they did in the country, the meltdown certainly helped them, he became president. is there anyone who has a positive message, not just one to your point that's just
1:09 pm
criticizing everything who is getting your attention? >> i think the honest answer is not yet. this election, the midterm will be determined by something we don't even know about right now. there's no one -- there's a gigantic center to be found. in history, i don't think we found a president who is overserviced his base as much as donald trump which means that he's left open the center which is not sexy but there's tremendous electoral potential in that center if you come in and bring solutions, fix health care, rebuild infrastructure, stand for inclusion, not exclusion, big issues, but we don't see that leader rising yet frankly in the democratic party, let's see what happens in the next two years. neil: do you think the president in the meantime with tweets and comments and how he handled florida this weekend is grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory? >> no, i mean, i think he's going to keep tweeting and keep saying things that are often a little odd, little surprising. neil: a little odd? dagen: golfing when he should be at home making condolence calls,
1:10 pm
maybe. >> results matter a lot and he's going to have good results for colleagues in the house and senate to run on this fall. neil: i talked to many republicans, more often out there are worried that he's going to screw it up for them. >> yeah, that's kind of what they have talked about a lot over the last year. i think in some ways they focused a little too much on that because you actually don't have to respond to every trump tweet. you can just go about your day and i think -- neil: it would help if he didn't start. dagen: i made the comment about the golfing thing because i have criticized president obama over and over again after foley was executed. he went made statement and said it was bad optics, i criticized him over and over again for use of language and optics of whether he cared or not and i will sit here and criticize the president for the exact same thing. dagen: if you were going to
1:11 pm
spend your time you should have spent your time with the community. dagen: even if you didn't somebody who died, the parent of someone who was murdered, you know what, that community -- the whole state and the whole country is grieving. neil: you have to explain it in optics and they don't get it. guys, thank you all very, very much, i can hear the never trumpers revying up. more on that after this. the things we do rising before dawn. sweating it out.
1:12 pm
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♪ and if there's something that you want to see, ♪ pick up that voice remote and just say "show me..." ♪ experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the olympic winter games like never before with xfinity. proud partner of team usa. neil: all right, we have a lot of rallies going around in the nation but a big one to conservative begin this is weekend as cpac organizes and they have having back and forth on gun control and that debate and how it would affect among conservatives who see themselves in a corner on this issue, they have to do something but not to rein in too aggressively. washington examiner white house sarah westwood on the developments, sarah, to you and this conundrum for conservatives that they want to standby the second amendment but they have all the protests that are in the news, on the part of students who are saying enough is enough, you have to do something.
1:16 pm
how is that going to play out, you think? >> i think republicans feel like they're backed into a corner, they will have to support some kind of legislation that opposes additional restrictions on gun access, you're starting to see republicans and even the white house line up behind the cornyn-murphy gun bill this would require law enforcement to report to federal authorities more data that could keep mentally ill people from obtaining guns. that's the argument that republicans are using when it comes to immigration debate, sharing with local law enforcement and federal authorities so it would be hard to argue against the measure, nra has backed it. the most likely of the proposals to move forward. neil: charlie, i haven't heard all the young people speaking around, they are having rallies in tallahassee to sort of get change, very few are talking about privacy concerns or anything, they are talking to a man and woman about guns and too many of them out there.
1:17 pm
what -- what is the position going to be of conservatives on this? >> yeah, it's going to be an interesting couple of days at cpac, this would be a hot-button issue. this is what makes it most interesting, the debate between freedom of appearance and the problem, it's conservatives that are the ones that will have to put forth a set ofpolis and they are common sense measures, i think, as far as waiting periods, making mental health checks but the issue is some of these proponents and students are now calling for outright gun bans and for ammo restrictions, that's where the debate will get harry, more than preventive measures, you will see differences. i'm a proud of nra member and i'm skeptical giving freedom. neil: sometimes a conservative can go out make a statement that's heartless and/or
1:18 pm
clueless, danesh dsouza, sets the movement back dramatically, since apologized, dsouza has but becomes sort of like the poster child for heartless conservatives, greedy gun owners and that becomes the story, what do you think? >> exactly. you do see a lot of gop members approaching this issue with sensitivity and with a lot of empathy for the young people and attempting to debate them on the merits not going after them just because they are spousing opinions they don't like. any republicans, conservative who is are going make jokes or trash survivors, discount them because of youth they are not helping their fellow members who are trying to reach a bipartisan consensus on this. neil: i would say you lose them with that. having said that, charlie, i do
1:19 pm
see ample middle ground here when even those who are big advocates and supporters of, you know, the second amendment and gun ownership, you know, will say, well, we can address that, whether they are talking about stocks and we want to see democrats open to addressing the violent video games and movies that also play a part in a lot of this, each addressing the need to take on their sacred, you know, holy grail money guys, whether it's the nra for republicans or hollywood, you know, for democrats. how likely is that? >> well, it's going to be unlikely, probably what will end up happening republicans will end up seating more territory than the democrats just because the way the narrative and the debate has been put forth but there has to be a line and the line has yet to be debated or decided, is the line mental checks, waiting period, the line how we purchase weapons?
1:20 pm
i hope it's not ammo restrictions or what kind of guns we are going to outlaw. just because it's ar-15 and looks mean and dangerous doesn't mean we outlaw. just because you're empathetic doesn't seen that you have to succeed all your rights, it's a line that we will have to hold which will be difficult given the media pressure. neil: i apologize, sounds like i am, but as republicans are making headway on tax cuts and more americans feeling, you know, supportive of them favorably at least dispose today them, then along come an issue, issue like this and some of the others that are, i know they are more than wedge issues but take
1:21 pm
your taxi away from that stuff and how does that play out, you think as the year unfolds? >> i think they will have long-term effects and cumulative as people are able to save more and see the benefits of the tax cut laws grow. even though at the moment the favorable polling surrounding the tax cuts have been eclipsed by the event, it's going to be the foundation of the gop's argument in the midterms and i don't the celebration for republicans is going anywhere. neil: guys, i want to thank you. if we could have a calm discussion just like we did here, i think that would be good. thank you both. all right, we've got the fed minutes coming up. we've got the administration detailed expectation of development. i will cut to the chase here from the administration they look for steady growth, 3% plus and the federal reserve, the only thing that we don't know what came out of the last meeting janet yellen blast how
1:22 pm
many interest rate hikes they were considering. they are not going to be so blunt but we could be pushing the lines. we took legendary, and made it liberating. we took safe, and made it daring. we took intelligent, and made it utterly irresistible. we took the most advanced e-class ever, and made the most exciting e-class ever. the 2018 e-class coupe and sedan. lease the e300 sedan for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> hi, i'm gerri willis from new york stock exchange as stocks trading higher ahead of fed meetings. the s&p 500 higher as well, the nasdaq up 65 opinion. nice rally going on here on what is fed day. dow winners are mcdonalds, jpmorgan chase, boeing, the usual suspects here leading the way but on a fed day you might not expect this, home builders doing better, toll brothers, kb home all trading higher and you to wonder why, in fact, we have bad news coming out of that sector year over year 5% decline going on in home sales reported fbi nra, fewer
1:27 pm
people are taking out mortgages and yet the stock is trading higher, why? because there's glaring inventory of shortage of new houses. that's what the nra, economists had to say today, as we continue to look existing home sales 4.8% decline year over year as you see right there. so back to you. neil: all right, gerri, thank you very much, those interest rates are begin to go rise and for a lot of americans it affects more than homes or refinancing, it could also benefit, you know, if you're more conservative and you want to put your money in a bank somewhere and you see cd rates moving up. let's get the read and pros and cons of all of this with scott martin. jer adder, -- jared, which one is out. i know there are other factors including the debt and we will have to print more treasury notes an bonds to pay for that, what does win out in your eyes? >> it's a delicate dance here that the president and consumers
1:28 pm
have to play. the president talked about having strong dollar good for america and, yes, strong dollar sounds good but like you mentioned from a credit card perspective, you know, consumer credit outstanding is all-time tie right now, so if borrowing costs really rise, in other words, if current rates like the federal funds rate which expects rate, which i don't this will do in the next year, consumers may start to feel n my opinion, it's more about the psychological ramifications, it's more about do i believe that interest rates are higher right now. a quarter point here and there doesn't make a difference. if i believe that rates are really high, i'm going to be reluctant to borrow, to take risks and that's where, i think, the danger could lie, so again, it's a pr dance, if you will. neil: yeah, it is a pr dance. now for market bulls they say all of this is reflective of an
1:29 pm
economy that's picking up considerable steam, we might get details from the white house when it outlines the forecast for the next few years but might not be that robust, atlanta fed is scaling back projections at fourth quarter growth. i think it was 5%, shil not -- still not too chabby but what's going on. >> i don't know what happened. that was really weird. the reality was this is there were higher numbers than even 3% sounded good. jared is right. the dance is on. i prefer the waltz by the way. is it worth borrowing for future growth? s&p 500 companies win out here, neil, because earning growth is so strong, the tax plan is
1:30 pm
through now and you have so much tail-win behind the s&p 500 companies that the growth is worth borrowing at higher rates even though it's higher than the last couple of years. neil: what do you think of that argument, jared? >> i agree with scott that there's a lot of good momentum, you know from the bullish perspective in terms of earnings, in terms of, you know, tax codes playing into s&p and ie. the bigger winners could be american centric companies, as interest rates go up and the dollar gets strong the multinational companies earnings don't look so good and the other question we haven't talked about chairman jarome powell, how is he going to be different, if different from janet yellen and are policies going to shift. it's a really tough read because on one hand trump said i brought in jarome powell, he will tow the line and keep this economy rolling but he's a hawk by most
1:31 pm
accounts and if he starts to ratchet down and bring rates up, that could get in the way of things, so you have another variable there that isn't so easy to predict. neil: that's been an argument that all of a sudden you get the lower taxes and people see it and if they haven't seen in months to come in paychecks, companies sharing more of that wealth, now but gosh, darn it, it's all wiped out by higher interest rates and the cost of carrying folks' debt which apparently a lot of americans carry. what do you think about that? >> it's been easy, rates at 1 and a half percent in ten-year notes, incredibly low, i think at the time experts, quote, unquote, not jared or myself or you were call to go go to 1%. it's scary to say treasury note is approaching 3%. interest rates 4 and a half percent now. i'm not old enough to remember
1:32 pm
the the high teens and 70's, surprise, surprise, i can remember that 90's interest rate levels at 5, 6%, so the reality is perception and it's the fact that interest rates do need to go up for many reasons beside historical facts other than the reason that economies are going around the world and the u.s. as jared pointed out. and that to me is a good thing that we should be embracing and the market volatile -- volatility is going in con with higher s&p because the fundamentals are so strong. neil: final, guys, jared, i will bounce this off of you, someone told me that a group of stock that would be market leaders are technology stocks led by amazon and what have you because they are working on fundamentals that have nothing to do with economic cycles, everything to do with the new world and all of this stuff that went right over my head but i'm sure not over yours, but that that would be a story here, eclipse, whatever
1:33 pm
happens to ten-year note and whatever we see in washington regarding tax cuts and, you know, interest rates, what do you think of that? >> this is fantastic point. it's funny, i'm literally writing about this. amazon is a great example. it's not about interest rates per se, they are taking retail, transforming retail and unfortunately grabbing business from some existing competitors. they are operating within their own cycle and changing the game and i hate to go back to fang stocks, facebook, netflix. they are capitalizing on social shifts in business and, again, capturing income from other sources rather -- instead of interest rates grabbing it from people who fail today innovate, that's the place where you probably want to look if you're trying to keep yourself from interest rates. neil: scott. >> i would go to cash flow and that's in the fang, you want to go where the revenue is and where the profits is, where the
1:34 pm
companies are ringing register, amazon, netflix, google, a lot of the stuff that we own for our clients. neil: all right, thank you very, very much. we are keeping an eye on the rallies that are going on in tallahassee led by a lot of students from the very school that was attacked last week and they are sending a message to their lawmakers in florida, this has got to change, you have to do something, they're going to take their message to washington as well next month when they similarly protest and urge lawmakers and congress, the white house to change their point of view on this, to rein in guns, to do something because of what happened in florida doesn't happen again to that point the president is going to be meeting those affected by last night's shootings as well as prior shootings, we don't know the exact guest list and how they were picked, whether any critics of the president will be there and especially those who tweeted back at him and not so savory words but we do know that the president is
1:35 pm
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>> many will like the blame this event on the fbi's lack of action or the trump administration but the simple fact is that the laws of our beloved country allowed for the the deranged person to purchase gun. the law has failed us. >> they can walk around any question they want, the more they don't act, the more they don't deserve to be in office. >> i'm extremely, extremely angry and sad and i don't know if i'm going to be traumatized because of this, i don't know if i'm going to have faith in my state and local government anymore. neil: all right, those kids are parkland students, making views known to those in power in tallahassee to change something and do it fast to get control of
1:40 pm
guns that are in the state and they're not going to -- they're not going to stop until they do. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano on all of this, what do you think in. >> very, very powerful and emotional statements. i can't remember, i'm saying this as a fierce defender of the right to keep bear arms but i cannot remember a time in all the years you and i have been doing this kind of work where children where a movement has been led by children that were victimized and traumatized. i hope it doesn't have the legal effect that they want because the problem here in my view is that the government has established gun-free zones and one of them was that school and the only gun in the school belonged to the murderer, the killer f there had been other guns in the school, not in the hands of children but administrators or teachers like in israel or other parts of the united states, that would have stopped him. i keep thinking of the very, very heroic, very large football
1:41 pm
coach who threw his body on several students and his body deflected the bullets and students lived. if he had been carrying a small handgun and ran toward the killer, shooting at the killer, he would have saved a lot more people but he was prohibited from using a gun that he owned, he didn't have it there because he can't bring it to school, prohibited from bringing it there because of florida law. neil: but judge, i'm risking here, but do you think our founders envisioned a society that we have today with so many different weapons, so many weapons, period, so many automatic weapons, so many of these devices that can -- that can make them even more dangerous that anything approaching this and they would not have counted? >> i don't know what the founders contemplated, i can't imagine that they could have contemplated the nature of
1:42 pm
weaponry today but judge scalia addressed that in the heller case, district of combaver sus -- colombia versus heller case. we are not talking about guns that the government has like the bad guys otherwise like shooting fish in a barrel, shooting fish in a barrel is what the murderer did because he knew that nobody would shoot him back. neil: the day before yesterday you were talking about who gets the gun that that too is a slippery slope and i can understand privacy concerns and everything else, so what do we do? leaving aside that armed people in these places -- >> that's what we do. the crazy person that wants to
1:43 pm
kill will find the means to do it and the way to stop him is before he harms anybody. i know that sounds brutal but the crazy people are not going to obey the law, people that want to kill couldn't care less about the law. they have this lust that the rest of us don't understand to kill innocents. to your human nature and your human nature but obviously exists. neil: why do we have a problem here in this country, judge, if you look at per shooting, per person basis, it's wacky in the united states? >> i can't -- i can't answer that. but why were the doors open? if the doors aren't open in a hospital, you have to stop and say who you are and why you are there but pretty simple basic things that they could have done. they did have a school guard.
1:44 pm
neil: yeah. >> he was a quarter of a mile away in a building where the students weren't physically present. neil: but you're worried that whatever do points on this subject, a tragedy will be used to, what? >> there are forces in this country that have been trying to take guns away from americans for generations. these forces will try to use this tragedy to walk closer to their goal which is to disarm accidentry and disarm citizenry is a nation of sheep. neil: judge, thank you very, very much. all right, remember the google engineer who i had on that was telling me he took on google and lost his job because it runs a very politically correct environment and he was not that, he's not done fighting, the fallout from that interview next
1:45 pm
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neil: do you believe it was your viewpoint, conservative viewpoint in what is deemed a liberal-working environment that worked against you, did you have any other instances of that where you felt you were laughed at, picked on, i know the company did have to respond to
1:49 pm
an e-mail who had threatened you but did it go beyond that? >> many instances of shaming within our culture and if you look through the lawsuit, there's hundreds of pages of just repeated over and over, so so i wasn't an isolated incident. neil: unless you're not through with that young man, he was e-mailing colleagues at work how unfair the company was and politically correct and conservative points of view were not appreciated and got order and women were in small percentage and powers of authority and that's when they said, you're out of here. let's go to tech expert michael nunes, you know, shana, what he was trying to say and this is where the company drew the line
1:50 pm
is that women were in a minority at that company because they're just not readies posed or the skill sets that men do for technology, that's where the national labor relations board and google itself said, all right, that's discriminatory language, what do you think? >> yeah, absolutely. is the broader argument true that it's harder for conservatives in a very liberal environment like google, absolutely. i think you see that across the board in silicon valley but he wasn't fired for being a conservative, he was fired for saying some very charged, right, and offensive things and i think that's what -- that was the problem. neil: all right, michael, it does get back to this other argument that if he wasn't a conservative, if well-known more conservatives views were not known, he'd still be there, what do you think? >> well, sure, i mean, you know, i think that's true of any
1:51 pm
company. you send inflammatory memo to to everyone that you work with, i think most companies will have an issue with that, of course, google being a leader in the american business industry also had a problem with that, so it doesn't surprise me that he would think that if he had kept these ideas to himself he would have been okay, i think that's true of any workplace in america, you know, people have personal issues, they have strong feelings about political matters but they often keep those things to themselves and they focus on the work. neil: but if there is a feeling that all your colleagues wouldn't like your point of views and how you think on something, that's not productive either, is it? what do you think? >> yeah, i think it is harder for conservatives in a liberal work environment but i think there is a fine line, there's a lot of conservative who is do work in -- i have friends who work at many of the silicon valley companies. neil: do they say that? do people know whom they work
1:52 pm
with that they are conservative? >> they do, they feel like they get teased about it or they get a hard time about it because that's true of any time you're a minority, right, that's true of any culture or sub culture or in workplace, if it's something like sports if you like the team that everyone else doesn't, people are going to give you a hard time in this case, though, it was extreme measure and honestly, i don't even know it would have mattered if he wasn't conservative and had said these things. i just don't think it's okay for the workplace in general. neil: that's interesting. what got him canned was the idea that women were in short supply of the industry because it's not their strength and went onto talk about biologically men and women are different the way they act and the way they are geared toward technology or math, i'm joample simple -- i'm oversimple supplying his position but didn't explain why women are are
1:53 pm
in such distinct disadvantages as to how many work at google and fewer in positions of leadership at companies like google, what do you think of that? >> i think if you talk to any silicon valley will tell you they have recruiting issues recruiting -- neil: why are they finding a lot more men than women? >> the data would skew, i think, when you're looking at engineer graduates, let's say, i imagine the data would skew towards men rather than women. it's probably true in a lot of different fields, however, that doesn't really excuse a company from trying to hire a diverse pool of candidates especially a company like google that is constantly working with algorithms and needs a diverse perspective on all of these things so that they can build algorithms that influence daily lives without bias.
1:54 pm
neil: as a woman and do you find algorithms have failed women? >> his logic is laughable if you really think about it. the reason there's not a greater pool to pull from is because a lot of times women are not encouraged to into into stem fields. it's not problem that there's not a lot of smart women, but what do we do to encourage them and comments like that that discourage them from taking on those engineering, those tech positions. i run a tech and media company, right, i am a women, the majority of leagues are men, but i will tell you, you know, i hope that every -- every little girl watching this out there doesn't listen to this guy because it's comments like this that get -- that often get women to not think about, you know, choosing a position in engineering or tech and science. >> and i just like to add that it's not a conservative viewpoint traditionally, right. neil: understood. >> his point extends beyond politics. neil: yeah, i'm trying get both
1:55 pm
men and women to avoid my profession. i feel that that frees it up for me and eliminate it is competition. thank you both very, very much. dow with session higher, the fed minutes out shortly, i'm so excited. nah. not gonna happen.
1:56 pm
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neil: all right. very busy news day already. it will get busier. president is scheduled to meet with school shooting survivors, teachers, parents, who dealt
1:59 pm
with this sort of thing in the past that comes 4:00 p.m. eastern time that will be a live televised event. we'll cover it live on "your world" on fox news. seconds away from the fed minutes last of janet yellen. they could be very revealing. trish regan. charles: thank you so much neil cavuto. trish: we're currently up 1250 points. 25,112. what will this federal reserve report. what will these minutes do to this market. we're about to find out. i'm trish regan, welcome to "the intelligence report." we have session highs as the we wait to find any change in the fed's thinking in terms of interest rates. those minutes will tell us exactly with they're thinking about inflation right now.
2:00 pm
that recent rise in inflation that is so many are worried about. what is that going to mean for fed policy? we are about to find out right now. we're going live to washington, d.c., for that report. reporter: minutes from the federal reserve's january policy meeting show that the fomc may actually be less hawkish on interest rates than investors are expecting. some major headlines. majority of fed members see further gradual rate hikes on stronger economic outlook. the fed sees few signs of wage growth. believes wages will pick up with improved job growth. many fed officials increased their estimate from economic growth from december but several fed members are warning imbalances in financial markets could emerge as growth improves. there is an internal debate between the hawks and the doves on inflation. uncertainty among members about tax reform how it will manifest in wages and the economy. many fed members view economic impact of weaker


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