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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 21, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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charles: real quick, do you see something happening? do you think this time we'll see action? >> well, i think that there's a conversation that is going to help but i think it's going to be more than just gun control. that's not the answer. we have to dig further. charles: thank you both very much. lou dobbs is next. david: good evening, i'm david asman in for lou dobbs. day of reflection at the white house. president trump holding a listening session for survivors of mass shootings including last week's horrific tragedy in parkland florida. this coming mung reports that the president is open to address the mass shootings including raising the minimum age for owning firearms. president trump slamming attorney general jeff sessions for not investigating the obama administration and its fame your to stop russian interference in our election we take up the need to expose corruption at the highest levels of the administration with ed
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rollins and mike huckabee. and the nation tonight mourning the loss of america's pastor. the ref rand billy graham dead at the age of 99. we'll reflect on his powerful life and legacy with tony perkins. top story, president trump's efforts to prevent massacres like the one of the florida high school last week. the president today holding an extraordinary emotional listening session to improve school safety. john roberts has our report. >> david, it was another extraordinary moment at the white house today as the nation was allowed to listen in. students from marjory stoneman douglas high school and the father of one of the students killed there appealed to president trump to not let this be like all of the other school shootings. to do something to make a difference this time. in the state dining room today, six students from douglas high school and their parents, brought to washington by the department of education.
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>> nothing ever that horrible should ever have to happen to you. >> i was lucky enough to come home. some schools may be compromised on some solutions so this never -- no child, no person in this world will ever have to go through something so horrific. >> the solution is not going to be a singular thing. >> it's not left and right, not political. it's a human issue. >> i don't uerstand how i can still go in a store anduy b a weon of war. >> the studes telling stoes of the terror they went through as the gunman blasted his way down the corridor. and from the father of a parent who will never see their child again. >> should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it. and i'm pissed. it's my daughter i'm not going to see again. she's not here. she's not here.
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she's at king david cemetery. >> also at the meeting parents of children killed at sandy hook elementary, the parents of rachel scott, killed at columbine and students and teachers from d.c. schools. president trump was in listening mode but also coming to the meeting with ideas of his own. >> we're going to be very strong on background checks, doing very strong background checks, very strong emphasis on mental health of somebody and we are going to do plenty of other things. >> before president trump convened the meeting, protesters marched through washington at the white house to observe a moment of silence. to read the names of the fallen. >and to demand that the presidet do something concrete to address the epidemic of school and mass shootings in america.
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[ chanting ]. >> we need gun control legislation now! >> president trump pledged that the douglas school shooting won't be like all of the others, that it will result in changes. among the things he's considering, raising the federal minimum age to buy a rifle from the current 18. keeping guns out of the hands of people that should never own them. addressing the issue of mental illness and tightening up background checks to make sure red flags don't fall through the cracks. the president also suggested military veterans could be hired to provide security in the schools. >> we have a lot of people that are professionals, may be marines that left the marines, left the army, left the air force and they're very adept. you'd have a lot of them and they would be spreading throughout the school. >> today's was just the first of two listening sessions that the president will have here at this white house this week.
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he meets tomorrow with state and local officials. next week he joins together with the nation's governors to talk about the problem. we've been here many times before but, david, this time is beginning at least on the surface to feel different. david: yes, indeed. john rabbit bs thank you. joining me now were former reagan white house political director and fox business contributor ed rollins. one thing that feels different is usually these kinds of meetings at the white house don't have that raw emotion that we saw today. i mean just incredibly powerful stuff. and yet it was focused. it was focused on solutions rather than political rhetoric. >> i thought it was extraordinary. i don't know about you. >> the part i thought i thought it was extraordinary. it was great emotion from these people who have suffered immensely, a father crying out, i'm a father of a daughter. you just feel for them. it always come down to when the rubber hits the road and the but l between those who think gun
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ownership is a right. david: that father said this is not the time to be talking about guns. he said there will be a time for that. this is a time to talk about safety. after 9/11 we fixed things. we didn't have another 911. we've had other terrorists attacks but not other 9/11. after the first shooting we should have fixed this and we didn't. >> after 9/11 we gave up all of our rights. we can't do in a building without showing security. airports or wherever, we go through the security systems. maybe that's what we have to do in schools. some schools have it, most schools don't. i think the president's comments about using military or national guard or something like that to protect the schools can happen. i think the key thing here for him is he expressed that he was going to take some action. the key thing here is can someone sit and draft a piece of legislation that can get through. yesterday in the florida
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legislature, kids marched down there and it was overwhelmingly voted against. once you start taking things away from people it gets tougher. david: there is a political element to this. i hate to inject politics into what happened. but for all of the political rhetoric directed at this president, that there's something about this president that is so pro-nra and so pro-guns. he did a lot to bury that perception of the president that democrats and others have been putting out there. >> he was an active president today, a listening president. the president wants to be at their best, that's what he did today. it's not his fault that happened and it's not the nr a's fault. it's the fault of the kid who basically was able to go in there and kill kids. it's a nonstop fight and it's going to take a long time to make changes. the public may be supportive of in in polls, any time you draft
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a piece of legislation and try to move it through, there's lots of opposition. david: many were saying this is a moment that the president has to step forward. and the president's role sometimes is that of healer. i think of reagan after the challenger disaster this was one of those moments. >> you could not ask for anything more from any president than this president has performed since the shooting took place. david: and it does take away -- you know, the democrats made it clear that in november their primary element for pe persuasie element is we're not trump. this makes people wonder if that's enough, particularly when trump has the ability to sympathize in situations like this. >> 435 members running for election or reelection and equally as parent, so each and every one of us have to face and ore constituents.
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i think watching those young people today, this is the beginning of their life in politics. they may make changes. it's a constitutional amendment to outlaw guns. david: it's a different time. but in terms of the way that the president is perceived, this president is perceived -- if the democrats lose that perception, they the persona they've created of him, if they lose that, what do they have. they have than so pelosi. pelosi railing against a tax cut that more and more americans believe in. >> equally important when she was railing today against the speaker saying if he wants a bill up or down. my recollection is i didn't see any legislation changes. so i think it's a positive day for the president. a good day for the country and certainly we're all very sorry about what occurred and open it never happens again. david: and people are coming
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together for solutions. i think we're going to find a couple -- there's no solution but i think we're going to find a couple of answers. >> at least we're trying. david: we're coming right back with much more. please stay with us the house intelligence committee chair exposing the deep state calling out the real collusion with russia. >> we found collusion between the democrats, specifically the clinton campaign and the democratic national committee and the russians. however, it doesn't seem to be like that -- nobody is interested in that collusion. >> we take up phase 2 of the nunes investigation with former governor mike huckabee. and president trump looking to crack down on criminal illegal immigrants there's a new report revealing the resurge jens of the vicious m s-13 gang under the obama administration. those detames an details and moe return.
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david: president trump today hosting a very emotional listening session on gun violence and school safety at the white house. school shooting survivors and families 0 victims sharing their painful story, offering solutions following last week's tragedy in parkland, florida. >> it should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it.
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and i'm pissed. it's my daughter i'm not going to see ten again. and if it stops, we all work together and come up with the right idea, school safety is not about gun laws right now. that's another fight, another battle. let's fix the schools and then you can battle it out. david: joining me now were presidential candidate mike huckabee. fist your reaction to the raw emotion that we saw. these things are so often scripted and become kind of plastic in a way as only inside the beltway can. this was anything but. >> and i think that's what made it not only powerful but, david, it was ka authorityi tarreddic e nation. to allow it to open organically was very very strong. i've been to a lot of presidential forums over the years and most of them are scripted down to the last detail
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and what i appreciated about this is it wasn't scripted. it allowed people the freedom to express, even very emotionally. how can you talk about this without being emotional. it was a strong moment and i think it was good for the country to realize there are some things that americans can agree on. and that is we got to get this right. the president hosting it. david: the general tone was one of -- not only was it raw emotion but it was trying to come to a consensus. wit us trying to reach some sort of conclusion. there's no magic solution to this. but at least as that one father said, let's forget about gun laws right now. that's for another time, another discussion. let's talk about safety. about preventing killing right now. >> and i think the hard part is going to be for us to get used to the idea that if we really want to protect kids in schools, you're going to have to do some
7:17 pm
things that frankly are awkward and uncomfortable. it means lockdown. one entry in, one entry out. it means that everyone who goes into the school has to be checked before they walk in. i got to be schekd before i get on an airplane tomorrow. i'm on airplanes several days a week and no matter how many times i fly i got to go through the same process. i know it's awkward and cumbersome, but that's a starting place that i think most people could agree. if you don't get access to the school, it's going to be hard to go up in that school and start shooting kids. david: a visceral point of what happened today, it wasn't spoken about directly, but was the need for faith. that politics alone is not going to solve anything. somehow we need to reach much deeper inside ourselves if we're going to solve problems and it is ironic that this is the day that we lost reverend billy graham, the guy who brought
7:18 pm
religion, brought faith, unabashedly brought it into the white house. worked with 12 presidents. and people might forget, you're not only a former governor, you're a preacher as well. how did he influence your life? >> well, i don't know of any life that he didn't influence. even people who aren't christians, they recognize this is a man who stuck to his stuff. he didn't get off on anything other than preaching the gospel of christ and he stayed faithful to that. i would say billy graham may have physically died but i like to think of it he's more alive than he's ever been. if that's not true then everything he lived for, everything he said is the greatest fraud upon human history. you can't say he was a great man and then say but i don't believe there is such a thing as a god. you have to say there is a god and billy graham told us about him or there isn't a god and billy graham was a delusional nut and everyone who followed god is as well.
7:19 pm
that's the option you have. david: well he had influence with every single one of those presidents. you think of some presidents who had a lot of faith, like ronald reagan didn't like to wear it on his shirt sleeve but clearly had the need for faith in his own life and to help him through his job as president. >> and i think sometimes we want our presidents, you know, to be sunday schoolteachers and most of them are not. but the fact is, billy graham's presence was a calming and very powerful influence on the lives of presidents and they listened to him. and he prayed with them. i think the important thing is that those presidents may have changed in his presence but billy graham never changed in their presence. he went as an ambassador of god, he represented the kingdom of god and he represented it effectively and powerfully and it didn't matter if it was the president, a pope, prime minister or just an ordinary
7:20 pm
street kid, billy graham still represented the gospel the same way to every person with whom he spoke. no compromise ever never forget about it. david: governor mike huckabee good to see you. thank few for being here. be sure to vote in tonight's poll, do you believe it's time for the doj to clear out deep state anti-trump forces and start seriously investigating demeanors' wrongdoing during the 2016 election? cast your vote on twitter. and follow lou on twitter, like him on facebook and follow him on instagram on wall street stocks closing, dow falling 167 points, the s&p down 17, nasdaq down 16. volume on the big board was 3.7 billion shares. stocks falling on rising yields with a yield on a ten-year closing at a four-year high. existing home sales posting the
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biggest drop in three years, down more than 3% last month amid low inventory and rises prices. a reminder to listen to lou's reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. coming up next, president trump ramping up the pressure on attorney general jeff sessions calling for an investigation into obama's failure to stop russian interference in the 2016 election. we're going to take that up with the washington examiners, byron york. it's been all over this he's coming next. high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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david: president trump again stepping up the pressure on attorney general jeff sessions to probe the obama administration over it failure to stop russian interference in the election. the president tweeting out, quote, if all of the russian meddling took place during the obama administration right up to january 20th, why aren't they the subject of the investigation? why didn't obama do something about the meddling? why aren't dem crimes under
7:26 pm
investigation. ask jeff sessions. and supporters of michael flynn are urging the former national security adviser to consider withdrawing his guilty plea in the russian probe. calls come amid reports that former fbi director james comey told lawmakers last year that flynn did nothing wrong. the case is being handled by a new judge that has been tough on the justice department in if the past and has ordered prosecutors to share evidence with the flynn legal team. our next guest has been out front covering the developments. we're joined by byron york. good to see you. what is the latest on the possibility of flynn's reversal, the plea reversal? >> we don't really know what's going on. that's really the latest here. we do have some hints. you're right. back in march of last year james comey, who was then the fbi
7:27 pm
director, told congress that the agents who had interviewed flynn do not believe he had lied to them. that interview was january 24th of last year. something changed between there and when flynn pleaded guilty in december. the big change, though, in the case maz been the judge. the change in the judge. we don't know why the old one left immediately after taking flynn's guilty mr. plea on december 1st, but he did. and the new judge has a routine, has a habit of essentially ordering prosecutors to make sure they turn over any exculpatoriry evidence. what was kind of unusual here is when the judge does that, flynn has already pleaded guilty. david: yeah. >> so you have to think now they're wrangling under what conditions the evidence would be handed over. you have to think that this thing is still alive. david: well, the question -- first of all we should remind folks the person who did the interviewing among the fbi
7:28 pm
included peter strzok who was vehemently anti-trump. we remember those dozens, hundreds of messages with his friend at the fbi in which he talked about how bad trump was, how it would be a disaster if he was elected. if he believed that flynn was actually innocent, there's got to be something to that. i'm wondering now, though, whether this exculpatoriry data that comes out, whether we'll have any access to it. it may include stuff that could be very revealing about this case. >> everything has been secret so far. by the way on the strzok thing, the news report that revealed the texts from strzok and page, that came out the day after flynn pleaded guilty. flynn pleaded guilt without having any bias issues with the lead fbi agent in the case. whether things change now we don't know. we don't even know whether
7:29 pm
there's a time limit by the judge imposed on the prosecution to turn stuff over, although with have to think there probably is. by the way the judge said to the prosecutors, look, if you think something is borderline, let me see it. he's been fairly strict with the prosecution. david: one thing is a lot of folks who are friends of flynn's say look, maybe he shouldn't go for a plea reversal because she could have been charged with something more -- if he cut a deal with mueller taking a charge of lying to a federal agent, that could be much less offensive in the eyes of the law than what mueller let him get away with. is there something that might come out of this evidence that would be released that will reveal exactly what other charges were brought against him? >> well you have just laid out a real possibility here. first of awe, those of us looking into the trump-russia affair, clearly the flynn case want because it involves flynn talking to the russian
7:30 pm
ambassador and the obama justice department going after that on what seemed to be dubious grounds, that is a major, major part of the whole trump-russia affair. but you're right to suggest there could be other things, like flynn's representation of turkey during the campaign, by the way. could be some sort of problem. and it could be that the prosecutors had other stuff on him and pleading guilty to a single charge of lying to the fbi may have been his best option and would remain his best option. david: and they were putting a squeeze on his son. maybe he did this to make sure his son was released from their prying eyes. good to see you, my friend. thank you very much. we're coming right back with a lot more. please stay with us. the obama administration did nothing to stop russian election meddling. now president trump is calling on the doj to investigate. we take that up wit nigher innid
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7:35 pm
scam when they covered the anti-trump-russia rally wall to wall. they probably knew it was fake news but because it was a rally against me they pushed it hard any way. two really dishonest newscasters but the public is wise. they actually sent a reporter this week to badger an elderly trump supporter for unwittingly promoting a pro-trump event on facebook that was allegedly organized by russians. take a listen to this. >> legitimate. >> those were russians. >> they were not russians. i don't go with the russians. come on. >> that group was russian. >> i have nothing to do with the russians. >> well apparently you did. >> no. david: joining me now, national spokesperson for the congress on racial equality and conservative commentator niger innis and radio talk show host mark simone. good to see you both. niger, cnn cornering and
7:36 pm
belittling a trump supporter for getting caught in exactly the same web that cnn was caught in when they publicized and were celebrating an anti-trump event. >> you know, they need some reallies plin over there. it's a shame that a once great network would get caught with their pants down like this. i wonder if this is tv or cnn. i mean -- isn't michael moore now a part of this -- david: cnn was covering it. but cnn is in a deep hole but they keep digging. it's amazing. when you're in a hole, stop digging. they didn't get that message. >> they're following in the fine footsteps of joe mccarthy, hunting down russians. this woman should have sent a reporter to see them. i think the reason they're so mad about russia is it's the first major competitor they have. russia is trying to influence the election, trying to create
7:37 pm
discord. that's their job, cnn. david: and then you have the event that we're talking a lot about tonight, this meeting on gun violence in the schools, and it totally undercuts the media narrative that trump is this evil guy who is, you know, supported by the nra, just loves gun to death and frankly doesn't care about anything but that. clearly to organize an event that was an open ended as this one shows a very different reality. >> the president is conscious of how serious the incidents in florida and in las vegas, of course, newtown, connecticut. it was an extraordinary town hall that he held in the white house. and it was very very powerful, very very emotional. but i think the president also knows that, that the solutions that we come up with have to be logical, rational and something that will save lives.
7:38 pm
i was really thrilled by one of the -- i believe it was one of the students saying how important it's going to be to have armed good people, be it teachers, law enforcement, former veterans, that are in the schools and that can protect lives. because as we know, the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. or girl with a gun. david: and mark, what impressed me tremendously was the way that the president allowed people to have their say but pulled them together towards a, kind of, again, not a solution but at least some answers. and you compare that by the way to the democrats' response to the trump administration, which is nancy pelosi who is looking more and more -- today she had an antitax cut meeting and last night she had a meeting at which she was heckled. let's play that again. i can't get enough of this. listen to this. >> if what you're doing is cutting the taxes at the high
7:39 pm
end and therefore not being allowed to invest in the future, you're doing a graif disservice to our country. most people have to struggle to make ends meet. so -- no, we're not talking about that. so in any event -- dad, mark the rurnl raibilitthevulnerability n the democrats are putting up hep at the point of if speer spear,s so vulnerable. >> a bad car salesman. i hope everybody watches the meeting with the kids. i've known donald trump for jeers. we've served on boards together, inner city kids. if you knew the work he did behind the scenes, a lot of people would be surprised. david: you compare that meeting today with what nancy pelosi is
7:40 pm
trying to present against trump and against the tax cuts specifically that the polls show most americans now like trchlts tax cuts are wildly popular because of course corporations are giving bonuses as well. you know, one that really turns me on, david, is that small businesses are more op optimistc than they have been in decades. just a few years ago there were more small businesses closing than opening up. and there's an economic revival in optimism that exists among the american people. and that is a very very good thing. david: niger innis, mark simone, good to see you both. and be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe it's time for the doj to clear out deep state anti-trump forces and start seriously investigating democratic wrongdoing during the
7:41 pm
2016 election? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs a wing suiter going to extreme heights for an incredible adventure. he's jumping off of a hot air balloon before soaring across the sky, taking in breathtaking views. this is over mexico. amazing. coming up next, top obama officials targeted as trump calls on the doj to probe why they failed to stop russian meddling. former deputy assistant general tom dupree taking up the case next. ♪
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.house intelligence committee ranking member adam schiff expects a resolution on the democrats' russian memo within days. schiff has been working with justice department officials to revise the document after the white house blocked its release because of national security concerns. joining me now, tom dupree, former deputy assistant attorney
7:46 pm
general under george w. bush. good to see you. do you expect any revelations in this democratic memo? >> you know, i wouldn't say there's going to be any major bombshell realizations. the democrats' memo is going to try to put the nunes memo in a larger content. the nunes memo focused on what was omitted from the fisa warrant that went to the federal judge. i suspect what the democrats' memo is going to do is rebut the nunes memo and broaden the prism here and place it in a broader context. david: if that includes the trump dossier to try to prop up something that has been so discredited, been completely unverified as even mr. comey said, that was paid for, bought and paid for by the hillary campaign, i mean that's going to look ridiculous, will it not? >> i hear what you're saying and
7:47 pm
i suspect, at least from my perspective, that the big issue here is whether in the context of the fie da application, was the category, the origin of this memo sufficiently disclosessed to the federal judge. it's one thing if you give the federal judge a dossier saying this came from a reliable inmant. it's another thing if they say you might want to take this with a grain of solt. david: there is not a grain of salt in the universe big enough to compensate. >> could be a whole beach full of grain. david: not to mention it was paid b for by the democratic committee. and the fusion gps was in the business of smearing. if you're looking for collusion, you just look at fusion and russia, you find the collusion. and it was that group that the dnc bought the trump dossier
7:48 pm
from. it's extraordinary. >> i strongly suspect the democrats' rebuttal is not going to put this to rest. they're going to say this is above board and legitimate and i think congress and others will question the presentation to the judge that resulted in these warrants being issued. david: russians trolling, russians trying to make trouble for americans here by using the internet and other means happened way before the 2016 election, going back five years, ten years even, and in fact you have the president suggesting that it was the obama administration that really dropped the ball on this. he wrote out a tweet today saying, question, if all of the russian meddling took place during the obama administration right up to january 20th, why aren't they the subject of the investigation? why didn't obama do something about the meddling? why aren't dem crimes under
7:49 pm
investigation? a zinger at his own attorney general. ask jeff sessions. what about that last sentence, ask jeff sessions. what do you think? diswhr >> i think the presidents very well that jeff sessions is not the person that can answer that question because he's recused from all of this. this this is an extraordinary tweet and typically when you have disagreements between a president and an attorney general, they're hammered out behind closed doors. and i think it's ef dent that the president has not gotten over the whole recusal issue. my guess he's never going to get over the recusal issue. i hope they'll get back together and once again he'll have basic confidence in his hand-picked attorney general. david: what do you think of the suggestion that the obama administration has some serious questions to answer? >> i think taking a retrospective look is very fair, david. here's why. we all agree that we need to be focused ahead on the next election and ensuring that we've done whatever we can to minimize
7:50 pm
or prevent russian tampering. forked to understand the where the weaknesses are, how the russians did what they did, i think it's fair to look back asking hard questions, what did we know, who did it, simply because if we want to protect ourselves from the next attack we need to understand what happened in the prior one. david: thank you very much. coming up next, america's pastor preached a very special message to millions around the world. >> if you remember nothing that i say tonight except one thing i want you to remember, god loves you. david: we remember the life and legacy of the reverend billy graham with tony perkins coming next. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird".
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david: in our online poll last night we asked, do you believe the house republican's probe of deep state links us more important than the mueller witch hunt? and 95% of you said yes. billy graham died this morning at the age of 99. he said his acceptance of jesus christ at the age of 17 not only changed his life, it changed our
7:55 pm
country and the world. my next guest worked closely with billy graham's son franklin graham. describe what we have lost today as a nation. >> this is a man who few equals in terms of the impact he had on the entire world. he took a simple message and preached that message consistently for over six decade, hope, peace is found in jesus christ and he's there for anyone and everyone who is willing to receive the forgiveness of sins and embrace the forgiveness of god. david: he has counseled presidents, going way back there was a wonderful book called "unbroken" that was turned into a movie.
7:56 pm
he was a hero of world war ui and an olympic star. he came back home in the 40s a broken man because he couldn't handle his stardom. his wife convinced him to go to a very early billy graham meeting in 1949. it changed his life around. he stopped drinking at that moment and went on to become an extraordinary example to many thousands himself. sight was the multiplier effect of billy graham. >> it was seen over and over again. he was truely a broken man. he was addicted to alcohol and pornography. his marriage was falling apart. he came to know christ through the ministry of billy graham when he surrendered himself over to jesus christ. not only was his marriage and
7:57 pm
family transformed, but he became a minister speaking into the lives of young boys in particular. that message has been repeated over and over. not so much transformed by billy graham, but the message of billy graham it was the message of the gospel of jesus christ. david: i want to read you something i read the other day it's from democracy in america written in 1835 by a frenchman who came over here to find out what made democracy work in america. he wrote, upon my arrival the religious aspect of mayor captain that first struck me. in france i had almost always seen the conspiracy it of religion and the spirit of freedom marching in opposite
7:58 pm
directions. that was true in 1835, and i think it was true when billy graham began teaching in the 1980s. >> as toqueville said. annals the president said in order to make america great again you have to make it good again. we mourn the loss of lives, we grieve and just we want to see the violence end in our schools and places that should be safe. but what's happened, david, we have removed that very thing that provides a sense of value and worth. and that always recognition that we are created in the image of god. every life, regardless of what zip code it's conceived in or which side of the tracks it
7:59 pm
lives in it has value. the message of billy graham was to find the peace and joy in christ. david: we don't have much time. but the idea of servant leadership. this is one thing jesus preached to his disciples. leadership involved bag servant it's a contradiction in terms, but billy graham exemplified it, didn't he? >> yes, and you see it in the lives of his children and grandchildren as they are faithfully serving the same lord and save year that he served. david: do you think we'll ever seat likes of him again? >> we are in a different age, different time. i think you have many people, can he visibility gentleme -- ye
8:00 pm
breaching the gospel, i don't know that we'll ever see another billly graham. david: that does it for us. join melissa francis and me every weekday at 4:00. kennedy: nancy pelosi calls republican tax cuts a scam. funny, i say the same thing about her career. should schools arm teachers to help prevent shootings? dennis is back. grab a monster truck. it's time to crush it. nancy pelosi wants her old job back and she is willing to say any crazy thing to tunnel in. she belittled the $1,000 bonus goifn millions of mayors cans as a result of


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