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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  February 26, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the first place. david: that's it for us tonight. guess who's back monday. that's right. mr. lou dobbs will be here. >> people have a second amendment right to bear arms. but that doesn't mean assault rifles. >> time into banning specific weapons. you need to be in specific people from having weapons. lauren: breaking news this morning. congress returns to work to focus on gun laws and school safety. the nations governors meet with president trump later today to discuss the issues. >> democrat countering charges of fbi surveillance abuses. is that trump called the memo a total political and legal biased. lauren: after a major rally on
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wall street on wall street committed to winning the retire for the second week in a row. tree into this week the focus will turn to the new fed chairman jerome powell testified before congress tomorrow. no had a valve replaced in the u.s. stock index futures. dow futures up 147 points. lauren: looking at european stocks can continue to trade higher. cac in paris in dax with half a 1%. each investor waiting speech by the european central bank president. connell: in asia, the rally mode. japan's nikkei up 1%. and china's shanghai composite jumping by one and a quarter of a percent overnight. lauren: samsung unveils its latest attempt to unveil the apple iphone. how the galaxy acts nine backs up against the competition. "fbn:am" begins right now. ♪
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connell: let's do this. 5:01 a.m. on a monday morning. lauren: that's how i feel this morning. he worked this weekend. trade directed at on the fox news channel. that's when the memo came out of that. my mom that no doubt. february, 26. connell mcshane filling in for cheryl casone. lauren: lauren simonetti. good to be here. lawmakers return to washington today after weeklong recess as they face intense public rusher to an ongoing control. they are expected to consider a measure that would encourage states and federal agencies to commit records to the national background check system. president trump telling the nation's governors last night that the shooting will be discussed during a meal white house meeting with the governor happening today. >> will be talking about parkland and the horrible event that took place last week. i think will make that first on
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our list because we have to end our country of what is happening with respect to that subject. connell: meanwhile, governor rick scott and "fox news sunday" calling for an investigation into the law enforcement response. >> with the fbi, what happened? tell us. we can have it after he appeared it was called? or was the process? give us the facts. hold people accountable. the local sheriff's department has to be completely transparent. we had to do a thorough investigation and whoever didn't do their job has to be held accountable. trade to governor scott saying he opposes the president's idea of arming teachers. >> i want our teachers to teach and i want our law enforcement officers to be able to protect the students. and when each group to focus on what they're good at. trade to the other we saw this
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defending himself and his calls for his resignation have continued to grow. >> a guy can only take responsibility for what i knew about. i exercise my due diligence. i've given them a fee and agency. there's a lot of things we've done throughout this. you don't measure a person's leadership by deputy not going in. >> teachers and staff returning to marjorie stoneman high school today students come back to class on wednesday. lauren: long-awaited democratic intelligence memo to counter the so-called republican or the nuñez memo. the democratic memo claims the fbi and department of justice acted appropriately and did not provide on the inside trunk filled .ca when obtaining a fisa warrant used to monitor the
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former campaign aide, donald trump at the time, carter page. >> my response is the information used in part in a fisa application came from a trusted stores, christopher steel. a respected member british intelligence and it was part of a full package presented to the fisa court and would've been frankly given what the fbi knew about carter page. lauren: democrat adam schiff therapy of the house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes. the man behind the additional memo. >> this country actually saying don't worry, american public. it's okay. we do this all the time. we will dig up dirt on her opponent. get it from the russians and the breadth and take it to the fbi open up an investigation to another campaign. lauren: an important programming note. ghost congressman nuñez and kevin mccarthy this morning.
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with maria by from washington d.c. they will be on around 8:00 a.m. eastern time. lauren: looking forward. several u.s. companies announced they are cutting ties with the nra as we talk about hardening our schools. >> with a decent amount of that. tracee carrasco joins us with more on that. >> at morning prayer the list of companies is getting longer at backlash against the group continues to grow following the school shooting in florida. he would stop providing discounts for auto and home insurance. also. suppliers start the healing. delta and united have moving companies. north american lines in the car buying service true car. last week, car rentals hurt in the budget also said they would no longer be offering. >> it's interesting once a company gets on board to see how many others follow.
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new developments as well as the weinstein case in the terms of the fate of his company. >> the weinstein co. will go ahead with a prexy after $500 million deal to sell the company is fallen through. this print to investors ron burkle and maria breaking off negotiations. according to company said it was a native operating cash but did not provide enough interim financing for the sale is close to be announced two weeks ago when new york attorney general eric schneiderman stepped in and started accusing the company of inhaling -- harvey weinstein abuses. lauren: the iphone has a new competitor and i hear it's pretty good. >> yesterday's paper main difference will be price in terms of the iphone 10 in the samsung galaxy s. nine. the device launched yesterday at the barcelona trade show in the boat looks almost identical to the previous model it has many
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new features to compete with the iphone 10 paid the galaxy s. nine have a camera with promo video, lowlight capability and augmented reality and the. also the latest qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor and the price is about $722,840. pre-orders start friday march march 2nd. the other thing the phone has is a headphone jack. iphone customers still upset. >> the camera has the artificial intelligence can you point out text and they cannot magically translate for you. very cool. connell: very cool. i've never had a a smartphone with some nice fonts i'm that regard. a lot of people say the cameras are better on these funds from the google phone, too. thanks, tracee come appreciated. here's a question for thinking
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that politics plays bernie sanders running for president again? it sure sounds like it as he takes aim at the trump tax code. >> what their program is is to figure out how you can wade when you have an agenda that benefit the rich at the expense of everybody else. >> will take a look at the low strategy apparently to vilify or try to vilify the trump tax plan coming out. a big day at the supreme court. the court hearing, a lawsuit could determine the public sector union that a more straightahead. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ welcome to the hotel california ♪ such a lovely place ♪ such a lovely place ♪ getting af room at the hotel california ♪
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fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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connell: what's happening now is a comeback of headlines produced from court hearing arguments had a case that could deal with painful financial blow to organized labor. in issuing laws in 22 states that force public-sector employees who don't want to belong to unions to pay union fees for collective bargaining. the unions have argued because all workers benefit from union representation, all workers should bear the cost. north korean delegation with winter olympics said its government is willing to meet with the united states. the overture was reported by the
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south korean president to see if they are serious and says any talks mostly to lending its nuclear program. chinese president xi jinping will stay as long as he wants. the ruling communist party has scrapping term limits. their latest move by the party for centralized power under xi. get used to xi jinping. you may never left. lauren: at the left begins to rally against the tax plan with senator bernie sanders on his repeal the trump tax poor. >> a tax bill by the way would raise it over a ten-year period by $1.4 trillion. and then decode the american people and say that deficits going to. we've got to try social security, medicare, medicaid and
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programs you >> he called on tax rates for the potus is in jobs to millions of millions of americans. does this make the left look out of touch and do they need a new strategy from the midterms? democratic strategist robin biro and john jordan. good morning. >> good morning to you. lauren: just rolling the scroll 400 companies that abuse their tax savings from the trump tax plan to get something to reward their workers. so how do you campaign against bad if you're a democrat? >> that is a tough one. roughly 2% of americans have already received bonuses. it is a hard sell to sell people that the money they are getting back in their paychecks is an enough because the money is money and yes there may be a disparity, but you know, people
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are looking at that. not considering the fact ceos are getting more. they will be looking at the bottom line. my paycheck went out. this might be a mistake. the popularity has grown. i understand according to a "new york times" poll, 51% of americans approve of this. this increase in popularity among among democrats comes to my party may need to look at that and refocus on some of the more divisive issues coming from the administration like the social issues. lauren: john karma what you think the democratic strategy will be come midterms. robyn was saved in the near term is pulled of a fox news of the shows 53% are up to mystic now about the economy. those are pretty good numbers. >> ask him if democrats want to run on the economy at the loser. thoughtful democrats in congress, the smart ones realize they can't run against that.
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it's not about the bonuses and larger paychecks either. the 43 million americans benefiting from the run-up in the stock market because they invest in their 401(k)s and so forth. not to mention the run-up in housing prices. in no part of americans growing quite strongly in addition to paychecks. they have to move on to another issue. >> i want to stay with you for a second because you're in california and that is where we saw the state democratic party fire up, moving left, distancing themselves from dianne feinstein. she's been in the senate for 25 years and is seeking her fifth term. that's going on in california and how will that affect national politics? >> asked significantly as california unlike other states of the jungle primary were the top two vote getters face off in the general.
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what you could have here given the decimation of the republican party's two democrats on the ballot november and that would be senator feinstein and kevin de leon. you have a small electric in the mid-term. more greatly comprised liberal activists who are disenchanted with senator frank tang because she has been something of a centuries. the oldest city editor and american history. we could have a big burden for that. have a lot of democrat resources in november but the fight between two democrats. lauren: she's 84 years old seeking a fifth term. >> you know, there might be an argument for term limits, but i always appreciate, i would say competition is good regardless. it's the american way. i'm glad to say we are having a healthy primary and i want the best person to win. i'm glad somebody is challenging
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her and i'm ready for some new blood. lauren: new blood. she certainly has to catch but it seems like the progressive democrats are fired up against her. robyn, john, thank you so much. >> thank you, lauren. trade we get back to the markets in a moment. take a look at tornadoes raged across the midwest and the south. >> it was like spitting pieces of people's homes in the air just everywhere. connell: really scary stuff. fox senior meteorologist janice dean coming out. as we mentioned, markets will check the stock index futures once again after it moves higher in europe. see it as well in the u.s. dow futures up by 166 points. we will be back. "fbn:am." ♪
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trailing two unbelievable story. a hiker missing for six days has been found alive. 36 rhode island child was blasting the one of the parks on february 17th. the national park service is a helicopter found him friday in the part after they say he lost his way after some of the trails he was trying to follow became covered with snow. he sustained minor injuries, but otherwise it's okay. train to an unbelievable story. five dead after severe thunderstorms tore through the central u.s. over the weekend. wicked weather causing widespread. down in clarksville, tennessee
5:23 am
destroyed at least four homes and damaging others. >> query huge community of helpers. they hate to tell you, but i feel it i feel like we are at the meaning of volunteers. a big melting pot that won't reach out and help another person. lauren: for bringing fox meteorologist janice dean. the ohio river in some part is like 60 feet. >> the highest it's been in 20 years. not only did we have severe weather, but the flooding rainfall. unfortunately, that is not over yet. the raider estimated precipitation 46 come even eight inches of rain because we have installed upfront premium in the lot of pressure from the gulf of mexico. this would be an ongoing situation better today but tuesday and wednesday another system the same. watching the mississippi river valley, ohio river valley, tennessee river valley but unfortunately the potential for more rain tuesday into into
5:24 am
wednesday as the next system of silver top of them. flood warnings in effect for a lot of these reasons. the tributaries here are at their levels so they can't go any further and if they do it's going to mean flooding potential. know what you're going to do if there's a watch or warning in your area. we are definitely going to see potential for ran across the southeast. 83 in miami today looking across the central u.s. we are seeing potential for more rain and snow across the west over the next 24 to 48 hours. this is the time is beginning to spring the flooding begins for a lot of these areas. you need to know what to do if you have a watch or warning in your area. up to you guys. connell: they discovered genus. >> you got it. traits are more bad news for general electric and new ceo. this is a passenger's worst nightmare. your carry-on luggage catching
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fire. the stock market futures are on fire this morning. dow was up two thirds of 1% and then not taking two tenths of 1%. two winning weeks in a row. week number three. we will be right back. ♪ if you'd have told me three years ago that we'd be downloading in seconds what used to take minutes. that guests would compliment our wifi. that we could video conference and do it like that (snaps). if you'd have told me that i could afford
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lauren: breaking news this morning. white house and congressional republicans than democrats are vital to the memo appeared the democratic, claiming the fbi and justice department did not reveal their surveillance power. a live report from washington ahead. traded a big rally friday that the dow higher for the second week in a row in this week the
5:29 am
focus will turn to the new fed chairman new fed chairman, jay powell testifying before congress tomorrow. the head of the u.s. stock index futures are up. dow futures up by 168 points. lauren: investors in europe waiting the european central bank president mario draghi. try to shanghai composite index and a jump in about one and a quarter% overnight. >> a fire inside an airplane. so pour into the cabin and the passengers are forced to flee. what happened? "fbn:am" continues right now. >> 530 in the morning. monday, figure 26. thanks for joining us.
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i'm lauren simonetti. trying to guess where pitt and connell mcshane filling in for you. i do remember the first half of the show selected back and everything that happened for the next half of the show. lauren: at 530 basically on kind of accessed at the time. we have a long-awaited democrat intelligence memo released to counter the so-called republican nuñez memo. arguing the fbi in and justice department acted appropriately and did not abuse surveillance power to attract campaign. connell: kelly wright is with us this morning. good morning, kelly. reporter: good to see you both. hope you're doing well. this is the memo, 10 pages in no case for the american people in terms of dealing with dueling memos. the 10 page document is a speech republican claims the fbi justice department abused their powers to conduct surveillance of trump campaign aide carter
5:31 am
page in devin nunes, chairman of the house intelligence committee responded to democrat. >> legal political party in this country saying don't worry american public. it is okay. we do this all the time. we'll dig up up dirt on her opponent come and get it from russian, bread and take it to the fbi had opened up an investigation into another campaign. >> the democrats allegations however about the fbi justice department failing to tell the fisa court to campaign and dnc funded the trump dossier written by british spy christopher steel. president trump in the white house say the democrats memo is advised. >> they were not able to rebut the points made in the nuñez memo appeared to nuñez memo to the president is right to memo is the best. it doesn't undercut serious questions raised about the fbi and department of justice conduct the year before last in
5:32 am
this fisa warrant in this investigation altogether. >> democrats say the memos indicates the fbi. >> i'm not surprised the president doesn't like it. i'm not surprised the white house tried to bury the memo responds as long as they could. but it's important for the public to see the facts the fbi acted appropriately. they are not partisan deep status the president apparently would like the public to believe. >> he says the committee will continue to investigate russian brushed interference in the 2016 campaign that the members of congress return today and continue to follow the developments of this story as more and more details come out. connell: kelly wright in d.c. president trump's legal team in the meantime is waiting for having testified before a special counsel robert mueller of questions i limited the scope and don't amount to a potential perjury trap.
5:33 am
for more on this connector and a former prosecutor david brunel and we could talk about the mental kelly wright reported on as well. that has always been a concern for people have been speaking to the president has testified, no matter what side you're on from a legal case, do you might be walking into a perjury trap. there were reports is considering some testimony whether written or oral we don't know. but would you advise them to do? >> the same thing. either not provide a statement of provides has been limited in scope were written. last week we saw yet another plea, rick gates, lying to federal investigators. papadopoulos floodgates. this is mueller's ml in the investigation. he has to be careful. connell: normal people who don't have a legal background might react and say if i have nothing to hide, why would they testify? >> that is public perception and
5:34 am
the unfortunate thing because what we talk about is a constitutional protection that everyone in every state in the united states enjoys. if it goes to trial, if any case goes to trial, and feature it has to be instructed that she cannot take the evidence someone did not give the statement as evidence of guilt. >> what you think he'll do before before we move onto the memo? >> in all likelihood he will get censored a statement. it will be written i limited in scope because when we talk about the public perceptions, that is different than the constitutional protections. he has a concern he wants to give reelect them that has to be be a driving force as well. connell: back to a kelly wright was reporting on the democratic memo over the weekend with a number reductions included in that follows up on the gop memo from devin nunes. i'm sure those on the right and
5:35 am
left will retreat to their was at the corners and claimed victory or defeat in this won't change much. legally, what did you take away from the release of memos in terms of how the process was handled in obtaining the warrant to conduct surveillance on this guy, carter page? >> i definitely still have a problem to how was explained. still dossier was funded here this is getting lost in translation in the media. the actual quote they use, the fbi speculate the identified u.s. person was likely looking for information that could be used to discredit one's campaign. that is not enough. the nuñez memo says that they should've used actual clinton campaign and dnc identifiers as opposed to this. this for me doesn't get it. it's not definitive. he speculates. >> it's interesting you bring that up. i don't know how much experience you have but maybe critics and a little more.
5:36 am
the argument from the democrats is that it's kind of common is seen as political, but not saying how is political. you are saying that not common practice? >> common practice in street crimes in everyday cases, but this is not them. this is very different during the presidential campaign. this is the opponent. i believe this rises to the level of something greater they should've been used in more information should have been provided. >> and for the analysis this morning. david brunel, good to see you. connell: challenges continue as it announces a major earnings setback. connell: one thing after another. tracee carrasco on this and more with the headlines. enacted morning. things are going from bad to worse for ge. it plans to restate the last two years of results.
5:37 am
the restated results will flash its 2016 profits by 16 cents per share. by approximately 16 cents per share. ge adopts a new account in the way they're allowed to venture the timing of long-term contract with customers. ftc investigating for how the long-term service agreements among other things with ge in the premarket. it had been lower previously. >> it is one thing after another. the letter over the weekend. still looking forward to it. for berkshire hathaway shareholders. >> it was released over the weekend in the main take away, berkshire hathaway got a lot of new money according to the latter in 2017, decides networks grow 65 by $3 billion boosting its book value by 23%.
5:38 am
they came from the business operations in the remaining $29 billion k. when congress rewrote the u.s. tax code. scary moment. on a flight to china. what happened. >> this is pretty outrageous. passengers were boarding a china southern airlines flight to shanghai would smoke started to fill the cabin passengers were seeing framed in the overhead bin. you can see a flight attendant and fellow passenger train to put out the flames with bottles of water and juice. it was powered by a lithium-ion battery inside the suitcase was not being used when it caught fire. batteries are banned from checked luggage that are allowed in carry-on luggage as long as they can be turned off. the suitcases that come with the power base inside, those are popular. i have one and you have to make sure that it's off. that is what caught fire.
5:39 am
>> well, they will be looking for new regulations on that next. get a new bag. >> checked baggage. this way people could smell him. >> at that cover boards come in the phone catching on fire. >> thank you, tracey. coming up, the new head of the federal reserve will be in the hot seat this week. what do investors want to see from jerome powell? the honda classic including one shot. trained to look out. lauren: literally. ♪ oh good, you're awake! finally.
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trendier silica what's happening is to get you to the headlines. putting illegal immigrants inner-city on high alert. social media that federal immigration agents are preparing to conduct a city. she learned about the operation for multiple credible sources. ice officials say they do not know what the mayor is referring to. tensions increased in the meantime between president trump in the mexican president in the mexican president indicating yet though. the "washington post" has a report that plans for dhl to
5:43 am
visit washington canceled after contentious cohen calls between leaders over the border wall. mexican officials told the post said mr. trump lost his temper after diego said that mexico will not be paying for the wall. the u.n. security council to allow a delivery is a medical evacuation but reporters indicate they are ignoring it as they continue to attack rivals east of domestic. 500 civilians killed following a week of intense airstrikes. thus it's happening right now. >> jerome powell making his first trip to capitol hill tomorrow is the chairman testified on the u.s. economy and the outlook for interest rates car. powerful words expecting equity prices. art hogan joins us now. hey, art. jay powell we finally get to hear from him starting tomorrow.
5:44 am
is he going to sound like jimmy dillon or jay powell? >> a month and a half ago we got to see him before congress in his confirmation hearings. this was probably going to be a lot more of the same. he's going to get up and say here's where we stand right now. we think we are seeing gradual economic growth including henry think inflation will reach our target in the next year or two, so therefore we will raise rates. that is the best case scenario. i don't tank he will hit in a low mileage or out of balance. this is the time with my senator asking about things that have nothing to do their job. what about too big to fail, global warming. it's a time for me to play up to my constituents. in terms of what he has to say, i don't think it would be market moving to keep the ball in the middle of the fairway.
5:45 am
connell: for investors, interest rates are key. what is the line in the sand? what interest rate will totally spooked the markets and asset in the backdrop of the goldman sachs report that essentially said equity prices could plunge 25% if the 10 year yield is 445%. a 25% correction. the s&p 500 is at 27 and change. now we talk about s&p 2200. if we have a four and have 10 year yield? >> yeah, that is the worst-case scenario. really a stress test level and i don't see us getting a four-point 5%. we are about three and a quarter come in three and a half. the market can handle 100 basis point move in the year. it just can't handle it in a month. the reason markets were sold off his we went up about 30 basis points in five trading days. the pace at which you get to where you're going, there is no line in the sand.
5:46 am
by the end of this year that would certainly be disruptive. the market can handle three and a quarter, three and a half if we continue to do that. we'll be fine. >> 3.5-inch but i heard here. speaking with three rate hikes or maybe potentially four or two. >> we are at three. as they say, retired after three just don't care. it's going to be exactly where we are and what the economic data and everything, we don't see the inflation. >> for me is to martinis. i'm a cheap date, art. extra dirty. have a good week. >> thank you. connell: at this time or any other time. >> with two hours in a little tabasco sauce in there. connell: 5:46 in the morning. just reminding you, lauren. the winter olympics wrapping up
5:47 am
here they are done. the final medal count for you. speaking of sports. tiger woods is back at it and everybody seems to be happy about that except for one duck on a fairway. stock index futures this morning there are. features added to 166. back with tiger in the ducts and more on "fbn:am." don't go away. ♪ excuse me, are you aware of what's happening right now? we're facing 20 billion security events every day. ddos campaigns, ransomware, malware attacks... actually, we just handled all the priority threats. you did that? we did that. really. we analyzed millions of articles and reports. we can identify threats 50% faster.
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trade to sport this side. the winter olympics are over. three and three i say finally. but these two, jared maxime mcconnell. >> we think lauren is a negative person. that's all. >> no, she's not make it better. okay, but it's so rare. team u.s.a. had a low bear the olympics, but in the end a strong show for the red white and blue. closing ceremonies in pyeongchang. ivanka trump -- sarah huckabee sanders also part of the contingency of team u.s.a. ended to run a first-rate winter olympics were finished first or second in total medals. germany's second, canada third. u.s.a. picked up gold medals, but just 23 total for team u.s.a. since 1998. 12 of the 231 by women.
5:52 am
no u.s. olympian than branching asset or the 9-year-old to focus on the olympics. the contract for the boston bruins. one-time boston bruin john rotella december 19 retired by his original team for the new york rangers. 16 seasons for the blue shirts in the rangers traded him to the bruins which is that they're interested that their left-wing brick match. for three players and two draft picks. 11 days after countless lives were forever changed by a shooting spree of marjory stoneman douglass high park lane, florida. the hockey teams from stoneman douglass. after they lost seats to the jazz duet, they shocked both are they won the title against jessica now they go to the u.s. national finals. next month in minnesota.
5:53 am
watching oliver, one of the students who was killed from his friend carnaval quiz. in a miami heat jersey. you're about to make me cry this afternoon. we keep you in florida. just in time is spent on a playoff hall while tiger woods finished at even par and tiger did something that turned out to be something foul. >> locale. you thought you would never say you saw say you cite tiger hit a duck. in caddy shack they said someone step on a duck? this is entirely different. you receive formal football player injures ankle playing baseball? tim tebow trying to make his second career with the new york mets. they stepped over a sprinkler and injured his ankle. let's see a couple.
5:54 am
tim tebow was hurt. we have a second? connell: i'm told we are running a time. a promotion vehicle and he couldn't get out of the field, so he's trying, trying and eventually he will go to an entirely different mindset. people on twitter going on since they reminded him of the scene in austin powers or austin powers was unable. lauren: the things we talk about. jared max comic thank you very much. let us know what she thing. it ran to be a winter olympics? fox news headlines 24/7 sirius xm channel 115. investors are going to hear from three central bankers this week including mr. rome powell, the new fed chairman from london straight ahead on "fbn:am." we will be right back.
5:55 am
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connell: in jaipal committee chairman along with jay powell committee chairman lola tested bcb ecb and the bank of england delivers speeches this week. a thick central banker we. senior market analyst joins us now from the preview. markets with pretty good this
5:58 am
morning. we talked earlier about jay powell, which we can get into, but what we expect to hear this week from draghi and i guess the others? >> i think they'll all be relatively on the same page. maria drug is known for his cautious tone. jerome powell in much the same line janet yellen has over the past year or so. looking for signs that maybe this new stimulus may contribute to faster rate hikes and will be looking closely at this. the language may change by one of their meetings with reference to the end of the year. mark carney again we saw last week much more hawkish. ray takes very much on the agenda. >> weather zero or one where are right now? it doesn't seem like they are trying to figure things out. another rally overseas stocks and futures in the u.s., but
5:59 am
concerns about race are still there. where are we in all of this? >> rate hikes in general typically very good for the market. especially in low inflation and that is where we've come to the markets and what's taken things up recently. connell: good to see you. have a good week in london. great of him with a flight from london. thank you for joining us on "fbn:am." i'm connell mcshane. it is maria bartiromo from washington d.c. >> good morning to you. coming to you live from washington. it is monday, figure 26. top stories right now come to 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. optimism on wall street. a big rally kicking off the new week for the two-week winning streak to 350 points higher than the momentum continues. indicated in another gain of 150 this morning.
6:00 am
170 is the eye of the morning. investors watching this week a second reading on fourth-quarter gdp. economists expecting to .5% of president trump says it could go much higher. positive tone was stocks higher across the board. of 26, 30% up half a percent and paris. the dax index up a third of a percent. 47 points higher including germany. across the board, best performer was china and japan. nikkei average up 1%. shanghai composite up one and a quarter%. protecting america's younger students in parkland, florida return to school. president trump will. president trump limit of governors at the white house this morning. the main topic, ending gun violence. >> talking about parkland, and the horrible event that took place last


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