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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 7, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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nearly all of it within the state of georgia, your opponents can't say that, can they? >> well, no. we have their act today. now here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. growing calls for the justice department to appoint a sect sed special counsel to investigate obama corruption. attorney general jechtion will consider the request after two powerful house chairman agree now there's enough evidence of bias and surveillance abuse to warrant a special counsel. also the trump administration suing the state of california over its dangerous sanctuary policies. the trump doj says california has made it impossible for federal immigration officials to do their jobs and to deport criminal illegal immigrants. we'll have the full report for you and the white house moving forward with its rollout of
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steel and aluminum, imported aluminum and imported steel tariffs despite crowing from rhino republicans, assigning ceremony scheduled for tomorrow at the white house. it's america first, establishment elites, special interest and k street, well they're going to be driven out of the swamp, preferably sooner rather than later. our special guest tonight, a leading republican who has been instrumental in expoising corruption at the obama era justice department and fbi, we're joined tonight by the chairman of the house intelligence committee, congressman devin nunes has brought so many of these issues to light. without him, without the hard work of the house intelligence committee, we would indeed know very little about the corruption in the obama administration, its department of justice and the
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fbi. not to mention the intelligence committee. ron desantis, one of the first congressmen to call for a special counsel. and attorneys join us tonight to talk about the clinton cartel, their pay-to-play scandals and what in the world is going on with the investigation of you uranium one. and lieutenant governor casey cagle joins us here. he is the one who led the charge to punish delta air lines after the airline retaliated against the nra. our top story tonight, the investigation into the discredited trump dossier. fox news is now reporting there's a new house intelligence committee deadline for a handful of senior obama administration officials to when they knew that th.they have until this friday o
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respond and devin nunes says if they don't, subpoenas will be on the way. our first guest tonight has been described by president trump as a great american hero. referring to his role in spear heading the efforts to release the republican memorandum detailing wide spread fisa court surveillance abuses. joining us tonight, congressman devin nunes, the chairman of the intelligence committee and as the president put it, actuall the hero in this entire investigation of the intelligence community, the department of justice, the fbi, the fisa courts, it goes on and on. mr. chairman, great to have you with us. you are focused right now on some questionnaires from former heads of the fbi, the dni, the head of the fbi, james comey.
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how is that going? have they responded and met the deadlines that you've set? >> first off thank you for having me on your show and thank you for your continued coverage on this. you've done has great job. i've been watching it throughout. and also i want to say the members on my committee, the republicans, they've gone through -- they've taken a lot of heat, just like i have, from if mainstream media. they deserve a lot of praise to. let me update you on where we're at. we sent out a questionnaire a couple of weeks ago asking top officials in the -- from the obama administration and the current administration what they knew about the dossier and when they knew it. in other words, things like when did they know that the democrats had paid for this dossier and then who did they tell. the deadline was last friday. we got back quite a few of those. there were a few people who asked for an extension and there are a few people who we have not heard from. but as we've said, if they don't
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respond by the end of this week, then they will be getting subpoenaed to do a deposition. lou: and the information that you're seeking is obviously critical to the national security and part of your role in oversight of the intelligence community itself. for there to be any obstruction or delay here would be unconscionable and unconstitutional. >> we're way past delay because it took us nearly a year to find all of this information out. in fact now we've learned that the fbi and the department of justice knew that the democrats and the hillary campaign had paid for the dossier. now why is the dossier so important? i think a lot of your viewers need to understand, well the dossier is at the center of all of this, right? so the dossier was this dirt that was dug up on president trump, paid for by the democrats using a former british spy who
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supposedly got this from russians. well right then and there, that's exactly what president trump and his campaign was accused of. that they were coordinating with the russians to get dirt on hillary and leak it out. we have no evidence of that but we have clear evidence on this side. the dossier was used to get a warrant to spy on trump associates in the campaign. behave a problem with that. that's why we put the memo out and that is why we have been fighting to get the truth out. now what we're looking at, kind of the second step of this, is looking at who knew about this dossier at the higher levels, not just the fi fbi but other agencies and when they knew about it. that's what we're waiting on right snow. lou: including obviously the intelligence community. >> right. lou: including the fbi. and one would think the white house itself and the national security apparatus of the country. as you move forward in this investigation, what you call phase 2 focusing on the state
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department, the clinton state department, some call it still the clinton state department because so many of her associates, long-time associates, cronies in the minds of some remain there and remain in powerful positions. and had, it appears, a role in some of the activity that basically amount to pure corruption, political corruption of executive branch departments, including the state department. >> well what's sofa fascinatingt the state department is -- the first interview i had done in many many months -- the day the memo came out i went on another fox show, brett baer's special report. i talked about that we were moving on to the state department. it took a little over 24 hours and suddenly there were people at the state department who were
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coming out spilling their guts on national television telling the american public everything that we knew or, you know, at least we thought we knew. and now the public has learned just from the people who have come out and admitted -- they're saying they didn't do anything wrong but they have admitted that sydney blooming thal, long-time hillary confidant and cory shear were both handling dirty information, funneling into the state department. the state department was working with christopher steele and supposedly there's a second dossier that is out there that was then passed over to the appropriate authorities. so we're still tracking this down. there's a long way to go in the investigation. but i think people get the gist of it. i think it would be problematic if close hillary clinton confidants were communicating with steele, getting dirt from these mysterious places, most likely rus russia and feeding it
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into our intelligence agencies. lou: and the work that you and your committee have had to do to get to this level of revelation, to give the american public some naj abouknowledge about what thr government has been up to and some very bad actors have been doing in that government in some of the most critical and vulnerable sensitive areas, including the intelligence community, the justice department, the fbi, the state department, could you have anticipated the reach of the corruption that is now in large measure, thanks to your and your committee's diligent work before the american people? >> you know, it's a great question. so i would say that we had a pretty good idea that the dos nay was somehow connected to the clinton campaign because it made no sense that -- you know, who
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else would get that kind of dirt. it was just -- and it was so outrageous, i mean anybody at first glance would look at that and just reject it out of hand because nobody is going to give any american 19% of the russian gas company worth billions of dollars. just on the face it looks totally phony. but what did amaze us was that the fbi and doj knew about it and then the fight that they put up in order for us not to find the truth. we had to eventually, as you know, take fusion gps to court in order to get their bank records so we could figure out who in fact was paying them to put together the dossier. lou: well, congressman, again, we all thank you and your committee for all that you do and have done. without you the americans' right to know would still be
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frustrated. this is a frustrating enterprise for you but rewarding for the country. >> one of the battles we've had to face here is getting the media to cover it. i'm thankful for people like yourself, fox business and knox news and others willing to get to the truth. and it hasn't been easy because most of the media is ignoring the truth. as soon as we get the answers we'll make them public. we appreciate the work that you and others have been doing to get this out to the public. lou: we appreciate it and good luck. devin nunes, chairman of the house intelligence committee. up next, crackdown on california. the trump administration slapping the state with a lawsuit for shielding illegal immigrants. we'll have a full report from the sanctuary state here next. prump blasting dems over their hypocrisy and inaction on immigration enforcement. >> we're trying to have a daca victory for everybody by the way
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lou: the trump administration battling with california over the dangerous sanctuary policies open that battle escalating. attorney general jeff sessions announced today that the trump administration is suing california over three of its recently passed state laws that shield illegal immigrants from federal immigration law enforcement. the lawsuit filed yesterday in the district court, the federal district of sacramento, fox news correspondent claudia cowan in sacramento with our report. >> how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officer to promote a radical open borders agenda. >> attorney general jeff sessions threw down the gauntlet in california, blasting state politicians for their sanctuary policies and accusing them of protecting illegal immigrants. >> california absolutely appears to me is using every power it has, power that it doesn't have,
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to frustrate federal law enforcement. >> president trump showed his support while speaking to the latino coalition earlier today. >> it's destroying people's lives. so many. and we're going to stop it. >> the justice department is targeting three california state laws enacted in the last one. one prohibits lowmplet from asking people about their immigration status, another gives state officials power over dhs detention facilities and the third offers protection against workplace raids. this lawsuit marks an escalation in the ongoing feud between the trump administration and advocates. hundreds showing up to protest shouting "shut it down." california's attorney general condemned this saying their policies are on solid legal
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ground. >> this sun precedented for the chief law enforcement of the united states to come out hear and ingauge in a political stunt, make wild accusations, many of which are based on outright lies. >> this challenges our state laws that are fully constitutional. >> in an collusive interview, sessions vowed to keep fighting. >> somebody needs to stand up and say no, you've got too far. you cannot do this. this is not reasonable. it's radical, real by. >> the justice department is reportedly looking at ore states with sanctuary state policies. both sides are digging in for a long legal fight, no matter what the district judge decides, the loser will appeal and this case will likely end up at the u.s. supreme court. lou? lou: claudia, thank you very much, reporting from sacramento. please be sure to vote in our poll tonight, do you believe the trump justice department should
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prosecute california politicians and officials who are breaking federal law and obstructing the apprehension of criminal illegal immigrants. cast your vote on twitter at lou to bees ttodobbs. on wall street tonight, the dow jones industrial set to close down 38 points but well off session lows. the s&p lost one, the nasdaq gained 25. vovolume on the big board, 3.3 shares. crude oil tumbling 2% closing at $61 a barrel after inventories rose. and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network coming up here next, growing calls for a second special counsel to investigate clinton corruption and fisa court abuse by the obama administration. but will ag sessions wake up?
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lou: attorney general jeff sessions says he will consider a second special counsel to investigate obama administration surveillance abuses of fisa court. session's comments come after the chairman of the house oversight and the judiciary committee join the group of republican congressmen calling for an independent investigation. the department of justice inspector general is now still revealing obama era fisa applications. we still don't know when the report by the inspector general will be released. it's been expected for some time. but we are also learning in this country not to expect too much
11:25 pm
of inspectors general sepp at the justice to want. sessions telling shannon bream, i have appointed someone outside of washington to look at all of the allegations that the house judiciary committee members sent to us and we're conducting that investigation. so it's not entirely clear who that is, what his or her powers are or to whom they are reporting. we -- it sounds like a positive step, however, to find out more about all of the corruption in d.c., the federal government and particularly the obama administration era, justice and fbi departments, joining us is victoria tensing, former chief counsel of the senate intelligence committee and joe dejanovo.
11:26 pm
great to see you both. victoria, let's start with you. where are we with the fbi informant who has testified i believe before two committees. what is the upshot of -- yes. >> lou, he met last month with three congressional committees, the senate you dis judiciary, he oversight and house intel. met with them for four hours, supplied all documents, answered any question. let me tell you some of the things that mr. campbell told them. he told them how the russians would brag about their influence with the clintons. he told them about apco, a washington, d.c. lobbying firm with a lot of clinton aides in it. and russia gave apco $3 million for one year's worth of work. they did a little work but they also were supposed to do free
11:27 pm
work for the clinton foundation. the last thing i'll tell you about is the russians mocked the obama administration, laughing at how weak they were and how nigh eve thenaive they were. lou: one can hardly blame the russians for laughing at the obama administration because all of the claptrap about meddling in the election, president obama did nothing. they didn't intercede. they couldn't prevent it, whether it be at the dnc or other cyberattacks on federal government systems and networks, joe. and now we're talking about another special counsel to find out more about fisa abuses. do you think its' appropriate? do you think it will be effective? >> i think it has to be done. the abuses at the obama justice department and fbi in front of the fisa court go to the bone of the function of the justice department.
11:28 pm
the justice department cannot investigate ets in this. there has to be a special counsel. and the only way to get to the truth is through a federal grand jury where people are put under oath and they cannot lie. for example, the inspector general has no authority currently over john brennan or james clapper or even james comey because those people have all left the department. he can't interview any of the people from the department of state. there has to be a grand jury with a prosecutor who has authority to subpoena all of those people. and the key to this, the key to the lie eang the misrepresentations to the fisa court is going to be john brennan, james clapper, james comey and the senior officials at the justice department. lou: this is not i hope extraneous but it just strikes me that james comey fired for a host of reasons, but certainly fired, has a book coming out. and i can't even understand
11:29 pm
why -- part of his responsibility, of course, the national security interest of the fbi, counter intelligence and who approved his writing of that book despite being fired? who approved the book itself and where is that process? do either of you. >> yes, we know. i've done this before with other clients. it goes through what's called a prepublication review board. for example if you work for the cia, you have to sign an mda and then it goes to the cia's prepublication review board. this went to the prepublication fbi board. it went through in fast fast time. because i've had clients who have waited six months. this thing went through within three or four weeks. i think there's still some special attention being given there. lou: in talking with the house intelligence chair, devin nunes tonight, talking about phase 2 as he constructed of his committee's investigations, he
11:30 pm
is focusing -- now he and his committee and investigators are focusing on the state department, joe. the state department has not even played a permanent role yet in what we have learned about whether it be the first dossier, the steele dossier, the discredited phony dossier or another dossier known as the second dos ya with cod -- dossiy shear, a clinton operator who is highly suspect in terms of both his methods of operating and his veracity. what do you expect to come of that? >> well, i expect that when there is a federal grand jury, in addition to the nunes committee investigation into the state department, people will be forced by subpoena to give testimony. senior department of state officials who have currently there or who have left. i think it will be de demonstrad
11:31 pm
that they colluded with clinton administration representatives and campaign officials and people like sidney blumenthal and cody shear who passed on completely unreliable information which they hoped would be passed along to the fbi and in fact it was. and that information was used fraudulently to obtain fisa warrants. this is why, lou, the only way to get these answers, once the nunes committee is done, is to have a federal grand jury force all of these state department people, cia, dni people, fbi, doj senior people under oath in a grand jury. it's the only way we're ever going to get the full story. >> and to add another twist, lou, rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general is a witness. he should be recused from this all together because he's going to have to testify why he signed a fisa application. lou: and i guess he will also, along with many people in the
11:32 pm
fbi and the department of justice, have to explain why they took seriously to obviously contrive the dossiers authored by two highly suspect individuals who had not corroborated their claims in those documents, and yet, fbi officials, department of justice officials, still went to a fisa court without giving context to either the political motivation of the authors or the, if you will, the credibility of the evidence that was being treated as evidence at least by the fbi. >> lou, we already know the answer to that, why they did that. comey and strzok and all of those people, including senior justice department officials, this was a plot. a brazen plot to exonerate hillary clinton in the e-mail server case, to make -- to ensure that she became president. and if by chance she lost, part of the plot was to frame donald trump with a false crime.
11:33 pm
and that's why the steele dossier was used. it was designed to create a false narrative about trump and his people and to be used ultimately against them if hillary clinton lost. this is why -- this is the single most important scandal of the last 50 years because senior doj and fbi officials engaged in conduct that was designed to corrupt an american presidential election. it wasn't the russians who corrupted the presidential election. it was the american officials at the department of justice and the fbi. >> and isn't it bizarre that there was no crime that rod rosenstein could cite when appointing the special counsel and yet we're seeing such evidence of criminal activity and there isn't a new special counsel yet for that. lou: and there's not even a cry from the offices of the speaker of the house or the senate majority leader about engaging
11:34 pm
with the president to shut down what is obviously a futile enterprise on the part of robert mueller and his partisan team of attorneys and investigators. it's really, truly despicable. we always appreciate you being with us and thanks so much. >> thank you. >> bye. >> thank you, lou. lou: take care. up next, outrage over the obama administration surveillance abuses. the outrage is growing, even established republicans are now demanding a second special counsel. we take up whether attorney general sessions will heed that call. congressman ron desantis who has been among those most enterprising in terms of turning over the necessary knowledge about what is happening in our corrupt department of justice and fbi leadership, he joins us here tonight
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lou: you're not going to believe this. it is hard to imagine that i'm talking about an element of the federal government and an issue
11:39 pm
that affects all americans and their right to know. but the justice department, under this president, has finally decided, after 13 months, to provide documents to congress on the scandalous obama era fast and furious gun running operation. attorney general eric holder had stonewalled congress and everybody other inquiry into that outrageous gun running operation. he was ultimately held in contempt of congress after refusing to hand over papers to congress in 2012. this ends six years of litigation with the house oversight committee. think of this. six years. border patrol agent brian terry was killed by an illegal immigrant in operation fast and furious. as many as 200 murders took place with guns that had been part of operation fast and furious in which the justice
11:40 pm
department operation, approved operation sent weapons into mexico. we'll be talking with his brother kent terry here monday night. hope you'll be with us. joining us now, congressman ron desantis, member of the oversight committee, foreign affairs and judiciary. congressman within great to have you with us. it is a -- it is a day in which there are extraordinary developments really. the resolution of this, at least a partial settlement of the litigation between the house oversight committee and the justice department about the truth of what went on with operation fast and furious and also the calls for a second special counsel are just getting louder and louder by the day. let's deal with first the second special counsel and your thoughts. >> well the momentum is building, lou. you had guys like me who have been digging in on this for months and months and clearly there's been a need for this for
11:41 pm
months now with the evidence that's come forward. but i think when attorney general sessions announced that he was going to assign the inspector general to look into this, that created, i think, a lot of folks who may have been on the fence about this in the house to say wait a minute, this inspector general has no prosecutorial authority. he can't hold anybody accountable. he can't even subpoena people who are outside the department. people like comey and clapper, he has no access to any of those. so i think people realize that the justice department can't investigate itself when you have potential misconduct from the very highest level, people like james comey in the fbi and mccabe, peter strzok one one of the highest fbi counter intelligence agents and then people like bruce orr. there is a conflict and you need to have somebody with teeth. so i was happy that congressman gowdy and goodlatte sent the
11:42 pm
letter to sessions. and we now have the interview from sessions that he's assigned somebody. i want to know about that. i think taking someone from outside washington is a great step but is this somebody that's already a justice department employee? you can do that. i'm not sure that's the best way. but i think the most important thing, regardless of whether it's somebody outside doj or inside doj is, is this individual going to actually use a grand jury and conduct a a legitimate investigation or is this going to be hillary part two where they don't subpoena anybody, don't use search warrants or a grand jury and they do a half measure investigation. that's not going to cut it in this case. we need an actual rigorous investigation. mueller is turning over anything he can to try to dig up dirt. how can you have something like that doing that when we don't have evidence of collusion but yet not do the same thing or at least as rigorous with this
11:43 pm
abuse which we have now substantiated. lou: the mueller special counsel is right now, congressman, if i may say, an utter farce. this is a president who has been subverted by the special counsel in his appointment last may. he's produced no evidence of any kind of collusion. he is going after some of the most tangential issues he possibly could, including going after the united arab emirates. he seems to have forgotten his guy yoking fi and the role of rush smrussia in this pretense. a special counsel has to be focused here. i think we've all been taught that lesson again by mueller and his band of well, left wing partisans that he calls investigators and attorneys. >> yes. and i think that mueller basically gets assigned to this thing. there was not even a crime identified in the appointing oashed. so i think mueller and actually anyone this that position, we
11:44 pm
got to justify our position. let's just find something. that's not the way the investigation is supposed to be going. but the buck stops with mueller's supervisor, the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein. he can rein mueller in. he has null thrt to do that. but he's not willing to do it. so basically mueller is calling the shot even though rosenstein outranks him, even though rosenstein is supposed to be in charge. basically mueller is running roughshod and the investigation is not focused. when you talk about things like united air rai arab emirates dus that have to do with the so-called collusion. i go back to the nunes memo. people didn't pick up on this piece as much. but the idea that peter strzok is the one that started the so-called collusion investigation, he opened the case a couple of weeks after they shut down the hillary case, this famously anti-trump agent
11:45 pm
who said we needed an insurance policy. he gets it based off of 1078 random tip that some pop dop louse is saying these things drunk at a bar that didn't amount to criminal offenses even if true. so this thing from the stort has been exposed to something that should have never gotten to this case -- this level. and i think that, you know, mueller -- all of the cases he's brought, you don't need a special counsel for any of those. assign those to the justice department, manafort, all of these others. but th he needs to bring this ta conclusion to the american people can go on with our business. lou: and the president ought to be fully exonerated and the efforts to subvert his administration end and end straight forwardly and forth with. congressman, we thank you for your efforts which have been significant and essential and we appreciate you being with us here tonight. >> thanks for having me.
11:46 pm
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lou: president trump set to hold a signing ceremony on the tariffs. 107 house republicans say they have keep concerns about the prospect of tariffs. deep could be seasons are common in the deep state. but where is there concern about
11:51 pm
the trade deficit. last year's the biggest since 2008, reaching $570 billion, more than half a trillion dollars. despite the latest edwealth is being squandered, rinos continue to fight president trump. chief among those rinos, speaker ryan and mcconnell. regardless of the impact on jobs that were shipped overseas by u.s. multi-nationals. but of course the chamber of commerce and business round table rank among the top three spenders on lobbying our government officials. they are anti-middle class, anti-working man and woman,
11:52 pm
anti-small business and i say to you, anti-american. if americans continue to battle the president on this, they will be responsible for the largest loss of republican seats in. the quotation of the evening. this one from george s. patton who said, quote, accept the challenges so you can feel the exhilaration of victory. some tax break turbulence for delta. i'll take that up. i will talk with a bleeding georgia politician to stood up to the airline. the ceo decided all by himself
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lou: georgia airlines standing up and public i shaling delta for its stand on the nra.
11:57 pm
i think it's remarkable that you stood up, the georgia state legislature, the current governor, all standing together and saying you are not going to tolerate this kind of a decision by a ceo who wants to intrude into politics. i think they may have learned a lesson. good on you. >> well, thank you, lou. you are exactly right. i think conservatives are getting tired of being kicked around. it was time for to us stand up. obviously send a strong message. let me say at the outset, the business principle, they are free to do whatever they want to do. but to succumb to liberal pressure and be involved in the boycott against law-abiding citizens or gun owners, if
11:58 pm
that's the problem, it's fundamentally wrong. we had to make a stand and we certainly did. delta is a great employer, number one employer in our state and we want them to succeed. but conservatives have to push back. lou: ceo made no sense. he said their values aren't for sale. ending the discount for nra members saying that was because they wanted to remain neutral in the gun debate. all of this within the context of the most of recent school shooting. is he normally that erratic and incoherent or was he aware he stepped in a large pile of it? >> i think a lot of of pressure came down from the liberals that was making a decision and pushing them to weigh into this boycott. but let's be clear.
11:59 pm
what happened was they negotiated rates on airfare. no different than a hotel sells out rooms as well. and they chose to get town this debate which was a sad decision. just like warren buffet, i think our personal decisions shouldn't impact our ability to do business with people. it was a bad decision. they have come back since and restated they are a believer and a defender of the second amendment, but certainly this has had a tremendous impact. lou: i compliment you and the republicans in your georgia statehouse for acting on principle and standing up to it. you are doing so well in your fundraiser. most of of your money you are raising outside of atlanta, the biggest city in the state, and
12:00 am
nearly all of it within the state of georgia, your opponents can't say that, can they? >> well, no. we have two democrats battling right now as well. kennedy: tonight the president's threats against north korea finally working? who gets the credit? the media says the white house is collapsing in chaos, but there might and method to that madness. the fluen has supposedly peeked, but an expert claims and global catastrophe could kill millions and he's here to explain. did fire were fury and insults bring little rocketman to the bargaining table and are crippling sanctions work on north korea? the president took a lot of heat as he used his twitter


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