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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 14, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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that vote for saccone so we have a good trump ally in washington, d.c. and not a he localsy clone that operates as a republican. lou: stay with us. kennedy is next. good night. >> breaking news now on another big election night, we are live in new york city. i'm kennedy. we are waiting results in the pennsylvania special election in the 18th district right around pittsburgh and this is hugely important race seeing by many as referendum against president trump. the democrat connor lamb squaring off against rick saccone. lamb in the lead. look at that. very few votes have been counted. very blue collar, suburban and rural, a district president trump won by 20 points in 2016, in other words, this is an area to expect the republican to win
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easily but that has not been the case. it is a democratic district with a history voting for the gop and support for lamb has surged in recent weeks, here is a live look at headquarters of both candidates. lamb is on the left, of course, saccone on the right. let's go to connell mcshane and elizabeth township. this has strong union base because of the steel industry, what role have unions played in this election? >> a big one as you might expect, a lot of union money involved and a lot of people that you talk are experts on how the politics work locally, i think it will be the ranking members that decide here. you had a key point, kennedy, more democrats registered to vote in this district, pennsylvania 18 than
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republicans, always have been, however, in recent years republicans have been winning the elections like the president did here by nearly 20 points in 2016 and one of the reasons for that is he's ranking file union members have been leaning republican, however, this time around in talking to people that are close to the lamb campaign, connor, they think they have done effective job in bringing democratic voter to their side, if they win tonight, they think that will be the big reason why and even in early results rolling in here and it's still very early, we are seeing lamb run up the score where he needs to. if he's able to do that effectively and hold off succone in rural counties like west westmoreland. kennedy: we will be talking about that tonight because both
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parties are fixed on the race. the white house believes economic success, that's the key to winning in 2018, how has the tax cuts played out in this race especially in advertising? >> well, yeah, that could help saccone, it's about the case all of the time. if you look at some of the saccone approach, mentions tax cut and more than one person has come up to me throughout the place and mentioned tax cuts, telling stories of friends of theirs saying bosses are passing along bonuses inspired by tax cuts, so they say that speaks to the strength of trump economy as many people call it. the question is whether or not that translates to saccone. if it does, then he will be all right. i spoke briefly after event, if he can turn out trump voters, we will be okay.
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we don't know tonight if that's the case. kennedy: we will see how much power the president sprinkled in pennsylvania 18th district, thank you so much. so what are those implications that we were talking about, how will this race affect midterm plans for both parties outside of pennsylvania with me now chief political anchor and special report anchor bret baier. bret, how do you see the night shaking out not just in pennsylvania but democrats and republicans? bret: right now just for the race, i think connell is right, numbers that puts lamb 12 points above where hillary clinton was in 2016 election. he has to keep that kind of rate up for the rest for the night in order to pull off a win especially considered some of the more conservative areas in congressional district that have yet to come in. overall, if democrats win, the narrative will be that this is
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things to come, this is the indication to have blue wave that they are going to see in november. problem is, is that two things, one, is that it is a short-term victory, it is with a candidate potentially who is running against the party, democratic party, running against nancy pelosi, running for gun rights, along side the president on tariffs and the tax law. so it's counterintuitive where the party is for november and also if lamb wins, he could be primaried before the november election actually and it's really fascinate to -- fascinatg to see how this race shapes up in a district that will be redrawn and will disappear if the courts step in. kennedy: you're right, a lot of implications some seen in california where the president is now. it's interesting, though, because you bring that, connor
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lamb could be running as republican, he certainly is a centrist. he looks more like doug jones in the kind of races and issues that he ran on in alabama. does that give progressive wing to the democratic party? >> yes, and no. i think they would take wins where ever they get w's and put on the board. this obviously is not a game-changer in the house, it's one seat. like i said, it's only temporary. that's the narrative that democrats will give you, if rick saccone pulls off a win, this will be a huge thing for donald trump because all had saccone trailing and wasn't good great fundraising wise but president trump went in there, big rally and rallied voters and had big turnout. if he pulls it off, this will be a huge win for the trump administration. kennedy: now f he doesn't, does he suffer from the same fate as president obama who did a wonder
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fully miraculous job getting elected but had harder time with other candidates, the president has touted what he sees 5-0 record in house special elections, what does it say about the president? >> right, well, historically we have seen in other races that the president has said that they weren't trump enough essentially, that the candidates hadn't been enough along side the trump administration policies and his policies, he couldn't really say that about saccone but privately republicans here in washington have been saying he's not the best candidate. kennedy: yeah. bret: they are laying the ground work for what may be tonight. either way, kennedy, there will be the spin machine on both sides and the truth is that we have a long way to go before the midterm elections in november
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and largely be decided how people are feeling in their homes with their finances and the safety of the country and whether that is panning out. kennedy: absolutely. so many questions as you point out, bret, what is going to happen in north korea, what's going to happen with the iran deal, will the tax cuts take hold with some of the major corporations and will working americans continue to see the benefits, on top of that, what kind of candidates will be running because obviously that's been a huge issue in two of the races particularly with roy moore in alabama going back to that race, but here rick saccone if the white house and other republicans see this is a weak candidate, how are they going to change that metric going into the midterms? >> well, they have to do better recruiting and so far they're having some success getting people involved. i think democrats have a challenge in that there aren't a lot of connor lambs out there in some of the districts that need
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a democratic moderate who is going to campaign against nancy pelosi. kennedy: yeah, also one not afraid to take on nancy pelosi and speak intelligently about the military, having worn the uniform, very unique for democratic candidates, add on top of that he's 33 year's old. bret: attractive candidate, clearly. but there aren't many of those candidates around the country so far for democrats and the instinct in the party, the democratic party is to go left towards bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. that's where the party is heading not towards connor lamb. if they win they will be saying, this is the equation that can get us across the finish line. kennedy: maybe they will take a look at that because i think so far, we will see how the results play out saccone is narrowing the gap right now, but maybe it's not the worst idea to agree with the president on something like taxes and tariffs and -- bret: 35% in right now and you
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have some of the rural districts starting to come in and it will narrow and this could be a very close race towards the end of the night. kennedy: well, we are not going anywhere, i know you are not, bret breir, thank you so much. democratic strategists michael hopkins returns and he is capitalist pig hedge fund manager jonathan hogan in the house and editor at large as well as host of the column podcast matt welch in the place to be. thank you all so much for being here. let's talk a little bit about this case because this is very interesting, they say that every race is a bellwether, whether it's fifth district in georgia, special senate race in alabama and here in pennsylvania 18 tonight. why is this race different? >> i think the special senate election in alabama -- [laughter] >> actually contrary, it's not that every race is special,
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together all of those races combined tell us something important. kennedy: where is the country going? >> plus 16% points to democrats compared to what the baseline go, the votes for trump in those districts there. that's a huge swift. we have seen polling for a long time, it changed for a little while a few months back, for the most part, generic congressional ballot has been that democrats are balloting 10 percentage points more than generic republican. that's terrible news. unprecedented for a president in year one and year two to be facing that kind of headwinds, you usually get it in first midterm year because people are fed up but this is large, and so regardless of who wins we are going to see 16 percentage points, trump won by 20. a district that no republican has lost for 8 consecutive elections, the fact that it's
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close is a debacle and if he wins, the democrat wins more debacle. kennedy: if the republican wins, they are going to go, whoo, but republicans also have to rethink this because what resinated for the president just over a year ago doesn't seem to have the same effect, what changed? >> i think to be honest, the president has won this regardless because on the most fundamental issue when everyone goes back to, is what, the economy, tariffs are front and center right now, battleground state and here you have candidates on both sides of the i'll agreeing with the president's proposals on tariffs, both those on the right and those on the left, so even if the democrats, i think, win, and who knows, it'll be a close race as you said, unfortunately the america first notion of protectionism and tariffs wins ultimately and the president when push comes to shove will
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get votes from democrats. kennedy: economics, politics is upside down. >> i have a lot of friends -- i wouldn't say a lot of friends, some friends who voted obama twice and voted trump in the last election because they wanted to try something different, they felt like obama didn't do -- kennedy: disgusted by the thought of her being president. >> i wouldn't say repulsed. there were people that didn't think she was the right candidate for them. kennedy: all the friends are has -- sexists? >> she's a bad messenger of that point. >> a bad walker. kennedy: did you ever see the video? >> which one? kennedy: the one going down the stairs. the thing that gently pulls you up with a little basket.
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>> more importantly, i think we have to admit that hillary clinton wasn't a good candidate for democrats. i worked on that campaign. she was not the right person. kennedy: what does it say to you about president trump, was it a blip, he won by a lot in districts just like this, people who were disaffected, does it mean that they are still not happy and they are still out there looking for something else because their lives have not changed enough or is there just no other republican like donald trump and is he the magical unicorn that will never be replicated? >> it's a mix of both. some of them inherently you hear and -- >> speak for yourself. >> i remember being in the campaign trail and had moments that i paused, wait, that's not what he really means when he say that. you had a lot of democrats, why not give him a shot, i'm sick of clinton, we have done this already, why not give somebody else a shot, they are seeing
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kennedy: we are back, results continuing to pour in from the pennsylvania special election. here is a look at those results as they happen. the democrat connor lamb currently has the lead and has narrowed a bit, so what will tonight's results mean nationally, joining me republican congressman from the great state of pennsylvania brian fitspatrick. >> hey, how are you? what's happening? >> two candidates ran a hard race and it's early. we will see how the results pan out. kennedy: do you think rick saccone is nervous right now? >> well, i don't think any candidate should be nervous, the perspective i always take as
12:20 am
candidate and every candidate should take, you put yourself out there, your ideas out there and give it all and live with the result. kennedy: what is most important issue in pennsylvania particularly in this 18th district? >> well, the economy, i mean, i don't think there's anything specific to that district necessarily. the current pennsylvania 18, which is still up in the air as to what that will be, you know, the end of this week or next week but people care about the economy, they want a secure country, they want secured borders, healthy economic climate so they can help family grow in. i don't think there's anything unique about the district, it's what the nation wants really. kennedy: rick saccone had a hard time raising money, lamb outraised him 5 to 1 but dollars poured from outside republican groups, at first advertising taxes but that didn't seem to grab hold and they switch today
12:21 am
borders and sanctuary cities, was that a mistake? >> well, i mean, you will have to ask consultants and the candidates that, you know, i mean, candidates make choices when they campaign but the most important, kennedy, be authentic, be real, because at the end of the day people are human beings and let them think that you understand the pain they feel, the struggles they face, then they are going to connect with you. kennedy: obviously this part of pennsylvania connected with the president and i ask my panel a bit ago, you represent pennsylvania, what changed from 2016 to now that this is such a close race because, you know, if you look at your screen you can see right now it's a 5-point race? >> kennedy, you go back to eisenhower, this is historical trend that's been going on for
12:22 am
-- as long as -- more than we have been alive. good candidates overcome that and we will see what happens tonight. kennedy: is rick saccone a good candidate? >> i met him one, seems like a nice. kennedy: what an endorsement congressman, fitzpatrick. >> he seems very nice, i have not met either, i have not met connor. we will see what happens tonight. kennedy: connor lamb has quite family history in politics in pennsylvania, i hope it's a nail-biter, i think we should be, we should challenge the system and candidates should challenge each other so we continue to elect better people and talk about the most important issues, one issue that you have been so passionate about and is something so critical and the fact that the right to try legislation hit a road block in the house tonight
12:23 am
is such an injustice, tell me what happened? >> well, it didn't pass suspension, what that means it didn't garner two-thirds of the house which is surprising to us given that it's passed almost unanimously in 38 states in the country with bipartisan support. kennedy: that's right. >> in state house and state senate signed by governors of all stripes across the country. that's why we put it up on suspension. we didn't think that there would be a third of the house to vote against it. 32 democrats vote with us tonight. kennedy: yeah. >> we got a lot of votes, we would clearly get this passed on simple majority. there are also 31 people that weren't able to make it here tonight to vote, all that factors in. kennedy: i understand, i hope that you have another whack at the piñata, the president spoke passionately about it at the state of the union and it is such an important issue for patients and their doctors to get the government out of the way so they can seek life-saving
12:24 am
treatments, you know, and the argument that what if people die is cruel when you're talking about terminally-ill patients, so, i wish you continued success with your and your colleagues on this issue. >> we are not going to quit, kennedy, thank you for support for the bill. you've been the only person out there that has put focus on this. thank you on behalf of terminally-ill americans. thank you. kennedy: coming up more on the pennsylvania race, plus huge news out of white house, secretary of state rex tillerson, it's worst than being broken up, he was dumped in twitter and the laters member of trump cabinet to be shown the door, reaction from chris and man panel as we continue to monitor the pennsylvania results, stay right here ♪
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my doctor recommended i switch to miralax.on, stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally. miralax. kennedy: we are back, live look at the pennsylvania race board in that big special election. we are going to update in just a moment. look at that, though. 6-point race, first up president trump shocking us once again this morning giving a cold to secretary of state rex tillerson. sexy rexy we hardly you know. mike pompeo director of the cia
12:29 am
will become new secretary of state, he will do a fantastic job, thank you to rex tillerson for his service, gina will become the new director of cia and the first woman so chosen, congratulations to all. we are told tillerson didn't even know he was getting fired when he met with the press a few hours later he thanked everyone but the president. >> so my colleagues in the state department and interagency much remains to be done to achieve the mission on behalf of the american people, with allies and with partners. i close by thanking all for the privilege of serving bide you for the last 14 months, importantly to the 300 plus million americans, thank you for your devotion to a free and open society. kennedy: reminds me of brett favre. the shake-up before talks with
12:30 am
korean dictator kim jong un. why now? joining me chris live from washington, d.c., chris, welcome back to the show. >> good to be with you, ma'am. kennedy: rex tillerson reportedly called the president a moron, gave russia the what for after assassination in london and who knows what it was exactly, what the straw was that broke rex, the camel's back, what are your thoughts? >> no talking to folks at the state department, around the administration today, basically what you come up with is that the question on the way that the president hosed tillerson on north korea was material but i think that tariffs were a pretty big issue, trump is very sensitive to the fact that people in his administration, people in his party who are free traders, free market people generally don't want to sell tariffs, he lost chief economic adviser over the question and
12:31 am
tillerson as a global corporate dude from exxon, i don't think he was a likely candidate to go out and try to sell protectionism. i think that was a big part of it and the other part of it that's noteworthy here is that we are seeing trump return to the nationalist, populist version of himself that he campaigned on. he's talking about building a wall today, he's talking -- canning tillerson, though, i do think it is also telling that trump did it by a tweet and he wouldn't talk to tillerson, he waited till tillerson was overseas and heading back, did it by tweet, i think the president did not want to have the conversation with tillerson and i assume that the president is not looking for, the conversation that he will have with jim mattis. kennedy: yes, there might be more departures in the near future. let's talk about tillerson for a little bit, he did not get universal glowing reviews. it said that he was kind of lazy
12:32 am
at the state department, he only made a few phone calls a day and flashing budgets left and right which led senior diplomats to complain publicly about being critically short-handed. >> that's where they started, that's where tillerson started because he took this watching and not saying stuff for weeks and months at the beginning and this, of course, frustrated people at the state department, not to mention people at the state department who do not think that a petro-kind of guy was their setting but as time went on, tillerson won a lot of respect at the agency and in talking to people, even democrats who are in career positions at the state department today, you get the sense that they came and you saw in the emotional way that he talked about it and the fact that this is a guy who got choked up talking about the service, i think in the end that they looked at him as an ally and -- if you can get the state department to respect you at the same time that you're trying to
12:33 am
slash budget by 40%, you've done something pretty good. kennedy: that is true, he has inspired loyalty from some of the people serving beneath him there. let's talk about the special election in pennsylvania, what are your thoughts as you look at the race board? [laughter] >> i tell you what, kennedy, i was looking at this race and i said there's no way that the republican is going to fall too far behind here, rick saccone can't fall too far behind but just before, just before i joined you we got a big dump from westmoreland county, the trump of the trump, it's not sa -- suburban and saccone is not doing as well as he needs to. in the rest of the districts saccone need today run up the score with high red districts where trump did better than typical republican candidates
12:34 am
and saccone is not getting it done. kennedy: maybe too much of a typical republican, doesn't look like the night is going his way at this point, the race is not over yet, chris stirewalt, thank you very much. >> you bet. kennedy: is now a good time to be making this switch, matt, we heard about turmoil and chaos within the white house, i don't think tillerson's departure is a huge surprise, what do you think? >> no, three months ago "the new york times" and others were reporting that tillerson is on his way out, he will be replaced by mike pompeo, this has talked about, trump called that fake news. kennedy: failing new york times reported that. >> had fun with all of that. he always seems like where is waldo guy in this administration, he was out on trips or something, but he wasn't in conjunction with trump like on north korea, six months ago, remember, trump tweeted out, don't meet with little rocket boy, rex, you're wasting
12:35 am
your time. we need to be tough. their positions have totally switched, now, donald trump is going to meet with rocket boy and tillerson had no -- kennedy: tillerson has been extremely hawkish on russia. >> look terrible, this is -- this is why i supported hillary, donald trump -- donald trump makes business people look really awful. the fact that you -- you wouldn't fire the guy that works at wendy's through a tweet. he could do something better than his life, he doesn't need all of this. why do that? show him a little bit of respect. >> john kelly calling him say you better watch out because you might see a tweet coming up. kennedy: heads up, bro. there was a report that he was asked to resign on friday. i can't do that, i'm in africa. >> we knew it was coming, i don't have a problem firing tillerson.
12:36 am
he's the president of the united states and fire everyone he wants. he always tries to be this tough guy, i could fire people, i will tell them, i will be honest, authentic. >> he never does. >> he never wants to do the dirty work. >> firing people really sucks. >> it does. >> you made your money off of firing somebody, you have to be willing to say the words. kennedy: maybe he said too many times at the apprentice. >> five, six, seven, eight times. kennedy: that's true. now she's a big reality star once again. thank you, matt, jonathan. everything is up for grabs including the pennsylvania election. plus the president today checking out prototypes of the wall on mexican border and ripped california politicians for sanctuary policies and what's this about a military space force and when do we all get the great new uniforms? deidra bolton at the white house
12:37 am
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but i'm not standing still... and with godaddy, i've made my ideas real. ♪ i made my own way, now it's time to make yours. ♪ everything is working, just like it should ♪ kennedy: president trump today visiting the border to inspect prototypes of his big beautiful wall, it's his first visit as president to the golden state and he had a lot to say about why you want him on that wall, watch. >> if you don't have a wall
12:41 am
system, we are not going to have a country because a lot of problems in méxico, they have a lot of problems over there and they have the cartels and the cartels, we are fighting the cartels and fighting them hard. nobody ever fought them like we fought them. kennedy: oh, no. the president is fundraising for the gop in the heels of beverly where places are going as much as a quarter million apiece, continue to dlash with leaders, last week doj sued california over sanctuary cities, here to break it down deirdre bolton. >> i am not in california, the president had a busy day starting at the white house. we know this morning or around 8:45 tweeting out that we will have new secretary of state, that he and rex tillerson are going different ways, tons of policy differences but first up
12:42 am
when the president landed in california was, of course, in san diego and this was to explore, to inspect these eight different prototypes of potential border walls between the u.s. and méxico, but the one interesting wrinkle to this, there's actually two, one of them is that méxico is the -- as we know, the tariff that is the president announced last week exclude canada and méxico as nafta trading partners but a lot of sources that say, you know what, trump said something, the president said something last week that actually might put this back in the mix, i'm going to quote him directly, we are going to hold off on the tariff on those two countries, méxico and canada, to see whether or not we are able to make a deal on nafta, so a lot of people saying, does that mean that he's going to try to use the tariffs as bargaining chip for nafta, we shall see, kennedy, you know this, the estimate for the wall,
12:43 am
$22 billion, one thing we do know the tariffs even if méxico and canada remain exempt are going to drive the price higher. kennedy: absolutely right. the steel doesn't pay for itself. let's talk more about the president, what did he have to say about california governor jerry brown? >> so not a lot of love lost. i guess you will not stop the presses on that one. last week ag jeff sessions saying that the u.s. will sue the state of california for not imposing immigration, not enforcing immigration rules and, you know, jerry brown, the governor, of course, is saying that he saw the president as declaring war, that was his term in california. kennedy: it looks like we deirdre bolton. i blame the russians, i believe that they are hacking our line. you were telling -- >> you have me? kennedy: i'm thrilled about it.
12:44 am
it's already begun. okay, so the president also visited marines in san diego. >> yes. kennedy: what is this exciting news about a space force? deirdre: let me play you a clip from the president's comments and then we have to talk about it. >> my new national for strategy for space recognizes that space is a war-fighting domain just like the land, air and sea. we may even have a space force, develop another one, we will have the space force, we have the army, the navy. deirdre: so spacex founder elon musk, we know that president trump has publicly -- kennedy: all right, this is what she's tg to say, i want to be the first on the list to be benefited for one of the neat jump suits,
12:45 am
deirdre bolton thank you for incredible reporting today and now let's take a look at the race board in pennsylvania, look at the race, oh, my garden, it is within the point half, not a lot of points there separating these two candidates, very much nail-biter, 86% in, it could still go either way, you to keep it right here because we are heading straight back to saccone headquarters with connell mcshane, it ain't over. stay right it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions
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kennedy: it is a raser-thin margin, very tight race, tighter than one of kim kardashian's skirts, lots of votes still to be counted. we are only 86% in. connell mcshane live in rick saccone's headquarters, have you noticed a change in the room's mode? condoleezza rice -- connell: actually i have. right before last break, right before last break, big roor that went up in the room, kind of the first of the night to be honest
12:50 am
with you, that was when the latest uptake came in. it is a race within margin. the timeline of events hasn't been that surprising, we expected a close race and we expected even talking to gun folks about this earlier, conner lamb jumped out to lead because allegheney where democrats are, even president trump that dominated in 2016 didn't do so well in the county. in allegheny, margin 16 points or so for conor lamb, that's what experts say he needs, he's doing what he needs. you go to closer to border, westmoreland part. that's where the republicans are. that's where the candidates
12:51 am
whose headquarters we are located, rick saccone where he is running up the score, he started to do that as results come in, 14-15 points or so. not as positive result as president trump had there. we didn't expect him to have. i believe president trump won by 30-plus points but still saccone is doing well there. we get into the weeds, people don't live by here, it might come down to washington county where saccone is expected to win and does have a lead, just a matter of how big it is. right now not as large yet that's why conor lamb is holding on. lamb is doing what he needs to do but just barely. we will see how it plays out. kennedy: it is exciting, it reminds me of florida, counties that were supposed to vote for hillary were going to come later in the night and they did not turn the tide in her favor, we will see if something different happens in pennsylvania for rick saccone and we will be talking
12:52 am
about this election quite a bit in the days to come, thank you so much, connell. connell: all right. kennedy: too much going on tonight. it is a huge news night, the party panel rejoins me, michael hopkins, jonathan and matt welch ui know michael hopkins, you have been delighted because you see a big shift for democratic candidate, are you still feeling confident? >> i am. whether democrats win or lose, we have gained more room kind of in this race, overperformed. this is a good thing for democrats. kennedy: let me ask you this, you see the progressives who take up a lot of oxygen within the party, you know, from elizabeth warren and her native american distractions to people who like kamala harris, first in california politics and now in u.s. senate, but this definitely throws a curve ball at your party. >> it does. i have been saying for a long
12:53 am
time. kennedy: should they be running more centrist candidates? >> we absolutely should. we also have to run candidates who aren't pro-choice, but are pro-life, there's a big room in the party for all different beliefs and this idea that democrats have to fit into one narrow path is a losing premise and as long as we keep doing that, we are not going to win. we may win presidential races but we are not going to win -- kennedy: absolutely right. the national litmus tests don't hold in parts of the country that both parties would visit if it weren't for the electoral system that we have here and he's right about some of those pro-life candidates, conor lamb, if he does, in fact, win and he's up by 1 percentage point with 90% in, it is tightening even more than when we started the segment, he's prosecond amendment, he's pro-life and in personal life he's personal life and he's also protariff.
12:54 am
>> protariff. that's what so fascinating, kennedy, this race continues to get tighter and more races get tighter because the lines are being redrawn, president trump, his great credit redrew politics in america and i think you are continue to go see that throughout now in midterms on local levels. kennedy: the race just tightened even more, it is within four tenths of a point with 93% reporting. it is 700 votes separating these two candidates. >> you know who is watching this? 23 republican members of congress who are in districts that hillary clinton won last time around, you think they are watching this, deciding whether or not they are going to invite trump to come and talk or not, because, again, the average -- the shift, the needle here has been 16 percentage points, lamb is on the verge, running about 19 percentage points difference. anyone in those kind of swing states are very worried right now. kennedy: keep it right here
12:55 am
because those results are changing and -- and we are not letting go of this thing because believe you me, this is a race that has such incredible implications for both parties and it's funny, because, yes, rick saccone is supposed to win by so much, if he does in fact, come out victorious here, what does it say to republicans, if there is a republican victory because we know what democrats think if there's a democratic victory? >> this was bragging rights going into this and the stakes continue to get higher and higher. this has been talked about, one of the most expensive elections in american history on per voter basis relative how long the person will be in office. brags rights continue to go up and it certainly gives either party, yes, the president should be walking away he's not a popular president nationally, we know that, whoever walks away with this has the momentum.
12:56 am
kennedy: millions and millions of dollars pouring into this race, the alabama race, the race in georgia and just shows what a vested interest both parties have because republicans are still very much trying to figure out what the republican is. >> absolutely. kennedy: there's not two wings, the donald trump wing in charge of the party right now, there's the mike lee-rand paul wing. [laughter] kennedy: three great dudes. tinny phone booth and susan collins and lisa murkowskis of the world. >> that's what democrats are going through, the bernie sanderses. kennedy: tim ryan. >> the hillary, moderates in the middle and what we are seeing now both sides redrawing of all the political lines and i think that this is going to have long-term implications because the mansions in west virginia, those, tim ryans, we will see those people become bigger players. 94% reporting in pennsylvania in
12:57 am
18th district right now and this race is separated by less than half a percentage point. matt, this is really fascinating, but what it says to me is, you know, a lot of people interested in conor lamb's biography and how story resinated with voters and also shows that this two-party system might be dying. we might see some sort of a viable coalition system that is born from this political turmoil. >> sadly, the two party is baked into the system. kennedy: not in the constitution. >> just the way things are set up. kennedy: you know who hated that? george washington, james madison. >> both major parties are abandoning, both of them are starting to favor tariffs, both of them are talking nonsense about trade deficits suddenly matter but government, the budget -- kennedy: when you have a republican president agreeing
12:58 am
with joe manchin and bernie sanders, something weird is going on in politics. >> that's just it. the lines are being redrawn. it's great opportunity, i think, for any potential candidate or current candidate to get out there and get to fundamentals. often times, kennedy, as you said, it's almost impossible to distinguish those from the ultra right from ultra left. we are seeing economic issues. kennedy: okay. >> if you talk to trump voters tariffs is number one issue. kennedy: we have less than 6% of the outstanding votes right now and it's less than half percent, less than a thousand vote separating the two candidates, let's go to connell mcshane. he's at rick saccone's headquarters in pennsylvania. >> yeah, we are getting into this automatic recount territory in the pennsylvania 18 right now because if you're under 1 half of 1%, then you could be in the situation where the secretary of
12:59 am
state, state of pennsylvania has to call ballot recount. that's how close it is in the last 10 to 15 minutes or so and when the results are getting announced here the crowd is getting louder. they are getting more into it. we were talking a few minutes ago, kennedy, it's kind of exact lisa cone -- exactly how the saccone people wanted to play out. they knew lamb would be leading but as more friendly counties to saccone are coming in, whether it's enough to turn around, i don't know. who actually wins this race is still up in the air. it can't get much closer than what it really is. kennedy: no, they can't. there's no separating them. we will be keeping our eyeballs on this race, of course, people knew it was going to be a close
1:00 am
race. mammoth had it 6 points in lamb's favor, right now 6 tenths of a point. keep it right here on fox business, your business is our business, your business is our business, (announcer) you work hard to give your children something to build on. i was always trying to think "how am i gonna get her through college?" i wanna have a mechanism in place to make sure that my daughters are well taken care of. i hope to leave my children with something to help them get set up. (announcer) don't let it get eaten away by unexpected fees and legal expenses. my husband did not have a will and everything went away. when my father passed away, he did not have a will or a trust. we're not as prepared as i had hoped we would be. (announcer) every year, tens of thousands of people lose what's rightfully theirs


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