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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 16, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. [ train whistle blows ] arles: t. now the man himself, lou dobbs. david: good evening, i'm david asman in for lou dobbs. the former number two at the fbi just hours away from learning whether he'll keep his nearly $2 million pension. andrew mccabe facing a possible firing for authorizing leaks to the media and misleading investigators about that. also more deep state corruption exposed. new text messages showing anti-trump peter strzok and lisa page plot to set up a meeting with the presiding judge in the case against michael flynn.
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the u.s. is accusing russia of hacking toib our energy grid. the administration says russia has engaged in a strategy of cyber attacks dating back two years. we take up clinton and obama corruption with the best political analyst in the business, ed rollins. and general jack keane joins me to discuss russian provocations. and we take up the potential of a phase two for tax cuts with congressman sean duffy. our top story, the possible firing of clinton crony andrew mccabe. fox news has learned the negotiations on the former deputy directors fate is being discussed. the drop dead deadline when his
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$2 million pension would kick in is 12:01 sunday morning. recommendation to fire mccabe came out of the inspector general's report which concluded mccabe was not for ther forth coming investigators and may have deliberately misled them or lied about his role in media leaks. you lying is a fireable offense for junior agents and mccabe would be held to the same standard. >> wiping out a pension is a big deal for someone who spent two decades plus. by all accounts rendering good service to the fbi. the trouble began when he got to the 7th floor and forgot fact that the rules apply to him even though he's at that top executive level. david: joining us ed rollins.
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now, some folks are arguing that this is a little too large. the guy worked his several decades at the fbi, and denying him a pension at this point is too much. you would say what? >> it's important to know he's not losing his pension totally. he gets his pension at 50 because he has been in law enforcement 0 years. if he loses the pension at 57 he can get money he put in there. what's relevant is if i lie to the fbi, they come and question me and i lie to them, i committed a felony. why should these guise in the hierarchy in the organization if they lie to each other about something as important as this investigation, why shouldn't they have a severe penalty. lou: general michael flynn was accused of doing the same, misleading his interrogators.
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peter strzok may have been among those interrogating him. they may have misled him into thinking he was lying so he copped a plea. the whole corrupt atmosphere within the fbi in this investigation is being exposed. >> i have always been a big advocate of the fbi. i think something happened in this last couple years there in the hierarchy and this is anti-trump. i am sure most of of them thought hillary was going to win, and once trump got in they did everything they could to diffuse his presidency and they have. and i think it needs to be cleaned up. as difficult as it is to make this kind of example out of mccabe, you have to do it. david: the other thing that needs to be cleaned up is the mueller investigation. the two main grand jury
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witnesses mr. mueller has, sam nunberg who we saw last week appearing on television either drunk or highly medicated. the guy was spewing all kinds of nonsense. even his friends were saying the guy is in no condition to speak before a grand jury. then we have a guy named george nader. who allegedly spoke before the grand jury. he it turns out is a convicted pedophile sentenced to a year in prison. these are the star witnesses mr. mueller has. i had mr. dershowitz, a famed attorney on earlier in the day, he says this shows the incredible lack of real strong character witnesses in the case of mr. mueller. he doesn't have a very strong case if these are his star witnesses. ed: i think the fbi is tipping
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the scale. they are putting their finger on the scale. they want an advantage. you want them -- they want you to investigate. and the flynn case, here is a three-star general. they threatened his son which is part of the reason he copped a plea. i don't know what his son did and i don't know what he did. but i know he served his country ably and effectively. but if all this evidence we are talking about tonight is true, he's not going to be convicted. some judge will say this deck was stacked against you. david: a lot of fbi personnel, it's reported by "the washington post" and some other newspapers, they didn't think that he lied in front of them. he actually copped a plea for lying base was being squeezed by strzok and lord knows holes was against trump getting elected and anybody in the trump
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administration and he felt compelled because he was concerned about his family to cop a plea. ed: someone like flynn or others, they don't have big sums of money. you spent 25, 30 years of your life in the government. the joke now is you are going to work the white house you better have $100,000 in a legal fund. i'm anxious for the inspector general's report to come out. i have known chuck grassily for a long time. he's an honorable man. when he says something bad was going on there, we better pay attention. david: chuck grassley is saying it's time for a second special counsel. the fbi was doing things they
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shouldn't have been doing. david: both peter strzok and lisa page are still work for the fbi. ed: they shouldn't be. maybe they need the example of the former deputy mccabe to get thrown out of the service with a black mark. david: in florida investigators are trying to determine what led to a deadly pedestrian bridge collapse west of miami. at least six people were killed when the bridge collapsed over traffic. steve hair ghainls miami with our report. reporter: the $14 million bridge that was supposed to keep students safe to connect the town across a busy 8-lane road. they are struggling to pull the dead from the concrete.
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surveillance video shows the moment the' bridge fell. even veteran first responders were turned by the collapse. >> once i got down from the bridge i started to crawl underunderneath the bridge and i got yelled at by fire rescue, what are you doing? there is nothing you can do. reporter: the around the clock* operation is making slow progress. and an active homicide investigation is under way. officials have vowed to find answers for the families of those killed. >> we want to get to the bottom line of what occurred so we can bring closure to the families and investigation. >> reporter: it was built adjacent to the road and driven into place on saturday in an
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effort to minimize traffic disruption. there are unconfirmed reports it was undergoing a stress test before collapsing. both companies involved in the construction have been find repeatedly for safety violations. it was fined $25,000 afterring a section of one of its bridges collapsed in virginia injuring some of its workers. david: we are coming right back with much more. please stay with us. the swamp runs deep. shock new text messages showing peter strzok had a personal relationship with a fisa judge involved in the flynn case. the white house shutting down claims of an immediate shakeup.
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david: white house press secretary sarah sanders denying reports that hr mcmaster's imminent firing. >> i spoke directly to the president last night. he asked me to pass that message along to general mcmaster. the two have been in meets degrees. general mcmaster is a dedicated public were varnts. he's not focusing on the news stories you all are writing, but on big issues like north korea and russia. david: john kelly is reportedly safe as well. letters between peter strzok and lisa page show a relationship between the judge in the fisa judge who handed -- handled flynn's guilty plea. the judge would later be recused
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from the flynn case for reasons that have never been publicly explained. byron, it's extraordinary. you read these texts. and peter strook * is saying rudy is going to be the fisa judge. it is a cabal. it's not too much to call it a cabal. but judge rudolf contreras. he was recused from the case after guilty plea was rendered. it doesn't matter if after the execution the judge who is compromised recused himself. there is any way this case against general flynn can be reconsidered? >> it's pretty big news to find this out. the recusal of judge contreras is and remains a big mystery.
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because he did accept the flynn guilty plea and a couple days later he was gone from the case. we don't know if he removed himself or he was removed from the case. we know that the judge who replaced him, judge emmitt sullivan, has ordered the prosecutor, robert mueller, to produce any possible exculpatory evidence to the judge and to the flynn side which we don't know if it's going to be anything. we don't know. by the many an interesting development in that case. the other question is, and i don't know the answer to this. but if you said to michael flynn a few days before he decided to plead guilty, there are texts between peter strzok and his lover at the fbi with evidence of clear bias, and do you know this guy is a close friends of
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the judge's and they may have talked about this, do you want to plead guilty? he may have changed his minds. david: one thing you didn't mention is there are good reports out there that the fbi agents who were interviewing general flynn testified that they didn't think he was lying. so he pleaded guilty to something they didn't think he was guilty of. >> james comey went to capitol hill in march of 2017. this interview that caused all the trouble for flynn was on january 24 of 2017. so in march capitol hill wants to know what's going on. comey says, well, the two agents who interviewed him, strzok and another agent, don't believe he actually lied to them. so the question what changed
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between those agents having that impression from the interview to a guilty plea on november 30, that's another mystery in this case. >> one thing that's clear. if mueller was hoping to squeeze information out of general flynn with everything hanging in the balance, i don't think he's going to cooperate with mule per nor should he. >> he has agreed to. we'll have to see what kind of evidence the mueller people produce under the judge's order. and we'll see what michael flynn wants to do. but right now as far as we know, remember we are usually behind things, things are happening behind the doors we don't know about. but stars we know, that agreement between michael flynn and robert mueller still exists. >> i want to get to a side issue. peter strzok and lisa page are
11:20 pm
still working at the fbi. they were involved in all these manipulations to keep trump out of the white house. they were pushing very strongly the trump dossier, the piece of garbage. it is clear now that even the people involved in creating the dossier didn't believe a lot of the stuff that was tonight. we are now getting information that mr. steele who wrote the thing out didn't believe some of the most of salacious things that were in the trump dossier. >> there is a new book out by two of the journalists who were briefed by christopher steele, two of those journalists have written a book, and as far as we know that steele continues to maintain what he calls the broad assertions of his dossier are correct.
11:21 pm
but on specifically on one that was salacious and got an enormous amount much attention, this allegations of kinky sex in a moscow hotel room, even christopher steele said he thought the likelihood that being true was maybe 50-50. if you look at circumstantial evidence around that night in moscow you will probably con collided's a lot less than 50-50. david: it was on the basis of that dossier the fisa court ruled it was okay to spy on an american. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you have any confidence the corrupt fbi leadership will clear out the deep state colluders at the bureau? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. object wall street, stocks
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david: christianity, once again under attack by the national left wing media. stephanie rule mocking incoming larry kudlow's faith during
11:27 pm
yesterday's broadcast. >> you notice when larry kudlow spoke yesterday on cnbc, he ended by saying however things end out it's god's will. it could be a challenge for larry kudlow. in the position he's in now he has to stand there and represent real data. >> but the fear is he may stand there and represent the president in the face of real data. >> as larry kudlow says, it's god's will. david: a smirky expression on her face when she was doing that. joining me now, dr. sebastian gorka, now a fox business national security strategist. it's tough to view that without getting furious. i've known larry for 30 years now. i knew him when he was in the midst of his drug addiction. the guy was torn apart by it. it was only through religion,
11:28 pm
through he was able to get out of it. and we are now in the midst of an addiction crisis in the united states. larry is a shining example to people stuck in that addiction about how to get out of it throw faith anthrough faith and they'e belittling that. it's jond the pale. >beyond the pale.>> it is. i'm glad you mentioned the importance of faith in the midst of a crisis. ms. huhle demonstrated what an isolated bubble she and her colleagues live in. she's written off most of america. whichever polling you use, whether it's left wing or a more independent poll, the majority of americans believe in god. does she know that? david: i don't think she does. as you say, she's in a bubble. people who are in a bubble,
11:29 pm
particularly those people stuck here in new york or inside the beltway as they do. i was thinking back to that wonderful speech that ronald reagan gave in the 1980s after the shuttle disaster, the shuttle went down, there was a speech written by peg any knew n but the president worked with her to come out with a poem that referenced god. let's play that and get your reaction. >> the crew of the space shuttle challenger honored us. we will never forget them nor the last time we saw them this morning as they prepared for their journey and waved goodway and slipped the bonds of earth to touch the face of god. david: to touch the face of god. i think still i would love to believe that most americans would get goosebumps hearing those words, to touch the face
11:30 pm
of god. >> of course they would. most americans agree with every president we've ever had from the founding fathers on. look at the language of our founding fathers. look at the speeches of truman, eisenhower. i'd like to know, did ms. ruhle, did she make fun of president obama? even president obama talked about his faith but she didn't seem that it was worth belittling the democratic president. but now one of his appointees as believes no god. it's like hillary clinton writing off 30 million women because they didn't vote for her. david: andrew mccabe, we've got to speak about him. she's got another 24 hours or so before he gets a termination, which means he would not get his pension. what do you think about all of this? >> the stunning thing, the stunning thing is that the office of professional integrity at the fbi has also said this
11:31 pm
man should be fired before he vests for his pension on sunday. i can't remember the fbi's internal office ever making such a recommendation for somebody at the level of mr. mccabe. at the end of the day, look. he doesn't deserve to pick up a tax-funded pension but this man should be worried about stand in a federal docks charged with felonies for what he did during the obama administration. the pension is one small thing that the man has to worry about. david: in effect, general flynn pled guilty to base chri basicae same thing that andrew mccabe is accused of doing. they didn't say he was lying, wasn't being as forthcoming but basically it amounts to the same thing. >> it does a cursory level. but mr. mccabe was responsible, he signed off on
11:32 pm
the illegal fisa warrant against a u.s. citizen paid for by hillary clinton. so husband culpability is massive. if he answers for the crimes, then i think we have to reassess general flynn's situation. david: dr. sebastian gorka, great to see you. we're coming back with much more. please stay with us. growing calls tonight for a second smecial counse special so invest corruption. >> it's common sense. if you do something wrong, you don't have the fox guarding the chicken house. >> i think a crime has been committed. >> we take up efforts to expose the deep state with the president of judicial watch, tom fen tin. steep bridges and cliffs are not for the fate of heart. we're about to introduce you to a mountain biker who ♪ gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea can start in the colon and may be signs of an imbalance of good bacteria.
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david: the author of the discredited anti-trump dossier has been ordered to appear for a videotaped deposition in a british court. christopher steele has been embroiled in a civil liable suit over there against buzzfeed which published the dossier. a criminal referral has been issued by steele by the senate judiciary committee seeking answer from him as to how the fbi used the unverified information that he provided. joining me now, judicial watch president tom fitton.
11:37 pm
tom, i'm wondering if steele will be forced to testify over here. >> well, that's a good question, mueller question him. certainly the fbi paid to fly him around a little bit, according to reports. you know, this is -- this shows you that in many ways, david, i think the mueller investigation, at least the core reason for its being is collapsing. it's in large measure a zombie investigation going along paths for which it was never designed to follow. but the core issue of the russia collusion story has collapsed. the dossier has been exposed to be a politicized document that can't be trusted. and to a degree it was used. there's corruption and questions about government integrity as a result of its use. and so -- david: forgive me, but then you have their witnesses. you have sam nunberg who is one witness who appeared drunk and
11:38 pm
perhaps overdrugged on television shows last week, you have another witness who now we find out has been accused of pedophilia. he was sentenced to one year in jail. these are the star witnesses for the grand jury. i mean -- and yet at the i'm time we're finding out all of this information about what was being done in the fbi and the department of justice and the state department illegally to try to keep donald trump out of the white house. why isn't mueller looking into that? >> because he would have to have looking into his own investigation. he's using the dossier. these witnesses you talked about aren't even relevant to the russia-trump collusion story in sense they don't have any information on whether president trump, then candidate trump or his campaign colluded with the russians to steal the election. that didn't happen. that's a fantasy story. and you know, i understand that there's these requests for
11:39 pm
special counsels both out of the house and as you talked about before the break, the senate. i don't know how that's going to work. i think there should be criminal investigations and prosecutions, but an honest special counsel is immediately going to clash with the mueller operation because the mueller operation is benefiting of the corrupt things that were done, certainly evidence that was gathered from the obama administration's time at the fbi and doj. i tell you, it is an ethical mess. if i were rod rosenstein, sessions has recused himself, i'd at least pause the mueller investigation until they figure out what's up or down. these new stories about the fisa court now, caught up potentially in the get trump effort, my goss. what a disaster ethically for te obama justice department and the fbi were and the reverberations
11:40 pm
continue, a year plus now. >> are we any further no knows how heavily the fisa court relied on this piece of garbage, the political garbage of the trump dossier? >> andrew mccabe testified and there's no controversy about that even in the democratic memo answers the nunes memo. andrew mccabe, no friend of donald trump fisa warrant. david: unbelievable. finally i got to ask you the question of the day, andrew mccabe, if he is fired before sunday or before midnight on sunday, he won't get his pension. what do you think? should he be fired? >> he should be fired for all sorts of reasons. whether he's fired or not is almost irrelevant given the agony and agonizing over whether to fire him by the fbi and justice department. it shows you they still don't get it, that they're going through this heartache and
11:41 pm
figuring out whether to fire an agent who is found to have allegedly lied to internal investigators. some people get criminally prosecuted for doing that. david: absolutely. tom fitton, great to see you. thank you for being here. appreciate it. and be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you have any confidence the corrupt fbi leadership will clean out the clinton kronies and the anti-trump deep state colluders at the twitter@lou dobbs. >> please roll the nightly video. watch as this athlete races down the treacherous terrain and bridges of a mountain in utah. he goes airborne after catapulting himself off of ramps. look at that. an amazing ride. good for him. coming up next, russia targeted by the trump administration over cyberattacks on our nation's power grid. we're going to take up that threat with general jack keane,
11:42 pm
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david: russia retaliating against the united kingdom, expelling british diplomats after prime minister teresa may announced her decision to kick
11:46 pm
russian diplomats out of the united kingdom. following the nerve gas attack on the ex-russian spy and his daughter. joining me now, retired four-star general jack keane, now a fox business military. generageneral, the poisoning ofs couple, it harkened back to the poisoning of kim jong-un's brother in malaysia. apparently that was also a nerve gas that killed that brother of kim. it brings to mind a question of the connection between russia and north korea. is there an axis there and might there nerve gas have been from the same source? >> well, it's certainly possible. russia and north korea absolutely have a political alliance. and russia has stated openly that they're not going to let north korea collapse
11:47 pm
economically due to the sanctions, thasanctions that rud to in terms of the resolution. they've been back-dooring commodities in north korea most by by sea. so that relationship already exists. it wouldn't be hard to find out, because the malaysians can talk to the brits and determine, you know, if this is a cold war nerve agent that the russians themselves developed. david: and they have a signaturs talking to judy miller, who's written a book about chemical weapons, she's saying there's usually a signature to these poisons that can be traced back to its origin. if in fact the north korean poisoning is from the same batch as the poisoning in england, it will be found out. >> yeah. that can, i think, readily be determined, even though i'm not a chemical expert. but for a fact, russia has been
11:48 pm
helping north korea as we continue to put pressure on them in terms of giving them not necessarily revenues but certainly supplies. david: meanwhile we have a hack on some power grids in the united states from the russians. what was their intention there? were they trying to black out u.s. cities or what? >> well, first of all, we're in an era of big power competition with russia. maybe not on a scale of the soviet union but russia sees itself as a world power. putin is very ambitious. he's gotten incredibly aggressive, particularly as a result of the obama administration not doing much to confront him. he's dangerous and he's getting more and more capable. this is political warfare because she's trying to undermine and destabilize washington democracies and people lose confidence in them. these attacks were not successful, to say the least.
11:49 pm
but what that means is they're going to come back and certainly try again. and listen, you know, our audience should understand, our critical infrastructure, just the top ones defined as finance, banking, utilities, nuclear energy, describing is vulnerable to a cyberattack by russia and china and iran. that's a fact. and three presidents have tried to work with the private sector to protect this critical infrastructure and we've failed miserably. this president is trying to get some results. he may be the first one that truly begins to get some results and get the kind of defense that the critical infrastructure deserves. david: besides defense, retaliation against the russians. we only have 30 seconds. forgive me, general. we've seen an attack on russian allies in syria after their horrific chemical attacks on their own citizens. we've the arming of the
11:50 pm
ukrainians trying to defend themselves. what else can be done to retaliate against the russians . >> well the only thing that putin truly understands is confrontation. when you confront him, he has a tendency to back up. if he's conducting offensive cyberattacks against the united states and we've got him. make him understand that we're not going to put up with this. tell him next time it's going to be worse. david: called giving him a dose of his own medicine thank you, general. appreciate it. well republicans hoping to keep the cuts going. we're going to talk about phase 2 of the trump tax cuts with republican representative sean
11:51 pm
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good, then it's time for power e*trade. the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. looks like we have a couple seconds left. let's do some card twirling twirling cards e*trade. the original place to invest online. david: republican leaders in congress say they're ready to get to work on another round of tax cuts. the top tax writer kevin brady spoke about phase 2 this morning on fox business. take a listen. >> we're going to build off of the momentum of the first tax cuts and reform. that growth is occurring now. paychecks going up. we think we can do more to help families stretch their budgets further. we think we can do more on the innovation. because at the end of the day the country that wins the innovation race wins the future. we want american workerrance american companies doing that. david: joining me, congressman sean duffy, a member of the house financial services
11:55 pm
committee. good to see you. thanks for being here. what would a phase 2 look like and how soon could you get it passed? >> i'm not sure. there's been a lot of conversation. president trump has put this out there to do a second phase. might be a simple phase, like fixing some of the errors in the first code, extend the middle tax brackets with, recould reduce the seven brackets on the individual side, bring them down to three or four. the president wanted to get us down to a 15% corporate tax rate. may come back and try to get that again. further reduce or rates for a path through small business companies. there's a whole slew of things on the table. but what we see is, we've seen wildly successful investment from tax reform. people are going to spend more of their own money and the government lets them keep it, really good things happen. president trump will want to build on that. what's fascinating, maybe we'll give the democrats a second chance to actually vote for tax
11:56 pm
reform. david: yeah, right. they're not going to pass anything that augers well for donald trump. that's their ticket, they think their ticket to winning in november. but they have the perfect now -- the president has the perfect person in there in the form of larry kudlow to help him with this. because the one criticism that laurie had about the first round of tax cuts is they didn't do enough on the personal individual side. the ronald reagan tax cuts brought down the top rate quite a bit and accentuated that in '86 with his seconds round. if we do that, that will generate all kinds of enthusiasm and intre preneuroi entrepreneu. you will have the creation of many new businesses, like you had in the reagan administration, no? >> no, i absolutely agree. what i like is that larry and president trump seem to have a
11:57 pm
really great relationship. i've seen them in the same room together and they kind of feed off of each ore. and it seems like president trump truly trusts larry kudlow. and the president can take advice on what we can get in phase 2 of tax reform. you let people keep more of their money, they're willing to take more risk with their dollars in your point. when we do that -- i'm in what saw, wisconsin, but when people in our community invest, they create jobs and opportunity for others. that's what makes this whole thing grow. tax reform and reducing regulation, we should be ready for a downturn, a recession. there's a long runway right now because of tax reform. this economy is going to keep growing. it has legs. david: the way it grows is important too. what happened in the reagan administration, a lot of
11:58 pm
millennials don't know this, what happened is you have the technological revolution was enabled by the reagan tax cuts that's what created all of these industries that started out as little operations in the basements of people's houses turned into the technological revolution. we could have a new wave of technological innovation as a result of this. >> and i think you bring up a good point too. we have a group of millennials that believe that socialism is cool. they don't understand what fre intersurprisfreeenterprise does. they see a growing economy, more money in their pocket, they can move out of their parents' basement and get their own place, maybe buy a house. this economy not just does wonders for the economy but it does wonders for the next generation. just like i grew up in the reagan years. it's amazing what good policy does to make people believe that free enterprise works as opposed to the failed policies of barack
11:59 pm
obama and what that does for growth. it decimates it. this is great on all fronts. i hope president trump comes out with a plan. he and laurie will want to work a little together on that. i like that kevin brady, ways and means, is up for it again. let's keep winning. this is great. david: this is the issue of the night. we only have 20 seconds to talk about it. andrew mccabe, you know he's history, you know what he did, you know an internal audit of what he did suggested that he be fired. if he's fired before sunday he loses his pension. what say you? >> anybody a in the economy if they did they would be fired and lose their pension. he should be treated like every other american. it appeared that he lied to the fbi he could be kicked out the door. get him out, no pension. david: congressman, thank you very much. good to see you. that does it for us. thank you for joining us.
12:00 am
greg jarrett and john bolton are here on monday. angood night from new york. have a wonderful st. paddy's weekend. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and how to position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. we have a special guest on tap to week, charles swab. first, jerry has all of the headlines. >> trade war worries and political uncertainty weighs on markets this week. stocks gang on friday after a dismal four-day losing streak. but all three indexes closing in the red for the week. the fed


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