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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 21, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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good to see you. that's it for us tonight. thank you for being with us. tomorrow not ed rollins, greg jarrett among our guests as we focus on the deep state. please be with us. good night from new york i'm tom in for kennedy no night, another major white house leak designed to make the president look bad. how many people had access to the putin phone call memo? ed henry is live at the white house. plus, mark zuckerberg tries to apologize for exposing the data of millions of users but is facebook doing enough to keep our info safe and the austin bombing suspect is dead. but what do we know about his motive? we've got a live report on his video confession. all that and more tonight on "kennedy." ♪ ♪
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president trump defending himself on twitter today after members of his own party criticized him for congratulating russian president vladimir putin on his reelection victory. but perhaps for troubling for the president, someone from iz h own team is betraying him. today we learned somebody from the administration leaked the president's briefing memo which instructed him in all caps, quote, do not congratulate. both president trump and his chief of staff john kelly are reportedly furious that someone has leaked another sensitive memo to the press, a problem that looked to be buttoned up. so how can they get a handle op this and how many people might have even seen the memo and had the opportunity to leak it. let me ask fox news chief national correspondent ed henry. welcome, ed. >> look, you talk to senior people around here, this' got to be less than a dozen, less than half a dozen who had access to such sensitive information,
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which is why they're investigating it now. a senior official told us, look, this is not just a fireable offense, this may be criminal. this might be illegal in terms of being such sensitive information. and what's troubling, as you noted, for this president, is that he's talked now for 14 months or so about the so-called deep state alleged obama holdovers who are trying to undermine him with damaging leaks about national security, about how he's handling his job or mishandling his job on any given day. but the bottom line is this may not be the so-called deep state. this may be a trump appointee, not an obama appointee in his midst who is leaking out damaging information to make it look like he's not reading the note cards, two, he's being soft on vladimir putin with, the allegation that the democrats and more moderate republicans have been laying out there for over a year now despite the investigations at least so far finding no collusion.
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so the bottom line tonight is they're investigating it and it's interesting because when you get to the substance of what was leaked and the phone call, the details about oh my gosh, this is such a horrible thing that he congratulated vladimir putin on winning reelection in russia for something that was not really a free and fair election by any estimate, number one, leon panetta, the former clinton-obama cabinet official was saying with look, i think the president should have been tougher on putin about meddling in the 2016 election and all of that, but, but, but, he should be talking to people like putin even if he's an adversary if you're going to get stuff done with isis, north korea and syria. and second and final point on that is let's not forget that barack obama in 2012 also congratulated vladimir putin when he came back from being prime minister of russia to president of russia. nobody thought that was a free and fair election but i suspect that barack obama thought he had to do business with putin as
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well. >> thanks, ed. what's the bigger issue, the leaked memo or that the president congratulated vladimir putin. mike baker from an undisclosed location. welcome, mike. looks like a lot like san antonio, doesn't it? the way you trick us, mike. so here's the deal. do you think the president even read -- you know, he doesn't read memos, that's what we hear, right? if you want him to see something, you don't write it down, you tell him. >> yeah. look. the real estatialty is that he reads some, he doesn't read others. president obama was also relatively famous for, you know, not reading all of his briefing books. every president is the same way. you know, they develop their own style. they digest their own information based on how they've done it through their lives until they get into office.
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some want it in the briefing book, some want their information on note cards. you know, that part of it really doesn't matter. and the fact that he talked to vladimir putin and congratulated him and what i suspect was a relatively muted fashion, as ed henry pointed out, that's what president obama did and nobody got their nickers in a twist over that. that's not important. what's disconcerting is the rather brazen and quick leak of this by somebody. now, i think ed henry is right, typically when you're talking about that direct contact about planning a call like this, you know, developing the talking points to put into a memo or note cards or a briefing book for the president, it's a small, small group of people. but then you also have to understand that those people might walk back to their office afterwards and talk to two other people in their office and discuss aspects of the plan or the notes that were taken or
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provided to the president. however, it's a relatively simple process. it requires political will and enough motivation. it's a relatively separating forward process to determine where the source of the leak is if they want to do it. >> in diligence was hired to find a leaker, what would you do first? call a meeting? interrogate people? would you have a dinner? >> no. what you would do is you would say look, there's a list. there would there an actual list that you could put together of people who were directly involved in the planning of this the people that sat down and said, okay, what should we put in this. the first line of people. you'd build that list. and then what you would do is you would call each of them in, you would sit them down and i would have chief of staff kelly do this because i think he's
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very direct and very imposing. and you would ask him a series of questions and keep it concise and consistent and just say, did you discuss this after the fact with anybody in your staff. did you discuss this with anybody outside of the white house. did you discuss this with anybody in the media. and explain to them the seriously of this matter. once you get to the results of that, then you know what? i frankly -- i've said this in the past, i said it during the rash of leaks with the obama administration, take this short group of people, this short list of people and polygraph them. and if they don't want to be polpolygraphed, then you could remind them that they're there serving at the pleasure of the president, the administration and the front door is that way. >> mike, i don't think the president wants to put any -- put the idea of polygraphs in anyone's heads this week. >> well, i would disagree. i would say look, if you're serious about stopping leaks, if you're serious about sending
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that message, not just to this group of individuals but in general to people that work in the government that deal with classified information, you sign responsibility for this. you're supposed to keep your yap shut. and we developed a culture over the years, through the drip drip drip of information where it's okay and there's no consequences. i guess my point would be if we're serious about this and don't like it and we think there has been a breach potentially of a law or a leak of classified information, let's show we're serious, identify who it is and deal with it. >> thank you, mike. >> you're welcome, tom. >> when mike says drip drip drip i always listen. let's go to if party panel, 24/7 reporter carly shimkus, former cia officer, it is buck sectionson. contributor at the hill and trump reelection advisory board member ha har len hill.
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buck, you remember that game? >> no. is it like buck buck goose? >> very different game. would you agree with mike baker, pally graph? >> i know. i thought the joke. he didn't though. he thought you were undermining. he's not watching cnn so he's not aware of the stormy daniels polygraph. we all caught it. >> the president doesn't want to put too much credence in polygraphs but i'm surprised that mike baker suggested polygraphs. are those really trusted? >> they're useful. not really admissible in a court of law. they scare people. the story here is that the president has people in his inner most circle that he can't trust, that are acting in a reckless fashion. if someone around trump really believes that he's such a buffoon that they want to humiliate the commander in chief, they have no business working for that person. and taking that information and leaking to the press is an act of disrespect, may have been illegal. it just goes to show, there are
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strumtrump deranger sleeper celt there. that's what we're finding out. >> i would think he would get a handle on this by now. something tells me he can't go out and say it was bannon's fault this time, right sph. >> ther?>> there are a couple of problems. our national security was compromise bid the leaks. the only is the political compromise of this administration. i've seen it time and time again that throughout the administration, throughout the republican national committee, the apparatus of the republican party that should be there to support the president, there are people, there are actors, there are aides, operatives, staffers, advisers that are activity working to undermine the president. i have seen it after pennsylvania '18. i had a meeting with the high person. >> the election that just went to the democrats. >> yes. zero sense of urgency to correct this in time for the midterms.
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zero sense of urgency to go to bat for the president. it's almost as if this is exactly by design. and it is unconscionable if you're a republican voighter that you can stand by and watch this happen while the president that was dually elected by millions of americans is undermined from within. it's the resistance within the republican party that could undermine this president, not the resistance of the democratic party. >> carly, like mike baker said, president obama congratulated putin in 2012. john mccain came out today, democrats, the press, they're going crazy over this congratulations. i don't think anyone is under the illusion that putin is a nice guy but this is what you do, you congratulate people and you move on. >> in 2012 russia hadn't tried to undermine our election. >> they did other stuff though. >> president trump has a different view on russia than
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other people on capitol hill. he's repeatedly say on the campaign trail getting to know russia and getting along with them is a good thing. that's something that he campaigned on. i'm not sure that a congratulatory tone was really the best tone to take given the election hacking and russia's recent issues with the uk. but saying congratulations doesn't mean that we as a country can't be tough on russia down the road. i do think this story has been slightly blown out of proportion. >> okay. next story. earlier today facebook ceo mark zucker biggezuckerberg broke hin the cambridge analytica scandal. quote, we have a responsibility to protect your data and if we can't then we don't deserve to serve you. i've been working to understand exactly what happened and how to make sure this doesn't happen again. the good news is that the most important actions to prevent this from happening again today we have already taken years ago.
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but we also made mistakes. there's more to do and we need to step up and do it. it may be too late for half-hearted apologies. the hash tall delete facebook has been trending on twitter. will zuckerberis facebook abouto the big myspace in the sky. >> myspace. >> so young, right? >> the first spinster. >> that was a good joke. >> you know, i like -- i would have stuck with that. it was great. can anything shake the unshakable mark zuckerberg and his t-shirts? >> people might say they're going to delete their facebook, they're going to be right back to it. facebook owns instagram and what's app. people are not going to abandon these platforms. they're addicted to them.
8:14 pm
but it's disingenuous for people in the media to stand around and say we didn't know this was happening. i got my start in politics as a web developer. this is common practice to harvest data to better target voters if anybody thinks this is an epiphany, you know, it's just not the case. this is common. >> it's a giant nonstory. it's been turned into a story because the media has frequented ouhas freakedout about it. >> why would the media exaggerate. >> it's actually getting hard to keep up with what the reason is on any given week that trump is the illegitimate president and hillary actually won the election. is it james comey, is it the russia collusion, is it now facebook. it changes with such frequency that at some point you start to think maybe there's a bigger problem here. and that's what we saw.
8:15 pm
this is another version of marketing, what they're talking about, very straightforward. one of the underreported parts of the story is they're not sure that the data -- it wasn't really a braryb. breach. it wasn't necessarily used. when i say it's a nonstory, this may be an absolute nonstory. trump derangement syndrome. >> videotape is good for the news. they can run with it. and there was subversive videotape of the head of cambridge analytica discussing. >> eastern european women? >> yeah. >> that wasn't good for the cambridge analytica head. is facebook going to weather the storm? of course they are. if you have a facebook proo file, you have no know that your personal information is no longer your own.
8:16 pm
it's so clear, it's obvious. and this is facebook's most valuable resources is knowing a lot about people. that's why they made 40 billion in ad dollars last year. this does go on a lot. the way that mark zuckerberg handled the situation reminds me of how he handled the russia situation saying that they're going to do better. i think there's going to be another problem down the road with facebook. but facebook is a lot like the airline industry where you constantly get burned, you constantly find out about things that people don't like but you still use them. >> don't take our pets away on facebook. let us have our pets. first, the austin bombing suspect is dead but the investigation is still ongoing. we go to texas for a live report and get reaction from texas congressman john carter next and brand-new dash cam video of the moment the miami bridge collapsed killing six people. that's ahead.
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near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. the austin bombing suspect is dead after blowing himself up just as police were closing in. we still have no idea what his motive was for a bombing spree that killed two people and injured several more. but an hour ago police told us
8:21 pm
the bomber left a 25-minute manifesto on his cell phone. casey steeg l live in the town where the suspect lived. casey. reporter: yeah, this is pfluegerville, texas, a northern suburb of austin, not far from where these crime scenes were that he carried out. and no doubt every aspect of the suspect's life is being pored over at this hour. and right back behind us at the street blocked off is his home, where he lived, with atf and fbi agents have been going through there. they say they've recovered bomb making materials mainly kept to one room. and he also did just learn about this 25-minute video that was on the suspect's cell phone and sus tin's police chief says that it is essentially a confession. and he goes into great detail describing all of the bombs he constructed. while authorities say it did not mention why he was car carrying
8:22 pm
these out it was quote the outcry of a challenged man. he was captured on surveillance tape at a fedex store in austin dropping off packages in question finally they caught up with him at a nearby hotel last night where his vehicle was parked in round rock, texas. when he started to move, s.w.a.t. moved in. his vehicle ended up in a ditch on the interstate. as a s.w.a.t. approached his vehicle, conditt detonated an explosive device killing himself. it was so powerful it knocked an officer back. once word started to spread that the austin serial bomber was identified as conditt, neighbors and those who knew him could not believe it. just listen. >> my association woul assumptit they know nothing. they're the nicest family as you
8:23 pm
want to have rchtion i haven't the slightest idea what the motivation would be. reporter: now don ki conditt lih roommates back this. the house is in his time and his parents' name. his parents don't live far from the location. if roommates have been cooperative with authorities, they have been questioned. but now again they tea they're o make sure that he acted alone, that he didn't have any accomplices. they have no indication that he did have help. and now the motive. why he talked a lot about his own personal challenges in that video and that's what led him to do it. but what the challenges were they wouldn't say. a whole lot more expected to come wu out with this story thas been face moving, tom. >> thanks a lot. joining me now with more, texas republican congressman john carter who represents the district cover austin and san
8:24 pm
antonio. the suspect killed himself i understand outside your office. is that right? >> yes, tom, right across the street, right across the interstate, highway from our office is where the car blew up. >> were you aware of this when it was going on? >> well i was in d.c. when it happened. and my staff was -- my son lives about a mile from there and he heard all of the sirens and all of the disturbance, called me early the next morning to tell me about it. >> yeah. and what's the effect on your district here? i guess you're communicating with your con stitc constituentm where you are, right? >> absolutely. we are a very very close-knit community in round rock. i'm sure everyone is on their toes and listening to the recommendation of the law enforcement, be cautious, we don't know what this guy has done in the last 24 hours. and mr. conditt obviously was not stable. so everybody should be careful.
8:25 pm
and i hope everybody is paying attention. >> you know, catching bombers is notoriously difficult we had ted kusinski, richard jewell was falsely accused. we're glad we got this guy when we did. i would say law enforcement did a pretty good job here, wouldn't you? >> i think it was excellent. i talked with both federal within state and local. i was a state district judge trying criminal cases, felonies and i know all of the officers. i talked to the chief in round rock and the sheriff in williamson county and got their views. i think they've done an excellent first-class -- apd ought to be really, really proud of what they've done. our texas rangers. everybody worked in unison. we had over 400 fbi agents and i understand about 100atf agents there. that's really the kind of response we want to see from the federal government.
8:26 pm
and as a result, i think good police work solved this problem and found this man. >> well he also was -- any indication that there's going to be talk about -- we had after parkland, people talked about restricting access to guns. what about talk of legislation to prevent people from collecting these bomb-making materials? >> several questions i could not get an answer to. but i expect we'll get an answer fairly shortly now that they've got in the house. they've examined the bomb materials that were in the house to know what exactly he was making bombs out of. you can make bombs out of a fertilizer. so what he was doing to make this bombs, what -- and i'd like to know if he had initial targets he was trying to get, or was this just random. i would like to know his motivation and i'd like to know if people -- anybody that he -- friends, family or roommates saw any indication of mental
8:27 pm
instability. because these are things that really seem to drive these mass murder situations. >> yeah, yeah. >> some kind of instability. >> looking from the red flags. thank you congressman. coming up, breaking news on the big pennsylvania special election. it appears we now have an official winner. that's next. ♪ no, please, please, oh! ♪ (shrieks in terror) (heavy breathing and snorting) no, no. the running of the bulldogs? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money aleia saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. i had tried to quit before,g i had tried the patch.
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>> breaking news out of pennsylvania fox news can confirm, that rick saccone has conceded last week's special elects to democrat conor lamb, this is a huge setback for republicans ahead of november, upset victory reportedly has democrats considering a centrist approach to midterm, but president trump is not buying it. >> does not matter what democrat candidates say on the campaign trail. because once democrats get to washington, they always do the same thing. they vote for the liberal pelosi agenda down the line, straight down the line. every single time. >> political parties could face an identity crises in november, only republicans have an act hero who believes he has answer, former california governor arnold schwarzenegger teamed up with ohio governor john kasich
8:32 pm
in effort to reshape republican party in golden state by moving it to center. are we moving it to middle or extremes? here to weigh in christian. the saccone concession, how big is this news? >> not very big, in part we all been operating for the last week under the assumption that pennsylvania 18 was a loss for republicans a win for democrats, i don't think that necessarily changes anything but it reminds us in this one district, democrats were able it find a candidate who matched the district, challenge for a party like democratic party, are you going to be able to put that off in every district or you are you getting hung up in primaries. >> conor lamb, a very attractive candidate he did not have to run against someone from his left, president trump just made that
8:33 pm
point, democrat party is probably more so than republican party, pulling their candidates to the extreme. >> well, what is interesting about pennsylvania 18. is that in that case you have someone who said i don't support nancy pelosi, and nancy pelosi did not go to twitter and start beating up on him. shy just shut her mouth and let him win, now she has him as a vote in congress, republican sometimes we're not quite that savvy, when someone in our own party goes a different way we love the come at any bat, but that -- combat that leads to wrong candidate too win in the primary, either someone too wishy washero someone too extreme and can't win over the voters in the middle. and the governor. he has a good point about california, because, centrists can work in california, but, i think we learned after 2012
8:34 pm
election. dow remember mitt romney after he lost, the republican party, came together and they did a big study they said this is what we have to do go to center or never win over american you know the minorities. well, that did not work for 16 republicans i know, trump came in knocks them all flat. maybe the republicans need to look to the president, and maybe not copy him but learn from his playbook. >> so, i actually disagree with you a little bit in part because candidates tried to steal from trump playbook have not succeed. a lot of what trump does is specific to his own appeal his own brand, but, i think it depends on where you are talking about. a place like california, if you are running as a far right republican, it is just not going to work out for you, if you are a republican in california, there is a different type of strategy you need to win state wide than someone a republican
8:35 pm
running in mississippi or in south carolina. so, one, national parties have to be more comfortable with allowing for a little variation from state to state, region to have john region, it is not abot moving to left or right. you had some candidates saying we need to move to the center, you had others ted cruz faction saying we need to double down on our base. and then with some issues where president trump was quite conservative and others he was pragmatic. he was able to blow up the assumption in primary process, and stun a lot of people like me in our industry, who thought it would be left-right divide. >> tariffs is a great example. why he did so well in ohio and pennsylvania, thank you kristen. >> thank you. facebook not only company
8:36 pm
facing heavy criticism, uber announcing that company is pausing the a ta anonymous -- autonomous car program after a woman was killed from a self-driving car. it disturbing video, you can see the car driving, down a dark deserted road. now the scene from inside of the uber car. accident is believed to be first pedestrian death involving a self-driving car it touched off a heated debate between companies who claim they will save lives and critics say they are dangerously unprepared for primetime, the panel is back. carly, i talked about this on my radio show dwe ask for this. >> people love advances in
8:37 pm
technology, but is anyone clamoring for driverless cars. >> i have always fell the whole diver less car thing has been unnecessary technology. i agree with you. and i would trust a -- if a child were to run, in middle of a street, i would trust a person to see that child and reaction faster than a machine any day of the week. this say horrible tragedy. and this is one example, it could happen again, you never' to spit in the face of progress but this something that i don't think that people need or want, so why do it. >> safety aspect is not what gets me as much, if you look at numbers. i don't know what they are, i am assuming since invention of driverless car, many, many, many people have been killed by drivers, then we have one buck, and you know, it is very emotional, you think they are not safe, but they probably are safer than humans.
8:38 pm
>> part of the problem, you will have to find a way to distribute liability. if you are going to have at -- autonomous vehicles, the software or the driver or the car. i would say on one hand, i am lazy, so i like not driving my own car. but on other hand, i am a new yorker, i freak out in elevators because i have been stuck, i don't like that lack of control, i am not clear on being for or against it. >> for a pedestrian, it is right idea of liability in that case you would rather be hit by a driverless car, a big company you can go after. >> well, you know, typically with these driverless cars, they have to have a human operator to step in and there is some issue
8:39 pm
with driverless technology, you saw someone sitting there in car. and they should have probably seen that as well, and reacted hit the brake. i have driven in many driverless cars. >> you have. >> yeah. >> what does it feel like. >> you know people. >> you can do it any tesla dealership you can do it. >> really. >> yes, yes. >> it is weird. like surreal experience to drive down interstate and have your hands over wheel. >> weird. >> no. >> weird. >> terrifying. >> i am go to -- oh, my gosh. >> cruise control, i feel like i am out of control, i think some day i am going to step to the brake and it will not slowdown. >> when they get safety number to a level where it is irrefutable it will be more comfortable. >> a lot of people talk about safety issue, they are getting in car accidents is drunk driving, uber has prevented
8:40 pm
that, i don't see a need for this. >> i think 40,000 people died in car accidents last year. >> thank you. coming up, one major state university now wants to dump useless majors and add skills to land you a job, great idea, brian will join me to talk about it next. ultra strength heartburn relief chews. with more acid-fighting power than tums chewy bites. mmmmm...amazing. i have heartburn. heartburn relief from alka-seltzer. enjoy the relief. (vo)intelligent technology one can help protect the 2018 audi q5 is here.
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should colleges be more like grade schools or trade schools. university of wisconsin at stevens point has proposed dropping dozens of programs like english, philosophy and history in favor of major that focus on acquiring actual job skills like chemical and environmental engineering, finance and computer i-t. joining me now, associate professor of economics at the kings college, brian brenberg, is wisconsin making a wise choice? >> they are fixing the problem the wrong way, employers have said, we think that college graduates don't have the skills we need, they can't read well or whitwrite well or speak well, ty are not good at critical thinking, colleges saying what should we do, their answer is
8:45 pm
trade programs, the problem is education they are getting in thing like english. and philosophy, they have professors who are not challenging them to think, they are not creating a space where students get the skills for reading well instead they are getting ideology, no surprise they get that in college going to be to not good workers, it is not a trade degree, the problem is a bad education no matter what you are studying. >> not everyone can go to your college, the king college. >> too bad. >> people' to improve, the schools. they are afraid they are turning them to left wing factories. >> it is true in a lot of cases. >> how do you battle that? they are holdng that ground, you can't makeetcasion establish -- make the education establishment stop. >> you can get new universities and colleges into the system, a
8:46 pm
problem we have hard to start an institution, they are hard to get approval from to start a new college, to start a new ed giggal program -- educational program, let's create more competition so old guard universities that are going left wing have competition, the problem is nobody wants to do it, federal loan programs are biased against new colleges and universities, competition helps. we don't allow competition to happen at higher level. >> do people want really want who know philosophy. >> a great way to prepare for a rapidly changes marketplace, all trade skills you get today 10 years from now will be outdated, if you can think well, solve problem, articulate your thoughts you can apply those skills in a lot of areas. fill pophilosophy is say great o
8:47 pm
start but not if it you cannot have open dialogue. but that is not what philosophy circumstance. >> can -- what can we do -- students are in debt. >> don't send your kid to a college that is about creating paair, -- dorms expoo student as with water slides, go to the theme park, if you want an education, go do a place with great teachers, the parents are allowing students to shoes chooe schools for wrong reasons. only answer, not going to change if you keep sending your kid to same old places that are doing wrong things. >> you know they have legacy schools. >> they want the ivy.
8:48 pm
>> they want to watch football team, you can love the team but ask yourself, is your kid going to get a great education? probably not. >> new dashcam video showing that moment that a bridge collapsed in miami. >> your paycheck may be bigger because of a trump tax cut. but according to my next guest, uncle sam is still getting his hands -- your hard earned money, by sneaking taxes in everything that you buy, kristin tate is sheer to explain, next maria's always on the go, taking over 7,000 steps each day. and she does it in any shoes she wants, with lasting comfort. only dr. scholl's stylish step has insoles that are clinically proven to provide all-day comfort. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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this just in new dashcam video showing moment that pedestrian bring well bridge collapsed last week in miami, the newbridge crashed to the ground 5 days after it was installed, crushing cars and killing 6 people, engineer called florida department of tarntransportation to report abt cracks in the bridge, but the message was not received until after the collapse. >> many of the rugrats will be filing their taxes for first time, did you know that
8:53 pm
government confiscates half of your income in hidden taxes, how do i tax the. breaks down how government sneaks in hidden fees, charges in everything from your cell phone, electric bill to soda at dinner, costing americans $657 billion dollars a year. joining me now, contributor at the hill and author of how do i tax thee. >> this is not a book that is filled with good news, cable bill, it is in there. >> you have to look at these bills, manufacture americans know that government taxes are income, many are unaware of other covert ways that government is siphoning money from our paychecks, they are embedded in nearly every purchase, activity or bill we way. cell phone bills, utility bills,
8:54 pm
mta . airplane tickets. we used to know about the planes you would buy the ticket, you don't remember they would print this ticket and they would say this fee, but what percentage of a ticket is taxes. >> it can be up to 30%. >> kidding ! >> when you add the stealth taxes to income taxes government takes up to 50% of your income, sometimes more, this should worry all americans when government profits more off your own labor than you are, that is socialism, i wrote, how do i tax thee, hidden taxes need to be a part of the conversation. >> what did you think of the president's tax cut? >> well, i love it they save us money, when whenever americans can put more money in their pockets, that is good, they helped companies with corporate tax cut as well.
8:55 pm
but, i want to see the conversation expanded to hidden taxes. americans are paying 650 billion dollars in hidden taxes per year, these stealth taxes about against the fundal wall -- fundamental wall of taxing a that taxes need be to visible, my book shows people how to spot hidden taxes and ways to demand a more accountable system. >> not radical like a boston tea party. >> that is cool too. i advocate for three pillars of fair tax, transparent see, fairness and thrift. if we can achiever those that how you have ideal system of taxation, but hidden taxes, fly in the face of all three of these pillars. >> get the book. thank you christen. >> thank you so much. >> we'll be right back. won't fi. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d.
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of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> thank for watching show about this killer, conditt, he has a manifesto on his cell phone, i don't want to see it, i should not have said his name, i don't like saying names of the killer, school shooters, it glorifies them, and trying to figure out what goes on, is not good, it leads to more violence. anyway, i'll be filling in for kennedy tomorrow. my guest include ambassador john bolton.
9:00 pm
chris steyer wall. thank you for watching, sticking can old guest host, good night. >> an underwater strange inheritance. >> we've had this in the family since 1899. >> their world's an oyster. >> do you want to try and shuck >> i would. it's all about the shuck. >> but their biz is belly-up. >> they pretty much said this oyster-planting business is over. >> they want to revive it. >> a couple drinks make anything sound good. >> so, will they sink... >> we looked at our debt for the first time, like, "whoa. it's, like, $350,000". >> ...or float? >> okay, here we go. come to mama. ♪ [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪ >> i'm jamie colby, in virginia,


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