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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 23, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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charles: we got to leave it there. lou: good evening, everybody. breaking news tonight. president trump has announced that general h.r. mcmaster is out as national security adviser and will be replaced by former united nations ambassador john bolton. the announcement comes after weeks of tension between the president and mcmaster. president trump said today mcmaster will stay on until mid april to assure a smooth transition. a lot more on that story coming up here tonight also tonight, the rhino congressional leadership today telling the american people to go to hell and the markets didn't like it one bit. the house of representatives passed a $1.3 trillion spending
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bill, better known as the schumer-pelosi-ryan special packed with democratic priorities with no result for the deficits and debt. the markets plunged, the dow sold off 700 points, three-quarters of a trillion dollars of market cap lost on the day. the pathetic reporting blaming everything from the resignation of president trump's attorney to the tariffs the president is imposing on china and other exporter to the united states as they fill their corporations and vaults and treasuries with american dollars. the president today ordered tariffs on some $50 billion of chinese imports, in part for its massive overcapacity and manufacturing steel and aluminum and its theft of american intellectual property where they're stealing military secrets. and a major shakeup in the
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president's legal team as well. as i said, john dodd resigning as the lead attorney for the special counsel information. there may have been disagreements between dodd and his client, the president. dodd was opposed to a trump-mueller interview. and just hours after dodd resigned, president trump told reporters once again he would like to sit down with mueller. we take all of that up here tonight and much more. our guests including wilbur ross on the president's american first trade policy and the new tariffs. former cia analyst, fred flight, his former boss none other than ambassador john bolton, and ed rollins on the rhino leadership's decision to sell out the american people. greg jar rit and byron york on the mueller witch hunt and the president's rapidly improving legal team. our top story to night, the
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newest trump administration shakeup, national security adviser general h.r. mcmaster is leaving the white house. the president announced on twitter, quote, i am pleased to announce that effective april 9thth, ambassador john boll on the will be my knew securitied a vieder. i'm thankful for the service of general h.r. mcmaster who has done an outstanding job and will always remine b remain my frien. our first guest tonight, fred fleitz joins us tonight. good to have you with us. >> good to be here. this is a friend of mine, a great day for the america and as well for the president. >> it is a great day. john bolton is a friend. i support him as an intelligence officer on two occasions. i was actually his chief of staff when he was undersecretary of state for arms control and he has a brilliant strategic mind,
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fully supportive of the president's agenda but he is not a yes man. you know what, the advise is not going to leak to the press. but most important, lou, he's a nice guy. he was a pleasure to work for and i can tell you the people who work for him are intensely loyal and they are all celebrating tonight. lou: i think anyone who knows john bolton is celebrating, because of his, his intellect, capacity, his experience, talent. and i said here last night, one of the things that i think is incumbent upon any national security adviser is to take responsibility for his team, for their loyalty, for their integrity, their discretion. and i think anyone -- the national security team has been leaking like a sieve from that white house. and mcmaster could never control it. and john bolton, will he be able to control it? >> i think so.
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i mean, john really does understand government bureaucracy. he understands how to get the job done. and i don't want to speak for how he's going to manage the national security council, i haven't discussed it with him. but based on the way he conducted himself as undersecretary of state at the state department for arms control an as u.n. ambassador, he knows how to use personnel to accomplish the agenda of the president, the agenda of the administration and we really need somebody like that in the national security council right now. lou: we definitely do. the president -- everyone is trying to put this on the president, the people who are leaking, the people who are disloyal, egregiously disloyal. leaking national security secrets. this has to stop. and i think john brennan is an example of exactly the kind of person who -- think about this. john brennan, the former cia
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director is leaking every day still. this is a man -- i jubs didn't even manage a more contemptible human being frankly in government service, unless it's comey, unless it's clapper. because they have createds a politicized intelligence organization that is continuing to operate post their service to the country. >> you know, and it's not just the leaks. it's these vicious attacks by john brennan against president trump that have been constant, have been constant. every time he opens his mouth he confirms the worst assumptions by cia critics, thoroughly politicized. most intelligence offices are not political. many are heros who risk their lives to protect our security. i want john brennan to shut up and go away. lou: you know, it strikes me,
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though, that these are the people who are responsible for much of what was wrong with the obama years. they served blindly a president who really wasn't exactly focused on the national interest but seemed to be on the interest of iran and russia. people talk about collusion. it's eight years of collusion by president obama and his administration and his intelligence apparatus led by comey and brennan and clapper. it's awful. >> intelligence officers were very frustrated during the obama years. they had nowhere to go to bring whistle blowing complaints. you've heard the reports about how reports of the threats of isis were watered down within the intelligence community. there was nowhere for these people to go. and there were other instances of politicization of the iran
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deal. lou: where was there not politicization during the obama years. what department, what intelligence agency? he seemed to overwhelm the entire federal government. >> behind the scenes there are many cia officers who pushed through the best they could to get to the objective. people like brennan would water it down and then not show it to senior officials. lou: you're thrilled that ambassador john boll on the will be the new national security adviser. i know that we all join in wishing him the very best in his new assignment. it couldn't be more important. we thank you for being with us. >> good to be here. lou: fred fleitz. am bas don bolton will be on kennedy tonight turn to the massive insult to the american people, the ditch mitch and dump ryan movement got a shot in the arm as the republican leadership sided with the democratic leadership to rush through a $1.3 trillion spending bill.
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fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel on capitol hill. >> the house sent a $1.3 trillion government funding package to the senate for consideration. >> vote yes for the military, vote yes for the safety and security of this country. vote yes. >> the spending package includes almost $655 billion for national defense. nearly $48 billion for homeland security, 2 is billion dollars for infrastructure projects and almost $1.6 billion for barriers and technology on the border. there was plenty of support from the democrats democrats imi thdemocratsdemocd that either. this is report language
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>> in a last-ditch effort, the conservative freedom kaw sus appealed to the right to stop the funding package. >> he supports that too. i know he would. let's not bring the worst bill aye seen in my ten years to the floor of the congress. >> the white house shut down that argument. >> is the president going to sign the bill, the answer is yes. why? because it funds his priorities. >> part of the senate majority leaders pitch for support are the background checks and school safety. >> this bill will include two important bipartisan common sense measures to address real issues facing the nation, the stop school violence act. >> as for when the senate may send it to the president. >> that depends. one hern person a person can she down if they want to. >> once the measure reaches the president's desk for his signature, it would end the
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recent pattern of funding the government a few weeks at a time. lou? lou: thank you very much. mike emanuel reporting. up next, rhinos selling out president trump and the american people with an out of control spending bill. >> it's not even close to what we told the american people we were going to do. this may be the worst bill i have seen in my time in congress, the worst bill our leadership has rv ever allowed o come to the floor. lou: ed rollins joins me next. stay with us. we're coming right back with much more. but i'm not standing still... and with godaddy, i've made my ideas real. ♪
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lou: house judiciary chairman bob good lat lat decided to. he's taking change of hillary clinton's e-mail server pep the fbi's office of professional responsibility recommendation to fire former fbi deputy director andrew mcka cane. joining us tonight, former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst ed rollins. >> thank you. >> and i would say the country's
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smartest analyst every time. >> thank you nice to be with you. lou: great to see you. john boll on the. >> i'm all for it. john is a great american. john -- i had the privilege of serving with john in the reagan administration. no better professional anywhere. and the key thing that most people don't understand, the national security adviser is not about the smartest guy in the room. although john would be. he brings state and defense, cia that information and makes sure it's balanced and the president gets the best information possible. john will do that and john will do it in a way -- he's worked for a lot of capable people, presidents and i think to a certain extent this president will be very very well served by him. lou: another thing about john, if i may say, obviously we're all friends of his and pulling for him all of the way. own of thione of the things abos he never bores you. he means to make words dance and
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he means what he says what a delight to have -- whether it's in television or in government. >> he's a great analyst. he basically understands all elements of the foreign policy arena which is complicated. in my sense he will bring to the president -- he'll get what the president wants. mcmaster bored the president, talked about too things. this has been going on for months and months. john will figure out what the president wants and make sure that he gets the information so that the president can make the decision, not john bolton make the decision. it's a major appointment and it's going to be very critical. lou: and the president being well served with his choice. >> absolutely. lou: let's turn to the spending bill, $1.3 billion. it turns fiscal policy in this country upside down. it is -- it's stunning, the irresponsibility of the republican leadership. they huddled with pelosi and schumer. you would think this is obamacare two instead of a
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spending bill. >> well when nancy pelosi said this was a tremendous victory for the american people, one that gets domestic agencies robustly funded while turning away trump's push for border wall and immigration funding -- lou: that's ryan slapping the president in the face because he refused to fund the wall. money put guard in the spending bill isn't for a wall. >> it's like you want to build a house and they give you enough money to put carpets in your garage. all of the president's priorities were pushed aside, other than the fence. it's a good defense bill. lou: the military -- and that was of overriding importance to president trump. without question but the damn shame is it wasn't an overriding importance to pelosi, schumer or the democratic party. >> i'm appalled by the process. we drafted 2,222-page bill and
4:19 am
get it done. there's not a single member that's read this bill. a bunch of staff people who basically put different pieces into this thing. we're halfway through the year already and basically this is the best we can do. the process does not work. this is the last piece of major legislation these guys will past and it's appalling. lou: i want to turn to the private sector real quickly. it appears right now that technology is about to go through a tsunami of regulation that they never thought possible. mark zuckerberg saying he would be okay with regulation of facebook. whether he's okay with it or not, he's proved himself to be an absolute bereft of any leadership qualities and frankly very few principles. he's exposed his company, through his ham handed management and that of his top officials in breaching the public's trust. he has handed his company into
4:20 am
the jaw of regulation. >> well they don't know what's coming. because once the government gets in the regulatory business, it's unbelievable. but it's their fault, as you say. there's been an arrogance out of the technical industry, the silicone valley group thought they were smarter than everybody else. >> not only did they think they were smarter, they thought they were going to carry out a social utility and at the same time they would decide who could be on their social utility, what they could say and they would be the arbiter of what was decent, civilized appropriate language, views and values. to hell with these people. >> taking their action to the thoughts that people have and put it on that and selling it as they have done or allowing it to be used in a political way. they're the ones who had collusion with russia. lou: there are only two people
4:21 am
we know that were colluding with russia. they were facebook and they were twitter and that's still the fact right now. >> right. lou: ed rollins, great to see you. thank you. be sure to vote in the poll tonight. the question is do you believe rhinos ryan and mcconnell would rather bankrupt the nation than stand up to the establishment, deep state and dems to stop runaway government spending, deficits and debt? cast your vote on twitter@low dobbs, follow me on twitter, fol follow me on instagram. the douse jones industrial plunging 724 points, the s&p down 68, the nasdaq down 179 points. volume on the big board 3.7 billion shares. financials, the worst performing sector plummeting 4% on the day. technology shares also plunged. the so-called fang stocks dropping 2% each. the yield on the ten-year
4:22 am
posting the biggest drop in six months finishing at 2.83%. that's right. that's right. the short-term treasury going in the opposite direction of the federal reserve, which in its wisdom decided to raise rates out any indication of inflation whatsoever in our economy. all together unsettling. unsettling to investors in the u.s. markets a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day, coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next here, the house intelligence committee shut down its russia investigation finding no collusion. now the pressure is on robert mueller to end his special counsel witch hunt. no one follows it closer or better reports than byron york. we take that up here next. stay with us. more and more people have discovered something stronger... more dependable... longer lasting.
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lou: the house intelligence
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committee today formally ended its russia investigation, voting along party lines to release its reports, the findings that there was no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia, that the obama administration's post election response was insufficient. and a finding that former director of national intelligence james clapper provided inconsistent testimony to the committee about his contacts with the media, including cnn for whom he now works. the full report will be released to the public pending a classification review but the intelligence community. joining me now, byron york, chief political correspondent for the washington examiner. fox business contributor. as i said earlier, no one has done a better job than you in covering this story in its breadth and its depth. where we are now, it seems, we have a special counsel that is
4:28 am
sort of smouldering ruin of what it was intended to be and it is simply a nuisance, a public nuisance without producing anything for the public interest. >> one, i think there's a few more things in this house intelligence report. and today what they did was released a bunch of findings. one-sentence findings. but a bunch of them from their report. they also said that donald trump's business history did not have anything to do, that they could tell, with any sort of relations with russia or any sort of collusion which they said did not exist. really interesting that clapper part you mentioned because, remember what happened. the intelligence community assessment was done by the end of 2016. the intel chiefs went to brief president obama on it on januart day they went to brief president trump on it. president-elect trump. and that was the meeting where
4:29 am
three of the chiefs left after they briefed him on the intelligence community assessment. and james comey stayed there to talk to trump one on one about the dossier and the salacious allegations and the kinky sex and moscow, all of this stuff. this was their one-on-one meeting. and amazingly enough it got leaked a few days later. and apparently the house intelligence committee believes that jaim clappe james clapper n involved in that leak. >> and james comey is the instrument of whatever purpose, that briefing gave it a standing that then could be leaked. there's all sorts of questions about who was responsible for what and i suspect we're going to have questions for some time. but it is, it is just awful what is happening in this country. and frankly what the democratic party has become and what the
4:30 am
deep state has become. we're also looking at the very real possibility that we're incapable in the media of asking appropriate questions. why did no one -- it seems no one at all asked in 2016 how is it that all of our intel jenningintelligenceagencies coue fact about meddling by the russians but the fbi never personally individually up close and personally investigated the servers of the dnc. no one questioned why there wasn't a scintilla of evidence produced by all of these 16 intelligence agencies that quote unquote agreed on everything but not one part of evidence to support their concurrence. >> a couple of things. on the hillary clinton e-mail investigation, it was worse than you said and certainly worse
4:31 am
than we knew at the time. remember, nay interviewed hillary clinton, fbi did on january 2nd. then on the 4th james comey comes out and exonerates her. and we only learn that comey began writing the exoneration memo in late april or early may. not only before hillary clinton was interviewed but before 15 or 16 other witnesses, some of them very important witnesses were interviewed. it's just striking the way that they created this preexoneration and then played it out for public consumption. now on the mueller thing, you have to remember what's interesting here is that mueller has charged a number of people that were very close, high-ranking people in the administration, manafort, flynn, gates. there were people who would have been involved in collusion had such a scheme existed. lou: if i may, in the campaign.
4:32 am
>> right. and they've been charged with other things but nothing that involves any hint of collusion or coordination or conspiracy or whatever it's called. so that's leading a lot of people to believe that mueller really is not going to do anything on that. and then it all becomes about obstruction of justice. and remember as far as donald trump's argument is, they're trying to go after me for obstructing an investigation into something that didn't happen. that's going is to be a powerful political argument for the president. lou: a powerful one and you would think that the president would not have to make that argument solely. you would think that the leading lights of capitol hill, mitch mcconnell, speaker ryan would have the guts and integrity to stand up and say this is enough, and it's got to end now. wouldn't you think? >> you're right to bring up the
4:33 am
members of congress. the president is not going to be charged with a crime and have to go to court over it. if it comes to it, he would be impeached. if there's a democratic house of representatives. lou: right now it appears as if ryan and mcconnell want him impeached. they're doing everything they can it seems to me, with this irresponsible bill, 1.3 trillion dollars. setting off the markets today. they're trying to dislodge the president and it's fine with them if they lose their majorities in both house to do it. it seems that that could only be their purpose. >> well, you can certainly make the argument that business as usual is their purpose. and if you look at this bill, i mean, not only is there not $25 billion for wall funding, there's something like $1.8 billion, won't get very much done at all. lou: and it's not for a wall, though. >> border security. it also does things like reduce the number of i.c.e. detention
4:34 am
beds which makes it more likely that catch and release will expand under donald trump instead of shrink under donald trump. certainly not what the president promised during the campaign of 2016. lou: and right now no ready way in which to hold accountable mcconnell and ryan. >> they're still be rushing to pass it as we speak. lou: yeah. they want that two-week vacation, all of it. by yogreat to see you. president trump defending american jobs and industry, getting tough on china. >> we're doing things for this country that should have been done for many many years. we've had this abuse by many other countries and groups of countries that were put together in order to take advantage of the united states and we don't want that to happen. we're not going to let that happen. lou: commerce secretary wilbur
4:35 am
ross takes up the trump tariffs here next. stay with us. when you think of miami you think of,you know,rich,glamour but 5 miles away from the beach there's people who have never seen a beach. i was confused why somebody was in this situation especially in america. ♪music:oooh,oooh,oooh so when i started joshua's heart foundation it was a key thing to be able to engage youth in the foundation. to help them participate. ♪music:oooh,oooh,oooh i think passing on the torch and lighting a new flame in another person to do good is probably the point of the bigger missions i have. ♪music:aha,aha,aha
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lou: the white house today getting tough on china. announcing $50 billion of tariffs and restrictions on technology deals. president trump addressing a massive, massive problem that's plagued american workers and industry for a very long time, the trade deficit with china stands at $337 billion.
4:39 am
we haven't seen a surplus since 1980. and every year china robs the united states of $600 billion in intellectual property. 600 billion. joining me tonight, commerce secretary wilbur ross. mr. secretary, good to have you with us. this is extraordinary. the president has said from the time he began campaigning for the office that he was going to do precisely what his administration did today. and then we have a number of wags in the political and economic press trying to say, oh my gosh, it upset the markets. there was no surprise here. it has been telegraphed for a very long time. what do you make of it? >> well, the same people who said that the new normal, which i call the new dismal, doe was t we could only grow at one and a half president an%and ahalf pert
4:40 am
proved them wrong. now comes trade and my guess is the president will prove them wrong again. lou: yeah, i think your guess is well-founded. when we look at this, people are worried about a trade war. i think it's one of the most asinine things i here in the left wing media. we've np a trade war for the last few decades, we've just had a target on our backs. we've been the designated target for the global markets and international trading partners from jump street. it's just now that the united states is showing the principle and the backbone to fight. and that's because president trump is in the white house. >> well, and he, as you know, takes his promises very very seriously and he has a repeated history of honoring them. today was just another chapter in that regard.
4:41 am
lou: where do we go here? the intellectual property theft has been a rank -- over 3,000 -- we know there have been over 3,000 front companies from china operating in this country for literally dec decades. we know those companies have been stealing. we know that they have university students, whether they're in doctorate programs or whatever it may be whose purpose is to steal in academia, and to move that treasure trove of knowledge base back to the mainland. at what point can we bring that under control? >> well, if you look at the two actions that we've taken very recently, the two 232 on steel and aluminum, those deal with the present. the intellectual property action that was taken today really deals with our future. and i think that's what makes this an interesting and very
4:42 am
balanced package. i learned to my amazement the other day, we will be granting, at the u.s. patent office part of commerce, our ten millionth patent in the middle of the year. no country has had ten million patents. but they're only good if you make people adhere to them. lou: if you protect the patents which is purpose of the whole thing to begin with. we have been protecting very little. and i love the idea, and as a highly successful businessman yourself, i would l love to know you thoughts about what american business has done to transfer the wealth. we blame the chinese and others. but the fault is in ourselves because in many cases we've allowed corporate america to hand this over as a gift particularly to china. >> well that's very true. it's a lot easier on corporate america to go global than it is
4:43 am
on mr. and mrs. america. for a big multinational company, whether they open a factory in missouri or they open it in china, it's really not much different. but it leaves mr. and mrs. america behind. and mr. and mrs. america is who the president is really trying to defend. lou: absolutely. wilbur ross thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. wish you all of the best. >> thank you, lou. good to see you again. lou: up next, the $1.3 trillion spending bill passing the house. democrats declaring victory. republicans selling the american people out. i'll have a few thoughts about the sad state of affairs in my commentary here text. commentary here text. stay with i'm leaving the track behind, but i'm not standing still... commentary here text. stay with and with godaddy, i've made my ideas real. ♪
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lou: a huge market selloff today and the national left wing media's mendacious mediocrities who cover business and economics ignored the unpleasant real causes of the selloff and quickly embraced the convenient anti-trump narrative, peddling more nonsense about fears of a trade war that would result in the president's imposition of
4:48 am
tariffs on imported steel and aluminum that's been dumped in the united states below cost for years. you know were the tariffs that the president has promised since he began running if are the prespresidency in 2015. the left wing media is incapable of understanding that the united states has been the designated global victim of global trade wars for decades. were it not for president trump, we would remain the perpetual victim, transferring our wealth to the world as we've done for decades and our squandering of american riches would go on until the last bite was ripped from our carcass. so what were markets and investors reacting to? certainly the fed's poorly reasoned decision to raise interest rates weighed on the markets. where is the inflation. why act now. and why is the result to raise the cost of debt, not a brilliant stroke by the new fed
4:49 am
chair nor was it in any way a responsible act. but look to capitol hill for the principle cause of the day's big selloff, the house passing that massive $1.3 trillion spending bill. rhinos, ryan and mcconnell giving house members a whole 17 hours to read the bill. none did, i'm sure. and the dem duo didn't hesitate to claim victory because victory it was over the majority gop leaders. >> in a certain sense we're able to accomplish more in the minority than we were when we had the presidency or even in the majority. >> i think one of the reasons they rushed it through is they didn't want their colleagues to see just exactly what was in the bill. lou: that's as close to truth as i've heard either sheum are or r
4:50 am
pelosi speak. the republican leaders didn't want the american people to realize they're funding sanctuary cities, planned parenthood, funding for the gateway tunnel in the northeast corridor. and instead of giving president trump his wall, replacing existing border fencing and in so doing blew up fiscal policy to the tune of 1.3 trillion. the budget will add an estimated $1.7 trillion to the federal debt over the next decade and we'll see trillion dollar deaf sets every year going forward. every single year. mcconnell and ryan have joined the resistance and the deep state. and the republicans have only ryan and mcconnell to blame, and of course themselves. our quotation of the evening, we thought tennessee williams ought to be trotted out for this evening. "we have to distrust each other. it i is our only defense against
4:51 am
betrayal ." up next, president trump fortified his legal team as he fights back against the mueller witch hunt. witch hunt. greg jarrett joins me here next. ♪livin in this crazy world ♪so caught up in the confusion♪ ♪nothin' is makin' sense ♪for me and you ♪we've got to give a little love♪ ♪have a little hope ♪make this world a little better♪
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lou: john dodd resigned as president trump's lead counsel in the russia investigation. dodd's exit follows the president's decision to hire
4:55 am
veteran washington attorney. and i did it again. da general va. i'm going to say it right, joe. no matter what it takes. his wife and law partner victoria joining trump's legal team today. i have butchered both of their names for a long time. the president also addressing the question of speaking with robert mueller. >.joining me now, fox news legal analyst greg jarrett. great to have you here. >> good to see you, lou. lou: this is fascinating. victoria joining the team. her husband already on. this is, i think, just a remarkable elevation of the talent helping the president. >> they are two great former federal prosecutors, joe
4:56 am
gentleman know was a former federal prosecutor. you know, john dodd was a fine lawyer but you need somebody who is schooled in how to deal with the special counsel, especially when mueller says i want to talk to president trump in a room under oath. lou: absolutely. and what do you think? >> don't do it. it's a perjury trap and all kinds of other traps because mueller has proven he cannot be trusted. he doesn't care about the integrity of the process or its fairness. if i were joe, i suspect what he would say to mueller is, well the president would be willing to talk to you about crimes, but what crimes? collusion is not a crime in any criminal statute. obstruction of justice, president trump a constitutionally justified to fire the fbi director and he was
4:57 am
given a reason by the deputy ag and the ag himself. so i'll talk to you but you don't have a crime for us to talk about. lou: why isn't there at least sufficient integrity within robert mueller himself and his team of attorney to say we've been at this almost a year. no evidence. the house intelligence committee found nothing, absolutely nothing. and the senate intelligence committee has simply embarrassed itself because richard burr, senator bur burr, the chairman,s acknowledged they have found no shred of evidence, no preliminary finding. yet mark warner runs the committee as if it were his. it's embarrassing to watch the process. it's partisan and putrid. >> in may of last year burr himself posed the ultimate question to james comey who was testifyi .
4:58 am
. said no. you would think that burr could snap out of the cloud he's in, and step up and say there's no evidence of collusion, no evidence of obstruction period. lou: it took bob good lath, it took him four month to write a letter so aremember or request for documents for information? i mean, he and trey gowdy, both retiring have slow-walked this investigation and now suddenly have a burst of energy? i think it's just incredible to watch what we're witnessing. >> they should have been slapping anybody in washington with a subpoena, anybody connected with the travesty of our legal system. you know, the trump-russia collusion hoax, allowing hillary
4:59 am
clinton to, with impunity, violate the law, comey complicit in it in clearing for apparently for political reasons and strzok, lisa page, all of these people ought to be the target of a criminal investigation either by the doj or a special counsel lou: but the fact is that we have a passive extraordinarily low-energy attorney general, a man at the deputy attorney general spot who acts like he thinks he's on vacation. it is an incredible lack of activity at the top of the justice department. >> you know, jeff sessions recused himself out of a job and he's incapable. and rod rosenstein is incredibly
5:00 am
conflicted as is bob mueller. lou: and bob mueller one hopes will take the hint. >> he'll never do it. lou: thanks for being here but >> investors all around the world saying with their dollars that this is not good for growth. lauren: breaking news this morning, fares of global trade war sink stocks across the board. we might be looking a selloff today. >> u.s. stock market futures, well, they've been volatile up and down overnight. down as much as 200 this morning. now down 113 points as we get started today, big day for the markets, i should say the nasdaq down almost a percent right now. lauren: all right, this is all after we saw 724-point selloff for the dow yesterday that was


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