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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  March 26, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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neil: all right. you see facebook stock continues its swoon. ceo mark zuckerberg has been invited to testify in front of the senate judiciary committee on april 10th. i don't think he was invited. i think he it is a good idea that you show up. >> they will send a car right over to take him down there. thanks, neil. neil: all right. bud. ashley: breaking right now, stocks are soaring that after new reports suggest that the white house is quietly negotiating with china as they try to avoid allout trade war. i'm ashley webster in for trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." stocks bounce back from their worst week in more than two years and optimism apparently spreading beyond wall street. here is treasury secretary steve mnuchin speaking to fox news
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just yesterday. >> i think we're working on a pathway to see if we can reach an agreement as to what fair trade is for them to open up reduce tariffs. in a negotiation you have to be prepared to take action and that is what president trump is doing. ashley: he certainly is. the president displaying his confidence in our economy in a tweet this morning saying quote, the economy is look really really good. it has been years since we've seen underlying numbers of this company is better has perhaps never been better. joining me, steve forbes. thanks for joining us in studio. >> good to be with you. >> let's pick up what the president said, are you happy with the u.s. economy, heading in the right direction. is it healthy?
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>> i think it is healthy. news coming out negotiating with china on the trade disputes is a good thing because one of the things imposition of tariffs would done is create uncertain uncertainty. is this thing going to spin out of control? china and japan, exempted from steel. on chinese side seeing what can be done. markets are -- they will not let this thing spinning out of control. ashley: the approach is a little bit kay at ticks. the. it was on the campaign list so there is no big surprise but it has shaken the markets. is this a classic donald trump manuever? shoot high, come out strong and bring someone to the table perhaps negotiate something a little lower? >> i think it would have been better for him and for the economy and investor confidence if they had first, especially with china, negotiated with our
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european allies, saying we know there are abuses. our allies know there are abuses. we'll present a united front. here is we put on the table. you done that kind of preparation, one, market was not have freaked out and two, everyone have acknowledged yes, this thing has to be addressed. ashley: i was on the 3:00 show last week when we had a 400 point drop and a 700 point drop. here we go again, volatility is back. everything seems headline driven, is that going to be this way for while you believe? >> earnings start to come out next month. looks like corporate america is still turning in good profits. people say okay, things are still being done, things are moving ahead. heck there was even a story this weekend about "brexit" in britain. for all the hoopla in parliament and disarray and ineffective prime minister, things are happening in the economy. amazing. government leaves it alone.
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ashley: despite everything. >> people do things. ashley: how much attention do markets and investors pay what is going on in washington? every day there is some headline going out. whether the president's personal lawyer quits or the story de jure. does that impact on markets? are people able to put the noise aside? >> most of the noise they put aside as we've seen with the markets reaction recently, concerns what is going to happen on the trade front came to the forefront. that is when markets thought, by golly, will they let this thing spin out of control? are they going to control it? so that, they respond to that kind of news, not to the latest thing on 60 minutes or anything else. ashley: that is not even news. we'll move on. i have to ask you about facebook. in light of the 444 point gain on wall street, it has been striking what we've seen selling on facebook and hits it continues to take. we found out the federal trade commission begun an
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investigation. do you have a facebook page? >> i do. even own a few shares of facebook. ashley: right. what is your take on all of this? >> i think it's a case where management flubbed the ball. this thing could have been contained in the beginning. outline what you will do to prevent abuses by users. users violated the contract. what kind of follow-up did you have? what kind of auditing did you have? look like you're on top of it. not floundering and you want to go on apology tour. that freaks people out you're not in charge. ashley: is this redeemable at this stage? neil cavuto said you will be down in washington testifying? >> that is like i have an offer you can't refuse. that will be critical in the fate of the stocks months ahead, if he goes before the committee, here is what happened. here is what we're outlining doing, we're on top of this thing and present the role he is in charge and reassuring
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confident. ashley: we haven't seen it. >> we haven't seen it but this is his chance to do it. i hope he is prepping for this thing in a way people say the government will not move in a big way. because if the government moves in, that stock is going to be killed. ashley: it is we're talking about new regulations that could further crimp the business model of facebook and other social media companies. >> not only facebook. they will gum up a lot of high-tech companies and high-tech start-ups mo don't have resources to fight this thing. a lot is on his shoulder. ashley: don't blow it. >> brought it on. ashley: that is true. steve, thank you very much. great stuff as always. >> thank you. ashley: for more on the markets, melissa armour and rob luna. melissa, what is up to you need pepto bismol. we had big selloff, now we're up 443 points. is pretty much this volatility
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here to stay? >> volatility here to stay. came in 2018. i don't think it is going anywhere. i didn't look for a strong day. i know we gapped up a lot this morning. overall this is like a dead-cat bounce, traders use the terminology. i really think we might be lower. the fact that the overall the market is strong overall every headline, every news thing, the market is reacting to it, volatile and selling off and. the range to the high from where we're at in this base, is wide, getting wider and wider. ashley: that is interesting, rob you say we're trading in a range but to melissa's point, that range is like the size of the grand canyon right now. >> like the size of the grand canyon. if you look at the minuscule ranges we were trading over the prior 18 to 24 months but in general this 11 to 12 percentage-point range we're trading in, ashley, quite honestly is normal. we got at the top of that range,
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headline risk, terrorists or interest rates, the market is looking to sell. we're back toward the bottom of the range. as we hit the 200-day moving average support, buyers are coming in. last hour will be telling to see if we stay up today. ashley: good luck predicting where we are going. rob, you say as far as where the economy goes, it is all flashing green. we spoke with steve forbes. he agrees the economy is doing well. we get the earnings next month, assuming they're pretty solid how important is that for this market? >> i think it is extremely important, right. there is a lot of headline risk out there. investors are definitely nervous. they need the reassurance from wall street, companies, ceos out there telling them things are good. if that happens, we head toward the testimony of that range, and like i said that could be a eight to 10 percentage-point move f you're investor you don't want to necessarily be on the sidelines and miss out on that.
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ashley: that's a good point. melissa, i spoke to a money manager this morning i'm looking for the sector that has the least downside and most upside. i said yes we're doing that he says energy is beaten down too much and has a long way to go on the upside. i. >> i don't agree with that. i like banks, exempt for facebook. take facebook out of that equation, like amazon, netflix, apple, i still like google still looks good and banks and jpmorgan chase. you buy stocks. they're coming in weak though. don't buy yet. wait until they're showing strength for about a week, two weeks. you want to see consecutive green, green days. if we follow-through rally today, all next week into the start of april, that will be a good time, come second-quarter earnings season to get back in the strong enough. i don't want to buy stuff weak that is down a lot, huge upside. i want stuff proving strong even
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when the market was falling last week. ashley: rob, that has been the tech stocks. a lot of money has gone into tech the last 18 months and beyond. is that still the leading sector, these big tech manies can or are you seeing money go elsewhere? >> looking at rising interest rates, the only way your portfolio will combat that is through growth it is very tough to get top-line growth outside of technology right now. financials can definitely do it. they have actually been struggling here quite a bit. i'm a little bit nervous what is going on with them. the old technology stocks, amazon, google, two of our largest holdings right now, we're continuing to stick with them and i agree momentum is where you want to be but i don't know you necessarily wait for them to completely break out. use the opportunity when they're pulling back technically to enter into positions 10 to 15% from where they were before is a pretty attractive entry point in our view. ashley: melissa, i want to ask you a question i asked steve
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forbes. do you think noise coming out of washington do investors pay attention or does it have an impact on the market? >> of course it does have an impact on the market. all you have to do is look last week or february. it is unfortunate the market will shake all of this off. you can't ignore it. we live in 24 hour, is day news cycle. this thing. even "60 minutes" can affect the market. you can't escape it. ashley: rob, what do you tell your clients? ignore it and focus on fundamentals of these companies? >> that's exactly it. look at the noise about the trade tariffs. we have 375 billion-dollar deficit right now. what was on the table is only 60 billion. these are not huge numbers right now. face it trump will not get any sty points for finesse. this is his negotiation style. he is trying to get china to the table. i this it is a lot of noise right now and investors should pay attention to the fundamentals. ashley: wise words from both of you.
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thanks for joining us. dow up 500 points. above 24,000. one of those days. there may be a rally on wall street but shares of facebook taking another hit after the ftc says it is investigating the company. can mark zuckerberg fix this mess? our panel discusses it next.
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ashley: facebook seeing another leg down after the federal trade division announced it was investigating facebook east privacy practices, plus 37 states attorneys general want to know when facebook knew about the massive data breach. the senate judiciary committee, goes on and on invited, i say invited ceo mark zuckerberg and other tech leaders to testify april 10th, an offer they can't refuse as someone put it. and yet the headaches keep coming. a new report says that facebook logs all your calls and texts. you probably have no idea that is happening either. joining me to talk about this "wall street journal" senior reporter shelby holiday and our very own deirdre bolton. thank you for being here. i don't know what you heard steve forbes had to say, he basically said mark zuckerberg dropped the ball on this and has to be very careful how he approaches it from now on.
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he has to instill confidence and has to get it right. what we've seen up to now hasn't suggested he is able to do this. >> he has to be honest. a number of issues facebook is dealing with, russian meddling, cambridge analytica use of data, sell phone messages and underlying theme users were not aware their data was being used against them. there is a lot of outrage. people are pledging to quit facebook. they're calling for answers. you're hearing lawmakers really wanting the ceos to get on the hill to answer some of these questions but mark zuckerberg is still continuing to sort of let this drip instead of getting all the answers out there, confronting all of the problems they have and quite frankly being honest with all of the users, the two billion users facebook has. a lot of them when i talk to them, i'm doing my reporting still have no idea they followed russian accounts. so they're getting it from journalists, rather than the company itself i don't.
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ashley: good point, we hear the ftc will be involved. what could that mean? >> they had an agreement going back to 2011. this is the not first time that the ftc and facebook have sat down together. this is actually facebook's second strike at that with the ftc. so in 2011, they had an agreement about privacy, about use of data that facebook agreed to. so i think one. questions that facebook is now going to have to answer is, did they follow the guidelines they said they would in 2011. ashley: right. >> if it is found not, start tacking on millions of dollars in fees, without talking about potential regulation. it is literally going to cost them. i think that will be one of the bigger questions. i know with the android, so-called scraping, i spoke with somebody at facebook in legal thing, oh, users did have the opt out. always the own us on the user, we remind yourself if you're not paying for the product, you are the product.
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ashley: right. >> there is a bit of a buyer beware which i think the facebook legal side is going to try its best to argue. >> right. >> long story short, this honestly opens the doors as you said, invited to dc, are now mark zuckerberg, jack dorsey for twitter and larry page for google. so i think, what are these companies doing? how are they protecting our data? that is why the ftc is involved. you have spoken often with scott galloway, professor at nyu. ashley: yes. >> he believes there will be a call to break up big tech. he wrote a book about this it will come from europe. as he points out europe has all of the downside and none of the upside of big tech. we in our country can brag, these are great businesses, but europe has none of that. they just have the downside. ashley: they rely on fining the big american companies as part of their budget. >> correct. ashley: shelby, let me ask you, should there be presumption of privacy posting on something so public as facebook?
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>> that's a good question. throughout the debate what is getting lost, users have ability, tmi, we share too much information so much and the fact their data is shared -- >> cambridge analytica, that was personality profile. >> you took the quiz years ago you had no idea it would be come back to be served in your face in a political sense. someone i spoke to last week made a really great point. democracy is built on idea of open ideas, open debate. when you're send ising targeted messages to people no one knows what they say, no one knows how they might be manipulated there is no way for candidates or companies to refute these claims. they don't know what is being sent. ashley: i get the sense. we have to wrap this up. what i get the sense with facebook they don't have any how much of your information is out there. >> no clue. mark zuckerberg admitted that. >> this is too big even for
2:21 pm
them. you recall after our scandal in the run-up to the u.s. presidential election, 125 million u.s. voters saw at that data. they hired 1000 editors. 1000 editors with 2 billion users? that proportion needs to be up. that cuts into profit margins if you will hire more humans. ashley: that will be very interesting. we'll talk about it for a while. thank you very much .
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ashley: president trump is expelling 60 russian diplomats from the u.s. and closing a russian consulate in seattle. this is in response to a nerve agent attack on an ex-russian spy in the uk earlier this month. the u.s. is joining 17 other countries kicking out russian diplomats. making it the biggest expulsion of russian representatives since the height of the cold war. we have a commentary writer for the "washington examiner." phillip, do you think, do you get the sense that vladmir putin underestimated the response to this nerve agent attack in
2:27 pm
britain? what is going through his mind right now? >> well if putin underestimated the response to that attack he certainly understands the message that the trump administration is sending right now. remember putin is an old kgb hand and he is not going to miss the significance of the trump administration kicking out 60 russian diplomats and closing that consulate in seattle. the message here is clear. russian can not expect to manhandle our allies and get away with it. you can't perform these extra judicial executions on our allies foreign soil. and think we'll turn a blind eye. ashley: is it symbolic? what impact does it really have? 60 russian diplomats and representatives go back to moscow. does it put a serious dent in the intelligence-gathering network? >> absolutely. if you look at those diplomats. there were 60 of them, in seattle, washington, not only close to some our sub-bases and
2:28 pm
close to boeing manufacturing. for us to push them out that is significant blow to their intelligence gathering network. what the trump administration needs to do right now, they need to follow up this strong action with strong words from the president. he needs to show he is serious about this threat. frankly a lot of people still don't know that this president now, by expelling those 60 russian agents sent more russians out of the country than president obama did after the election with regard to the election meddling. ashley: so we're fully expecting a tit-for-tat. we've seen the russians do that with the uk, when the uk kicked out 23 diplomats, same thing happened in moscow. probably the same thing will happen in the u.s. does that not hurt our intelligence-gathering abilities in russia? >> you're absolutely right. already the russian embassy is tweeting this morning somewhat tongue-in-cheek, where and which consulates should be kicked out of russia. which of our agents should get
2:29 pm
the boot and i think this is so pointed, this definitely is a blow at russian intelligence, that putin and company, they are going to strike back hard but the trump administration has shown resolve, steel in this area. now that john bolton is joining the administration, someone who is russia hawk i think we'll see a much stronger response from the white house. ashley: how could have, assuming this went all the way to mr. putin and he gave the okay for this, and we don't know that for sure, but certainly appears that way, what was he trying to achieve? he had to know something like this so brazen would have consequences? >> well the russians are trying always to push the envelope and they're very symbolic the way they carry out these executions. if you look at the type of nerve agent that was used, that was a clear calling card because that is an agent that was manufactured specifically in russia. so he had to know there were these insidious bread crumbs that were going to lead back to
2:30 pm
the kremlin. i think what we're seeing here, after the 2016 election, putin is trying to feel out what he can do, how hard he can go after the united states. what we're seeing here is that trump at least, with this reaction is showing that we are not going to back down from the world stage. that we are going to stand strong in our relations with some of our long-est standing allies. ashley: leave it right there. will be fascinating to follow what happens next. phillip, thanks for joining us and appreciate it and thanks for your comments. we are of course keeping a close eye on the markets as stocks rally over trade talks, not a trade war. the market up 556 points now on the dow, up at 24,083. also ahead, the court battle is underway to decide the fate of the at&t merger with time warner. right now top broadcasting executives are testifying on what this merger would mean for them. we'll have the intel next.
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ashley: witnesses are take the stand today as the department of justice tries to block a multibillion dollar deal between at&t and time warner. joining me from the u.s. district court in washington, d.c., is our very own connell mcshane with the latest. hey, connell. reporter: hey there, ashly. the court is just about to resume back in session, coming back from one your favorite activities, an extended lunch break which the judge took. for him the judge in this case, richard leon, this is working lunch. kind of a strange morning. we're waiting to hear from two key executives in the cable industry. this guy named warren sliting, head of dish and sling network and john marsh, the ceo at turner. as the government tries to build the antitrust case and block the merger of at&t and time warner. i say it's a strange morning because what happened was just before the department of justice was to call the first witness of
2:36 pm
the day the government lawyer asked the judge to approach the bench. for two hours all the lawyers and the judge were talking. we were in the courtroom, couldn't hear what they were saying. we don't know exactly what the issues were, we were told by judge leon, some issues did come up. he had a number of emails to review. he said let's take a longer break than usual. i will review the emails and perhaps we resume in the afternoon. it could be important. get you up to speed where we are, ashley, last week the justice department started to make its basic case. if the companies are allowed to combine, at&t and wipe warner it, would be unfair and consumers would pay the price, that they would be able to weaponize time warner and take its networks and hbo, cnn, tnt, tbs, be able to leverage those with directv service to raise prices.
2:37 pm
the company says the justice department's case is fundamentally stuck in the past. they say the game is completely changed with the competition from tech companies, hulu, netflix and the like. we're just getting started here, what could be a six to eight week trial. we'll see what this afternoon brings. ashley: a lot of talking today, connell, and you couldn't hear one word of it? reporter: yeah. ashley: great stuff. it will be a long six weeks. enjoy those working lunches. reporter: i know. ashley: connell mcshane down in d.c. with the latest developments in the time warner-at&t case. investors cheer on reports, i stress negotiations between the u.s. and china. let's go to the floor of the new york stock exchange where our very own nicole petallides has the latest. big selloff last week. we're up 545 points, nicole. >> that's right. cooler heads prevailed for today. bigger picture people have hard time committing it will be a great 2018 because there are some factors up in the air. they're looking at technicals. right now the dow jones industrial average up 545
2:38 pm
points. s&p 500 up 2.1%. third day in a row of 2% moves. thursday, friday, down 2% each of those days. each of today up 2%. volatility is here. tech, we have interesting dichotomy, fang, right? , facebook being the f, there seems to be separation. some people are wondering is fang over? facebook under pressure again, down 1.5% for the month. down 12.2% as remain under fire. zuckerberg is invited to testify before the u.s. senate. apple, alphabet, microsoft, ibm gaining today. financials did slightly worse than the tex on friday. without techs and financials the dow has very hard time getting off the ground. jpmorgan, morgan stanley, all up -- a note says merger and acquisitions ahead, particularly
2:39 pm
for jpmorgan and goldman sachs being acquirers. last but not least, a quick look at defense stocks, president signing new military spending that gave a boost to this group on friday. you can see this group here, lockheed, northrop, general dynamics up 2% each. that trend continues. ashley: lots of green arrows, nicole, thank you very much. meanwhile one of the oldest gun-makers in the u.s. is filing for bankruptcy. remington arms is restructuring the massive debt after 30 drop in sales. it will reduce its debt by $700 million. it will continue to make guns during the bankruptcy proceedings. elon musk's boring company, i don't mean boring as dull, the one that makes tunnels in the ground will sell lego-like bricks made from tunneling rock. the life-sized interlocking blocks will be used to build low-cost homes and other structures. the bricks will be light-weight
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ashley: health insurance premiums are expected to go up yet again right before the midterm elections in november. now this after a battle in congress failed to include in last week's massive spending bill a plan to shore up the health insurance exchanges. no subsidies. without the government money, insurance companies, well you know what they're going to do? they are going to raise rates, right? gerri willis joins us live from the newsroom with the latest on this. >> well, ash, you have got that story right. estimates of how much premiums could rise according to the congressional budget office, some 10% for a popular middle-priced option on the insurance exchanges. you know that doesn't even include the hike to premiums that will likely occur as the mandate fades away. now lawmakers on both sides are pointing fingers. democrats blame the gop for failure in negotiations saying they demanded abortion restrictions being included something they knew would be unacceptable to democrats. republicans say this, they negotiated in good faith. democrats rejected reasonable rules on abortion.
2:45 pm
either way, the impasse means money to shore up the obamacare insurance exchanges was omitted from the $1.3 trillion spending plan that the president signed last week. failing to shore up the exchanges would have big repercussions at ballot box. a recent poll in pennsylvania showed health care was a top issue for 52% of voters according to public policy polling. payments to insurers were stopped last year after president trump said they were illegal because the money had not been appropriated by congress. meanwhile, insiders say that passage of legislation to stablize exchanges, highly unlikely. ash, back to you. ashley: interesting stuff. bottom line those rates go up. gerri, thank you very much. health care is expected to be one of the top issues for this year's midterm elections. topping the latest "q-poll" as the number one issue. most voters feel democrats would handle health care better, but a new fox poll shows the democrats lead in the midterms is actually slipping to just five points.
2:46 pm
interesting. joining me now, former bush administration aide mack mcoviak, and democratic strategist antwan sea wright. matt, let me begin with you, you could argue health care continues to be a problem. it is failure of the republicans who have the house, senate, and oval office to get this thing sorted out. how would you respond? >> no question that republicans promised to repeal and replace obama care. house took two tempts and failed and senate failed by one vote. that one be one issue midterms will be b they will be about the economy and direction of the country and ultimately about the candidates running on both sides in each distribute. the generic ballot is helpful directionally. but ultimately every race comes down to the district, candidates running, campaigns they're
2:47 pm
running. in pennsylvania 18, went ran as progun, personally anti-abortion candidate. that is not what you will see in a lot of other races around the country. ashley: antwan, why do you think the gap is closing in the polls? what do you put that down to? >> well a couple of things here. one, you should know that between now and november this will be a marathon, not a sprint on both sides. ashley: true. >> you will see the polls change, go up and down from here and until november. the second thing to remember is that the enthusiasm gap favors the democrats as well as history. it is very uncommon for the party in charge to keep their charge at, in the midterm elections. the third thing i will tell you, if you look what is happening all across the country, in special elections, whether statehouse seats, alabama, new jersey, virginia, even in pennsylvania, the voters are speaking out very loudly, they are rejecting the policies of donald trump and republican party. i think the republicans have a
2:48 pm
big issue in november. and what no poll will be able to tell you at this point is the massive enthusiasm we've seen from the women's march movement just a few months ago in washington as well as these young people all across the country organizing. ashley: let me follow up very quickly, matt mentioned the economy. the tax reform has put more money in a lot of people's pockets and economy, for all intents and purposes is doing very well. if you hang your hat on the economy, how are you going to make that argument? >> well, i think the economy will be just one issue that voters will decide on but here is the thing to remember about the economy. there is reason why the republican party did not run one single ad in pennsylvania about the tax scam that they passed a few months ago, because the voters do not agree with what happened. look, that bonus they received in the check, i'll not saying it was not a good thing it, was a shot in the arm. what people are want rising wages that will sustain them long-term and improve their
2:49 pm
quality of life and middle class families over the long term will not see that from the tax bill that passed a few months ago by the republicans. >> matt, let me have you respond. yes, the bonuses were nice. they weren't crumbs but they're also seeing benefits from the tax reform paying lower taxes. >> no question. you have about five million people who received a bonus or received a wage increase because of the tack law. that is significant. you have the highest consumer confidence we've had in decades. i can put antwan's mind at ease. wages are going up for first time in a decade. >> they're not, matt, according to statistics. according to statistics wages are flat. >> i will be happy to send you the statistics came out last couple months shown wages have begun rising. the economy is improving. it is strengthening. 4.1% unemployment, historically very, very low. i think republicans every day they aren't talking about the economy is a waste. they need to talk about the
2:50 pm
economy. they need to sell the tax law. a majority of the public is viewing it very favorably. this has a chance to save their majority even though it is very much up for grabs. ashley: antwan, do you think that -- >> matt, keep in mind -- ashley: go ahead. >> keep in mind that the one thing you have all around your neck is president trump, the most toxic president in modern-day history at top of the ticket. look, that is not a good thing -- ashley: why is his approval rating antwan? why is the president's approval rating going up? >> it may be rising from the graveyard but it has not hit above-ground just jet. keep in mind virginia rejected, alabama rejected trump, so did pennsylvania, in districts where he carried about 20, 30 points in the last election, cycle, democrats have been winning at various levels of our government. so you can decide however you want to, however you want to break that down, i am telling you something is brewing here in the this country.
2:51 pm
i don't think the wave will be in favor of republicans. >> very quickly, matt, if you're a candidate do you want donald trump to come to your town and stomach -- stumpf for you and get the crowd fired up? >> totally depends on district or race you're in. in districts like california you probably don't want the president to come in. if you're in the middle of country, states trump won, running for u.s. senate in north dakota, west virginia or montana the president will be helpful. they have to be strategic to how to deploy him next fall. no question his improvement is raising, mid to low 30s last year. it is in the mid 40s right now. ashley: we have to leave it right there. boat line, a day is a long time in politics. there is a long time between now and november. >> marathon, not a sprint. >> matt and antwan, great stuff,
2:52 pm
thanks for joining us today. coming up next we have preview of tonight's new episodes of the "strange inheritance." a son of a massachusetts chaplain that inherited 100 bibles that went to the moon, i kid you not. we're back in two.
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♪ as a lifeguard in savannah ♪ ♪ i'm 85 and i wanna go home ♪ ♪ dropping sick beats, they call me dj nana ♪ ♪ 85 and i wanna go don't get mad. get e trade, kiddo. monday night on foxbusiness are getting a little bit stranger. strange inheritance is back tonight with two new episodes one involving some bibles that went all the way to the moon. i kid you not. take a look. what is on there. that's the entire bible. when it's magnified sure enough there is a holy scripture. that was my dad's dream to get the bible to the men. they went to the men.
2:57 pm
>> yes they did. in the city is. to chat about all of the strange inheritance step. jamie, thank you so much for being here. i did not know bibles went to the men. but raven stopped. they were not left there for someone to read. it took several attempts for them to be there on the learn lunar surface. he decided this is something he wanted to do. they actually took as part of his personal items hundreds of them because they were that small. i don't even know how many people remember. you want to know what they are worth. they've sold anywhere from 10,000 to 70,000. there wasn't a well.
2:58 pm
and when there's a well there's a way. you will meet the family you will also meet an author who did some investigating and she said the bibles belonged to her. interesting. it's a little messy. when it comes with the territory. it talks about things that are left behind. in texas they're good people there can work it out. there is another topic getting into involving race cars. this family and the father broke the landis need record for what he called the challenger. it's a piston driven engine. wait till you see me in it.
2:59 pm
i can almost not get out. it was amazing. he's determined to break the record. the last thing his father said his i'm giving you the challenger. i want you to race it. he wants to make sure that the thompson family keeps that record. i just want to try that car. let's take a look at the markets. what a day. it was and a a hit 600 points. 564 points. i think she went skiing. and then went out west to go skiing. you looked terrific out there.
3:00 pm
can you believe that. it's a small world. the guy with that crazy here and the glasses. he is the most photographed trader. he was not wearing a helmet. that's how i recognized him. forget the whole out like a lamb thing. the dow jones industrial very close to session highs. where a 547 points right now. after rumors between the u.s. and china in a brewing trade war. we pride to allow u.s. companies easier access to the tightly limited markets. that's all it took to send the markets straight up. he


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