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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  March 26, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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thank you for watching. charles payne is here. making money is is coming up next. charles: markets soaring. china blinked and is willing to talk trade compromise wrath i are than make trade threats. this is what happens when american across knowledges it's been in a trade war for decades and finally decides to fight back. question now is what compromises could china make that would be acceptable to president trump? bob cusak is with us, and also ford o'connell. harry, let me start with you. china made some pretty good
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overtures here. where do you see this all going? >> i think the market woke up to what we have been seeing for a long time. the united states, despite what the pundit class tells you is the most of dominant power in the world. so we are in the driver's seat when it comes to trade. that's why you saw the market start to boom. let's face it, the chinese have been cheating and trade for years. it's unfair all s. company if he wants to do business in china has 0 hand or its intellectual property to do business there. charles: at a time when the global economy is doing
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extraordinarily well, and with gdp growth at 50% of gdp, it's a delicate balancing act for everyone involved. >> it is. and i agree with president trump. charles: or harry. >> i think what president trump is looking for is for china to cut off a large portion of that $375 billion trade deficit. and for companies not to have to turn over their technology. china is on the verge of a debt crisis itself and it's increasingly dependent upon u.s. markets. china cannot live without the u.s. because their biggest key is investment, not consumption.
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charles: leaders on both sides will want to save face. from here, how do you see it playing out? >> i have no question. one way or another president trump will want to save face. i question the nature of the substance he'll end up getting. there are thing that need to get done. i think we'll move the ball to some degree around intellectual property. i don't agree that the trade deficit is the problem. and we can't have it both ways. if we want china's dependency on the investment markets, the trade deficit is where the dollars come from to come back into our country. ultimately i believe it will get better. but i think it will get better with a lot less movement than anybody is pretending. we saw with the steel and aluminum, virtually everybody
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has been excluded. i think it was a great photo openote -- agreat photo-op for e president. as it pertains to moving the needle in these negotiations, i would be careful about believing we have that high card. nobody wins. nobody has a high card. we are the debtor nation, they are the creditor. ultimately we have seen the way the markets respond. the president needs to be careful in this mid-term year around the trade stuff, and i think he'll be. charles: by the same token, bob, if china says we are not going to force you into going into joint ventures, we are going to buy more semi conductors from you and give greater access to our markets. mathematically it won't be $100
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billion. but it will be something so many better than what we have been getting thus far. >> president trump said on the campaign trail, i'm not anti-trade. but he's in the process of maybe not getting the best deal. but this has to get the attention of canada and mexico. this could be his big deal, trade on nafta and renegotiating nafta which is something president obama promised on the campaign trail but when he became president he abandoned. president trump is following through on the promises he made. charles: i don't always think the market is a great reflection of main street. we can see a company say we are laying off 2,000 workers and their stock goes up. general motors exports cars out of china. great news for the chinese
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factory work, not great news for the american who didn't make the car. if the president can live up to this promise, i think that's momentum going into the mid-term election. >> the president need to take the chinese to the wto for all the subsidies they provide. there is a plan called made in china 2025 that gives chinese businesses 100's of millions in subsidies. they need to talk about the other ways the chinese cheat. u.s. companies are trying to get into the u.s. market. it's a bigger problem than we realize. charles: let's listen to what steven mnuchin had to say. >> we are going to proceed with our tariffs. we are work on that and work on
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investment restrictions. we are see you mull minnesota taken wasly having negotiations with the chinese to see if we can reach an agreement. we are not afraid of a trade war, but that isn't our objective. charles: isn't that the right approach? >> having an aproper that allows for tough negotiations but to have actions that actually punish the wrongdoer. i don't disagree with the premise that china is mix behaving, i disagree with punishing chinese consumers for what china is doing. i don't think there would be as much teeth in the terror side of it. but your point is an important one when you say there is often a disconnect between main street and the stock market. but i would be careful in the mid-term year when so much of
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his claim around the growing economy, if there isn't any measurement of it, the stock market is the area where people have been feeding it. charles: the mainstream media is quick to say over half of american don't have money in the stock market. ford, you wanted to jump in. >> you asked the question, what would be a political victory for donald trump. i think that's opening up the client ease markets to more products. the key for donald trump in holding the house in 2018 not so much about the stock market but making workers believe you are putting them first. we open those markets up to moimplet s. products, that means for products at home. >> thank you for your expertise and passion.
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comcast business outmaneuver. charles: facebook shares were pummeled through most of of the session. all the big news is after the federal trade commission announced it's opening an investigation company's widening data scandal.
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all this while the senate judiciary committee invited zuckerberg to testify along with ceos of alphabet and twitter. emily jashinsky, let me start with you. now they have have been sort of doing the interviews, i don't know where sheryl sandberg is, but they have made a mess of this. emily: their cleanup efforts were not effective at all. especially if you consider the keep of the scandal. when we are looking at the ongoing cambridge analytic data. the scope of the data they allowed facebook to collect, and on the second part they shall
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recognizing they don't think facebook is doing a good job protecting it. that's a huge problem when you see people deleting their accounts. it's creating a big hole for them to dig themselves out of. charles: it's like combining india and china's populations together. it will be tough to reel them in. but having said that, why are they important for businesses that promote businesses on the internet. is there any way to replace them? >> the font way we'll be able to replace them is through the market. like emily said, 30s has been happening for a long time. if you read facebook's terms of service, you can click on their data policy. sit outlined they are able to use pretty much any information you put on facebook and use on
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your device including your browsing history, our device information and they are allowed to share that with your partners. the only reason people are talking about this now is because cambridge analytica has something to do with politics and something to do with trump. what i fear is through this whole scandal that they are going to get government pressure and through government pressure sit will end up censoring people like me and hurt people like me who have conservative businesses on facebook. if i would rather opt for a market exclusion. charles: senator mark warner talked about this information being weaponized. and that's hypocritical. when the obama administration took nor data than cambridge an
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hit today, they were lauded as being in touch. now it's a criminal offense. emily: when you consider the legislative conduct. a lot of people are saying now that i know the information, i'll take the step that unless my best interest. i will no longer give them data and let them sell it. the mark coat take care of this. facebook's audience is not as young as people think it is. there are a lot of older people on facebook. you mention how many billions of people on facebook going forward, their model may not sustainable anyway. charles: the u.s. membership monthly active users didn't change. so they stopped growing. i hope you both are right with some companies taking advantage of it.
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ladies, thank you very much. i have got breaking news i have to share with the audience. a seen yoimplet s. defense official confirming to fox news multiple packages were sent to military installations at fort belvoir and one sent to fort mcnair contained explosive materials it was ultimately rendered safe. but it's an important story. coming up, the mid-term elections getting tighter and tighter and the gop is on the upswing being led by donald trump. more and more people have discovered something stronger... more dependable... longer lasting.
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charles: the gop is coming back. according to the latest fox news poll, the race is beginning to you tighten. the democrats who were up by 14 points in november is just ahead by a slim-5-point margin. here to discuss, amy kramer and kayleigh mcenany. what i found intriguing about it is the headlines are always negative for president trump whether it's a potential encounter he had a dozen years ago, or no matter what, i find it interesting. it's not just the fox poll, all the polls are showing the same thing. >> i love that you put it in the context of how the media spins
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it. on an alter that network the chryon read "trump ratings up amid a sky yotic week." in 2016 the democrats were up in a generic survey but trump went on to win. in texas, we saw that compared to last year, we are up 4% on the economy. we are up 8% when people are look at taxation and the policies republicans have put in place. foreign policy, he's breaking records with isis fleeing and the korean meeting on the horizon. charles: if he pulls this trade
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deal off with china it will be all she wrote. 47% of people polled said they were nervous about the economy. the margin of error wasn't that republic can't dt didn't show up. they didn't have the same drive, the ground game. that's where you come in. >> as the founder -- one of the founders of the modern tea party movement i'm concerned because of what we have seen in pennsylvania and some of the other elections. what we saw this past weekend with the march for their lives. those kids are there because they were upset about what happened in parkland. but that was put on by adults. what concerns me is the amount of money behind it. if you think back to 2010 with the tea party movement and we
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took back the house but we had no money behind us. and look what we were able to accomplish with no money and the momentum. shid this should be a -- this should be a red flag to republicans. charles: the result of that was an amazing election ever since then. and consequently republicans are now in control of the white house, the senate and the house of representatives. but it seems like many of them have ignored the tea party and grassroots voters. >> they absolutely have. i was disquowrnlgd what happened -- discouraged with what happened with this omnibus. mitch mcconnell and paul ryan were kicking their base in the face with this huge spending bill. the dems are motivating their base with this march.
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we have to get busy and focus on what's at hand. we can't allow this president to not fulfill his vision given to the american people. charles: the president felt like he had to sign it. he was boxed into a corner. he was able to get the money he needs for our troops. as someone who is working with the rnc, how do you get all republicans sort of on the same page as you go into the mid-terms? >> that's a great question. if we have a democratic takeover of the house, i don't want to use the i-word. but democrats will go there. if you want more obamacare and higher taxes, chuck schumer talked about rolling back the crumbs. he's going to roll that back. then you will be talking about
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impeachment with no bay is? truth or reality. democrats will take thus and we cannot let that happen. charles: coming up. president trump gets tough on russia. president trump expelling 60 diplomats after a former spy was poisoned in great britain. signie the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event in adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower your a1c. wow. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, tiredness, and trouble breathing. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of ketoacidosis or an allergic reaction. symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems.
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packages sent to several military installations. reporter: we're just getting some details, a senior u.s. defense official confirms multiple suspicious packages some of which contain explosive material, sent to military inlation in the dc area, one contained an explosive material, and there was black powder and a fuse, both i am told were neutralized now fox news has learned exclusively another package was sent to sought dal grin in virginia, we're told that packages have been successfully neutralized they are being examined at quantico at the fbi lab. charles: thank you. >> to russia without love.
6:31 pm
u.s. and canada -- actually more than a dozen european stating expelling scores of russian diplomat, intelligence officers and other official in a korb coordinated response to the poisoning of a former russia spy and his daughter. and u.s. closing russia consulate in seattle. here now with me to discuss, folk news contributor deneen barelirkei . the response is serious and im pressive. do you think this is enough or just a first step. >> perhaps first step, there may be more that needs to be done, it is great to see the u.s. and eu making this united front, to confront russia. think about this whole national security aspect. british soil with the two
6:32 pm
individuals with theme being thg poisoned. think about collateral damage. estimated up to 130 people could have been exposed. i believe over 50 have been hospitalized. so this is a national security issue. world, and eu in the u.s. where the individuals expelled. charles: capri, democrats have been critical on president trump despite some actions that he has taken against russia whether ukraine or others. but they want to imhahad him toe vocal. but when is he going to publicly denounce vladimir putin, is that so critical to you? >> i do comend the president for this step this is largest expulsion of russia related diplomats since 1986 in height
6:33 pm
of cold war when soviet diplomats were expelled byronald reagan, there is some reason to be critical where we're not physically seeing president trump speak out. but, actions do speak louder than words. finally seeing sanctions go into please from u.s. treasury, we need to continue to see this movement. we finally joined 14 other eu nations in expelling the diplomats. bonly one thing i would say, while this is concerted and coordinated effort responding to the actions of poisoning the individual in united kingdom, statement out of the white house did not mention the issues about russians going after our election -- electoral grid, i think that is critical. i am encouraged.
6:34 pm
i hope this is the first step. but we should not pile on, we need to move forward. charles: we know that vladimir putin has been emboldened to donald trump becoming president, he is not going to -- he just took more power, having said that how much more do you think we'll have to get his respect? >> well, i think it is clear. russia is a rogue nation. finally united states is treating like a rogue nation. how far do we have to go to see this whether russia invading georgia in 2008. then ripping off crimea a few years ago. nuclear torpedoes, all these things they have been doing for years now. a u.s. react toward russia was bound to lap happen, i was a fok who was cheerleading with president trump to have a reset
6:35 pm
with moscow. u.s. has a lot of problem in the world, if we have a better relationship with russia that is good for us. charles: have you given up on that. >> at-this-point i have, to be honest, i don't see it happening. charles: ford. >> i think this senses a strong message. but is it going to change putin's aggressive behavior in absolutely not, i have been through cold war, i have seen red dawn one too many times, i am watching that april meeting with baltic states, he sees himself as peter the great, if trump checks him there that will be actually reaganesque. charles: putin on course to have second longest run as leader of russia. with grand am bishons -- ambitions with respect to his place in history, i think part is cobbling back to the days of
6:36 pm
the ussr. >> i think that is his plan, i have a flash back with hillary clinton with that dopey reset button with the prime minister. >> that was a prop too. >> it was. charles: from mere what would you like? >> i could we need to continue to be more aggressive in regards to sanctions, we need to step up our relationship, our role in nato. i am really encouraged to see that president trump has you know stepped up and recognized the value of nato. we need to do more in regards to our military exercises, particularly in baltic states. although baltics i think are most at risk. back to what ford said, vladimir putin thinks it is his right to defend anyone of a russian national origin, or russian language-speaker. that is why he took crimea apart, and crimea in 2014, that
6:37 pm
is why there are so many places that risk -- we need to help a lot of these makes become energy independent from russia, they are behind the 8 ball, because of pipeline acts of the oil -- access to oil. charles: they have been talking about that. and crimea with access to the black sea. >> right. charles: compute putin has granm bishons, thank you very much. >> coming up, major averages with a good session, dow industrials scoring third best point increase ever. this is how you win a trade war. we'll be right back. we had long deployments in iraq. i'm really grateful that usaa was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too.
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charles: do dow jones rallied to third best point gain i historys stocks rejoice. to better possible trade relation with china and south korea. actually also, giving us greater access to 1.3 billion people, technology is best performing sector even facebook climbed off the canvass to plus column by
6:42 pm
closing bell, financial rebounding comerica and key bank biggest winners there. and some consumer -- discretionary names. last friday dow jones average fell at a key support point, but more widely followed s&p 500 held, forming a perfect double bottom. now your key resistance points upside, s&p. 2790, nasdaq 7430, and dow 24730, now regaining swagger. can individual investor regain it the bullish -- swagger. it fell below the norm of 38.5.
6:43 pm
we almost hit 60% bullishness at start of the year, i say, don't get whipsawed out of the market. it obvious that swimmings and doom and bloom is taking toll. investor yanked over $24 billion from etm's one week after piles in more than 44 billion. and they put money in international equities. big question right now, the message of the market. light volume under scores there is a high level of anxiety over two things that i think will be fine. so-called frayed war and negotiation, and -- trade war negotiations and federal reserve and possible 4 rate hikes, the economy looks amazing, stocks have gotten cheap on a historic basis, to be honest. i think they would trade their historic highs with respect to certain valuation metric. i think you should have over
6:44 pm
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charles: new reports showing an increasing number of workers happily leaving their office jobs to become self employed, this is going to be super charged soon 27 million americans to leave full-time jobs by 2020 springin bringing o 42 million, in about 40% will be
6:48 pm
millennials, joining me now to discuss it madison. jillian melcher. back with us alley stuckey. >> madison, by the way, we're not talking about the uber drivers, but people leaving 9 to 5 corporate thing, doing their own thing. >> yeah, we're seeing reflect of technology, such a huge part of our lives, people have instance access they can use their creativity and entrepreneurship to start new businesses. not have to live under the 9 to 5 life style or boss of someone else. charles: but, jillian. the millennials leading this, is surprising to me, how about you? >> not surprising to me. this means entrepreneurial generation. and i think for all of guff that millennials get this is consistent with their effort,
6:49 pm
looking for work-life balance, they are in this to to something they find meaningful that matches with just everything all we know about millennials. >> ally, having said that, 3 years ago entrepreneurship hit an all-time low, it is remarkable to see this turn. >> i think that people look add people like me after college, i graduated 2014, did the 9 to 5 for 2 years, i have started by own thing. i love it, they care so much more about the what, or they care about the why than the what in this being fulfilled and contributing to society in a way they find meaningful. charles: according to this, madison, there is a distinguish
6:50 pm
-- dis-- it is not always attractive. >> that is reality of taking risks on your own, you are stall smog new, you will take risks, sometimes it will not pan out as you expected. but people maybe not making as much money as they hope, but they think it is worth it. they were not able to use their voicing under the 9 to 5 job to do their why, and to really be passionate about what they believe in. i think that overshadows some of the negatives like working harder making less money. charles: when they do make money, a lot come up with reality, there are a lot of things they thought they were
6:51 pm
voting for maybe they did not like, one is cardy b . her thoughts on paying high taxs. >> uncle sam, i want to know when you are doing with my [bleep] tax money, you know, do you donate to a kid from a foreign country, they give "upheaval" dates, i want -- updates, i want to know what you are doing with my [bleep] tax money, i am from new york, streets are always dirty. charles: you both agree with her on dirty city part. it should not be a pad ide bad o get accountability. charles: this is great, that she is a millennial voice. getting that 40% taken out by taxman, and she wants accountability. i think this is something that a lot of millennials will experience. you know you see these have an impact on your bottom line, you
6:52 pm
want good governance. charles: a lot of people vote out of habit or pressure, then realities smack you hard. >> right, i think a lot of millennials wanted to vote for bernie sanders they were right in middle of their student loan debt they had to payback. they thought it would be great, if i didn't have it, but when they get a point where they pay significant taxes, they say, eyi earned this stuff, i don't want to give to back to the government. charles: thank you ladies. >> coming up. bridging a gap of mistrust between police and black and hispanic communities. we have a very special guest next. you know what they say about the early bird...
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charles: illinois association of thieves of police in illinois naacp state confront coming together with a sit of shared principles to help bridge the gap of mistrust between the police and black and hispanic communities. clarence is joining us now, thank you for joining us. us. >> thank you. charles: explain the shared principles and how the concept on -- who derived it. >> it was a very good idea in great leadership. it ban after the ferguson incident tragedy in ferguson with mike o michael brown. the two great groups naacp of illinois and illinois state police, who lead by chief james krueger of oak creek police
6:57 pm
deputy put together a document to make this a reality in the community, they have done a very good job, chief got together with his 1300 law enforcement leaders there in illinois. and they have gone across the state, they are promoting 10 principles of how to better serve the diverse community in a state of illinois. charles: can you share a couple of key principles? >> well, one of greatest ones is that first one, that they listed value of life. and that includes life of everyone of the police officer and community members, it is imperative that as we build trust and legitimacy across the country, we have to value the life of others, you know. with the influx of guns in the streets today that is more important now than ever to value life. one other one was to endorse 21st century policing recommendation under the former
6:58 pm
president obama administration. many across this country, im-- embrace, that it speaks about trust and legitimacy, but it talks about getting out making community a part of the agency, i mean by that is, it works better a lot of times when your agency make up is just like that was the community they serve. and so important that we just met with director chris wray of federal bureau of investigation, we asked they do the same with federal agents, he assured us they are working toward that. >> is there any part there, when you talk about the agencies and law enforcement, looking some places to you think wise to life within a community is there any part of this goes with accountability. i hear about gun violence that one thing.
6:59 pm
but, the focus -- where do we get a focus on folks who are pulling the trigger with the guns? >> i am convinced there has been an uptick. we heard from the tobacco and firearms folks, that there has been an uptick in burglaries of federal firearms dealerships, we're finding in a lot of communities, young folk are breaking in and committing burglaries to federal firearms deal sedealership. >> but the mind set of using a firearm or in particular you know someone has a red bandana you have a blue bandana, something done to alleviate that. >> a lot of talk we're talking to department of justice about some certain bands, it is my belief, that a lot of it associated with the media. i say that, when you have a kid who sits in front of tv plays xbox or nintendo all day, they
7:00 pm
fire at targets and kill folks, they could smash pause or reset then comeback. charles: i have to let you go, it is a number el thin -- noaivl thing havnoble thingyou have doy much. here is lou dobbs. lou: these are top stories tonight. one of best days ever on wall street. dow jones serged almost 700 points. today's dow performance is third best in history. president trump receiving little credit for the rally in market from election day on high in january. and roundly criticized, of course, for his tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. but it may change. only grudgingly on part of political media


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