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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 26, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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biggs joins us and dr. sebastian gorka. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. tom: i'm tom shillue in for kennedy. the president kicks 60 russian diplomats out of the country. stormy daniels tells her tale to "60 minutes." but do the voters care. should you be worried about your privacy with the facebook data scandal? all that on "kennedy" and more. the united states and our allies certaining a strong message to the kremlin after a double agent
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was poisoned by the kremlin. more than a dozen our fiend nations as well as canada expelled dozens more in a show of solidarity. theresa called it the largest collection of expulsion of russian intelligence officers in history. president trump ordered the closing of the russian consulate in seattle. this comes less than a week after the president called russian president vladimir putin to congratulate him on his recent reelection victory. trump reportedly did not bring up the nerve agent attack in that phone call. but the white house made it clear we won't tolerate russian aggression. >> the united states is responding to russia's action, as i called it brains and
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reckless. this is the u.s. response. we want to work with russia. the ball is in their court with respect to how they want to respond. tom: their foreign ministry vowed rye tall tory -- retaliatory reaction. and the russians were asked to respond which cobbs that to shut down in russia. >> i think the boeing angle is big. such a big air base so close to boeing. up in new york, 12 of the 60 expelled russians were from the united nations. nikki haley said you do something unacceptable, you pay the price for it. >> we take no joy in having to
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do this, but we won't let them get away with what they have. it's not just the united states, you are seeing dozens plus countries saying enough is enough. we need to see this stopped. reporter: these individuals will begin 7 days to get out of the country. that's for themselves and their families. tom: has russia re-spondsed? reporter: fox cameras caught up with the russian ambassador. he said the relations between the u.s. and russia have been in a crisis mode. here it is. >> would you retaliate? do you intend to expel as well. >> listen to what moscow will say. you know diplomacy pieces there is a response when such things
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happen. reporter: that there is a response when such things happen. the russians continue to deny any wrong dmoght attack in great britain. but the condemnation is almost universal. tom: what countries were involved? reporter: you name it, denmark, france and italy and the u.k. led the way since the never attacks took place on their soil. tom: has the president changed his tune on russia? let, go to my chrome-plated party panel, marie harf, author of "gop gps," and lisa difficule
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pasquale. >> the president did something no one expected him to do. so the president still needs to go further. as his new national security advisor john bolton said, expulsions alone do not serve as a deterrent. vladimir putin will continue to assassinate people he does not like countries across the world. how should the president react? impose strict sanctions on russia and he can turn this into a big win and take part of the russian cloud off of him at a press conference saying i have been trying the carrot approach and it has not worked.
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now it's time for the stick. a lot of americans will say okay, that's what you were doing. if he criticizes vladimir putin in that press conference it will restore. >> he hasn't commented on the expulsion. this is put up by sarah sanders. in his phone call with vladimir putin he didn't bring up the chemical nerve agent attack. i don't think donald trump wanted to do this. but i agree it's a good step, it's a good move. but donald trump has been so bizarrely unwilling to criticize putin and the russians. he's much more willing to criticize your our allies like the u.k. you hear a lot of republicans,
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particularly in congress who wants him to be much tougher. i don't think it's in his dna. for some reason he likes them. >> in my deportation poll i didn't have the russians as first. >> democrats will always have the line about russians. i think there is always going to be an issue that will hang over the president. whatever he does with russia. some people will think it's perfect day ploam i and some people will think it's wrong. tom: republicans in the party are cite sizes him. vladimir putin is listening to donald trump and his words because he knows donald trump runs the country, not sarah
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huckabee sanders. or whoever writes the statements. donald trump sometimes contradicts his you aides. if he says something favorable to putin, then putin thinks he can keep doing this. tom: there is a lot of different countries involved. bringing on bolton as national security advice years all a good sign. switching gears to stormy daniels. she could be following her "60 minutes" interview with an encore on court tv. she filed a defamation lawsuit against president trump's lawyer michael cohen. daniels told "60 minutes" that the story was not only true, but she was threatened for it. >> i was in a parking lot going to a fitness class with my
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infant daughter. a guy walked up to me and said to me, leave trump alone and forget the story. he leaned over and looked at my daughter and said a beautiful little girl. it would be a shame if something happened to her mother. tom: she said she was too afraid to speak up. but if anyone can sorted it out, it's our next guest. former criminal defense attorney and legal analyst emily campagno. defamation. what does she have on defamation. the statement she made is defaming? >> the comment she is powngs on is him saying it doesn't have to be true for it to be harmful. she is a public figure.
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for her to prove defamation she needs to prove he knew of falsity or exhibited a reckless disregard for the falsity. she is contesting the validity of the dnd. a. that is where there will be documents brought to light and evidence that will be brought to light. tom: do you think her goal is to get everything out in the public. on the nda, he didn't seen it. but it does have a signature on it, michael cohen's. >> it does. this is not a one-dimensional
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analysis of whether the contract is valid. there are a whole host of competing factors all of which are persuasive to both sides. it has to be up to the courts or likely an arbitration. the contract does not have to be valid for the arbitration clause to subject plant all that. the public will never know what's going on until after it's released. that's part of california law poopter factors that come into play, is it proven that michael cone was acting on behalf of consulting on behalf of donald trump or if she card the check. there that's something the courts other arbiter will decide. in terms of her seeking to publish the information, i can't speak to her goals, but it seems that the strategy behind it has been yes releasing a series of
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information from her and her points of view she is not bead holden to the nda. but there remains to be seen, there is so much legal ramifications for both sides. tom report next step for trump, what do they say? do they go right into arbitration? >> michael cohen will move to have it moved out of the courts into arbitration. there is a lot going on as the this time. we heard allegations of potential campaign contribution violations. so concurrently there may be a doj and sec investigation. if this is judged an in-kind contribution. that all comes into play.
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there could be many concurrent things coming into play all at one time. tom: the trump presidency has changed a lot of the rules in d.c. will voters even care about the sex scandal. marie, you have been giggling throughout whole segment. >> this is the president of the united states house the head of a party that for the last 10 years have talked about personal responsibility. that's infewer yaiting to me as an american. donald trump could be in some trouble here. if this goes court and he has to be on the record under oath about what the truth is, he can't lie. politically i think female voters do care about this. a lot of the 2018 mid-terms will turn on female, suburban,
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independent women. this whole growth, scandal, glowft herb, but the play mates. it matters and it could hurt her party in november. >> marie is right, but we are seeing it among suburban white women who are married and they have turned on him. tom: i don't buy that. you are saying not on this scandal. it will be like bill clinton. the media and democrats will press this. it will be like bill clinton. 75% of the country supported bill clinton. >> women rejected the republican party in is something visceral going on. it's just another piece of a log on the fire and it makes them
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angrier. that's why the president has been quite on this. on that stormy daniels interview, when lead told him the story of the spanking. stormy daniels needs to take over for john kelly because she can refocus. but i think stormy daniels did enormous damage to her own case as did her lawyer where she said i had other offers, i chose this one because i wanted to be fair to the president. the threat dame in 2011 outside a jim -- the threat came in 2011 outside a gym in las vegas. there is a statute of limitations. tom: i don't know about the mystery guy outside the gymnasium. >> as an italian american i'm
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not buying it. >> that's exactly what they do. tom: it would be a shame if something happened to her mother. >> he's the worst fixer lawyer i have ever seen. tom: callers from my radio show calling in said we knew what we were getting with donald trump. >> i think it would and problem with evangelicals fit was pence. this is just as surprising as if we found out pence didn't do it. tom: it does work. >> as a suburban woman gop voter i care more about the omnibus passed.
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>> pence represents a key part of the republican party that used to be about personal morality, the evangelicals. tom: that ship sailed with clinton and they know it. the american public is so cynical they don't care about any of this stuff. did you hear. former president obama wants to create a million little versions of himself to save the world. what if donald trump said the same thing? the feds are after facebook. what does it mean for the privacy of your data. each year sarah climbs 58,007 steps.
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tom: the fbi reports it located several suspicious packages somebody sent to military bases in d.c. area. at least one contained explosive materials. the packages were sent too fort belvoir and fort mcmayor as well as dahlgren.
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they had a suspected gps and fuse attached. they have been sent to the fbi headquarters in quantico for examination. if usual mark zuckerberg at facebook it may seem like the light at the end of the tunnel tunnel is connected to a mac truck. zuckerberg and company have been scrambling to put out the dumpster fire. some users have started the hashtag delete facebook. a bipartisan group of state attorneys general demanding answers about the company's business practices. is there a chance the feds will
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regulate facebook out of existence? we have deirdre bolton. reporter: facebook won't be regular lailtd out of existence. but it will be regulated. this is the second strike. back in 2011, they talked about how fab * processes and stores and uses our data and a set of guidelines was adheres to. if through this cambridge analytica, there are also could class action lawsuits. you mention the states attorneys
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general. 37 have started investigations into facebook. from a business standpoint, mark zuckerberg has to go to d.c. and hire more lawyers. i think it becomes a business problem. do you hire more human engineers who cost money, who want vacations and need healthcare to work at your company and thin the profit margins out? tom: if i ever happen to read the terms and conditions of anything on can * they are ridiculous. facebook can do whatever they want with data. reporter: that may change. i think facebook will have to be clearer and you will have to say allow or don't allow. right now the burden is on you to start going through your settings.
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tom: it says default is in. reporter: sometimes when you are e-commerce sales you agree to hear about all our sales. unless you uncheck that box at the bottom you will get it all. tom: if i were zuckerberg i would be worried about the consumer. social networks can go away in a minute. we all remember my space. reporter: facebook has 2 billion users. you feel like the hashtag delete facebook is a powerful threat? elon musk deleting his fab * page, but he did keep his instagram account and facebook
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owns instagram. the class action lawsuits might be a good die tent or annoyance to mark zuckerberg. i think those who not happy with him for making so many mistakes publicly who have to testify april 10. larry page of google and jack dorsey of twitter. they have had their data issues but none quite oh public or repeated as facebook. they are probably thinking thanks a lot, zuckerberg. tom rsh as hillary clinton delusions about why she lost the election continue, barack obama is trying to stay relevant. heartburn!
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♪ get ready for the wild life with one a day men's. a complete multivitamin with key nutrients, plus b vitamins for heart health. your one a day is showing. tom: society needs a million michelle and barack obamas. that's what obama said in tokyo while discussing his post-presidential goals. >> after i left office i realized the obama foundation could potentially create a platform for young up and coming
8:31 pm
leaders. if i could do that effectively, then i would create a hundred or a thousand or a million young barack obamas or michelle obamas, or the next group of people who could take that baton in that relay race that is human progress. tom: are a bunch of obama clones really the answer? the party panel is back. lisa, a million obamas? what do you think? >> it's almost like he wrote a fundraising order for the gop. obama clones. i wish his foundation would look outside himself. i understand he's a democrat and he wants active democrats.
8:32 pm
but if he could look outside himself and him not be the pinnacle of what an activist is. tom: this is a real question. who is more eeg fiscal barack obama or donald trump. >> trump. >> i group new york city. from the early 80s on, donald trump was known as having the biggest ego in new york city. but i think president obama was saying and i'll give him credit for, we should be training the next generation of people to go out and try to solve the problems that afflict the united states and the world. and we should be doing it for conservatives and liberals. if he were able to give them that training and knowledge it
8:33 pm
would help the party. millenials don't want to be involved in government. if they can train people on both sides of the aisle to go out and work together, he absolutely should. >> this was part of his initiative during administration. it wasn't to train partisans, it was to train people in qualities of leadership. tom: come on, no one believes that. >> that's one of the most of cynical things you could say. i think the thing that may have the most of lasting impact around the world. these kids 10, 11, 12, who are told they could be a leader in their country. he was talking to young people around the world saying you can grow up to be president, too.
8:34 pm
i think it's a very important thing he can do in his post presidency that we should encourage. >> if we could find our own type of version of barack obama and michelle obama so they could excite the base and bring over independent voters and make them feel like they are cared about. >> that's what trump did. brought independent voters on. what does it say about your party if people in the midwest are connected more with a billionaire. tom: missouri senator claire mccaskill is not looking to clone hillary clintons. and hillary's attacks on trump voters is making it hard on the states trump won in. >> 16. >> for those of us in states
8:35 pm
where trump won, we wish she would be careful and show respect to he american voter and not just the ones who voted for her. tom: mccaskill's republican challenger already turned hillary's latest roast of trump voters into a trump commercial. what will it cost democrats to make her shut up. should she go away? the democrats don't want her anymore. >> i think claire mccaskill should file a complaint with the fcc saying she is giving an in-kind contribution to every republican. hillary clinton is a lightning rod who can throw gasoline on a dwindling fire. and i don't was she is trying to
8:36 pm
do now. she needs to go back in the woods and wait their for hansel and grelt to come. >> it pains me too say this. hillary clinton is the first woman to be a major party nominee. i get where she is coming from. but she is not helping the party that she loves and she is a part of. while understand the instinct she wants to explain. she is not being helpful, and i think it remains to be seen whether it will impact 2018. i think people have tuned her out at this point. she needs to take some time. i think that she needs to take a break. it pains me to say because i have a lot of respect for her. >> hillary clinton is at least a
8:37 pm
little more lively. >> she needs an obama leadership program to train her on how to be an effective leader. >> she did a lot of great things. she lost to the most of unqualified candidate for president. tom: do you hate your job? shade how your job follows you home? people in one city may soon have the right to disconnect. a new bill proposed in new york would give employees a right to unplug outside of work. any employer found violating this law would have to fork over a $250 to the city and $500 to
8:38 pm
the employee who timed the complaint. >> i love this idea. it's like the scene in the movie "prada." i don't think this law will work. the city never sleeps and we are constantly work. but it's a good thing to do for our sanity to take a break. >> i think it's on the employee. as a generation of experts without a phone. i think it's on the employee. if the employer trusts you they will know you are getting your work done even if you are not answering your phone or answer your email at 9:00 at night. i don't like that the city gets a portion of this money.
8:39 pm
what would you do if you had the option of getting $500 by complaining about a 9:00 p.m. email. >> i have had the misfortune of having to deal with the new york city council. a city councilmoon is very young and have much to the left and thinks of himself as a great thought leader. i could pro pros a bill myself that we ban unicorns from new york city. that's about as realistic as this bill. what this bill would do if it were implemented is it would harm economic progress in the city. if you can't contact an employee and say can do you this thing because we have an important deadline or something bad is happening. businesses will lead. employees who are upset with a job where you have to answer
8:40 pm
emails after 5:00 p.m. should find another job. rafael only wants to took you his constituents 9 to 5 monday through friday. i have seen city councilmen think space aliens are real. tom: one place that could not deal is fox news. they email you and say can you do ""fox and friends"" in the morning? yes, i'll be there. democrats have been confident about take over capitol hill in the mid-terms. we'll break count numbers next. i'm very proud of the fact that i served. i was a c130 mechanic in the corps, so i'm not happy unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy.
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tom: democrats are pushing the idea of a blue wave in the 2018 mid-terms. but a new fox poll shows it's not very wavy anymore. democrats lead over republicans is shrinking from a 15-powbt advantage last october to a 5-point lead now. 3% of voters say they are more -- 36% of voters say they are more enthusiastic about
8:45 pm
going to the polls. here to discuss, washington times opinion editor and fox news contributor, charles hurt. any surprises in this poll? >> you remember the last time we heard all these predictions of a giant blue wave was in november 2016. i'm putting this new blue wave in the same category. the biggest difference between the earlier poll and the present poll that shows the republicans doing better in a generic matchup, republicans managed to accomplish one of president trump's primary objectives which was tax reform and removing the onerous parts of obamacare. there is a lot more they still need to do. but that simple accomplishment means something. i think it's important to
8:46 pm
remember for republicans that remember during the whole campaign between hillary clinton and donald trump democrats were so focused on what a terrible, horrible person donald trump was, and they failed too realize -- failed to realize he was running a substantive campaign about issues. if republicans stick to that and talk about what a horrible person donald trump is, they can pull this out. tom: on my radio show i heard from trump supporters over this budget. they are not happy with him signing this budget. did want to politically put that behind sometime in what was his reason for not fighting on that budget? >> he's obviously disappointed. he said as much. but i think -- i do believe that he looked at it and he decided that the risk of losing getting
8:47 pm
the money he wanted for the military, that that was too great. and he knew that he was going to take a political hit for signing it. he knew it was a bad bill. he knew republicans and conservatives were going to hate it. it was an awful bill. he felt like, as he said, democrats hold the military hostage in order to get all of this spending we don't need. and i think that was genuinely it. the reason he did it. whether or not they pay a big price or not remains to be seen. but i could see a lot of republicans staying home. that's not what republicans are supposed to be doing here. tom: a lot of republicans are hoping to run on taxes. is that something republicans should be stressing in their election? >> obviously every district is
8:48 pm
different. but americans like tax cuts. at least conservative voters like cutting spending which they seem to be struggling with that a little bit. but if you go back to stronger military, border security, doing something about illegal aliens, tax cuts, a good economy. if you go and run on those things, republicans can do well in any correct. and that is the trump agenda. tom: hundreds of thousands of people took the streets to march against gun violence. but was it really just a political rally for the left?
8:49 pm
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tom: hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered nationwide and across the globe demanding stronger gun control laws. the protest was spearheaded by the survivors of the stoneman douglas high school students and whether weekend rallies really about students or hijacked by liberal activists for their own
8:53 pm
political agenda. joining me, eric, you saw the rally. they were young people. very young. >> the youth has often been the tool of the left in american protest history. tom: they have. >> they are emotional. they have their feeling and you can get them hopped up. people act as though whatever young people say, they are or -e orkals. they are not polluted like we are polluted. even if they have been pushed out there by old people with political agendas. tom: when you watch you think i would love to help them. when i look at them i say i want
8:54 pm
to give them a solution, but besides restricting gun rights, what do you do? >> the idea that you can fix everything with a government law is a deeply bad idea. i think it's because we have become a nation that has forgotten about culture. it doesn't mean you can't have other laws. but fundamentally as a country where we govern ourselves, we are supposed to think about the culture. i would say in the last 50 years, we have been talking about good and evil. we have never talked about evil. what do you call it when somebody murders innocent people randomly just to murder them. if that is not satanic evil. if i killed somebody because they wronged me or i wanted their money. there are all kinds of bad reasons to kill people.
8:55 pm
and i stole this idea from jordan peterson. but he makes the point -- i thought this before, there is no other word. even when you say evil, it goats level of satanic evil, murdering innocent children, we need to talk about that. tom: how do politicians to talk about it? >> people have no guts. this whole conversation is driven by the media narrative. the media has a narrative and they decided this is it. they covered these rallies this weekend. they covered the women's march. they never covered the march for life. every january half a million young people -- i spoke there a year ago it's young people talking about killing the unborn. the media never talks about it. if you are not going to talk about that kind of violence. why do i take you seriously when
8:56 pm
you cover this violence. this is big stuff. tom: you are so right. we'll be right back. today, the new new york is ready for take-off. we're invested in creating the world's first state-of-the-art drone testing facility in central new york and the mohawk valley, which marks the start of our nation's first 50-mile unmanned flight corridor. and allows us to attract the world's top drone talent. all across new york state, we're building the new new york.
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kennedy is back tomorrow. you can catch me on fox news radio. good night, everybody. i love ya. >> my dad was the first american to ever go over 400 miles an hour. >> ...won't let his son take the wheel. >> i wanted to beat him. >> you wanted beat your father. >> at everything. >> but when the legend meets a tragic end... >> everything changed for the thompson family. >> ...he leaves behind one heck of a challenge. >> danny, you didn't dress me up like this for nothing, did you? >> we want you to get the real feel for what it's like to sit in a 400-mile-an-hour car. put your hand here and on your other side so you can let yourself down slowly. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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