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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 27, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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much. here is lou dobbs. lou: these are top stories tonight. one of best days ever on wall street. dow jones serged almost 700 points. today's dow performance is third best in history. president trump receiving little credit for the rally in market from election day on high in january. and roundly criticized, of course, for his tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. but it may change. only grudgingly on part of political media wags.
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chinese have made it known, they are willing to listen to the president on issue of trade balance. investors love that development, market 6,000 points above the fateful election day in which trump was elected. >> 15 months ago. u.s. in china in talks now to avoid a trade war. >> we're not afraid of a trade war, but that is not our objective. we're going to proceed with our tariffs we're working on that, we're simultaneously having negotiations with the chinese to see if we can reach an agreement. lou: the talks taking place after president trump offered china an unusual proposal months ago for chinese to tell will united states how they would plan to cut the trade deficit by $100 billion a year, political press railed again the president for doing so, but chinese listening.
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counselor to president kellyanne conway will take up president's negotiations with us in moments. >> tonight president trump ordering expulsion of 60 russia diplomats and closure of russian consulate in seattle for the punishment of russia's poisoning of a former spy in the u. u.k. russia not too concerned. russia embassy in washington is asking twitter users when american embassy they should close in response. we take up russian response, and where we go from here, general jack keane is joining us, facebook privacy scandal threatening to until all -- en havenvelope all of silicon vally and big tech. we'll take that up here. and our top story, stocks
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staging a big one day rally in a decade as investor watch president trump's america first trade policy pay dividends, treasury secretary mnuchin said he is hopeful that the talks with the chinese can avoid a trade war, china beginning to make some concessions after trump make a reasonable demand. south korea ready to make deals, they are now willing to open their market to america -- to be exempt from president's tariffs, trade deficit with south korea last year neerp nearly we billion, united states ran a trade deficit with soa south koa until 2013. >> product president trump kicking off 60 russia diplomat in response to a nerve gas attack on a former russia spy in the uk, the largest expulsion of diplomats in american history.
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eu, canada and ukraine are following stuart, kicking out total of 50 as well, joining us kellyanne conway, good to see you. >> hello. lou: 60 russian diplomats sent home. that is a very strong statement. and the closure of the consulate in seattle. is this you expect there to be a strong response by vladimir putin? >> no telling how he will react. this was not a statement this was decisive and twist action by our president donald trump. 60 russian diplomats expelled is two and a half times of the next country. 23 in the u.k. and this time, joining with our allies taking action against the poisoning with nerve agent of this gentleman and his daughter in the uk, but also putting at
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risk innocent bystanders, including children. also this ridiculous narrative that the president is never tough on russia. 700 billion investment in spending last week, do you think that helps russia u.s. military getting stronger, bigger, tougher. and we export energy here, how does this help russia. to say nothing of fact that u.s. address have issued sanctions against 100 individuals. and then any number of other actions taken. it really up ends that whole narrative, and shows again this president takes action in city that loves to talk. lou: in a city that loves to talk, seem to be fascinated with itself. the fact is that the relationship with russia, china, are showing we're seeing a trade relationship to say the least
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with russians, woo seeing relationship with chinese in the face of the tariffs imposed by president. as i noted. >> yes. lou: everyone in the orthodoxy in the political press and business press as well, thought this is they were clucking and clacking and whaling about the tariffs -- wailing about tariffs, be on -- unaware that u.s. has not run a trade sump surplus in 50 year. >> this is part of what president trump want took issues with trades. he realized this is an issue of fairness this president made a commitment making good on every day to america, to american interests and american workers. and he says to china, they lost a investigation, said there are violations, we can take act to make this more fair, stop the
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theeftheft of our intellectual property, and president is sick of this economic aggression, appease impeachmented to always -- appease am that we're prime ministered t expected to give to china. i want to make a quick point. every time the people protect something tragic will happen and occur from an act that president trump takes it never happens. he pulls out of the paris accord, you can't do that. nothing happened. and you can't keep the commitment of 5 presidents and move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, and recognize it as capital of israel, bad things will hop happen, then we'll told you will start a trade war with china, that does not happen, stock market springs back today because predictioned trade war
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does not happen. lou: it has not happened. and this strategy at-this-point that president is on the right side of history again. we're also however looking at a country that has been aggressive, and expansionist in its policies. on its way to fulfill hegemonic designs in the region, china will not be milk toast in anyway, we can't expect them to alike we have because they are startesmarter. i think that president does not give enough credit for saying to chinese, here is the issue, we want you to reduce your surplus with us, and again, people reacting, reflectively because there -- of this orthodoxy lead by chamber of commerce, be round
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table and other establishment hacks in the city that we went to war against when he started campaigning. >> battleships turn slowly they can sink quickly, people better realize who the captain is in this town, he came here to disrupt, change the way of doing, american people responded in kind. i stell feel that there are organs andin organization that city that are not honoring the will of the people, are not adapting themselves to this president, they are expecting him to adapting to the city, that is not going to happen. i would tell you, with matters like this spending bill. this president is the -- a negotiator, deal maker in chief, he will be more involved in future, we're doing this against in 6 months, he has put everyone on notice. do not send me this again.
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it is one of those situationses -- he has paul ryan for crying out loud, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer they are bracking about the fact they stuffed him on the issue of the wall, this is an insult from the speaker of the house this man is absolutely, an obstructtionist fighting the president at every corner. his base outraged, understanding his most vague, with military -- most vagu-- motivation with milt for a speaker to alike this and get away with it this -- >> president has proven he can work with leaders in congress,. lou: i don't think he should do it. between you and me. >> they keep walking away.
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>> that shows how phony the exercises are. >> he is not getting love from daca or schumer or pelosi u. they are peddling that stuff they are full of it. straight up. >> let me just point out, something important. congress' approval rating mired at 10%, president's approval rating is going up, even all narratives about chaos and nonsense from main sphreem main. us that work here see a president who is very focused -- -- lou: don't push that too far. what he promised was a wall. >> he better get it. i agree with you. >> he was elected he is not guy who said just wait, he is the guy who said we'll have a smart government, do what we said, he is doing a historic job. but there are some --
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>> if he could do it on his own he would. lou: i understand. but -- >> turns stomach of a lot of folks in his base. we look forward to next 6 -- >> look m me he is frustrated, e made it clear the other day. listening to generals who want military funded and made clear that people in congress did not listen to men and women of dhs, asking for reinforcement. he wants that wall as center piece of campaign. he is protecting his country, we have to have a more sovereign nation with fiscal borders. lou: you are talking to choir here, the audience of this broadcast, that is why they want that damn wall, kellyanne.
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>> i am with them. lou: thank you. >> up head, next of house intelligence committee demanding answers of fbi handling of klystroklein-- clinton investigr crying out loud. >> then he should immediately move to hole the department of justice and fbi in contempt and if we have to vote on contempt, we should immediately move to impeach those officials. lou: gregg jarrett joining to us take up nunez's proposal and fbi and department of justice corruption here next, stay with
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lou: sometimes things don't go the fbi let''s way. >> a new resolution concerning pulse nightclub shooting in orlando, 49 people were killed. the shooter, omar mateen's father was a confidence shall informant for the fbi, he was one for more than a decade before that massacre in 2016. that according to new testimony in court documents in trial of omar mateen's widow, his from
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either sadiq was captured on video, attending a hillary clinton rally in florida august 2016, two months after the shooting. pressure on facebook continue, ftc confirmed they are investigating facebook for misusing personal information of as many as 50 million users, a broad of investigation than that. and also, a bipartisan group of 37, attorneys general, 37 states have sent a letter to ceo zuckerberg, they demand answers about the company's questionable, practices, and its business propositions, joining us, fox news legal analyst, gregg jarrett. >> good to see you. >> start with fbi informant. in attendance at a rally two months after the shooting. this is stunning stuff.
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where -- does the fbi know how to do anything right? >> apparently not. and one of the best things that could happen would be for the department of justice to get rid of just about every top official at the fbi. because they have proven again, that they are either incompetent or little bit i -- politically biased. and americans should be fed up. as i know you are. lou: without question. and i think we have only the evidence and the experience. to support our views. this is troubling. because there needs to be a movement went congress within the senate, went the white house, to overhaul that place. it really needs -- i don't know if a scrubbing is adequate. it is rancid in its leadership.
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>> as lord acton said, power corrupt -- absolute power corrupts absolutely. he is right. that is the fbi for the better part of the last decade, absolute, unchecked power at hands of first robert mueller then james comey, this is what you get. lou: and attorney general jeff sessions seems to have receded to wherever it is he goes during the quiet periods of his, as devin nunes, chairman of house intelligence committee saying, point blank we have to go after these officials, and seek contempt if they do not produce, then documents and data and defer to the congress and congressional committees whose right and responsibility it is
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to get of this oversight then impeach them. >> nonse nunez esis right, thers obstruction of justice which is a crime. what is it okay they have been requesting more tha than a milln documents they have just a fraction of that, because the fbi is engaging in a cover-up, you know for so lang they got away with it under the >> but now have you a new share in town, trump administration but i agree you have to have a second special counsel because the feckless jeff sessions has proven he is not capable of investigating. lou: it is stunning stuff. the last number i heard, what was produced was 10,000.
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10,out of a -- lou: >> what do you bet most have been redacted oral entered, that is also be on hav obstruction o. lou: congress is moving at a slower rate if it is possible, only devin nunes has been ready to drive and charge ahead. as if the other committees condition follow his example. -- they move so slowly that events over take them. we have the bob goodlot, trey gowdy. you would think they would have forever, they do, they are going to retirement not performing their duties as chairman and gets to the bottom. nunes set the example there are them. >> absolutely, congress has always moved at a glacial pace
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it is biggest collective of unimpressive dim bulbs in america gathered in one place. sadly the speaker of the house is the rule. you know throw the bums out. and bridg bring in new people. lou: amen. >> i'm with you. lou: you got it, gregg jarrett, vote in our poll, do you believe even globalist investors on wall street are beginning to wake up to possibilities of president trump's pro-growth america first trade policies? cap of the your vote on twitter. follow he on twitter, like me on facebook. at lou dobbs, and on wall street, stocks posting biggest gains in 2 1/2 years, dow surging 669. third largest point game in history, and s&p up 70. volume on big board under 3 1/2.
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wilshire 5,000 with best day since 2008. market adding almost 800 billion dollars in market cap sinc -- se the president's. nasdaq up 40%. and since the election, listen to my reports 3 times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network, up next, trump administration kicking out more russian diplomats than any other popresident even during the cold war. >> the u.s. and our allies and partner in world make clear that russian acts have consequence. this can only happen with change in russian government behavior. lou: full report next on the president's tough stance against russia. liberty mutual stood with me
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lou: president trump stepping up pressure against russia and vladimir putin. president trump expelling the largest number of russian diplomats in history. reporter: in expelling 0 russian diplomats, the white house joins countries across the world in public i shaling russia for the poisoning of a former russian spy on british soil. >> it's significant in degrading their intelligence capabilities around the world, not just the u.s. reporter: ukraine and canada all took action, affecting 100
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individuals in the expulsion of the largest number of diplomats since the cold ware. >> it's part of a pattern of increasingly aggressive russian behavior. reporter: kremlin officials deny they have been behind the attack. the white house announced the closure of a russian facility in seattle, just the latest in a series of actions against the russians. critics often accuse president trump of being soft on moscow. he ordered an attack against bashar al-assad. sent troops into poland over russian objections and expanded oil exports into eastern europe,
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a crucial russian market. >market. >> the bond between our people remain strong. the united states is ready to cooperate and forge a better relationship between our two countries. but that will only be possible when russia chooses to become a more responsible partner. reporter: president trump needs to do much more. he needs to toughen you have economic sanctions and hit putin's money, the oligarch's money and beef up the current forces along the russian border.
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reporter: dozens of american diplomats could be on their way back home. lou: a number of packages containing explosives have been found at military installations in the washington, d.c. area, including fort belvoir and fort mcnair and dahlgren. scanning facilities found suspicious packages. no injuries have been reported. the united states showing off its military might. we take up the message being sent to north korea. sent to north korea. general jack keane joins us racing isn't the only thing on my mind.
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lou: kim jong-un reportedly making a surprise visit to bay gin. -- to beijing. his first foreign visit since taking power. he's supposed to meet with president trump in may. the f-35-3-rbgs lightning.
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the jets are outfitted with stealth technology to help avoid radar detection, and it can land vertically just like a helicopter. extraordinary aircraft. joining us tonight, the former vice chief of the air force general jack keane, now fox news strategic analyst. let's start with the russians, sending home 60 folks. never before that's sent even during the cold war. what do you make of it? streent of it is it's being done by 20-plus nations. we have the most of russian diplomats in this country. usually that doesn't get much consequence in terms of changing behavior. but the idea has to be daunting
4:38 am
on mr. putin that he's dealing with a different president than in trump given as he mentioned in the introduction. all the things we have done to push back on russia. the thing putin paid the most attention to is the buildup of the united states military and the fy18 and fy19 budget. he's look at that as deja vu. he remembers the buildup that's came before the collapse of the soviet union. the commander of allied forces in the europe is calling for increased u.s. troops to be put on the russian bored. in the budget we just approved and he signed, there is three times the amount of money in that given the past investments. $6.5 billion.
4:39 am
more troops, more capabilities. that's something that gets putin's attention. lou: i'm sure it does. but you have instructed us on some of the different is of our military. we have a smaller fighting force than at any time in memory. >> 75 years. lou: we have at the same time a deficiency in hypersonic weapons the russians have been funding and developing for years while we have lagged thanks in large measure to sequestration and the policies of the obama administration and the preoccupation of the bush administration with wars in the middle east. >> these two budgets in and of themselves will not fix the military. but they clearly are an initial first gooding stallment to put us on a path to do that.
4:40 am
hopefully congress will figure out a way to keep doing that without increasing the deficit. that will get mr. putin's attention. eventualitily we have to do something about putin and his cronies. we can tie that up. and that will get his attention. lou: kim jong-un in beijing, what do you make of it? >> i think it's the chinese trying to exert a little control. they are probably concerned the north korean leader and the united states leader is meeting one-on-one. that kind of takes china out of that process. they are inserting themselves back in the process.
4:41 am
we always looked at this as adults on your show. we always knew china had control over north korea from the beginning right after the war was over and nothing happened in north korea without china's approval. that's the reality of it. that's what this is about, trying to get kim jong-un's attention. hopefully changa will play ball and move this in the right direction. but we have to be sceptical about china. they have played us just as much as the north koreans have all these years. lou: general, thanks so much. general jack keane. please roll the video and watch as 61-year-old mad mike hughes launches himself nearly 2,000 feet above the mojave desert in his home made rocket.
4:42 am
his self-taught scientist who wants to prove he can put himself up 2,000 feet. he wants to prove the earth is flat. he has a few more thousand feet to go before he could prove it. i would say at 61 years old, case proved. facebook facing a controversy over user cell phone data. a famous faith ceo says facebook a famous faith ceo says facebook gives him
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lou: growing fury or facebook's treatment of their users and their data. fox news national correspondent william lajeunesse with our report. >> we have a basic responsibility to protect people's data. reporter: that statement by mark zuckerberg carries new meaning. >> facebook told its users it
4:47 am
had security in place when it didn't. reporter: the company repeatedly violated getting permission from its users before sharing with third party apps. this weekend zuckerberg apologized in a full-page ad. but polls show many users * lost trust. this isn't personal policy. it's about public policy, consumer harm. reporter: today's senate judiciary chairman scheduled a hearing for the 10th.
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any inquiry there involve cambridge analytica. the latest controversy for facebook, at gaitions it had logs of phone calls of users using without signing up. lou: the chief narcissist is still the chief narcissist. still the chief narcissist. we'll tell you how he
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lou: going to washington doesn't help one's ability to estimate crowd sizes. organizers claim 850,000 demonstrators showed up for saturday's rally. but the crowd size estimates were $250,000.
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president obama going around the world for speak engagements for lavish fees, one would presume. he was in japan where he said he would create perhaps a million young barack or michelle obamas so the world would be a better place. sorry to disappoint you, but probably that wouldn't permit us to maintain your uniqueness. that would be disappointing to us all. joining us, former reagan political director, ed rollins and "new york post" fox business contributor, michael goodwin. can you imagine anyone saying they wanted a million more people just like themselves? he through in his wife as an
4:54 am
afterthought. michael: why not go for cloning straight up. lou: dose think the japanese people are that stupid. michael: enough people believed him to make him president twice. there was something -- lou: he brought class and majesty to almost any discussion. michael: it was obama's view that he was something unique and he was in terms of being the first non-white president. but he thinks everything he did after that was also unique and splendid and i think that's where we part company. ed: one thing he did was destroy
4:55 am
this party. they lost house members and senators. and it took donald trump about 100 days to you be do all his executive orders he spent 8 years pushing through. i think jimmy cart i shall saying john bolton waltz worst appointment was to me a positive thing. lou: it was positive if the worst thing he has done is bring in john bolton. let's turn to the russian decision. the president is accused of being soft on russia. the largest number of intelligence officers being shipped back to russia. is there anything to these ejecting each other's diplomats and intelligence officers?
4:56 am
michael: i think the knock object president trump is he never says any bad about putin. he never says anything bad about xi and he stopped saying bad things about on -- about kim jong-un. i think he's retraining while showing commitment to what happened in great britain. lou: i think of theresa may. she is going after half cocked and talking like the biggest dog on the block when putin has,500 nuke, --has 500 nuclear-tipped s aimed at the island. ed: if the president hadn't done what he did, it would have been
4:57 am
totally i a -- totally symbolic. this is say together russians, we know what you are doing, and please stop. lou: our 16 intelligence agencies didn't know they meddled in our elections or they would have presented evidence of it. you mentioned theresa may. they disarmed effectively. germany buys most of its gas from russia. so the idea they are going to stand up against russia, when, with what? lou: she embraced the islamization of germany,
4:58 am
surrendered her borders and stands there like a feckless distraction she is. lou: he basically rearmed the ohio class submarines, the second class put 10 or 12 more nuclear subs out there today that weren't out there before. that's a loud message. lou: his approach to president xi and the chinese specifically on the issue of trade. wall street was clucking as he ran on tariffs and free trade is over and it will be fair trade and it will be reciprocal. and we lost 1,400 points because somebody decided at the chamber of commerce and business round table that it made some sense to
4:59 am
tuck the president down. michael: south korea has settled some of our claims. lou: and the european union. michael: whatever they get based on adjusting those deficits. lou: do you have a concluding thought for us? ed: i group in a submarine town, i know what they can do, with nuclear weapons especially. lou: i'm just not a fan of send the diplomats home. something tells me they got other stuff around, as do we. tomorrow night congressman andy
5:00 am
biggs joins us and dr. sebastian gorka. see you tomorrow. good night from new >> last week everything was against the bulls then this week you heard on monday that chinese tensions are easing and they were coming to blink or play ball. i knew we'd be capping. transfer the bulls are back in charge of all strata of months to rally stock features. guess what i'm appointing two more games at today's opening. train two yeah, dow futures up 131. s&p at 15. nasdaq up 60 of course after the big rally yesterday. lauren: the dow jones up 670 points. the third-biggest point gain in history on trade t


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