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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 28, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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him. charles: that is so crazy. democrats running away from nancy pelosi and a lot of republicans still loathe president trump at their own peril. thank you at home for watching. we're doing better than you think. stay the course now. here's lou. lou: good evening, everybody. these are the top stories. president trump fighting back against california's dangerous sanctuary policies. president trump today threw his support behind orange county's revolt against that state's sanctuary law. we take up the need for tougher immigration enforcement, the wall with conservative commentator. also tonight, another cabinet shakeup, president trump announcing he's replacing embattled veterans affairs secretary david shulkin with admiral rony jackson, an active duty navy physician who now serves as physician to the president. and the trump administration
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striking a new trade deal with south korea. that agreement permanently exempting south korea from the trump tariffs in exchange for south korea reducing its exports to this country. our special guest tonight, trump trade adviser peter navarro with us. also tonight, the department of inspector general announced he will open an investigation into fisa court abuses during the obama administration. thashtsd. an obama inspector general with no prosecutorial power who is already overburdened with investigations into the comey and clinton e-mail scandal now looking into fisa court abuses. and attorney general jeff sessions sill silent on calls for a second special counsel. we take all of that up tonight. lou: our top story, president trump attacking california's sanctuary policies.
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tweeting this, quote, my administration stands no solidarity with the brave citizens in orange county defending their rights against california's illegal and unconstitutional sanctuary policies. california's sanctuary laws release known dangerous into the uniteunited states. but california's attorney general continues to flaunt federal law, threatening to arrest the sheriff of orange county, because she said she will enforce federal immigration laws and cooperate with immigration and customs enforcement wall construction under way in california. the president tweeted this, great briefing this afternoon on the start of our southern border wall. the president referring to the construction of a two and a quarter mile replacement in the
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sector, a wall is a generous description. it's a little more than a replacement for a crumbling piece of architecture that was supposed to be a barrier. our first guest tonight here to discuss the state of the trump border wall in the wake of the omnibus spending bill, president trump's reported plan to push the military to fund the construction of that wall and much more, joining me political come men stater, best selling author ann coulter. you have been critical of the president of late. broken hearted you described yourself at one point. now with a wall rising, that fence that you saw there. ann: they're repainting some rick ety fences, lou. but, it's not just another scam to keep us saying, oh, it's coming, it's coming. yeah, he can use the military. some of us have been saying that forever.
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he's the commander in chief. no legislature, no court can take that away. he has full authority to repeal an attack on the border. even though i was on a tweet storm last night, i got in rather late and i'm sorry about some of the language, however, i was right on the law. and that is, look, even the war powers act, which many say is unconstitutional, every president i believe has said -- lou: we needn't get into that. ann: that is a restriction on the president's power to deploy military forces. even that, we can't do anything about a president repealing an attack on the nation. that's what we're dealing with here. we're losing more people to heroin and fentanyl overdoses every year. lou: 116 a day through 2016, and it's been rising at 53% in most of the major cities akrowses
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this country since then. ann: and i would recommend anyone interested in the topic whereby i don't usually recommend liberal journalists, the book "dreamland." he has a great book on the opioid crisis and heroin and fentanyl. and you'll see 90% of the heroin and fefnt na fentanyl is comingm mexico. lou: the reality has been with us too long. that border is where most of the methamphetamines, marijuana, heroin and cocake com cocaine c. until we stop it we are literally deciding that mill'ns of young americans will be collateral damage to the principles of someone's open border fantasy. ann: meanwhile -- lou: our nigh nightmare.
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ann: meal while people objecting to this, they're fine with emergency decision to take out a dictator or an emergency bombing of syria or emergency escorting of ships without the president going to congress. lou: as i recall the left was apoplectic at each of those events. ann: not all of them. not bombing libya. in any event -- lou: ann, let's focus here. ann: this is what the issue is. everyone is attacking trump -- lou: you're attacking trump for cryin' out loud klt finishing the sentence, you may attack the president when he does not keep his promises. that is an appropriate thing to do. lou: you can attack the president whenever you want to. it's america for cryin' out loud. ann: he is right on the constitution -- lou: you have been talking about the president as if he had absolutely broken every promise on the campaign trail.
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ann: i've been quite clear about which promises he had broken. to build a wall and deport illegals. i'm glad you're talking to since you won't let me tell you what the constitutional basis is. lou: i'm not intereste intereste i have a good idea and so does this president of what the powers of the united states president is. ann: this is a problem with trump keeping his promises on immigration. in the case of white house or the trade issue, at the white house you have peter navarro and you have wilbur ross, fantastic, they're giving the president good advice. when it comes to immigration, there is no one giving him good advice. it is ten feet deep with w-0 people who opposed the wall. lou: someone convinced this president that daca is not a democrat issue but one he can seize from the democrats. and i ha happened to agree with you. whoever ised advising him, firf
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all they must drink with paul ryan in order to get that delusional. ann: or karl rove. lou: those fools are often funded by the person you mentioned, karl rove and all of his buddies at the chamber of commerce and the business round table. ann: more important than the trade issue was obviously the promise to build the wall. he has the authority. he needs to listen to the right people. the washington post reported that the pentagon official says we can't build the wall without congressional approval. the guy is a moron and you shouldn't be listening to morons when you're -- lou: who are you calling a moron? ann: the washington post didn't identify the pentagon official though i'm demanding his name. lou: there's only one person over there that could make such a bald statement. certainly general mattis would not. ann: who knows.
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it could be jared kushner because he's running the entire government. lou: let's turn to -- you called him a shallow lazy i gues i gues just for the record and now you're making a chord with him. before we go too far down -- ann: i called him that during the campaign and in trump we trust. lou: and quoted yourself ever since. ann: yes, i have been. that was part of the reason we trust dtrusted him in somethingd in him. we've voting for him for the policies -- lou: i sure as hell didn't and millions of other americans -- ann: again was halfway through the sentence. lou: hurry to the best part. ann: and you realize an elegant person wouldn't say the things he was saying. it was precisely that he us wi o
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coastecoarse that allowed him to say -- lou: he a said brazenly sing th. ann: the shallow coarse ignoramus, yes it was a selling point beu because he didn't care what people thought of him and now all he wants is for goldman sachs to like him. i don't know what happened. lou: affirmation complexes are never attractive and unfortunately i believe there is some truth to the fact that there are those in the white house who would like to guide him toward this liberal fantasy that is a nightmare for america and has proved to be such for our middle class which has been dwindling for the last 20 years. under this president they're starting to grow and money is starting to come in and we're starting to see housing prices
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rise -- ann: everything gets better with a wall and deportations. entitlements, the drug problem, theft of government -- lou: entitlements. ann, you must leave some of your venom for him. ann: paul ryan? lou: if you would. ann: i will. my venom toward him is instead of bringing in immigrants who bring in their relatives and immediately go on medicare and social security and tell americans you have to tighten your belt we're raising if retirement age. don't limit the retirement age, limit social security and medicare to americans. lou: that would be radical and probably unconstitutional in the view of javier -- ann: everything is easier if you fix immigration. lou: i find everything easier with the president in the white house. ann: he needs a few other people in the white house who don't appose everything he said about
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immigration in the campaign. lou: trefnterrific recommendati. we would love to see the ann coulter list. ann: i have a long list. lou: give me your list. we'll put it on the screen. ann: i want you to give it to the president. i don't want it on the screen. lou: ann coulter, great to see you up next, president trump putting workers and companies, american workers and companies first scoring concessions from south korea, a major new trade deal. yes, balanced, fair, reciprocal trade has begun. the president's top trade adviser peter navarro joins me here next.
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new trade deal with south korea today boosting america's auto exports, limiting imports of south korean steel. the original trade deal with south korea, which was created by former president obama, former secretary of state hillary clinton back in 2012 has been nothing short of disastrous. the u.s. trade deficit with south korea has soared since then from 16 billion to nearly 23 billion last year. my next guest says the original south korea trade deal is one of
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the worst in american history and joining us tonight, a man who certainly knows about trade deals, a key architect of the president's trade policy. peter navarro, director of the white house national trade counsel. great to have you with us. >> a day for the history books. the top three worst deals in american history, you've got at the top, china getting into the wto in 2001, number two nafta and number three, this one here that was done by hillary clinton open barack obama in 2012 as you said in the opener, all we did was double our trade deficit and hammer our auto industry. and the president during the campaign was committed to renegotiating it and guess what, promises made, promises kept. history made today. lou: it's wonderful. congratulations. and looming, let's go to nafta first and foremost. our friends in canada and mexico, the president just fumes
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whenever he has to mention the term nafta. how close are we to reconciling that and establishing reciprocal balanced fair trade as the president wants. >> well, lou, i always stay in my lane and we have the best trade negotiators in the last 20 years. he's running that. i think they've gone through six rounds now. he's hopeful we can get a fair deal. but i think it's worth looking at the korea deal a little bit because it does give us some glimpses of how things can be. and you know, one of the things that happened with the korea deal today, there's this notion of free and fair trade where you tear down the barriers, the nontariff barriers. one of the things that the koreans were doing so they could send us 20 cars for every one that we sent them is they would put these standards in, environmental and safety standards which were unique to korea. we had these cars going over there that were safe and clean
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but then korea would impose additional standards -- lou: how many cars would be going from here to there as a result? let's keep you in your lane. i want more cars in south korea. >> the president wants more cars. 80% of the deficit with south korea is cars and auto parts. so what happened was the quota got lifted from 25 to 50,000 per manufacturer. so over 200,000 cars potentially are able to go that way. now what's important is you also got to low ter nontarifer the nf barriers. this is the sneaky stuff that happens. if you sent a ford to korea, you couldn't import the auto parts easily to repair that car -- lou: do you think. >> now we can do that. lou: you fixed all of this. >> we fix -- lou: now talk about what you're going to fix next. let me. >> you go ahead.
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i love it. lou: how about the european union, $150 billion deficit. looking at china tariffs and we're talking about a tradeoff. the president head made a terrific and bold initiative, turning to china saying look, show us how you're going to reduce the trade deficit by $100 billion a year. are we still hearing crickets from china? >> ak bas door lighthouser and mnuchin are engaged in talks. we have china stealing not only our intellectual technologies but that of the world. and it's forced technology transfer, lou. your viewers need to understand that if an american company or european company wants to go to china, get access to the big market they're always dangling, guess what, joint venture and you got to surrender your technology. a recipe for disaster.
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that's what's on the table. lou: forced technology transfer. little things like boeing gets to sell an airplane in china, they let the chinese have all of the intellectual property as they roll up the blueprints and start production of the wing abtail and nose in china. this stuff has been going on for decades. there's nothing subtle bt it. >> understood. lou: this is straight-forward treat. 3500 front companies in this country steal our military, our business technology, and latest innovations. i don't see anything subtle about it. >> and this is the only president that's had the courage to stand up. lou: absolutely. >> we're trying to engage the allies on this. it is amazing that around the world from japan to germany, all throughout europe that they let the chinese get away with that. because here's what happens -- lou: i'm sorry. i'm crunched on time.
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but we'll do that around the world tour with you the next time. how is that? >> you're the man, lou. lou: you're the man. congratulations on the new deal. be sure to vote in the poll tonight. the question is do you get the sense -- the last thing that the leadership of the fbi and the department of justice are actually in is something called justice. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs, follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram and on wall street stocks are ticking lower. dough up nine points, s&p down eight, nasdaq fell 60. tech shares, they continue to plunge. netflix the worst performer of the fang stocks. only 5%. and i'm sure there's no correlation whatsoever with the fact that embattled former obama official susan rice, former nsa
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is jien joining the netflix boa. congratulations netflix. good news for the economy. fourth quarter gdp revised higher to 2.9%, just missing 3%. the new normal under obama, don't you? a reminder within listen to my reports three times a day, coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, 18 million viewers tuned in. we need more trump support erps oers ontelevision. there's a big one now. >> jackie, would you like to take a knee? >> but most of all, lord, thank you for making america great again. lou: we'll take up the roseanne reboot. it's been far far too long. the culture wars got a little more interesting, didn't they? ed rollins joins me here next.
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lou: amazon shares taking a beating, down more than 4% today. i know if you own amazon that's not funny. but i mean the reasons are somewhat absurd here. president trump letting it be known that he wants to regulate the online giant because it's hurting local retailers and other businesses. that selloff comes a day after the new york post presented a full-page ad from a nonprofit attacking jeff bezos for taking pentagon handouts while bashing president trump. the ad reads in part, quote, mre $100 billion handout. the cash will really help my many efforts to oppose your administration's policies, your pal, jeff. you know, i love that ad and i love what people are doing. because it's really time for
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there to be an accounting. abc's reboot -- by the way, jeff bezos owns the "washington post," the house organ of the left "rrosanne" drawings 18 million users last night. the first network presenting with a trump main character supporter and obviously the audience loved it. >> how could you have voted for him, ro san. >> he talked about jobs. this might come as a complete shock to you but we almost lost our house the way things are going. >> now things are worse. >> not on the real news. >> oh, please. you kept saying what a disaster it would be if she got elected and how i wasn't seein seeing tg picture and how everything was rigged. and then i go into the boothe
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and i voted for jill stein. lou: you got to love it. that lack looks funny. joining me now, fox business political analyst and media critic ed rollins. >> i love r rosanne. she can become the arch chi bunker of today's age. a great show, a great comedian. lou: there are a lot of people out there who don't know who arcarchie bunker is. >> that was a great show. >> over 18 million people tuning into this. there was no close second lasting night. and roseanne is as sharp and quite and clever as she ever was. >> and the fact he's a liberal now playing a trump supporter is a great role for her. lou: and i like her a lot more
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in this new incarnation. for whatever reason. i don't know what it would be. let's turn to amazon. the department of defense, which has been giving away big contracts on whether it's on cloud computing, whatever, to companies owned in large measure by potentially enemies of this country. now romancing -- i love the way it appears. romancing jeff bezos to take some of their money for collude computing. i don't know whether it's 10 billion or 100 billion but it's ridiculous as he attacks the administration. >> i would be very careful not that amazon doesn't produce good products. but i think the defense department has to be careful of giving everything to one company. lou: how about the pentagon, for crying out loud having its own technology experts, its own colloid. >cloud. >> no reason they shouldn't. lou: this business is set into the mind of washington where everything can be outsourced,
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everything can be offshore. one company, one country, same thing. no matter what. bull. there are strategic interests here that are fundamental. >> we were the cutting edge of the defense department. we built the best ships and planes and we've got to get back to doing that. lou: hell, we can't get to space right now. i love it. we throw out 60 russian diplomats and intelligence officers, meanwhile we've got two astronauts who can't get to the space station and back without russian help pi mea. i mean it gets complicated. >> it is complicated. i have no desire to go to space. i know you once wanted to go to space. lou: my wife almost made it. >> just going to l.a. and san francisco is a tour for me. lou: my wife volunteered us for the civilians in space program. >> i think my wife volunteered me too but she wasn't going with me. lou: i'm not sure mine was either. she told me it was for the both
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of us but i'm not sure how she has that figured. let's turn to immigration. 135 billion, the estimated cost per year, at least in 2017 by the faish, th fair, the immigram federation. we've got california out of control. javier threatening to arrest the orange county sheriff. i can't tell if it's a clever left wing conspiracy to explode california or just stupid. >> it's a left wing state. i grew up in california. it was always a trendsetter and i hope it's not a trendsetter anymore. 13% of the country's population. if it is, the country is in trouble. the reality is the figures that you throw out, the cost of immigration, the vast majority of americans have no idea what it costs for the vast immigration programs. and the fact that you can come here illegal and get on wale wee
7:34 pm
is absurd. we need to tougher the immigration laws and do it today. lou: and we've got to give the president great credit because she's taking them on. and he keeps referra referring e wall. i can't wait to see the darn thing. >> he's going to get the wall. he made two promises that were sacred. one i'm going to build a wall and we's going to build a wall. i'm going to lock hillary clinton up. that is probably not going to happen. lou: we've got an inspector general investigating this. >> i'd much rather have an attorney general wake up and do it. but at the end of the day his commitments have been valid and he's going to keep fighting for them. that's what his supporters want. lou: i just want him to do it. i don't want any more talk. as he used to say on the campaign trail, these politicians, they talk and i'm a doer. >> i think coming out today and supporting the five-member board of supervisors of orange county, three of them loaded for majority to fight the sanctuary
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city thing and to applaud them today publicly is a great thing. lou: thanks for being here. a global left wing conspiracy on the taxpayer dime of course that's what the left does, isn't it? a new lawsuit seeking answers about the obama connection. judicial watch is going after george sorrous. we have the story for you next and much more straight ahead. stay with us.
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lou: judicial watch suing the federal government for records detailing obama administration funding of george soros' projects. the government funding a billionaire's left wing rad dal issues around the world. the lawsuit alleging that the u.s. aid gave $5 million to soros' prompts, money used to fund left wing med ya campaign ps media campaigns. they'll begin an investigation into fisa court abuses. the inspector general says the probe was requested by attorney general jeff sessions and unfamed members of congress.
7:40 pm
13 house republicans and 4 republican senators have sent letters to the department of justice asking for a second special counsel to investigate allegations of fbi and department of justice corruption. joining me now, byron ne by byr, chief political correspondent for "the washington examiner" >> hey, lou. i know you're a big fan of the investigations. lou: i'm a fan of those who ask for that instead of a second special counsel as so many of their colleagues have done. areal i really can't understandw this has worked so far to this point under a president and a department of justice who are republicans. >> well, a couple of things. i mean this investigation had to happen. and when you hear republicans talk about they want an investigation into fisa abuse,
7:41 pm
what they're really talking about is the trump dossier. and if you look at the statement that the inspector general released saying what he would investigate, it's who compiled it, how did the -- what kind of relationship did the fbi have with the author, christopher steele of the trump dossier, why did they agree to pay him to continue his work. given that he was being paid by the hillary clinton campaign and then what was done with the dossier in this whole carter page surveillance warrant thing. so it's almost a euphemism to say they're looking into fisa abuse when in fact they're looking into the dossier. lou: yeah. it is well past time in this scandal, in era in which we live the past 15 months and the previous eight years in which we have watched the left, the democratic party, the deep state
7:42 pm
absolutely corrosively dismantle the federal government and the integrity of its top leaders of almost every department mpleg well, as far a.>> well as far as investigation is concerned, remember the trey gowdy critique of the inspector general stands because, you know, maybe the inspector general is just a great guy. but he can only interview people who have still in the justice department. and so that precludes talking to, say, christopher steele or james comey who has left the justice department and andrew mccabe who has left the justice department and glen simpson of fusion gps. all of these people who were involved in this who are outside the inspector general's purview. so that's the big flaw there. lou: you must -- well, let's keep it -- let's balance the other side of the gowdy quotable moments in that also is when he protested the second special counsel and basically has said there should be -- implied that there should be no investigation
7:43 pm
whatsoever of hillary clinton. and he basically achieved that in his benghazi performance as chairman of the overnight committee. oversight committee. let's turn to now it's been 14 months that an inspector general has been investigating comey and the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. no one yet has touched the obvious pay for play scanned chl is the clinton coun foundation. why is anyone tolerating an inspector general who takes, what is it going to be within a year and a half to investigate what so many have before, along with five congressional committees. this is a ruse, it is a sham and the american people are being scammed and they know it. they know it and if they don't know it, they feel it to the borne. >bone. >> well i think that we should at least wait and see this
7:44 pm
report that the inspector general comes out with. i am suspicious of people when they say something is going to be a bombshell, going to be explosive and huge and all of that stuff. i think we should wait to see it. and you're absolutely right. the date of release keeps getting pushed back. a lot of us after earlier delays that it would be out around the first of april, now i'm hearing more like the first of may. on the other hand, from all i've heard, the inspector general does have a lot of stuff on the fbi's investigation of hillary clinton, including the whole preexoneration thing where hillary clinton was interviewed on july 2nd and exonerated on july 5th and then we found out later that james comey had been drafting that exoneration statement since may. before not only talking to hillary clinton but more than a dozen other key witnesses, many of who were very important. i do think we want to see what
7:45 pm
the inspector general has come up with. lou: i think we all want to see, byron. i just think there's something very un-american about all of us being dragged through such expectation by a group of people who is, as chris farrell of judicial watch put it on this broadcast a number of times about the inspector general, it's where truth goes to die. it seems to be the entire justice department is where truth goes to die and the leadership is where the corrupt go to find fulfillment. and so far only they have achieved their dreams. the rest of us wait and wait. but of course, as we've heard byron york suggest here tonight, we'll just have to be patient. >> well, look, you're right on the waiting part. lou: i'm kidding. >> we're talking about events that took place in 2016 and it's now 2018.
7:46 pm
lou: the children of these corrupt leaders of this departments and agencies will be work in those same agencies by the time we get to the truth at this rate. but i'll do my very best to be patient. >> please do, lou. thanks. lou: and you keep giving them hell up next, california's third largest county standing tall. the trump administration standing with that county fighting back against the state's sanctuary status. we'll have a fuel report. and later, theunder sherif the f california joins us here. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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building over the state's sanctuary policies. fox news national correspondent with our report. >> well, lou, i think this tells us california is not monolithic. you have the state's third largest county saying it does not agree with the government majority in sacramento that criminal aliens should be protected. secondly the local backlash allows federal attorneys to argue conflicting federal and state laws damage public safety paralyzing police who break one law when they follow another. >> california is trying to poke
7:51 pm
the president in the eye and stir up trouble and really involve our people by ordering them not to do the job of the federal government but to not even cooperate with the function of federal law enforcement and it's not good for our society and we're tired of being the pawns. >> now bill's author called orange county's vote racist. then it was eric holder who said in an arizona case, quote, a patch work of state laws create more problems than they solve, unquote. here's how the county sheriff is getting around the sanctuary law which allows police to turn over some criminal alien to i.c.e. but not others. dui, beating your wife, hit and run, robbery, carrying a gun, drug use, those criminal aliens are protected from deportation. so the sheriff has made the release date of every inmate a public record, giving i.c.e. the info it needs to deport those it wants. now when toll show he was skirting state law, the state attorney general threatened to
7:52 pm
arrest the sheriff. it means making sure that the letter of the law is put into effect and respected by the people and the jurisdictions of the state of california. >> but i would be very surprised if mr. becerra decides to make a move bike that and arrest a sitting sheriff for following the law. >> now so far this year the sanctuary law forced the orange county sheriff to release 172 criminal aliens. but her solution shows how insane the situation here is now where you basically have a local policy conflicting with a county practice that skirts a state statute that violates a federal law which may explain why the administration is seeking an ing junction to halt the sanctuary bill. lou, back to you. lou: thank you, william. we'll be talking one of the california law enforcement awesserofficersofficers fightint the sanctuary law madness.
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stay with us. we'll be right back. ..
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lou: joining us tonight, the undersheriff of orange county, california, don bars. i wanted to congratulate you, the sheriff herself. this is an innovative idea to publish inmate release dates and those who are interested and feel responsible are fully
7:57 pm
informed. i really commend you. >> thank you, sir. i appreciate your comment. lou: i know the attorney general.not necessarily do so. but it seems to me you are not outside sb54 or the state law that wants to create a sanctuary of the entire state. you are skirt something fine lines, but serving your community and assuring public safety. >> that's exactly true. attorney general -- the state attorney general's comments are quite trouble some. i'm not sure he read the language of the law. what we did is inside the law. it's disturbing the attorney general would threent arrest a sitting sheriff while advocating for the release of convicted criminals back into the community. that's the most of disturbing part of this. this is a focus on criminals within our custody, within our
7:58 pm
jails. we are not look for individuals within the community, that's not our job. we merely want to give them information available within the law that they might be able to use to their benefit. lou: to me it's outrageous you can't do a straightforward simple handoff of a criminal illegal immigrant to immigration and customs enforcement for public safety for your community. >> that's absolutely true. what we have done -- what led to 9/11 were agencies not communicating well. now they statutorily restricted us from communicating with another public safety agency which is problematic. we are still aloud under previous legislation to pass over high-level offenders to i.c.e. so we turned over 181 of those to date. there are 244 that haven't
7:59 pm
turned or and released back into the community. those are the ones we are concerned about. they return to the communities which they prey upon in the first place. lou: the idea that the state of california could sanction let aloe demand by law such irresponsibility on the part of law enforcement and law enforcement agencies whether local, county or state is irrational. you would think the state, the population of california, 40 million folks, would be outraged at the brown government and the bacerra attorney generalship. >> you would think that they were. this was a senate bill that was passed and made it through a sacramento. but there is other legislation that is equally as troublesome *. policing in californiaing very, very difficult. we have an obligation to keep
8:00 pm
our communities safe. we'll use every tool available within our authority to make sure that happens. judicial watch's chris farrell and jason chaffetz join us. kennedy: the head of the va out. now who is caring for our vets. the battle for the second amendment. while debate a democratic candidate in texas. where is the chinese satellite going to crash? i will talk to michio kaku. strap yourself in it's time for for -- for lift-off. joining rec tillerson on the bread line is secretary dav


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