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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 29, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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it's on for three whole hours, starting at 9 a.m., don't end until noon. you got to watch. we'll be cautiously optimistic. thank you very much. here's lou. stuart: i'm stuart varney in for lou dobbs. president trump doing what he does best, taking his message directly to the american people. the president traveling to ohio to pitch his infrastructure plan. but the speech turned into so much more with a big push for the border wall. >> september 28 we go further and we get that sucker built. people say has he given up? i never give up. stuart: he threatened to hold up a new trade deal with south korea until he reaches a nuclear
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pact with north korea. president trump: i may hold it up until after a deal is made with north korea. you know why? it's a very strong card. i want to make sure everyone is treated fairly and we are moving along nicely with north korea. we'll see what happens. certainly the rhetoric has calmed down just a little bit, wouldn't you say? would you say? stuart: you have got to enjoy watching the president speak. we won't take up the president's america first trade policy, his push for the wall and more with ed rollins and jason chaffetz. also tonight, attorney general jeff sessions fueling outrage, rebuffing republican calls to appoint a second special counsel. and defending his recusal from the russia investigation. sessions telling congress he doesn't see a need for a special
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prosecutor at this time, but he appointed an obama holdover to look into the matter. here to discuss sessions' recusal and the resulting special counsel witch hunt is jonathan turley. also tonight, wrush announcing it will expel 60u.s. diplomats and close the consulate in st. petersburg in retaliation for the president's decision to expel 60 russian diplomats earlier this week. our top story. president trump unleashed going with his gut and leaving the gop behind. the president escaping the swamp to give a rally-like speech to union builders in ohio. the president covered a wide range of topics including the wall and republicans' prospects
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in the upcoming mid-terms. reporter: in expelling 60 russian diplomats, the u.s. joined governments across the globe in punishing the kremlin for a nerve attack of a former spy on british soil. >> we think this is not just an important message to send to the russian government, but it's also, you know, significant in degrading their intelligence capabilities around the world, not just in the united states. reporter: more than a dozen european countries, ukraine and canada all took action, affecting 100 individuals in the biggest expulsion of russian diplomats since the height of the cold war. prime minister theresa may called it the clearest indication offed world solidarity. stuart: we wanted to give you a report on the president's speech
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in ohio. but i can do that by going straight to ed rollins who knows a thing or two about that program. ed: i thought it was a great speech. infrastructure is a bipartisan issue if the democrats would get off the dime and decide this is in the best interest of the country. there are a lot of union guy there who want this infrastructure. i'm not sure it will get through this congress because they are politicking. but this should have been the first thing he did because it clearly will pick jobs up and make people work harder and be positive for the economy. stuart: how do you like the man's speech snow's unleashed the swamp. i love watching the man. i like those speeches. ed: there are a lot of things in his head and he rattled a lot of them off today. the first thing is the infrastructure. i'll start with the wall which is the promise i made to the
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american public. if the congress doesn't want to do that i will still get it done. he weren't to syria and basically deal with the south koreans will not be an automatic deal if we don't have a good agreement with the north koreans. you can't take him for granted. you have got to every day deal with him. stuart: i think most of trump voters are disabond it congress's performance, especially on the spending deal. now the president lays out his infrastructure deal. will he be able to drag the republican part i into a victory in november? ed: congress is down to 18% approval rating. they try to belittle the president's 43%, 44%. he's the one who will drive the voters out. for lack of enthusiasm.
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the democratic side it can continue the republican majority. if they don't do that, they don't say they are going support his programs, i don't think the pace is going to come out. >> i want to talk to you about jeff sessions. there are two sigh items. attorney general jeff sessions notified congress that he's not going to appoint another special counsel to investigate fbi and department of justice corruption. sessions told congress today those matters are already being looked at by the just its department's inspector general who is an obama appointee. the u.s. attorney who is one of the few holdovers from the obama administration. what we have is two obama hold years investigating corruption within the obama administration. that ain't right.
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ed: this isn't right. i think this was the death nell for jeff sessions. the chairmen of the oversight committees asked him to do something and he wouldn't do it. i don't see how an attorney attorney appointed in utah can investigate the justice department. i think nothing is going to happen. i think nothing needed a special counsel more than this and i don't think we are going to get one. stuart: is this the end of jeff sessions? ed: i would say have a nice christmas. get rid of the man. stuart: everybody else he gets upset which eventually shown the door. ed: he'll see the door. part of it is the investigation going on. at the end of the day, sessions is not taking charge of that department. stuart: it never seems to end. obama people holdovers deep
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within the deep state investigating the obama administration. it's actually undermining trump. it never seems to end. ed: i was on the panel that picked the u.s. attorneys for reagan. we said thank you very much for your service and we'll put our own people in there. i don't have any understanding of that. why you would take someone in utah, far away from the justice department in washington, d.c., he'll fly in, where will he get the staff and the resources. stuart: do you think voters generally on the left and right are fed up with endless investigation very few people can follow? can you follow all these names and all these meetings? ed: they can't follow it. at the end of the day they want justice.
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stuart: trump unleashed now on an up-swing. his approval rating is gradually improving. ed: i don't think he'll ever be high above 50%. i think people will look back on him and say this is a president who is accomplishing a great deal which he is and he'll grow on you as opposed to the shock and awe. stuart: will we ever get used to it? he's so different. i teach 44 men have been president. there has never been one quite like him in modern times. i think he knows what he wants to do and that's the critical
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thing. stuart: the strength of the man is get it done. ed: somebody said i liked obama, i couldn't stand his policies, i love trump's policies, i'm not sure i like trump. at the end of the day you will like trump if you like his policies. stuart: many people are not wildly enthused by trump the man, the brusque personality in the white house. but a lot of people like what the man has done. ed: at the end of the day, if the economy is better, and obviously it's getting bert and you get more money and feel like something is being accomplished and the guy is fighting for you every day, and the voters who voted for him wanted change, then he basically does all right in a mid-term election. stuart: ed rollins, thank you very much. president trump praising orange
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stuart: growing speculation about paul ryan's future as speaker of the house. a source close to the speaker telling the united press that he's expected to seek reelection. 380 sheriffs from across country are calling on congress to build the border wall. the sheriffs telling congress without border security and immigration reform more americans will continue to be victims of crimes. the wall a big topic of president trump's speech in ohio. president trump: we are getting that sucker built. we spend billions of dollars in
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other countries plain take their boredders and we can't maintain our borders in our one countries. is there something wrong with that. north and south korea. 32,000 soldiers. their finest equipment, barbed wire all over the place. we protect that whole thing. stuart: joining me now, jason chaffetz, now a fox news contributor. the president says, we are going to get that sucker built. that's what he said. how's he going to do that when congress only gave him $1.6 billion in. >> the united states congress is poised to spend $43 trillion with a t. and the president asked for $25 billion and he didn't get it.
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he's authorized to build the wall but he needs the funding it's one of the crying shames in the disaster of the omnibus. >> there was $1.6 billion and that's it. a lot of people are blaming speaker ryan. and a lot of people are saying the man has got to go. >> if i could change one thing it would be the senate. the house passed a very conservative bill, sets of bills in the appropriations that went or to the senate. the senate didn't even try to go through the process. there weren't amendments. with less than 48 hours they passed this thing. the house should have never swallowed it or pulled it up, but you have got to look at the individuals members. but i have got to tell you the senate is the place where it is truly broken. stuart: it's time to go to a 51 majority vote rule in the
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senate. get rid of the filibuster. >> make the senators stand up and articulate things. mr. smith goes to washington and he stand as long as he wants to drop. do that. you call up on the phone and say i have got a hold on that. that amounts to a filibuster. this isn't a directive enshrined on the side of mount sinai. this is a senate rule and you can by pass it. stuart: you sound a little soft. you are not repaired to say ryan has got to go and you are not repaired to say get rid of that filibuster and make it a 51-vote rule. >> i want to get rid of the filibuster. you pass a budget and you have the appropriations, they should go to 51. i'm not in a position to say absolutely paul ryan should go. i think the key metric is june
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1. that's the filing deadline in wisconsin. but, you know, it will be underring to see if he re-ups. i wish he would do some things differently. but that's where it is. >> the president today, i'm calling it unleashed. that's pure trump unleashed. is that a strong enough presentation? is his program strong enough? is the growth agenda in place and strong enough to win in november and drag the republican party toward victory in november? is the president strong enough to lead the gop and bail them out essentially. >> in the face the omnibus, it was a mixed bag. there are a lot of fiscal hawks and a lot of people believing we are spending ourselves into oblivion and we didn't do the core things we said we would do which was build the wall. it makes it much more an uphill
11:20 pm
battle. if i'm the democrats i'm jumping up and down. i don't think there is a big blue wave. but a lot of these races come crown to who is the -- come down to who is the best candidate in each individual race. stuart: the attorney general said no special counsel to investigate. >> absolutely the wrong call. audacity to thwart the efforts of the senators grassley and graham and others in the senate. you have a huge contingent in the house. i heard ed rollins say that may be the death nell for attorney general jeff sessions. i long those should go. i think he's there as attorney general in name only. he's not leading the department and agency on the core fundamental problems they have there. i months ago said he ought to leave. until he leaves they will
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continue to have these problems. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe rino paul ryan should step aside? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. on wall street, stocks closing out a shortened trading week. the dow gaining 225 points. volume on the big board, 3.5 billion shares. the dow losing 2.5% for the quarter. the s & p down. good news for the labor markets. weekly jobless claims hitting the lowest levels in 35 years.
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here is what's next. damning new evidence that the obama white house involvement in the trump russia probe. chris farrell of judicial watch chris farrell of judicial watch
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damaging new text messages surfacing from fbi officials peter strzok and lisa page. they suggest possible coordination between the obama white house, the cia and fbi early in the trump-russia probe. names that appear include white house chief of staff dennis mcdonagh, john brennan, james comey and senator harry reid. page and strzok attempting to cover their tracks. this text, make sure you can lawfully protect what you sign. just thinking about congress foia et cetera, you probably know better than me. andrew mccabe, the top fbi
11:27 pm
official fired by attorney general jeff sessions hours before his planned retirement is now soliciting donations online for his legal defense fund. no word yet on whether clinton donors which supported mccabe's wife during a run for virginia state senate have pitched in as of yet. joining me now, chris farrell. welcome to the show again. good to see you, sir. explain to me how the strzok-page messages going backwards and forwards brings president obama, the obama name into play. go through it for me. >> sure. there's clear evidence in their own language, their own text messages explaining how they were communicating and coordinating with white house officials. for example, there's elisa page text message that we uncovered a few weeks back that says quote, potus wants to know everything that we're doing. that is pretty clear language by anyone ands standard.
11:28 pm
andy mccabe has meetings on his calendar with lisa monocco, the obama homeland security director. guess who she used to work for. mr. mueller. this is all very cozy and it's very apparent now with the addition of brennan, who is in his last few television appearances seems somewhat unhinged, that there was direct white house involvement in this, if not coordination. this is the kind of stuff that would make richard nixon blush. this is deadly serious stuff and i'm glad that you covered it but it should be, you know, a ten-minute segment. >> please forgive me for breaking into this particular segment on this subject. plu please, go back to john brennan, what he said about the president. i saw that, i heard it, that blew me away. i'm astonished that a former director of the cia would say
11:29 pm
that about a sitting president. >> yeah. he may be a political opponent, have all sorts of personal opinions, but the man has no integrity and no dignity. he has no business, as a former cia director, sitting there and sort of, you know, free associating and speculating about what he thinks might be. it's a disservice to the country, it's a disservice to the office of the presidency. this guy is humiliating himself. turning himself into a cartoon character by making reckless comments that denigrate the office eafer undermine the public's faith in the government generally but in who picked this guy to be cia director. this is really reckless conduct. >> now, we have a utah prosecutor and we have michael horowitz, i believe they're both obama holdovers. >> they are. >> and they are going to be investigating the obama administration. >> this is what makes the american public crazy.
11:30 pm
>> what's going on? >> this is the kind of nonsense they try to blow a fabl by the american public and we're supposed to stand there saying, okay, you're doing something. i've told on the show earlier, the inspector general's office is where the truth goes to die and now you've got an outsider obama appointee from utah, he may be a wonderful man. i'm not attacking him personally. but he doesn't necessarily have the biggest heavy hitter resume in the world. and he's supposed to come in and he's going to clean up what's been going on? and let's circle back to your opening comment about the level of involvement from the obama white house in staging this attack on the in-coming president. this makes judicial watch sirpts crazy, it makes lou dobbs tonight viewers crazy. anybody who is paying attention, they're throwing something at the television right now. >> you see so little of it.
11:31 pm
now lou is really is point man on this. i mean he's got more out there than anybody else. and i'm just trying to follow in his footsteps here. >> you're doing a great job. >> i'm really astonished that so little of this appears not just in the mainstream media but anywhere else. >> i'm at speaking engagements across the country and talk to folks who consider themselves politically aware, motivated, business leaders, civic leaders and others. and i lay out the story i just did for you in greater detail and they're astonished. people don't know that opening line about the white house coordination with this whole comey-strzok-page-mccabe -- it's a conspiracy literally. >> exactly. i didn't mean to interrupt you there. but you're right. when you use the word conspiracy, i'm nodding my head because, sir, you are right. >> it is. >> chris farrell we appreciate you being with us to night and always. >> thank you, sir. up next, attorney general
11:32 pm
jeff sessions says there will be no second special counsel for now. we'll take up the need for a special prosecutor to look into anti-trump bias at the justice department and fbi with legal scholar jonathan turley. he's n today, we're out here with some surprising facts about type 2 diabetes. so you have type 2 diabetes, right? yeah. yes i do. okay so you diet, you exercise, you manage your a1c? that's the plan. what about your heart? what do you mean my heart? the truth is, type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. but wait, there's good news for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill
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i'm stewart barney if for lou dobbs. attorney general jeff sessions revealed today a federal prosecutor is investigating the
11:36 pm
fbi but says he does not intend to appoint a second special counsel at this time. rod rosenstein and the inspector general on the probe. meanwhile, sessions still thinks he did the right thing recusing himself from the russia investigation. in an interview with "time" magazine, sessions said the head of the doj must follow the same rules as the rest of the department. sessions' recusal led to the appointment of robert mueller as special counsel who continues his 1 is-month investigation to this day. joining me now, george washington university law professor jonathan turley welcome to the program. no second special counsel. what do you make of that? >> he didn't foreclose the possibility of a special counsel. what the attorney general said is that he is having a u.s. attorney essentially team up with the inspector general within the justice department to
11:37 pm
investigate these matters. i actually think it's the right decision. i think the president should listen to general sessions on this. he can appoint a special counsel later. if i were like andrew mccabe, i would not be happy with this. you have a u.s. attorney outside of washington who has the ability to prosecute cases, who is working with an inspector general who is already made findings against mccabe. that's not a good situation for him and probably not a good situation for james comey. >> do these prosecutors have the same power to investigate and get to the bottom of things that a special counsel would have? >> actually, yes. i think people are missing what may be a brilliant move here by sessions. what he did is he essentially combined the powers of the inspector general with the powers of a lying prosecutor. this prosecutor does have not just the experience and training
11:38 pm
to look for a criminal case, he has the ability to move a case of that kind. more jofer over, if he finds tht crimes were committed and many people of the fbi might be implicated, sessions reserved the right to go ahead and appoint a special counsel. that's a powerful combination. there's a great deal here that we're waiting for. the inspector general still has the ability to refer mccabe for prosecution. he -- what we know is that whatever was in that report of his led fbi director wray to essentially force him into terminal retirement. it led session to fire him. but if he in fact did lie to investigators or misled them, he could still be referred to for criminal charges. >> i believe that the utah prosecutor, mr. huber, and michael horowitz both are obama holdovers and they're
11:39 pm
investigating the obama administration. now a lot of people would call that sort of an implied conflict of interest. you don't see that in. >> i don't. i don't know mr. horowitz or mr. i hav certainly know of them. they both have very good reputations. horowitz has already gone after mccabe. he is known as a dogged investigator. huber doesn't have any skin in the game. he's not part of the beltway, he's not part of what people usually refer to as the deep state. he's -- that distance between him and washington is very important. i don't know of anyone who suggested that either one of these gentleman is partisan actor. >> these messages, the latest text messages between strzok and page, they appear to bring president obama their top level of the administration, into play, if i can put it like that. do you see it that way? >> it may. and in fact that's one of the
11:40 pm
reasons i think this is the better approach. if a special counsel were appointed, there would be a great deal of delay as we pursue these types of allegations. they're already pursuing them. they've got staff on the scene and able to acquire this evidence. people like mccabe were close to retirement. so time may be of the essence. so i do think this is something they must look at. and it obviously raises troubling issues. >> jonathan, i do believe that the general public has lost track of all of the names, investigations, the ins and outs of the law. i have a very hard time following it on a daily basis, i really do. now you're in the business so i can put it like that. but most people are not. and i think there's a degree of fatigue with these investigations coming on strong and that may impede us getting to the truth. >> i think that a very good observation to make, i have a column out today in "the hill"
11:41 pm
newspaper that talks about why it's important to have the nfghts of the fbi separate from the mueller investigation. and the reason is simple. we are so divide divide as a coy and it's getting worse. the politicians of both parties are failed. there's so much spin. the most important thing the government can do now to regain trust is to create independent public report so we can reach our own conclusions. that's why i support the investigation launched by general sessions >> it would be nice to see those reports appear very quickly, but that's not likely, is it? >> you may be right there. it's hard to say how long this will take, but in the end i hope whatever comes out of it will be public. because what we need now is not necessarily more indictments. we need information. >> yes, sir.
11:42 pm
>> that is spin free. >> jonathan turley, thank you for at least trying to make it simple and understandable. we do appreciate that. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir be sure to vote in tonight's poll, do you believe rhino paul ryan should step aside in favor of someone better able to advance the trump agenda. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. two climbers on a quest for breath-taking views of moab, utah, scaled an ancient art formation before taking the easy way down. that would be -- look at him go. leaping off. up next, trump unleashed in ohio tauting his pro-growth american agenda. we'll have a full report when we return. stay with us, feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin 24 hour relief when allergies occur. day after day, after day. because life should have more wishes
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stuart: president trump hitting the road today to push his infrastructure plan in ohio. but the speech turned into something of a trump rally covering everything from the wall to north korea. fox news correspondent kevin cork is at the white house with our report. >> anything we can dream you can build. you will create the new highways, the new dams and
11:47 pm
skyscrapers that will become lasting monuments to american strength and continued greatness. >> back on the road and looking to get the white house back on message. >> we're now finally putting america first. america first. >> president trump traveling to ohio today to unveil his administration's infrastructure plan. they used $2 million in federal money to spur a trillion and a half in over a decade to repair or replace highways, bridges, ports and airports. >> we'll transform the roads and bridges from a source of endless frustration into a source of absolutely incredible pride. >> the appearance, his first in public in nearly a week, comes amid reports that once again he's prepared to take aim at a business behemoth. an disom and jeff bezos, who also runs the washington post which the president criticized
11:48 pm
as being unfair to his administration. hesme's criticized amazon and dy dos. while amazon pays taxes, $412 million in 2016 according to fcc filings, some municipalities complain that the company doesn't collect enough local taxes or taxes on goods third osold on its third-party platform. >> amazon has done amazing things and really tax palsy and other policies have to catch up to that so those who are competing with amazon are on a level playing field. >> the white house denied to confirm if any new policies or actions are in the works but the president talked openly about a change to amazon's tax status
11:49 pm
through antitrust rules, much to the dismay of some analysts. >> they have 5% of retail sales rights now, that is hardly a monopoly at all. >> the online retailer is thought by many to actually be helping to keep the postal service viable by driving up package delivery revenue at a time when first class mail volume continue to drop. stuart, we're talking about the postal service and some f its problems. you may find this interesting. the postal service board of governorgovernors has been witha simple member since 2016. and i think you'll find this also interesting. it's the first time it's been completely empty since its creation in 1970. got tom work to do to get some bodies there. >> thank you, kevin you got to shake your head at that one. coming up, the sitcom that is shaking up the left wing media world. red states and blue states red states and blue states embracing the reboot of "r
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11:54 pm
stuart: yeah, they were. joining me you. daily caller news foundation editor in chief christopher bedford and rebecca rose woodforde. chris, do you think this is the start of something new? 18 million viewers are very profitable. and you might see some swing to the right by some movie people and some tv people. what do you think? >> i'd like to see something like that. tim allen's show just a few months ago was canceled despite doing very well simply because of seemingly leaning right. hollywood didn't want it. you saw the way rosanne was attacked when they interviewed her. she was informed, went right back at them saying he's not antigay. he's the most pro-gay marriage american president that's ever been. the elites are freaking out at the popularity of this in places
11:55 pm
like pittsburgh and hopefully he'll get to stick around. >> rebecca rose, what say you? >> i think what that shows is people are interested in viewing something funny, people are interested in setting aside whatever their political thoughts are to watch a funny television show, to make a conflict between roseanne and jackie, her sirt, who's a liberal, who's a conserv conser. maybe people want to have fun and enjoy. and they're not putting roseanne down. they're going to tune in any way. 18 million people tuned in. clearly people want to see her. stuart: and it was funny i'm going to put on the screen a graphic that shows where the ratings were highest, which areas got their best ratings. top of the list is tulsa, that's an area which donald trump won with a huge percentage of the vote. but look at the rest on the list, cincinnati, kansas city, pittsburgh, chicago, heavy viewing of roseanne, heavy
11:56 pm
voting for clinton. can you explain that one? >> it's an interesting time for roseanne to come back right now. she came on the air during ronald reagan's press den and off of the air during bill clinton's pros presidency. that kind of went away and it's bubbled back up under barack prt barack obama. now donald trump speak to the blue supporters of donald trump and the working class voters and this is a perfect show, it didn't mock them. it holds them up and you can have a laugh. stuart: i go wall the way back to "all in the family," archie bunker way back when. that was somewhat similar, your main character was a conservative. do you see shades of "all in the family" in "roseanne." >> of course. there are people in this country
11:57 pm
that don't lean super left who want to watch television and people who do lean super left want to see everyone's opinion. it's not just one opinion anymore. let's listen to both sides. come to greet on big issues that don't have to be separate bid partisan lines. i think it's a great opportunity to bring people together, not to separate them. stuart: christopher were were you surprised -- i don't know whether you watched this or not. but if you did, were you surprised at the content and how it was funny and were you surprised at the whole idea in the first place? >> so i didn't catch the original premier and i watched it afterward because of all of the buzz. don't have a tv at home. i caught up on it afterwards. it was great. they had a big hillary clinton supporter, she came in, roseanne called her a snowflake. but after all of these things have been exorcised from hollywood, tim allen being
11:58 pm
canceled, it was a refreshing and surprising thing to have a good portrayal of both sides with a family-friendly show. stuart: what would you like to see next, rebecca rose? >> i'm not really sure. bring "er" back. i'm not sure. i love television. i could talk about television for hours. stuart: i'd like to see this sit come develop and look at issues and i they's probabl think thaty will do from the trump side of thing and liberal side of things, treating it fairly and evenly and having fun. >> i saw her on jimmy kimmel and she said i'm here to bring information to people. i'm not here to create a divide. i'm here to bring people together and i really believe that's what she wants to do with this show. stuart: i just have a couple of minutes left and i do want to get this in. christopher, to you first. attorney general jeff sessions no second special counsel. what do you make of that in. >> i'm actually kind of interested.
11:59 pm
i thought professor turley on your show had some good points. a special counsel can recommend a prosecution. the special counsel will go off of the rails very easily as we've seen over the years and currently going on with the special counsel. the there's a way to do this -- it looks like a u.s. attorney is the way to do this. if they look at this seriously and don't lose the faith of the american people, jeff sessions may have made a good move for the president and american's faith in law enforcement. stuart: we have two obama holdovers look at the obama administration. conflict of interest? >> i hope not. i hope they put justice and the truth above everything else. stuart: i think we can swroa vor that. i want to thank you both. thanks very much indeed. that's it for us tonight and we do thank you for joining us. judicial watch's tom fenton will be here tomorrow night. and you can catch me, watch me,
12:00 am
it's on for three whole hours, starting at 9 a.m., don't end until noon. you got to watch. .good night everyone from new york. kennedy: tonight, big news on government surveillance and fisa abuse as the attorney general finally starting a new investigation? we have all of the answers plus, president trump going to war with amazon. who is going to come out on top? and who's trying to bury the new film chap quitic. the answer will surprise you. throw on your dance shoes. it's time to tango. kennedy: a bunch of republicans want a second special counsel and they're being led by trey gowdy, bob goodlatte and chuck grassley who will beg ag jeff sessions to appoint a counter weight to robert mueller's balanced purr seat. sessions is under


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