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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 1, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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oo oo waa ahhh♪ ♪it's a beautiful mornin' thank you ♪ahhh, ah ahhh ♪each bird >> lou: good evening, everybody. these are the top stories. president trump fighting back against california's dangerous policy. he threw his support against the state's sanctuary law. the wall with conservative commentator and best selling author ann coulter. president trump replacing veteran secretary with ronnie jackson. an act you have duty navy physician, and now serves as in addition -- physician to the
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president. and exempting south korea from the tariffs in exchange of south korea reducing the steel exports to this country. we'll have peternavaro with us. and inspector general will officially open an investigation in the fisa court abuses in the obama administration. that's right. a obama inspector general and overburdened with investigations in the comey and e-mail scandal now looking in fisa court abuses and attorney general jeff sessions still quiet on calls for a second counsel. top story, president trump attacking california safrnth yah policy. my administration stands in
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solidarity with the brave citizens in orange county defending their rights against california's illegal and unconstitutional saufrnthuary policy. but california's attorney general continues to flout federal law and threatening to arrest the sheriff of orange county sandra hutchins because she sell enforce the law and cooperate with immigration and custom inforcement. wall construction under way in california. great briefing on the start of the southern border wall. and the president referring to a 30 foot high bortder
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replacement in the el cent row sector. a wall is a generous description. it is a replacement for a crumbling piece of architectu architecture. and the first guest talking about the reported plan to push the military to fund the construction. wall. joining me is ann coulter. great to have you with us. you are critical of the president of late. broken- hearted. and now with the wall rising. >> it is a rickety fences. i mean, it is not just another scam to keep us saying it is coming. yes, he can use the military. some of us have been saying it forever. he is the commander and chief
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and no court and legislature can take that away. he has full authority to propel and attackment border. i was intemperet. and i was right on the law. even the war powers act which many say is unconstitutional. but that is purportedly a description of the president's power to use military forces. we haven't do anything about a president protecting the nation. we are losing 116 a day through 2016 and it is rising at 54 percent in most of the major
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cities since then. >> i would recommend anyone interested in the target>> lou: be careful here. >> the book greenland. i quote him. he is a great reporter and a book on the opyode and heroin and 98 percent is coming from mexico and it is a problem of not having a wall. >> lou: i agree with you about his reporting. that border is where most of the marijuana and methamphetamine and heroin and cocaine come from. and until we stop it, we are literally deciding that millions of young americans will be collateral damage to the principles was someone's open border fantasy. that is our nightmare. >> right. and meanwhile, they are find
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with emergency actions and take on panama dictators or emergency bombing of syria or escorting of ships without the president going to congress. >> lou: the left was upset on all of them. >> not bombing libia. this is what the issue is, lou, everyone is attacking trump. >> lou: you are attacking trump. >> you attack the president when he doesn't keep his promise. >> lou: it is, america. >> being wrong on the constitution is not what i am doing. he is right on the constitution. and why all. actions to the chief executive. >> lou: you talked about the
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president like he broke every promise. >> no, i am clear. i am glad you are talking. >> lou: i have a very good idea of what the powers of the president is. >> i would like on commend you and this is the problem with trump keeping his promises on immigration with peter nvaro. you have peter nvaro and ross giving good advice. no one in immigration is giving good advice. they want amnesty dreamers. >> lou: someone must convince this president that daca is not a democratish. who ever is advising him that
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hispanic and immigrants will convert to at this time republican party. first of all they would have to drink with paul ryan and that is a absolute fool. and they are often funded by the person you mentioned karl rove and the business table. >> and more important was the promise to build the wall. he has the authority and needs to listen to the right people. washington post said pentagon officials lgsd we cannot build the wall. that is a moron. >> lou: who is it that is a moron. >> the washington post. >> lou: only one person over that, but general mattis would not. >> it would be a pentagon.
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>> lou: he is one official. and let's turn to, you call him shallow and lazy. just for the record and now you are making a cord with him. before we go too far that. >> i called him not in trump we trust. no, that was the part of the reason to trust him. a switch changed with him as i described in chapter two. we might have wanted a more eloquent person to make it. >> lou: i sure as hell didn't. i didn't want them -- >> halfway through the sentence. >> lou: hurry to the best bart. >> it was precisely that he was corpses and to allow him and say
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incredibly courage things. he didn't care what manhattan elites. >> lou: i can't tell you if he is coming down for or again. >> and then the approval of the manhattan. he didn't care about it when he was runs. and it was a selling point because he didn't care and now all he wants is for goldman sachs to like him. i don't know what happened. that is a different president. >> lou: application processes are never attractive and i believe that there is some truth to the fact that there are theys in the white house who would like to guide him toward this liberal fantasy and that is a nightmare for america and proved to be so. andment middle-class is twinnedling. and we are starting to see
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hughesing weiss. >> everything gets better. immigration gets it easier and entitlement and theft of the can ann you must leave some of your venom more mip. >> my venom toward him is infed of immigrant who bring elderly relsieves and thedon't raise it but limit social security and medicare to americans. >> lou: that would be radical and probably unconstitutional in. view of jafier. >> it is easier if you fix emigration. >> lou: i find it seaser for the president. >> he needs a few others that don't oppose everything he said.
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>> we want to see the ann coulter. >> i am not looking for a job. >> lou: we'll put it on the scene. >> no, give it to the president. >> these are the people who are thing. an an coulter great to see you. >> lou: up next, president trump putting american workers and companies first and scoring concessions with south korea. balance, and fair recip kral trade had you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. so why accept it from your allergy pills? most pills don't finish the job because they don't relieve nasal congestion. flonase allergy relief is different. flonase relieves sneezing, itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose, plus nasal congestion, which pills don't.
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loupe lou president trump securing a new trade deal with south korea and boosting the autoexport and limiting steel. the original trade deal with south korea and creating by former president obama and hillary clinton was disastrous. and the u.s. trade deficit soarred from escape pillion to 23 billion last year. my next guest said the original south korea trade deal was one
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in the american history. and joining me is a key architect of america first trade policy. peter navarro and director of the council. >> a day for the history books. this is top three worst deals in american history. you have china get in the wto. and three hillary clinton and obama. as you did. we hammered our auto industry. and the president in that campaign renegotiate. and promise made and kecht and history made today. >> lou: and congratulations ever looming. nafta first and foremost. the president fumes when he
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mentions the term nafta. how close are we and how is establishing the reciprocal trade that the president wants. it is the best trade negotiator. and he's running now. he hopes to get a fair deal. it is worth looking at korea deal. and that gives a a deal. and the free and fair trade where you tear down the one of the things korean, they would put standard and environmental safety standard that are unique to korea. we had cars going over there safe and clean.
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>> and how many would go from here to there? keep it in your lane. in want more cars in south korea. iekt preponderates of the pef sits is automarks and 5500 identifier're and over 200000 cars poterribly are able to go ha way. and you have to lower the nontariff barriers and this is subtle and this is not sneaky sfuf that happens. and you couldn't import the autoparts easily to repair that car. and now we can do that. >> lou: you fixed that. and what are you fixing next? >> well, go with me. >> lou: let me lay out the map. how about the european union.
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$150 billion deficit and china on tariffs and talking about a tradeoff. and the president made a terrific and bold initiative. turning to china and saying how will you reduce the trade deficit by hundred billion a year. are we still hearing crickets from china. >> absoluty the ambassador and secretary mu nun chin. are engaged in talks. but china not only stealing ours but of the world. and it is forced technology transfer, hugh lou. >> if a american company wants access to the market. guess what. joint venture and you have to surrender your technology. it is a respie.
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like boeing sells an airline. and the chinese get the blue print. this is going on for decades and this is nothing subtle about it. this is straightforward theft. it is 3500 front companies tealing our military and business technology. and latest innovations. i don't see anything subtle about it. >> this is the only person that had currentlying to stand up. and it is amazing that around the world and japan and germany and all throughout the world they let the chinese get away with that. >> lou: there is a crunch to time. we'll do that around the world
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tour with you next time. >> you are the man, lou. >> lou: no, you are the man and congratulationing on the new deal. party navarro. and up next here, new evidence of incompetence and confusion in the fbi. and find out how they boshed the efforts to look at the turn up your swagger game with one a day men's. ♪ get ready for the wild life a complete multivitamin with key nutrients, plus b vitamins for heart health. your one a day is showing.
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>> lou: fbi director christopher rey admitting that the fbi is too slow in responding to request for documents related to the e-mail probe. they subpeona the justice department seeking 1.2 million and he received 3000 of 1.2 million documents so far. he is now pledging to double the
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number of fbi staffers to 54 to expedite fulfilling the request. >> a new report concluding that the fbi botched the initial effort to unlock the san bernardino skel phone. they said the agency the neated help from apple. it was not as the ig put it factually correct. a unit in the fbi's technology division. we don't know what fbi james comey had on his mind. the next guest said the culture of cover up in the justice department and fbi. joining is christopherle and
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director of judicial watch. >> and what was comey thinking? >> there was a larger story. fbi seeking to get in every cell phone. and why in the world would a fbi director come out nationally or internationally and publicly and reveal to the world they have a vulnerability and they are not going to be able to crack. and they would run to court and make false statements and publicly shaping apple. it is the weirdest event in five or step years and why would comey do that. thee g's. and they were with where the tlikt goes to diep. it is the worst double talk. and it is in the end. the fbi anyhow they could get in
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the phone and lied about it and went public for a weird reason. and why lie to congress and the court? the whole thing 0 sense. and trying to put a smiley face and it is garbage. >> lou: it is such garbage and unintelable. i couldn't go beyond the first page. comey carrying out disinformation campaign and using the congress and the american people as stage props. that is appalling. >> just think about it. fbi director has a press conference and a public event and said hey, g, we can't get in to iphones f. that is true, why would he make that statement, and reveal an intelligence gap.
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he had reason to know that technical people were not able. but if they were not the nsa could. you do a request. we have dead americans killed by savage terrorist and we are not playing patty cake and talk about what we might be able to do. and we need to find out the killers and go after them. >> and another incident. but it presidenty on the part of the agency. nmoteen was a decade fbi informant. what in the world was going on that they didn't know what he was up to and his family was up to. >> and to make it sure.
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down there when the pulse night club shooting and showed in 2013, the fbi was telling the sheriff's offense that mateen was not, not a terrorist. and see in and in association with the father and reported on activities about back in pakistan. and there is something else. >> from months after the shooting and the fatherly or four eats behind. >> one wonders if that is was a directed pass. and on behalf of the fbi. whop knows indeed. nchris, we learned that you will in every instance. >> and let's turn and they give
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two weeks for the doj to produce the documents. and then we learn that they have a 3000 already. 3000 documents out of 1.2? and this comes and clean up the language. a smart aleck response from the christopher reye. >> going back to the fbi and mr. nunnis tell them they should pretend to get ready for a press conference and then whether rey apply the assets by lunch time. they need to impeach lesser officers. it is not only for the president. but those who are subject to the
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returnian over sight. and if they are told to drop doed. they will impatch themselves. and i and they should be held to a count that way. thank you, chris, good to have you with us. chris farrell and up next. 18 million viewers tuned in and we need more trump supporters on television. here is a big one now. >> say, grace, jackie, would you like to take a knee. >> most of all, lord, thank you for making america great again. >> lou: we'll take up it is rose rose reboot. and the culture wars got more
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where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at non-drowsy claritin 24 hour relief when allergies occur. day after day, after day. because life should have more wishes and less worries. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. >> lou: abc's reboot of the '90s comedy roseanne is a ratings hit and drawing over 18 million viewers for the two episode premier. it is the first network sitcom featuring a trump supporting main character and obviously the
11:38 pm
audience loved it. >> how could you have voted. >> he talked about jobs and sthak things up. that is a shock to you. we almost lost our house the way things are going. >> have you look at the news. >> not the real news. >> you thought it was a stafter and how i would be in and it was rigged and i voted for jill stien. >> lou: you got to love it. joining me now. former reagan political director. fox business political analyst and media critic, edrolins. >> i love her as a liberal or trump supporter. she would be the archy bunky of these days. >> lou: and there are people out
11:39 pm
there who don't know who bunker is. it was a great show, too. and ground breaking just like, this. over 18 million people tuning in. and there was no close second. and roseanne is sharp and as witty and clever as she ever was. >> and the fact he was a liberal playing a trump supporter. i think it is perfect. >> i tummy like her more. and whatever the let's turn to amazon. the department of defense and cloud computing and whatever to companies owned in large measure by potentially inform've enemies of this country and now romancing. i love the way it appears. romancing jeff biowa zzo to took
11:40 pm
and in would be careful not that amazon is an extraordinary company. the defense department has to be careful in giving everything to one company. >> and how about the pentagon having techiology experts. >> in is sit in the and one country saying one thick and tomentd >> and we were the cut edge of the defense department and we built the best ships. >> lou: we can't even get to space right now. the russian tip dips and intelligence officers and two astronauts who can't get to the
11:41 pm
space station and back without russian help. >> i have no desire to go to space. i am an old man, just going to l.a. and flan fran is a tour for me. >> lou: my wife offered me to the pace program. >> and she told me that it was for moth of us. but i am not sure. estimate of car for her, we have got california out of control. they are threatening to arrest of the orange county sheriff. i can't tell if it is a cheffer left wing to exprovide
11:42 pm
california. >> it is a left wing state. i grew up in california and it was always a trendsetter. but i hope it is not. if it is the country is in trouble. but the cost of the immigration, the vast americans don't know what it costs. and the fact that you can am can here and get on welfare. and to me, the we need because he is taking them on, we give president credit. >> he will get the wall. he made two promises that were sacred. one i will build a wall and then lock hillary clinton up. that will probably not happen. >> lou: but there is a investigator general
11:43 pm
investigating. and in the end of the day, his commitments have been valid and he will fight for them. and that's where the support is. >> lou: i am deputy with the talking: >> i think coming out and supporting the five member board of supervisors in orange county and three of them voted for a majority to fight the sanctuary city thing is a great thing. >> lou: thank you for being here. ms 13 linked to ten murders in and around las vegas nevada. and around las vegas nevada.
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>> lou: police in las vegas arrested five members of the ms13 gang in connection with ten brutal murders. this is trump's prioritizing on the violent street gang nationwide. wilian has the report. >> reporter: the suspects involved in the crime are violent. ten murders in 12 months and all
11:48 pm
committed by ms13. six victims were kidnapped before they were killed and bodies were dumped. >> two victims belonged to the gang. they were shot or stabbed numerous time ofs. >> i am calling on congress to close the cannedly lop homes to mack it our country. jierngs it was knock in the 19aekts and and limitations allow happen the gang to rebound. and dmip -- if you come on a ms13 case. we'll send a message. >> more recently they moved to
11:49 pm
maryland, new york and virginia. the other crimes committed by 500 members. green is assault, and blue other crimes. >> they go from city to city. and it is not unusual to find them in places outside of the border. loupe lie they believe they came to open a new chapter in sin city. and police will not release details on the juvenile suspect. they confiscated 18 handguns and rifles. >> and up next. rinno, mitt romney tries to take on the why romney claims to be the really imgrapgz hawk. we'll be right back. turn up your swagger game with one a day men's.
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>> lou: mitt romney in the beginning of the campaign for the senate in utah, trying to shake his rinno label ahead of
11:54 pm
the midterms and telling voters that he is a bigger immigration hawk than president trump. the senate candidate said daca citizens shouldn't be able to stay in the country illegally. joining us tonight. washington times opinion editor and fox business charlie hurred. >> great to be here. >> lou: romney is evolving before our eyes. >> it goes to show, man. politicians am say anything. you can't believe a word out of their mouths and why donald trump beat all 20 plus of them in 2016. and came out victorious in the end. heap was want one guy who sounded like he was not always lining. lou loupe and romney is either attacking trump or as you say
11:55 pm
lying. turn to the comments yesterday. where he said. i knowledge more of a hawk on imglazing than the president. these dack on with thes. and more of a shouk any imgrigz. that this romney running for president in twefrpt 12 are people that received a special visa account. and heap's noup reaped to take what they have purchase. . i mean, this guy is a nasty piece of business and attacking the president of the united states personally and now, this is representing the own position. >> and he ran a terrible
11:56 pm
campaign and that was the year that republicans should have won. and barak obama was damaged political good and the economy was in shatters and there was no reason to give that guy a second term. and what did republicans do, they put in a choir boy, that would say absolutely anything. and he reversed all of his positions when he was governor of massachusetts it and wound up losing. and one ufrn covered. hey -- but mitt romney set up republicans to be willing to be far out of the party mainstream. and what was sort of acceptable as a party politician and do
11:57 pm
something radical and take a chance on the guy. and i don't think any of the people that voted for donald trump regret that decision. >> lou: how long will it take to put up the images of the dog on top of the romney, what was it station wagon? >> shame us. and the problem is, for good americans. we need a republican to hold the seat. and this is what you get with republicans. loupe lou as edrolin the need to reflects and the further folks, well. >> and speaking the sanctuary cities are starting to spring
11:58 pm
up. anti- sanctuary cities is a movement interested in oefrj county. your thoits. >> it is surprices to us after years and decades much the lawlessness who are willing to fight back. and it is true. what we are watching. california has been torn apart. it is not the fault of the people wanting to enforcement laws. it is the fault of the crazy left winning for a long time. they don't care about the has being applied and of course, this is going to happen. >> jerry brown to sarsaand the attorney general. you can go through the state
11:59 pm
government. it is it radical left leadership in state government in that state. and what they are doing, i certainly don't believe it is accidental. i believe they have a purpose or goal and chas it is in sofrpt f of. >> that is the mainstream of the democratic party and the people in the national level just ten years ago were reasonable about this. you had obama and democrats who are now open borpders and total amnesty. and they believed in building a wall and voted for i think it is supposed.
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>> lou: charmy, thank you for being with us. tonight. good night from new york. for time life's music collection. (theme from "a summer place") it was an era of incredible stars... ♪ ...fantastic voices... ♪ i know i'd go from rags to riches ♪ (announcer) ...beautiful harmonies... ♪ sincerely ♪ oh, yes, sincerely (announcer) ...magical melodies... ♪ catch a falling star and put it in your pocket ♪ ♪ never let it fade away (announcer) ...and music we will always remember. ♪ writing love letters in the sand ♪ (announcer) it was the golden age of pop.


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