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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 9, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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arrogance is so high and so great that they aren't. >> now we have to teach the american people how to fight. lou: we know you know how to fight. good night from new york. kennedy: i have got breaking news. the fbi has raided the home, office and hotel room of president trump's long-term personal attorney, michael cohen and the president as you can imagine is not happy about it. president trump: i just heard they broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys, good man. it's a disgraceful situation. it's a total witch hunt i have been saying for a long time. kennedy: it's linked to the stormy daniels situation that won't go away. with me now, the senior editor
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at the federalist and fox news contributor, mollie hemingway. the president understandably upset. what is going on here? mollie: there is so much going on. we note offices were raided. the people who got the search warrant had to show probable cause and there is wrongdoing going on. the wrongdoing may not be related to trump or russia. if it were there is a lot me need to find out. this is a pretty aggressive move by the fbi. there is a lot we need to find out. kennedy: michael cohen's attorney said the office of special counsel actually was in possession of the information that led to the search warrant. what do you know about that?
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mollie: if they had information and it's not related to what you are supposed to be investigating, treasonous collusion with trump and russia. maybe this was the proper way to go by the. right to the fbi office and let them handle this. but it is really unprecedented. if you think about the way the fbi handled hillary clinton. they had one of their appointees call hillary and they gave her immunity and they didn't require anything in response. that's a different way of handling someone who was the target of a criminal investigation. people are wondering what is going on with this probe? and if they don't have evidence, they are going to be thinking this person is acting way out yongtd boundaries of ways appropriate.
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everybody needs to be pretty clear about what they are doing here. >> there are a lot of agents who are frustrated about the way the hillary clinton investigation played out. we'll talk about loretta lynch and the interview she gave to lester holt. i said last week i think a lot of what we have heard from the special counsel is a gift to the president. i think if he's impeached it will be a blessing for him. mollie: when you impeach someone it makes them more popular. since the election we have had a coordinated campaign of people alleging treasonous collusion with russia. there has been no evidence to support this job. if he were vowrnlgd by the most of wonderful, ethical people, no. people need to demand
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accountability from the special counsel and department of justice. kennedy: that's what you want to see. you don't want to see justice metered differently for different people. that's part of the growing frustration. there are a lot of people around the president who said don't talk about this, don't mention this, focus on the economy. push the tax cuts, talk about a trade war. anything but this obviously, this is much more personal for him. when he heard that steve bannon has spoken on the record with an unfavorable biographer. mollie: imagine way it's like to be the target of an investigation. we do have a lot of evidence of wrongdoing at the fbi and department of justice. the criminal leaking of information about trump affiliate, all sorts of
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shenanigans such as andrew mccabe launching an investigation on a russian spy. everything we find out about this probe shows unevenness, there are two americas, where you are treated differently depending on your political views. it would be nice if mueller was also looking at what he has no doubt found about problems at the fbi and department of justice as well. kennedy: how people were charged and who was given immunity and why. i think you will see the threshold between the fbi investigation and special counsel investigation are vastly different. that doesn't seem to be fair. and if there is a discrepancy, someone has to answer for that. i'm worried that no one will ever have to answer for that.
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and people now just internallites and expect in this hyper politicized country of ours, that's just read at from now on. mollie: you might have totally different ideas about donald trump, but it's important for everybody to have con if i comments fbi and department of justice. the department of justice and fbi are not even turning over to congress a simple memo to explain how this probe into trump and russia began. they are throwing up all sorts of roadblocks and doing everything in their power to keep from providing that. why? no matter what you think about donald trump, care about these agencies that do our law enforcement. kennedy: the fisa warrant and the men owes, and the memos
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about the memos. let's see the source material so we can make the decisions for ourselves. let's go to my spring-loaded man panel. tom shillue and harlan hill, and the host of the fifth column podcast and "reason" magazine, matt welch. hello, friend. let's discuss. i understand the president's frustration here. it's gotten really personal. once the fbi is bang dune your door and going through your stuff, the president's team said they have given over thousands and thousands of documents. is this scene overstuff? >> this is -- you don't go after the president's own lawyer, including privileged communications. you are not supposed to obtain a warrant to go after
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client-lawyer communications as a first step or second step. it should be the last step. there has to be a federal magistrate judge. the u.s. attorney for new york, a trump appoint yeet who practiced law with rudy giuliani. he had to sign off on this. if it's a particulary tactical pain finance violation, you are taking a bazooka to a gnat. kennedy: that's a great metaphor. you pray that's not what is happening. >> you pray it's not and you pray that it is because you don't want as much malfeasance that such an act would suggest. kennedy: is this fbi team look for the fbi's version a blue dress? >> it shouldn't be this hard to
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serve your country. it's not just the fbi going after president trump on a very, very -- i can remember talking about this in august 2016 before the election. we have been talking about russian collusion without any substantiation for a long time. it's not just about michael cohen. it's also about the people who served in the campaign and continue to serve in the white house. but there are a lot of people in the white house who have not been accused of a single crime. yet because the full power of the federal government is targeting them for political reasons, they are being forced to incur literally hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of legal bills and they are making $40,000, $50,000, $60,000 in the white house.
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kennedy: i don't like it when the courts neuter themselves but i don't like it when law enforcement is used to weaponize a political force. >> that's what's happening. they have to get rid of the special counsel. and if they don't get rid of it, they have to change it so they can only investigate the case at hand. the original situation. kennedy: they have oversight as far as the scope. rod rosenstein knows exactly what's going on here. i don't know who to believe or who to trust anymore. but is stormy daniels the thing that brings down this president? >> if it is, i don't think people will stand for it. it will be absurd if that's what they get him on. >> it makes sense someone in mueller's position is going to
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look into a bad man paying six figures to a porn star to hush before the election. if you are just looking for that payment going after a special campaign finance law. kennedy: that's a valid question. who else did you pay and what else were you trying to cover up. he has a long and storied career with a lot of beautiful women. well done, president trump. if you want to change the news cycle, you drop the hammer on syria. an hour and a half ago the president responded to the horrible chemical weapons attack over the weekend. president trump: we are making a decision on what to do about the horrible attack that was made in damascus. it will be met and metaphors any. kennedy: the united states and other western nations have
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placed the blame squarely on syrian president bashar al-assad. ambassador nikki haley also put the blamen iran saying they have the blood of syrian children on their hand. we are told the president will announce his plan tonight or tomorrow. should he authorize military action or is that a uppery slope into another middle east quagmire? i can see how this could turn into afghanistan part two. >> it's hard to imagine this president since he spent the last two weeks saying he wants to get our troops out of syria as long as possible, it's hard to see him signing up for a long-term quagmire. he seems to be visibly shaken and he's not in a good mood, and he's surrounded by people like john bolton who are not just
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hawks, but are interested in weapons proliferation. i don't hope that we'll get involved -- kennedy: he's got mike pompeo there as well. >> there are not a lot of doves surrounding him for sure. president trump never understands why we are there. kennedy: when he talks about infrastructure, he says we spent $7 trillion. what have we gotten for it. >> but he hasn't used that logic to pull out our troops from afghanistan. kennedy: the mission creep is the most of terrifying thing about this. what does the president do? there are a lot of democrats. if there were a hail of missiles oh eastern syria, they would be delighted. >> it's incumbent upon this administration and nikki haley to articulate what the crimes were and illustrate them to show any evidence we have.
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we are not going to just blindly follow the administration. kennedy: do we know there was a chemical way upon attack? >> this is part of the problem. they need to be able to articulate and demonstrate that this is legitimate and isn't some sort of scheme that's been played by the people that are continuing. >> there are so many confusing factions. turkey, iran and russia all just met in ankara to talk about how they were going to divide up that pie. there are a lot of people with their own interests. they may be different but they are helping each other while doing of what they can to keep us out of that picture. you are damned if do you and you are damned if you don't. if you stay in too long you have mission creep and a lot of people die.
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if you don't, you have a new iran caliphate. >> why would assad use these chemical weapons? because it's the only thing that gets the united states to act. kennedy: that's an irrational reaction to the president saying he's going to bring troops home. >> assad thinks he can take the punishment and move on from there. mike baker says the chemical weapons are scarily effective. kennedy: we have a lot to discuss including loretta lynch and her discussions with james comey. does her bucket of excuses hold any water?
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kennedy: james comey mass a book coming out. in addition to enriching himself he has the tire tracks on loretta lynch. lynch went on a charm offensive
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with lester holt. lester holt was in a league of his own throwing soft balls. >> comey says you wanted to call it the clinton matter and you wanted to call -- and he wanted to call it an investigation. >> it was like a meeting like any other we had had where we talked about the issues. we had a full and open discussion by the. and concerns were not raised. kennedy: why did you call it a matter? good question, lester. the mysterious phoenix tarmac meeting between former president bill clinton and the freshly compromised lynch has always had a hard time explaining that they were in a conversation with grandkids and golf.
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this is b.s. a long conversation lasts 30 seconds. if you have an ethical bone in your body and care about the rule of law. the husband of someone under criminal investigation comes within 10 feet of you, you get the hell out of there. unless you are on the take and look to secure you're place in a future administration. if comey were the scribbling bug bear he claims, there should be notes on that meeting. jefferson sessions and christopher wray have done very little to mend the tarnishing. they only care about booed sales, having the last word, and what in it for me.
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understand out nope. watch. >> it was 107 degrees outside. i was told he want toad come on the plane and say hello. at first my thought was, i speak to people all the time. >> but his wife was under investigation by the justice department. did you have any moment where you said this is probably not appropriate or this will look bad? >> during the course of the conversation we spoke and we were going to say hello, how are you then move on. then the conversation would continue. kennedy: she is not ryan seacrest. she was the attorney general of the united states. the party panel is back. tom, i will start with you. it's almost that she has forgotten that she is sworn to uphold and protect and defend
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the constitution of the united states of america. >> she was just chatting. i agree with what she said. she and comey are the reason nobody trusts the fbi and the department of justice. but comey is worse. this guy with his little notes. why doesn't he say what he's feeling when he's talking to people. he did the same thing with president trump. i felt strange, i felt weird. i never saw somebody so tall and so passive aggressive at the same time. kennedy: she had a diary. >> the justice department's politicization and the james comey's injection of himself into the election is probably one of the most of egregious oversteps of the united states federal government in quite some time.
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the partner that shocks meet most of is that democrats hated james comey just a week before the elect because he released the memo. now he's a great savior of the democrats because they think he's going to help take down president trump. so both parties are so disingenuous when they approach this. this should not a political issue. we should say oh, my god, what is happening to the republic. kennedy: her ineptitude is borderless. >> the tone voice and her use word in that interview is striking. they say about kind of liberal bias in the media, the case of fish swimming in the water they don't feel the water. it's as if she thinks it's normal to have a tarmac
8:25 pm
conversation like they do in the movies with the mafia when the two cars pull up and you talk through the window. kennedy: she said before she wish she could somehow physically kept him off the plane. she can. she was the attorney general of the united states. >> this information did not originate from her. so we should want people, any fbi to say, hey, that's weird. kennedy: coming up, we have more on today's dramatic fbi raid. plus president trump says china's tariffs are stupid. petepeter suderman is here to
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kennedy: the fbi raid the home, office and hotel room of president trump's long-time personal attorney, michael cohen. that could be bad news for to be general jeff sessions. reporter: the evidence that was taken there consisted of a lot of documents, including emails
8:30 pm
between michael cohen and president trump himself. this stemmed from a search warrant that was treefortd federal authorities by special counsel robert mueller. the attorney michael cohen says communications with the president were privileged communications, but the president voicing his displeasure saying this was a disgrace. he says he's disappointed in to be general jeff sessions. president trump: the attorney general made a terrible mistake when he recused himself. or he should have let us know if he was going to recuse himself and we would have put a different attorney general in. he made what i consider to be a very terrible mistake for the country, but you will figure that out. reporter: senator chuck schumer issuing a statement warning president trump not to fire mueller.
8:31 pm
a lawyer for cohen says the decision to conduct their investigation using search warrants is completely inappropriate and unnecessary. he adds that cone has been cooperating, turning over thousands of the documents to congress when needed. sources close to the white house say they are disappointed and it shows mueller is not limiting his investigation and going forward on his own quest to remove the president. kennedy: thanks so much, edward. a lot of moving parts. president trump on the offensive about terrorists. the president is tweeting when a car is sent to the united states from china there is a tariff of 2.5%. when a car is sent to china from the united states there will be is a tariff to be paid of -- of
8:32 pm
25%. does that sounds like free trade or fair? this looming trade war is giving the market the ifs to say the least. let's talk about staving off a trade war. what can the president do to make sure this doesn't hurt our economy and the global economy? >> the best thing trump can do is to back down and say we are not out to get into a trade squabble, a trade fight, a trade war. any kind of rock 'em sock 'em with china. this started when trump raids tariffs on aluminum and steel and china responded by going after $3 billion in american imports, exports.
8:33 pm
this is a tit for tat it's ugly. the only way you win a trade war is by not getting into one in the first place. kennedy: the only people who can decide the price of trade should be individuals and businesses and not governments. maybe there is a solution where both sides lower trade barriers and we have more open trade with china. that would obviously be beneficial for our economy. but is that realistic at this point? >> i would love to see china lower their trade barriers. when he calls them side and he's right. but so are trump's responses. the idea that you can goin a situation like this and get china by bullying them lower their trade barriers is wishful thinking at best. fit happens, that's great. but listen to trump's advisors.
8:34 pm
this is not a negotiation. this has been a through fine his career even before he was a politician. he always said trade deficits are bad and it's terrible that we lose out on these terrible trade deals. the evidence is clear americans benefit from trade deals. all we are doing when we put tariffs in the place. we are costing americans, raising the price of goods. there are estimates that trump's trade wars could cost 190,000 jobs. kennedy: the worries about inflation. when there are mortar rivers things get more expensive. when they are more expensive for chinese they won't buy american goods. this wave of political populism
8:35 pm
is abandoning its most of ardented a heernt whardent -- a. >> trump passed a great tax bill. but what he has done is raise the taxes with trade. when the tax bill passed, he said look the economy is doing great because i passed this tax bill. presidents rarely have the control over the economy they like to claim. but in this case we see real impact on the economy just by trump threatening a trade war. kennedy: i think that's part of his approach. where can i show some influence. we'll see how it turns out. coming up, trump's battle over the budget shows how much president trump changed washington and the gop.
8:36 pm
a new documentary tells the story of his war with the d.c. establishment. >> the passage of the tax bill is the single biggest moment for the party and the biggest single moment for donald trump. >> what does the establishment know? donald trump is the leader of our country both politically and from a legislative side of things. i think they learned this the last year. kennedy: the front line interview features interviews from gop. has trump taken over the gop? >> he has. we watch from the very beginning, the summer of 2016
8:37 pm
when the republican establishment didn't understand and care about who donald trump was. they thought he was going to lose and they didn't pay much attention. but we watched closely over the year as he gets their attention. by the end of the process december 20 of 2017 it's his party for sure. kennedy: it's interesting. if there is a war for the soul of the republican party, that means there is a losing side. so who loses this war? >> the people who lost were jeff flake, bob cork, three dozen or so people who were -- everybody calls the establishment republicans. they used to be conservative republicans, right-wing republicans. but in the new nomenclature of the way the you republican party re-evolved. they are establishment republican. the word establishment republican is viewed as a snarky
8:38 pm
anti-republican, almost like a rino reference to them now. kennedy: people who use the word rino also use the word establishment and swamp in the same way. does the party change forever? or is this just a swing of the pendulum that will go back to business as usual when this president loses in 2020 or he's turned out of the white house? >> when you talk to the people in the party as i have done for the last year or so. i i they believe this is a fundamental change. they didn't understand who donald trump was. and when repeal and replace on obamacare crashed and they realized they didn't have anything to do with the policy, he didn't care about it. wasn't interest dmeetd tails. when they saw how he was going to operate more from the cultural space and policy and ideological space, i think they
8:39 pm
started to worry about what was the republican party. what is it now and what will it be? kennedy: i think you can ask that of both parties. even from two years ago. answer is vastly different and it's still changing which makes this subject so fascinating. we'll be watching the documentary tomorrow night. thanks so much. a small-town nurse went to the supreme court after the government attempted to bulldoze her home it's now a great hollywood movie. mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night.
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you. kennedy: . susan kalo beaten old victorian home. fixed it up, painted it pink and government came and took it away. her story is all about eminent demain and it's depicted in the film little pink house. guess who is coming to town. pfizer. the best course for us would be to acquire all the homes. >> the constitution and fifth amendment, eminent domain, they can take your home and your land. it's perfectly legal. >> i'm calling regarding the people trying to steal my house.
8:44 pm
>> we are here to help them. we are going to take your case. kennedy: it's a true story. president scott bullock who argued the case before the supreme court and the writer and director little pink house. kennedy: scott, i will start with you. you took the case pro bono because you knew this was wrong. this was pfizer, a giant corporation coming into a sleepy town saying we'll take what we want and the government will help us. >> these aren't takings for roads and bridges, this is taking land from suzanne and her neighbors to give to other
8:45 pm
private companies. it was something a vast majority of americans see as profoundly wrong. and this movie does a great job depicting that. >> this cases are nateed throughout the country and throughout various eminent domain decisions. it set a dangerous precedent. normally when we talk about landmark supreme court cases we don't necessarily see a depiction in a hollywood movie. how were you able to translate that story and the emotion wrapped up into it into this movie? >> it was important for to us show the human face of what this is, which is cronyism. we felt through this story it was a beautiful way to do that. this is a rare opportunity to connect people on different sides of the issue. most of people agree it was a horrible decision.
8:46 pm
and we had to tell this story in a narrative way. we felt that that was the best way to immerse audience into what it is like when your home, your property is taken from you. kennedy: you said this is bullying by the government. they take it by force. how will eminent domain play into the border wall and that unfolding story. >> eminent domain could be used for that. that would be a traditional public use. but this is an issue that people who support eminent domain abuse support. the biggest fan of eminent domain abuse sits in the white house. kennedy: the president has been a vocal supporter of eminent domain. >> this unites people across political divides. the vast majority of. you is against this and wants
8:47 pm
this stopped. kennedy: little pink house this theater on april 20. well done. >> thank you so much for having us. we appreciate it. kennedy: "topical storm" is next. stay right here. each year sarah climbs 58,007 steps. that's the height of mount everest. because each day she chooses to take the stairs. at work, at home... even on the escalator. that can be hard on her lower body, so now she does it with dr. scholl's orthotics. clinically proven to relieve and prevent foot, knee or lower back pain, by reducing the shock and stress that travel up her body with every step she takes. so keep on climbing, sarah. you're killing it. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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kennedy: the following reference, as my staff calls it, a good weekend. clean out the rental car because this is the "topical storm." topic number one. we begin in the entertainment hotbed of egan, minnesota. my family vacations in egan he summer. we go to the walmart museum, the mcdonald's institute and their racetrack. it's the annual corgi race that's held in honor of national beer day. it's the only way one can show on a family program how to celebrate.
8:52 pm
the corgi races are the second biggest event of the year in egan behind the remember vawns fair. but unlike the participants in the renaissance fair, none of the corgis live in their cars and they all bathe at least once a month. topic number two. there is a lot of speculation over who is running in 2018. this week the people of georgia got an answer. police were trying to stop this car after an armed robbery when the driver realized he hadn't gone the his 5,000 steps on fifth bit. the problem is he did it with handcuffs on. the drive was booked at the scene though an accomplice got
8:53 pm
away. but the cops dispatched their k-9 unit. there he goes. let me at him. you be fortunately these dogs just came from a two-day beer festival. so the on thing they picked up is nachos and crying women. topic number three. a new york city hotel is suing a man who racked up a $47,000 tab under the name of the late rapper biggy smalls. it came as a total shock to the other guests at the hotel including george michael and elvis expressly. they have spacious suites. but began spending like p. diddy. when his credit card maxed out
8:54 pm
they refused to give biggy one more chance. we reached out to the notorious guest for comment, but he denied the channels saying it was all a dream. there is no word on whether he build the magazine to the hotel. "the quiet place" was number one in the weekend box office. 80% of the movie has no dialogue. "a quiet place" was not the only movie to have a successful
8:55 pm
opening. every story is about tiger woods at the masters. topic number 5. it is mugshot monday. this week's winner got caught with cocaine and reportedly told florida the cops the wind blew it into her purse. ke neara posey was riding in a car that was stopped by police. cops stopped the car after smelling marijuana and cocaine. it caused her to go full florida and blame mother nature. her troubles didn't end there. when she got to college she realize her dog ate her homework. be right back. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them.
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kennedy: thank you for watching the show tonight. you know say this with great humility it, the best however your day. and it's a crazy news day. we haven't have time to talk about mark zuckerberg's trip to the capital. be sure to watch wall-to-wall coverage all day tomorrow. the senate testimony is scheduled to start around 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. you can follow me on twitter and
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instagram @kennedynation. email never too early to get in a hate query for viewer mail. have a beautiful night, i'll see you in the morning. and shot out this window? >> right. [ gunfire ] >> epic gunfight... >> it went on for about four hours. it's the longest in fbi history. >> digging up some bullets fired from that window. >> ...haunting history... >> you'd hear, often, footsteps up and down the stairs, just in the middle of the night. >> ...set for sail. >> this is a lot bigger than any of us realize. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪ >> i'm jamie colby, headed into the town of ocklawaha, florida, 60


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