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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 11, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: good evening, everybody. the dems, the left wing national media, the deep state, all aided and abetted by rhino senators have escalated. they're all out assault on the president of the united states. the republicans in names only haven't the guts to stand with or support president trump. instead they cower before the powerful establishment interest who mean to destroy the trump presidency no matter all that he's achieved, no matter all that he's done for america and americans. this historic president has been investigated by the special counsel and the fbi for 22 months in a row. and not so much as an iota of
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evidence has been produced against him. and make no mistake whatsoever. the gobleist elites are now desperate and making no pr tense of ad hering to law or standards of decency. mitch mcconnell, john core anyone among the rhinos working against president trump, not for him, not for the republican party but for their money masters on k street seeking to protect special counsel robert mueller and preserve at all costs his failed and now desperate investigation. congressman rhond ron desantis s been pushing for mueller's firing since last summer. joining us here in moments. tonight, texas, arizona, new mexico, those states announcing they're sending a combined 160 0 national guard troops to the border. california the only state ahead
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of the interest and rights of the american citizens. we'll have a full report for you from the border. stocking soaring. china's president offering the united states new trade concessions. china's xi vowing to lower chinese tariffs to cut chinese tariffs on vehicles to allow more foreign competition and better protect foreign intellectual property. worthy of note, many in the business press haven't apologized yet for sensationalizing the higher trump tariffs that made all of this possible and they have not acknowledged president trump's success in moving talks with president xi guard. because of presidents trump and xi, there is now at hand a real opportunity for balanced reciprocal trade between the united states and china and the world. we take up all of that here tonight our top story, special counsel robert mueller deputy
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attorney general rod rosenstein making a mockery of the judicial system. and president trump today firing back at the unprecedented fbi raid on the new york office and residence of his personal attorney, michael cowhen. the president tweeted this, attorney-client privilege is dead and a total witch hunt. the "the new york times" reported deposireported rod rosd the raid and federal prosecutors received a search warrant. this is the said ron rosenstein who believes he can oversee the obstruction of justice investigation into the firing of former fbi director james comey, even though it was rosenstein who wrote the memorandum recommending that president trump fire comey, the same rosenstein who signed off on
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fisa court warrants that resulted in the obama administration spying on the trump press den tame pain. the same rosenstein who set the scope for mueller's counsel probe in may of last year. the cohen raid is a sign of mueller's desperation after he's failed to find any evidence of collusion, his original mandate as special counsel. the corrupt leadership of the justice department obviously believes mueller's investigation must be unfettered. chairman chuck grassley doesn't criticize, he doesn't call for constraint by the special counsel, instead this is what chairman grassley, who's been in the swamp for almost 40 years, said today. >> i have confidence in mueller, the president ought to have confidence in mueller and i think to answer your question, it would be suicide for the president to want to talk about firing mueller. lou: our first guest tonight,
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outraged over the fbi's double standard, the special counsel targeting cohen while hillary clinton's blatant violations of campaign finance laws ignored all together by the fbi and the justice department. he also says contempt proceedings need to occur now in the wake of the doj and fbi's failure to comply with congress' constitutional right to oversight. joining us tonight, congressman ron desantis, member of several key committees, including foreign affairs and judiciary. he is also the leading republican candidate to be governor of the great state of florida. great to have you with us, congressman. let's start with, first of all, grassily. glassily. he's been sitting in washington in the senate approaching four decades. and he has confidence in mueller. are you kidding me? what in the world is this man thinking? >> lou, i think about how they
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handled hillary clinton's attorney. they had her sitting in on the interview. they weren't raiding cheryl mills' office. there were some issues with cheryl mills. and in this instance, to go to this extreme length for what's the yurn lying offense? they say a campaign finance violation? what about the clinton campaign. they did millions and millions of dollars to the perkins law lw firm who paid fusion gps so when they filed their reports there was no frays of fusion gps or the dossier or any of that. they camouflaged the payments. has fusion gps been raided? has perkins been raided? the double standard is really troubling and it just seems that ever since the special counsel was appointed it was try to figure out whatever we can find any way and throw it against the wall and see if it sticks.
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that's not the way you want law enforcement to go. lou: well law enforcement, i don't even know if there is such a thing left within the fbi or the department of justice. it is a -- the special counsel investigation is a political persecution, it's no longer an investigation. this is a joke. the people think it's a joke. we're talking about 13 of 17 attorneys who are democrats, and i'm talking about -- i'm talking about ea i.d. left wing democra. these are not passing kiwanis luncheon. these folks are committed. this else us all we need to know. why isn't there some standard either by the department of justice or at least by the leadership of the house and the congress as to who can be involved in this investigation? there's just no question. this is corruption at its worst.
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>> we've raised that in the congress a handful of times, not the whole leadership, but you look at somebody like an andrew wiseman, not only is he a big democrat, not only d he have a checkered reputation, he was in hillary clinton's election party in tweern within reported to have made derogatory comments about president trump before the special counsel investigation started. why would you put somebody like him on this? when you're doing these things, the american public needs to have confidence. here's the problem with all of this. at this point, you have half of the country, the people who voted for donald trump, they're not going to have confidence in any negative outcome in this thing. that confidence is shot. so i think this is doing a lot of damage to the country at this point. lou: it's doing a lot of damage to the country. that damage though could be very specific and much brofdz r broadebroader basedthan the cou.
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we have a president who is contending with so many perils from so many directions in foreign policy. it's extraordinary that frankly paul rhyne and mitch mcconnell are nothing more than the stooges of k street and the business round table, the bish establishment of this country. they're behaving abom abominabl. >> there are all of these documents that we asked for a long time, including a two-page document that kicked off the so-kawldz collusion investigation. new nenunes has been asking for. we can't keep playing the game back and forth, running out the clock. the american people are entitled to this. and if we're not ready to put our constitutional muscle behind it, it's going to be treated
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like a lackluster institution. lou: tomorrow is the deadline. extended by both committees. what are the odds that the deadline will be met and what are the odds that you can muster enough courage, enough integrity and fire in the house of representatives to actually move forward and hold officials of the corrupt justice department and fbi in contempt? >> so i'm not holding my breath that the deadline will be met and i don't think anyone should be holding their breath for that. it will be time to pull the trigger on contempt for these officials because they've stonewalled months and months and months. think about the difference in behavior in terms of them responding when they're investigating their conduct in terms of the dossier and all of that. how slow they are. look how quick they are to raid michael cohen's office.
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they're probing the charity from the ukrainian businessman, $150,000. he gave millions of dollars to the clinton foundation. they're not raiding the foundation, probing that. now is the time to act. we can't have them living under different rules than they're applying to the rest of the country. lou: it seems to me, i have to tell you, we're listening to mitch mcconnell talk about the special counsel as if he wanted both arms around him, not just one, instead of stand with the president and demand a higher level of conduct of the special counsel. we don't even hear from speaker rhyne. ryan. all of this could be shut down by the house of representatives, could it not, if it simply said no more money is appropriated if are the special counsel. why isn't there a level of outrage about the conduct of the justice department and the leadership of the republican
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party? >> there was an effort, i think for members -- and i've actually tried to do it to sunset the counsel. but with the omnibus bill, they packed it in and ran it through within 12 hours. no amendment, no opportunity for me rank and file member to participate. that was a deliberate choice to green light the funding for this thing going forward, at least until the end of the fiscal year. that's a mistake. we could put constraints on that. we could do it with the power of the purse. lou: could have done it. >> should have done it. lou: amen. congressman, thank you for your leadership there in washington. desperatetdesperately needed. we appreciate everything you're doing. up next, special counsel mueller now targeting a mueller now targeting a ukrainian ola olah
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every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. lou: special counsel mueller is reportedly investigating now a $150,000 payment that a ukrainian billionaire paid the trump foundation. but the real collusion that
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mueller might be investigating would focus on the clintons, the same oligarch is a long-time donor to the clinton foundation. giving some $13 million to the clinton foundation since 2006. as far as we know, not even a mild hint of curiosity about those donations. joining me now, fox news legal analyst greg jarrett. that becomes the theme here, isn't it. there is a way in which president trump is treated, there's a way in which hillary clinton is treated. there is a way in which president trump is treated and there is another way that president obama is treated without raising so much as the prospect of an investigation. >> if donald trump so much as sneezes, it's a crime. if hillary clinton sells out america's vital uranium assets and receives roughly at the same time about $140 million from
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russia, that's, you know, oh, it's a wonderful foundation. it's a charity she runs and so forth. ignoring the fact that her husband made $105 million while she was secretary of state, the majority of it coming from foreign governments that she was dealing with. lou: speaking of unrain yum one, part of that was an adjunct speaking fee for the former president clinton in moscow of a hall a million dollars. no one seems interested in these elements. and this is such an obvious profound partisan driven investigation. i think this has riz on the the level of a persecution. it's political persecution and the republican party, the rhino leadership here, my god, greg. >> they should be outraged, but they aren't. lou: the american people are sitting here watching this and can't even believe it. >> they're deaf, dumb and blind.
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that's the best description i have for mcconnell and paul ryan. lou: they may be but the truth is they sold out. they sold out along time toying to establishment, k street, the business round table and they're the only masters that they recognize now. >> the tragedy is what we saw unfold yesterday, going in and seizing the documents that are largely privileged of a lawyer, really to me is one of the most shameful episodes in american legal history. yes, there's an exception. but what they did is they went in there and they just carted away just about everything. we're supposed to trust that a third person clean team or fire walfirewall is going to protecte attorney-client privilege. i've been a lawyer for 40 years now. ain't going to happen that way. lou: there is no way that you ascribe -- clean is the adjective of preference, within
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the justice department. people understand what obviously the leadership of the republican party doesn't. what we have is a toxic corrupt justice department and a an fbi whose leadership is rancid with political corruption. >> and mueller and rosenstein, who are heading up this whole thing, the president was right when he said this is the most conflicted group of people he's ever seen. mueller has not one but two disqualifying conflicts of interest and under the law it's mandatory that he recuse himself. instead he stuck up his middle finger at the justice system. he didn't care. rosenstein is a witness, a prosecutor, an investigator and basically judge and jury all rolled into it. lou: should be under investigation himself for writing a letter that the president read and decided that he agreed with. >> this is the definition of corruption. if you look up the word in the dictionary, should have photos
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of mueller, rosenstein and james comey. lou: maybe one of these days, you've got to believe in the american way, that shall come to pass. without it the republic is going to be deeply threatened beyond even where we are today. tomorrow, the deadline to produce the 1.2 million documents to meet the deadline set by house intelligence committee chair devin nunes. talking earlier with congressman da sanities, he doesn't believe any of us should be holding our breath. >> no. lou: and he believes we move straight to contempt if they do not make the deadline tomorrow. >> in a fair and just world, contempt citations would be filed tomorrow. but it is probably not going to happen because congress is slow-footed. look at how long they waited. they issued these subpoenas in august, eight months ago. lou: they were to produce the documents five months ago. that was when they first issued
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the order. >> right. lou: and now we're looking at an extension from the first -- the original date was last week and now we're talking about tomorrow. >> they should have moved for contempt five months ago at the deadline. if you don't meet the deadline, lou, or i don't meet the deadline, we're held in contempt of court and they through us in the hug jail within 24 hours. lou: when the american people watch this and there is no contempt of congress filed against the justice department, the fbi leadership and they don't stand up for a president who is working harder than anyone in washington. >> right. lou: there's going to be hell to pay. >> well the approval rating of congress hovers right around 11%, 12% and there's a good reason for that. they deserve it. lou: i suspect it's a little inflated. greg, thanks so much. be sure to vote in the poll tonight.
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do you believe the department of justice and fbi leadership will have to be completely purged before we can be returned to a naiks of law and order? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbses, follow me on twitter on wall street today, stocks soaring as chinese president xi jinping agreed to open china's markets and cut tariffs proving wall street analysts and economists who predicted a trade ward had no idea of what they were talking b about. the nasdaq 144 points. it's what we call a good day on wall street. and a good day for america. volume on the big board 3.6 billion. president trump's fair trade policies could have an enormous impact. last quarter -- no one else is going to tell you this but we're going to make a point of telling you this. last quarter the u.s. trade deficit cut 1.6 percentage
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points off economic growth, meaning that with better deals, that is with president trump's balanced and reciprocal trade, we would have had a growth rate in the fourth quarter of just over 4%. it came in at 2.9 as a result of the deficit. u.s. producer prices rose more than expected in march. we're pleased to tell you. boosted by rising health care and food costs. i'm most especially pleased to tell you energy cost dropped by 2% up next, zuckerberg. it's something of an apology. we take up the need to regulate big tech. big tech. ed rollins joins me here
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irrespective of that, listen to some of the leading absurdities that zuckerberg felt quite confident uttering, including the idea that facebook should be able to police itself. >> as i've said a number of times today, i think we need to take a broader view of our responsibility around privacy than what is mandated in the current law. i think the real question as the internet becomes more important in people's lives is what is the right regulation. >> but you as a company welcome regulation? >> i think if it's the right regulation, yeah. >> do you think the europeans have it right? >> i think they get things right. lou: joining me now, former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst, my friend ed rollins. great to have you here. what did you think of young zuck contending with half of the power of the senate? >> first of all, it's nice to see him in a suit.
4:30 am
probably hasn't had a suit on since his first communion. secondly, i think the idea that they're going to regulate themselves is absurd. they have taken all of this privacy information that people have given them, they never once said they could discloses that to the public or consumers and they've done that and i think to a certain extent i think the government has to regulate them. i think they have to control what they -- not how they make their profits but what they do with people's information. lou: what they're doing is they're trying to regulate the users rather than themselves. that's quite a different statement and they have been decidedly anti-conservative and proliberal. and we watched the daily caller reporting that quite a few people from the obama administration and from the clinton administration have made their way to the top of the upper echelons of facebook. >> they have. and they clearly have used that material that's in there, that
4:31 am
information to create their plit capolitical organizations. and you just have to let people know what's going to happen. you want to submit data here, understand they're going to sell it to somebody and it's wrong. lou: the political issue is a profound one and that is are we going to tax the internet. should transactions, should revenue be taxed from the web at the same levels as in brick and mortar transactions. >> if you make a profit you get taxed no matter what you do and they should too. they should not be any different. they're a worldwide consumer and i think they should be taxed. lou: but this is also facebook and twitter, other powerful -- amazon. very powerful organizations and they're spending a lot of money lobbying to ensure that they move forward with as few taxeses as possible which is fair, the
4:32 am
american way. but what is not fair is something as powerful as facebook has such an impact that it is deciding whose voices will be heard in what order, in what priority, not unlike google and alphabet. there needs to be an assurance of regulatory constraint against the mad partisan impulses that right now are rivetting social media. >> having done campaigns for 50 years, they've changed the way we do campaigns in america. you have to have a fairness to it. you can't let democrats have the advantage or the republicans have the advantage. whatever they're doing or providing should be provided to all sides. lou: well, in fairness defined as equal access to the platform and then let it be decided. but this business about shutting down conservative voices is extraordinary. the president has pulled off another extraordinary moment and that is president xi announcing
4:33 am
he will open china to western products and services, cutting tariffs, reducing barriers and protecting foreign intellectual properties rights as he does so. >> we've talked many nights about all of the things that the president has done and everybody has sort of pooh-poohed that he could do that when he promised that he was going to do this during the course of the campaign. i would argue people on the other side now know he's a forceful leader and when he says he's going to do something, he's going to do it. if you want to be on his good side -- lou: i'm embarrassed with the business press. the political press we stay embarrassed about. but the business press doesn't seem to understand basic economics. and tonight we pointed out again that a trade deficit cuts into a nation's economic growth. >> it does. lou: reduces gdp, squanders wealth. and when you think about that, that should be reported every month fnlt should be.
4:34 am
lou: and i haven't seen a news organization report that element, that impact, that equation between a trade deficit and a reduced gdp growth rate. >> they don't want to give him the benefit of the doubt. they don't want to hear his arguments. they want to dump the arguments before he's made one. lou: but these are craven, cowardly and frankly incompetent group of reporters. i'm talking about the political reporters accompanying this president. some of them are terrific. but i have to say at large they're an embarrassment to the craft. >> they're embarrassed by trump. lou: well the hell -- what do they get to be embarrassed about? >> 90% of them travel with him, are like the justice department lawyers. 90% are democrats, anti-trump and anything trump try to do they're going to be against. lou: i'm sure that our friends in the press, and there are so many of them, will -- those liberals? those are mostly liberals, are
4:35 am
they? >> mostly. lou: we want to extend seasons greetings to them nonetheless. the nation's governors are mobilizing responding to the president's call to protect our borders. one state conspicuously silent. you'll never guess which one. yes, you will. we'll be right back.
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♪livin in this crazy world ♪so caught up in the confusion♪ ♪nothin' is makin' sense ♪for me and you ♪we've got to give a little love♪ ♪have a little hope ♪make this world a little better♪ arizona and new mexico are answering president trump's call
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to secure the border. fox news national correspondent in phoenix tonight with our report. >> a week after president trump asked for 4,000 national guardsmen to secure the board are, three states answered the call, new mexico, texas and arizona. >> i'm here to announce the deployment of the national guard to the border. >> but other states like o orr and montana refused to offer their guard to serve because california's governor is still reviewing the president's request if he refused the president has the authority to nationalize the guard, typically used when troops are sent overseas or to national disasters. >> the easiest thing is to put them on a title 10 status. but with almost half a million folks in the national guard across the country, the easiest thing to do is to work with states who are willing to serve. >> but deployment doesn't necessarily mean arrival. national guards officials say there's paperwork, processing,
4:40 am
medical checkups, where will they live and matching skills. the border patrol needs will determine where each guardsman will be sent. that takes time. >> we're looking for request to assist, 500 to 600 individual augus600 individuals.>> in new y corridor for drugs and human smuggling, the border patrol welcomes the help. >> ariel protection are important to us given the size of the border. >> the national guard are sending drones and helicopters to trap immigrants. >> when you look at the engineering things that need to be done, clearing roads, all of that, we're looking the how to package those capabilities together. >> they will monitor multiple video feeds that come in. >> do we stop the flow of illegal drugs, do we stop the flow of human trafficking, can
4:41 am
we stop illegal migrants from coming over. >> at the same time it's not solving the problem. >> if history is any guide, one area tends to push illegal trafficking to another. could deterrence in arizona and new mexico redirect them to california? would the president federalize troops in the golden state? lou: up next, the caravan of illegal immigrants in mexico vowing to cross our southern border. congressman from arizona joins us next. us next. we're coming right back.
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ruled daca recipients will no longer be able to receive in-state tuition rates at arizona colleges. the high court decision affects more than 2,000 daca recipients who were paying in-state rates. organizers for that caravan of illegal immigrants apparently trying to cross the border saying some 200 still plan to cross the border with mexico as of right now. the illegal immigrants from are in mexico city.
4:46 am
joining us tonight, paul gosa. it is great to see you. your reaction to the arizona supreme court ruling on in-statement tuition for daca recipients. >> they got it right. they're not even in-state, they're out of state and they shouldn't be getting that aspect because they're actually illegal in this country. they got it right. but i'm sure it's not over. i'm sure it will be appealed to the u.s. supreme court. lou: and federal troops, the national guard moving to the border with mexico. we're looking at some numbers here. and i would like to share these with the audience. what we've seen happen is the surge in illegal immigration, in addition to that, the drugs, heroin, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines all raising, up
4:47 am
70% -- heroin is up 70% from a year ago, cocaine up 50%, methamphetamines up 25% and it still remains, the mexican border separates us from a country that is providing the majority of marijuana. do you believe this show of force that the president ordered will be successful in stopping the drug smuggling? >> i think this is a great start. because there's something different this time and that is he's negotiating nafta at that current aspect. wouldn't it be nice to say nafta goes away if you don't uphold our rule of law and stop supporting us? if you look back at history, mexico hasn't been a good neighbor, during world war i. from that standpoint, maybe it's time to get tough on trade and a little different than what's transpiring now. i think having our military on the border, our national guard is going to actually help.
4:48 am
we're not catching and releasing anymore so we've got to start following through. it's a great start. lou: the president signing an executive order to end that. let's hope that you're right, that things are going to move. the latest maneuver by the special counsel and his agents in the fbi, raiding the president's personal attorney's home, his office. your real quick thoughts if we may. >> this has nothing to do with russia. this shows this is totally out of bounds. it's time for rod rosenstein to go. it's time to impeach him and start putting the parameters back on what we asked of the special prosecutor. rod rosenstein has been an embarrassment in this aspect and it's time to go. lou: and your republican party and your leadership, speaker ryan have the guts to actually do that? >> well, you know, we're going to call it into question. at this point in time, you know, when you look at the sanctity of
4:49 am
attorney-client relationships and the total violation here. this shows that mueller has no intention of looking just at the russia aspect which he was entitled to do. he wants to take away the presidency because he doesn't agree that trump should be the president. that's the mantra of the whole thing. it's time to call the cards into question and congress has the oversight ability to do so. lou: we'll see. congressman gosar, good to have you with us. china's president comrk xi d president trump having a meeting of the minds on trade, proving all of those wall street analysts and economics and did i mention the business press absolutely wrong? we take up the president's victory on trade, national review columnist and best selling author victor davis hanson joins us here
4:50 am
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lou: president xi jinping is opening up trade in china largely because of president's strong stance opening exports. joining us tonight, author of
4:54 am
the new book county second world wars." how the first global conflict was fought and won. great to have you back with us, victor. let's start with what appears to be a profound breakthrough in trade relations between the united states and china. this is a return to normality. china was demanding of american companies sort of what the third reich * did in the 1930s, technology transfers, largely for military purposes. but what you look at what was
4:55 am
going on was not a sustainable process. he comes in as an outsider and looks eight in a different way and people get outraged. but i brought more justice in terms of trade than the three previous administrations. lou: who did nothing but cower and participate in the unprecedented transfer of wealth without per acceptable benefit -- without pe. >> they felt it was. >> sign muc -- felt it was a sif weakness. they would be joining the family of nations, then deknock mock a
4:56 am
iize. lou: it's understandable he'll be be precious ahead and has accomplished more in the first 15 months of his presidency than his predecessors. in any one of their terms. the pegs counsel has seemed -- the special counsel has seemed to lost all direction. is not following a moral or legal compass. your thoughts? >> i hate to say this, but i think he's resembling berks rea under stalin. whether it's obstruction of justice or the stormy daniels matter.
4:57 am
he's looking for a crime to fit the person. each time he does this he erodes confidence in the quality or quantity of law. with cheryl mills and hillary clinton, she sat in on fbi interviews then said later she could not be interviewed because she was hillary clinton's attorney. we know the steele dossier was an example of collusion with the russians. the fraudulent circumstances under which those fisa requests were presented to fisa judges. again and again, mr. mueller is ignoring a whole set of miscreants. he's like captain ahab and the white whale. trump is his white whale and he
4:58 am
can't let go. lou: he has democrats committed ideologues. this is like a continuation of the obama administration's absolute assault on the trump campaign to support hillary clinton. the insurance policy was the russia collusion, and everybody knows it. and yet the republican party leadership hasn't got the guts to stand up and say, enough. >> well, it's even worse than that that there were attorneys on his team. they were called the dream team, the a-team. there were members of that team who represented clients connected with hillary clinton's latest scandal. four or five of them came from his own law firm. and that was not a conflict. they were mostly democrats and many of them contributors.
4:59 am
if he wanted project the appearance was unbiased, he couldn't have done anything worse than what he did. it was like he was attempt fog show the nation he would be disinterested in the selections he made. lou: your thoughts on the president's decision as he contemplates military action against syria. >> he ran as a jacksonian and he would be principles realism. so he has to restore the terms lost under obama. but he can't be a neo-conservative nation builder. the people who will be most of suspect will be those who voted for him.
5:00 am
and the people who didn't vote for him are the people egging him on. we don't want another afghanistan. so it's a tricky thing. lou: >> we have made a lot of mistakes in running the company. >> your user agreement. why should we trust facebook? lauren: facebook ceo in the hot seat. investors cheer as for mark zuckerberg says. lauren: monster rally. the dow up over 400-point easing trade tensions with china. lauren: stocks pulling back this morning on worries about a possible u.s. strike in syria. taking a look at dow futures on 86 points, nasdaq down 31. train to


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