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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 11, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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california governor jerry brown is agreeing to send national guard troops to the california border with mexico. we are going to have more on that tomorrow. thank you for having us here in your home. charles: good evening, i'm charles payne. stocks down today as investors worry about evenings in syria. paul ryan will retire in january. one of the biggest takes from the zuckerberg testimony is what he said to senator ted cruz when asked about the pervasive pattern of political bias. >> facebook and the tech industry is located in silicon valley which is an extremely
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left-leaning place. this is a concern i have and i try to root out in the company to make sure we don't have any bias in the work we do. and i think it's a fair concern. charles: it's located in silicon valley which according to zuckerberg is an extreme left-leaning place. he talked about the fact that everyone there could be bias inherently. over the weekend there was a big what you would call scandal when jack dorsey from twitter liked an article that there would be a civil war and soon in california. carol, congratulations for throwing your hat in the ring.
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one republican going from mayor nashville, tennessee. i think this is what jack dorsey is talking about. maybe this california model is moving to the rest of the country, particularly in states and cities that were once considered solid red. >> what happened to nashville, it's beginning to be so focused on identity politic. there is a $9 billion boondoggle transit plan that will not solve our problems. we have had a record crime murder rate last year, and the city is unaffordable. the political left has taken over nashville to a large extent. and i'm running for office because the democrats, as far as i can tell, there has never been a republican mayor. we need a two-party system.
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charles: the article by jack dorsey saying there would be you a civil war in this country and there is no room for compromise. i know you are talking about rising murder rates. if you think about the places in this country where democrats and progressives have been in office a long time, you have rising, extensive crime. and they continue to hold on to power. >> i believe the minority community is waking up. i think it happen as because they creates a mafia where people are afraid to stand up because they feel like they are going to be punished. it does take an outsider to come in and clean up the system.
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i never thought i would be running for office, but i believe i can win. charles: if you do pull this off, what will be so continues. >> i'm actually going to do some thing that will benefit the public. instead of building edifices, that's night for -- that's nice for the 1%. i would like to make the city affordable for working people. do something about the rising crime rate and solve the traffic congestion. instead of just trying to appease the 1%, i would like to figure some of the potholes. we have potholes that are so big you could plant a plant inside of them and people's cars are being destroyed from the
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potholes. charles: that sounds great to me. i wept three years hitting potholes. and so i went out and got a jeep. why has it been so far in these large cities and growing cities like yours where the public isn't buying republicans can deliver on a promise like that. why hasn't the public bought into the notion that the promises you just made that you would actually deliver where republic cabs have not delivered. >> republicans have not even competed in those places. cities like nashville the democratic and republican elite get together and they divvy up what they want.
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the need for the 1% off be are served, and not the public. i think once people have a choice, i'm you aing them a choice and not more of the same old politic that benefits the 1% at the expense working people and families. charles: stay right there, carol, i want to bring in tammy bruce and joe borelli. along with edmund siegfried author of. gps. the city is growing faster than anticipated. structural and social. >> i think infrastructure is something that's great to focus on. the potholes may sound trivial
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to some and some on the left will mock that. but potholes actually do matter. in new york city we had mayors rub object pointing out potholes, and also object grime. i back miss swayne's candidacy. she can't have one party rule in one city or one region. charles: we had mark zuckerberg today and yesterday acknowledging silicon valley, the atmosphere there would be hostile to conservatives. and it's sort of unnerving. to evan's point, no matter where you are on the political divide, we used to pride ourselves object having competing voices
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in political opposition without destroying ourselves. >> in new york we had republican mayors. but it's true. you look at the bigger picture. mark zuckerberg could not be able to lie to the members of congress and try to say there was no liberal bias. he struggled to explain his business model as being a business model. he doesn't want facebook to be treated like a utility. but the people who generate the content and buy the ads, they treat his platform like a utility and i think that's where congress is going. charles: that exchange with ted cruz was tough but i'm glad he brought it up. you have 0,000 like-minded folks who all have hostility toward conservatives means censorship.
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tammy: not just what mark zuckerberg is saying today, but the long-term impact of that being the corporate culture in there with the same set will transcend hip when he end up going. the thing that come from facebook. the attitude that are changed. how that bleeds out into society. are they trying to affect our social mindset when they say diamond and silk are a danger to the community. what does the left do with that? do they feel they are correct and that has to be the new assignation for all conservatives? >> in december 2016 they had a huge meeting with dana perino and tucker carlson went or to meet with silicon valley and talk about how they can be more friendly to cobbs *.
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in 201 i was personally attacked and harassed. it took me writing an article in "the washington post" for twitter to pay attention. charles: the leaders we elect to run our country. how much skin in the game do they have? the man who wrote "the black swan" is next. ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen. and it works 24/7. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise.
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simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. charles: legislation towards grilled facebook ceo mark zuckerberg on capitol hill while the crisis continues to brew in syria. two major events with outcomes
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that will have worldwide repercussions. but do those making the decisions have skin in the game? that's a question nicholas has posed in his new book "skin in the game." he's a distinguish professor of engineering at nyu. i bought your book a week ago. from the very beginning you grabbed me because you attacked the intellectuals and powers that be that continuously make dumb mistakes. you talk about a cab driver or pizza maker, they make those
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mistakes because there is no repercussions for them. here in the studio you have technicians. you can tell if a technician knows what he or she will be doing. the people of macro economics and policy making who not only don't pay the cost of the error, but at the same time they don't learn because they don't have any cost. the problem has been swelling since the 60s. and now it's culminated and we are paying the price. people making decisions without skin in the game. charles: one of the things you talk about in the book is the invasion of iraq and how it was chapel beyond by bill kristol on the right, friedman on the left,
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two individuals who had nothing to do, and here we are on the cusp of increasing our presence in the middle east again. >> the same people. all these people calling for intervention in syria. all these people who called for intervention in iraq. they did not pay any price. it's not just being in office. that's classical ethics traditionally since hamrabi. you break it, you own it. typically, take, for example, ceasars. if you have a wash monger you have to take more milks than others. and you get there by taking the physical risks. these people have never seen a
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battlefield. charles: to me it feels like we have become intimidated and afraid as a nation. the irony for me is the problems get worse. we are afraid to do anything to tackle our debt so the debt keeps going. we are afraid to do anything to push back and china so the trading problem gets worse. >> it's not risk aversion it's pushing the risks you under the rug. like the banging system. let's think about the money print big the federal reserve. these people think it' the easiest thing to do in office, then they leave and they don't pay the price. the structure of economic life and decision make and microeconomics and political
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life. charles: "skin in the game." nassin space taleb.
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>> we can take a more proactive role and broader view of our responsibility. we need to make sure the tools are used for good. we need the take a more active view in police the ecosystem and watching and look out and making sure all of the members in our community are using these tools in a way that is going to be good and healthy. charles: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg admits he and his company didn't do enough to
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prevent fake news, and even hate speech. will we see government intervention? or ultimately will it involve you the user getting a piece of the action. ruby media group president web's ceo and founder of shra can k. you have come down hard on these social media companies before. we still have a lot of holes in what's going on. i don't know that a lot of answers were offered. >> i think the robot did really well. he recite a lot of the manual you would have received if facebook published one. but senators that clearly were not as tuned in as you i might be to the online network of
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facebook. and southwest ball questions -- and softball questions coming at him. and when he did not want to answer web said i will talk to my people and get back to you. he did nothing to address what's really going on with some level of transparency. up impressed what he did. i think he's slick and was prepared really well. and our congressional investigators dropped the ball. charles: the consequences of this, obviously the stock is up big in the last two days. wall street doesn't believe there will be tough regulations as a consequence of the last two days. >> i don't think we'll see regulations in the short term. i thought he hand himself very
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well. congress is basically tech illiterate. i was really disappointed. they had a huge opportunity to grill him and come down hard on him and i didn't see that coming. charles: they didn't know what the hell they were talking about. at least he was prepared. it's clear they were not prepared. >> how can they not understand what facebook is? charles: one of the recurring these was perhaps the notion that users to get a piece of the action. i think all the questions go away. all the concerns about privacy fade away if users are able to say -- you are monetizing me, can i get a piece of the action? >> we think it's an important part of the ecosystem. consumers should be reward for
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their data. the last two days have been two days of advertising for everything we have been advocating the last year. if consumers were getting paid, i don't know how much russian data would be buying consumer and paying them for it. consumers need to get rewarded. the stakes are high for facebook. if congress decides to go down the route of europe, it's a big change. charles: i think what we have for zuckerberg. but the sword of dam close is -s is over his head. yesterday it was suggested the industry make some corrections. >> i hope they get back to
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combined what they said he would do. maybe we'll live happily ever after. republican lawmakers are heading for the exits. is this time about the trump wave or potential blue wave. we'll be right back.
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entyvio. relief and remission within reach. >> we did tax reform for the first time in a generation. we rebuilt the military from being hollowed out. we deregulated the economy. we are on to workforce development and infrastructure. we ran on an agenda in 2016 and we have been execute that agenda. we are 2/3 of the way getting it through in the law. we are focused on keeping the majority. we have a strong leadership team. that's why i was comfortable making this decision because i know there is a strong leadership team i can handled gavel to. charles: it's raising alarms even louder than they have been
6:31 pm
raised with respect to the republicans keeping the house this fall. what's going to happen next? what's going to happen in november? joining me to discuss, ford o'connell and gin a loudon and lawrence jones. gina, let me start with you. there is a school of thought that says this is part of the sort of trump officially the gop officially becoming more like president trump. even though paul ryan tried to be a partner from time to time, he didn't necessarily fit the mold. >> this is a good day in trump's america. when paul ryan wasn't stabbing the president in the back, he was clogging up the drain that goes to the swamp.
6:32 pm
it's a good thing. i didn't talk to a single person who worked for this president to be elected today who didn't think this means good things for republicans in the mid-term. charles: he sounded like a man laying out a resume for a future trownt white house himself. >> paul ryan is definitely running for president. he's one of the gop's -- even though i disagree with him on a lot of policies, he's one of the gop's greatest mess even jers when it comes to medicaid reform and other social policies. charles: when he broke out that white board on the obamacare he lost me. ford, is this sort of the
6:33 pm
trumpification. perhaps we are seeing that as well. a lot of establishment types desiergd to head for the exits rather than stick around. >> i'm a big trumper and i think there is trumpification. the republican party is the party of donald j. trump. the republicans are likely to lose the house in 2018. i don't question ryan's sincerity, i question the timing. we still have 19 states where filing dead lines are not there. if we lose more people, we could erode our advantage in redistricting. charles: what do you think trump will do to help with this? will he take a much more aggressive you approach to make
6:34 pm
sure he keeps the house? >> charles, i think that the president has a plan for all of this. i don't think it's a surprise, we have heard rumors of paul ryan leaving since december. you look at the president's accomplishments. what he set out to do from the beginning, that he accomplished 65% of that list within the first year and a half of his presidency, and largely without the support of the establishment gop and the democrats. this president is very goal oriented. >> the problem is the president can't help other candidates win their own election. this notion that in the trump era because he was able to connect with the american people that somehow he's able to get them to vote for other candidates. you cannot clone a donald trump.
6:35 pm
we have seen tonight past elections. ford: lawrence is right. that's why i want ryan to step aside. but without paul ryan we may not hold the house because we'll have a leadership fight. we cannot lose that house because they are going to impeach him. >> i completely disagree. if you look at the way paul ryan has been a could be assistant thorn in the side of the trump agenda -- we'll see things move more fluently. charles: we are down to mccarthy and scalise. we'll see what happens. i hope it's not too acrimonious. we'll see. love your passion and wish we had more time. we'll talk about this market coming up.
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the dow was off. a lot of concerns. we had the middle east and the federal reserve. are they losing their minds? we'll talk with two experts next.
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show of hands. let's get started. who wants customizable options chains? ones that make it fast and easy to analyze and take action? how about some of the lowest options fees? are you raising your hand? good then it's time for power e*trade the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. alright one quick game of rock, paper, scissors. 1, 2, 3, go. e*trade. the original place to invest online. charles: the stock market is having anxiety over mark zuckerberg, interest rates and syria. it seems like they want to prepare investors.
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one participant said it might be necessary to move from an acomen accommodative stance. they say increased confidence inflation would return to 2% over the median term. and the rates might be slightly steeper. they want to raise their rates despite the fact -- it feels like the minutes were more robust than the economic indicators they gave us. they are look for gdp to be 2.5%. conventional wisdom feels like there will be at least three rate likes this year. but do we understand their blueprint?
6:41 pm
my big question is why are they moving so fast in the economy that's just now getting out of the starting blocks. joining me, daniel freedman. the average person out there is like okay we are just now getting it gone. why throw up the roadblocks now? >> i think it's the consistency of the inflation releases. 6 of the last 8 producer index. six of the last 8 have been up. that's the longest streak since 2011. if you look at the national federation of independent business. they are passing it along at the fastest rate in years. if you look at the core consumer
6:42 pm
price index. that excludes what we all call necessities. the fed is paying attention to inflation and inflation is rearing its ugly head. charles: i thought inflation was too much money chasing too few goods. >> the way the policy makers look at inflation, they look at core measures of inflation. it's core cpi up 2%. and that 2% flesh hold is critical for policy makers. but i don't think they are moving too quickly. if you look at '04 they were hiking 4 times. charles: all this money they were printing out, that continues to run off?
6:43 pm
>> they are. and that's tightening in and of it sell. that's in addition they are doing. they are removing liquidity from the system. that's bent mother's milk for years. you have to include the shrinking of the balance sheets. charles: the disconnect is they are going to hurt the smallest -- you talk about nfib, regular folks who just now are starting to feel like this is the america i grew up in. >> i don't think they are hiking fast enough or tightened enough to derail this economy. we are still growing at about a 3% rate. we'll have the unemployment rate fall below 4%. charles: the banks were the hardest hit. if the fed is going to raise
6:44 pm
rates why are bank getting hit? >> we saw the flattening of the yield curve. but the worst the cycle today. we saw it. i think it has to do more with syria than federal reserve policy. charles: the fed is raising rates quickly because the economy is too high. thank you both have much. appreciate. president trump warns russia not to get in his way. does that mean the bromance is off? russia's stock market got hammered last week because of sanctions. welcome to the xfinity store.
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charles: apparently they are planning strikes against syria and this is putting president trump on a collision court with vladimir putin. the president tweeted our relationship with russia is worse now than it has ever been. that includes the cold war. there is no reason for there is. russia needs us to help with their economy, something that would be very easy to do, and we need all nations to work together. stop the arms race. charles: the initial reaction was the russian stock market down 11%, and aluminum maker stock down 50%. tammy: the president clearly wants to be able to like
6:49 pm
everyone. he has even done that with the never trumpers here. as a businessman you want everybody to get along. but he's also a realist. he knows what needs to happen and he's going to get it done. i would suggest this is more of a trolling. it's insulting to russia when you have donald trump saying you need our help. the new sayings are important. when you sanction individuals like that it freezes their assets in the united states. so this when you have got very few people controlling massive amounts of money in russia and you begin to freeze their assets here, it has a terrific impact. the president knows what needs to be done. but he's not going to cut them off at the knees. charles: russia is a one-trick pony.
6:50 pm
outside of energy they don't have much of an economy. they are in an awkward position. what do they risk? what does vladimir putin risk. he's extraordinarily popular in his country. >> it's important to point out the russian foreign ministry said they will not conduct diplomacy via twitter. but i think they have forgotten what their russian embassy does in the united states. it trolls the united states and makes trouble. i think vladimir putin sees the world in a cold war light. when the cold war ended americans looked toward the middle east and regional conflicts around the world. vladimir putin and his cronies have looked at the united states' chief adversary. charles: what happens, president
6:51 pm
trump extend the olive branch. tammy: for years with obama putin was able to expand. he got a footprint in the middle east. he likes that. that's one of the reasons his approval is high at home. he needs that approval. because the economy is bad. trump is ruining all that with his actions. it's in putin's interests to try to be better at it and not have this get worse. >> what i see first of all is vladimir putin is all in on back assad. even if it means assad gags men, women and children. tammy: he'll back out of that as soon as it starts hurting him. >> if donald trump can make this into a win for himself. he has been criticized for being too nice to vladimir putin and
6:52 pm
refusing to criticize him in public. charles: so all he has to do is criticize putin on twitter. >> he can say i tried the carrot and stick approach. it's clearly not working. here is the stick. tammy: syria, there are russians involved and they get hurt and we win, that will send a strong message. charles: president trump weighing several options, including a military strike. but some here are saying the best option is america should just walk away. what are your thoughts? tweet me @cvpayne.
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it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. charles: president trump putting both syria and russia on notice warning that u.s. air strikes in syria will be coming in retaliation for a suspected chemical attack this past weekend. so how much moral responsibility
6:56 pm
do we america continue to have as the world's police and should we really be taking action against syria like this. joining me now, christopher bedford. chris, you wrote a piece yesterday saying as awful as this looks as devastating as it is. it would be a mistake for america to use military intervention. >> i think so, yes. and the difference here -- there's a couple of things going op. this is not the first chlorine attack that the assad va jet stream has been suspected of launching this week. it's not that easy to kill people with pool cleaner which is what this is, not a weaponnized thing. now sa sar rin is a weapon of ms destruction. it can kill whole cities worth of people indiscriminately. people with look at this and
6:57 pm
athat syria is one of the many countries, including congress go and motion cowhere terrible things are happening pipt's not a country that we need to commit the men and women of the u.s. military to go there and fight and die, no matter how sad and heart wrenching the images are. it doesn't change a lot in a war where 400,000 people have been killed. charles: james mattis addressed this situation where he said that the administration is still assessing things. let's take a quick listen to this. >> most recent chemical attack. >> we're still assessing the intelligence ourselves and our allies, we're still working on this. >> is the u.s. military ready right now to conduct a retaliatory attack if ordered? >> we stand ready if they're appropriate as the president determines. charles: so the question again
6:58 pm
right now is would they be appropriate, even if there was evidence of chemical weapons being used were chlorine or any other substance. would that justify us using a strong military retaliation? >> i think salute lit i absolut. it's less a question of which chemical weapons they use than the fact that the president told assad and putin don't do this and they did it anyway. that's the message that needs to be countered. and that message has to include iran as well. the iranians run the assad regime as a puppet. and you can add turkey to the mix -- made a deal about who's going to carve up and run what warts of syria. if they think they're going to get away with gassing civilians to get that moving faster, they're miscalculated president trump. charles: you just named formidable countries. are we prepared to go all the way in. we start to go back and forth,
6:59 pm
the next thing you know, we've been through this where we were still trying to get out of original middle eastern conflicts. >> here's the thing. there's the immediate reaction that this chemical attack which needs to be forceful and to create some smoking rubble, maybe anti-russian aircraft systems. but there's a plan to transition to regional control over this ear e area and that's something we presented a plan to the administration to do and they're looking at that. it needs to to be the saudis, gulf areas and potentially prying turkey away from iran and russia and getting them to be peacekeepers rather than troublemakers. charles: if we use military retaliation, where does it go? >> why would we use military retaliation right now as opposed to the last four times this year that assad has used some chemical weapon on his people. why do it now. youtube should not govern u.s. foreign policy. and we would actually threaten
7:00 pm
hitting russian places, russian antiaircraft? russia has allies in venezuela, cuba. they've got influence all over the world. we don't need to fight them. charles: thank you both. thank you at home. here's lou. lou: good evening, everybody. these the top stories. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and fbi director christopher wray have finally responded to congressional demands of oversight after threats of impeachment and contempt of congress against them. rosenstein this afternoon decided to permit house republican to actually look at the two-page memo authored by anti-trump peter strzok that was the pretext of the original mandate of the russian collusion probe. but it took eight months of stone walling, the threats of subpoena, contempt of congress and impeachment to get to this


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