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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 11, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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hitting russian places, russian antiaircraft? russia has allies in venezuela, cuba. they've got influence all over the world. we don't need to fight them. charles: thank you both. thank you at home. here's lou. lou: good evening, everybody. these the top stories. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and fbi director christopher wray have finally responded to congressional demands of oversight after threats of impeachment and contempt of congress against them. rosenstein this afternoon decided to permit house republican to actually look at the two-page memo authored by anti-trump peter strzok that was the pretext of the original mandate of the russian collusion probe. but it took eight months of stone walling, the threats of subpoena, contempt of congress and impeachment to get to this
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point. congressman matt gates says rosen sphien should be fired for his corrupt behavior. e joins us here tonight. also, russia's navy responding to the president's warning that u.s. missile wills be heading to syria. 11 russian ships reportedly leaving a port in syria on the move. we take up the potential for confrontation tonight with general jack keane. and paul ryan says he will finally retire after months of obstructing and subverting the trump administration. what will pelosi and schumer do without their strongest ally in the republican leadership. we apparently are about to find out our top story tonight, fox news confirming that the chairman of the house intelligence committee, devin nunes along with trey gowdy did view a copy of the fbi memo that started the fbi russia probe. the lawmakers, along with a number of staffers, viewed the document today at the justice
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department. nunes threatened to impeach director wray and rosenstein in those agencies hissed the deadline to hand over the memo. that deadline midnight. they made it by about six hours. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with our report. >> the government source confirmed to fox news late today that the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee devin nunes and along with trey gowdy, as well as committee republican staffers went to the justice department open met with rod rosenstein and viewed a copy of the two-page memo. not a clean copy. the government sources told fox the redactions were minimal and justified. based on fox's reporting, the two-page memo from july 16, drafted by or had significant input by fbi agent peter strzok,
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removed from the russia probe after the discovery of the anti-trump text messages. legal action was warranted after months of delay by the fbi and the justice department. >> they're not giving this to us tells me there's something wrong here. >> what are the chances you're going to hold them in contempt of congress right now? >> i can just tell you that we're not going to just hold in contempt. we will have a plan to hold in contempt and to impeach. >> to impeach christopher wray? >> absolutely. we're not messing around here. >> despite the 11th hour resolution, fox news is told that congressional investigators remain concerned about the memo's underlying intelligence and the credibility of the sources and that it will require further information there was no immediate response from the fbi. tonight justice department spokesperson said the remaining redactions are merely tailored to protect the name of a foreign country as well as the name of a foreign agent. >> thank you very much. russia tonight reacting to
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president trump's warning of military action against syria. russia reportedly moving 11 of its ships from their naval base in syria out to sea. the u.s. navy is also on the move. the uss harry truman strike group today departed norfolks for a deployment to the middle east and europe. president trump earlier in the day threatened syria with a missile strike, blasting russia for supporting the a assad regime's use of chemical weapons on its own people. he tweeted this, get ready russia because they will be coming, nice and new and smart. you shouldn't be partnered with a gas-killing animal who kills his people and enjoys it. joining us tonight to assess all of this, former vice chief of staff of the u.s. army, jack keane, fox business senior strategic analyst. great to have you here, general. what do you make of the deployment of those 11 russian
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ships from tar tes, syria? >> first of all as we're painfully away of, ships in a fixed port like that are vulnerable. we found that out during pearl harbor. any good seaman, if they know an attack is eminent wants the ships at sea. the other question is are they really going to take action against a u.s. strike or an allied strike in syria. i suspect not. and here's why. russia and iranians have propped up the assad regime successfully. a dictator can stay in power there indefinitely. may not be assad because he may be a plit k58 liabilit politicar them. they've achieved what they wanted. so if they take on the united states over our response to a chemical weapons attack, that puts at risk all of those gains
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because it pulls the united states into syria in a way dealing with the two people who have propped up the assad regime, iran and russia. i think they would never make that strategic mistake because they don't want to give up what they've paid a price to gain. lou: how consolidated is nato and at least the early coalition that is built around striking in syria, that is france and the uk? teresa may, the prime minister of the united kingdom saying she needs more time to assess whether or not russia was responsible for the chemical -- the use of chemical weapons. it's an extraordinary posture for her to have taken at this point. your thoughts. >> well, if you recall, the last time that we were thinking about conducting a strike during the obama administration, britain did not go along with it.
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and so teresa may has used political issues inside her own country. i'm not surprised by her caution here. i am surprised by the fact that we're still struggling over the intelligence itself. i was led to believe a couple of days ago that it was pretty solid in terms of what we had and it certainly indicates that given the remarks that our president has been making, you know for this entire week, it would be hard to believe he would be making comments like that if someone didn't tell him that all of our preliminary indications was this was indeed a chemical nerve agent. lou: there's a strange hesitation here now. because there has been so much public discussion about this, not only here but also of course in europe. and now it seems to be, if you will, a bit vague. that may be intentionally so so that there is an element of surprise whenever the united states does take action if the president decides that's exactly what he is to do.
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your thinking on that. >> i think what's really going on, lou, is we're just bringing our assets into position. i think that's what -- they don't want to talk about that because that begins to reveal your hand where are they and how many days off from the actual strike. but i think that's what's happening. positioning automatic of our assets that will participate in this operation and also those of our allies who have the proper capability to participate. lou: should there be concern at this point about the new alliance that has been created, the axis, if you will, in the middle east among turkey, iran and russia? >> absolutely. and i don't think we have a coherent strategy dealing with that in this administration when deal with syria. i think the national security adviser is probably going to take that on pretty strongly to make certain, you know, that we do give the president the right
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options on how to deal with this long term. but clearly what president trump said a year ago last summer, he went to riyadh, 55 leaders were there from the entire region and he stood up in front of him saying i stand with you against our strategic enemy in the region which is iran. and i think as this axis, as you describe, continues to grow, i believe one of the things we should be doing is formalizing an alliance in the middle east, an arab nato, political and military alliance to counter the aggression and maligned behavior that's taking place. lou: the idea of creating a countecounter veiling organizatd by the united states against russia in the region dividing up along the lines that actually they've been operating under for
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decades, it's sort of recognition of who the enemy is and what has to be done. general, as always, we appreciate your insight and the tutorial. >> good talking to you. lou: thank you. general jack keane. up next, speaker ryan running for the exit after, well, years of subverting president trump, candidate trump and the trump agenda. we take up ryan's retirement. ed rollins joins us here next. stay with us.
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near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. republican member of congress to announce his retirement today. dennis ross says he's leaving after eight years to return to his legal career. a total of 25 republican house members have announced their retirement this year, just ten democrats. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg back on capitol hill today, once again sort of testifying but certainly not under oath, telling congressional lawmakers that even though his own data was compromised by cambridge analytica, he said we need to be careful about overregulation. >> was your data included in the data sold to the malicious third parties, your personal data?
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>> yes. so my position is not that there should be no regulation. but i also think you have to be careful about what regulation you put in place. regulation by definition puts in place rules that a company that is larger, that has resources like ours can easily comply with but that might be more difficult for a smaller startup. lou: a monopoly. this is really striking. zuckerberg leading a monopoly is thinking about protecting inn innovators who come up through the grass and become competitors. a touching moment. joining us tonight, great america pac chairman, fox business political analyst and strategist ed rollins. >> to add the to the number you witput up there, there's 39 retiring or running for a higher office. there's 39 vai can republican seats as of today and i wouldn't
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be surprised if you don't have another 10 or 12 members that don't run. incumbents have a campaign abapparatus, money. a new primary has to set it all up. about half of those seats will be vulnerable. lou: half of them vulnerable and the democrats of course, only ten seats. >> same kind of drill. they've dug in. they think they're going to win the majority back. lou: they say there's a wave and the national left wing media is jumping in on the wave bandwagon. >> if there's a wave it's our fault. what i would advise these candidates, get back in your district, don't worry about what's going on in washington, support the president and run a campaign. get warned that you could get beat and you better go out there and not get beat. lou: we come to paul ryan. he doesn't like being speaker, doesn't like being a congressman anymore. and again his personal life is his priority. so we can just dismiss any
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political ambition that might be lurking in his mind. it's all about family. >> well, it's all about family until he runs for governor or president, which is obviously part of his long term goals. the critical thing of him leaving now and not leaving now, he's still the speaker through january, is that he's the principle fundraiser and the one who sets the tone in the campaign. and the bottom line is a pac director or someone is not going to give money to him when you don't think he's going to be the power player. there are two candidates out there, two leaders, probably three or four others. and then right there, i mean $10.5 million cash on hand. he can redistribute thatmen somt and should but it's the ability while he's out distributing noz is going to raise none for her candidates. lou: and they have a pretty good
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one, big labor appeal, middle class appeal. >> the issue there in that district is that ryan can give $2,000 to the district and his pacs can give more. but he can't take a chunk of that unless he wants to run an independent expenditure which i don't think he will. and the bed tom line, if he's getting out, say thank you very much, i'm going to serve out my term or basically leave congress right now. lou: why would he not resign the speakership. he's a lame duck speaker, a lame duck congressman now. what use is he as speaker and what is he thinking in terms of the good of the party, assuming that it remotely does occur to him. he's jeopardizing a seat. he is also je jeopardizing the intrier slate of the house of
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representative as a lame duck speaker. why not move on. >> i would argue that he needs to move on, the nongracious way. if he going to go to the white house and negotiate on behalf of the republicans when they all see him now not being a part of the future. plus the things he wants to run on, which is his entitlement prom, it's not salable. lou: his entitlement program ? would you call that a better way to sync the republican party all at once? >> the other thing he continue to say is i didn't want this job, i didn't choose. well, bottom line you've been in the job for a long time and it's a pretty powerful job. go home, live well and. >> lou: get out of the way. >> get out of the way. lou: as we look at the midterms right now. we've talked about a building republican disadvantage. we still don't hear candidates
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speaking very receiv as loudly y should about the trump administration, standing ? solidarity with the president and his agenda. this is going to be a contest in the midterms for the republican party as to how many rhinos they can kill off at the polling boothe and that's for the good of the country. >> the republican party is donald trump's. the agenda is donald trump's. if you want to be a republican and a successful candidate, you have to run on his agenda. you have to pledge that you're going to go back and support him. it's the only way you're going to motivate his voters with, the most intense voter to turn out. lou: that's got to be the focus for the next six months. it's actually just under six months. >> still a long time. but you can't be having speakership battles and all of the rest of it. lou: you don't think there's going to be a speakership battle? >> there is going to be a battle and it started this morning at
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9:00. lou: who do you want? >> i want a conservative. i want someone who represents the freedom kaw sus. lou: mark meadows, jim jordan. >> two good candidates and i think the reality is -- lou: what about scalise and mccarthy? >> they're part of the leadership now. mccarthy tried to put it together last time and couldn't do it. but the reality is it's time to put a new leadership team in. lou: and not wait until january of next year. >> the dye is cast. die is cast. let's get it down. lou: be sure to vote in the poll tonight. can you think of a single, a single constructive act that speaker ryan has taken to advance a single item on the trump agenda? we'd like to hear from you on this. cast your vote on twitter@lou to bees. like me on facebook, follow me on instagram at lou t dobbs
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tonight the dow falling 219 points, s&p down 19, volume on the big board, the lightest day of trading so far this year. just under 3 billion shares. crude oil gaining 2% closing at a three-year high near $67 a barrel. reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. the fbi admits anti-trumpers strzok and page still have, are you ready? they still have their top secret security clearances. byron york on the pervasive deep state next.
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lou: the fbi couple fired from the mueller investigation for their anti-trump text messaging still have top secret security clearances, we learned, thanks to senator rand paul. the fbi confirmed peter strzok
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and lisa page's continued access to confidential and top secret information if an fbi response to senator rand paul. former republican speaker john boehner, chill well he's a man f principle, swinging door for him, he's takingen up the cause of legalizing marijuana. boehner has joined the board of advisers for acreage holdings. they grow and sell marijuana in 11 states. the former congress mane and speaker of the house already sits on the board of tobacco maker reynolds american, a company that could have a whole new business opportunity if for example marijuana was legalized nationwide. big tobacco, big weed. it all goes together doesn't it? joining me now, byron york, chief political correspondent for the washington examiner and a fox business correspondent. let's start with the politics of
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the day. devin nunes, the head of the intelligence committee says they're viewingtheir viewing, if the document, if you will, beginning of the fbi investigation, that viewing met his standards for unredacted and full disclosure. your thoughts. >> well, it was pulling teeth to get it. it was more than pulling teeth to get it. this whole story of what's called the electronic communication that was used by the fbi, it was the document that was created to formally open the trump-russia investigation in july of 2016. the house intelligence committee, which is entitled to look at this kind of stuff, had wanted to see it for quite a while and had been asking for it. and it took devin nunes threatening laura ingraham last night to impeach christopher wray before this actually
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happened. late today nunes, trey gowdy and a couple of staff were finally able to see it in its least-redacted form. the store vi is how hard it's been for the oversight committee committees to get information out of the fbi and the justice department. lou: the oversight committee, the intelligence comu, judiciary, these committees have specific oversight responsibility in both houses that fbi and doj have been acting like outlaws, not the department of justice and the fbi. and there is no outrage that i can detect around the country. this isen an absolute attack on the president, the presidency and law and order on this part of this corrupt department. >> you've seen this from the
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house judiciary, direct oversight for the justice department. again having to threaten the justice department to get these documents that have been used by the inspector general in the upcoming report on how to fbi conducteds the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. they're just getting describes and drabs of those. and we saw after more threats the attorney general jeff sessions kind of leaned on or publicly leaned on the fbi director to say, you've got to give more attention to congress here. but this has been a continual story. and you know this. one of the things we've been hearing is people say well, there's a republican administration and justice department and these are republicans on capitol hill. how come this is not working better. and i think what it's shown is some people call it the deep state, other people call it institutional prerogatives. but it has shown how deep the self protection impulse is inside the justice department
7:31 pm
and the fbi. lou: it is political corruption and it is the deep state. it is embedded deeply, entrenched deeply. and right now the deep state is winning. open it's an interesting question and no one thinks more about this, reports more on it than you do. the question becomes now what the president can do. i have to say, if in the same position, just my frustration level alone, were i president of the united states, would compel me to fire somebody, anybody that i could get my hands on. this is a direct attack on our system of government by the deep state, no matter how you structure it. you have a justice department that is attacking the constitution. what it is doing, what robert mueller is doing is now, in my judgment and more importantly in the judgment of so many jurists and legal scholars absolutely wrong.
7:32 pm
we don't hear right and wrong expressed too often but what mule ser doing is wrong. what the justice department and the fbi leadership are doing is wrong. it's got to be righted. what do you think? >> there is a lot of different opinions about what the president should do as far as mueller is concerned. i think it would be a mistake for the president to get rid of him. but on this issue, the whole trump-russia investigation, there's absolutely one point that is undeniebl which is the public needs to know more. there's too much secrecy. i was writing today about the comey memos, the former -- the fired fbi director's planning his book selling extravaganza to start this weekend. and the memos that comey wrote are being treated like the highest state secrets in the justice department. members of the oversight committees have asked to see them. there's an fbi minder in the room all of the time. no copies are allowed.
7:33 pm
no note taking is allowed. most of these things are not even classified. this is something the public should know more about so there's less mystery around the whole mueller investigation. but so far the secrecy has kept a cloak over everything. lou: why do we even use the word secrecy. it is something quite different and not anyone in the national left wing media will use the expression. it's a jofe coverup. it is a secret because they're covering it up. they're coving up their own transgressions against law, fair play and impartiality, supposed to be hal hallmarks of the department of justice, are they not? >> they are. and anytime you have a big investigation like the trump-russia investigation or the clinton e-mail investigation, there's also going to be an investigation of the investigators. it just happens. look what happened through the whole independent counsel phase with bill clinton in the
7:34 pm
1990s. this is something in our system actually needs to happen. and in this case there's so much that we just need to know about this case and we don't know it yet. lou: byron, you're a patient man, a generous man. let me put this forward to you if i may. we keep talking about the almost year long investigation of the special counsel when in fact it's really a 22-month investigation. >> correct. lou: the fbi investigation and built upon that the special counsel investigation for nearly two years. two years of america's life and for the entirety of this president's administration we have had an investigation that is effectively designed to subvert him, to subvert his presidency and to bring this administration and the federal government and trump policies to a grinding halt. it has no other purpose because in nearly two full years not
7:35 pm
one, one iota of evidence has been produced. at what point do we say to ourselves, something is wrong and we've got to fix it and do it now because this cannot be an investigation in perpetuity or the republic falls. >> the reason we need to know more about this is exactly what you were saying. one party wants to use this investigation as a means to remove the president from office early. that's what they want. there's no doubt that the issue of impeachment will come up this fall in midterm campaigning. it's going to be interesting where the democrats come down on that as they campaign to try to win the house. but since the stakes are so high, that's why we need more information. we cannot be, in september and october with people about to vote and all of this stuff still cloaked in secrecy. lou: if the department of justice leadership prevails against accountability and
7:36 pm
consequence for their rank, rank betrayal of the public trust, then we are doomed. byron, good to have you with us. thank you, my friend. up next, a growing number of california cities fighting back against california's sanctuary. 10 miles on every dollar they spend
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lou: two msh cities joining the growing revolt against california's sanctuary system. fox news senior correspondent adam housely in los angeles with
7:40 pm
our report. >> god bless donald trump. >> slivers of red in one of the country's bluest states as two more cities, new port beach and orange decided to join president trump in opposition to the california so-called sanctuary state law sb54. >> i want to see our border secured. i want to see a wall. and i want to see all illegal aliens systematically and aggressively removed from our country. >> i encourage the council not to pass this resolution. i don't think it's necessary to take this stance at this point. >> the six most populous county in the united states and one of the last parts of conservatism, orange county squarely sided with president trump and the county and now nine cities openly oppose sb54, california's law limiting state and local police cooperation with
7:41 pm
authorities. the public battle is as heat as the legal one with civic debates extended for hours. >> i'm very offended because i work were hard to be in america. and here we are protecting illegal criminals. >> a contention here is that we want to protect the immigrants that are right now afraid to report crimes, to go to school. our community, our neighbors are afraid to walk the streets of orange. >> lou, also in california the trump administration arguing today that the president's executive order threatening to cut funding from cities and states who won't cooperate with immigration authorities is legal. it's an appeal of the previous judge's ruling that blocked the order nationwide heard by a three-judge panel on the ninth circuit. lou: adam housely with this report. up next here, california agrees reluctantly to send national guard troops to the
7:42 pm
border. brandon from the national board council takes it up with me next.
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california surprising just about everyone, agreeing to deploy national guard troops to the southern border, 400 california
7:46 pm
national guard troops are going to the border, by the order of the governor. jerry brown says those troops will not enforce federal immigration law or build a border wall. arizona, new mexico and texas have already committed 1600 national guard member to support the border patrol as did new mexico. joining us tonight, a 20-year rhett van of the border patrol, current president of the national border patrol council, the union for the border patrol agents, brandon good to have you with us. brandon judd. >> you've been out in front of this debate longer than anybody i know of and you know the situations that we're facing. when you look at the governor finally caving in, that's simply because the people of orange, the other cities, they've spoken and now he's feeling the heat. but thank goodness for those people, thank goodness they have spoken because we're going to get the support that we need in california. >> it is truly a border that is
7:47 pm
now, as we've discussed, so much of all of the most dangerous drugs, most popular drugs unfortunately are crossing from mexico into the united states. it's marijuana, it is cocaine, heroin, it is -- it's stunning. and fein fentanyl, this new drut is a killer. we're talking about we people of this country cannot simply leave ourselves wide open to the drug cartels and the death merchants responsible for the deaths of so many millions of young americans. >> this multimillion dollar business, it is an industry, all controlled by criminal cartels that look for weak --
7:48 pm
lou: qush i in which there is no consequence to having violent
7:49 pm
drug cartels corrupting both sides of the border. americans don't want to recognize that that corruption on the border is on both sides of it. there's a reason that that much money, $60 billion in illegal drugs is coming across the border going into the pockets of the cartels. it's because they're corrupting officials in this country. >> well, i mean, if you look at what we currently face, right now the most open corridor for drug crossings is in the nation east of te tucson, arizona and y will not allow us to put the national guard there. we have operation night hawk, we've worked with the national guard for years. but the nation won't allow us to put them in the busiest corridor and that just can't happen. yeah, border patrol agents are very happy that we have a president that finally wants to secure the border. the american public has spoken, they want the border secure, now
7:50 pm
we have to get our leadership behind that. we have to get congress behind and that and if we do, we'll secure the border. lou: thank you for being here from your lips to god's ears. up next, president trump hammering special counsel mueller and rod rosenstein over their outrageous witch hunt. congressman matt gates fighting the corrupt fbi and doj leadership, he joins us in one minute.
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lou: president trump blasting suspicion counsel mueller and deputy attorney general rosenstein tweeting much of the bad blood with russia head up by the all democrat loyalists are people that worked for obama. mueller is most of conflicted of all except rosenstein who signed fisa and comey letter. no exclusion. >> at this particular point, i think it's members of congress who have a bigger problem with rod rosenstein, myself included, that he's not giving us
7:55 pm
documents and he's not doing his job. if he's not going to do the job he needs to find one he'll do. the information is probably more a focus of congress and makes the president's dissatisfaction pale by comparison. lou: joining us is congressman matt gaetz. congressman, good to see you. is mark meadows right? do you think there is sufficient basis to move against rosenstein? >> as is usually the case, mark meadows is absolutely correct. we are after whatever documents formulated the initial basis to begin this fake investigation into president trump and the alleged collusion with russia that we have found absolutely no evidence of. so it's surprising that the fbi
7:56 pm
and department of justice have been so willing to thumb their nose at the congress. i think devin nunes is right, mark meadows is right. bob goodlatte is right. if we don't get what we need from these officials they need to be shown they are not above the law and they will be held accountable. lou: holding them accountable is a tough thing. we are watching a special counsel who apparently decided to turn a special counsel investigation into a complete and utter farce. but now farce. going after stormy fields play mates and video. that was apparently behind the mule her inspired raid on the president's personal attorney. this is ignorance beyond belief. >> it's obvious to the american
7:57 pm
people that we are no longer investigating crimes or allegations of crimes. we are just investigating people. that some those in the deep state don't like or think might be able to harm president trump. we have to restore the rule of law by focusing this investigation on whatever scintilla of truth it may be based on and without the documents that provide the basis for the beginning of this investigation. i'm glad president trump is using the bully pulpit to defend himself. it's entirely appropriate for him to point out the hypocrisy at the department of justice where they are going after his personal lawyer. but when rod rosenstein's conduct is under question he hires one of his own employees to look into it. lou: i like the discipline and
7:58 pm
so many other good qualities that i wish were mine. but this is infuriating. isn't it time for the congress to say end this, for you guys to decide not to the appropriate another dime, to stand up as a body. the people's house, and say we are not going act like this as americans? it's a 22-month long investigation. 11 months at the fbi,ed followed by the special counsel. shouldn't decent congressmen and women say enough? >> you are absolutely right. there are many reasons to justify the ending of the mueller probe. one as you pointed out, the fact it existed for more than a year when you combine it with what the fbi has done and it produced not scintilla of evidence. the mueller probe is so infected with bias, the people serving on
7:59 pm
his team defended the weissmann foundation. so a lot of reasons to end the probe. i want to call mueller in and i want to hear what he's got. if there is no evidence let's wrap this up and move on with the business of the country. lou: do you think your leadership would be so inclined? >> they are getting there. calling for a special investigator to look into the investigators making these false claims. lou: i have left about 20 seconds for to you react to paul ryan's resignation that apparently isn't immediate. >> speaker ryan has served for a number of years admirably in the congress. i wish the best for him and his family. we'll have new blood in
8:00 pm
leadership which is typically the case in democracy. and i'm excited about that as well. lou: that's it for us. thanks for being with us. kennedy: a bombshell on capitol hill. the speaker of the house, paul ryan, announcing he'll not seek reelection in november. watch. >> i think we have achieved a heck of a lot. you all know i did not seek this job. i took it reluctantly. but i have given this job everything that i have. i will be retiring in january, leaving this majority in good hands with what i believe is a very bright future. i will be setting new priorities in my life, and i will be


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