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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 16, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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ed rollins, michael goodwin. thank you both. congressman ron desantis among our guests tomorrow. please join us. good night from new york. kennedy: confessions of a money gruk leaker. former fbi director james comey set to drop his tell-all book tomorrow. he bashed the president and tried to save hi his kerks iste. >> is donald trump unfit to be president? >> yes. but not in the way i often hear people talk about it. i don't buy this stuff about him being mentally incompetent or early stairnlings of difficult men stha shah. he strikes me as above average
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intelligence and tracking conversations. i think he's morally unfit to be president. based on decisions about her poll numbers the president said he was the worst fbi director in history. he may be correct. if comey had so much integrity. why did he wait a year to tell this story in a book instead of going to the attorney general with his concerns. corey lewandowski is here. hi, corey, welcome back. let's talk about -- it's nighttime, it's the right time. let's talk about some of the issues that i'm raised, and
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whether any of this interview could be seen as problematic for the president. what do you think? >> i think what james i'm raids is a series of -- raised is a series of fiction. this is a man who spent very little time with the president. this is a man who has admitted under oath that he gave out information to an individual so it would make it into the media, specifically a form law professor of his. jim i'm and his best friend andrew mccabe hot inspector general -- who the inspector general said lied three times under oath. kennedy: comey positioned himself as the arbiter of justice.
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although when he had the opportunity, and he certainly did have the opportunity as the director of the fbi, he never really spoke truth to power. he never took these people on and what he lays out is these great northerly failings. >> he has the messiah complex the likes of which the world has never seen. he admitted he allowed the public opinion polls to determine whether he opened an investigation into hillary clinton because he didn't want people top question the legitimacy of her presidency. we know because of his own words, this is a man with no integrity. he decided to take the law into his own hands. and he is going to get very rich
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offal book which is very salacious and has no truth to it. kennedy: when he's talking about the presidents he served and the administrations he has seen. and how this president seems to be a cautionary tale. if you look at his unfavor built polls, 3 -- his unfavor built polls, i said on this show and on "outnumbered" and twitter i thought it was very boring. i was expecting much more. they said we would hear revelations and bombshells about the president. what is the end game? >> did you tell president-elect
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trump this dossier was paid for by his political opponents? he said it wasn't his decision. kennedy: but everything else was his decision. i took exception to that remark because i felt like it was his decision. and when it was time for him to step up, he didn't take that opportunity. >> when it's time for him to step up, he steps aside. the day jim comey was fired from the fbi is the same date inspector general received mccabe lied three times under oath. why haven't they been sphros cute for perjury. if james i'm is going to run for office in any state, any time, any where. i will volunteer my services to run a campaign against him and i
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promise you we'll win. kennedy: you have gone on the record we'll see if the opposition takes you up on that. but i think he finds himself to be morally impenetrable. thank you so much. let's take this to my picture-perfect party panel. reporter carley shimkus is here along with a columnist for the daily beast, and anthony fisher and michael malice. welcome, everyone. where does jim i'm go from here? >> for him to call his book a higher loyalty when he was fired on his ass. he didn't quit out of integrity. the fact that he's going to run
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for office, the least popular member of the adams family was lurch. you can disagree with a president but some throw him under the bus in a salacious gra to you t --kennedy: it was grat. you would think that someone with a backgrounds as a deputy attorney general and the director of the fbi would have a little more data to draw from. >> he was emotional about this. it was sold as we have five hours of interview with james comey. we are going to try to squeeze pertinent stuff into one hour.
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there wasn't much there. it was james comey talking about his personal opinions about the president. kennedy: he said the president has committed no crimes. and he can't be impeached. and he's not unfit for office. and he hasn't met that threshold that he knows well. >> at some point i expected stephanopoulos to say why are we here? >> i think we learned a lot about james comey through this thing, brought in just that his wife was a clinton supporter and he drank wine out after paper cup after he was fired. he's the director of the fbi, if he's uncomfortable with loretta lynch calling the investigation a matter, raise your hands and say something.
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kennedy: i believe loretta lynch's defense there. i don't believe she was free from politics. later i will talk with chris bedford and get reaction on comey's interview. and i'll talk to you about legalizing drugs. the president's personal attorney, michael cohen was in federal court as part of a grand jury investigation. yesterday in a letter to the judge, today the judge denied a request sphrp cohen's attorney to prevent the investigators from seeing the documents first. stormy daniels. the porn star. of course, she was in the courtroom. her lawyer michael after
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avenatti explained why boop we wanted to make sure the integrity of the documents were maintained and we wanted to make sure the american people learned the truth. the president trusted mr. cone with his fixer for years. he trusted him for his innermost secrets and the chickens are about to come home to roost. kennedy: legal analysts say this case could be more damaging to the president than his special counsel. >> this is a very bad precedent. whether it's the president or anyone else talking to their doctor tore. there has to be a capacity for anyone in higher office to be able to speak freely and openly and brainstorm. no heart in what comes out of this, this will be a big breach
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what usually remained secret. kennedy: just saying well that doesn't apply to you because we don't like you. so we are going to take whatever we want to prove our case. that's not supposed to happen in america. that happens in soviet russia. >> i agree there should be attorney-clients privilege even for the unpopular. but this seems to stem from campaign finance laws which i think are generally absurd. if there was an illegal campaign contribution -- ken there are it doesn't matter if they have their guns drawn, that's coercion and force. >> they better couple with something. if they don't demonstrate a good reason for this raid and it
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shows they were on a fishing expedition, it's abusing power. kennedy: i know part of the claim a prosecutor is he wasn't representing a lot of people, threfer wasn't really a lawyer. but he was a lawyer. even if he only had a few clients. >> the number of clients you have does not heart in whether attorney-client privilege is protected for you. but i can understand why trump supporters see this as an example of a witch hunt. they have nothing going on in the russia investigation. i do not care about the president's sex life. i don't think middle america imairs the president's sex life. people who snead jobs don't either. you can understand how they could investigate this guy.
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there bert be something criminal going on or else there will be a lot of people who will have some to answer. >> i care about his sex life, but it's aspirational. kennedy: everyone knew what they were getting into. this is the most of thoroughly presidential election. there was so much baggage they could have opened a sampsonite warehouse with these two candidates. >> if there is proof in these documents, but short of that, no. kennedy: the party panel will return a little bit later.
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kennedy: nicky hay haley says russia is going to pay. a bipartisan group of lawmakers is warning president trump against launching any more military assaults without getting their approval first. jim mattis will be on capitol hill. and the syrian policy going forward. however, there are some republican senators criticize the use of these airstrikes.
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mike leave released a statement saying the president has the authority understood the war powers act to respond when u.s. is under attack or imminent danger. and such circumstances did not exist with regard to syria. house speaker nancy pelosi said congress misused a bill passed in 2001 authorizing the use of force again tear rifts. even goading the russians after their claim they would shoot down any u.s. missile. president trump: they didn't shoot one down. their equipment didn't work too well. you heard, they shot 40 down. every single one hit its target. reporter: british prime minister theresa may says the airstrikes
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were moral and legal. they were joints airstrikes with france and the united states. the pentagon said the airstrikes dealt a serious blow to the chemical weapons program in syria. kennedy: edward, thank you for that report. let's go top ohio republican congressman warren davidson *. he's a former army ranger so he knows this topic. a lot of the liberty minded men and women in the military i talked to are the ones most of hesitant about these actions and the mission creep that sometimes follows when we go to new places with good intentions for supposedly a worthy cause that end up sacrificing so many lives and so much money and time. >> i think cautious is the right word. that's what our founding
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foughters were. the best way to illustrate that is federalist 69. they drew a clear distinction between what they were setting up in the constitution and what they declared their independent even from. the differential between the king and the president. while the king can lead the army and the legislature can lead army, the legislature declairts war from the united states of america. mike lee set war powers act gifts power even the duty to act and we would expect him to took the protect america. but this was a retaliatory strike against syria. that's a different thing than what is addressed in the war powers act. kennedy: it's not an expression from stir yeah, but rather from russia. we don't have fool proof who
8:22 pm
ordered the strike what they are capable of. is the united states now the chemical weapons police? >> i don't want to doubt secretary mattis or the president. they say they have credible intelligence, i believe them. i just wish they had taken the time to give congress that read-in that we should know that there is an attack and we should know the basis for that attack. i look forward to the briefing tomorrow. secretary mattis is suppose to do that. kennedy: i think it one thing about having people with a lot of military experience around the president, it shows these are people who do not take military action likely unlike someone like hillary clinton who is a war morning with no military experience which makes her so much more dangerous.
8:23 pm
' kentucky representative thomas massie says i haven't reads france's or britain's constitution. but i read ours, and nowhere in it is presidential authority to strike syria. what do you make of those two statements? >> i think he said it well. there was action here on capitol hill trying to make sure we did take those steps. justice anash tweeted a quote by president george washington who was our first commander-in-chief, the president of the constitutional convention who knew well what the intent was. and massie retweeted at real george washington had it right. and i would say at real george washington was exactly right.
8:24 pm
kennedy: obviously the one from 2002 is outdated. >> to be clear, i didn't hear the pentagon claim authority under the aumf. they simply referred to article 2. he's the commander-in-chief exp. the aumf is very outdated. it was stretched to its max against isis. i had numerous amendments. yemen al qaeda in the arabian peninsula are fighting the houthis in a civil war. they are shiia iranian proxies. kennedy: so many reasons we shouldn't be in the middle east at all. i appreciate your experience and insight on this. thanks again. coming up, nor reaction to james
8:25 pm
comey's self-serving interview. jeff sessions may be asking the president to build a wall on our northern border.
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presnipe claimed people in the room were shocked by the claims comey made in his confessional. this was a far cry from the series of bombshells that were amendments to torpedo the president. james comey hates president trump, but so do a lot of people. now people shade james comey more than they like him. comey is a failure to feels morally and intellectually inferior to the president. from former a.g. loretta lynch to the president, i'm had the chance to express his strong feeling about their short comings, but he was incapable of
8:30 pm
doing so. >> fit was about ego why would i step out in front of the organization and get shot a thousand times. i thought as bad it it was for me personally, this was my obligation to protect the fbi and the justice department. kennedy: with every other answer maybe or it's possible, we see him as self-righteous, costing himself as the moral protagonist who is so much better than everybody else he has no chance but to save the day. but now by admitting the president hasn't done anything illegal or impeachable, all he can do ised a metropolitan i shall the american people to not vote in someone who is morally unfit. what the hell kinds of higher
8:31 pm
loyalty is that? let's go to chris bedford, the former fbi director's interview infuriated some of his former colleagues. people at the fbi told the daily beast * they are furious. and he still thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. let me ask the "daily caller" editor-in-chief. were you as bored ors was or were you transfixed? >> it's kind of like his twitter bot has come alive. i didn't think it was he who was tbreeght that account. it was like uplifting things you would read at the wall of your
8:32 pm
dentist office. typically you can find former fbi agents to hate or love somebody. former agents attack this guy or that guy. we try thought to do it that long because they are out of the room and no longer in the decision-making process. but this chament included current fbi people who were at the beginnings of this interview starting off with cheer signs. and at the ends they were bang their head against the wall saying it was so terrible. it was not a good public relations tour so far. kennedy: it was interesting. comey committed taken error that it finds so offensive. obviously there is a distinction between possible, plausible, and probable. and almost anything is possible. it is possible that i kidnapped
8:33 pm
james comey's wife last night. took out her kidney in a vegas hotel room and snacked on it for four hours. it didn't happen and it am not probable. but comey is saying the president had a tinkle party with russians which leads people to believe there is a high likelihood it happened. >> the press, the media and james comey tall lowered their threshold of what we would normally consider reportable facts. chuck todd says it hasn't been proven false. that's not and fresh -- threshold for reporting. you can't keep reporting things the democrats adam schiff says that he leaks to the committee or his staff does when you know
8:34 pm
you get burned time and time again. but people do continuously because it fulfill iowa they already believe about donald trump. that donald trump is the worst human being on the planet and james comey can save us. when you read the excerpts, you can't tell what is parody and what isn't. he's not a very good writer. kennedy: thank you so much. up in good ole canada, a group of maw lawmakers want to decriminalize all illegal drugs. the prime minister's party is preparing to debate that question this week as the opioid continues to rock that country as well as ours. around 4,000 people died last
8:35 pm
year from opioid. that's more than the number that's died in motor vehicle accidents and homicides combined. is this an idea the u.s. government should follow? let me bring back the party familiar. carley, i will start with you. is this a good idea for canada and should we've follow suit? >> into. i feel lame saying that because i don't know. i feel like you might think that is a good idea. if the government green lights drugs it makes it seem like they think timents an okay thing to do and that sets a bad example for kids. >> there are a lot of things that aren't criminalized that aren't endorsed as a good thing to do. porn is not illegal. >> there are people in human
8:36 pm
cages take substances that only harm themselves. there are people suffering. the people in prison for doing things that that are not harming anyone else and they can be fleet a public health capacity rather than being treated as criminals. >> if we are talking about opioids and hard-core drugs. kennedy: if you introduce alcohol today, do you think the fda would approve it? >> you know, i don't know. >> you know how much disease and violence and mental illness there is from alcohol? >> there was a case, and it's an extreme case. a man ate some sort of drug, a bath salt.
8:37 pm
kennedy: that's the an urban myth. please do not propagate that. temperature that happens with people who get off their anti-psychotic medication. the worst things happen. >> tough one drink, you can be okay. kennedy: that what's not necessarily true. michael, please. >> what carley doesn't understand that a lot of people dying from oap soids aren't dying from too many doses. they are taking a drug they don't know what's in it. kennedy: if you don't know what you are putting in your body you have a probability you are going to die from it. >> i don't think people take drugs -- >> if the government saying
8:38 pm
sure, fine, this could be legal. kennedy: that's not the same thing as condoning. >> you are going down a dark path if you do that. thank you so much. , president trump back on the road to tout the tax cuts today saying the country is start something rock. democrats continue to push their narrative that the cuts are benefiting the filthy rich. when are you have getting rich?
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kennedy: tomorrow is tax day. and the president started his day reminding voters what could happen if the democrats take the house in november. president trump: they will raise your taxes way up high. kennedy: democrats have been slamming the tax cuts calling them a fraud and a scam. this is a difficult task for the president. it's important for him to stay in the narrow economic lane. i don't think there are a sloaft
8:43 pm
winning issues for republicans right now. but is slamming the tax cuts the best plan for democrats? >> no. i think at the end of the day, i would agree president trump continuing to talk about tax cuts and his foreign policy which we can debate another time is a good narrative for him. that being said, i don't think the tax cuts are helping the middle and lower class. 85% goats top 1%. more importantly -- let me just finish. kennedy: you are like the counter talking points. >> you asked me. i think the slippery sloiches what are corporations doing with the money. this feels like the bush tax cuts because most of of the money is going to share buybacks and dividends it's not going to the employees.
8:44 pm
kennedy: when you have a competitive economy and tight labor market it has to go to the labor. it benefits companies that can spread that money around. but when you close the door you will have more illegal immigration. i don't think every corporation will engage in those type of buybacks. they want to invest in technology if they are going to be profitable and competitive. you always very many investment versus organic growth. a lot of people don't see the investments have. they are going to feel like we have to make our shareholders happy or do after he question
8:45 pm
significances. kennedy: shareholders aren't necessarily rich people. when you have half the country that has some investments in 401k and seniors are seeing some growth in their bottom line, you can't begrudge them that. unfortunately we are out of time, but i want to hear more. >> i'm for tax reform but this was just a tax cut. kennedy: they have to cut spending. that's what they have to do. guess what's next? your wildest dream ofs come true. "topical storm." stay here. [ phone rings ] hey maya. what's up? hey! so listen, i was taking another look at your overall financial strategy. you still thinking about opening your own shop? every day. i think there are some ways to help keep you on track. and closer to home.
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kennedy: kim kardashian attended her 20-year high school reunion. it was a chance for kim's classmates to see her in a way they haven't seen her in 20 years, with all her clothes on. get out your yearbook because this is the "topical storm." juan williams, we start at the coachella music festival where beyonce reunited with destiny's child than wasn't a dry eye in
8:50 pm
the house. witness say beyonce's former bands mates sang a rendition of can you pay my bills after the show. beyonce was the first black woman to headline coachella. it also included appearance by her husband jay-z and her sister. but for some reason jay ran for it when salon came near him. it included some of the most of talented artists in the world, and also eminem. destiny's child wasn't the only band getting back together saturday. the rock 'n roll hall of fame in
8:51 pm
cleveland was exciting. if bonjovi is in the rock 'n roll hall of fame, that place is living on a prayer. tom gety is tall free tallen from there. the lead singer and his brother are in a huge fight. they are like the gallagher brothers of the 80s. they did not attend. then to make matters worse the crowd had to sit through a bunch of bonjovi songs as if the people of cleveland haven't suffered enough through the years. the cars were inducted along with nina simone and the moody blues who closed the show by playing all of their hits. i was at the show and it was phenomenal. i love lauren hill. topic number three. good news, vegans.
8:52 pm
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limits head down to argentina. police claim a group of mice ate a half a ton of marijuana. we reached out to the mice for comment. but they couldn't talk and drive in their volkswagen party bus. police inspectors found a thousand pounds of the weed missing from the warehouse. the police commissioner said it's so weird, it must have been the mice. experts test fired that mice could never confuse weed with food. they said if the mice did each that much weed they would have been laying all over the warehouse or doing something less productive like voting for bernie sanders. topic number five.
8:54 pm
it's mug shot of the monday. you are not going to believe this week's win were is from the state of florida. what are the odds said pete rose. xavier moran busted himself for burglary after he got into a car crash. he showed the cops footage from his dash cam to prove had been cut off. the on problem was he reran too far and they all awe so saw him using a baseball bat to break into a car. to make matters worse, some mice ate all of his weed. i'm kidding. it's florida. we all know the mice only eat bath salts. that's not true. a crazy story next.
8:55 pm
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hey ron! they're finally taking down that schwab billboard. oh, not so fast, carl. ♪ oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... ...and four times less than vanguard. what's next, no minimums? minimums. schwab has lowered the cost of investing again. introducing the lowest cost index funds in the industry with no minimums. i bet they're calling about the schwab news. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. kennedy: don't you hate it when you vote for a candidate, and they win and do the exact opposite of what they said they would do? what are you going to do differently? >> listen to the people. kennedy: everyone says they will listen to the people. but you are going to let your constituents vote for you.
8:59 pm
>> they can come in and tell me whether they agree with the position or not. representative means represent the people. we don't have that. kennedy: sometimes if you have an opinion and it's unpopular but you know it's right, you have top express that opinion otherwise your a lever pulling automaton. >> if i think i know what's right, i have to convince them. i use the bully pulpit to make sure people get all the information they make so they can make an informed choice. kennedy: are you a liberty-minded republican? >> absolutely. personal freedom. kennedy: do you think we should legalize all drugs? >> not all of them. jeff sessions should stay out of california when it comes to pot. kennedy: thank you for watching tonight. tomorrow night on the show i
9:00 pm
have chris stirewalt. and mike baker. it will be so much fun. you can else hit me you have on twitter and instagram @kennedynation. to the city. they walk around like they own the place. >> sounds like you're the unofficial mayor of this town. >> well, that's one of my hats. >> guess what? they do. >> your dad bought the whole neighborhood? >> yes. the whole town. >> it is a real community. very close-knit. >> i was told i was born here, but i was too young to remember. >> they never thought they'd live to see this day. >> makes me sad. i don't want to have to move. >> when is the last time you got a listing for a whole town? >> never. >> will the heirs take the cash and let the bulldozers in? >> if you did sell, where would those people go? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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