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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 17, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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dobbs, keep it right here on fox business. lou: our top stories trump today focusing on strong economic growth that his policies have generated, more jobs, higher wages and prosperity. the president took time to return a few shots again fired fbi director james comey. and his shameless revenge book tour. president trump accusing comey of quote, committing many crimes,ly are t -- lying to con, leaking classified information, congressman andy big said that comey's profit seeking tour just
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solidifies why president trump fired him. and the justice department, calls to turnover james comey memos with president trump has now passed. so far the justice department is once again stonewall congress. and refused to turnover the documents. we'll have the full report and discuss deep state forces that be on truck the -- obstruct the president, now poll show that democratic forecast of a so-called blue wave sweeping over midterms may have been optimistic, with latest polling showing they are hotly and closely contested. dems losing 75% of the midterm support since january in polling. all because of president trump's soaring economy and his american first agenda. and yes, president trump's personal improving poll numbers,
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that is much more right here tonight. >> our top story, the james comey interview. his petty sniping and deeply torture the sense of moral superiority on full display, we have a lot of strange cuts from a strange interview, one stands apart, comey telling abc's george stephanopolous how the comey family was devastated by hillary clinton's loss in the presidential elected. rarely does an interviewee say so much about his perspective, his values, his state of mind in just two short sentences. >> my wife and girls marched in the women's march the day after president trump's inauguration, at least my 4 daughters wanted hillary clinton to be first woman president, i know my amazing spouse did. lou: justice department, deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein, telling congress to go to hell once again.
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house intel chair devin nunes oversight committee chair trey gowdy, and bob goodlot set a deadline remanding unredacted copies from james comey memos about his meeting with president trump. it appears that comey's book relies in part of on the memos, republican leadership that memos should be made available to the public as well. catherine herridge live tonight in washington with latest for us. >> good evening lou. >> deadline came and went, with no indication from the 3 house committee chairman that the justice department handed over the comey memos, lawmakers want access to all 7 memos after some were leaked to media by friend of comeys, and former fbi director talk the last night.
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>> president tweeted, calling you a leaker, your responses. >> it's true, i testified about it. i gave that unclassified memo to my friend, and asked him to give it to a reporter. that is appropriate. >> republican senator chuck grassley, said that it was not appropriate at least one of leaked comey memos likely contained classified information, they found 4 of 7 como memos contained classified intelligence at secret or confidential level. and another republican called him out. >> law professors and reporters can see those but, members of congress including chairman of the intelligence committee and judiciary commit we security clearances have not been able to see them. that is a outrage usually un10able position, we have demanded to see them, i think we will get to see them.
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reporter: we learn that report in to comey as well as fbi justice department handling of clinton e-mail case is now expected in may with request for testimony from inspector general michael horowitz, on may 8, about 3 weeks from now. lou: catherine herridge thank you. or first guest said comey potentially committed a serious crime by leaking documents, to manipulate a ongoing investigation to so-called russia meddling and collusion in the 2016 election, joining us congressman andy bigs, a member of house judiciary committee, i guess first thing i should do is ask you, what do you make of all of the references last night in that interview to a fbi direct or by himself to an fbi decore r who was so now -- overcome by
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the development. >> he had is not only delicate but politi politically motivatey opinion he seems to be corrupt, and leaking things, i think he has violated the law. if anyone has brought more disrepute on leadership of the fbi than james comey, i don't know who it would be, it is outrageous, we're waiting for memos to come out. they are not happening. which is we should hold these folks in contempt, they are holding legislative branch of government in contempt, this is what drives people crazy, saying that is the swamp. lou: it is the swamp but a justice department and fbi telling you to go to hell, about
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time that everyone understood what message is, you all decide, i get impression that chair nunes has decided what he will do. who what do you think? >> we need to hold fbi and doj in content. this goes back for many years, they are blowing the deadlines purposefully, that is the definition of contempt. we gave you an order, you have a deadline, what you blow it, you say we'll hold you in contempt. legislative branch, we don't dare what you say we're not going to let people with top-secret clearance have access to documents that more mr. comey leaked, this is a problem. we can't back down, we have to do the people's duty, get in there and punch that is what we have to do. lou: house is on deadlines, only committee, that has done a damn thing belongs to devin nunes, rest of the committees have done nothing. they talk. they you know and i mean
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listening to trey gowdy as chair of oversight committee that is say joke, he spent 4 terms in congress, and never done anything yet. nunes showing everything how to move forward and accomplish something, do you think that the conference is getting that and now understands they have to move ahead? old way of doing business, i don't think there is a single american citizen who cares about traditions of congress. the senate or all nonsense, they want to see problems fixed, and progress made every day. >> yeah, they look to us. they elected donald trump to be change agent, they elected that body and senate to be change agents. and my opinion we have not changed enough. we have not taken steps we need. tremendous respect for devin, he has taken the bull by the horns. and getting it anything he has been kicked in the teeth but he is doing the right thing, that is what all committees need to
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do, and all of the republican conference in house and senate need to do. we were elected to be change agents. lou: paul ryan makes a change, and he decided he will retire wherever the hell he wants, and you are watching -- just watching the beginning of what looks look a very tesh len turbt moment in republican history as vying to replace ryan has begun in ernest. >> things are out there i don't think that you have seen everyone get in the race that will get in. and you know, i am looking for a few things, i want honesty, look he in the eye, i know they are telling me the truth, i want to get back to regular order, why can't we debate bills and amendments and vote them up and down on the floor. lou: aren't you in regular order, i was told and promised you would be. we'll see a new day with hearings and congressmen and
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congresswomen listen to citizens of the nation, and amendments they move forward, and a budget not a spending omnibus bill. you tell me, you think that there is a chance they might deliver on that promise. >> i am prayerful. lou: a wonderful word. and appropriate. >> i am telling you, when you give my 2300 page bill, and you say your amendment in an hour and a half, go. you have to be kidding. because, this is no way to run -- lou: so why does everyone -- your conference talks about ryan's terrific speaker, you are kidding me, he not a conservative, he is not a speaker, he is not a change agent, he a sell out like un; unfortunately much of leadership of house, he is a sell out to k street. >> when people ask me, i say i want -- we mentioned regular order, i also want someone who
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understands that number one problem in country is our national deficit. this structural deficit that is causing our national debt to explode. lou: hang on, you know not going to improve for a while. >> right. can we get someone committed to those three principles. lou: who dow want? >> well, i think that people i want have not fore -- formally declared yet. i think there is suspense there. >> thank you congressman. >> up next, mccabe. the liar said comey, the liar is lying about it attorney victoria tensing on deep and dangerous dc swamp. she will be with us next. welcome to the xfinity store.
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lou: well, two seemingly dishonest people perhaps some of the most dishonest to serve in fbi are now locked in a battle over who is the biggest liar, mccabe said comey lying about meeting they had, mccabe said comby is trying to distance himself from illegal leaks and comey said he never approved of
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mccabe's lea leaks or lies, joining me now victoria tensing, we should point out attorney for "scooter" libby, and who is a -- last we're -- great to see you. let's start about libby pardon, came seem league fro cmpdingly . >> that was a spin all anti-trump people wanted to put on it. it was a sweet story, i had submitted papers last july. this did not come from nowhere. and on friday i got a call said would you please give us an number for "scooter" libby, i live in this town, i know what that means, i knew scooter at that moment was on a mri on percocet, i have to reach his
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wife to tell her, and set him up to be ready to talk to president, imagine my surprise, 15 minutes later we get a call from president to tell joe and me about it, said i just signed paper. he really go th got screwed, thy cleaned it up to the press release. i like the quote, he it. i did what any tough lawyer would do at that time. i want to tell you how tough i was, i cried. lou: i know how smart you are, how tough you are. and it is good what you could do that. joyous reason to cry. and so good work. i happen to be among those who agrees with "wall street journal" headline, a soldier
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left on the battlefield by bush administration, tragic and stupid in my opinion. good for the president to take this acted and good for you to make it happen. >> we're excited about it, some day i'll come back. we'll talk about merits of it. i know you want to get elsewhere. lou: i do, you are kind to note that, i want to get to a comey has no problem about talking about all sorts of things that many people in the town, including upper most people in the house intelligence committee believe were classified and should be turned over by justice department. comey memos. they are being stonewalled again, 5:00 eastern deadline that deven nunes, chair of house intel committee set, justice department ignores and telling congress, to go to hell. what do you make of it.
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>> i make of it, that it is say game of chicken. and that devin nunes, a tough a really tough chairman. a really good chairman, should just go right ahead and start the process. these people deserve it. what business do they have keeping from congress the documents that congress is entitled to, this is a cause for impeachment. lou: the responsibility of congress under constitution to be an oversight over justice department. and in idea that comey and mueller, rod rosenstein and others are statin stated startit created a chorus of we're an independent agency we don't report to anyone, they are a rogue department, and agency. >> more than that, i think, my husband and i have been saying if for some time now, there was a ca-- to clear hillary clinton
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she don didn't get indictment. if that did not work to frame donald trump. and look how that happened. framing. lou: as stark and as struck and page -- strzok and page pointed out that was the insurance policy, it clear that cabal was formed during obama administration, set in motion by president obama in my judgment, and his attorney general then. eric holder, who by the way, i -- you talk about the essence of self righteous, and hypocritical, and deceitful. holder sitting there, criticizing this justice department for any reason is gag-worthy. >> and holder saying, i was the honest on man, we had an honest administration. let me see, "fast and furious," and low lois learnyier ands irs.
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>> guess who folks in states turned to get cover, and build a stone call to the fbi and justice department, which foreclosed all questioning of what transpired in benghazi. >> comey opens his mouth, he has to lie, how many people out there, listening to us, cannot remember where they were on election night. he asked that first question, where were you on election night, at home, i think. now, i mean, like this is a psychological issue with him. i think he has a real problem. in saying anything straight. lou: and it is a problem that winding to an end. which is good for the country. victoria come on back. and you know, you can at your
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leisure and pleasure being joe. >> he is not coming back. >> degeneva. how do i do. >> great. >> de-- degeneva. >> thank you. >> be sure to vote in our poll. did james comey succeed in embarrassing himself, cast your vote on twitters at lou dobbs. up next, republican congressional leadership refusing to shut down the mueller witch-hunt, why is that? what do they have to gain in so much, really, tom said that madness must end, he is with us next.
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lou: all of manhattan holding its breath for a moment as stormy daniels and michael cohen met in a courtroom. the judge ruling that they must allow michael don't review the information seized by federal authorities. it's clear it won't be the fbi and justice department deshiegd will be looking at it. it will be the judge. judicial watch tom fitton, the judge ruled there will be a different way of approaching this, not turning it over to a taint team and letting the fbi and justice department decide what will happen with those
4:28 am
papers that violate attorney-client privilege. >> it's not clear who wins and loses here. it looks like the president and? cohen will still have these records reviewed in some fashion. lou: when i heard special master i thought it would be someone individual and apart from the fbi and justice department. >> the special master hasn't been chosen yet. i would assume the worst here. lou: we can't go too far wrong in watching our court system and justice department operate. sean hannity has been victimized in this process. his name was leaked out. lou: as a client. or forced out by the court.
4:29 am
>> forces out by the course court. lou: i was using your word. they tried to contain it and the court overruled it. sean says he never engaged michael cohen with an attorney. >> any consultation with scene attorney is usually kept confidential. in is never a good reason -- lou: it many not a lawful or nice reason. these are ideologues, this whole posse of partisan hacks put together by robert mueller and the justice department. >> it all began with mueller and the justice department refused to say no and they went after cone with full force. i think the president needs to seriously consider pardoning everybody caught up in this. everybody. everybody. he doesn't want to fire mueller
4:30 am
directly. just pardon everyone, directly, indirect lynn. just pardon them all, and maybe some people get away with crime they should not have gone the away with. i don't trust this justice department to investigate this fairly. lou: you tell me as the head of judicial watch. general michael flynn. that guy got railroaded because he was unmasked unlawfully and inappropriately by a politicized justice department and fbi and by a politicized national security council. it's just ignorant to watch this stuff proceed. then we talk about paul manafort and his wife being rousted by mueller's agents at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. she was frisked in her bed for crying out loud by agents. somebody needs to tell them to
4:31 am
go to hell. >> ambushed by sally yates who refused to enforce the president's temporary travel ban. mr. mccabe set up the ambush. comey was running the fbi at the time. then there was a thought he was lying. maybe he should start with pardoning general flynn. lou: i think you have got a terrific idea. pardon everybody. >> congress isn't doing its job. they are providing see row overside -- zero oversight for mueller. lou: the senate is and the embarrassment to the nation in wait has done and the role it played in this investigation. the senate intelligence andst
4:32 am
judiciary committees. they move at a snail's pace and think they are working overtime. i think devin nunes has been tremendous. you can make mcconnell and paul ryan. they are a joke, they are bought and paid for by lobbyists, the chamber of commerce, the business round table, you name it. >> some of congress has done some good work on the fisa and dossier. they need to provide oversight. in the senate they are moving to try to protect shim by being held can account. lou: thanks, tom, good to see you. up next, james comey throws loretta lynch as fares he could
4:33 am
and she isn't too happy about it. dr. sebastian gorka on the stunning corruption that is the justice department and fbi.
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lou: james comey last night on
4:37 am
abc news unburdened his heavy heart. he said some nasty things about the *. but for the rest of it he spiraled in circles. this summed up the comey interview. >> do you think the russians have something on donald trump? >> i think it's possible. i don't know. these are not words i never thought i would utter about the united states. but it's possible. lou: almost anything is possible, and stephanopoulos was stunned. listen to this. >> that's stunning. you can't say for certain that the president of the united states is not compromised by the russians. lou: comey didn't say compromised. he said it's possible and he didn't know whether the russians had something on donald trump. it could be billing, small -- it
4:38 am
could be big, small or nothing at all. >> it is stunning. i wish i wasn't saying it, but it's the truth. it strikes me as unlikely and i would have been able to say with shy confidence about any other president i dealt with, but i can't. it's possible. lou: what a big television moment. it's possible, says comey? he can't say much beyond it's possible he doesn't know. he says it's still strikes me as unlikely. beyond that it's possible. and stephanopoulos apparently is still stunned. i hope you were sitting down for that review because we don't want you stunned. nasty stuff.
4:39 am
and a silly effort in the whole end prize. >> i think there is a good reason two million more people watched the country music celebration and awards than watched george's interview with comey. it was despicable. this is a man cast aspersions on the quality of somebody else's marriage? how did this person become director of the fbi? it's possible? i have breaking news for you. it's possible that james comey worked with the mafia. it's possible that james comey is and toldy for the russians. anything is possible. but this man had one of the highest offices in the u.s. government and this is how he behaves just a few months after leaving? it's disgusting.
4:40 am
lou: the petty revenge tour of this author. the justice department and fbi turning over none of the comey memoranda he has been talking about so freely and jewels in his book, apparently. what do you expect devin nunes of the intelligence committee and the bastions of legislative enterprise and energy paul ryan and mitch mcconnell to do anything about it? >> i don't expect any of them to do anything about it. there are about six true bastions on capitol hill. hundreds of others that you have never heard of.
4:41 am
and i want to know one thing. i want to know how he can admit on camera and during testimony that he leaked classified memos from presidential meetings and he hasn't been charged with a felony. that's what i would like to know. lou: i would like to know why people at the justice department and fbi aren't facing charges trite now for their misconduct and clear violations of the law. when the president said comey had crimes to his credit, the fact is what do you say about a man who leaked memoranda that are classified. what do you say about a man who lied to congress and misrepresented himself? aren't those crimes? >> what about a man who gave to himself the right of the
4:42 am
attorney general to decide whether to prosecute hillary clinton. he said it's possible the president did this and the president did that. when we know what hillary clinton did with her server and blackberries. this man is a corrupt cop. the fact that he's on a book tour making bitchy comments about his former boss is un-american. lou: it's self-destructive on the part of james comey. he's revealing a petty and venal psyche that is beyond comprehension. the president made the tough decision to carry out the strikes against the chemical weapons facilities, three targets in syria. he did so 105 weapons aimed at those three targets and the
4:43 am
military says every one of them struck their targets. that's an impressive display of force. do you think it will have effect beyond vladimir putin who is shipping more weapons, more armor to syria? >> i'm glad you asked that question. so the objective was to send a message to assad. but the large were geopolitical success of that operation which was a perfect military operation, is to sends a mess intaj the incompetence and incapacity of vladimir putin. he said we'll protect our clients states. what happened? not one mution missile was launched to intercept what we did to that client regime. that mission did more florida in one hour to under -- did more in one hour to undermine the
4:44 am
regime than 15 months of sanctions. lou: i was struck by how many news media outlets spent more time questioning the president's decision to enforce the rule of law and the united nations and the conventions against chemical par fair than they ever did asking why president obama did not enforce his red line. it's extraordinary. >> it is extraordinary. especially the discussions about the war powers and declaration of war. on one labor day weekend the last president bombed and launched seven missiles on nations in north africa. do you remember the democrats screaming about the war powers act when obama was doing it?
4:45 am
i missed that outrage then. lou: be sure to vote in our poll. did james comey in his efforts to undermine and smear president trump succeed only in embarrassing himself? cast your vote on twitter. the dems' blue wave may be a washout. they appear to be bank on this fella to save them. that's exciting to just about everybody. more on that's next. r. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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lou: new polling shows democratic advantage in the mid-terms is eroding. the dems were ahead by 5 points? january. the former vice president says he'll make a decision on whether to run by the end of the year. only bigger nightmare for
4:50 am
democrats would be if hillary clinton wanted to run again. she'll be the headliner at the dnc's women's leadership conference next mop along with other 2020 hopefuls. you don't suppose. maybe. vol on the big board -- volume on the big board, 15 million shares. the imf says the economy will be torn apart by trump want to make fair trade deals for the united states. a remind tore listen to my report three times a day coast to coast. up next, james comey, he had to
4:51 am
drink wine at one point in a paper cup. can you imagine the insult to a man much of such esteem? we'll be right back.
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lou: joining us, former white
4:55 am
house aide ed rollins and michael goodwin. michael, you started with an analysis in your col you have on comey. watching the interview had to think what a precious elitist out of touch son of a gun he is. >> his whole career has been an ode to himself that donald trump interrupted. he didn't fool the president. he thought he would keep the job. but the legion of misbehavior his whole career -- lou: is he guilty of crimes on the basis of what we know? >> i wouldn't say he's absolutely guilty, but there is a good case to be made that a prosecutor should look at shim
4:56 am
very carefully. some of the things he has said on done look like an abuse of power. lou: he lied to congress and leaked classified information. what more do we have to put up with. ed: he talked about a meeting with a bunch of law enforcement types. and he was trying to hide behind the blue curtain. you have got a bunch of law enforcement types and you are trying to hide in the oval office? it tells you a minds set. if you were so upset with your meeting with the president, why didn't you go to the attorney general and say this what he told me instead of writing a memo and giving it to a college professor to give to the new york times. he's a disgrace to the united states. >> the fbi is the big loser in
4:57 am
all of this. between mccabe and comey, you have the number of one and number two, clear misconduct. lou: this thing is a disaster. what are we to make of who's left there? >> we don't know. lou: we know one thing, there are enough these corrupt fools left to stonewall the congress of the united states which is an unconstitutional arrogant tact for which there ought to be immense consequences. there needs to be and purge at the top of the fbi and the department of justice until they squeal. >> and mccabe. it was devastating to the fbi and comey. ed: no one knows if sessions is
4:58 am
going to recuse himself from the russians. he can say this place is run amok. >> he is suppose to be running that agency. lou: you don't even hear from the man. there has to be an investigation with what's going on right now with that attorney general. there is something seriously wrong. rod rosenstein is taking advantage as been turn general. i can't support this with facts beyond what we are seeing. this is a time when his president and the doj are in critical need of him. >> if we don't soon see some evidence mccabe will be prosecuted for lie together fbi, then we know the fbi is above the law.
4:59 am
lou: i don't need any further evidence. i'll tell you right now. they will not take a step until they are forced to. >> they need to be forced. so who does the firing? >> two guys at the top. if they won't do the firing, fire them. >> this is a war, there is no question about it, for the soul of this government and the deep state. if there is any wag out there who no longer believes in the power and vicious motives of the deep state, you haven't been paying attention. ed: this is not watergate. in watergate there was an obstruction of justice and 49 people pled guilty. lou: to me the corruption here, i think it's horrible.
5:00 am
ed rollins, michael goodwin. thank you both. congressman ron desantis among our guests tomorrow. please join us. good >> international is a big opportunity for netflix. obviously a giant number. drink your earnings taken center stage. the stocks on watch today. cheers earn 5% after the poway expectations are new subscriber growth. spinning to stand out put the dow up 212 points. train to another higher opening as of now. futures are pointing to the dow up 131. s&p nasdaq up as well. lauren: europe stocks open slightly higher. wall street can see the ftse in london up 15 points. the dax


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