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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  April 17, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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ed rollins, michael goodwin. thank you both. congressman ron desantis among our guests tomorrow. please join us. good >> international is a big opportunity for netflix. obviously a giant number. drink your earnings taken center stage. the stocks on watch today. cheers earn 5% after the poway expectations are new subscriber growth. spinning to stand out put the dow up 212 points. train to another higher opening as of now. futures are pointing to the dow up 131. s&p nasdaq up as well. lauren: europe stocks open slightly higher. wall street can see the ftse in london up 15 points. the dax in germany up 106.
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train to growing more than expected to 20%. despite the stocks: in shanghai and hong kong. lauren: president trump will meet with the prime minister of japan. he will talk trade as well as north korea. "fbn:am" starts right now. train 25:01 a.m. here in new york. happy tax day. april 17th. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: it is april 17th in this year it's tax day. on lauren simonetti. cheryl: president trump come out of the op-ed on how the american economy is growing in apple and chris are hiring and investing money into the country. the fact that americans will next you get way more money back. lauren: 3 million jobs created since the election. touting on this good thing since
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the economy. "usa today." cheryl: we will talk about that later on. today you've got to walk with japan's prime minister and mar-a-lago. lauren: lauren blanchard takes a look at what is at stake. reporter: the stage is set for another meeting between president trump and japanese prime minister schanzer ayub at the so-called winter white house winter white house picked a topic expected to be on the table this time, trade and north korea. president trump continue to stand his ground on trade. >> in many cases our friends are worse than enemies in terms of trade deals. if we don't straighten him our going to terminate them. >> aim was the first foreign leader to visit the u.s. after president trump took office. the japanese prime minister was allegedly blindsided when his country was not extend to and
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from the president plan. then there's north korea. prime minister addressing the situation on the korean payment due out with chinese officials monday. he plans to bring up the topic while meeting with president trump in hopes of holy tea nuclear icing north korea. a new poll from a japanese media outlets that the support rating has dropped to 26%. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. train to a lot of it has to do a subscriber growth that now afflicts. this talk is soaring. lauren: tracee carrasco joins us about. are you watching any good netflix shows? >> i'm still finishing up stranger things season two.
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but it has been one quarter since netflix raised its price. netflix added seven points 4 million subscribers beating expectations there in yesterday's report. they will spend more than $10 billion on new content. netflix shares jumped more than 5% in after-hours trading in the stock has been up 60%. no indication if they would be raising prices again. good news for binge watchers. cheryl: also expecting some more earnings today. >> goldman sachs will report before the market opens today. analysts are predicting growth of almost 9% from a year ago to eight by $7 billion. profit expected to grow more than 2% to just over $2 billion.
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>> we are talking about tesla. they have stopped production yet again on a popular car. >> it seems like we are always reporting the stoppages. tesla has caused production of the model three sedan. to tell "the wall street journal" base plan weeklong shut down will be used to improve automation and systematically address bottlenecks in order to increase production rates. this comes days after elon musk said making 2000 of the vehicles we could have been. this is yet another delay in the model three production after missing a role. lauren: stocks to watch. thank you so much and i love the dress. >> thank you. train to look in the market once again open how you're today. investors will be watching netflix stocks this morning reported a bigger than it increase of new customers during the first quarter.
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the cofounder and contributor with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. train to the subscriber growth that netflix is pretty amazing. seven-point for million subscribers. what do you make of the numbers? >> this market needed netflix to do really well because the other things. you've got a world of problems. google looking like the whole search is a little late in the game. it's really like an hbo tech company. we are much better in these two industries in other countries. it's making a lot of money.
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it's not like facebook and google what they can put out ads on other people's content. it's never going to have those margins. it's turning on ugliness in the market. >> michael nuñez is on fox business yesterday. specially internationally. >> netflix is using users at the city reprint the question is whether it will continue to penetrate national markets. that's the long view on this. >> what you think about that international customer? that's got to be critical for netflix. >> netflix got going with this and it got so big that no one could catch up now. there's really no one abroad and they can move in and dominate in the cost could spread out over
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many users in the sea when they raise prices it's a big deal over 100 million subscribers. they can get that going in a lot of countries and make more money which are expensive to produce. it leaves plays into many more years of strong growth unlike what people are looking like some of these tech companies. cheryl: big blue. i don't know how big they are anymore, but a lot of pressure to bring in new business. a lot of pressure to deliver in services revenue. what do you make of ibm's numbers intended the company in general? >> i just don't think this company is important anymore as it used to be. even warren buffett. it's sad to say, that they are just not in any of the areas where it's important to see growth for business. it's not financial which is important. it's a tech company, but not an
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important one. not the one driving the market. cheryl: like a little nostalgic about ibm for just a second. we will see how the rest of these guys do. especially goldman sachs. thank you for getting up early. we really appreciate it. lauren: he laughs like it was early. cheryl: president will hold a working summit with the prime minister against global trade tensions in the nuclear threat from north korea. the panel with what is at stake for the world's largest and third-largest economy. as we head into the midterm elections coming surprisingly: just how popular the trump tax cuts really are. we will show was better at handling the economy. republicans or democrats. the dow yesterday followed through this morning. gaining 125 points. we will be right back.
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raid. president trump and michael collins had argued the items containing protected material. u.s. district judge denied before federal prosecutors are able to review them. stormy daniels was a spectator at the courthouse yesterday. her rival cost a huge motion a type. photographers tripping all over themselves. president trump is going to give business owners in miami promoted the $1.5 trillion tax-cut package. it's unpopular with most americans. a "wall street journal" poll along with nbc news, 27% thought it was the nadir. 36% thought it was a bad idea. senator john mccain in stable condition recovering from surgery picked arizona republican treated for an intestinal infection over the weekend. the 81-year-old is also battling
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an aggressive form of brain cancer. lauren: we wish them well. president trump meeting with prime minister shinzo abe at. it started out pretty strong but has been chilled and he will meet with north korean leader kim jong sunday. they also refuse to accept japan from aluminum and steel. as well as jen alice, contributor for the "washtington examiner." good morning. >> good morning, lauren. lauren: can you categorize the tone of this meeting expected today? >> yeah, japan is very nervous because everything is in the ballpark of the united states right now and president trump has made no secret of the fact he's been pro-america first. that was confirmed even through the new secretary of state in his confirmation hearings last
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week. and so, prime minister abe is going to have to convey to president trump life in america's interest to not only have intercontinental nuclear disarmament, here. lauren: north korea is a big issue between these two countries. a little more first, jon on trade. if you look at the surplus japan house of the united states, $69 billion last year and trump has repeatedly said i want to fix trade deals. do you think because japan is struggling at home economically that they would welcome the u.s. getting back into the larger teeth bp deal or would you expect to see some sort of bilateral free trade agreement between japan and washington? >> well, i do expect to see a new deal for sure. the president has his own
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pressures here. the terrorists are having effects in the united states already. not all positive. we certainly are seeing great things. in fact, in my hometown of st. louis right across the river, granite city steel was closed for two years. they reopen the plant. that is exciting. there are purchasers of steel in the united states is at the cost of products going out. those things are all factored in. that matters to the president and it's going to matter in the cost of american cars to some degree that we are shifting over to japan. the president with what is great about this guy but he's already did with china is that he put all the cards on the table. the trade cards commit geopolitical cards, international security issues and at the end of the day you start to worry about american workers first and renegotiate
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our deal. lauren: we haven't seen any retaliation so far for the terrorists by japan. both washington and tokyo want a good relationship with beijing as well as north korea. this is something shinzo abe said last week on monday. the elimination of the intercontinental ballistic missiles have no meaning for japan. i went for the president to korea should abandon short and intermediate-range missiles that puts japan within range. what reassurances do you think abe needs from president trump as we move forward with them? >> i think the japan prime minister needs reassurances he has a seat at the table when president trump meets with kim jong un theatre in may and say that the president will strike a deal leaving japan out. he will have to bring something to the table as well because president trump is the art of the deal. he's the dealmaker. he wants to say america first. there's got to be something in it for us to make sure we have a
5:18 am
whole package deal here if japan does want to be a player here. lauren: alachua process. final 10 seconds. >> it's going to be great meeting all in all in both world leaders are going to come out smiling and they're both going to have some win out of this meeting. lauren: out of the positivity. i really do. john, jenna, thank you. cheryl: with got some whether to tell you about. the island paradise of hawaii has suffered from devastating rain and flooding. it may be spring here, but more winter weather marching across. janice dean has the forecast. looking at your futures, looking at another positive opening to your markets. s&p nasdaq up to. we will be right back.
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near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. cheryl: welcome emergency crews in hawaii right during the 150 people by helicopter after a devastating storm hit hawaii. heavy rain causing major flooding in land light. many homes and cars were damaged there. lauren: dangerous fire weather conditions expected across large portions of the country. we bring in senior meteorologist genistein live in the fox weather center with those details. >> good morning, ladies. very dry conditions across the southwest into texas and the plane stay. fire weather dangerous hike today. the system moving in from the northern plains in the southern side of that will bring gusty winds and dry conditions.
5:23 am
current temperatures across the northeast. still very cool in new york city. 43 continues across the upper midwest and great lakes as far south as the southeast. we still have some snow moving in across those great lakes as the system that brought incredible amounts of rain and record-breaking snow continues to move northward. past 24 hours in its four hours a new storage system moving into the rockies. this isn't a big deal but will keep temperature school and bring the threat for snow showers across the midwest, northern plains and rockies throughout the day today. winter storm advisories are posted in advance of the next storm system. if you really want the warm temperatures, texas, louisiana, mississippi, alabama, the south is the place to go. >> i agree with you being a texas gal. let's all head down. lauren: of the paint, janice. reporter: thank thank you. someone told me i look like a
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pink highlighter. lauren: you know, now that you say it. kidding. cheryl: i prefer ellwood. clueless. lauren: that's not clueless. legally blonde. man i feel like a woman. coming up, what are we going to do with all of those assault style rifle as they are getting rid of? you can even e-mail if you want to get your pizza delivered to your doorstep. you won't believe where they will deliver a pizza pie now. up 122 on the dow, 23 and the nasdaq. netflix earnings looking pretty good. subscriber growth really strong. ♪
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>> international is the opportunity for netflix. obviously a giant number appeared tranter earnings take center stage for investors is netflix is certainly tough to watch. 5% after benoit expectations for subscriber growth. >> earnings for transportation companies helped push the dow up over 212 points. >> features is my looking good. searching 120 points. nasdaq up 25. cheryl: europe stocks open slightly higher there. the ftse and the dax on the green. >> a mixed bag in asia for six finally%. stocks in china fell 1.5% in hong kong than one print 6%.
5:29 am
cheryl: more trouble for facebook ceo mark zuckerberg as they face it class-action lawsuit over facial recognition lawsuit. "fbn:am" continues right now. 530 in the morning. tuesday, april 17th. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning. i'm cheryl casone. trend reports and missile strikes aimed at syria. the chemical weapon investigators plan to examine the site this week amid concerns of russian tampering. cheryl: live in jerusalem this morning with new details. good morning. >> good morning, cheryl. following reports that the possibility of new strikes overnight. the state run media intercepted missiles as they were on their way in. hezbollah media reports things in your home.
5:30 am
you remember that location a year ago. hezbollah but ported the military base here in damascus. over a week ago, the t. for base was hit in drone operators were killed. israel is blamed for the strike a week ago suspect that the overnight strike. the military not claiming are demanding the latest activity. the prevention of chemical weapons has still not made it to the town of dumas. they are expected tomorrow that is of course a chemical attack. during russian authorities claimed the delays are due to security concerns following the coalition airstrikes. it should be noted that wasn't head. during and russian forces have been in control since the day before the coalition strikes. russians. continue to deny it took place. russians there is an elaborate hoax staged by the first responder group called the way comment encouraged by great britain. according to world health
5:31 am
organizations with exposure to toxic chemicals. on sunday, u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley says new sanctions would be ruled out against russia. we are now hearing those sanctions are being held back. >> may, thank you very much. meanwhile, officials say the trump administration is an arab force that would replace the u.s. military in syria coming as the u.s. has asked saudi arabia, qatar and the united arab emirate to contribute billions of dollars to restore syria. join us now, covert operations officer mike baker. president of global intelligence and security for due diligence. this is about security this morning. good morning to you. let's talk about this. this is something the trump administration kind of alluded to on friday night when he made
5:32 am
the announcement about the initial strike on syria. how likely are we to get qatar, saudis, egyptians to step into syria so we can back off? >> well, it's definitely the strategy we should be taking. how likely is that to happen? we manage to get local regional players and actors together in the past to do certain things. so i think if you look at what is happening in theory of right now when you say what are our options? on one hand at the international nationbuilding approach that says we have to change the regime. that is kind of what the previous administration, the obama administration did for a number of years while the civil war exploded and we lost half a million civilians. nothing was done. on the other hand you've got them to say get out. don't do anything. what the white house is
5:33 am
describing to is a very realistic approach. it is essentially saying what fun and american involvement, move it out if we get the actors in the area. the states in the area to take on that responsibility. you know, i think that is a good path to take. people are complaining my goodness, what is the strategy? they are in the past seven years of the civil war. cheryl: this strategy is tough. reports he got from five to 12,000 isis troops still in theory depending on what region we are talking about. and then you've got the word that john bolton is reaching out to particular intelligence chief and one of the most powerful men in egypt say they've got to step into the region. to be clear, we only have 2000
5:34 am
troops. at the numbers game that doesn't look good to the u.s. or any kind of transition. >> we also note that with isis we spent a number of years talking about how that would be a long strategy. yes, if you have a stalemate strategy and you were willing to basically just let this bad thing faster. we always have known that militarily we could defeat isis and we shall not. again, when you look at what our options are, the white house has been doing this for some time now. it hasn't been top-of-the-line because of all the other noise. saying that we are going to make a concerted effort to get the local actors to take responsibility for not just replacing the u.s. troops there, but also to take on the remnants of isis. i would argue that it's actually
5:35 am
a very realistic strategy. >> obviously this seems to be one of the things ambassador bolton is now pushing forward and coming out come the continuing story. mike baker, thank you for being here. we appreciate it. lauren: dtd given the cold shoulder from the u.s. and u.k. amid rising tensions with china and fears that they are spying on us through technology. cheryl: tracee carrasco has those headlines coming. >> both u.s. and u.k. officials are at the national security on chinese telecommunications dtd. british officials told phone carrier spared not to use the equipment and services because of worries that china could interfere or sabotage their telecommunications infrastructure. meanwhile, the u.s. commerce department and american companies saying they violated
5:36 am
the terms which involve north korea and iran. cheryl: getting rid of assault rifles for good. we want to know what they're going to do at these rifles. >> they are going to be destroying them instead of returning them to manufacturers. these are the assault rifles pulled off of store shelves following the florida shooting. a spokesperson told the gazette we are in the process of destroying all firearms that are no longer for sale as a result of their february 20 policy change. the firearms will be destroyed and sent to salvage yards for recycling. they didn't say exactly how many guns were destroyed. cheryl: now we can get pizzas delivered to part and beaches? >> dominus as you do not need an address to order pizza anymore.
5:37 am
drivers will now deliver pizza to beaches, parks, about 150,000 hotspot they don't have these traditional addresses. there you go. dominus trained to keep up with other restaurants that offer more delivery options. >> is that possible? can i get other foods delivered to other places besides my home? >> i think so. it's something new. >> domino says when you place your order you can put a personal descriptor saying i'm wearing a green dress, blonde hair come to bring a pizza to me. >> when i'm getting my bluebird driver i just pull up i just let my fellow men let my cell and then boom, there he is. lauren: facebook had with a class-action lawsuit over use of policy privacy concerns.
5:38 am
>> as some. >> is some afford after users from illinois allege that facebook unlawfully uses facial recognition technology in their photos without their consent. the magazine does after the user uploaded the picture. facebook says we believe it has no merit and will defend ourselves vigorously. a rough year when it comes to privacy on facebook. look at the chart year to date down almost 10%. cheryl: we've got a lot more coming up. what can the latest retail sales numbers tell us about the growth of the u.s. economy and also gross domestic product? we'll talk about that with one of our guests. tomorrow live from alexandria, virginia speaking with the ceo of starbucks. kevin johnson is joining me on "mornings with maria" at 7:30 a.m. eastern time tomorrow.
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cheryl: welcome back. it's get caught up on what's happening now. another positive start to the day. vidal is higher by 112 points right now. s&p and nasdaq are higher as well. also this headline we are watching. president trump criticizing russia as trade tensions with china boomed and looks to continue hiking up interest rates. russia and china are playing the currency devaluation gained as the u.s. keeps raising interest rates not accessible. not manipulating the value. the trumpet administration is considering a new round of sanctions by russian entities and companies involved in the chemical weapons program. sanctions will be made in the near future. nikki haley has sanctions on russia over eminem.
5:43 am
pressure mounts against the reelection of several board members. advisory firm has told investors that the chairman should be voted out. the failure to act as a role on the technology committee. they oversaw the largest data breach is in u.s. history. when you're on the board, it helps to actually do your job on the board. notetaking. lauren: imagine not. our next guest says that yesterday stronger than expected retail sales report may contain signs of slowing economic growth. anthony chan, chief economist at chase joins us now. good morning, anthony. >> good morning. lauren: and if this is signed for the future? >> it's about 1% weaker than the other quarters of this would be no exception. what we saw yesterday in the retail sales report is the number taking out gasoline and shows you that consumer spending
5:44 am
will come in around one per 1%. 1.9% in the first quarter. the good news is we should see a recovery. lauren: thought were buying more stuff. we have more money in their paychecks. if i retail sales were stronger. good news in the next three quarters. something steve vollmer told neil cavuto yesterday. touting what he stands for the economy. but it seems like you for some cold water on that. take a listen. >> sometime in the next couple years will have an adjustment on the stock market and apple unfortunately put a lot of strain on people who expected things to be as they are today. cheryl: is the market correction
5:45 am
coming? >> market corrections our way of life. you get a market market correction of roughly 14% in a given year. such is to get out to going higher. democrats and republicans telling you part of the tax cut over the next 10 years will push the level of real gdp by an additional from current levels. we will see economic growth picking up over the next 12 to 24 months. no doubt. lauren: we're getting a lot of housing data today. much of it is for the month of march. we had crummy weather in march. >> they will be on the weaker side. we had a weak number the prior month down 20%. even yesterday we showed you for the month of march building materials sales were down six tenths of 1%. if you want to know what's going
5:46 am
to happen in the future, focus on those building permits a little bit stronger. it will be a little weaker in march. lauren: these are march numbers, but we are in april and we started to talk more about a potential trade war and that could change everything. good to see you. thank you. cheryl: coming up, usually in baseball but that stays together. and sometimes it goes like this. check out washington nationals slugger breaking us back into bed and then there's more. jared max has all the sports coming out. plus, facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg with it privacy scandal. we will find out what they want to hear from mr. zuckerberg. markets are kicking off. dow one await in the free market. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪
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cheryl: welcome back is something habit of major league baseball last night but she got to see it to believe it. lauren: jared max, how did chris harper do what you're about to show us? >> i don't know. but if i were a physics teacher, devote today's cost of explaining how and why are we about see how it happened. >> setting up inside, the barrel of the bat flew all the way to the screen. look at this. see you later on a broken bat. >> 95-mile per hour.
5:51 am
there is headfirst at girls are pretty good at it just kept going. eight home runs best in baseball. they scored six runs in the beat the new york mets eight to six. mark require no longer hold those record for 60 home runs faster than anybody. in his 197. 26 fewer than the yankee clipper joe dimaggio. banks wrote in the marlins 12 to one with giancarlo stanton, the only against his former team. mother nature on monday and the royals game, fell for the adjacent tower. it would take three-foot by five-foot hole in the roof. first time in 17 years had to be
5:52 am
postponed. 36 years old have with the miami heat. facing the sixers with 17 straight scoring 21 in the first half. larry bird for 10th all-time in playoff scoring. he also gave a stare down to comedian kevin hart. running his mouth all game. what was that about? >> think kevin hart for that. >> does the inspiration. most of her on the bench for a player. the warriors last night beat the spurs by 15. blustery chili, cold, damp. slowest winning time since the 1970s. been in the boston marathon. meanwhile, winning the men's
5:53 am
division. postponed monday. the royals suddenly had shards of glass crashing on the bus drivers face. i fell off the vehicle in front, shattered the windshield. worse relief pitcher steps in, grabs the wheel, stabilizes the bus. the manager says we are manager says we're lucky we've even got a team. lawyer who grabbed the wheel said it felt like we got hit by an ied or something. cheryl: can i watch the marathon for second in boston. you know how tough it is to run in conditions like that? that's where the times were so slow. in an american winning, that was huge yesterday. it's always the kenyans. >> american and japanese. the great horses win.
5:54 am
anyway, thank you very much. fox news headlines 24/7. sirius xm channel 115. we'll be right back. [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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cheryl: once again, want to show you what is happening with global market action overnight. a look at u.s. futures right now. locate u.s. futures. 126 in the premarket. s&p nasdaq up as well. like what they're saying. lauren: following through on the games of yesterday with the 200-point gain for the dow yesterday on concerns that the serious straight was precise. it was targeted. now we are done. two days of gains in a row. asian stocks this morning. >> europe as well. what you saw was on the backs of cores of the strong u.s. market. the ftse in the cac 40s. they are looking really positive. go take wells fargo as well. that's certainly appointed to
5:58 am
oversee a number records. a strong quarter last night. >> dürer subscriber numbers at netflix, particularly on an international basis because they are doing original content. a billion dollars spent on original content and a lot of that is going into global regional programming. 7,541,000,000 domestic. most americans are already hooked on it. transfer the president wrote an op-ed in "usa today." >> attacks about the fact year -- they doubled the tax credit. he talked about the fact that companies like apple and fear chrysler invested in the company. they got to this morning about how good the u.s. economy is doing. lauren: maria bartiromo will join us now.
5:59 am
>> hey, ladies. happy tuesday to you. i maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, april 17th. tax day. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. a rally in fact with millions of people filing their taxes before the deadline of midnight tonight. pour into another big day at the start of trade or dow industrials are better than 100 points. the nasdaq also up one half of 1%. 30 points higher. beating expectations. right now earnings drive the story. of 290. you'll see that on your screen there. revenue beating expectations. plus we will watch those. easing tensions over serious. once again this morning as we see the earnings at united
6:00 am
health beating expectations at $3.4 a share versus $2.90 a chair. blue-chip, goldman sachs, johnson & johnson due out before the bell this morning. united health also a dow component. ibm after the close. it's all about earnings drive in the story. united health just had a moments ago with profits and revenue better than expected. the company raised its forecast done just a fraction right now. we'll watch that for any reaction from these numbers. european indices are higher across the board. st 100 up a quarter of a percent. the dax index up almost 1%. china report in the country's economic story. the economy grew six funny% pretty much right in step with what people were expecting. asian markets were mixed at the shanghai composite down one and a


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