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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 17, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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but squeezing the russians would iinwould. charles: rebecca, colonel, thank you as always. here is lou dobbs right here on fox business. lou: good evening. our top stories, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein still refuels to hand over copies of james comey's memos. he says the department of justice needs until mid-week to decide whether to release the documents to congress. ron desantis urging the department of justice to stop the stone wall and obstruction. fired fbi director james comey on his book tour today playing the victim and not happy with the prospect of consequences for lying and leaking. the president talking about some
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of those consequences. comey avowts some of trump's assertions he could be jailed not normal. not normal? pretty basic. judicial watch suing for comey documents. and president trump revealing his administration is holding high-level talks with north korea about the prospect of talks between the president and kim jong-un. president trump says those negotiations will determine whether he meets kim. >> we'll probably be, depending on various meetings and conversations we'll be having meetings with kim jong-un very soon. it will be taking place probably in early june or before that. assuming things go well. it's possible things won't dough
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well and we'll just have the meetings and we go along the strong path we have taken. lou: north korea set to the dominate what will be two days of talks between president trump and the japanese prime minister shinzo abe. more stonewalling in the swamp. the justice department missing yet another deadline to turn over documents to congress. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and his now customary as the department of justice's chief obstructor failing to deliver copies of james comey's memos detailing his talks with president trump. devin nunes, bob goodlatte and trey gowdy agreed to extend that deadline. rosenstein says he hopes to deliver the comey memos by mid
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week. james comey continues to pedestrian peddle more dribble. listen to this. >> that is not normal, that is not okay. he's just -- he's just making stuff up. the president of the united states is calling for the imprisonment for a private citizen. that is not acceptable in this country. lou: comey has more than a passing familiarity with not normal it's not normal for pane fbi director to remove classified memos and leak those concerning his communications with the president to the media. it's not normal to lie under oath about leaking information. what is not normal is exonerating hillary clinton months before fbi investigators
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interviewed her. and director comey might want to take notice of what mapped today in a federal courtroom in st. paul, minnesota. there an fbi agent pleaded guilty to leaking too the media -- leaking to the media and faces 10 years in prison. our next guest says the department of justice stonewall of the comey memos is a stonewall. the leading republican candidate for the governor of florida, congressman desantis, good to have you with us. the three chairmen that i just mentioned. they are patient and i frankly can't imagine why even rosenstein with his reticence to accept oversight couldn't produce those memos just
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straightforwardly. >> of course. i think what they should do, they are going to extend the deadline. shthey should set at the deadlie the contempt hearing. it could be on judiciary oversight or intelligence. i would support any of that. these guys know they could stonewall and all they say is give it to us next week. there needs on consequences here. here is the thing, if rosenstein is telling the truth that there is. >> serious issues with these memos, classification and all these other things. them why is there not taken investigation of comey tore leaking this stuff? we know there were 7 memos, and chuck grassley already reviewed them. they determined of the 7 memos, four of them had classified information. guess how many memos he leaked to his buddy? at a minimum he leaked one memo
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with classified information and he's also leaking information that are effectively privileged communications with the president. and i think this book tour, this is blowing up in comey's face. some of the things he has done as director, i think has been exposed and he was not honest with president trump about the general sits of the dossier. he should have told him that that was fund by the democrats and hillary. but he was never fully honest about that fact with the congress either. so he's trying to act like it's not a big deal because he knows he's vulnerable in the testimony he's given. lou: one of the country's prehe meant liberals -- reeminent
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liberals. it's truly troubling to think about the personality types that made up the leadership of the federal bureau of investigation. and now as we learn more about loretta lynch and the obama justice department who was leading that? it is deeply, deeply problematic. >> his schizophrenic behavior is a double standard. in the beak's saying obama weighed in on the hillary case. i exonerated her twice. he never called for a special counsel. he decided to exonerate her himself. he treated trump like suspect from day one, then he leaks memos to try to trigger a special counsel investigation. he was political throughout this whole thing.
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can you imagine an fbi director justifying actions on the eve of the election by looking at polling data? who made this guy king of the universe? lou: he's not only cunning of it, but the -- not only king of it, but the center of it. including being the arbiter of ways appropriate for both the attorney general, for the fbi, and of course for whoever is the president of the united states. the outcome of that election he tried mightily, it is clear now, to have influenced. let me turn to meddling in the 2016 presidential election. tom fitton called for the president to pardon every one to
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get this out of the way. >> when you look at flynn and the papadopoulos prosecution, those were false statement that weren't material to a crime having been committed. you look at cheryl mills and huma. they made demo dedemonstrably fe statement and there was never any attempt to bring prosecution or raid cheryl mills offices like they have michael cohen. i think it would be good to wrap this up first. but those people were not treated the same as the people in the hillary investigation were treated. lou: i want to talk to you about paul ryan who appears to be trying to bribe members of the house saying he can raise a lot more money than any potential successor for the conference and he would like to stay on so they
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don't fall short of their fundraising goals. that seems to be down right shameless on the part of the speaker and i can't imagine it not being rejected by the conference who should not have lame duck leadership going into the mid-terms. >> if you want to keep the house. i'm running for governor down in florida so i won't thereby to vote for the next speaker. we want to give our voters a reason to cop out and vote. if you have somebody in there who is strong in pursuing the president's agenda, and i think the most of important thing for the next speaker is you are willing to take on this permanent bureaucracy and administrative state and be much more aggressive than we have been the last 7 years. if you are willing to do that, i
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think you will see a lot of positive action. i think our voters would be excited to come out and vote for that type of speaker. lou: up next, the lame duck speaker is trying to persuade republicans to let him hang around. he promised he'll raise quite a bit of money. ed rollins on the damage paul ryan might do to the republicans next. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that.
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lou: speaker ryan apparently wants the job he just resigned and he's trying to persuade his colleagues in the house to let him stick around saying he'll be able to concentrate and raise more money for republicans since he won't have to focus on his reelection effort. does that sounds like a bribe to you? sort of an interesting thought. joining me, ed rollins. great to see you. let me see if i can get this right. ryan resigns.
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he wants to keep the job until next january. now he says he can raise more money than any one of these behind him who want to succeed him. ed: it's not about raising money. whoever is speaker will raise a ton money. what i worry about is ryan came to congress as a jack kemp republican. i was jack kemp's 1998 chairman. he was a didn't guy than the president we have today. we now have a trump republican. ryan has never been a trump republicans. we need a trump republican to energize the republican base to turn out and vote. lou: to do it he would be inauthentic, and it wouldn't work. he's opposed the trump presidency throughout.
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he's talking about entitlement reform. your voter base doesn't want entitlement reform at this time. serve out your term as a member of congress in the 4th congressional district and let somebody else come in and run the show and set a new agenda. lou: i think some folks would be a little bit offended by that in the conference. but who knows. charlie dent is resigning from the congress forth with. that's 39 open gop seats. >> this is our dilemma. these open seats, most of of these districts are fairly safe republican seats. but with a new candidate sometimes it's difficult for people to learn to run effectively. you can still have another 5 or 6 or maybe 10 gig up the ship.
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if you had that's it makes it harder and harder to hold that number. lou: these congressmen with run with this president, they are going to win. most of of them will win. they will hold the majority in congress. it's that simple. ed: what ryan and these guys have to understand. majority of these members who will be elected will be freedom caucus guys. they will be tuned to that element. it could have 40-50 members. them being part of the process and the leadership is important in the future. lou: the gop leadership, rosenstein need an extension to deliver. i understand devin nunes has bent toughest and smartest investigator on capitol hill
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into the deep state and the left's domination of justice and the fbi. but to continue to -- it's one step too far. ed: you set dead lined, you have to make sure they are adhered to. i would say bring what you have today and tell me when the rest will be here in three or four days. we need to get this wrapped up. lou: be sure to vote in our poll. the question is do you believe james comey's book tour is turning out to be an indictment of the fbi's management team and the special counsel witch hunt. up next, senior trump administration officials now in talks with north korea trying negotiate the terms of an upcoming summit that would occur between the president and kim jong-un. gordon chang joins me next.
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lou: president trump says high-level gauch negotiations bn the united states and north korea are taking place ahead of his proposed summit with kim jong-un. president trump revealed the details of the talks as he began two days of meeting with japanese president shinning do abe in mar-a-lago. joining me right now, author of the book "nuclear showdown" gordon chang here tonight. how important is this meeting to both the united states and japan between abe and president trump? >> well, for prime minister abe, it's important because he's mired in scandals back in tokyo. he needs a big good outcome in order to rescue his political career. a lot of people talking about his resigning by june, maybe september. so it's important to him. but it's also important to us.
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for 150 years we've drawn or western defense perimeter not at california, not even at hawaii or guam but really off of the coast of asia. japan is an important part of that perimeter. we need a strong japan there as we talk to china on trade and north korea on nukes. lou: this is a new circumstance, talking about the strength of japan which has moved forward momentarily since world war ii. it's becoming more important, i'm not sure i would suggest quite adds strongly as you have. but i defer to your judgment. it is also, it seems to me, very important to the president to maintain that relationship with abe who he obviously likes. >> this is one of the really good things. once you have a cornerstone ally, what we call japan, once you have a good relationship between the japanese prime minister and the american president, good things are going to happen. we're going to settle trade
7:26 pm
disputes that we have with the japanese but we're also going to prefnt a united front to bad actors in asia. the relationship between abe and trump look as the same between knack sonny and reagan. abe talked about quote unquote donald. you don't hear other world leaders do that. that shows there's a closeness between prime minister abe and president trump. lou: china has been pushed for the first time in my memory. the chinese has been pushed back from the pros tec prospect of a. maybe kim is on the phone every day with xi, i don't know. but they don't seem to be playing much of a role here, at least publicly and out front. >> what kim did when he proposed talks with not only trump but also with the south korean president, he cut out the chinese. and his first foreign trip is
7:27 pm
going to be to south korea until the chinese then said no, no, no. you're in north korea. you've got to go to beijing first, which is what happened at the end of last month. and the chinese are trying to reinsert themselves into that peace process. you know, trump, talking to kim directly, that's a good thing for us. that means the chinese are not in the room and cannot cause trouble. lou: it's clear to this point, they have been ineffect churl in whatever they were trying to do trying to blunt the president's push. he had said point blank, all options are on the table as far as north korea. he's also made it very clear that china is responsible for the monster that north korea has become. and also that they have to play a role in balancing and creating reciprocal fair trade relationships and there will be no more toleration on the part of this president, of their nonsense. >> yeah. one of the important things that president trump did when he was
7:28 pm
talking with the chinese about trade is he said, look, the united states holds the high cards and we're willing to use our power. and that's when you saw the chinese, instead of huffing and puffing as they often do, they basically backed down on a number of important things. now of course they're going after the sor the soregum but te backing down on a lot of stuff. lou: like automobiles. we have a comment period running six months before any kind of tariffs will be put in place. there's ample opportunity for negotiation and to see how smart the chinese leadership truly is. and if they're going to do huffing and puffing, they seem to have decided to leave it to the americans left wing national media. even they are seeming winded at this point. thank so much. appreciate it. up next, james comey cashing in on a confidential parcel of
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information, memos. we take up whether the fired fbi director is getting help frp the deep state. chris farrell of judicial watch here next. ♪ let your inner light loose with one a day women's.
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lou: judicial watch is suing the justice department demanding records of all of the communications between the fbi and former director james comey related to his new book which is out on the circuit pushing as we
7:33 pm
speak. the lawsuit raises questions about whether comey is receiving special treatment from the fbi, the effect of which is to give him use of illegally obtained material for his book. and joining us to sort all of this out and more, chris farrell, director of investigations and research for you dish watch. great to see you. why in the world, first of all, would they have given him permission for this book. it's a travesty obviously as he goes around. >> well, comey is out there making money off of material and information that he can profit from but the american public can't gain access to. it's incredibly insulting and arrogant but that's what you see when you look at how comey is performing. there's a prepublication review process that anybody in the law enforcement or intelligence world has to abide by. it can be tedious and protractedded sortracted sort o.
7:34 pm
what they want you to not talk about is exactly what comey is talking about. you've had other -- luis free broat a memory at being fbi director but he didn't personally attack the sitting president months after being fired. lou: that was his intent from the beginning. >> of course. lou: and it puts the entire agency now, that had already been ridden with these kind of political actors, strzok or page or orr or mccabe or comey. >> you need a score card, yeah. lou: and now, now the fbi has a deep and highly toxic 0 dif rus hole to dig out from. >> and the prepublication review process i can virtually tell you it was abused and massaged so comey could rush out with his book. we've represented an agent in
7:35 pm
the past who went through a torturous post that they wanted to check every reference before they allowed him to publish. and this has gone through at lightning speed. who's behind that? lou: and who is behind the stone walling. rosenstein, the deputy attorney general is now communicating with the three chair of intel, oversight and judiciary in the house. and he needs another day or two just to get his -- the memorandum -- the mem ra da from commie for presentation. this is on its face the most arrogant and disgusting behavior on the part of a -- what does he have to do to get fired? >> and the issue -- lou: or impeached. >> the materials you're talking about are the exact same thing that comey is using to run around and pitch his book. i mean, the disparity here is
7:36 pm
breathtaking. but with respect to rosenstein, i think he's going to have to have to go out and steal a car or something to get someone's attention to get him fired. i don't know how much further he can go. he's already beyond the scope, beyond the limit. lou: so what is jeff sessions? where is jeff sessions? >> jeff sessions, call your office. i do not know. it's inexplicable and we've talked before about the conflicts of interest, the disqualification standards and now he's playing these little mickey mouse games in congress. lou: this is his responsibility. it isn't the dag's, it is his. speaking of that, this is about fbi memos written by the fired director. this is christopher wray's job. where is christopher wray. he's also radio silent. >> a thundering silence from wray's office. they all deliberately choose not
7:37 pm
to engage. i guess they think no one is paying attention. they should think otherwise. we are paying attention. lou: and, you know, as we listen to this nonsince from the book trail, the fired fbi director saying this isn't normal, a president calling for business cli thbasicallycalling for the e lying and leaking comey. >> well, you know what it is with comey? he doesn't think it's normal because it's the truth. the president spoke very clear, straightforward termts and that may be very jarring to mr. comey who apparently -- i was reading his book earlier today. he's a very sensitive person. lou: someone was pointing out here the other night, he gets queasy, has the nausea. he was sick to his stomach. i mean this man is -- there is sensitivity here. i don't know of what kind.
7:38 pm
but it is certainly not sensitivity born of self awareness or particular concern for the thoughts, values and roles of others. >> he needs to just keep talking about talking and talking because eventually between the book and his public statements and what they have him on under oath, the indictment will write itself. lou: so i ask partly rhetorically, what does have to happen -- to tom fitton said he would urge the president to give pardons to everyone in his administration who has been tainted by this witch hunt by mueller. i can't imagine you disagreeing. but is that the most straightforward solution to it from the standpoint of the president? >> it defeats the whole service. it says look, this is all fun and games. you've hand more than a year to run around in circles. lou: almost two years, including
7:39 pm
the fbi part of the investigation plus the special counsel. >> and this incredible disparity of treatment. look at general flynn versus comey on the hill lying or making admissions under oath about breaking the law and the senators thank him for his service. you know, the one way to just pop the balloon and get it over with is just every person who is sort of a named target or subject, just preemptively grant them immunity, deflates the entire thing and let's move on. lou: what do you think of the other course which is for the house, tired and frustrated and upset as they are with their treatment at the hands of those that should be public servants and who have sworn an oath to defend the constitution but in fact violating it, refusing the oversight authority of the house in particular, what about the idea if rose rosenstein continus
7:40 pm
this, first contempt of congress and then impeachment on the part of the legislature. >> my colleague tom fitton and i have been preaching this for literally years. any member of congress who we can get ahold of or who we talk to or cross paths with, we reminded them, lesser constitutional officers, other than the president, can all be impeached. and in fact you can impeach someone who is currently not in awches. in theory, you could impeach loretta lynch and president obama. you don't have to be current office holders. and the idea of doing that, a conviction of impeachment precludes those persons from ever holding public office again. lou: with that, chris farrell, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. lou: and i sadly have to bring you the news, we have just received word that barbara bush, the former first lady had just
7:41 pm
died. she was 92.
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lou: as we reported to you before the break, the former first lady barbara bush has died. she was 92 years old.
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she had been suffering for some time, been in and out of the hospital over the past year while battling with copd and congestive heart failure. we'll have more on the former first lady here in the broadcast later. on wall street, stocks rose for a second straight session. the dow joins industrial is up 214 points, s&p up 29 and the nasdaq jumping 125 points. volume on the big board 3.1 billion shares. goldman action reported earnings beating wall street car gets. the irs experiencing wide spread problems with its electronic filing system online hours before the deadline. the irs said tonight it is extending the filing deadline for one day because of the approximate. and a reminded tore listen to my reports three times a day, coast to coast on the salem radio network. san diego county has voted to join the trump
7:46 pm
administration's lawsuit against the state of california's sanctuary law. the support from california's second largest county comes as president trump wages a difficult and public war with governor jerry brown. fox news correspondent peter ducey with our report. >> california's governor jerry brown, the only democratic governor of a border state says he's pretty close to a deal to become the last border state to fulfill president trump's wish of sending hundreds of national guardsmen to the border. >> the guard is chomping at the bit ready to go. >> california's guards men are not going to try to keep nonviolent border crossers out. in a letter today, saying in part, it will tbhot be a mission to round up women or children or detain people escaping violence seeking a better life. president trump tweeted, looks
7:47 pm
like jerry brown and california are not looking for safety and security along their very porous border. the governor shot back that certain statutes are being followed. >> wait a minute. is trying to stop drug smuggling, human trafficking and guns going to mexico to the cartels, that sounds to me like fighting crime. >> brown blames republicans in congress and their failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform for adding anxiety to the legal aim grants who have led lawful lives for years mple inflammatory football that very little low life politicians like to exploit. >> while inspecting border wall prototypes last month president trump lashed out at brown for his state's sanctuary city. >> i think the governor is doing a horrible job at running the city. >> is he positioning himself for a fourth? >> i can't think of anything less attract tiff than a
7:48 pm
democratic presidential primary. >> governor brown admits democrats are having some identity problems right now and looking ahead to 2020 a new leader of the party hads not emerged yet. brown is looking but while he does, he's the one who has president trump's attention, at least for today. lou? lou: thank you, peter james som comey penning an entire book attacking the president and then goes into a tie rate raitirade when the pret defends himself. we'll take this up when dr. sebastian gorka joins us next.
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lou: joining us tonight, former strategist to president trump, fox news national str strategis, dr. s sebastian gorka. let's talk about the attacks by the president on the fired fbi director which seems to lead only to conclusions about his pecpetulance and his perpetual tirade that has been set off. >> i've worked with the president, still in touch with the president. call me biased if you will. but that interview was truly dastardly. i don't care who you have. to cast aspersions on the quality of another man's marriage is reprehensible, let alone from a former director of
7:53 pm
the fbi. and then to say truly under hand things like, well, george, i don't know. he may be a pawn of the russians or compromised by moscow. well, lou, i don't know, but maybe james coeconomy is compromised by the drug cartels in mexico, or maybe he's a sleeper agent for the north koreans. i really don't know, lou. lou: it's all possible, as he said. he could have also said the same thing of president obama. it's possible that he was an agent of russia, that they had something on him as the question was styled. comey persists in this and then says it's not normal. a man who has lied and leaked declares it's not normal for the president to braise the issue of jail time for his offenses against the law. >> look at what has happened with regards to people like general flynn who have had to sell their house for committing
7:54 pm
lesser crimes than what james comey did in terms of actually admitting in front of congress that he took classified presidential meeting notes and leaked them to the. at what end? to create a special prosecutor to prosecute the man who just fired him. this is a man who's lied on record. this is a man exonerated hillary clinton before the investigation had even interviewed the suspect. so i can't remember in u.s. history. i think j. edgar hoover did less damage to the fbi than james comey is doing right now. lou: it has all of the appearance of exactly that. the comey memos, congress again, the three chairman, nunes, goodlatte and gowdy, giving rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general another day or two, midweek, whatever that means, to deliver the comey memos to
7:55 pm
congress. and again, stone walling with a smirk on his face rod rosenstein. the only question is where is the attorney general jeff sessions, why isn't he making these decisions, why isn't he talking about those memos. and it's his responsibility to submit to the oversight of congress constitutionally. what in the world is going on? >> not only that, lou, also the director of the fbi. director wray is missing in action. so i'm not going to sit here and make excuses for the ag. but what about director wray. this is his agency. he's the new director. he could release those instantly. and my friends inside the agency tell me he is hiding in his office, lou. lou: so it raidses the question. why doesn't the president order his attorney general to release those to congress, those memos?
7:56 pm
>> well, i won't go into details, but in the meetings i've had with the president sings i left his employ, he has demonstrated to me a very laudable hands-off approach to that whole department, trying to at least give the appearance of not being involved in the day to day running of things, as he should not be. i doff my cap to the president for keeping arm's reach. lou: you know, i understand that as you doff your hat, and we all salute the president. but the reality here is that it is his responsibility, that the department of justice is not an independent institution. >> correct. lou: neither is the fbi an independent agency. they are elements of the executive branch which report to the president of the united states. and in a matter as grave as a collusion between two coequal branches of government, the executive and the legislature, the president should have his voice heard by those who serve
7:57 pm
at his pleasure. >> oh, i agree that he has every right to do so. but he also knows the political cost that would entail if he was visible in his demands towards the ag and toward the director of the fbi. but again, it's also congress' -- congress has not really exercised oversight for decades. and it's a few people. it's goodlatte, nunes who are finally exercising the oversight as they should have done for decades on the hill. lou: i think truly it's only nunes. goodlatte is a latecomer to the issue and he is also an early exiter from this congress, retiring. it is without devin nunes and solely nunes among those true, it is truly to nunes that we owe a great debt for continuing to search for the truth and serving
7:58 pm
the constitution by insisting on oversight. no one else has had those guts. >> lou, the republic owe as great debt to nunes. that goes without saying. you're absolutely right. lou: as we look at talks with the north koreas at the highest level, as the president put. we've seen president xi defer, at least seem to defer publicly as kim jong-un is talking about sitting down with the president and having serious discussions at a summit. the president's actions in syria. this president is manifestly in charge of foreign policy and the counter walling that we once heard has at least ebbed to slight sniffles of despair on the part of the left. >> you know the president as well as anybody. he's an unstoppable steam
7:59 pm
locomotive. and what he's done in asia, in europe with regards to isis, with regards to all of our old alliances, with regards to israel. it's absolutely remarkable. it's truly quite amazing. lou: dr. sebastian gorka, always good to see you former first lady barbara bush has died as we have reported. she was at her home in houston, texas today. she was the mother of george w. bush, the 43rd president who released this statement this evening. my dear mother has passed on at age 92. laura, barbara, jenna and i are sad but our souls are settled because we know hers was. barbara bush was a fabulous first lady and a woman unlike any other who brought levity, love and literacy to millions. to us she was so much more. mom kept us on our toes and kept us laughing until the end. i'm a lucky man that barbara
8:00 pm
bush was my mother. our family will miss her dearly and we thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. she was 92. thank you for being with us. that's it for us tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: breaking news tonight, former first lady barbara bush has died. she was 92 years old and the bush family has just released a statement that reads -- this is actually from former president george w. bush. my dear mother has passed on at age 92. we are sad but our souls are settled because we know hers was. barbara bush was a fabulous first lady and a woman unlike any other who brought levity, love and literacy to millions. to us she was so much more. mom kept us on our toes and kept us laughing until the end. i'm a lucky man that barbara bush was my mother. our family will miss her dearly and we thank


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