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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  April 18, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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our family will miss her dearly and we thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. she was 92. thank you for being with us. that's it for us tonight. good night from new york. >> it's amazing how she was really the rockefeller family and bail technology. she although the pieces together. cheryl: breaking news this morning. john sununu remembered barbara bush. one of the most iconic first ladies of our time. we will have more and attributes that are pouring in. >> first lady and lady first. george w. bush and first lady laura bush at 8:30 a.m. this morning on fox business. trade your earnings are driving stocks higher. the dow up 213 points. yesterday predicted sharp.
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>> the stock down over 5% after disappointing earnings report. u.s. stock market futures looking better. up 48. s&p up while in the nasdaq, too. cheryl: stocks open higher on the backs of the games as you can see this with the come is cacm dax all of the green. gerri: stocks in japan and south korea up over 1% overnight. cheryl: fox news confirming a report that cia director mike pompeo met with north korea's kim jong un to lay the groundwork for north korea u.s. senate. "fbn:am" starts right now. ♪ cheryl: 5:01 a.m. in new york. when they come april 18th and m. cheryl casone. gerri: good morning.
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and gerri willis in for lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning. and amazing women. former first lady barbara bush. gerri: 73 years of marriage and 17 grandchildren. turn to the wife of the nation's 41st president and mother of the 43rd president. she died yesterday at the age of 92. gerri: casey stegall in houston with the details. >> no real act dvd at the gates back there, the president to george herbert walker bush's neighborhood. it's very private. only 20 or so homes back there. we do not know what time mrs. bush passed away. and of course, these are extremely sensitive matters. they are choreographed to achieve. months of advance planning has gone on behind the scenes for this very moment. privacy is of utmost concern and priority. a couple of people we assume
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houston residents are houstonians as they refer to themselves showing appear with science, flowers outside the gates. of course nearly every politician on the planet has been sending out out statements and taking the social media. president trump tweeting melania and i join the nation in celebrating the life of barbara bush. in attached even he lauded her for being an advocate of the american family, calling one of her greatest achievements her tireless work with literacy. mrs. bush has struggled with health problems like copd, pulmonary disease. also congestive heart failure and a thyroid condition known as graves' disease. she and george h.w. bush, the longest married couple in u.s. presidential his greek. they met at a christmas dance and married in 1945 and celebrated in january their 73rd wedding anniversary. family members say every single night since they have been
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together, george has said i love you, barbie. that's the latest from houston. casey stegall, fox news. gerri: amazing. the funeral service for 11:00 a.m. saturday as the bush family church saint martin's episcopal in houston. george w. bush seen in a statement harper bush was a fabulous first lady of employment unlike any other who brought levity, love and literacy to millions. mom kept us on our toes and laughing until the end. i'm a lucky man that barbara bush was my mother. cheryl: you'll not want to miss maria bartiromo's exclusive interview with president and first lady laura bush at 8:30 a.m. eastern time this morning on fox business. much more on the life and legacy coming up later on in the show. other big breaking news this morning to bring to you. a stunning report. cia director mike pompeo was
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also president trump's nominee for secretary of state has recently met with north korean leader kim jong un. >> we've also started talking to north korea directly. we have had direct talks at very high levels. extremely high levels with north korea. i really believe there is a lot of goodwill. a lot of good things are happening. as they always say, we'll see what happens. cheryl: pompeo met. this is expected to take place in late may or early june. tracee so much news today. president trump rapid summit meeting with shinzo abe. the two discussing trade in mar-a-lago. >> japan is buying a tremendous amount of military equipment from the united states which is good. i do know we are biting a lot of
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cars and other things from japan. we still have to talk about trade and the prime minister understands that. cheryl: the president also treating about the transpacific partnership. while japan and south korea would like us to go back a dtp p., to many contingencies in no way to get out of that doesn't work. bilateral deals are far more efficient, profitable and better for workers. the world trade organization is to u.s. president trump and prime minister abe told a joint news conference at 6:00 p.m. eastern time today. stay with us business later today for live coverage of that. cheryl: the national transportation safety board investigating what caused the jet engine on a southwest airplane to explode in midair, killing one woman and injuring seven other passengers. ntsb focusing attention on one of the engines and blades.
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>> the fan blade was broken right at the hub and our preliminary examination of this was that there is evidence of metal fatigue with the blade separated. transfer the boeing 737 with 148 people on board was flying from dallas to new york yesterday when the engine blew a 30,000 feet. it made an emergency landing in philadelphia. the pilot and crew are being called heroes. southwest airlines is speeding up over the next 30 days as a precaution. cheryl: starbucks is reacting quickly to the emperor or the arrest of two black men by one of his stores in philadelphia. the chain will close a dozen stores for a few hours at may 29 to conduct racial bias training. nearly 175,000 workers will take
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the course. ceo kevin johnson has apologized for the incident and the company confirmed the employee no longer works for starbucks. i will be interviewing ceo kevin johnson at 7:30 a.m. eastern time during "mornings with maria." >> great stuff. look forward to that. ibm sending the stock plummeting overnight. cheryl: tracee carrasco has added some other headlines. a blue cat catch a big rate cuts for sure. through lectures of ipm file, extending losses in the premarket this morning. even after beating analyst expectations on revenue and earnings per share for the quarter. wall street can ignore the mess for earnings per share. profit also fell about 4%. cheryl: morgan stanley reporting today.
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>> analysts are projecting net income of $2.2 billion on revenue of 10 to 4 billion, both of which are up from last years first quarter. analysts are projecting a 125-dollar share which would be the best quarterly earnings in a decade with higher than expected profit. the equities division could see a boost from the recent volatility. gerri: will have to wait and see if their stock actually performs. but now, we have an extra day to file taxes after the irs, the biggest gap in my memory and tax day. >> it is a tax they do over. the irs giving a one-day penalty free extension after an all-day computer glitch and that people file their returns electronically on tax day by day the 2017 payments were due. it was a hardware error. the systems are back up and running mate yesterday. the new deadline is today at
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midnight to file and pay your 2017 income taxes. train to the timing of this incredible. at least i got it figured out. we'll see later in the show. a lot more coming up this morning. first, 200 for team play run-up yesterday. more great numbers today. dare i say, three days and i was kicked we've kicked off from occurring. also, we'll have some more information on the bombshell report now confirmed by fox news this cia director mike pompeo sat down with north korean leader kim jong un to lay out the for sunday. we'll have a lot more in the life and legacy of former first lady barbara bush as the world remembers her. >> one of the reasons i made the most important decision of my life to marry george bush is because he made me laugh. it is true sometimes we laugh through our tears, but that
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train gerri: s&p higher as well. the nasdaq looks like it will have a great open up 22. cheryl: we are watching the
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market from attacking out of washington could be cia director mike pompeo traveling to north korea to meet kim jong un. highly unusual visit administered in between president trump and the north korean leader. >> i think that there is a great chance to solve a world problem. this is not a problem to the united states. it's not a problem for japan or any other country. it's a problem for the world. cheryl: jan's care if i know, vice president and national direct your -- we haven't seen madeleine albright back in 2000 that went over. but the last time we had a meeting like this. were they surprised when they went over and saw kim jong un. >> there would've had to have been some back channels to set up something this quickly for me
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between the two leaders. on one hand, we can start to call trump the iceberg resident. there's way more than a disservice in this administration in terms of running foreign policy and i don't think that's widely appreciated. evelyn speaks to the character of tron. this is almost very kissinger life. on the other hand we have back channels all the time. maybe not at this level. certainly not unprecedented. >> president trump was asked about the relationship north korea to south korea. listen to what he said. >> north korea is coming along. south korea is meeting and has plans to meet with north korea to see if they can on the war and they have my blessing on that. >> the relationship with north korea and south korea is a bigger piece than many realize.
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>> i think we've all been pleasantly surprised at the level of cooperation between the south korea and the united states. they do seem to be working together on trust and confidence on this and that's important. everybody has interlocking pieces here. north korea are in completely independent not her. they have to go to chinese on the russian and the south koreans work with us in the japanese. all these pieces slip inside a little bit. >> when the president was speaking at high levels now we know that true. at the same time we know the north koreans are very skilled at the stalling game. many have worried his rich and not because of the sanctions, that this is just a stalling tactic by north koreans. do you still think that's the case or we could actually make progress with this summit between trump and kim jong un?
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>> this is north korea. give me a break. if you listen to north korea said, cannot put anything on the table they have been offered before. the president's rhetoric is one thing. there are pieces on together, but not always identical. the administration policies maximum pressure. nuclear deterrence, sanctions, it's maximum pressure until north korea is no longer a threat to the united states and its allies. that may take a while. thank you very much for the good. gerri: coming up after this just 213-point rally with a close eye on features. dow jones industrial average 50 points. s&p 500 almost seven. nasdaq 22. a good day in the market. gerri: neil cavuto sat down with mitch mcconnell to talk about a range of issues including tax
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cuts and spending cuts. we'll have more from neil's exclusive interview. and one the life and legacy of former first lady barbara bush. and you won't want to miss maria bartiromo's exclusive interview with george w. bush and first lady laura bush at 8:00 eastern this morning right here on fox business. stay with us. >> barbara bush taught me to live life to the fullest and speak my mind. anna and mark are heading into retirement... and a little nervous. but not so much about what market volatility may do to their retirement savings. that's because they have a shield annuity from brighthouse financial, which allows them to take advantage
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getting fired by president trump the senate judiciary committee working on legislation to shield the work. but, what tells neil cavuto this bill is unnecessary. >> wow, i don't think you should fire moeller and i don't think it's going to. it's not necessary in my judgment. >> enough to say that it should be in there. >> on the one who decides what we take to the floor. they will not be having a summer sunday. >> shooting and plans for the white house to remove billions from an appropriations bill passed in march. the administration work in its house majority leader kevin mccarthy on the idea, but mcconnell basically doomed it. >> he was involved in the negotiation and sign the bill. >> he warned her never going to do it again. >> written agreement with the
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democrats. you can't make an agreement one month and say we didn't mean and come back the next month and say we really didn't mean our agreement. gerri: former congressman dan hayworth and josé was to me now. so much coming out of neil cavuto's interview. let's drill down on this precision idea. there's a technical term for what is basically spending cancellation. mitch mcconnell of course saying this would break a trust in congress. what he said about today? >> republicans agreed upon a spending bill. they need to keep their promise. we're all for the spending bill. cheryl: man, to you, we have never heard of this before. but in fact, bill clinton did this in 1993.
5:24 am
is this a good idea in your view? keep in mind we are spending a whole lot of money. >> at $1.3 trillion spending bill, the budget buster when senator mcconnell says we didn't mean it. you know, we sent the republican majority to the house and senate and a republican to the white house to help taxpayers in the 1974 alive. just as you pointed out that does allow congress to revisit spending bills for simple majority. the problem we have in the senate, 60 votes to pass the most bills. that is why they're in the the drivers seat basically. we could try the decision. the problem is going to be that senator mcconnell doesn't have to bring a bill to the floor. they can just sit on it for 45
5:25 am
days and then it expires and goes away. gerri: he's on the power seat in a sane not going to do it. listen for why mitch mcconnell on how this can be an issue in the upcoming election. >> there's no question they didn't like this proposal and that they would undo it if they could. the verdict timeout for repealing most of it. i think water referendum this fall on whether or not people think they're better able to make decisions about their own hard-earned money as opposed to washington politicians. >> all laid 20% of voters say it's even a good idea. what happens if this is part of the conversation would make it to the poor?
5:26 am
how people think we are doing as a country. they will be winning questions left and right. back to you quickly before we go. call in the spending bill ridiculous. i have to tell you, the cbo says we are heading to 100% debt to gdp >> we can bank our friends to more and more spending. a $133 trillion bill. we need more republicans. we need those 60 votes. turn three so far to go. thanks for joining. great job. trying to take another picture premarket this morning.
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ibm could be weighing on the dow after disappointing earnings. spf six and change. nasdaq up 20. and we are going to have more on the life and legacy of former first lady barbara bush. you don't want to miss maria bartiromo's exclusive interview this morning with former president george w. bush, her son and first lady barbara bush. we will be right back. >> somewhere out in this audience may even be someone who one day follow in my footsteps and preside over the white house as the president's spouse and i wish him well.
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>> bluebook barbara. she was an amazing woman.
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cheryl: breaking this morning. the nation is remembered and first lady barbara bush who died yesterday at the age of 92. a live report from houston just ahead. gerri: cores recovered the markets. earnings driving stocks higher. we are looking for a strong open with all three and axes opened higher. train to ibm expected to weigh on the dow today. we have to watch that talk down over 5% overnight after the disappointing outlook. futures are higher. s&p up five and change, nasdaq up 15. gerri: stocks open higher on the back of wall street's gain. the ftse up 54. the cac 40 in paris at nine in the dax has made teen -- down 18, pardon me. cheryl: at the split over there. looking good there. stocks in japan, south korea and 1% overnight. gerri: toys "r" us rejecting a toymaker buyout to say that
5:32 am
bankrupt retailer. fbn continues right now. cheryl: 5:31 a.m. in new york. it is april 18th. good morning, everybody. i'm cheryl casone. gerri: on gerri willis and for lawrence antonetti. tributes pouring this morning after the passing of the former first lady barbara bush. train to adam housley is live outside of the bush home in houston, texas. what can you tell us this morning? >> obviously you mentioned the outpouring of love from across texas and across the country. she died of course here in houston family home last night at the age of 92. we are told she was surrounded by her family and her president of 73 years which is by far and
5:33 am
away at her side holding her fi, 17 grandchildren and many friends and family around the world. we had a number of people give their feedback anonymously their condolences of course. the one that came first was george w. bush and his statement that he and his family made. the party says laura, barbara, jenna and i are sad bitter souls are settled because we know hers was. barbara bush is a fabulous first lady the woman unlike any other who brought levity, loves and literacy to millions. to why she was so much more. that coming from george w. bush statement in part. the u.s. secret service had a tree. that an president. tells you how much he was beloved by those who served her as well. it said the u.s. secret service expresses can see her condolences to the family of mrs. barbara bush. the epitome of class and race
5:34 am
and as first lady of the united in repose at saint martin's episcopal church in funeral services are saturday at the same church followed by her burial at the bush presidential library in texas where her final resting place will be next to her daughter, robin. as you might imagine, more and more comments on her passing away last night. people in other parts of the country and other parts of the world and we are getting more comments and condolences throughout the day from hearing you sing. >> i can imagine. adam housley live in houston. thank you very much. we appreciate it. here now on barbara bush's legacy is presidential historian doug wead. good morning. there's so much to talk about with her. i think she is best known for her push for literacy in the country, for reading.
5:35 am
she loves children and that was her lasting legacy that she left on the nation. >> yes, she loved books. every time i talked to her, i would talk about looks. i would say what are you reading now. she was so interesting because when you are reading two or three books a week and then she went to audio books because she could no longer read with her eyes, it was very traumatic. she was very shaken by that transition, but she adjusted to it and she still consumed books. that push for literacy was born not of her own love of reading. cheryl: speaking of love, the love story between these two. looking at pictures of them. i remember the super bowl in houston when he came out of his wheelchair, the people of texas just celebrated this family. you say that she didn't like the word dynasty when it came to her family. >> she didn't like the word dynasty. their love story, the odds were
5:36 am
against them. they had been married to john been married too young. they were separated too often and they had too much grief for the loss of robinett three years of age. those two factors come anyone of them will destroy most marriages. their marriage was renewed again and again. they did not like dynasty as if by sheer willpower they can stop people from talking about it. but make no mistake on america's dynasty is not the kennedys. it's not the family of john adams. it's not the roosevelts. this is america's dynasty and it is the bushes. and she is the source. she was the fountainhead. train to you mentioned a mistake, but to also say she can be catty sometimes unloved asset. i don't know texas lady that doesn't like to gossip. i'm not surprised by your point there. you mentioned their daughter robin who died so young of leukemia and cancer research was another thing they were very committed to throughout their
5:37 am
lives. >> ask and i very much so. the loss of rabin was the most dramatic influence in their adult life. she was very influenced by her mother, pauline, who could then barbarous words become bitter and absorbed the trivialities. barbara's revenge was to enjoy life and to not take it too seriously. i think that looseness was part of this secret for the success for many in her family. there wasn't this pressure on them to perform. train to five children, two governors. not bad at all. what a family and when the lady. thank you very much for your memories. we appreciate you sharing them. make sure to tune into maria bartiromo's exclusive interview with george w. bush and first lady laura bush at 8:30 a.m. eastern time this morning. very excited to see the
5:38 am
interview on "mornings with maria" of course. gerri: fascinating insurer. toys "r" us saying no to a bid from a billionaire investor. cheryl: tracee carrasco has that story another headlines. connect this comes from "the wall street journal." toys "r" us has rejected an $890 million bid for some of its assets for my declarant, ceo of maker of those last dollars. he has not officially been notified of the big rejection but wants to move forward to keep fighting to save toys "r" us. he believes that the end of toys "r" us would hurt the toy industry long-term. cheryl: wow, interesting. with talk about airlines. jetblue wants to unionize now. >> this is a big move. jeff lue flight attendants have voted in favor of joining the transport workers union. according to the union, wages and establishing fairness
5:39 am
unemployment disciplinary actions were the two main areas of concern for the flight attendants. jetblue said it respected the outcome of the vote, but we are disappointed in this result because we believe the direct relationship is superior to third-party representation. of course as customers know we won't notice any difference there. gerri: steven spielberg taken on the superhero. tell us about that. >> steven spielberg will direct d.c. comics film black hawk. his first attempt at a d.c. superhero movie. it will likely follow the comic book character falluja squadron into world war ii. no release date has been set. if spielberg has two projects incoming user can affect indiana jones movie in the remake of west side story. >> a d.c. comic both john or just goes on and on.
5:40 am
busy man. cheryl:'s talented. tracee at, thank you very much. it was an emotional home run in the major league as those first regular-season game in puerto rico since 2010. we've got those details. plus, ibm on the dow after posting a disappointing outlook. analysts say this could create a buying opportunity on the stock. another positive start this wednesday. we are three for three for the week. s&p up or come in up 14. we will be right back. ♪ but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent,
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cheryl: big blue's numbers at ibm not really great. the dow is higher in the premarket at 44. the s&p up five. positive start to the day. gerri: that's right. we are watching shares of ibm this morning the premarket trading even after the company's earnings beat the estimates. ibm's gross profit margins missed expectations are certified financial founder at capital management injustice capital management and justice are accorded no capital joining us now. welcome to both of you. what went wrong here. somebody should buy your stuff.
5:44 am
>> with ibm, the margin contraction continues to be an issue weighed in on the stock of the companies tried to move away from the legacy businesses and harbour consulting and get into the more profiting. quarter after quarter and they're not moving relative to legacy businesses. gerri: when you dig down, a lot of the benefit and improvement in earnings of israeli attacks came. people didn't like that. the ceo there had been there a long time. a very slow turnaround as joseph just said. what happened next? can the stock find a way to come back? >> it begins to. double-digit declines in revenue and that's mitigated. you're probably show revenue growth may be positive for the first time in a while as they
5:45 am
keep moving it to the other things which all the investors want them to do. it's just not happening fast enough. that's the problem for most people why they are really losing patience. the outlook is good if you keep making those lives somewhere in here with a healthy dividend is a new science. gerri: let's turn to the banking sector here. you think this would be great base for the banking sector. seven rate hike since 2015. a $2.5 billion windfall from these improved taxes. great base for them. they even like volatility in the markets. just as geo, what improvements do you expect generally? we've had several stocks come out and specifically what you see for morgan stanley today reporting? >> organs damaged due well on their wealth management side. that's a steady strong piece of the business and trading and investment banking should be fine as well. the greater issue at the banks
5:46 am
as we see the news file off like we did and jpmorgan, bank of america, goldman sachs and the yield curve in the lending business is really the most concerning part about banks right now. >> yeah, just to drill down into that a little bit. look at jpmorgan chase first out of the gate. people decided in the end even though their eps was higher they didn't like what was going on in the loan business. they got hit on by that great, but they plan to buy back more shares. is this a case where a factor coming up from a lawsuit is basically her to said we know you're going to do well. we want more. >> i think so. hookah bars interest rate go out. all these banks have the opportunity to make more money when rates do go out. that is the lending positive for them. obviously you have some issues with their lending portfolio in
5:47 am
other areas there. always things to focus on the negative. generally as the employment improves, the economy improves, earnings are improving, they are not going to be sitting on the side of not participating on that. 35 quarters in a row of earnings beating expectations in the market. the reason we can't think 36 will happen with this season. >> quickly, i'm starting to think we have expectations of s&p 500. eps gains of 15% to 18% for tech stocks. will the impact ultimately be short-lived because they're already baked into the pies? investors are to expect them. >> they are certainly baked in. half of the increase in the s&p is coming as a tailwind from the tax cut. while we see double digit earnings for 2018, we will see single-digit stock market gains.
5:48 am
gerri: thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. the sensation of baseball leaving after just two innings in a major league start. jared maxwell explained what will happen there. and also coming up this morning. maria bartiromo is going to have an exclusive interview with former president george w. bush and former first lady laura bush at 8:30 a.m. eastern time. of course barbara bush, his mother, just passing away last night. ♪
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gerri: welcome back. major league baseball up in the two-game series in san juan, puerto rico. a special night for the natives. cheryl: jared max has that story another sports headlines. good morning. >> of mourning, cheryl. good morning, gerri willis. hurricane were essential broke all 500 light from a demolished batting tunnels, demolish the scoreboard in left debris dangling and strewn all over the field. last night they played in india and major-league game. puerto rican native got the crowd into a frenzy. >> in the air, right field, at the wall. gone. >> there is islam and the crowd. he had a home run with a six to one victory come in the first game played in puerto rico in eight years in the majors geared
5:53 am
japanese phenom is human after all. pitching record flawed. the leadoff home run with mookie betz only lasted two innings because of a bad blister on his middle finger gave up three runs. the red sox don't major-league best 14 and two they went 10 to one. nba playoff tripleheader went for the raptors, pelicans and boston celtics as they scored 30 points, terry regier had 23. third straight season, south korea's jersey, the number one seller in the nba. kevin durand dennis teammate lebron was second. congratulations to the vegas golden knights. shut out the l.a. kings one did nothing. the sweep for games in its first-ever playoff series. that is strong. cheryl: in the middle of the desert a hockey team that's
5:54 am
good. gerri: it's called refrigeration. they might just come of it. cheryl: jared max come you can catch his sports reports on fox news headlines 20 for seven sirius xm channel 115. gerri: and we still have a lot more coming up this morning including maria bartiromo's exclusive interview with former president george w. bush and laura bush this morning at 8:30 a.m. eastern time. stay with us. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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cheryl: he's against the transpacific partnership. while japan and south korea would go back and tpp come i don't like deal for the united states. to many contingencies in no way to get out if it doesn't work your chief market analyst joins us now. michael, good morning. what is your reaction to the latest comments from the president? >> well, i'm surprised that anyone is surprised by these comments. but was a surprise to me was the fact that he suggested he was going to have another look at that. he was this multilateral trade deals and his preference for bilateral trade deals. he said that when he was running for president and he said pretty much done in every single tree since then. to treat we saw last week where he was looking at potentially avenues to go back and was a little bit of surprise.
5:58 am
the markets certainly think that and i think markets are probably more concerned with respect to future bilateral relationships with respect to the chinese tariff, but also with respect to the extensions they should due to expire in the first of may. gerri: we'll be keeping our eyes on that date e.u. regulator set to meet with facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. what do you expect out of this. what happens with this? >> there's an awful lot of concerns about privacy and online content. mark zuckerberg has some questions to answer. there's a question question in the daily telegraph that suggested third-party data applications that still have access to use the data. that is contrary to what mr. zuckerberg said two u.s.
5:59 am
lawmakers. i think it could have some answers to questions with respect to god and his discussions later this week. cheryl: michael used in come a thank you with us. gerri: and now we will go straight to maria bartiromo. ♪ >> live from the leadership at the george w. bush presidential library in dallas, here is maria bartiromo at this special edition of "mornings with maria." maria: good morning, everyone. i maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, april 18th. your tops yours right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. today we remember first lady barbara bush. the wife of president george h.w. bush died yesterday at her houston home at the age of 92. a beloved partner of 73 years to one president and a dedicated mother to another. she was only the second woman in
6:00 am
u.s. history to watch her son follow in his father's footsteps to the nation's highest office. >> this is the first time in american history that parents have seen their son's presidential library. mother, i promise to keep the area clean. [laughter] barbara bush taught me to live life to the fullest, to laugh a lot and to speak my mind. it got us both sometimes into trouble. maria: this morning live from the library will sit down for an exclusive interview with her son, president george w. bush and first lady laura bush later this morning as we look back at his mother's incredible legacy this morning and her lasting impact on literacy, civil rights and american politics. the country in the world this morning is morning and first lady laura bush are the major


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