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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 18, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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won't kill the bull market in the meantime. or @twitter. liz: steve does not sound our hand sell a @ntsb, under worried at all. thanks so much. do not fear inflation he says. [closing bell rings] i'm heading to washington, d.c. scor, newsroom. sitting down with treasury i want to thank all the parties secretary steve mnuchin and involved in this investigation christine lagarde from the imf. now "after the bell." for their cooperation. david: stocks fighting for gains we're getting excellent in the final moments of trading. cooperation from all the the dow closing down slightly, parties. i also want to note the snapping a two-day winning operation we're getting from the airport, philadelphia internation airport. streak. both s&p and nasdaq continuing great support. and finally i want to thank their climb, both up 2% for the week so far. american airlines because they i'm david asman. have allowed us to pull the melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." airplane into the american airlines hangar. more on market movers but here this is a huge help. is what else we're covering in very busy hour ahead. that means they have not had their airplanes in the hangar. new details emerging on the i will call for questions, as we face-to-face meeting in did yesterday, if you have a north korea with mike pompeo and question, raise your hand, when i recognize you, state your name kim jong-un. what we know now. and your outlet. begin right here. conservative lawmakers >> john rollins, channel 6 here demand attorney general jeff sessions look into allegations in philadelphia. have you been able to clarify of criminal wrongdoing but the whether or not the engine hillary clinton, james comey and
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involved in yesterday's mishap other members of the doj and the was subject to the faa fbi. the tribute pouring in as worthiness directive generated the world remembers an icon. generated -- [inaudible] >> yeah. it's a great question. hearing how president have we been able to determine george w. bush is coping with the loss of his beloved mother. whether or not this engine specifically, these fan blades we'll speak with a former aide were subject to an airworthiness to barbara bush about her life directive that was issued a few and her legacy. years ago as a result of another also joining us this hour lieutenant-general thomas event? and we have not been able to mcinerney, arizona congressman determine that and it is not as andy biggs, former navy pilot easy as we think. our power plants engineer was explaining to me that a part lea gabrielle and "wall street journal" columnist, bill mcgurn. david: we have a full show. number can change. if you have a fan blade that comes out as part number 123-a, nike among the biggest drags. we warned you about ibm if that part gets a new update, yesterday when it came in with that part number may be now bad numbers or disappointing numbers anyway. 123-b. but a totally different story so that is the new part number for oil. because it has the new phil flynn is watching all the action in commodities from the modification. and so, what we have to do is cme in chicago. track the history of that blade first to nicole petallides on to be able to determine whether floor of new york or not that airworthiness stock exchange. nicole, it wasn't so bad, right? >> no, it wasn't and if you directive actually did pertain didn't have ibm in the dow jones to this particular set of fan industrial average you would have up arrows across the board
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blades. and i know people wan answers for the dow, the nasdaq and s&p. right away and we will do a very we have eight of 11 days with gains for major averages which methodical investigation. our purpose for being here on moved above their 50 day moving scene is to document the averages. perishable evidence, the today ibm dragged on the dow information that can go away jones industrial average 80 plus points. with the passage of time. let's break it down. we can track down that the dow down 38. s&p 500 is fractionally higher. information next week when we go do the maintenance records the nasdaq i think i saw an up review but right now we just arrow there. want to document everything that that is the big picture. ibm we told you yesterday on we can to, so that once we "after the bell," there was a concern about the growth of leave, we either have what we profit. need, or we have a plan moving it was a miss. forward for getting what we so tumbling 7.5%, it certainly need. question is a big miss, and it is also the biggest loss in five years jeff: that. >> ntsb, trying to determine for ibm. that is obviously shaving off 80 negative points for the dow and what happened there are a lot of turning negative for 2018. questions about what happened thank you, charlie brady for with air worthiness of the plane some of these great stats. that made the emergency landing look at airlines, airlines in philadelphia. it was a fatal landing as a jumping. united beat the street on top result of pieces of engine and bottom line. 4% higher for american, united flying off, a woman was killed.
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continental. part of the reason they did so but it is extr extraordinary 144 well? higher fares. they have beaten for eight straight quarters. quick peek, best buy, amazon, passengers came back safely when how many people talk about the plane landed. shopping in best bye, buying online. the pilot and copilot did a now they have a collaboration, selling smart tvs on amazon. fantastic job. this is best buy's first foray and the pilot is a former navy with amazon. what suffers? aviator, as 3 -- leah gabriel roku with a down arrow because of this deal. back to you. melissa: nicole, thank you. oil surging, closing near 3 1/2-year high. what is driving crude today, here. i think this particular captain, phil? >> there are a lot of things. dealt with the situation with an geopolitical risk. people have not talked about amazing sense of calm, leah, venezuela. they arrested a couple of oil didn't you once have to land a workers. already roiling the oil plane on aircraft with one industry. it is about strong demand, engine. >> i did, it was f-15 hornet. gasoline demand in the united states hit the highest level ever in the month of april. that is amazing considering most of the country has been pretty cold and a lot of people have engines sometimes fail, you have been staying home. it is a demand-driven rally. a lot of moving parts and heat
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and temperature changes in the the economy is doing good. engines in this particular it is driving. we saw a drawdown in oil situation, i asked a airline inventories, a drawdown in pilot what could have happened. gasoline inventories and we heard a fan blade was missing distillates. right now the market is stronger from that jet engine when since opec declared financial ntsb investigators tooked at it war on american energy yesterday. if you imagine a fan rotating at producers. back to you. melissa: thank you, phil. tens of thousands of rotations per minute. and taking a metal piece and david: let's bring in today's market panel. jamming it in there, that would jonathan hoenig from capitalist cause the whole thing to come pig hedge fund and also a fox news contributor. apart, fuel dumping in it todd horowitz, host of bubba causing stoles. trading. you're close to the cme with all you know i have to say, that the commodity traders s this this is a very proud day for demand? the fact that the economy is urn naval aviation. canning right along the fact oil this pilot, was a former naval prices are so high? of a yet aviator. >> no, david, i don't think so. i think what you're seeing here there is more to this story. >> let's play some of the tape i would say there will be news we heard from ntsb they don't in the next couple days about oil. this is more after trade that have the entire tape, 22 minutes maybe opec is creating some fear from time that engine exploded or something else going on in the mid-east. to time they landed. a rally like this, $2.30 in one we have recovered a little bit of her conversation with the air
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traffic controller. day is more than supply demand model or economy model. >> part of the aircraft is this is something much deeper. missing, i need to slowdown a maybe saudi arabia trying to bit. >> do you have -- could you have deal more with the aramco deal. i think oil is being pushed up. medical meet us on the runway as you see by the formation oil is well, we have an injured expensive in april but it is $2 passenger. part of it is missing. cheaper in december. david: to maintain ta composure, that is telling you there is something going on. under those circumstances is more fear to the trade than not a real trade. david: jonathan, nevertheless extraordinary. >> i thing we're taught in there is a big move in the training to be navy pilots, you economy and that needs oil and always have to take things slow. gasoline in order to keep it going, right? >> david, we know we're near no fast hands in the cockpit is full employment. what they say, she could have it wasn't too long the stock made a mistake that would have market was at its high. killed everyone, she needed to personal and credit card debt shut down engine. you make mistake of shutting near its high. the market is humming. down your good engine, you just i think what you're alluding to, and the big question stock and turned that plane into a glider, bond investors are asking you have to stay calm. one thing that was so themselves does this mean there is inflation out there? do higher commodity prices -- challenging they had a hole n not just oil. the plane, they have to think gold is breaking out. we saw nickel jump by% today. about getting oxygen to aluminum is higher these days. themselves, putting on the masks, and reestablishing investors are asking is this communications, between the
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finally after many decade sign pilot and copilot, then get that of higher prices across the plane down really fast. board? inflation could be one indicator you hear people talking about of oil prices moving higher. how the plane was descending so just a decade ago, approximately quickly, my guess is that was to get plane below 10,000 feet. oil prices were north of 100. if this is inflation we have a lot ways to go higher for gas. david: my guess, had she not melissa: there you go. been a naiv navy aviator she wod president trump discussing our trade relationship with japan during a meeting with prime minister shinzo abe this not have maintains her afternoon. take a listen. composure. >> as the prime minister knows melissa: the amount of time, they have done very well with the united states. they say it was really fast, but we have a very big deficit. not in real-time. we'll weed that down. david: there was a fatality so hopefully get a balance at some not without tragic incidents, it point in the not-too-distant future but we have a massive could have been a lot worse, there is going to be a movie deficit with japan. melissa: todd, there were not a about this woman. melissa: no doubt, that is it lot of happy faces in the room for us. >> talk to the highest level. when he said that if you look at larry kudlow. if you look at shinzo abe let's leave is short of that. we have had talks at highest they're like oh. level, it is going well. what do you think? peawe'll see what happens. i heard that sound. >> we're less than an hour away that was verbatim. >> i think president trump is with from a joint press doing the right thing. i believe in what he is doing. conference with president trump
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i believe we need to cut these and japanese prime minister abe, trade deficits down. i believe we need a fairer as trump administration makes a playing field and i believe, ground breaking departure from we're not getting hurt by this i status quo. think this will help improve our pompeo met with kim jong-un over own economy and help, improve easter weekend, ahead of what everybody is trying to do. upcoming face-to-face summit it is only penalizing those that have been taking advantage of us between president trump and kim jong-un. democrats moving to block for some years. i think it's a grey thing. pompeo's nomination as secretary i'm happy to see him take charge of state. >> and two big corporate and flex some night muscle here. melissa: to be clear if we get stories. tesla under them to lower their tariffs on our stuff great. if everyone raises tariffs on each other, not great. >> that seems to be the indication -- how else could you really do it? that already happened, melissa and what the president is alluding to here in terms of whittling down the deficits is exactly that. more tariffs and intervenges. melissa: that is the threat. you don't know, that is his starting point that is the stick
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>> we've seen the aluminum prices jump 20%. there is precedent for that. i think there is some dishonesty if you will. the president talks about tariffs. the problem, the president excuse me, talks about deficits if it is the budget deficit. the budget deficit is the problem. we spend more than we take in. the trade deficit is really not a problem. we buy goods from china or japan with dollars. they reinvest those dollars, stocks, bonds real estate back in the united states. melissa: people will start yelling voodoo economics at you. we've got to go. we have earnings. jonathan is right, but we got to go. american express reporting first quarter results. we wan to go to nicole so she can give us the numbers. >> let's check it out. we have a beat, melissa. $1.86 a share for the quarter for american express. that beats the estimate of 1.71. the stock is up 2.2% in the after-hours. also acquiring 3 1/2 million new
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cards through their global business. the loan portion, that rose about 16% and they are giving an outlook of 2018 earnings per share numbers on the high-end of the 6.90 to 7.30 a share. they also see revenue on the rise for the year of 8%. a win across the board on dow component american express. that will likely help the dow tomorrow if it stays here in the green. back to you. melissa: i hear that joke every quarter but earnings are all. thank you. david: that is good knew. ceo of time warner on the witness stand as the company is fighting in court for approval to merge with at&t. edward lawrence live outside of the u.s. district court. what was the latest today, ed? >> david, i can tell you this is the fifth week of this trial. as you said the ceo for time warner is on the stand the merged company would include at&t and directv but time warner products like tbs, tnt, hbo.
4:10 pm
john bewkes says what he calls a tetonic shift in advertising. he says dollars, massive amounts of dollars are going away from traditional cable shows to direct digital providers like amazon, hulu and netflix. time warner ceo says they can use at&t subscriber information to target direct ads and increase their base. use retail stores and call centers to help time warner customers. the government is cross-examining the ceo. they're trying to show that the merged company would be so large they could set prices in the marketplace, they can control the flow of distribution much shows going forward. also create barriers for anyone trying to get in the business. now the ceo or, time warner ceo says it is actually the tech giants of google, amazon, apple, also now netflix, that will control the distribution in the future, not the cable companies.
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he made that example because he said when they tried to do hbo-go, they had to use the apple platform. the ceo says that the apple, not the cable companies gets full subscriber information and targeting ads to that subscriber, stealing the person and the ad dollar. coming up tomorrow is the at&t ceo on the stand. david. david: ed lar recognize. good -- lawrence. melissa. melissa: police released the 911 call that sparked the arrest of two african-american men in a starbucks last week. >> how may i help you? >> hi, i have two gentleman in my cafe refusing to make a purchase or leave. i'm at starbucks at east -- [inaudible] >> police will be there soon as possible. melissa: starbucks ceo kevin johnson responding in a "first on fox business" interview earlier. >> what happened in our store that resulted in the arrest of
4:12 pm
these two young men was reprehensible, shouldn't have happened. so my responsibility is to come here to philadelphia, been here for the last several days to make sure i understand how this could have ever happened and then take appropriate action to insure it never happens again. melissa: we are also learning that the employee who made that call to the police is no longer with the company. david: that is not a big surprise. new details from the investigation into the southwest plane that made an emergency landing in philadelphia after parts of the engine flew off in mid-flight killing a passenger. the pilot is now being herald as a herro. more on that with another female hero pilot coming up. >> conservative lawmakers sending a letter demanding attorney general jeff sessions look into allegations of criminal wrongdoing by hillary clinton, james comey and other members of the doj and fbi. arizona congressman andy biggs is among the 11 who signed on to this letter and he will join us. david: more on that secret
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face-to-face meeting in north korea with cia director mike pompeo and kim jong-un. lieutenant-general thomas mcinerney said this was a extremely important mission. he has details actually what went on and what it all means for our strategy going forward. that is coming next. ♪ is getting help from some unexpected friends. these zebra and antelope. they're wearing iot sensors, connected to the ibm cloud. when poachers enter the area, the animals run for it. which alerts rangers, who can track their motions and help stop them before any harm is done. it's a smart way to help increase the rhino population. and turn the poachers into the endangered species. ♪ ♪
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[fbi agent] you're a brave man, your testimony will save lives.
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melissa: america's top spy in north korea. president trump commenting on the monumental leader between kim jong-un and mike pompeo, sounding cautiously optimistic. >> he just left north korea. had a great meeting with kim jong-un. and got along with him really well, really great. and he is that kind of a guy.
4:17 pm
he is very smart but he gets along with people. so i think that mike will be in good shape. we'll see what happens. melissa: here to comment is retired lieutenant-general thomas mcinerney. a former air force assistant vice chief of staff. general, what do you think of this? what do you think went on? what do you know about the meeting? lay it on us. >> i think it was a incredible meeting, melissa, and extremely important. i think it wouldn't have happened unless kim jong-un isn't planning to try to make things happen. he may be delaying us. i could be very skeptical on that. so you always got to count on that. however, as long as kim jong-un knows we have all options open, that we can destroy north korea, we can minimize any damage to south korea. we have a lots of advantages if we had to use the war-time option, we don't want to but that is what's going to drive him to negotiate with president trump and future secretary of
4:18 pm
state pompeo. melissa: i've heard critics earlier today saying that they just feel like president trump isn't going to be properly prepared for this meeting, and that you know, we're going to get hosed. what do you think about that? >> those are the same guys that thought hillary clinton would be president. melissa: pretty much. yeah. >> they don't get it. see what he has done in such a short time to be able to do this is very impressive, melissa. melissa: mike pompeo, given his background, coming from the cia, moving to our secretary of state you would think, is this, was this right guy to send in based on what you know about his style. how do you think he approached it? >> well, he was the exact right person to do it. former military, first in his class at west point. he is in charge of cia. he is going over to state. he has a picture of power and well understanding the threat extremely well. the president lined up pompeo as
4:19 pm
sec state. he has john bolton as national security advisor and has got secretary mattis as sec-def. he has maybe the best-ever national security team we've had but certainly ranks up there with the top, one, two or three we have had in the last 50 years. he has got the right people. the president knows how to negotiate. he isn't going to play around. he isn't a community organizer and talk. he will make things happen. if he sees it isn't going to work he may have to exercise the option he doesn't want to. by the way, china doesn't want it either. because china loses big time. so it may be the perfect storm is developing, i don't know. i'm skeptical but i do believe we have the right team. melissa: he knows we're serious. also between just mike pompeo went over and did this or was sent over there. it will now be hard to speak against him as secretary of state after he has gone and had this historic meeting. it will be hard for democrats to
4:20 pm
say things against him. general, thanks for joining us. i wish we had more time. >> thank you, melissa. >> puerto rico has been hit with a island-wide blackout. this is nearly 7 months since hurricane maria destroyed the electrical grid entirely. officials are investigating the cause. they warn it could last 36 hours. different scene where baseball game was held between the indians and twins. the san juan mayor says the game will go on as scheduled tonight, using emergency systems. >> a friend got back visiting in puerto rico. it is better than we're led to be than it looks. there are glitches. without question, without question. a beloved impact on our nation, remembering life and legacy of former first lady barbara bush. that is coming up. >> there is a lot of condolences pouring in.
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laura and i and our entire family are grateful for people's prayers around sympathies. it is the end of a beautiful life. ♪
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♪ >> as important as your obligations as a doctor, a lawyer, a business leader will be, you are a human being first and those human connections with spouses, with children, with friends are the most important investment you will ever make. [applause] at the end of your life you will
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never regret not having passes one more test, winning one more verdict or not closing one more deal. you will regret time not spent with a husband, a child, a friend, or a parent. david: clearly no regrets, honoring a life well lived, barbara bush died at her home yesterday in houston texas, at age 92. george w. bush and laura bush remembering. >> she was wonderful to you until you got out of line. then she wasn't too warm and wonderful. >> she was fierce and said her mind. a great role model for me for sure. i learned how to be a first lady. david: joining me kristin negative vince, former aide and chief of staff to first lady barbara bush. our condolences to you and everybody no the only in the immediate family and her friends
4:26 pm
and circle of of acquaintances. even though who didn't know her, i had a grandmother who was tough as nails and had a fun side, humorous side i hear so much from folks i speak to. gee, i had a grandmother and aunt just like her. >> absolutely. she was one-of-a-kind. and -- david: go ahead. >> she was certainly one after kind. she was. what you saw on the outside was exactly what she was on the inside. she didn't put airs on, she didn't mince words. she came from a generation that saw a lot of change in this country and she was always up front and honest with her thoughts. sometimes when you didn't necessarily welcome them. but she certainly always expressed those thoughts with
4:27 pm
love full support, want to be honest with you, so you can make the best decisions for yourself. david: sounds like you're speaking from experience. can you think of an example, maybe she told you something you didn't want to hear? >> more than once, actually. there were plenty of times when i was weighing professional decisions after i actually left her employment the first things she would always is me, i was married at time, when will you start a family? the most important thing you can do is raise a family. needless to say the first time i was expecting she was one of the first phone calls i made. i knew how excited she would be for my husband and i. david: i assume she was, right? >> absolutely. david: she really focused on that as heart of anybody's life, whether a man or woman, the family is at heart. she had this wonderful wry sense of humor.
4:28 pm
former president gw bush spoke of that today. let's play the tape. >> we had a wonderful visit. she was strong, lucid. >> funny. >> funny stylestill. she and i were needling each other. the doctor came in and she turned to him, and you want to know why gw is the way he is. the doctor looked surprised and she said, because i drank and smoke up until i had him. david: right to the end. did she use that relationship to you? >> plenty of times. she would love to get your goat as i would like to say. sometimes it was in public settings. i can remember one such occasion she was giving a speech in branson, missouri. there was while her son was in office, there was a scandal going at the white house i was worried she would get a question about during the q and a. so i took the audience questions and went through them to make sure there wasn't anything that, you know, was going to be too
4:29 pm
controversial. at the end of the q&a turned to the audience, come on, i know you want to ask me about this latest topic taking place at the white house? i know that kristin's backstage and probably removed any question on this topic. so why don't you go ahead and ask it. david: there was frankness about her. she spoke, by the way, she said, she wasn't always crazy about campaigning but she would do what she needed to do for her husband and her sons, whether it was gw. for a while jeb was running. she said she would do anything to help a bush get elected except i won't dye my hair, i won't change my wardrobe and i won't lose weight. she really didn't care a lot about how she looked but she wanted to help her sons. >> absolutely. there was one such occasion where she was actually speaking to a conference of plastic surgeons. she was fearful they were going to rush to the stage and try to get their hands on her. she would tell anybody who would
4:30 pm
listen make sure nobody came on the stage and did that. david: kristen, thank thank you. very much for coming in. we wish you the very best and pass on our condolences to the bush family. although it's a celebration more than a condolence. thanks for being here. >> appreciate it. melissa: we remember barbara bush, dead at the age of 92. we're going to have more after this.
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melissa: meetings of the minds. we're awaiting president trump's joint presser with japanese prime minister abe in mar-a-lago tonight following a lunch they had earlier. connell mcshane is live in west palm beach with the latest. reporter: well set-up, melissa. the ballroom set up for the joint news conference at 6:00 p.m. a chance for leaders to meet the press. on day two of the get together. there were repeat subjects as the president said. he and the prime minister talked about north korea for example. as we expect much of the conversation according to president trump who spoke at the working lunch was getting underway this afternoon did turn to trade issues. the president made a point of saying the united states continues to run a trade deficit with japan. he says that needs to come down and added this. >> reciprocal is the word we have to start using with a lot of nations but, so when we say free, that's good, fair, that's
4:35 pm
good, but i like to say free, fair, and reciprocal. and the word reciprocal is that when you have a car come in, we charge awe tax. when we have a car go to japan, which are not allowed to go there, we have to take down the barriers and we have to pay the same tax. reporter: after those comments the only question the president took from reporters this afternoon had to do whether or not he was concerned about the nomination process for mike pompeo, the cia director he would like to see become the next secretary of state. asked specifically about the opposition of senator rand paul, he was not concerned. mr. pompeo is extraordinary. that rand paul is a special guy who never let him down. paul did speak with reporters himself about that. he had a conversation on the phone with the president and ad greed to meet with pompeo. he didn't say whether or not he changed his mind about the nomination. we'll have more topics to address this evening.
4:36 pm
you see the lecturns. the news conference begins 6:00 p.m. eastern time. melissa: will be a lot tougher to shoot down pompeo that after he is book from north korea. i think that is part of plan i dare say, connell. david: smart. we have breaking news on a criminal referral. 11 republican lawmakers writing a letter of referral to the department of justice and the fbi demanding a investigation into hillary clinton, and former fbi director james comey, mostly for keeping donald trump out of the white house and keeping hillary clinton out of jail. here is now congressman andy biggs house freedom caucus member, one of the lawmakers who signed that letter. congressman, why the referral? why not just wait for the independent investigators, the igs, to come out with their reports? well, because, attorney general sessions has an obligation, fbi director christopher wray has an obligation to make sure the law centered. the ig report, it will come out it will sub assistant much of what we said but will have more
4:37 pm
to it. you have to get the criminal investigations done. the inspector general can in the refer criminal investigations. david: i see. so the criminal part you're interested in. most of the referral concerns jim comey. is it your contention that jim comey used the fbi to try to keep donald trump out of the white house? >> well, yes of course i think that's exactly the case. but, what we're really focusing on is more than that. this goes back some time. he, for instance, in the hillary clinton investigation, he basically came to the conclusion, wrote his draft letter, sent it out to his staff. when you still had 17 witnesses to interview. that is not the way you conduct business at the highest levels of this country. david: as you know, congressman, forgive me, a lot of democrats are still upset with comey claiming that he kept her out of the white house by announcing the problems that he had with what she did with her emails? >> they have that objection but,
4:38 pm
we also have the dossier that the hillary clinton campaign paid for, they didn't disclose with the fec. fbi was involved with that. there is the misuse of the fisa court itself. we have a whole litany of things going on. they are upset because he basically exonerated her which is what he did, he exonerated her. there was no basis to exonerate her. the investigation continued and pulled the plug and diverted attention away from hillary clinton. david: you mentioned peter struck in the referral. also lisa page, his friend at the fbi. andy mccabe, who left office or was forced to leave office. is there any evidence that they all colluded together with jim comey on things like the trump dossier? do you have any emails leading to that conclusion? >> we don't know about the trump dossier because we're still trying to get all the records from the department of justice. they haven't given them to us all you know. we want all the emails so we can
4:39 pm
go through and see. we need it see the criminal referrals. page and strzok they were trying to get at donald trump trying to keep him out of office. they really wanted hillary clinton there. it is mind blowing to me that we saul general flynn, for instance, charged for same crimes virtually everyone ever these people engaged in, including andy mccabe who was recently terminated. david: congressman, you mentioned loretta lynch in your referral and uranium one. we have never, i have never heard that kind of wrapped up into the questions about the trump dossier. there is a real potpourri, this referral. >> we're trying to, one of the things that we mentioned in there is that we think there was inadequate investigation of a number about things under james comey's watch. that is one of them. one of the allegations made that there was an informant that had all the information that loretta lynch threatened we'll not let you go.
4:40 pm
she didn't tell the truth about that. directly in contravention what the inform ant said. this needs to come out and investigated by proper anothers. david: let us know how this ends. andy biggs. >> thank you. melissa: record rainfall in hawaii causing flash floods and landslides. rescue crews airlifting hundreds of people it safety with more now, and evacuation shelters. we are going to keep an eye on this. david: trouble in paradise. melissa: paradise. david: the book tour battle continues. jim comey slamming president trump as he makes the media rounds but do they have a lot more in common than they think? bill mcgurn from "the wall street journal" with his take on that. ♪
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
david: breaking news. the ntsb is holding a briefing on yesterday's fatal flight in philadelphia. let's listen. >> a run-down of the flight data recorder information. just as reported, as we reported last evening as the aircraft was climbing to about 32,500 feet, the engine parameters, both rpm indicators on the left engine went down to zero. oil pressure went to zero and the engine vibration which is measured, there is an indication in the cockpit for engine vibration, it increased significantly on the left engine shortly thereafter the cabin altitude warning horn activated. from our experience of flying the 737 i can tell you that warning activates around 13,500,
4:43 pm
14,000 feet, somewhere in there. so shortly after the engine indications went down, and the vibration increased that is when the cabin altitude warning horn started making noise. indicating that the cabin altitude was going through, through about 14,000 feet. the aircraft began a rapid, uncommanded left roll of about 41 degrees of bank angle. so usually when you're flying on an airliner you rarely get over about 20, 25 degrees of bank. this went over to 41 degrees. the pilots leveled the wings and throughout the rest of the flight there is what i'm going to describe as a fair amount of vibration throughout the air frame, the airplane. as i mentioned last evening the
4:44 pm
flight crew elected to land with flaps five as opposed to the normal setting of flaps 30 or flaps 40. they did that because they were concerned of aircraft controllability issues. and because their landing with lesser flaps, that will mean a higher approach speed. the speed it touched down was around, was right at about 165 knots and that converts to 190 miles per hour. now to put that in perspective, i'm going back to my days of flying 737s, at the speed it touched down varies according to the weight of the aircraft but to put it in perspective i'm going to say a typical approach speed for a 737 might be around 135 knots. this aircraft was landing at 165
4:45 pm
knots. the higher speed is because they landed with a lesser flap setting than typical. the time from the initial event to touchdown, 22 minutes. we have very talented meteorologists in washington working for the ntsb as well as air traffic control specialists and they noticed on the air traffic control on the atc radar indications that they could see debris, reflections of debris being painted on the radar indicating that there was debris falling through the atmosphere. and so they plugged in the winds and estimated where they thought this debris would land and sure enough the debris landed in about the area that they
4:46 pm
anticipated it would be as we are finding. yesterday we reported that an engine cowling had been located about 65 miles northwest of philadelphia. and in fact we are finding, residents are finding additional pieces of engine cowlings. people have asked me this morning, what is the engine cowling? it is just the exterior part of the engine that keeps all the wires and pipes from being exposed and so it's, that is what that is, it is the outside of the engine. and that is the part that would be painted in aircraft colors, the southwest colors. we are finding additional pieces like that. we're finding it because people are reporting it to us through our witness line, our witness email. which i will give you in just a minute. and they're also notifying locl law enforcement officials that
4:47 pm
they found components. keith holloway, our public affairs officer, will sweet, said he would tweet it as soon as i started speaking, he will tweet a picture of one of these components that was located yesterday. p our operations group, they have requested all faa records related to this flight crew as well as company training records. and that's standard for any investigation like this. the pilot interviews are being conducted as we speak. and if requested i would be glad to talk about how we go about with the pilot interviews. the cockpit voice recorder group, it will convene in washington in the next few days. so typically what we do is we take representatives, we take an
4:48 pm
ntsb investigator who is specialist in cockpit voice recorder readouts. we have a representative from the faa, somebody from the aircraft manufacturer, somebody from the airline, somebody from the pilots union, and they all listen to the cockpit voice recorder. and as they do it, they listen and say what were they saying? and it is done the old-fashioned way. they listen and type out what they hear. and somebody says, i didn't hear what he said. so they back the tape up, the old-fashioned way and play it again. everybody agrees on it. they create a transcript. that transcript will be the official record of the cockpit voice recorder. so that become as public document. the, and it's a time-consuming process. because of some factors, one of
4:49 pm
which is the sound of pilots using oxygen masks during the descent. the audio is not as good as when they're using just their normal boom mics. so it will take some work, several days to recreate this, this transcript, or create this transcript. our structures group is documenting all damage to the aircraft structure. the leading edge of the left-wing suffered damage. it is banged up pretty good. we can see paint transfer. we can see some blue paint transfer. we can see a little bit of red paint transfer and sure enough on the cowling there is a red line that says, hoist here, for maintenance to hoist the engine, so we can even see some red transfer of paint.
4:50 pm
so we know that is some of that cowling coming off striking that leading edge of that wing. we've also been documenting the window frame area, to understand the window frame that was blown out. the fatally injured passenger was seated in row 14. so our experts have been documenting the window frame area to understand how the window came out. we have found no window materials, that the acrylic the window panes are made of, we found no acrylic inside the airplane. we've also removed the side wall area in this row 14. we removed the side wall, the plastic-like side wall there to look behind there, to see if we
4:51 pm
can understand what, what the denting to the fuselage looked like. we have a good look at the fuselage denting. we know what it looked like from outside of the airplane. this allows us to get the perspective from inside to see how it was dented. the flight attendant interviews, they are being conducted today, as we speak. bill and his team are prepping the engine components, the fan blade components, that we can send back to our materials lab in washington, d.c. for very detailed metallurgical examination. we'll have a maintenance group that will convene in dallas at southwest headquarters. they will begin to examine the inspection records for this engine and specifically for this fan section, these fan blades. we understand the inspection history and what type of inspections were conducted.
4:52 pm
we are receiving good information, passengers as you know, there were 144 passengers on board this airplane and we are receiving videos and still photos from those passengers. and, we would like to encourage that if anybody would like to share their videos, or their pictures, of the inside of the airplane, so we can better understand what was going on during this rapid depressurization, emergency descent and landing, we would love to get that and that may be submitted through our email address which is witness @ntsb witness we appreciate the customers of southwest airlines for sending that material. tomorrow bill and his team
4:53 pm
finalizing on scene portion of the investigation. this will be our last on scene press briefing. this investigation is really in its e the investiww.ntsb.govern.
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