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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 18, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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comey, but when i do i think about tonight's quote from theodore roosevelt. no man who is corrupt, no man who condones corruption in others can possibly do his duty to the community. congresswoman claudia 10ing. and chris farrell from judicial watch. kennedy: there are major new developments in the investigation into the investigation into russian election meddling. 11 republican house members pushing jeff sessions to launch investigations into former fbi director james comey, attorney general loretta lynch and hillary clinton. the gop lawmakers are accusing the group of lies, cover-ups and
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corruption in order to sink trump's president candidacy. >> it talks about comey and particularly in the case of the former fbi direct year the says 17 witnesses have not been interviewed yet, and hillary clinton had not been under viewed when the decision that no charges would be filed. >> remember he testified to the congress that he did not make any decision regarding secretary clinton until after she was interviewed. he was asked that specifically by one of my colleagues. yet the evidence that came out since then demonstrates they made this determination months before not only under viewing
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secretary clinton, but also interviewing a number of key witnesses. a lack of candor with the congress is something that needs to be investigated. >> several of the house members called for a special counsel to look into the former secretary of state hillary clinton. in clinton's case it talks about the ultimate decision behind the steele dossier was hers. and because she failed to disclose on federal election forms payment was made, it should be investigated. democrats are saying the members who signed this letter are trying to undermine the mule i are investigation. kennedy: let's go to one of the republicans asking for that investigation, new york congresswoman claudia tenney. what are you trying to get from this letter from the attorney
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gin and the fbi director, and not rod rosenstein. >> we are talking about fair enforcement and not selective enforcement with it appears has been happening. you cited at the top of the show. talking about the fact, you know, comey said that he was -- when he was deciding on whether to prosecute hillary clinton, the statements he came out famously and backed down from it. it turns out none of the sequence and timeline makes sense. now where with the information we found, he made the decision to not pursue and prosecute hillary clinton before he interviewed the 17 witnesses and hillary clinton herself. that was an earlier under view. she didn't get under viewed until july. then it was in september when he told my colleague that he didn't just make that decision until after she was interviewed which
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we found out is false. we need to look into this timeline. >> he called into question his competence on not making an early decision on charges for secretary clinton. he did contradict himself. he has problems with the political aspects of some of his statements and those of his former colleagues. but is the goal to right the ship at the fbi and doj from this point forward or to prosecution and pun usual those who have committed what you and your colleagues see as criminal acts? >> i don't think you can say it's too late to prosecute. when someone has committed a wrongful act. and the statute of limitations hasn't expired, it's time to prosecute these people. it's not a political act. we need the fbi to become a
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legitimate organization as it once was. we need the fbi to be reliable and trustworthy. that we are going to treat all americans equally. i'm sure this is just going to be the beginning, the tip of the iceberg of many more things our fbi may have been up to under this terrible presence of james comey which we are founding out now. here is a guy who probably should haver in released a single thing. he's trying to cash in on important confidential issues and things that happened in our government. i think that's wrong. we shouldn't be exposing this. kennedy: there is the belief hillary clinton and jim comey share which is once you are done, it's time to have fun. once you are out of office and no longer in power it's okay to cash in on everything and try and build yourself up while squashing rumors. but it seems as though he's
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created problems for himself and for the department. because of him and some of the statement he made that contradicted each other, we could see long-term changes at the fbi in particular. what i want to know is with rod rosenstein. you did not address this letter to the deputy attorney general who was of course overseeing the investigation as jeff sessions has recused himself. you asked for rod rosenstein's rye cuesal. how would this work. >> i previously joined in a letter with congressman lee zeldin and four others to ask for a second special counsel. but let me get back to comey, going back and should we let the water over the bridge. i don't think we should let these people just get out of dodge. just because somebody committed something and now they are not in political office. they shouldn't be out gaining
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from it. kennedy: i don't have a problem with people's capitalistic pursuits. >> that's not the point. they are making money off the confidences of this country. kennedy: they potentially committed crimes. so would you be satisfied seeing james comey and andrew mccabe and hillary clinton in jail? >> they should be prosecuted. a jury of their peers should make those determinations. obviously rod rosenstein needs to be looked at with what he has done and what he covered up and what's been going not past. this put into question one of the most of revered institutions in our government. we need to be able to be rely on this as american citizens. our government needs to be trustworthy again and we need to make sure we are not selectively deciding based on politics who we are going to prosecute, who we are going to go after, and
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when the next administration comes in if they are another party we'll only look there. kennedy: i agree. perhaps the fbi has too' power. power -- has too much power. last night the former fbi director paid a visit to fellow trump hater stephen colbert. >> i know when you were fired one said you flew back on a plane to the east coast drinking pinot noir out of a paper cup. i thought we could recreate that happy moment for you now. to the truth. >> yes, to the truth. kennedy: they had a grand old time taking pot shots at the president. but this morning on the view, my friend meghan mccain put comey
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on the spot for lying. >> good people lie. i lay out in the book i think i'm a good person where i lied. i there should be severe consequences for lying. kennedy: when the president lies he's immoral, but when comey's bud -- buddy andy lies, he's a good person. kmele foster and co-host of "the five" on the fox news channel, juan williams. let's talk about this. do you think james comey and some of the statements he made in the book and on his media tour have been problematic going forward? >> absolutely.
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i think he made a farce of the position he held. this is something where you can separate yourself from being a republican and democrat and look at this from an ethical point of view. democrats and republicans can agree the timing of this book is not appropriate. i think by going on this media tour to promote the book it's become entertainment. and i think we are better than that. i hate seeing a media blitz tour for a former fbi -- head of the fbi. one of the things that america is famous for is our democracy. we take great pride in that. it's making a mockery of the process. kennedy: you bring up something interesting. one of comey's big complaints about the president is he's ego
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driven. but for hum to complain about being ego driven is a big distraction because he's a narcissist and that's what we are focusing on when we should be looking at the structural failures at the fbi. >> i think it's totally fair for him to write a book and profit from selling the book. the thing that bothered me most of is the religious sanctity that we are approaching the fbi with. it's not for me to cast shame or aspersions on people who work at that organization. but there should always be a level of scrutiny and healthy" scepticism of all the various corridors of power in washington, d.c. the fbi is no exception. the ideals of duty and honor existed in the 190 -- in the
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1960s when they were spying on martin luther king. kennedy: there has been so many power concentrated within that organization. those are the things we should be talking about. republicans and these republican congressmen and woman, they are asking for an investigation into these actors. when james comey said i thought hillary was going to win. he thinks any statement he makes publicly won't have a negative impact on the election for her. but it's distressing for democrats to see that decision might have been the fatal one that dealt the death blow to her campaign. juan: that's why you see democrats of all stripes blame him. i strongly disagree with you
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about the fbi. i know fbi agents. i go to church with fbi agents. most of of them to me are republican white guys. james comey was a republican but now he says they are ego driven and politically motivated in their attacks. i think they are dealing with an unorthodoxed president. kennedy: i don't think fbi agents. i said the surveillance powers have grown so much when we should be scaling those back. juan: the american congress approved that. that's the congress. that's not the fbi. if you want to say we as the american people made some mistakes in terms of granting powers, fine. but i don't think you can say the fbi is bad because of those powers. >> they are using the section
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702 re-up as a way of accessing information on americans. juan: that power was given to them by the congress. >> it's always worth underscoring the tension between the independence the fbi has and the necessity of serious and strenuous oversight. in some cases we have seen fundamental deficiencies exposed in this investigation. kennedy: i can use certain information to apply for a warrants. i can with hold certain information to apply for a warrant. that is immoral. those sins of emission amounts to lying. >> both sides won't be satisfied until they get the outcomes they are looking for. so i think you will see a continuation of the right and the left pushing to have special committees and special
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protections. >> but you are saying the fisa court application, you are saying because of what you take to be omission of information specifically, who paid for the steele dossier, you saying that constitutes a lie. there is oversight. the fisa court was reauthorized recently. kennedy: yes, i know. there is not. >> they had the opportunity to look. kennedy: what is the content of those applications? what is process that is used to approve those applications and what do those judge does once they approved the application. the answer is essentially nothing. >> that's because of us the american people and the congress. if you have a problem with that your argument is with congress. kennedy: there parameters that
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don't necessarily have to be abused. people like james comey abused those parameters. democrats and republicans both know it. that's why he's so unpopular. we are all friends here even when we disagree. huge news on the nuclear standoff. kim jong-un is warning north korea -- the president is warning north korea, don't play games ahead of the meeting. will he even listen. former cia analyst tara mueller joins me next.
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kennedy: president trump warned north korea what would happen if they try any funny business with kim jong-un. >> if the meeting when i'm there is not fruitful, i am i am i wl respectfully leave the meeting. kennedy: pompeo met with the north korean dictator earlier
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this month. could it lead to a denuclearized north korea? let me ask tara muller. why was the meeting a secret? >> i think it was a secret because pompeo was trying to lay the ground work. if something went wrong they want want the -- they wouldn't want the public to know that. this got out but significantly after the meeting. it got out because there wasn't anything negative that happened that would undermine this negotiation process. kennedy: what should the goal of this meeting be? >> i think the policy going into this meeting is twofold. it's historic that we are getting parties to the table. that's a positive development in a situation that's been
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escalating the past year. having said that, just getting to the table in and of itself cannot be our policy. we need clear outcomes. we want the north koreans and denuclearization of the peninsula. but that could mean a number of different things to a number of different people. the trump administration hasn't been clear and if they are look for complete denuclearization. does that mean dismantling everything? does that mean all equipment? and also how are we going to verify this? kennedy: i think that's the most of important question. north korea has come to the table many times in the past and they promised to stop or abolish their nuclear program. but they don't let inspectors in and they continue the process. what is the different this time with this administration versus the bush, obama or clinton
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administrations? >> the difference here i say is this is an extremely high-level talks. getting parties to the table at this level might be necessary but not sufficient to getting a positive outcome. we have volatile personality types that might make it more unpredictable. these are talks that require a lot of preparation and ground work and expertise that ought to be brought to the fraibl the intelligence community and the state department. i'm tall for the talks. i think it's a good move to be open to high-level officials meeting. i have been saying in addition to increasing sanctions you want to get parties to the table. you can't get positive outcomes without parties come together table. kennedy: the president is good at reading people. getting people to the table in the manner he has been doing it
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has been beneficial for him and perhaps for world peace. he sizes up kim jong-un and plays into his ego, i think he liked being part of the international community at the olympics. i think he liked the way that felt. i think he liked the legitimacy. if the president plays to that and leaves some of the other details up to the security and diplomatic teams. doesn't that put the country in a better position? >> i agree the details are going to made to take place outside the walls of this particular meeting. they won't be sitting there with pencil and paper negotiating. but if trump agrees to something off the cuff or announces something he then detracts can create instability with north korea and our allies. kennedy: that show of unity
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today with shinzo abe was important. where should the meeting take place? >> i think it needs to take place in a neutral third-party location. i think it will be stockholm or singapore. somewhere not within the confines -- it would not probably be in japan or south korea. and i don't think it will be anywhere over here. i think it will be in a third party location. kennedy: thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up. i hope james comey and hillary clinton enjoyed their book tours because republicans are calling for an investigation into the double standard displayed during the email probe. ben shapiro the one and only joins me with reaction in moments.
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kennedy: a group of gop lawmakers have written a letter demanding parity it's obvious the hillary clinton server investigation on the delicacy scale hummed around a 2. the russian collusion investigation markedly much more zealous with investigators
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humming at peak speed of aggressiveness. the left over hillary's loss and the right over the hot pursuit of the president. no matter how you butter the muffin. comey thinks he can save the day. he swear there was no cord nation between departments ant hill are you saga. but the love struck text messages show collusion between the chief and trying to get trump beat as morally superior love birds peter strzok and lisa page try to snuff the hillary mess and save their jobs. part of comey's record is sworn congressional testimony that shows the contradictions so rich they could buy his own island.
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and his post-election tattling on loretta lynch. that has the left fuming and foaming. now jim the wet sandwich is about as popular as crabs at a porn convention. it appears comey, lynch and mccabe and others opened the blindfold just enough to people the right outcome. now we'll have to see if partisan paralysis damaged these institutions or if whoever is in power gets to make their own rules and whoever is out gets off scot-free. that's the memo. the congressmen wrote in their letter we are findful of the dissimilar degrees of zealousness. we believe those in position of high authority should be treated the same as every other
8:32 pm
american. we want to make sure the potential violations of law outlined below are vetted properly. is there a double standard? expwhrieng now, the editor-in-chief of the daily wire, ben shapiro. what do you make of this letter? >> i agree there is a double standard applied between the fbi and the dodge between the obama and trump days. it's obvious the fbi and doj were operating assed as of -- a adjuncts to the obama agenda. it's hard to argue there wasn't corruption happening at the doj to cover up whatever crimes might have been committed by the obama administration. and i don't think the congressmen are wrong that comey
8:33 pm
predetermined the outcome of the hillary clinton investigation. most of obvious example of allowing cheryl mills to claim attorney-client privilege and allowing her in the room with hillary clinton when she was involved in the cleansing of the server. kennedy: does attorney-clients privilege exist when you just know someone who is an attorney, but they wear a different hat in their professional life with you? and part of the justification for the michael cohen hotel, home and office raid is he doesn't have that's clients so attorney-client privilege doesn't exist. cheryl mills was acting as hillary clinton's campaigning manager so why did they allow attorney-client privilege there?
8:34 pm
>> the national review raise it a year ago. was the fbi and doj corrupt then or now or both. you have jeff sessions who i think is an shownest attorney general and if you have a new fbi director who is attempting to right thing, does it look corrupt because of what happened before? if we thought the fbi and the doj were corrupt do they want it to be tools of the trump administration the same way they were tools of the obama administration? >> kennedy: you can't have it both ways. it's leading to the kind of chaos and turmoil that any time a decision is made, it's automatically shot down by one side as being wholly political. how do we get back to the point we don't have to revere these
8:35 pm
institutions and idealize them? but when can we trust them again. >> they should be looking at people like eric hoarltd and loretta lynch. those -- eric holder and loretta lynch. kennedy: do you think comey this trouble? >> there are serious questions about james comey. the fact he was leaking material while denying he was leaking material. that has been overlooked by the media. kennedy: he said andrew mccabe did the same thing and was called on it and fired for it. e did what he's condemning. i don't know if it's going to happen. i love justice. ben shapiro, thanks for joining me. kennedy: president trump has weighed in on the stormy daniels
8:36 pm
fiasco. he says it's a bunch of hot baloney. the former porn star released this sketch of the man she says warned her about the president. trump has only publicly addressed the stormy scandal months before saying just word no if he was asked if he knew about the alleged payment to cover up the tryst. who is the bigger story, stormy or comey? >> well, actually maybe both. but i think there is a serious man going around threatening people looks like a rendition of
8:37 pm
a lawyer she has. this is a bizarre sketch. this is like a generic man. like a ken doll. kennedy: i know the president is friends with tom brady, and i know that's a picture of tom brady. tom brady is clearly going around threatening. >> does i'm or stormy pose more of a threat to donald trump? comey took his shot. we don't know what else she has in store. i will tell you, let's look back what the president set. he denied know baimghts. he's successing there wasn't any person. he has not denied having a relationship with miss stormy daniels. kennedy: i don't think on its face most of people care about
8:38 pm
that part of it. people may think it's gross. but a lot of people are over the icky factor. thanks to ken starr, i don't think we hold our politicians to the same moral standards we did during the eisenhower era. >> the evangelicals say they care about moral issues, but it's not apparent they care when it comes to donald trump. i don't want to beat up somebody who says they were intimidated, given we know michael cohen, the president's personal lawyer. someone who silences people and has been known to intimidate people. kennedy: going to strip clubs taking off her clothes. comey has taken off the tie. what's next? who is the bigger media tour,
8:39 pm
stormy or comey? >> comey is selling a book. they both think they are right and they are trying to stop this man president trump from countering our norms. not being the kind of president they are accustomed to. >> i remember the clinton administration having similar allegations. kennedy: hillary clinton and christopher hitchens was no fan of the former secretary of state. i want to thank you all for your awesomeness because it's blinding. i'm taking them all home it's taco night. the freedom caucus has a list of demands. i'll ask jim jordan about those demands. he joins me in moments.
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kennedy: california congressman kevin mccarthy is the frontrunner to be speaker of the house. but first he'll have to convince the freedom caucus. and they made a list of demands for their support.
8:44 pm
what does mccarthy have to do to get the gig? let me ask jim jordan. what would you like to see from the next house speaker? >> the only demands i'm concerned about are the ones the american people put on us on election day. they make this job too complicated. what we tell the american people we are going to do, let's do that. if we do that, we'll be talking about the race for speaker. paul ryan is the speaker. when there is a race for speaker, i'm interested in running for that. kennedy: that's good news for members of the freedom caucus and members of your party and house of representatives who happen to be limited government republicans. they are a breed of few and far
8:45 pm
between unicorns. >> we can't have bills like we had four weeks ago. a bill that we had one hour to debate that spent $1.3 trillion. a bill we only saw 15 hours before we were asked to vote on it, 2,232 pages. that's not consistent with what people elected us to do as republicans. the president was right when he first talked about wanting to veto that bill. kennedy: a lot of members in the freedom caucus rode in on a tea party wave. and it feels like many republicans have abandons those principles. your midwestern colleague justice amash has talked about more amendments and debate time. >time. >> of course.
8:46 pm
the key is of course we need an open process. right now it's a handful of people in the top in the house and senate then to give you 15 hours to right and one hour to debate it and then say you have to vote for it? really? that is not fair. that has to change. kennedy: that's ridiculous and everyone knows it. and it does a great disservice to the process and your constituents. >> the freedom caucus took three minutes in the rules commit -- three amendments. they wouldn't make our amendments in order because they would have passed. they would have passed. they said if your amendments pass somehow the senate won't deal with it. we can't let that happen. no amendments were made in order even though they were consistent with what we told the american people we were going to do.
8:47 pm
kennedy: shouldn't paul ryan leafe now? >> no. paul is the speaker he indicated he wants to stay, that's fine. i'm not calling for that. kennedy: it's a big distraction. there is a lot going on in washington and the world. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear.
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kennedy: thank you so much for watching the greatest hour of your day. you can follow me on twitter and instagram. and you can email me,>> it's hate mail, viewer mail tomorrow night. the show is already legendary. ander it's 23 hours away. >> wow! >> this will forever change how this story will be viewed. >> but to his family, he's a total mystery. >> a real shadowy figure. >> very shadowy. >> now his heir is on a mission to honor him. >> are you obsessed with this? >> absolutely. >> as we go undercover with the mob. >> you know, i didn't do it. [ cell doors slam ] ♪


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