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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 18, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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about tonight's quote from theodore roosevelt. no man who is corrupt, no man who condones corruption in others can possiblnow here's lo. lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories tonight, evidence against obama and clinton cronies kronts to mount. but attorney general jeff sessions and deputy general rod rosenstein are aligned with the deep state and stubbornly stone wall's cogs' demands for answers for the corrupt department of justice. nearly a dozen lawmakers today filed criminal referrals against the clinton-obama. lawmakers want the justice department and the fbi to open up criminal investigations of james comey, andrew mccabe,
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former attorney general loretta lynch and former secretary of state hillary clinton. among the issues, the obama officials' handling of the clinton e-mail investigation, their role in pushing the fraudulent anti-trump dossier and the uranium 1 pay for play scandal. congressman matt gates joins us here tonight. also, james comey resorting to playing the victim as he tries to cash in with his, well, his self involved book tour. comey lamenting today it's painful, painful to relive his time at the fbi and that he's quote, physically drained by all of the work that goes into promoting his book. comments like these may be part of the reason president trump calls comey the worst fbi director in history. we'll have reaction from fox news legal analyst greg jarrett, the best political analyst in
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the coun country, ed rollins. and president trump just moments ago wrapping up his news conference with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. the two leaders discussing the potential summit between president trump and kim jong-un and revelations that the cia director, mike pompeo, traveled to north korea to meet secretly with kim and to establish a framework for the president and kim to hold a summit. perhaps as soon as june. all of this here tonight our top story, new calls for a criminal investigation into several top obama justice department and fbi officials. a group of republican congressmen, including -- accusing hillary clinton, james comey and others of criminal acts from the handling of the clinton e-mail scandal to the funding of the fraudulent anti-trump dossier. fox news chief intelligent correspondent katherin catherine
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in washington with the report. >> 11 key republicans want a criminal investigation into the key players, on james comey, lawmakers focus on this july 2016 press event, comey's recommendation against criminal charges in the e-mail case and his testimony about the decision. they allege possible violations of federal students on lying and perjury. on abc this morning, comey said he had not read the letter and he was not concerned about legal exposure. >> i don't -- i haven't read it. i don't know what to make of it. seems they've been saying that stuff since the clinton e-mail investigation. a lot of that has been looked at by the inspector general apt the department of justice which is a very good thing. i don't have any other reaction. >> the allegations against hillary clinton go to the dnc clinton campaign funded dossier and whether it violated federal election law. the allegations against former attorney general loretta lynch focus on the uranium 1 case,
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also involving the clintons. andrew mccabe facing allegations of lying, perjury and obstruction of justice. mechanics cane's attorney said in a statement that mchis client got a raw deal from comey, and quote, the report fails toe adequately across the documents, including that mr. mccabe advised mr. comey that he was working with "the wall street journal." in this case, neither of them has it right. an fbi agent peter strzok and fbi lawyer lisa page both removed by special counsel robert mule frer the russia probe after allegations of political bias, lawmakers question whether their actions that minimized clinton's handling of information amount to obstruction. in a separate development today, republican congressman trey gowdy asked the fbi and justice department to review e-mails and text message messages that suggy coordination between the fbi and
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the justice department in the clinton e-mail case and raise new questions about comey's testimony to congress. lou: thank you very much. our first guest tonight, one of 11 republican lawmakers urging criminal nstles gaition investir comey, clinton and others, leading the charge of the deep corruption of the top echelons. joining us tonight, congressman matt gates. he serves on key committees, including judiciary and budget. you want to see what's going on with the obama justice department and fbi to clean up the mess at the fbi, comey and mccabe included in that list of targets, not subjects, targets of those investigations. what are the odds that you will -- that this recalcitrant stone walling justice department
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will respond. >> you've asked the operative question. and my concern is in the absence of a second special counsel, we'll have the department of justice investigating themselves. but if they're going to do that, in congress we want to be specific about the crimes that we believe have been committed. when investigators determine the outcome of an investigation before conducting the interviews for political purposes, the risk is that they themselves have obstructed justice and violated federal law. when you've got peter strzok and lisa page trying to impact the outcome of these investigations because they hate president trump or love hillary clinton, that is not lawful. when you've got andrew mccabe and jim comey lying to congress, saying verifiably untrue things, that is against the law. so we didn't want the justice department to have any wiggle room to say we don't really know what to investigate. it all looks fine here. that's why 11 bold conservatives stood together, we laid out the case and now we'll see whether
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the justice department is ready to deliver any justice at all. lou: well i have to say, one in particular line stood out in your letter to the justice department, if i can quote -- if we can put up the full screen of the sentence. and i think everyone will enjoy this. saying that you all -- we are especially mindful of the dissimilar degrees of zealousness that has marked the investigationinvestigations intr secretary of state hillary clinton and the presidential campaign of donald trump respectfully. i don't think you could have put it more eloquently or gently. your thoughts on that sentence and what the reaction might be at the justice department. >> well, lou, there is an obvious double standard when you look at how the colleagues of hillary clinton were treated and how the colleagues of donald trump are being treated now. hillary clinton's entire team was given the opportunity to review their own documents and
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self occu occur rait what they e going to present as evidence. they got immunity deals from the obama justice department. compare that to people with association to donald trump. they're getting raided with no notice, no warning, no ability to separate out information that has nothing to do with foreign interference in your election process. when the american people sho see the way donald trump is treated, how unfair it is, they continue to rally to the cause. i think it's one of the reasons why the president's approval rating continues to rise because regular folks in the country see what a sham it is. the democrats are working together with the deep state to dit credit the duly elected president of the united states while ignoring their own crimes and misconduct. that is not the rule of law in the united states. lou: it's not the rule of law and you have the only cabinet member in history in this country cited for contempt by the congress of the united states, one air ric eric holdero
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perpetrated more scandals than any attorney general i can certainly recall, saying he would like to run for president and wants to head for new hampshire. i mean, are you kidding me? this is reaching a level. >> i hope eric holder runs for president. i hope we can talk all about fast and furious. i think the democrats can have no better standard beer or than eric holder. he represents all of the scandals, the lies and mistreatment of scwhrus tis that was emblem mattic of the obama era. lou: a part of me has a warm place for joe biden for the democrat party. bernie sanders right even, you know -- i see a lot of really great candidates that the democrats could put forward so it's going to be an exciting 2020. but then we have these little things called midterms and your speaker is -- i don't know what he's on, other than a high all
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inspired by himself, where he resigns as speaker, wants to stay through january, clean up a pension of some $85,000 a year but doesn't want anybody to go to any extra trouble to win a midterm election. this is -- i'd like to hear you characterize the speaker and your pef ranses for the wa prefn which his successor should int chosen and when. >> i think americans care about what policies we're fighting for to improve quality of life for americans. in the 115 congress, we've left a lot of meat on the bone. we should still be fighting to repeal obamacare, fighting for spending cuts and welfare reform, fighting with this president to getting the money to build the wall. i'm looking for a speak who can be a leader on those things and
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won't hand all of the power over to chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell but will fight for the conservative principles that can get it electedded and right now i don't see that happening. just this week we gave back a legislative day instead of staying in town and fighting for this president's agenda and that is deeply disturbing to me. lou: how soon would you like to see that election and is there an appetite in the congress to see that election very very soon. >> i don't know when it will be but the ideas will matter more than the personalities. and we've got to have a fighting experience in the speaker's chair and i'm hopeful we'll get somebody that can lead the congress with that sense of purpose. lou: i think you should be fair for speaker ryan. he fought diligently against president trump and his agenda throughout. you want to take that back? >> i think the speaker has been perhaps effective within our chamber of funding the wall, making sure that we had
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consequences for sanctuary cities. where we've all fade as an institution is ensurinsuring the united states senate, we've allowed chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell to be off the hook because we haven't pressed them and forced them. lou: did you say that your chamber had been effective in funding the wall? >> look. we passed funding for the wall, lou. lou: you and i seldom argue over minutia like this. but you didn't put a dime forward for the wall. for a fence, for systems. >> not in the o omni. before that we passed a bill to put 20 million in the wall. lou: insulted the speaker of the house by taking money away from the border agents, you mean before the speaker insulted the president of the united states in not putting forward a dime to
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build a wall but started nonsense about systems. >> you're right to be critical about that. but at least we passed it at some point. the problem is that we lost our fight. we lost our vigor we didn't say locked into the promises that we made lou: do you have a preference for speaker? >> if jim jordan were speaker of the house we would be winning so much, we'd be tired of winning. lou: there we go. congressman, thanks so much for being with us. we appreciate it matt gates, one of the terrific congressmen on capitol hill. up next, new evidence that californians are embracing the president's strong immigration policy. you're not going to believe this. this poll is from california. this poll is from the university of california. you're going to stand up and scream hallelujah. not all is lost in california. we take up the revolution in the sanctuary state.
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across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. of california berkeley study of all of the places, showing that about half of all californians support president trump's muslim
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travel ban and increasing the number of deportations of criminal illegal immigrants. that's right, i said uc berkeley, out in california. president trump today tweeting this morning, quote, there is a revolution going on in california, so many sanctuary areas want out of this ridiculous crime-infested and breeding concept. jerry brown is trying to back out of the national guard at the border but the people of the state are not happy. want security and safety now. president trump wrapping up a joint press conference with japanese prime minister abe just moments ago in mar-a-lago, in florida. the president discussing plans to meet with north korea's kim jong-un. take a listen. >> we've never been in a position like this with that regime, whether it's father, grandfather or son. and i hope to have a very successful meeting. if we don't think it's going to
11:19 pm
be successful, we won't have it. we won't have it. if i think that it's a meeting that is not going to be fruitful, we're not going to go. if the meeting, when i'm there, is not fruitful, i will respectfully leave the meeting. we've gotten us here and i the we're going to be successful. but if for any reason i feel we're not, we end. lou: well joining us tonight, great america pac chairman fox business political analyst ed rollins. good to see you. >> nice to be with you. lou: the president is looking very strong, meeting with abe, talking and carrying out a terrific mission to north korea to have talks with kim jong-un. he couldn't look much stronger. >> he couldn't. and if you flash back three or four months ago, we thought we were on the verge of a war with north korea. the president stood strong. the missile to syria prove that when he sets his mind on
11:20 pm
something, which is don't cross the line, don't gas your own people, we're going to come after you. to a certain extent as we says here, if this meeting is worthwhile, i'll stay. if it's not, i'll walk away. don't waste our time, dont waste yours. what could come out of this could be so consequential for the first i'm since the 1950s could have these two regions of the world working together. lou: the president has to be commended. he doesn't have to be. he should be commended by the national left wing media. and they're a little confused right now. they can't quite figure out how he keeps setting new standards following new paths toward new results, the first results we've seen in negotiation over, as he pointed out, three generations of kims in north korea. >> crazy kims. not stable people. lou: you and the president and your great ad ject tifs.
11:21 pm
adjectives. >> they do understand strength. they can benefit immeasurably coming together. he's never going to win a war with us. he's never going to win a war with his neighbors. he's going to kree yay chaos. his people are starving. if he can work a deal with north korea and south korea can work on things together and not threaten their neighbors, it would be a fundamental change for the world. lou: i believe him when he says, if it doesn't going this way, if it isn't america first, if it isn't real, he's departing. >> north korea is a cold place in the wintertime and even colder when you've had no food. my sense is it could be a very positive thing, a very positive thing for the world. lou: there's not much positive happening under governor jerry brown in california. the attorney general becerra
11:22 pm
suing the federal government relentlessly, losing, getting his tail kicked. a sanctuary state, as the president put it, in revolution. and out of uc berkeley comes this new survey showing that half of californians support the president's travel ban, they support his strong enforcement of immigration laws. it's really striking. >> that part of the poll is very positive. the other part of the poll that's not positive is corporations don't pay enough in taxes. people that are rich are detrimental -- lou: hell, it's still california, ed. come on. >> it's not all goo good news bt some of the stuff is getting through there. california is the largest state in the country obviously. 13% of the population and sometimes a trendsetter, sometimes it's not. lou: almost always, whether it's
11:23 pm
setting trends or going off of a cliff, it is always an outlier though for a very long time. sometimes that turns out to be predictive. >> it was a trendsetter for a long time when reagan and others were governing the state. lou: i hope the poll is a trendsetter. nation wisnationwide we're look0 vacancies for the republicans and the house. >> yes. lou: as i look at the senate, what have they done? they do nothing. why do we waste the time? >> as they go home -- i'm think in terms there's 70 ambassadors, folks up there, tons of judges. trump has put his nominations up there and they're not moving them forward. they haven't begun the budget process again. lou: whose fault is that? >> it's their fault. lou: no, it's not. if i may respectfully disagree, that's mitch mcconnell. no go nuclear, get it done, move this along.
11:24 pm
>> i don't argue with that my statement is it's not getting done. lou: i know you better than that. you're going to argue. >> we have to argue once in a while. we certainly don't argue on the fundamentals, maybe sometimes the tactics. lou: what are we to do? what are we to do? >> i think the budget process doesn't work. they need to drop the brujt committee. there are 15 committees that do appropriations and we should start going, defense do it, agriculture does it, the premise of bringing it together having a balanced budget, it's not going to happen. get it together and then the president can veto it. lou: why are there republicans still, in 2018, who really want to go through this ridiculous act of political theater and talk of a balanced budgets when we're $20 trillion in debt. no matter what they do, they couldn't reduce the course of deficits for years, which are
11:25 pm
going to be trillion dollar deficits within a couple of years. you can say great, balance the budget, tell many where you're going to cut and where you're going to spend more. and you'll find more spent than cut. the process does not work. it needs to be fixed. lou: ed rollins good to see you the question is should congress begin contempt hearings for the top officials of the justice department that is flagrantly defied congress in its efforts to provide oversight of both the doj and fbi? cast your vote on twitter@low dobbs. like me on facebook, follow me on insta grabbing. up next, the petty petulant james comey. well he's hit some new lows on the book trail. greg jarrett on comey's book tour and more, next.
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jamecomey,james comey, a victime book tour. if you're ready to cohis rate with the find fbi director, recounting the physical suffering he's facing to endure his tortured divorce from the republican party and the promotion of his book. >> because i think it is raw in the sense that i find it really painful to relive. reading that book, doing the audio book left me physically drained. but i really don't feel a sense of airpg. i'm verof anger. i'm very worried. the republican party has left me and many others. i think they've lost their way and i can't be associated with it. these people don't represent anything that i believe in. lou: you know, mr. comey, we've noticed that. we have noticed that. president trump today talking about the russia collusion hoax and the possibility of removing
11:31 pm
special counsel mueller and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. >> this was a, really a hoax created largely by the democrats as a way of softening the blow of a loss. this is a hoax as far as the investigation nobody has ever been more transparent than i have instructed our lawyers to be totally transparent. i believe we've given them 1.4 million pages of documents, if you can believe this. we are hopefully coming to the pend. it is a bad thing for our country, very, very bad thing for our country. as far as the two gentlemen you told me about, they've been saying i'm going to get rid of them for the last three months, four months, five months. and they are still here. lou: joining us now on fox news, legal analyst greg jarrett. great to see you. >> thank you, lou.
11:32 pm
lou: as doug gentlema said, thia frameup of the democratic party and we're watching this nonsense on the book tour. most republicans i've heard are thrilled because he is really building a case. your thoughts. the president has said this man should be in jail. is that hyperbole or should he be. >> james comey in my judgment, he committed at least six different crimes, that's my opinion. but today of course the letter came out from 11 members of congress who have made essentially a criminal referral. and they lay out, lou, all of the statutes that you and i have talked about on air for months now of potential crimes committed, not just by james comey, loretta lynch, peter strzok, lisa page, andrew mccabe and hillary clinton. lou: so how powerful is this? calling for a criminal referral.
11:33 pm
you're still talking, for crying out loud, to the phantom himself, the attorney general jeff sessions. >> yeah. lou: rod rosenstein seems to have found a very nice job called attorney general. why kid around, we'll just take charge here, he says. and we still have christopher wray at the fbi who is missing in action. what are the odds that they're going to actually do something? >> zero. look, rosen sphien i rosensteiny general. sessions is there but he gets coffee for rosenstein now and again. where do you want me to sign. that's really what's going on there. so having the department of justice investigate the doj and the fbi is like cops investigating cops. it's bound to be corrupt. the fix was in in the hillary clinton case and now the fix is probably in on all of those people who were just on your screen who should be investigated vigorously for
11:34 pm
crimes i think they committed. lou: we do have the inspector general's report coming up. we're assured again, this time may we're ensured is the definite date of the delivery of that report. do you believe that there will be anything to that? because we're running out of options here. >> yeah, look. your guess is as good as mine. horowitz has a fine reputation -- lou: he unloaded on mccabe. >> yeah, he did. that gives you some optimism that something will happen. and i hope james comey maintains his look at me, look at me book tour, his then glorious book is like reading a har la quinn romance except the antagonist is in love with himself. that's the difference. this is a guy who says incriminating things. in front of steph no stephanopoe
11:35 pm
said it incleunsed his decision to reopen it. he's self important, self righteous, every self you can imagine. think about what that means. he's essentially saying that he obstructed justice. he allowed something other than facts in the law to influence his decision. that, in my judgment, is a potential crime. lou: and of course rod rosenstein refusing to turn oveg glorious -- any requested memos, comey memos by the three committees which are oversight and judiciary and intelligence. and they said well, we'll give you to midweek. it's wednesday and everywhere other than washington, d.c. midweek is wednesday. >> devin nunes threatened to impeach rosenstein in front of
11:36 pm
rosenstein. i heard that rosenstein was apoplectic in fear. nunes ought to keep it up. we're going to impeach you unless you hand these over. lou: i would give one of them one threat and then the rest should be all action. >> that's what should happen. lou: nunes has been spectacular up next, where is that fellow, jeff sessions and why is rosenstein determined to protect all of the swamp creatures, well, in all proximity to the justice department. charlie hurt, rachel campo campos-duffy on the deep s liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad.
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rickeeric holder says he's thing about running for president. he'll make a decision by the end of this year. drum roll, please. if he runs, voter wills have to overlook a long list of scandals from the politicization of the irs to operation fast and furious and holder is the only sitting cabinet member ever to be held in contempt of congress. these are not, well i think, positive signs for his pros prospects. joining us tonight, fox business contributor charlie hurt. fox business contributor rachel campus duffy. great to see you.
11:41 pm
let's start with eric holder for president. are you ready? >> actually, i hope it happens. lou, this is a man who will -- i hope he runs against trump. this is a man who thought it was a good idea to arm drug cartels with weapons, u.s. weapons that were then used against u.s. border patrol agents and innocent mexican citizens. lou: at least 200 of them murdered by the way with those weapons. >> absolutely. can you imagine what fox would be saying about donald trump if donald trump had given weapons to the cartels to use against nth mexican citizens and also our u.s. border patrol. eric holder is a corrupt person. i think if he ran for president he would be an easy target for the republicans. lou: what do you think, charlie? disbli would lov?i would love tl of those scandals.
11:42 pm
when some first surfaced, you would hear bits and pieces of it and normal people would be like no, this there's in way that happened. our government couldn't have possibly done something that stupid and reckless. lou: and then lie about it. >> and we would have people get killed. and then by the time you figured out no, they did do that. we were off to a whole other stunning set of allegations that would later turn out to be true. the only thing better than eric holder running for president, i agree with rachel, the only thing that would be better is if jim comey is continuing his book tour, you know, in 2020, and i hope he does it all through this year. basically at the end of the day -- i mean, is there any difference between stormy daniels and jim comey? i don't think there is. lou: they both appear to be exhausted with the efforts to promote themselves, rachel. >> no question about it. i think also one of the things that i think hasn't been talked
11:43 pm
enough about is that, you know, his entire family was the resistance. his wife, his daughters, that came out in the interview but it hasn't gotten the kind of attention that it deserves. the wife admitted that her best friends work for hillary. there was an inherent conflict of interest. the only thing donald trump should have done is fire him earlier. lou: well, in retr retrospect, s a wonderful idea. but like so many ideas, this is a president right now who has been attacked from every quarter. he's decided to just ride it out with rosenstein, defer on sessions and just see what happens. and bob mueller, i mean he's almost come to terms, as i listen to him, with the fact that he is just a flea that he's going to have to scratch at over whatever time he wants to talk. despite the fact it's been two years, two years of the fbi investigation and then they
11:44 pm
bring in the special counsel investigation on top of that. it's two years and nothing, charlie. nothing brought forward. >> where was all of this rigorousness when hillary clinton was being investigated. that would have been great back then. but of course rachel is exactly right. donald trump should have fired comey on day one. and it probably would have saved him a whole lot of trouble. lou: i got to argue with both of you on that. president trump was going to have trouble with congress, the dems and the deep state if he had pushed a comey and mueller to sainthood. it wouldn't have mattered a bit. >> that's why i said among honest people. lou: i forgot that qualifier. >> that exempts everyone in washington. lou: i didn't know it was operative anywhere in washington. >> no, it's really not. but one thing i think is comical is because comey did get fired
11:45 pm
and because there was this setup between trump and comey, it brought all of these lunatics on the left around to supporting comey only from the start his book tour. and remember, oh, yeah, they hate him too. it's so great he's doing this and everybody hates him. lou: rachel campos-duffy, last word. >> comey is a dirty cop. i think he's proving how inept he is on this tour. this tour is reinforcing everything the president -- everything the american people have believed. this is a fake scandal and look at how much the president is doing, having to still deal with this fake scandal. imagine how much more he would be doing for the economy, for the world when it comes to bringing world peace and denuclearizing north korea. imagine how much more good stuff he could be doing if he wasn't dealing with the fake scandal. thank god the american people aren't buying it. lou: i wish we could take up one of your favorite topics, paul
11:46 pm
ryan. >> i was waiting for it, lou. lou: appreciate you both being here. be sure to vote in the poll tonight. should congress begin contempt hearings for the top levels of the justice department? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs up next, words of wisdom for comey. spacex and nasa launching a new aircraft. more on its mission and what and the safey for "most parallel parallel parking job" goes to... [ drum roll ] ...emily lapier from ames, iowa.
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musk is having better luck with space rockets than cars. spacex blasts off on its first high priority mission for nasa. carrying the new satellite dubbed test, the $337 million satellite equipped with cameras searching for planets on wall street, the dow down 39 points, s&p gained three, the nasdaq up three. volume on the big board picking up to 3.4 billion shares.
11:51 pm
crude oil hitting a three-year high topping $68 a barrel for the first time since december of 2014 and a reminder, listen to my report three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, james comey calls the president names while he pet peddles a book filled with lies. we take that up with pastor mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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lou: downing us tonight, pastor robert jeffress. i want to start with james comey and this book tour savaging the president on every point. most of of it backfiring on comey. he's fatigued in what i think he thought would be a wonderful promotion. >> jim comey is the poster boy for sanctimonious moral hypocrisy. he accuses the president of being morally unfit to be president because he lies. then he says he himself is
11:56 pm
flawed and we know he lied and he leaked. jesus said before you try to take the spec out of someone else's eye, you ought to remove the board in your own eye. lou: the hypocrisy of the so-called fake news media as the president rears to it, 95% of the national left-one media. they know they are fabricating nonsense and untruths. yet they go on with considerable energy to attack this president without pause. >> and without result. they always think they have the smoking gun. first it's russia, then the michael wolff book, then stormy daniels. and it has had no effect.
11:57 pm
i told the president his evangelical support is at 78%. virtually unchanged from the election 1 months ago. it's drying his ebb anies crazy and it's fun to watch. lou: at this stage in his presidency, president obama was 4 points below president trump. let's talk about the white house mood. the president's mood. you were with the president in and out of the white house last week. your thoughts. >> he send his greetings to you. he loves this show. but i read the same thing you have read. lou: tell him hi for me. >> the president is seething
11:58 pm
with anger and melting down. i walked into the oval office and nothing could have been further from the truth. he was as relaxed and upbeat as i have ever seen him. he's frustrated by the mueller witch hunt. not because of wait' doing to him, but what it's doing to the nation. there is an ax i can s of evil in the mainstream media and republican establishment who are working together to paralyze him while he's in office. this will have devastating and lasting consequences for this cub tri. we can't allow that to happen. lou: largely the outcome depend on the republic cab establishment as you talk about. you rear to the republicans, i reef to them as rino
11:59 pm
establishment republicans. the dems are the left and the left one national media. it's the rinos trying to kill the republican party and destroy this presidency. they are scared to death @as they watch success after success. it occurred to them that they hook like abject fools and they have to continue their relentless attacks before the evidence is overwhelming that only president trump can lead this country. >> that's right. and i'll tell you they are not going to win this. nothing motivates like results, and president trump is getting the results. lou: pastor robert jeffress. drop by any time. i don't often think about james
12:00 am
comey, but when i do i think about tonight's quote from theodore roosevelt. no man who is corrupt, no man who condones corruption in others can possi do his duty to the community. congresswoman claudia 10ing. and chris farrell from judicial watch. kennedy: there are major new developments in the investigation into the investigation into russian election meddling. 11 republican house members pushing jeff sessions to launch investigations into former fbi director james comey, attorney general loretta lynch and hillary clinton. the gop lawmakers are accusing the group of


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