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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 20, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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liz: s&p earnings higher by 20%. that is great news for equity holders. thank you very much. [closing bell rings] losses accelerated into the close but we're off the low. 10-year yield 2.96%? watch out for that. that's four-year high. that's it for the claman countdown. melissa: stocks in the red on friday afternoon but ending well off the lows with the dow closings down just over 200 points. it had been 290. the major averages ending more than 1% down for today, but all closing higher for the week. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. glad you could join us this is "after the bell." here is what else we're covering for you in a very busy hour. wells fargo slapped with one billion dollar fine for insurance and mortgage abuses, largest penalty under the trump administration. second largest in history. the message this is send ising from the white house. >> >> an historic day for north and
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south korea. progress has been made ahead of president trump's visit. we'll give you the latest breaking details on that. not letting go. the democratic party filing a federal lawsuit against trump campaign officials, accusing them of illegally working with russian intel agents to sway the outcome of the 2016 election. trump campaign just responding moments ago. steve king of the house judiciary committee sounding off on that. joining us this hour, retired general jack keane and for example media chairman, steve forbes. melissa: political uncertainty weighing on markets, along with handful of big names. apple, american express, ibm, among the biggest losses on the dow. we start with nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. nicole stocks accelerating losses into the close here?
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what are you hearing? >> had it been 304 points to the downside we would have lost the gains for the week. three major averages up three out of four last trading weeks. let's break down first the equities. the dow is down 202 points for the week, higher by half a percent. s&p and nasdaq also lost ground. when we get to the bond yields, pressure getting closer to that psychological 3% level. we saw bond yields moving to the highest level in more than four years, 2.958%. that rattles investors. that moving higher ultimately weighs and we watched apple and ge. apple has been under pressure all week long. this as concerns about the iphone itself, not seeing demand. also you had a chipmaker, giving out a weak quarterly report. why? because they're not pumping out as many chips that basically not good news. that took down the whole sector. there is general electric. that was a real winner on the
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dow jones industrial average after a beat. aviation, health care did so well for ge. at&t and verizon going into the closing bell, coming off the lows. two stories, one of which saying at&t and verizon and "new york times," worked together with collusion to hinder customers switching from one to the other. david: interesting. nicole, thank you very much. oil markets rattled after president tweeted out this earlier, looks like opec is at it again with record amounts of oil all over the place with fully-loaded ships at see. prices are artificially high and no good and and will not be accepted. since this morning's dip in oil has recovered. it is up 1 1/2% for the week. phil flynn, not only is it saudi arabia but i hear the saudis and russians are working together to limit oil? >> we need to send mr. mueller over there to check on that russia collusion with opec
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because that is happening. who knew you could tweet oil lower. that exactly happened. market was higher on opec expectations. they would extend the production deal. donald trump called them out, hey, there is oil all over the place. maybe he hasn't read recent instone tories numbers globally. we've seen the biggest glut in history. saudi arabia came back and said, hey, wait a second we're not seeing demand goes down when prices go up. we're charging more for our product. that is what you would do if you were running a business. opec secretary-general said, wait a second, we stablized global energy prices. that will help the u.s. energy consumer. david: we'll see what happens. phil, thank you very much. melissa. >> thank you. melissa: today's panel, jack how much from "barron's." scott martin from kingsview asset management. he also a fox news contributor. scott, i will start with you, what do you think of the comments on oil and what about
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phil's explanation? >> i love what phil is saying as usual. this could be a turn in my opinion, especially in chicago, i think being here in new york is straight, but they are little lower here than chicago believe it or not ahead of the summer driving season. we have largest shale depots its in the world. we have natural gas off florida start tapping. about time the country developed energy policy. donald trump is one to force the issue. melissa: jack, how much control do you think opec has control at this point. >> u.s. shale drillers need to get problem. a lot of oil chiefs are under pressure from shareholders, in the blast you blown out production every time prices moved and returns are not there. we want you to chase profits and free cash flow. i'm hoping that the rig count and production gets going to keep the price of oil down. average family of america could
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pay 400 bucks more for gasoline this compared to two years ago. some folks were looking for tax cuts to boost the economy. that will offset it for them. melissa: scott, we love lower oil prices, lower gas prices. they chase the price, drill the rigs, and price comes down, they don't get returns they're looking for. it is tough to chase that price. >> it is, melissa. the difference today versus couple years ago as jack pointed out is the economy. consumer spending is little higher. there may be more appetite demandwise to keep the price higher and keep the "flo & eddying." to me that could be a different scenario this time around. david: wells wells slapped -- wells fargo slapped with a one billion dollar fine. kristina partsinevelos is in the newsroom. >> don't know if you call it a win tore consumers. that billion dollars is going to the consumer financial protection bureau and office of
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the controller of the currency. they have to pay within 10 days. the stock closed higher. reason being investors can finally price in how much the settlement will cost. what did the third largest bank in the united states do to have to pay one billion dollars? they forced customers to buy auto insurance when the customers didn't even need it t affected roughly 27,000 people. think of credit ratings of a lot of these people. the second major thing they improperly charged on mortgage fees. this comes after wells fargo in 2016 was busted for creating fake accounts affecting 3.5 million customers. you would think they would have learned because they were also charged back then 185 million. so you've got all of these settlements, all the fees. yet the bank doesn't seem to be changing the corporate culture. mike mulvaney, acting director of the consumer financial protection board. we had him on earlier on fox business news. he discussed the reasoning
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behind the fine. >> that is what we did here today. we protected consumers. we enforced the law. we thought wells misbehaved and broken the law quite frankly. that is what gave rise to this action. >> that was mick, not mike. wells fargo can not appoint any new senior executives right now. they have to go through the board if they want a new ceo, cfo. what does it mean for consumers? consumers will get roughly $185 million, obviously to various people in fees for those that paid more for auto insurance. they also, there is no specific word how much they will get for the mortgage overcharges back paid plus interest. they will get help to help fix the credit scores should it have dropped because they couldn't pay that auto insurance. but overall, fined in 2016 is, fined again now. will it change in the future if. david: kristina, thank you very. let's by brac jack and scott. you don't have to go back to
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2016. go back to 2,000. total of $12 billion of fines to wells fargo since the year 2000. is there a fatal flaw with this bank. >> my friend james stewart at "the new york times" calls this beating a dead horse at this point. a lot of the managers are out the door. if people need it be prosecuted, prosecute them, who are we punishing mom-and-pop shareholders who have a piece of wells fargo? i'm not sure punishment is really going after the wrongdoing at this point. david: scott, as kristina, it is supposed to go to those overcharged for various fees. what i like about the action it was enforced against somebody doing something wrong instead of brand new rules and regulation, in the past administration when one bank did something wrong, every bank paid for it. means eventually the customers. this is specific targeted enforcement night is. trump talked about that, coming after individual companies that are responsible.
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listen, one billion dollar fine amongst a company that made 88 billion in revenues last year. that is a drop in the bucket. but selling car insurance to people didn't even have cars, jack, that is probably a problem and bad idea deserves bigger fine next time around. i guess they're getting used to. melissa: representatives of u.s., canada and mexico meeting in washington to hammer out an agreement. fox business's edward lawrence with the latest. edward. reporter: trade ministers taking a break. they're done for the day talking about this deal, however their staff it goings to negotiate through the weekend. the trade ministers will be back on tuesday to try to get this done. the mexican trade minister says there is still a long way to p the main sticking point how much of a car needs to be made in the united states to qualify for free trade and what the penalties would be. the canadian trade minister says there is lot of progress on the point of origin on the
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conversation. this is what former president george w. bush said about the nafta agreement his father enacted. >> so our view is how can we best expedite positive trade which benefits everybody but also to make the point that the three of us countries will need to work together to be able to compete with china in the long term. reporter: if a he revisitedded nafta can get passed the real fight will be in congress because the representative kevin brady, who is the ways and means chairman said, in a quote today, that any deal must include investor state dispute settlements, that is isds, an important tool to our trade agreements that allow american companies to sue foreign governments for treating them unfairly. the democrats in the congressional progressive caucus say they must eliminate the isds, re mark pokan who is co-chair, president trump must deliver on rhetoric and deliver a trade agreement that stops
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outsourcing american jobs, protects the environment and gets rid of special protections for corporations. republicans may need all of their votes in the house to get a revisited nafta agreement through there. negotiators are trying to get a deal done through early may ahead of july 1st mexican presidential race but ahead of our midterm elections. melissa: good stuff, edward. jack, sounds like other parties are moving towards this. seems like the negotiating tactics are working. >> nice to hear things are moving. it will take a long time. companies out there will hold off on investment activity until they know what answers are. fine to modernize nafta. i think it is a good thing for all parties involved. i remember a time u.s. was not competitive making cars. we're among the best countries in the world car making. nafta helped with that. we had automotive manufacturing employment growth in america over the past decade. i think it has been a good
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thing. melissa: scott, sounds good to me or can you find a gray cloud around the silver lining? >> i can always do that, melissa but it is friday, so let's not. i agree with jack. we're making things better, faster with good trade agreements not with all the crazy deficits we got owing gone. melissa: guys, thanks. david: house minority leader nancy pelosi slamming tax cuts. steve forbes is here on how all this could impact midterm elections. that is coming up. melissa: the democratic party now filing a federal lawsuit against trump campaign officials accusing them of illegally working russia to interfere with the 2016 election. how the trump campaign is responding? steve king of the house judiciary committee sounds off. david: a big day for mike pompeo and the trump administration as he face as key vote for confirmation as secretary of
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state on monday. democrats mulling a plan that could affect the entire process, messing up the whole works. we're explain coming up. >> it is an absolute outrage the democrats in the senate put partisan advantage in the united states of america. we ought to call them on it. ♪
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this wi-fi is fast. i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in? brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. melissa: democratic national committee, suing the trump campaign for alleged cyber attacks during the 2016 election. on top of this the controversial comey memos are out. let's go to blake burman at white house to break this all down. blake, a busy day for you.
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reporter: two big stories, in washington, but you could add a couple more to that, melissa. a little while ago sources told fox that the department of justice's office of inspector general is looking into the handling of these memos, of jim comey's memos, exactly how they were handled, specifically whether or not classified information was given to outside sources. as for the memos there are seven of them, 15 pages long. they were made widely available to the public last night with some redactions and in one of those memos dating back to march 30th, of 2017 comey appears to the suggest that the president wanted to know if there was any wrongdoing, at least he wanted some of that information to get out into the general public. comey writing in one of those memos, and i quote, he said if there was some satellite, note i took this to me some associate of him or his campaign did something it would be good to
4:19 pm
find out and i would find some way for it to get out we weren't investigating him. president's reaction, james comey's memos just out and show clearly there is no collusion and no obstruction. he leaked classified information. wow, will the witch-hunt continue? nancy pelosi says the president tried to engage in the obstruction of justice or did engage in that. in a tweet, pelosi said the release of comey memos are further proof of the president's contempt for the rule of law. in entirely different matter, a different legal matter here today, the democratic national committee produced a lawsuit they filed, names just about everyone under the political sun on the republican side or some of them from 2016 including the campaign of president trump, donald trump, jr., jared kushner, paul manafort, and it goes beyond that because it also named julian assange, for
4:20 pm
example and russia, including russia's intelligence service. now the dnc says that those named engaged what they describe as an all-out assault on democracy. the trump 2020 campaign, responded within the last few minutes, melissa. they describe this as a sham. they also called it a bogus claim from quote, nearly-insolvent democratic party. they went on to say if the dnc ends up going down this road they remind there is discovery process, and that is a two-way street. melissa. melissa: good to see that everybody is getting along on a friday, blake. thank you. perfect. david: joining us now on the phone to talk about all these issues, republican congressman steve king. he is from iowa. he is also on the judiciary committee. no doubt he will deal with some of these matters. congressman, let's first talk about the the democratic lawsuit.
4:21 pm
i find it interesting that the party that paid millions of dollars for a salacious filled document called the trump dossier, found compliant party hacks in the fbi to help push that to get a fisa warrant, they're the ones accusing the republican party, i quote from their lawsuit, i quote an at that time act of the democratic process? shouldn't it be the other way around? >> it should be the other way around if anybody would file suit at all, david. it is astounding they would have the utter audacity they would file a suit like this. the word discovery should give them a pause. i said year ago, this march, democrats pushing this way, they will force us, president trump wanted to drop all the investigations i believe on hillary clinton and others and move forward with our country. they have obstructed it along the way. these kind of things force us to go back and examine every move of hillary clinton,
4:22 pm
bill clinton, huma abidine and it screams for another special counsel. david: i wonder if another special counsel would involve all the problems we've had with this one? i think there should be a republican countersuit to the democratic party based on what we already know as a fact. the fact that the dnc did collude with fusion gps, which used a lot of russian intel, most of which was apparently wrong. it was certainly salacious. there is the collusion. why don't you countier attack? >> that is a suit i think the trump people should make rather than me. our job in the house is to, especially house judiciary to do oversight and drag out as much as we can of data we can get our hands on. i certainly won't oppose that. that seems it me a reasonable strategy to do a countersuit.
4:23 pm
i would love to see the discovery. julian assange sits over there, my information is he would be willing to come and testify, tell us where all the information came from. david: that would be interesting. david: that would be very interesting. >> if we offer him a deal. david: congressman, let me switch gears if i can. we have only a minute left. on issues of the comey memos. i don't know if you have a chance to go through them, about 15 pages. there is one statement that stood out to me anyway, from when right after jim comey had his dinner with the president in january of 2017, and he wrote up notes about it. he said, i told president trump, quote, i don't do sneaky things. i don't leak. i don't do weasel moves. we know he leaked because he said that he leaked but he told the president he doesn't leak. i think you don't have to go much further than that to look for inconsists. >> i looked down through the memos, the first note i took on the memos was exactly what you
4:24 pm
said. i don't do sneaky things, i don't do leaks and don't do weasel moves. the president has the authority to fire him. he gave him the very reince to do that in that statement himself. david: they're giving me a wrap. i have to ask about rudy giuliani. he is joining the president's team. he says he can wrap up the investigation in couple weeks working with mueller s that reasonable or not? >> working with mueller i don't know if that is reasonable or not but i think rudy is the perfect good to have the in place. you have to have a good public voice. rudy is it. he is is a smart man. let's get it done, packaged up and over with. david: congressman steve king. thank you very much. appreciate it. melissa: inching closer to denuclearization. north and south korea making changes ahead of the summit. make sure your seatbelt is securely fastened. this southwest flight revealing
4:25 pm
the major troubling mistakes that passengers are making. that's next. >> as the plane was just going down we really just felt like we were falling from the sky. i looked to my left, the engine is just totally done. ♪ fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $4.95 per trade? uhhh. and i was wondering if your brokerage offers some sort of guarantee? guarantee? where we can get our fees and commissions back if we're not happy. so can you offer me what schwab is offering? what's with all the questions? ask your broker if they're offering $4.95 online equity trades and a satisfaction guarantee. if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab.
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david: some breaking news. airline regulators are calling for emergency inspections of boeing 737 engines according to dow jones. this coming out after this week's deadly southwest flight. these inspections will cover 2500 engines on boeing 737s flown by u.s. airlines. >> everybody freeze. relax. >> everybody freeze. everybody breathe. melissa: yeah, right. chilling video from inside the cabin of that southwest flight where an engine exploded killing one passenger.
4:29 pm
photos from tuesday's experts have experts in the industry how you, the average flyer is prepared in an emergency. mike boyd, president of aviation consulting firm, the boyd group. the things they found were really staggering, including the fact that a lot of those people shown in the video didn't put their masks on properly, when the cabin was losing pressure. studies how many times they stand up at the front with instructions to do in an emergency, they don't get the lesson. >> how many times have you heard place the mask over your mouth and breathe normally. like win ton tastes good like a cigarette should. we seen people get off the airplane go down the chutes with
4:30 pm
their carry-on luggage. that is part of the passengers, you have a safety responsibility, not just the flight attendants. melissa: you talk about getting their stuff. the likelihood of retrieval without noticeable threat. so they're telling you to get off, not like you see flames coming at you, 73% of people say they get their personal belongs they were told not to. 86% said they would retrieve personal belongings if they contained valuables. i wonder, is it people are not listening during the safety instruction and they don't have it memorized? do they just not think it applies to them? >> we've been mesmerized by an enormously safe system. so the whole idea of thinking there will be a an accident is right up there meteor strike. they don't think it through. when something goes wrong with an airplane, your laptop or valuables i don't think are more valuable than your own tush. people don't see that. we have to get that across to passengers a little more
4:31 pm
strongly. >> i feel like i can stand up recite the whole thing. engage your own mask and breathe before you help your child. look for closest exit, it might behind you. we all heard it so many times. a lot of airlines, i don't know people in the audience are trying to notice to make it funny when they dot safety instruction, doing a video. doing a comedy or video getting people's attention. they don't pay attention. like you said they don't think it will happen to them. this one really disturbing to me they didn't put their masks on. it was so clear that the plane was losing pressure. very straightforward thing to do. you would think you would be frightened enough you have to breathe. seems different to me than the idea of taking a bag when you're not supposed to. why do you think they didn't put their masks on properly? >> didn't pay attention. didn't know. the mask thing, i will research. i can't find one of those incidents really caused a death, that is bad enough. the real issue what to do in emergency. getting off the airplane.
4:32 pm
we're cruising for real problem, if we don't get across passengers they're responsible for safety. the mask thing is an issue. but it is the whole program has to be gotten across to these people, there is one in 1000 chance, lottery winning chance you could be in one of these events. melissa: this event, this one was so shocking so grisly it did get a lot of people's attention. maybe they will focus more. mike boyd, thank you. >> thank you. david: let's look at biggest drag on the dow jones industrial average today. that was apple ending down more than 4%. over concerns about slowing iphone sales. responsible for shaving about 50 points off of the dow. but while markets were down today, all of the major averages are ending higher for the second week in a row. that is good news. melissa: mike pompeo is nearing confirmation as new secretary of state but democrats are you will inning a plan to block the nomination. david: don't know why. nancy pelosi using some new
4:33 pm
choice language to slam president trump's tax reform. steve forbes joining us to sound off coming next. >> in terms of the bonus that corporate america received versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic.
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because of all those miles? and because ice is cold. what's in your wallet? >> the tax scam as again, over $2 trillion to the deficit, while the republicans were saying, it will pay for itself, we know that it doesn't. anyone who says these tax cuts pay for themselves is not true, it is nonsense and it is bs. david: bs. all right. nancy pelosi blasting the republican tax cuts but president trump shot back tweeting out quote, nancy pelosi is going absolutely crazy about the big tax cuts given to the american people by the republicans. got not one democrat vote. here is a choice. they want to end them and raise your taxes substantially. republicans are working on making them permanent and more cuts. here is steve forbes, forbes
4:38 pm
media chairman. first of all, steve, to hear a democrat talk about the debt, particularly nancy pelosi, because during the obama-pelosi years that the debt doubled from 10 to 20 trillion. there is question whether republicans are doing enough to tout the benefits of the tax cuts, right? >> sadly, the answer is no. both touting them and pushing as the president indicated more cuts to come. they say great december tax cuts, this is down payment of more to come. it is already starting to affect the economy. everyone is downplaying the first quarter. i think the first quarter will come in better than expected. you're starting to see this thing start to work. david: already we're going from a 2% average growth rate to a 3% average. that is enormous because of the corporate tax cuts, right? >> deregulation and the like. tax cuts work. david: not only are the tax cuts causing increase in jobs, increase in the overall economy, but the notion, the myth that is
4:39 pm
perpetuated by the media by the way, not just the democrats, the whole media, only rich are benefiting from these tax cuts continues to get propagated through the system. why aren't republicans standing up, wait a minute, folks, look at your paycheck? >> showing, your deduction, standard deduction doubles from 12 to 24,000. hello, that is a cut for most people. republicans are touting they will have payroll tax cut next year. david: why aren't they? >> they really don't believe it, a lot of them, amazingly. they have seem to lost their energy, run out of gas. they need a kick in the putt. i'm glad the president said -- david: if we know anybody that can give a kick in the butt, the president, talked about phase two of the tax cuts. look at headline from "the hill," earlier in the week. the senate gop is wary of new tax cut sequel.
4:40 pm
senator mcconnell, head of the republicans in the senate says no more tax cuts. >> yeah. you know, a couple of weeks ago the president went to, i think it was west virginia to talk about tax cuts. i ended up talking about a lot of other things, not much on tax cuts. he has to focus on it, lash the whip, crack the whip, saying we'll go for a bigger tax cut in january if the republicans stay in, you will get more of your paycheck. if the democrats come in, you will take it back. make it a sharp issue as he so good doing. what did you get before, what are you getting now and here is what we get in january when we win. nancy pelosi says your extra thousand is crumbs. is that crumbs for you? keep hammering that. they have the issue. using it. david: we have the election coming up in november. it is a midterm election, a lot of people say gop which lose the house. if the president goes on the tours to help out congressman all over the country in their re-election bid, do you think that a pro-tax cut message will
4:41 pm
turn that around? >> it will help turn it around. where the republicans are in trouble today a lot of the trump voters are staying hole. you saw that in the virginia elections last november. you saw it in the special election in pennsylvania. they didn't turn out because they saw no reason to do so. republican candidates were not touting the right things. you have to make it a issue on tax cuts and other good things. president has to take the lead. but they have to put something specific on the table. we gave you 1000 bucks now. not give you, we let you keep more of what you earn but you will get more if we win. this thing is starting to work. david: larry kudlow is now the president's chief economic advisor. if anybody is in favor of tax cut using that for political purposes it is larry kudlow. >> put it this way, larry was applauding when the president said we need more tax cuts. david: great to see you, steve. melissa. melissa: the city of houston and the nation paying tribute to barbara bush. the former first lady is lying
4:42 pm
in repose today. she will be put to rest tomorrow. a live report from the scene next.
4:43 pm
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♪ david: mourners paying respects to former first lady barbara bush today as she lies in repose at st. martin's church in houston. former presidents obama and clinton will attend the funeral tomorrow. here is fox news's mike emanuel. hi, mike. reporter: david, good afternoon. there has been a steady stream of people at st. martin's episcopal church paying respects to extraordinary life, the wife of the 41st president and mother of the 43rd.
4:46 pm
george herbert walker bush, surprised folks paying respects inside the church. the president greeted and thanked members of the public for coming here paying respects to his wife. those attending the viewing are leaving with card that has a picture of first lady barbara bush wearing her favorite color blue and pearls. they thank the for prayers and friendship. and things that matter are faith, family and friends. we've been asking people here what mrs. bush meant to them. >> she became a texan. when they ultimately ended up here in houston, wherever she planted her roots she bloomed and blossomed things around her and she was an inspiration for houstonians, texans as well as, you know, the united states and globally as well. reporter: there will be three eulogies given at tomorrow's funeral. mrs. bush selected her john jeb, the former florida governor it give the speech on behalf of the family. it is expected about a 90-minute
4:47 pm
service, 1500 guests and four former american presidents on hand, with current first lady donald trump. david? david: mike elan all in houston. thank you very much. melissa: we'll have more on all of that right after this.
4:48 pm
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4:51 pm
the meeting? >> yeah, absolutely. i, i met with director pompeo prior to his going to north korea. of course he didn't disclose to me was going to north korea but that was the subject. i will tell you, he has got such a grasp on all the issues surrounding north korea and what their potential conditions would be and certainly we want from them. but also, the cia does the best profiling of foreign leaders in our government for obvious reasons. he went over there with very complete grasp of who the north korean leader is, what his strengths and weaknesses are. so he was the best person to possibly do this. melissa: yeah. you know i have heard so many on the left and so many detractors of the president say, they're afraid he will not be prepared. that first of all, there isn't enough time. that these things normally, you have months and months if not years to prepare for a meeting like this. he is not one to prepare anyway. do you think that there is enough?
4:52 pm
is there any validity to the argument they're making? >> no, i don't think there is whatsoever. first of all we have people in the national security apparatus here who are making preparations, getting the president worked up properly. it will not take that long to do. obviously director pompeo or secretary of state pompeo will be very much involved in this process. the good news is, the fact we're moving forward after pompeo briefed the president tells me that he knew full well that the north korean leader was making that concession about u.s. troops can stay in south korea. i think he probably told him other things that have not been revealed publicly. and he clearly told the north korean leader, listen, we're dead serious about this and you will have to give us access to all your nuclear sites, your research facilities, your fuel sites, your storage sites, launch facilities you have, we'll have to have access to
4:53 pm
verify all of that. i think there is a huge opportunity, melissa. a lot of positive things are happening, the doors seem to be opening to the potentiality of a deal. if there is one, it will be the most significant diplomatic achievement since the end of world war ii. it is extraordinary. melissa: there seems to be real progress but this talk of not approving mike "pompeii" yo as secretary of state in backdrop of him doing this week. senators, including rand paul who views him as too much of a hawk basically saying, that he is willing to stay in different locations that president trump wanted to come back from. is that an issue, given mike pompeo is supposed to execute what the president wants. what he wants isn't supposed to enter into it? >> mike pompeo, we had discussion along these lines. david: he fully understands the president's agenda. he is fully going to execute
4:54 pm
that agenda, not as some kind of war hawk. he will execute it as the chief diplomat. that is what his lane will be diplomacy, try to avoid conflict, effective diplomacy can avoid conflict. that is what he will be doing. i think, i have never seen the congress in this case the senate sink so low as to what they are doing now to deny this president, who won an election, his secretary of state when the congress traditionally always permitted a president to pick somebody as important as his secretary of state or secretary of defense. there is no precedent for what they're doing. that is unfortunate. it hurts the country and hurts our image in the world as well. melissa: if you look at those objecting it is along political lines. we showed ones undecided, chris coons, a democrat, jeff flake republican from arizona who obviously has massive issues with the president. a democrat voting yes, only one
4:55 pm
so far, heidi heitkamp, what do you make of all that? >> well just, i think it is mostly politics and not principle. i think on the principle side i think senator paul, i disagree with his rationale, he is very consistent with the rationale, he isolationist and libertarian and he is not and neither is director pompeo. melissa: have a great weekend. david: can you imagine if he is not confirmed after going through the entire process setting whole thing up? it would be extraordinary. let's switch gears to a romance that spanned more than seven decades. can you imagine two people being in love and married for that long. inside george and barbara bush's wartime love story. how it all began. we'll show you a love letter that could melt a heart of stone.
4:56 pm
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melissa: i love a moving love letter written by george h. w. bush to his then fiancee barbara pierce is melting hearts across the country. david: we were going to share this with you earlier in the week but we had so many breaking news stories interfere but we had before the week was out to share this with you the former president's letter to his darling bar was written while serving in world war ii as a navy pilot bush writing "i love you precious with all my heart and to know that you love me means my life. how often i've thought about the joy that will be ours some day, how lucky our children will be to have a mother like you. bar you have made my life full of everything i could ever dream
5:00 pm
of by complete happiness should be a token of my love for you." melissa: so sweet. david: 73 years they were married and i think they knew each other a year before that so 74 years. melissa: amazing that does it for us. risk & rewards starts right now. >> he's saying hey wait a second we're not going to take it any more. look at it today. you can tell when the president tweeted right if you look and you see the price drop-off the table. that is the power that he perhaps has, because the saudis have been jaw-boning it up talking about 80 to $100 a barrel oil. liz: president trump slamming opec foreman in you lating oil prices higher both oil & gas prices hitting nearly four-year highs and could have drivers see ing red this summer driving season and the push is now on in the middle east for oil at $100 a barrel, oil-rich adversaries like russia and iran look to


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