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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 25, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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u.s. this morning. european indices down across the board. cac down two thirds of a percent and the dax in germany down 200 points. that is my .5%. right across the board as well, down better than 1%. earnings of focus on wall street as well before the bell this morning its stock is down. twitter also this morning on pace come expecting a strong quarter due to rising at sales for the stock is down better than 3% going into those numbers. "after the bell," facebook reporting for the first time since the company's data scandal broke. why investors are watching this this afternoon trades.down a quarter of a percent right now. president trump hosting french president emmanuel macron for his first white house state dinner last night during a bilateral meeting earlier in the day. leaders spoke about everything from national security to getting tough on trade. >> they trade with us.
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we can't trade with them. they did $504 billion last year and we did $120 billion. that's a tremendous imbalance and we can't have that. we are going to have a delegation that their requests go to china. trade to the latest on the trade debate is president trump get back to sit down with apple ceo tim cook this afternoon to talk about trade. an emotional return to the field. the congressional baseball team set to practice this morning for the first time since last year shooting that wounded house majority whip steve scalise and several others. we will take you there live going back to practice this morning. questions of her comb his contacts. the columbia law professor helped the fbi director lake sensitive memos has special government employee status. at the fbi. the shocking revelation as another tale of controversy with a snarky drink menu at one of his book events.
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deals on wheels. or amazon prime members can get packages delivered straight to the trunk of their car. all the stories coming out. german to talk about it, and make towel. investment strategist with the bell of "the wall street journal" global economics editor jon hilsenrath here good to see you. >> good to be here. >> on here about your dinner with janet yellen. i want to hear got any tips on lower interest rates. i presented an award last night because we are both from bay ridge brooklyn and it was great to see here. she seems to be doing really well. gerri: a reminder that to me to movement is not necessary because how about just celebrated incredibly is wrong powerful, thoughtful brilliant women who have forged ahead and charged ahead in the last i don't know, 100 years. maria: thank you for proving that a kid from brooklyn can rise to the top sea of power.
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>> unit television? pretty incredible to see it. >> will be interesting to see what happens is we get into the fed meeting in early may. expectations were for rate hikes continue to rise to the tenure at 3%. maria: things are going to slow down pretty considerably come 2019 through 20. robert kaplan said he is expecting one is expecting one and three-quarter% growth at the end of 2019. we will see about that with these rate hikes. i'm not buying it. >> allotted goodness in the economy right now. the images starts coming off in the 19th and 20th and we have to start worrying. right as we go into the presidential election in 2020, the economy will keep going at this pace. maria: we'll talk about that. kentucky congressman member andy barr is that spirit white house
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press secretary president trump sean spicer joins us with ronald reagan's budget director david stockman is here and senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. plus dr. mike is here with us. don't miss a moment. a big three hours coming up we kick it off right here at this. extending losses this morning after the doubt plunge better than 620 points at one point yesterday that was the low. climbed back to 424 and the doubt. 121 points lower on the nasdaq. caterpillar weighed on the dow. been sharply traded lower by the end of the day with a big increase in the prices deal. rising treasury yield also at issue. look at where the 10 year treasury yield is right now hitting 3%. reported 02% at the highest level since january 2014. would you think of this move in the healed? >> you can look at it one of two ways.
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as a sign the economy is improving and that's good news. but you could also look at it that risk inflation will pick up and profit margins will be squeezed and not the way the market is take a nap right now. maria: there's a real question in terms of what will happen in terms of the rate rises this year. how significant a slowdown might create? is dagen: in anything but the word began to be rising interest rates which hurts profit margins. caterpillar yesterday's stock was down more than six were sent yesterday. they said that the first quarter might be the high water mark for the year. you get higher interest rates and inflation you get rising labor costs, higher borrowing costs, higher input prices for companies. also because you'd use yields are interest rates to value rates to value a company's future earnings are worth. that changes the valuation that you would be willing to expect.
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i think you are getting into a situation where the fed reserve will not only raise interest rates going on this year, but also reduce the balance sheet. nobody really knows how much that could hurt and change all asset classes. you look at a lot of these asset classes they look like mania and a lot of them. >> your point about valuations is an important one. last year the market was priced to perfection. valuations were high. the narrative was tax cuts and deregulation will push this economy forward. now i think the narrative is changing the valuations might get squeezed. inflation is picking out. lindsay, i would like to know what you think of valuations. >> what you see in the stellar earnings reports coming out as you are seeing that the market was pricing in these very high earning of petitions coming in
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gray. the devil has been in the detail that these expenses. but cost rising. margin as an inflationary environment, you get lower multiples. and so, the multiple has been reduced kind of at this level the market could stay for a little while. dagen: you saw it in the bank stocks as well. you better be perfect and even better than perfect. investors have picked one thing that accompany sadder one item in the company's earnings report. with jpmorgan in this kind of the tepid slow growth. with caterpillar it's rising input costs. and you look at going into next year. you have an economy slowing down to some of the stimulus rolls off. but also inflation, the federal reserve has to fight with higher interest rates. i do want to use the word but
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i'm about to come a stagflation. >> speaking of wanting to look out for later this week. gdp numbers on friday will not be very good numbers. around 2% plus or minus a couple times. that is not the 3% narrative that the market was so focused on last year. this narrative we talk about is changing. >> going to weigh in the markets over the course of the next six is the uncertainty around the selections usually the first term of a president going in to midterm elections where it is a concern his party could be overthrown. you see the market decline to .2% in the second quarter. your point and percentage point in the third quarter. maria: they typically do lose seats. breaking news right now. comcast formalizing its bid for sky broadcasting. he offers a 16% premium over the 21st century fox bid. comcast offered
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22 billion pounds. twenty-first century fox is the parent company of fox business. obviously, we know comcast came in, wanted to really disrupt the deal fox had with disney and now we see their formalizing this bid just for sky. >> right. this gets back to the deal between disney and news corp. it looks like they are following through with the efforts to disrupt video. maria: and perhaps fox was ready to sell sky anyway. is fox going to fight for sky with a comcast formalizing the offer at this point? we'll see. >> it looks like we have a fight on her hands. >> also watching first-quarter results in terms of twitter, bowing out this morning. facebook reported "after the bell." are we still at connecticut performance in terms of profitability? 19% growth is the expert patient for the first quarter.
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>> debating whose numbers you're looking that. for the first quarter, but we should get better than not when it's all said and done. just a quarter of the way through her earnings. 79% of companies are on the bottom line. usually only get 55% of companies beating on the revenue abstinence. the second, third and fourth quarter numbers have stayed pat. we are seeing full year earnings growth increasing slightly due a 10.9%. maria: it's a good number. good backdrop for stocks. we'll take a break. when we come back from a $2 lease officers fighting for their lives this morning after being shot at a home depot. the latest from the long car chase that led police to eventually catch the alleged gunman. the revelations about the professor helped fire fbi there jim comey. the professor worked for the fbi. document all men.
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transparently tracked from port to port. this is the ibm blockchain, built for smarter business. built to run on the ibm cloud. this is the ibm blockchain, built for smarter business. feet go here.... you know what goes here... and your approval rating... goes here. test drive the ztrak z540r at your john deere dealer and learn why it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. nothing runs like a deere. save 250 dollars when you test drive and buy a john deere residential z540r ztrak mower. maria: to dallas police officers in a security guard in critical condition after being shot trying to arrest a man at a home depot. cheryl casone with the details. transfer the suspect mondale were a eventually avoiding
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arrest. police finally caught him. it was a five hour manhunt. police were on a high-speed chase through downtown dallas. finally he was taken into custody. already wanted for stealing a car. all the victims remained hospitalized this morning. in michigan restaurant owner refuses to take down his flags honoring fallen police officers and military ordinances. >> they are not coming down. the flags of the names of their euros are not coming down. taking on military law enforcement and they are going to up there. >> officials say they've got no problem with what the flag say. just how many flags are being displayed. a federal judge has ruled against the trump administration's daca program. daca protects young undocumented immigrants must continue to accept applications.
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president trump's decision to rescind was quote, unlawful and must be to decide. he's giving the administration 90 days to make his case as to why he thinks the program is unlawful. republicans defending a congressional house seat in arizona special elections. debbie lesko be by five points. the seed opens when republican representative allegations. still has to run for reelection in november. maria: cheryl, thank you. also a chance to share this moment from last night. at the opportunity to honor janet yellen with an award at the 2018 brooklyn public library gala. watch. >> firm wind to another congratulations on this incredible accomplishment in
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thank you for a thank you for proving that a kid from brooklyn, given the right resources and hard work can rise to the greatest seat of power anywhere in the world today. congratulations, dr. galan. [cheers and applause] maria: was so good to see her. she was so happy if this were talking about growing up in bay ridge and that the brooklyn public library and also the neighborhood girl. there. i'm looking forward to seeing what she does at their posts bad years. i think she will be more outspoken than bamber naki has been on non-monetary policy issues. she just took part in an exchange. she had an editorial in the "washington post" the other day talking about fiscal policy. dagen: it was written by many of the democratic chairman economic
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advisers in the essence of it was entitlements are the problem. it the tax reform package in terms of blowing up the deficit. >> i was a precious land to to come out and speak out. dagen: well, it was once a day. >> the response to republicans is that the whole problem is entitlements. it was a partisan back-and-forth, which got my attention that she would put her name something. trade to her role can't be underestimated here to she took the reins when they needed stabilization after bamber naki and tim gagner and paulson really handled that recession in a generation and then she took the reins therein sort of help stabilize the economy. she had a very different set of challenges than today's chairman of the fed does. >> it might help her legacy that she was there for four years.
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maria: exactly. dagen: in some ways, maybe she's a little bit painful that she doesn't have to unwind the ballot sheet to raise interest rates particularly given the fiscal stimulus in the tax reform package and the giant spending bill. don't underestimate. >> we will soon be into an expansion that's never been as long as it's been before and people will start asking how much longer can this go. >> avery started asking that. >> will keep talking about that and the economy certainly looking strong today. gdp later this week. coming up, and emotional reunion to tell you about. congressional republicans return to the baseball field for the first time or steve scalise were shot and seriously injured. taking you live to virginia with the practice this morning. twitter reporting before the bell, hoping that boosting the user growth in fake news will help the bottom line.
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maria:, comcast reporting its revenue beat expectations. the stock is up right now 2%. the new controversy affords
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james comey tomorrow. the professor helped the former fbi director leaked memos detailing his exchanges with president trump has confirmed he did indeed have status at the bureau for no pay and an e-mail to fox news yesterday. the fbi position a lot for security clearance from access to government buildings and details into the hillary clinton e-mail pro. join us as asked his political reporter alexia mccammon. good to see you. are you surprised by this? your reaction. >> this is obviously no information as you all have reported. a number of lawmakers who said tia they find a surprising comey which is one close friend of a something like 35,000 to share this information with. i don't know if that part is surprising though we are left with many questions about the access whether comey shared any
6:24 am
other information we do not know in what type of information he was privy to what the special government employee access. >> is quite extraordinary. i wonder what you think. a professor doesn't actually work for the fbi. security clearance. >> also provide aid talking points in how the agency was managing the investigation into former secretary of state clinton e-mails. again, the american people said.config or oddly what do you talk about andy mccabe who has been fired for jim comey release the page. how are you going to prove to the american people the fbi has been cleaned up. will people pay the price for it whether it lied under oath. and the ig referral back for the justice department about
6:25 am
potential prosecutions. that's what people want to know. >> i want to ask a numbskull question. why exactly did the security clearance matter? people get outside contract or status at the different agencies. what the conflict here? >> for example, lisa paige, they still have security clearance even though they were demoted and we know they've been moved to other areas of the fbi. they can basically go back and look at whatever they had access to. i find that outrageous. i don't understand why. it did work for the bureau. >> the other special projects he was put on. he was by the way mentioned in the lisa paige and peter stzrok text messages.
6:26 am
maria: who us have security clearances or approvals are outsiders the fbi are given access? >> to be fair, we've seen the same sort of security clearance issues in the white house. jared kushner security clearances downgraded after a number of issues with this document. there is a problem that needs to be resolved across agencies and security clearances because it's a significant deal. it's important to know the special employee designation was created back in 1962 and that is now something in the agency needs to look at to see if it is to be in different ways. this certainly is a moment to consider that. maria: serving drinks at the side of snark. former fbi director jim comey book included cocktails dubbed burdock did indeed save. i mean, obviously they are trying to make a joke, but it's extraordinary to me that he is
6:27 am
joking about all of this in the face of serious investigations ongoing right now. looking at jim comey's fbi in how they behave in terms of their own bias. >> right, this book tour has been highly publicized. sort of taken on a life of its own and part thanks to social media. a survey yesterday showed the book tour and interview at different outlets had to convince people that did nardi agree with him. it's still along partisan lines where 70% of republicans believe trump over comey. so i think he is seeing how this book tour is evolving and that was reflected in the event last night. maria: extraordinary. dagen: never get invited to those kinds of parties anyway because then the skunk at the picnic. when i go to those parties i am.
6:28 am
again, this whole book tour is all about jim comey. making sure that he is spit shining. >> that is not. congressional investigation looking at the way he led, which there were criminal charges and now the idea of report will come out with a focus on jim comey. he doesn't want to be out there speaking when there is an ig report referred criminal charges. the mac when he looks in the mirror, he sees a giant boy scout. >> he definitely makes us believe that anyway. good to see you. thanks for weighing in. joining us for maxi us. prime users can now get packages delivered right to the trunk of their car. we've got those details coming out. how are you celebrating away day? trying to beat amazon and the game by creating a shopping holiday today. back in a moment with that.
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beklein, major indices declining more than 1%. the dow was down and the 10-year treasury, the 10-year yield now 3.02%. global markets following the u.s.' take lower. ftse down, 46 points lower. dax index down 1 and a half percent. that's almost 20 points lower on the dax in germany. boeing the only dow component reporting this morning ahead of opening bell. twitter is to report the quarter. we will bring you numbers and analysis. twitter shares up 2 or 3%. house minority leader confronted over criticism over the president's tax cut plan, watch. >> in terms of the bonus that
6:33 am
corporate america received versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers to put is smoochze is so pathetic. maria: that was on january 11, forcing her to play defense. security will be tight. we are going to take you there live. amazon is looking to avoid pirates by delivering trying to your car, how it works later this hour. the online retailer kicking off way day with deep discounts. beyond the big mac, mcdonalds giving taste of the world on new restaurant, how you can try items from australia and brazil. house minority leader pelosi facing backlash after referring
6:34 am
to bonuses as crumbs. student from georgetown university described why the tax cuts described his family during town hall with the congress fbn:am yesterday. >> as small business owners, i know it's helped my parents help employees, help put me through college. would you still refer the tax plan as crumbs? >> there are some benefits that are some are feeling in a particular way with the tax bill. my question, my statement was a foolish statement that says while they provide a banquet to 1%, they are giving crumbs to other people. maria: david, do you see it as crumbs? >> no, i think the metaphor was wrong. it's a whole loaf of bread was stolen from the future.
6:35 am
this was written in invisible disappearing ink, they are nice to go, they will go away in a few years, secondly, 2 trillion dlb added to the debt at the wrong time, ten years into a business pangs and future taxpayers will be paying for this forever. so i think a huge mistake was made when they passed an unfinanced tax bill. if they wanted to cut back spending, great, if they wanted to close loopholes but to borrow it -- dagen: that does not what she meant when she said crumbs. she lives in such a bubble in san francisco and hangs out with rich friends. she doesn't know what $2,000 means to the average person. maria: a lot of money. dagen: stop making excuses for nancy pelosi, she knows exactly what she said but backtrack and
6:36 am
not dismiss the millions of americans who got the 2,000-dollar bonuses and she's trying to act like she understands the value of a dollar in this day and it's just poppy -- maria: she doesn't. >> wait a minute. i'm not defending nancy pelosi. they are all wrong. they need to be facing a $1.2 trillion -- maria: how do you explain in the prior 8 years businesses sat on cash and did not put the money to work but now this the last year we saw business spending moving again and animal spirits moving again. i don't know if they are moving or not. it's not up. seriously, at the late in the cycle we are still spending gdp or cash flow or value added less on net business investment than ever before, so the point is there's no free lunch. there is going to be a yield
6:37 am
shock where -- maria: so do you think -- >> let me just say, maria. maria: you think the corporate rate should be at 35%. >> i think it should be 21% or 0 or should be offset with spending cuts of $2 trillion. maria: spending is a problem. >> you can't ignore where we are at this stage of the cycle. dagen: the democrats now are trying to act like they care about the care -- >> forget what they have to say. they are trying preach and win the house. >> why don't you call all of washington out -- dagen: we do. >> call all of them because they are going to shrink the annual rate starting in october. same thing as dumping bonds.
6:38 am
that's what they are doing. treasury will be borrowing in the coming year because of the spending, defense increase, unfunded tax cut, 1.2 trillion, put those two together, 1.8 trillion of homeless government debt. maria: should we have not put money in the military? >> no, we shouldn't, better ways to use what they have. jon: analysts have been saying for decades, we are larging deficits, they said it after financial crisis, yields are moving up -- dagen: i can answer that, though. >> massive pivot that isn't focused, back when i said it the 80's, the balance of the sheet was 20 billion of the total world, central banks 400 billion, today is 22 trillion. they have been buying up the debt for the last 20, 25 years
6:39 am
easing the shock. maria: do you have many ideas in the navy what happened in the year? how many planes cannot fly because they are not capable because we starved the military? >> i've heard all that, but the obvious answer is don't have so many missions, don't be bombing syria, don't be mucking around in the middle east. maria: turn our face -- >> it's already proven that that was totally a hoax. maria: are you saying syria did not use -- >> plenty of evidence coming out of there right now that there was bombing out, civil war, huge dust clouds. maria: now you lost me, david. bashar al-assad is a good guy? >> they are all bad guys. we have no dog on that hunt on either side, the people who said there was a gas attacks are jihadists head choppers, are we going to believe them. they are the ones the put out the videos, the videos are fake,
6:40 am
it's been well analyzed if you look outside of the mainstream media. maria: it's very tough to unravel here because what you're saying is too much spending, we know that the omnibus was a bust, but they were forced to do it because they we wanted to put money into the military, your position is don't put more money into the military, i don't know that you can do that. >> i can do that because there's 600 billion before they added 80. if they we wanted to priorities spending, if they wanted to top wasting all the money we are wasting, buying the weapon systems we don't need, aircraft carriers, why in the hell do we need 13 trillion-dollar aircraft carriers -- dagen: emmanuel macron is in the state, you can talk to him about this being a hoax. maria: i have a couple of reasons, kim jong un, bashar al-assad, iran, those are three reasons for you. >> well, bashar al-assad is no threat whatsoever to the united
6:41 am
states, he never harmed us, couldn't harm us, it's irrelevant. iranians, we could live with if we would stop trying to treat them as paria nation. jon: the market is forward looking, why isn't it pricing in -- >> because your beloved fed is ruining the markets -- maria: come on. give me a break. david, you are trying to take extreme positions, you're losing us. >> okay. maria: trashing the military and all this, come on, give me a break. >> i'm not trashing the military, i'm trashing our leaders who are putting the military in harm's way where they don't need to be. that's a big difference. why are we in germany 40, 50 years after, you know, after the cold war ended 25 years, why are we still in the korean peninsula, we should all be out of those places. dagen: we call military leaders
6:42 am
in washington a bunch of liers that we had air strikes and everybody knows it's a hoax, great global hoax, giant conspiracy theory, you know why conspiracy theories never -- [inaudible] >> is there any proof that the first time a year ago that -- maria: should we forget about who has nuclear capabilities and go it alone and not even worry that these maniacs out there have capabilities to destroy the world. >> iranians don't have nuclear capability and now we have a president that wants to blow. it was there money that was sitting gathering interest. [laughter] maria: david, emotional return to field to gop baseball team, house republicans arriving for first practice since last year's
6:43 am
shooting that ruined majority whip steve scalise and others. chad with the details, good morning to you. >> good morning, well, the players have taken the field in the past couple of minutes. you can hear the crack of the bat, they are throwing practice, jogging in the outfield, this is experience for many republican members of congress, it's a charity event in june. i came last week with republican congressman from tennessee. fist time on the field. he's glad to get back to playing baseball because the last time on the field he was running for his life. >> when it didn't stop, the barrage continued, i made a run for the dugout. all i could think about is he's going to shoot me in the back. >> u.s. capitol police mat has beefed up security here, he was
6:44 am
about 15 miles away and felt helpless having learned that two officers had been shot, he said it it was a gut punch but they beefed up security this year. >> last year was certainly an eye-opener for a lot of people and made members of congress really think the vulnerability that exists, the threats are real and we will have a robust presence for the practices and the gains. >> there's no such thing as a routine event, this is a little bit different protecting baseball field for practices than protecting a town hall meeting or speech in auditorium, one good note this morning, mat micah, aide out in the field helping with the practice. maria: chad thank you so much, he's in virginia this morning, the fresno university professor who called barbara bush a racist right after the first lady's
6:45 am
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maria: welcome back, comcast has formerly entered a bidding war for century fox. cheryl: comcast which owns universal has hinted for months that may make offer for sky, they made it official, $31 billion for the european broadcaster, 21st century fox who owns fox business has been trying to buy the percent that it doesn't already know but regulators have been cool to that deal. now the bidding could go higher, reports say that wallet disney which has agreed to buy large parts of fox is also considering entering the competition. fox has issued a statement on comcast offer saying, quote, 21st century fox remains commit today recommended cash offer for sky announced on 15th of december 2016 and currently
6:49 am
considering its options, further announcement will be made in due course. all right, the fresno state university professor who attacked the late barbara bush on twitter will not face punishment. ronda gerard sent out tweets about the first lady, accused her of raising a war criminal. although they found her statements to be embarrassment to the university, she didn't violate any policies, we should say online petition calling for gerard termination's agarnerred more than 55,000 signatures. then there's this, mcdonalds new restaurant in new chicago headquarters is open and it is something else. it's got a very big international twist to it. they have a rotating choice of special items from restaurants throughout mcdonalds around the world. so right now there is cheese and bacon loaded fries from australia, you have the manhattan salad, that comes from france and for desert they have sundays that are normally served
6:50 am
in brazil, shares of mcdonalds down 7% so far that year, why i'm not in mcdonalds in chicago, i don't know. that's something else. anyway, one more really cool video i want to show you. check this out. lapd officer draining a near full court shot backwards. look at that shot. everybody was really impressed. officer eria george, serious skill, lapd put this on twitter account, maria, they said any other department up for the challenge, hoping for headlines on the show that other departments try and give it their own shot. maria: thank you, cheryl. coming up, never worry about missing amazon deliveries again. check this out, amazon customers can get packages put right into the trunks of their cars, wayfair kicking off to compete with amazon. how they want you to weigh in today.
6:51 am
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whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. maria: welcome back, amazon is testing a new delivery spot, your trunk, the trunk of your car, it's not the only online retailer in the spotlight, gerri willis with details. >> amazon is testing a new delivery to your car, prime member who is own vehicles by gm and volvo with the onstar system can download the amazon key app and link car to the program and amazon carriers will open trunk or door and leave package right inside, take a look at video, service available in 37 cities, nobody like this is but i would do this in a heart beat, let's
6:55 am
talk about way can have fair instating a wave day, shopping holiday that happens right now today and promises the lowest prices since black friday, as many as 70,000 products could be marketed down in addition, the company will deliver furniture for free, no shipping charges and promises new deals every 6 hours, the company looking to cash in, you know, spring clean, it's that time of year, some people do that, i don't really, but i wish i did. maria: funny how they create a whole holiday. am done did it. >> they were. >> successful and huge for amazon, big bump to revenue. jon: how comfortable would you feel just having a stranger go into your car and dropping? >> they have a program you they go into your house, people are doing that. lookings it's a new world, i think people want all kinds of options when it comes to getting goods and getting them now. >> i would rather them go into
6:56 am
my car than house, right? maria: twitter, 16 cents a share versus the -- much better than estimate and revenue is $665 million, the stock is soaring up right now 10 per in the quarterly number. just hit earnings at 16 cents a share. >> estimates 12 cents a share, that's a beat. so 665, big beat there. this is going to be great for twitter stock as you know they are up 30% this year, you look at facebook, tanked, twitter on fire, it's interesting how the companies have switched places for investors, everybody was looking for video at ai to drive user growth, so you have to read into the release to see if that actually happens. maria: a number of active users beating expectations, that's just coming up as well. the company certainly weathering what has have been some questions into the quarter in the last couple of months about the business model.
6:57 am
dagen: new privacy concerns that they rolled out. in anticipation of european laws, i got that pushed me yesterday in terms of ad targeting on twitter. jon: i wonder how donald trump gets for twitter? >> can you monetize the president's tweets? jon: talk about free advertising. every morning we talk about what he said on twitter. maria: one day ceo was asked about this, jack, oh, it's complicated. complicated, thank the heaven's above. this is -- donald trump just gave your business a huge boost. dagen: right. >> second quarter in a row with double digits. maria: gerri willis. we will be right back.
6:58 am
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>> maria: welwelcome back. thank you for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it's wednesday, april 25th. your top stories right now. earnings in focus on wall street this morning. twitter shares beating expectations on profit and revenue. monthly active users higher than expected. the stock up 5.5%. it is coming off of the highs just a few minutes ago, it was up 10%. boeing is due out later this morning. that could be a market mover for sure. we're watching facebook reporting for the first time since the company's data scandal broke. what investors are watching for this afternoon on facebook. stock up fractionally going into those numbers. broader markets under pressure
7:01 am
today, futures indicate a decline at the start of trading, down 120 points. s&p is also down 1/2 of 1%. this on the heels of a tough day yesterday, stocks plunging after the 10 year treasury yields crossed the 3% mark. the dow sliding better than 400 points, finishing lower for a fifth session in a row. that was off of the lows. it had been down better than 600 at its worst. european indices down across the board. the dax index in germany is down almost 2% right now. in say sharks red across the -- in asia, red across the board as you can see there as well. the impact of tariffs on technology, president trump meeting privately today with the ceo of apple, tim cook. that meeting taking place this afternoon. trade is expected to be top of the agenda. the president gave an upt date - update on negotiations with
7:02 am
china yesterday. >> the treasury secretary, steve mnuchin, will be going to china in a few days to negotiate on trade. we've put on very substantial tariffs and that will continue unless we make a trade deal. i think we've got a very good chance of making a deal. >> maria: the very latest on the trade debate coming up this morning. an emotional return to the baseball field, the republican congressional baseball team practicing for the first time since last year's shooting that wounded house majority whip, steve scalise and several others. we'll take you there live this morning, later this hour. straight out of "mission impossible," the first look of the new self-deinstructing e-mails -- destuc ting e-mails. then a look at a record-breaking lego creation in japan. that is all lego. how cool is that first, breaking news, twitter out with earnings. the stock is soaring on the
7:03 am
news. the social media giant beat expectations on profit and revenue. monthly active users also higher than expected and quarterly ad revenue was up 21%. joining this morning to talk about that is arc investment analyst james wayman tiernan ray. thank you for joining us. james, you own twitter. >> yes, we do. >> maria: your thoughts on what we just saw in terms of the twitter quarterly ad revenue and the numbers in general. >> these are incred usually strong numb -- incredibly strong revenue. ad revenue at 21% is a massive inflection. though tall revenue for -- total revenue for add ads were down lt year. they refocused on brand advertising and twitter is a great platform for brand advertising, brands love to go on twitter. >> maria: it's interesting, you've been writing about this as well. twitter along with other technology names since the
7:04 am
facebook scandal and this idea that we'll see more regulation has been really the weak spot in this market. >> that's right. but they are in the same mix of privacy issues and our personal data and i think that's not over yet. you may see that down the road, even though at the moment they look like the fair child. >> is twitter an outlier because you don't have as much personal data involved in there and they have new privacy policies that seem to please people. the company did you say in their earnings report that they expect revenue growth to moderate through the rest of the year towards the 2016 levels that were much lower. yet the stock was up over 10% initially and it's giving back a little bit, maybe on that commentary. so is twitter an outlier in the social media space? and what are other areas of tech for both of you that you find interesting going into the remainder of the year? >> i think they're not just an
7:05 am
outlier. i think that they're still trying to prove that this has staying power. they were for a long time not monday advertising. so now -- monda monetizing. i think we have the olympics this quarter for them. that was a big boost. we have the world cup coming. we'll see if these things carry them forward or if this was a blip. >> maria: how do you feel about these privacy concerns? twitter said it's revamping the privacy policy to make it easy for users to see what data the company collects, how it's used. this comes amid facebook's ongoing data scandal. facebook will be reporting after the bell today. >> all these social companies have some exposure to the private you sigh scandal. the thing -- private you sigh scandal. the thing with twitter, it's transparent and obvious what data it has on you. facebook is a private network by default. twitter is a public network by default which means everything you publish you know is on the
7:06 am
internet. there's less of the cognitive disdense that maybe my data is being misused. >> dagen: what they rolled out yesterday, it involves the personalization in data. you can easily turn off basically tracking of your behavior on the internet to personalize the ads that are pushed at you. you can turn it off. i wonder if that doesn't, at a time when twitter needs to be better monetizing its user base, does that hurt it at all? they're trying to get ahead of what's happened with facebook. there's a big question of that. >> you get olympics and you get the world cup, you get brand marketing events as you said. what you don't get is we're the place you come to for your lifetime, for your school friends, facebook, et cetera. it's a greater value for facebook they're into your
7:07 am
social graph, your lifetime. twitter is a campaign, you run it and maybe you walk away. >> these opt-outs are optional. less than 5% of people are going to find the setting and turn it off. >> dagen: they pushed it at users yesterday. i got it as soon as i opened twitter. they pushed it directly at me. i did actually take the time to read what it was asking me to do and i disabled basically the ad tracking. >> you've gotten religion and everyone's being careful now and they're promoting we're doing the right thing for you proactively. >> maria: i got that from the wall street journal yesterday on the app, just telling me what their privacy standards are. >> it's going to be a trend. everyone will be proactive now. >> maria: they have to be. mark zuckerberg said that the controversy surrounding the cambridge analytica issue has not impacted business. we'll be watching when the company reports earnings after the bell, of course, alpha one capital partners' founding
7:08 am
partner dan niles brushed off the privacy concerns when i spoke to him last week. this was his number one position. >> when i look at facebook, you've always had privacy settings. most people don't turn them on or work them as much as they could. having said that, i like having ads shown to me that are relevant. i don't want to see baby food ads when my kids are 17 years old. i would rather see ads for ten p thitentennis gear, et cetera. >> maria: how do you see it? >> i think they're going to have strong earnings, actually. >> maria: you own that one as well? >> we do. >> expenses have been rising for facebook, twitter, even google making investments, google investors didn't react well to those increased costs. how do you see the rest of earnings season playing out for these tech companies, especially with costs rising? >> cost is a good point. the facebook forecast might be
7:09 am
39% revenue increase this quarter but for this year the company has said expenses will rise 45% to 60%. it costs real money to do this. we saw that with google. for all these guys it's becoming less how much they increase the revenue than how much money can they put to work, just incredible amounts. >> dagen: you know what's starting to remind me of the dot-com bubble bursting is the fact that google would pay $2.4 billion for that chelsea market for the space here, seeming to buy real estate and put money into real estate at the very peak, because you lived in san francisco, didn't you, or you covered the first dot-com bubble. i was living out there when that burst and that was a lot of what you saw was over-spending on real estate, whether it was rents or buildings. >> maria: that's a great point. >> dagen: when they bought that chelsea market i flagged it here. i said this is not a good sign in terms of the excess spending. >> tech has closed down --
7:10 am
online ordering has closed down mom and pop retail. who is going to pay the rents? you need a multibillion dollar company to pay, every street corner that is now empty. >> maria: you think this is a growth story? >> if you look at google's spend, the chelsea market was a one-off and they treat it as a savings. rent is higher if you go the long run. take out chelsea market, they doubled the spending for cap ex. that money is going into the semiconductor supply chain, cp. , memory, everything you need to do to accelerate a.i., they're spending boatloads of money on that. >> dagen: let's hope it's not going into the next google blast. >> i still have one of those. i bring it out every once in a while. >> maria: what about the conversation around apple? look at the selloff we saw last week. taiwan semiconductor, you were a buyer in that.
7:11 am
>> absolutely, we're a buyer. taiwan semiconductor pretty much makes every chip in your phones, in your laptops, in your game consoles. they're the most broad-based play that i think most people don't really know. they're not a household name, psmc. but everything including the bitcoin mining chips, they're starting to manufacture and that's reaching 5% of ref flews. thi--revenues. they're able to weather transitions in technology. >> maria: good to see you both. thanks so much. great insights from you both. we want to take a break. when we come back, we're going to take you back to the baseball field and we'll talk about the first game, practice game since that shooting a year ago. the fda meanwhile announces a major crack down on vaping, the new warning for retailers retaig the trendy juul device to teenagers. and then we'll tell you about new perks coming to users of spotify, three weeks after the
7:12 am
company went public. back in a moment. you know what they say about the early bird... he gets the best deal on the perfect hotel by using tripadvisor! that's because tripadvisor lets you start your trip on the right foot... by comparing prices from over 200 booking sites to find the right hotel for you at the lowest price.
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does your bed do that? oh... i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. >> maria: welcome back. a former financial advisor to hillary clinton using blue language in a confrontation with police. we have details. >> cheryl: karen turner coming to help her daughter after she
7:15 am
was pulled over by police. police video showed turner flashing her port authority commissioner badge as she tries to find out what led to the traffic stop. an officer tried to end the conversation and things got ugly. turner ended up dropping the "f" bomb. >> i'm shocked and disappointed. you may not tell me when to take my child. >> cheryl: turner who is chair woman of the port authority's ethics committee resigned after she learned the port authority was investigating this incident in new jersey. audi is recalling about 1.2 million vehicles worldwide because the electric coolant pumps can overheat and possibly cause a fire. 400,000 of them in the u.s. and canada. the recall covers the 2013-2016a-4, the 2013-2017 a dash 5 and the 2012 to 2015a-6 and the q a 5 suv from swir 201o
7:16 am
2017. dealers will replace the pumps at no cost to the owner of the the vehicle. the fda is cracking down on the sale of e-cigarettes to minors. they have started an undercover sting operation that targets retailers that sell juul, a popular product among teenagers. the fda has issued warning letters to retailers that have been caught selling the vaping devices to anybody that's under the age of 21 and they're demanding that juul lab turn over documents about the marketing and research behind their products. spotify upgrading the user experience for their nonpaying listeners. you know you've got to listen to the ads. the new and improved free version of spotify, listeners can choose their songs on demand from one of personalized -- one of the personalized play lists. there's also a data saver mode. they are trying to flip non-p
7:17 am
paying users into spotify premium customers. spotify premium is $10 a month. that's where you get it ad-free, of course. spotify announced the new app yesterday. shares sank nearly 2%. there was a broader selloff yesterday. there is competition coming in from apple music. >> maria: coming up, french president emmanuel macron heading to capitol hill today where he's set to address a joint session of congress after toasting at a state dinner last night. the cherry blossoms are blooming in japan. lego lapped i land is celebratiy building a tree entirely out of legos. back in a minute. ♪ everybody's got a a hungry heart. ♪ lay down your money and you break apart. ♪ everybody's got a hungry heart.
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>> maria: welcome back. america's oldest you alliance, french president emmanuel macron is set to round out his visit in washington with a joint congressional address later today. president trump and first lady melania hosted the macrons for the administration's first official state dinner last night. joining me now is congressman an dandy barr. thank you for joining us. were you at the dinner? >> no, i was not but i'm certainly glad to welcome president macron to a joint session of congress today. >> maria: what are you expecting to hear from him? what does congress want to see from france at this point? >> we want to see a continuation of the long-standing alliance and friendship that our countries have shared over these many centuries. if you think about it, this strong alliance and friendship began in the american
7:22 am
revolution, continued through the louisiana purchase to the beaches of normandy and today we have a tremendous opportunity to build on that friendship and alliance both in terms of our trade relationships and our joint partnership in the area of trade and also in security with iran and china. >> maria: look, they seem to get along famously, the president and emmanuel macron. they've got some significant policy differences, right? france would like the u.s. to not pull out of the iran nuclear deal. macron wants a permanent exemption from the president's new steel and aluminum tariffs. and he'd like to see more lasting commitment to the u.s. stabilization in syria. are you expecting these issues to be top of mind this afternoon? >> they will. but those minor differences i think also present opportunities. for example, president macron agrees that the iran nuclear deal is deficient. certainly we agree it was a
7:23 am
historic mistake in congress. i opposed the iran nuclear deal because we've been proven to be right, that in exchange for the promise of a suspension of the enrichment program, iran received tens of billions of dollars in upfront sanctions relief and we've seen an acceleration of iran's activities in the form of supporting terrorist proxies, accelerating its ballistic missile program, supporting terrorism, and the deal was fatally flawed from the standpoint of verification by the terms of the agreement itself, international inspectors are not allowed into the military sites for inspections. those are the exact places where you would expect i'll illicit nuclear activities to occur. when our foreign allies or other supporters of the iran nuclear deal say it's work, we don't know if it's working because international inspectors can't get to the sites where nuclear activities are most likely to be taking place. the opportunity here with
7:24 am
president trump and president macron is to strengthen the deal, to improve the deal, to replace the deal with something that actually will work, a deal that will not expire, where we replace the sunset pro provisio, where we strengthen verification and give greater access to international inspectors and certainly where we impose nonnuclear sanctions on the activities that support iranian revolutionary guard corps and terror proxies. >> maria: it's not just about the u.s. and france, right? what are the other countries going to say if the president decides not to renew this deal on may 12th? >> well, i think that's where the alliance between the united states and france is so important. i think president macron based on his strong relationship with president trump can exercise leverage with the e.u. and with the other five plus one. i think this is where the opportunity really is. >> maria: is he going to be able to put pressure on the president as it relates to syria? i want to ask you about trade
7:25 am
add well. let's start with syria. the president has been talking a lot about wanting to remove troops from syria. it korea ated a big backlash, generals and congressmen, a lot of people say that look, if we pull out of syria it's going to strengthen isis and create a vacuum, the way we saw what happened in iraq when we pulled out there. >> here again, i think president macron's relationship with president trump is very constructive, because president macron is making that argument, making that case, that a complete withdrawal from syria does create a vacuum that allows iran and russia to move in and, again, president trump has demonstrated a willingness and a backbone, to respond to the use of weapons with mass destruction. the alliance here is very, very important. and i think it can be a counterweight to iran and president trump has signaled an openness to president macron's
7:26 am
argument, certainly suggesting that we need to leave a strong footprint before we withdraw. >> maria: then there's trade, apple's ceo tim cook set to meet with the president at the white house later today, as it's looking to head off a trade war between the u.s. and china. we know that secretary mnuchin and a delegation is going to china next week. what should we expect from china and this meeting with tim cook and the president? >> well, i think what you'll see is the president asserting a very strong position, a new strong position against china. obviously the aluminum and steel tariffs are in place now. we know from our committee and our oversight that china's mercantile list position, the fact they're stealing our intellectual property, they're outright -- their outright they've, the malign for investment in the united states which is compromising our national security, these are serious issues and we applaud
7:27 am
the president for taking a hard line on china. china really is the issue. once again, here's an example of a strong alliance between the united states and france actually taking shape to put additional pressure and increase our leverage with respect to china, because as the united states and the european union recalibrate our trading relationship and improve our trading relationship, that puts additional pressure on china. >> maria: real quick, do you think we're going to get a new deal with china in are we going to change the $375 billion deficit when all is said and done? >> we're going to be negotiating in a position of strength with this administration and i think that's the key here. no longer are we going to sit idly by when china steals our intellectual property, imposing unfair tariffs. >> maria: so you think we'll get a new deal? >> we certainly will -- i think the administration is committed to that. we hope we get a new deal. we can decrease the trade
7:28 am
deficit. we have to negotiate from a position of strength. i think that's what this administration is doing. >> maria: real quick, have you or your colleagues approached nancy pelosi, the house minority leader, about her comments about the tax plan. she is under fire, referring to the tax overhaul as crumbs earlier this year. a georgetown college student squared off with pelosi last night. listen to this. >> as the son of a small business owner, i know it's helped my parents hire more employees, helped us pay off our mortgage, helped put me through college. would you still refer to the effects of this tax plan on average americans as crumbs? >> there are some benefits that some are feeling in a particular way with the tax bill. my question, my statement was really a fuller statement that says while they provide a banquet for the top 1%, they're giving some crumbs to other
7:29 am
people. >> maria: what do you think, congressman? have you ever spoken to pelosi about this? what's your take? >> it goes to show how totally out-of-touch she is. i applaud that student at georgetown for making that point. in my district, in some placings wherplaceswhere there is economc distress, for a family $1,000, $2,000, that is a big deal and i'll tell you you a man from kentucky, he came up to me, he got $49 more in his paycheck every month, it's a big deal. that's over $500 a year for him. he said that's not bad for a poor working man in eastern kentucky. nancy pelosi has no idea how most americans live. i think that's why the american people are going to resist her becoming the next speaker of the house. >> maria: apparently. we'll see. are you going to be playing baseball today or no? will you be at the baseball
7:30 am
field? >> i'm not nearly as good of a baseball player as my good friend, steve scalise. i'm certainly glad that we're continuing the tradition, in spite of what happened last year. it's a day of good feelings because we all are so glad that our friend, steve scalise, is back. >> maria: as are we. congressman, good to see you. thank you. >> thanks so much. >> maria: coming up, president trump's travel ban reaches the supreme court. we wrac break down the case. and google rolls out a major redesign of its e-mail service that includes disappearing messages. back in a moment. ♪ baby you're a firework. ♪ come on show us what you're worth. ♪ make us go --
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you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. >> maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. it is wednesday, april 25th. i'm maria bartiromo. here are your top stories. boeing earnings beating on the top and bottom lines. boeing shares are up better than 1% right now. twitter also beating expectations with its earnings and revenue, the stock up 4 1/4%. broader markets still under pressure. futures indicate a lower opening for the broader averages. dow industrials down 65 points right now. the s&p is down a half a percent and the nays dashing is down tws
7:34 am
percent. weighing on investors, warnings from companies that profits are peaking. that's basically what we heard yesterday and the 10 year treasury yield hitting 3%. take a look at treasury yields this morning at 3.02% on the 10 year, up 1 basis point. global markets this morning are also lower. the fq100 in london is down almost a percent. and the dax index in germany is down almost 2%. in asia overnight red across the board. any ke nikkei average down a quarter of a percent. targeting illegal immigration, the caravan carrying migrants from central america arrived at the border yesterday as president trump ramped up his rhetoric on securing the border. >> we are taking strong action to regain control over our borders and over our
7:35 am
sovereignty. it's gone on for too long and we've slowed it down very substantially but we're going to stop illegal immigration. >> maria: it comes as the president's travel ban heads to the supreme court. we have all the details on that. then an emotional return to the field, congressional republicans take to the baseball diamond for their first practice since last year's shooting this morning. google is updating your in box. g mail is taking a page from snapchat's playbook. we'll have details coming up. cherry blossoms in japan hitting their peak but it's this tree made of legos that's breaking records of going viral. earnings alert, boeing is beating expectations. the jet maker also raised its first year guidance. the stock is up better than 2%. boeing has been a high flier. lindsey bell, your reaction? >> this is a nice -- it's nice to see the stock up 2%. we saw a lot of industrial names
7:36 am
yesterday get hit hard. lockheed martin raised guidance but they reaffirmed cash flow guidance and the markets didn't like that. the devil's been in the details of these earnings reports. we'll see what the details of the boeing report is. but so far it looks really good. >> maria: one of the issues yesterday was caterpillar, suggesting that we're looking at a pee peak for its earnings. >> dagen: the quote from caterpillar's ceo was the high watermark for the year. boeing have kind of a washington manufactured headwind. >> we have the treasury secretary and the trade representative planning to go to china in the next few weeks. i think that actually becomes an important point for boeing because like you say, they've taken a hit from this trade talk with china. >> maria: the fact they're taking this trip and taking a big delegation with them shows that this is -- i believe it was a request from china.
7:37 am
>> right. >> maria: which is interesting. >> right. and boeing is in their crosshairs. they buy a lot of our airplanes. >> the stock is up 80% in the last 12 months. there was questions as to if this earnings report was going to be good enough to keep the stock flying high. >> maria: it's been a high flier. the ceo i was with us recently. he said look, the commercial airlines business is doing really well. but china's obviously a major customer. we want to turn to a landmark case for the supreme court this morning. justices will hear arguments today about president trump's travel ban testing the limits of the power of the oval office. the executive order restricts travel from seven countries, five of them predominantly muslim. joining us now is judge andrew napolitano. good to see you. what's the central he question here? >> is this a muslim ban or is this a proper exercise of foreign power. almost a fact question rather than a law question. the supreme court is not in a position to evaluate facts.
7:38 am
so how do they make a determination like this? they look at everything that's been said about it. so if you look at what candidate donald trump said about this, there was a lot of evidence that it's a muslim ban. if you look at what president trump said -- >> maria: because of his statements. >> he said inflammatory things to the base. if you look at what president donald trump has said about it, out of his own mouth and through pleadings the department of justice has filed, you could conclude it's a proper exercise of foreign power because there's a statute specifically saying the president can restrict immigration from certain geographic areas for certain finite periods of time for national security reasons. >> is this a case where a twitter account becomes essential evidence? >> yes. some of the things he said are indefenseable in a courtroom. i understand why he said them and when he said them. they succeeded in jening up the
7:39 am
voters. does the court want to look at the words of the candidate? there's legal authority on both sides. you only look at the person when they're in office, you can look at the whole person. but this comes down to one person, it's not donald trump. anthony kennedy, the swing vote on the court. have you four conservatives, justice gorsuch having replaced justice skal scalia, who would probably say this is a proper exercise of the president's powers, under the constitution, which falls on more muslims than anybody else. you have liberals who will say the president has been saying for months, even years, he wants to stop muslims, who are you kidding, it's a muslim ban. i'm summarizing the arguments. you have justice andy kennedy in the middle who will probably, which is frequently the case with this justice, make the decision. i can give you a better indication of which way i'l it l
7:40 am
go after we hear the argument today. >> maria: a judge is looking for president trump's reasons for ending the daca program. they are 90 days to challenge the ruling before reinstating the program. >> we were talking about this during the break. whatever you think about the exercise of human compassion with respect to people who came here as infants, this judge basically said a discretionary policy-driven program of the obama administration now has the force of law in the trump administration. in my opinion, that is dead wrong. this was the discretion of the president when the president was barack obama. this president should not be compelled to continue the program. but it looks like he's going to be. every time daca is challenged, the president loses. >> maria: it's not just a
7:41 am
deadline as far as now where the program is, he's got to continue it? >> this is the third ruling against him. the first two said you don't have to put anybody new on the program but you can't kick anybody out. this one has said you have to accept every applicant that satisfies the barack obama standards when this program came out when my namesake janet napolitano, no relation, announced the program during the first administration of president obama. so we are almost back to square one on daca. the deferred action for parents arrivals has been found unconstitutional and that's been upheld by the appellate courts. daca, as of last night, is alive and well as if barack obama were still the president. >> maria: that's incredible, actually. >> where is this going to go? >> it's going to go right to where the travel ban is today. it's going to go to the supreme court eventually. this is a judge in washington, d.c. it will be appealed in 90 days
7:42 am
to the united states court of appeals for the district of columbia circuit and then to the supreme court. you know how long that will take? two years. during the course of which, this will probably stay in effect. >> maria: there's this caravan of hundreds of illegal immigrants making its way to the u.s., mexico border, dozens of the 600 traveling in the caravan arrived in at this was that last nigh-- tijuana last night. they are planning to prosecute any members of the caravan who enter the country illegally. your take on this. >> it's not a crime to enter the country illegally. >> maria: it's not a crime? it's illegal. >> it's a civil violation. it's a crime to enter the country illegally after you've been deported. that you get prosecuted for. the problem is, once they set foot in the united states, they're entitled to a hearing. they can't have the hearing right away. they have to be confined, not in a jail but in a confinement facility for which the federal
7:43 am
government is not prepared down there. they're confined at taxpayer expense. then you have to have a hearing before an administrative law judge. >> dagen: it's a well organized caravan. it's been broadcasting. they have a reporter basically traveling with the caravan. >> this is not a random -- >> maria: who set this up? >> it is an organization like the ones -- this is not a random group of people. this is a direct organized challenge to the president's efforts to secure the border. and they know once they take one step in they're entitled to show at a hearing that they're legitimate political refugees. one interesting point, the supreme court ruled they're not entitled to free lawyers. they can get lawyers if they can afford it or george sorros or someone like that is going to pay for it but they're not entitled to government lawyers at this hearing.
7:44 am
>> maria: we will be right back. stay with us. kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
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7:47 am
>> maria: welcome back. the republican congressional baseball team returns to virginia for the first baseball practice since last year's shooting. cheryl casone has headlines now. >> cheryl: republican lawmakers returning to the field for their first congressional practice since last year's shooting that wounded house majority whip steve scalise and four others. this morning, texas congressman joe barton reading a statement from congressman scalise. >> the whole country is watching with pride as we come together and prove that one act of madness will not deter the spirit of camaraderie and philanthropy that made this such a strong tradition in congress. play ball. >> cheryl: many of the participants who were on the field during last year's shooting are attending today's practice. a gunman opened fire june 14th at simpson field last year. that man was killed by police at
7:48 am
that scene. well, let's get back to 2014. that data breach at yahoo, it's now going to cost the company big money. the sec fined yahoo $35 million for waiting more than two years before disclosing the breach. russian hackers are blamed for stealing personal information from at least 50 500 million us. shares of the company now called are down 1% this year. staying with e-mail, g-mail is rolling out another new future. disappearing messages, google is bringing in a confidential tool to its 1.4 billion monthly active users. the confidential mode lets you set a time for an e-mail that you send to expire. you can also restrict the recipient's ability to copy the message or even forward your e-mail and you can even require a pass code now for that person to open the e-mail.
7:49 am
shares of alphabet up 15% over last year. and finely, is there anything that you can't do with le lee l. check out this cherry blossom tree made out of lego. it's got 900,000 lego bricks which came from the lego factory in the shek czec czech republic. the assembled the final tree in japan. it's alla all lego. >> maria: i love it. i love legos. i think the company constantly reinvents itself. >> have you been to the store in new york? >> maria: oh, yes. >> did you play with them as a child? >> maria: i have a lego man at home. i'm going to take a picture and bring it in. >> dagen: you should landscape
7:50 am
your home with lego trees, so much less work. >> maria: that's true. it looks good. >> dagen: beautiful. >> maria: quick break and then this, after weeks of uncertainty, rob gronkowski makes it official, his decision on returning to the gridiron, coming up. nfl teams getting creative ahead of the draft, one team plans to use star wars to announce its picks. back in a minute with that. ♪
7:51 am
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7:53 am
maria: welcome back big night in nba philadelphia warriors jared with highlights. >> get in until 1926, the
7:54 am
golden state warriors were the philadelphia warriors last night golden state and philadelphia punched tickets into round two of the nba i playoffs defending champions first round without seth curry because of knee injury klay thompson kevin durant took over warriors eliminate spurs, next golden state plays new orleans. >> super bowl win for eagles, ncaa basketball title for villanova nba for 6ers philadelphia may be, 76ers,86 pod miami heat 104-91 first win for philly plays boston or milwaukee, celt up 3-2. >> rob gronkowski will return to play next season hinting at retirement, on instagram, "gronk" wrote i met with coach informed back with season, are working out in shape feel great looking forward to
7:55 am
another championship run #-- a salute to the -- by juicy jay, envelope draft tomorrow on fox first round tomorrow 2, and 3 friday on fox saturday 4 through 7 nfl teams to make draft picks is going to announce the tampa bay buccaneers picks on saturday, round 4 through seven, the bird is going to do from pirate ship. the 49ers doing the "star wars," trend draft picks going to be announced, by chewbacca, interesting you here chew becomea talk how do you translate? -- maybe -- i think that is
7:56 am
entertaining. >> not to attend reception hosted by president trump what about that. dagen: their choice i suppose they can do it we saw what lindsey vonn said in advance of that easier to get away with this after the fact than beforehand. >> some political not all shane white a wedding someone "dancing with the stars" over 200 invited 60 are not going we know. >> huh. >> all right. thank you. >> catch sports reports on fox news headlines 247 sirius radio. >> tim cook to meet with president amidtensions over trade with china next hour "mornings with maria," stay with us. ♪ i am gonna find you i am going
7:57 am
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gonna ♪
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so lionel, what does being able to trade 24/5 mean to you? well, it means i can trade after the market closes. it's true. so all... evening long. ooh, so close. yes, but also all... night through its entirety. come on, all... the time from sunset to sunrise. right. but you can trade... from, from... from darkness to light. ♪ you're not gonna say it are you? . maria: good wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, april 25 top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, earnings a little bit boeing beating expectations, on profit and revenue stock up 2 1/2% the blue chip company also raising full year guidance in technology, twitter topped estimates as
8:00 am
well, 21% jump in quarterly advertising revenue up 4% right now, futures have come back check this out futures were indicating a sharply lower opening for the broader averages gain 3 points a big victory having come back from 70 point sell-off s&p 500 flat down to 7 points, the nasdaq, down still, but off the lows down a third of a percent 20 points lower stocks plunged yesterday after 10 year treasury yield crossed 3% mark dow down better than 400 points off the lows, finishing lower for fist day in a row had been down better than 600 global markets a queue from u.s. in europe major detections down across the board averse germany dax down 1 and 1/2% in asia overnight across the board as well worst performer hong kong hang seng down brzezinski than 1 tariffs on technology president trump
8:01 am
meeting with tim cook trade expected top of agenda immigration as well emotional return to the field republican congressional baseball team to practice for the first time since last year's shooting, that wounded steve scalise several others joe barton read a statement from mr. fiscalize aft -- mr. scalise. >> this is different whole country watching as we come together prove one act have been madness will not deter a spirit of cam rad philanthropy play ball. >> the moments from the practice coming up this morning, plus new questions over jim comey's contacts the law professor who helped the former fbi director leak sensitive memos had special government employee statues at fbi. shocking revelations a drink
8:02 am
menu at a book event. >> knew branded of milk hype surrounding health benefits of a2 milk this morning joining me to break it down dagen mcdowell, cfrc strategist lindsey bell, jon hilsenrath great to see you. >> great to be here. >> a lot going on this morning. >> i mean i think you is a you the turnaround in the market from being down over 70 points dow to positive right now is all about earnings, wasn't the case yesterday today big industrial companies, boeing, ingersoll rand general dynamics beating raising stocks up this morning not necessarily coming back from losses yesterday, but you the is a positive sign hopefully a turning point in this season. maria: we will see all about interest rates as well, 3% was an issue. dagen: 3%, and how high will they go how bad is inflation investors looking for about reasons to sell you saw with
8:03 am
caterpillar they funny a reason to sell took that down 6%, because ceo said that this quarter is a high-water mark again worried about inflation, these worries kick back up last week, the inflation worries story going around about condominium project toronto canceled because input cost material costs were going up this is is going on for a few days now. >> i think the earnings numbers themselves have been pretty good, right, what is changing that is the outlook people latching on to any sign outlook isn't as brute as they thought it was. >> maybe federal reserve not as aggressive as some think fomc meeting next week. >> on hold next week. maria: nothing happens next week. >> nothing happens next week moving in june question the end of the year do they make a final move in december. maria: we will we have that we also have, of course, gdp out this week, jobs numbers out next week, joining the conversation this morning former white house press secretary under president
8:04 am
trump shane spicer. >> dr. "mik" joins us the host of "varney & company" weighs in don't miss this hour coming up, earnings k driving the action this morning boeing and biodiversity, the big names reporting this morning among others nonprofits nonprofiicole petallides. >> good morning. the concerns call yesterday from caterpillar you were discussing it while we have beats across the street on both twitter and boeing, this morning, it will be interesting to hear when conference call comes out if any commentary that might turn things around break the momentum, right now twitter up 3.2%, recording second about profitable quarter this morning, 48% of the revenue international, and crumpled to grow head count this stock up 107% last 52 weeks boeing, of course, we saw boeing weigh in the dow jones industrial average yesterday today a beat up 2 1/2% better than expected quarterly profit raising full
8:05 am
year outlook for the record 763 aircraft considering a demand that has been strength, and also the production 76 going to boost that 21/2 to 3 per month then after the bell today you facebook the analysts i spoke with, said that just thinks easy money has been made in overall, really more establish on cloud security sales force adobe microsoft, data, pushing back this has more risk we will watch for this after the bell back to you. maria: thank you so much nicole at any floor markets have come all the way back from lows joining us, securities president mark lehman thanks for joining us. >> your reaction to the earnings backdrop what is going on with initial public offerings you want to mention dock docku sign. this morning bitter than yesterday earnings yesterday aren't terrible i think obviously, if you are seeing
8:06 am
high-water mark in earnings acceleration of growth first quarter worried about rest of the year i am more sanguine. >> that happened with caterpillar. >> precisely facebook i think will plow a lot of things in expense side, they are going to see more proactive on self regulation but i don't think this is a high-water mark for earnings i think great stocks in earnings ahead. >> there is a lot of talk in the markets about 3% bond yield on treasurys you can look at this one of two days good news that economy is strengthening, people want to prize risk more, the other possibility that people are worried about inflation, whether a do you see 3% bond -- good or bad news. >> i think fine when i started in the business 3% bond yielded people would be doing backflips really good news now scared to death because 3 and first time in obviously sings 14, i think rates settle in along 3% level i am a little more optimistic over time that growths is going to continue
8:07 am
we are going to sea a beyond yield not going to explode to 4 or 5% great news. >> direction right dagen the worries, 4%. dagen: i keep pointing to balance federal reserve balance sheet, and essentially them backing away from buying treasurer at a time when folks in washington elected officials are driving up spending, toward one trillion-dollar budget deficit every year people seem to dismiss that, i mean jon you said at the telegraph so well that hasn't started happening, in a significant way and i don't think people understand what the impact on bond yields might be with that buyer last resort disappearing we could have inflation stagnant economy seen that horror remover before you have a consumer in this country looks pretty weak, and interest rates mortgage rates going up, gasoline prices are going to be multi-year highs this summer, that puts a squeeze on consumer even with the tax
8:08 am
cuts. >> you don't think economy as strong as we assumed. >> i think it is okay, i think that the debt and i think that inflation and interest rates are all huge headlines. >> is market worried about these trillion-dollar deficits we keep talking about are they worried about 20 trillion-dollar debt that we keep talking about. >> yeah i think everybody is worried about it i think. maria: really. >> i think listen i think the market is has been given the benefit of the doubt to administration, has been given a great earnings boost as you have seen currently first quarter i think this is a global you look at global, the german yields obviously 10% to 60 basis points japanese closer is to zero a optimistic tenure, 10 year globally i think there -- i think our buyers globally, but i don't see -- do i very much worry about excellent created budget deficit by this bill. >> markets worried about something 30% from election year-to-date down 3%, down on s&p, nasdaq as well worried.
8:09 am
>> we have to digest this quarter digest go through a great period of digestion we see that every day vix volatile, going up, substantially i think that was is showing you, that investors are worried not giving benefit of the doubt anymore. >> i have a question, the market really has been focused on growth the last several years especially last year, tech has been leading the way we've seen weakness in that sector of late especially as just coming on cusp of earnings how do you feel that evaluations. >> weakness in stocks weakness in performance, we saw google have a blowout actually on top line yesterday but then said boy this expenses going hire we saw investment earnings go up substantially good. >> they revalued the -- >> several of the uber, obviously have other private investments optimistic about, i think tech leads market still, i mean we are seeing last 20 years tech started to
8:10 am
lead take over consumer with amazon see start to take over health care i think tech as walkdrop more overarching theme to markets stay there opportunities to buy stocks going up and down 5% a day, that is where you pay attention to i don't think you want to throw them out because cam bridge an in ittals, or tweaks on a lit cal, this is not a sector. >> facebook and they are reporting after the bell, they got two billion people members of the billion people watch, six million advertising -- >> let me ask you before you go, tomorrow couple inventories happening tomorrow you got, docku stay on, ipo going to be played. >> priced huge optimism from buy side price on thursday start trading by similar to the ipo we were on a month ago huge investment and i think retail and institution huge buyers own ipo. >> amazon, thursday as well.
8:11 am
>> great to so a you lot of info there. >> thank you mark lehman joining us turning do the white house, apple ceo tim cook to meet with president trump this afternoon amid trade battle with china french president emmanuel macron address a joint session of congress blake burman at white house with details there blake, good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you he man raoul macron royal treatment at white house couple days with state visit tim cook isn't far behind apple ceo invited to state dinner last night he seated next to wife of the french president and later today, he will have a sit-down inside the oval office with president trump. that meeting of course comes as the u.s. and china continue on this back-and-forth over tariffs, and future potential tariffs as well but, also, as talks are happening, president trump revealed yesterday that the treasury secretary steve mnuchin will soon be heading to china. >> i think china is very
8:12 am
serious, we are very serious we have no choice but to be very serious. you know we've put on very substantial tariffs, and that will continue unless we make a trade deal i think we're better chance of making a deal. >> macron will give address before congress this morning after he spent part of his time, trying to convince president neither to completely back out of iran nuclear deal next month. >> translator: common views because we are not -- thank you. always -- i think -- >> i al said we should not tear apart -- and have nothing else. >> macron speech on capitol hill a couple hours from now 10:30 this morning tim cook will be here, inside the oval office, as 1:45 this afternoon, that maria, is the only event listed on president's schedule today.
8:13 am
maria: blake, thank you so much appear to be having a great relationship macron, and president trump. jon hilsenrath look at picture in the cover "the wall street journal" deep shaking, and -- >> looks like -- >> a good rapport. >> globally diplomacy. >> global diplomacy a lot of hand shakying a lot of touching going on there, i tell you what i am looking for in -- the europeans first macron merkel, asking trump back down on steel tariffs a deadline for next week that would threaten to impose on european steel and aluminum. >> right now -- exempt. >> right now they are exempt but that disappears in a week if we back down i think that warms relations between sides. >> president trump is in a germaphobe not to shake hands with individuals the fact so chummy with macron is -- >> even wiping dandruff off.
8:14 am
>> coming up comey under fire shocking revelations law professor helped ex fbi director leak sensitive memos had special clearance at the fbi. next. from brighthouse financial, which allows them to take advantage of growth opportunities in up markets, while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so they can focus on new things like exotic snacks. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife.
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8:16 am
maria: welcome back, two dallas police officers and security guard in critical condition this morning, after being shot trying to arrest man in home depot, cheryl casone with details.
quote quote
8:17 am
cheryl: that is right, maria. suspect is armando juarez initially avoided arrest escaped police caught him after five hour manhunt led officers on high-speed chase through downtown dallas finally in custody all victims hospitalized this morning, republicans dividend a congressional house seat in arizona special election the democrat beat by five points, another resigned in december amid sexual harassment allegations has to run for reelection november president trump tweeted about this congratulations to republican on big win special election for arizona house seat debbie will do a great job. all right, comcast has entered into a bidding war with 21st
8:18 am
century fox bidding 31 billion dollars for the broadcaster 1st century fox trying to buy 61% of sky it doesn't earn regulators have been cool to that reports saying walt disney is considering entering the competition for sky, fox issued a statement saying 21st century fox committed to recommended cash of our for sky announceed 15 december 2016 considering options, further announcement will be made in due course. >> all right, check this out, instagram rolled out a tool that allows users to download all of their content available just on internet for now photos comments to e-mail you have associated with instagram
8:19 am
account a lot of people wanted this we should say this comes one month before new privacy laws take effect in european union facebook on instagram little changing ahead of their earnings release after the bell later today just up a fraction. maria those are your headlines. maria: cheryl thank you. coming up i sit down with former white house press secretariy riry shane spicer he in studio a cash cow for diary companies details on milk products hitting shelves, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ you are ♪ ♪ the electric car industry has spiked demand for cobalt, whose
8:20 am
8:21 am
price has recently increased over one hundred percent. cruz cobalt has amassed 9 of the highest historically graded cobalt projects in north america with multiple work programs now underway.
8:22 am
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>> well back now this a controversial milk looking to shake up u.s. dairy industry new zealand a2 milk markets toward those from indigestion removes protein from the milk that causes discomfort, dr. michael varshavski good to see you with a do you think a2 milk has gobbled up 10% market share in australia tell us. >> if we get 10% market share in states a lot of money talking about. what we need to understand the difference between a2 milk and a1, a2, a1 represents subtype
8:24 am
of the protein found within milk there has been research done showing that a1 milk kind of milk we drink here cases more abdominal discomfort maybe more inflammatory markers nonis guaranteed or proven but some research has shown that, so of course marketers jumped on bandwagon wanted to offer consumers another option from milk they drink making a lot of money on that concept, however, it is important to note if your lactose intolerant a milk allergy the dinners between a1 and a2 no difference meaning that if you have lactose intolerance both trigger symptoms. >> sound like a fad trying to pour down throats that is how they are basing their business on. but i can see in future if they get some proper research done, maybe there is something to it however, you have a
8:25 am
lobbying groups from industry don't want the switch you have lobbying groups from a2 milk industry want the switch so hard to get an honest answer on this funding, because most research that has been conducted has been funded by a2 industry you can imagine bias. >> uncomfortable with food companies k manipulating the food we've got how do they go ahead i2 milk what manipulation is going on. >> we are always scared about gmos people don't like to hear genetically modified foods they don't genetically modify cows some produce a2, some a or combination they select continuous that produce only a2 milk, so they basically do screenings on continuous find when ones produce a2 only raise those type of could you see. >> it is natural just screening for the cows that produce this type of milk. dagen: so many alternatives
8:26 am
to drinking milk produced by animals almond. maria: gentleman i like almondmilk. dagen: coconut name it what do you like best almond today, tomorrow it could be -- coconut. >> i agree. >> what is cost difference. >> there is a cost difference it is more expensive one thing i say it probably snlt bad for health to drive a2 virtual reality a1 don't be afraid to try it the harmful effects on your wallet, because it is more expensive. >> is this helping lactose intolerant people what subset -- >> a small study in china found people who drink a1 milk had more upset it wasn't a clear definition what that was paired compared to a2 fund by a2 industry always bys with types of studies i want proper research before a formal
8:27 am
religions. >> we leave it there dr. "mik" a pleasure thank you good to see you, coming up jim comey backlash former press secretary sean spicer weighs in on revelations a law professor helped ex fbi director leak sensitive memos had special clearance with fbi first lady melania trump joins in getting wax figure in preview of the exhibit in new york city coming up, take a break take a look at twitter social media company beating first-quarter earnings revenue expectations this morning, back in a moment. ♪ ♪ celebration, come on ♪ ♪ it's a celebration ♪ ♪ celebration ♪ infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income.
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8:30 am
maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, april 25 top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. climbing from lows take a look at futures pointing to mixed opening strong results from boeing, a lot of earnings better than expected this morning, took this market all the way back from lows earlier this morning, boeing reporting better-than-expected results raising full year guidance, twitter a beat on top and bottom lines both up 2 and a half percent, this coming after yesterday's rout for stocks major indices declined between one and two percent across the board, warning from caterpillar profits of may be
8:31 am
peaking also the 10 year treasury yield hitting 3%, on 10 year take a look at global markets this morning where we see ft 100 cac quarante and dax index in europe, down across the board. the dax in germany down one 1/3 percent in asia overnight, right across the board take a look hong kong worst down better than 1% new questions this morning for former fbi director jim comey over his leak to a professor friend. >> my judgment was i needed to get that out into the public square, so i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with the reporter, didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons i asked him to because i thought that might prompt appointment of a special counsel. >> now fox news is learning that that professor had special government employee status outrage this morning, fun with first lady madame tussauds giving a preview of wax figure lets visitors give melania a voice how it works ahead all those coming up first this top story this half an hour, new jim comey
8:32 am
drama,dan rickman professor helped fired fbi drshg leak memos about his meetings with president trump confirmed he had special government employee status with fbi those details in e-mail to fox news rishman's unpaid position allowed for clearance access to government buildings details into hillary clinton e-mail probably joining us former white house press secretary under president trump author of a book, sean spicer. >> i think we need to find out more this is concerning. it is -- it is seems like there was a whole about orchestrated aspect to making sure done in a way that would get information out dr. comey talked about need his goal was to imitate special counsel but -- there are series questions need to get out why this individual was given this kind of status clearance what the goal was was a there was it to actual do this to seek to leak
8:33 am
information to or did he have additional spiblths what were they there is a lot of about responsibilities what were they a lot of questions. >> the fact jim comey can say i gave it to my professor friend because i needed it to get out in public square didn't want to do it myself? how does that take him out of the leak? >> here. >> i don't mean to sound like liney conservative but reality unbelievable the desire to get president trump to go after conservatives media willing to overlook so many things otherwise would not have happened the idea that somebody just -- recognize this what you said, that somebody said i violated the law, theoretically to achieve an outcome, of a special counsel, and so i did all i orchestrated following nobody seems to care they want the -- i think most folks in nation media share that outcome we
8:34 am
are overlook like hey willing broke into house we thought that you know he had gotten money through -- means that we didn't agree with that still doesn't make it right it is against the law. >> is the problem this professor had this special clearance security statues or is the problem what we already knew was that comey used him to get this information. >> i think it is both. >> that is the answer it is because why was he given the statues, the idea is if it was truly just to achieve outcome that is a big, big problem, if it wasn't what were other responsibilities he had but there are big, big questions that need to get asked i would assume that congress is going to look into it. >> raifrs question how unusual for outsider. >> depends, is there is a reason there are special government employees, that can assist coming into government without necessarily giving up civilian responsibilities to assist with matter that is fairly common in a lot of ways i mean in fbi, in uses that
8:35 am
sci-fi law and order use people to help out all the time. >> clearance. >> you have to you get security clearance so you can assist with job that makes sense but if the goal to bring this guy in with express purpose to achieve outcome of leaking information then that is a big, big -- >> this is -- fbi how do you get american people to trust fbi, the preeminent organization law, enforcement organization out there. >> i will say caveat i think 99.9% fbi agents go out every day work hard for american people for justice, but you are right. that when these combined of actions at top they taint folks at the bottom who toil in security for good of this country justice overall not good what he has done to tarnish good name. >> andrew mccabe peter strzok lisa page bruce ohr.
8:36 am
>> 99.9. >> in administration did anybody take the president aside say, please don't hire him as fbi director, who talked the president into keeping him on "the wall street journal" was writing you should not keep him in place because of this horrible history of prosecutorial overreach pour hungry boy scout only thinks about himself who conned him into keeping him on who meets with this guy alone? >> a couple things, i think what you said is important comey, it is important to understand first meeting january 11 met at trump tower to get that briefing, comey said to the president, after the meeting is wrapping up mr. president-elect can i see you alone privately to discuss a matter. >> right comey starts relationship somebody never in government before with idea that i can get up and meet with you privately and talk that is how the relationship
8:37 am
started, how comey introduced the relationship, so later on -- >> are you -- >> and he says how dare president oval office say can i see you alone. >> wait a second mr. comey you are the one who began relationship with someone never served in government before by saying this is how we talk. >> i didn't realize that. >> of course because no one wants to cover that, at the beginning, the entire nut of this relationship started with comey saying, can i see you privately, can everyone leave the room so later when president is in oval office everyone there president says you know dr. comey can i see the you alone comey says that is outrageous how could you dare -- >> absolutely, january 11 one of the people in the room. >> incredible. >> this is the. dagen: there was meeting where he asked everyone leave the room presented dossier. >> no didn't, that is that was -- he didn't predossier talked about some allegations in it that was reported incorrectly
8:38 am
takeaway was never shoen to him. what was discussed a couple allegations. >> at that time he did not tell the president-elect that it was funded by -- political -- he admitted -- >> he said it wasn't necessary wasn't my goal a goal to dissipate special counsel in place, but who is jim comey with goals that he has to get a special counsel in place that he doesn't tell president that hillary clinton paid for dossier because he has another goal? just trying to sort of pull strings on '. >> i think, good job selling books beyond that reputation has tan a hit doing damage to fbi in the process. >> fascinating stuff i just can't believe he is on this book tour, sean we love to see you want to bring a big surprise we are teaming up with madame tussauds today to preview first lady's wax figure joining us for fox
8:39 am
business exclusive, ahead of marketing kristine, thanks for joining us tell us about this exhibit. >> thank you so much for having me we are thrilled this morning to unveil madame tussauds in new york as you mentioned with first lady melania trump we are inviting guests to come in get experiencing the up close interaction with celebrity really big deal here with first lady you can give melania a voice opportunity to go on social media portal, really tweet out, and it is becoming. >> how does it work the voice? >> sure, so really it is twitter what we are doing get a chance to photo with melania, then go to portal immediately within -- the big deal the -- it goes viral on
8:40 am
our twitter account #on melania moment. >> how did you get involved they reached out opening this thing, tribute to the first lady a fantastic job showcasing our opportune last night obviously another one of those great examples fine tribute to a great woman doing phenomenal work on behalf of our country. >> before inauguration i got behind scenes look with comedian joe, and the or wax figures in washington we had a good day that day incredible museum. >> my first time there, so excited to see it, i am excited that americans get an opportunity at least some small way to see what oval looks like have an opportunity to further explore mrs. trump and president. >> there is the president statue right there anybody else about the first lady
8:41 am
statue. >> sure i mean aside from unveiling her today in new york from may 1 limited time -- 31 limited time to d.c., a limited time as well. >> as you so much. >> thank you. >> great stuff thank you for revealing this for the very first time right here on the program, coming up america's would oldest ally closest friend stuart varney weighs in on friendship between president and french president mack proton next boeing taking off before the beat on profit and revenue raising guidance, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: so a french president emmanuel macron in washington for state visit despite policy differences, between macron and president trump close relationship on display in a big way host of "varney & company" to weigh in stu good morning to you. >> timing video there, then long, long handshake, i -- seems to me, that emmanuel macron if pronouncing correctly is the new best friend forever of our president trump they seem to get along like a -- i am suggesting maybe a very close personal relationship is good when it comes to discussing national interests and policy differences maybe things will be smoother if a really good friend i contrast that, with angela merkel, who arrived in america i believe thursday night, will hold a meeting with our president, on friday. she is anything but the best friend forever for anybody.
8:46 am
having ruined most of europe with her allowing in millions of migrate grants changing europe forever without asking anybody's permission i don't think a friend in the world quite frankly worn if that will make a difference the way she relates to president trump what comes out of their meeting just a question, just saying. maria: that is a good question particularly as deadline for the exemptions on trade obviously why, one of the biggest reasons she is here wants to make sure, they are exempt from any aluminum and steel trifdz. >> let me tariffs. >> let me ask you in meetings with macron president trump was sending mnuchin to china in next few days to negotiate on trade, i thought that was big news i thought that would be a real positive for the markets, talk of a trade war now our treasury secretary goes there directly? nobody else picked up on it and it didn't seem to make any difference to the market at all, that surprised me. maria: well because earnings
8:47 am
really took center stage when you have something from caterpillar you have a worry that we're going to see peak earnings, that sort of undermines very thing holding up market fundamental strength and earnings. >> definitely but nobody caught what they were saying on the caterpillar call until late, late in the day when sell-off really started to get going. that is when that made the headlines, that is when it started to appall apart the idea as good as it gets that is not a good filing in the market is it. maria: no, about. dagen: investors looking for bad news, they are ignoring good news on purpose, and looking for bad news that is what happens when a market is overval. >> you think wildly overvalled. dagen: as much as it was -- >> very true. >> we will see you 12 minutes top of the hour "varney & company" 9:00 a.m. eastern thank you, stuart after "mornings with maria" join stuart and company next art collection worth up to a
8:48 am
billion dollars auction block see the rare paintings owned by rockefellers, going up for sale next. >> money money money money money, money, money money money money money, money ♪ ♪ ♪ money money money money ♪ ♪
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8:52 am
fine art advisers, michael great to see you this is great a beautiful pieces let's start with monet. >> that is one of the most beautiful paintings to come to auction in decades we don't see paint, like this by monet these are not marketplace. >> after this like crazy what he has here, is one of the great paintings in garden. he had a floating studio he would sit in the boat and paint this, i mean had garred wait nerz pond to arrange them the way wanted like abstract work of art. >> not only monet, up for auction. >> there are a few monets, each one is outstanding. >> tell us more about it, in terms of all of this art you don't see such enormous collection once typically or is this.
8:53 am
>> one of the greatest private collections we will see come to auction in our lifetimes. he had great eye david rockefeller was son of john drockefeller jr., a founder principal founder of museum he modern art 1929 grew up with terrific works of art knew what he was doing great advise all his life bought some of the best of the best. >> fascinating up for auction tell us about this. >> came on heels of impressism artists trying to do something new fairly wealthy man a sailing yacht a home in an tebow, san tropitroez, allowing each dot from increasism to forge into modern art.
8:54 am
>> rare short-lived highly influential form of art a lot of clerks want it. >> tell me about van gogh. >> van gogh in times we see hedge fund guys after contemporary art this is origins modern art, wrote to buddy this was heart of modern art itself looking at life around him, he is what he called throwing himself into the paint, he was doing things slowly you think of van gogh's painting quickly he did not this is very calculated careful meant to have depth of thought to it which it does i think you can see that in the piece. >> how long did he take to paint them. >> this is adrawing. >> he could take several days, to do one drawing. >> name rockefeller so -- i coni can, given away family so much.
8:55 am
the family of standard oil company do you think the drives the price, a rockefeller item. >> i think it does first of all, nothing in there is a fake there is no fake forgery, rockefeller bought great advise best of everything clerks feel very confident bidding there addition to that collection seems based on origins of modern art, an interesting modern art so this is also -- >> what is in the market right now an interest in modern art pop culture, the prices have risen. in terms of collecting as alternative investment how would paintings do in terms of having an alternative investment. >> investors looking closely at numbers on this if i take for example the picasso that is in have collection that was purchased around 1956. at that time blue period painting would have gone for probably less than 100,000, perhaps less than 25,000. the price today christie's 90
8:56 am
million dollars for painting. >> amazing, this auction is not just painting, you've got objects as well from rockefeller estate. >> auction will go on several days start at 100 dollars, cuff links proceeds going to variety of charities designated by david and wife peggy. >> why to put everything on. >> end of life sale he passed away a couple years ago this is in his will he wanted to do, he did not know charities would make out so well, of course, prices skyrocketed in value. >> interesting that you can go as low as 100 dollars on some item michael great to see you thanks so much for bringing this to our attention final thoughts from all-star panel when we come right back. stay with us. that's because they have a shield annuity
8:57 am
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>> dr. yellen from one day to another, congratulations on these incredible accomplishments and thank you for proverring that a kid from brooklyn given the right resources and hard work can rise to the greatest speed of power anywhere in the world today. congratulations dr. yellen. [applause] >> that was a question last night when i had the chance to present former janet yell within a brooklyn public library gala it was great to see her. and to be part that have brooklyn public library is just a great institution.
9:00 am
and there's janet yell incline her post life. >> that was a nice hug that -- it was thank you everybody. nice show. "varney & company" stuart take it away. >> good morning maria and good morning everyone. right from the get-go here's what's happening to your money. a little selling but yesterday ago big drop has stalled at least for the opening bell here's how we're going to open this morning. dow industrial ever so slightly lower. maybe down about what eight point. 7 points down for the s&p and 9 for the nasdaq. some selling again early this morning. now look at the yield on the tenure treasury, breaking through the 3% mark yesterday was a big setback for the market. this morning, we reached 3.03%. that's it a four-year high and backtrack for a moment what started the


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