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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 25, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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him confirmed so they can send him to brussels friday. ronny jackson's hearing is still delayed for va secretary. charles: the markets climb off the canvas after a down day. i want you to find out why i think the high water mark for the economy in the stock market is a long way. president trump flaunting his new friendships from president macron, tim cook and kanye west. his tweet almost broke the internet today. this is the first time a
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president from france has addressed a joint session of congress in more and a decade. macron didn't hesitate to take some not so subtle shots at president trump. he urged cooperation with other nations to build a 21st century world order. >> we have to shape our common answer to the global threat we are facing. the only option then is to strengthen our cooperation. we can build the 21st century world order based on a new breed of militarism. the united states is the one high pressure vented this nuclear capability. you are the one now who has to help to preserve and reinvent
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it. charles: he ended the address with a nod to trump saying there would being a long relationship between the two. joining me tammy bruce and stuart murdoch and ford o'connell. tammy, i have got to tell you something. bromance or not, he took a lot of shots at president trump. he got 30 standing ovations because the democrats were eating it up. tammy: france and the united states will always have a special relationship because france will need it. they are not doing well. his approval rating is down. i think with what we have seen not just in the 20th century but in the last 20 years in this
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century, it's not europe that has the ideas to move us forward in this brave new world. the british and germans have to realize it's not america adjusting. they have to adjust to the new world order. charles: he agreed with you except he talked about only u.s. and china having this intellectual property technology race. macron was agreeing in many ways with tammy. he's trying to elevate the idea that france will be part of the architects of the new world order. if people in america voted against the world order in 2016. >> the french are our oldest allies. and i'm sure they will be
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involved in whatever we do in the future. the biggest surprise is people attacked donald trump as a tv star, but how well he has done in diplomacy. little rocket man practically eating out of his hand. donald trump's performance on the world stage -- charles: what do you attribute it to? >> i think people underestimated him. charles: is it just his sheer personality? even when he was running. people said when you meet the man and you sit in a room with him, it's really something special. and the other is he's growing into his job. tammy: if i could just add. president trump comes with ideas. the left is regurgitating failed
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notions from 100 years ago. there have known about new ideas. it's chaos. it's like lord of the flies and then he comes home. that's why they love him. this is why the world will be better because trump showed up. >> despite macron's criticism, trump was right to bring him here. macron is a rising star in europe and the world stage. we knew the criticisms would be the iran deal and the paris accord. but on the iran deal macron is understanding from the u.s. per spec advertised why donald trump may want a new deal and say we should push for that deal even though i disagree with you about getting out of it.
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friday angela merkel will come here and she has been whose title about the *. charles: macron says that iran will never have a nuclear bomb and nuclear capabilities and weapons. it feels like this has been a de facto countdown to them having it. >> here is the deal. i'm not so sure macron understands the jcfoa, the iran nuclear deal. we have no real way into expect them, and they are getting out of control on the ballistic missile be front. he realized it's short-sighted. he seize it as better than nothing. his true fear is russia which is basically iran's puppy dog.
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>> to protect all democracies, we have to fight against the ever-growing virus of fake news which exposes our people to irrational fears and imaginary risks. [cheers and applause] charles: what he said meant different things to different people. but fake news, we are paul familiar with it. some of those have been victims of it. tammy: part of what he was saying was another slam at trump, immigration, the dangers presented by iran. this is what europe has done forever, play down threats. they don't want to have to face and confront real-life issues.
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they are better at rhetoric and manipulating people. but when it comes to hard governing that's not their strength. it is i think the state dinner was fabulous. there are things to gain here. but the president needs to be in charge of this. charles: what do you think is his interpretation of a new world order. tammy: i have to disagree with my friend that he's a rising star. i don't think he'll last long. he sees himself as a new world order fellow. he thinks i think too highly of himself and imagines a slightly better europe that will still be in charge. while they have to pat america on the head, they have to face reality. >> doesn't all of urine think
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too highly of themselves and look at america as the bastard stepchild? charles: at one point people thought the new world order was european dominance of the world. but they were talking about open borders. customs are change rapidly with no borders. >> the new world order is imploding. you have brexit happening. a lot of people are sceptical about the e.u. and its intervention in everything. no one knows who they are coming from. good news for france, their economy is picking up. now they are sitting up a little. tammy: maybe only take two weeks
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charles: apple ceo at the white house to talk trade with president trump ahead of steve mnuchin's trip to china to work on trade negotiations. the closed meeting took place this afternoon. does it mean tim cook is trump's new silicon valley ally?
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carl, what do you make of it. cook came out pretty strong against facebook in the midst of what was happening with the white house and silicon valley. it felt like maybe there were things he and president trump could agree on. >> i think this is a good thing. trump obviously campaigned on jobs and the economy. you have tim cook who is a captain of industry. and obviously apple is highly affected by a lot of the decisions the president is going to make. they manufacture a lot over there as well as immigration it's savvy he wants to have a seat at the table. one thing you can gift president credit for, he's willing to listen to ideas even though you don't have to agree with him on everything.
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despite salt money they made from iphones in china, they are only the number 5 in market share over there. there are a lot of barriers to entry. facebook and others aren't even in china. i suspect president trump would like to see china open that market more. >> this is a important moment for china. iphones are made in china. that's the cash cow for them. but when the product itself is already over $1,000 a phone, adding any money to it will make apple -- make it difficult for apple to sell the product. donald trump welcoming tim cook to his state dinner at the white
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house and bringing him to the white house for a personal conversation. tim kieks doing everything he can to make sure he can keep his costs down. charles: silicon valley has gotten involved in an array of issues. do you think perhaps even nose issues came up in the conversation? >> i think the issue of immigration had to come up. silicon valley benefits from having highly skilled immigrants from other countries come over on certain times of visas. and that could be jeopardized depending on where immigration falls out. i don't think he'll move the needle on daca. but on the broader immigration discussion, i'm certain that is something that would come up.
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charles: create jobs. so those kinds of sound bites are great for the president. charles: there are signs every where the economy is still booming. no high water mark for the economy. i'll tell by the with special guests next.
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charles: norfolk southern, the key business segment is power truck and rail earnings beats a lot of them. i love it as a proxy for the online retail economy. strong earnings from home builders. the stock market grappled with the notion that this is as good as it gets. joining us a visiting fellow from the independent women's forum. matty, people are saying we got the boost from the tax cuts and this is the as good as it gets.
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>> they could not be more wrong. all those bonuses and expanded benefits you saw from workers started in january. second changes from withholding so americans can see their own paychecks get bigger. and when we start to see businesses make behavioral changes in accordance with the new tax laws. we have so many changes to the law. earnings season introduces volatility and people like to prognosticate about what that means for the economy. when you are looking at the earnings report, look at what they are saying about capitalist expenditures. charles: that's the difference. we know the consumer is strong. but the difference maker is when
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the large corporations start to make the difference. >> it will take a couple quarters to bear fruit. but that will be in terms of increased production, that's all positive for the economy. the economy is in a great position and the market is not reflecting it. charles: people say you have got steel costs, anxiety costs. but to make that assumption now, what do you think? >> i think it's premature. we could go higher than 3%. but the funding amountals are sound. the 10 year is over 3%. the option sit 250. and we have gasoline prices up. we have oil.
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people look at that and say there is possibly some i nation down the road. but it isn't baked into the economy right now. charles: matty, can you help me on the gdp? >> this is a several quarter story. we have new numbers coming out friday. we normally see an uptick when we see that second quarter report. i caution viewers when we look at new check numbers, this friday is not the story. businesses made to make fundamental will be durable changes in the way they invest in the united states. we'll see that from companying reinvesting here and moving
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their factories back to the u.s. charles: i think you could add the burdensome regulatory. >> 20%, 25% from here. i don't see that happening. the market is skiddish because the leadership stocks. that we should get back on track and start heading higher. charles where it's great having both of you. coming up, kanye west can't keep quiet. the rapper once again expressing views on twitter that not
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charles: kanye west taking to twitter to express his love for our president. he said you don't have to agree with trump, butted the mob can't
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make me not love him. we are both dragon energy. he is my brother. i love everyone. i don't agree with everything anyone does. that's what makes us individuals. and we have the right to independent thought. fox. gabby, let me start with you. a lot of this began last week when kanye west came to the defense of candace owens? he said i did president trump. >> he encountered the thought police and now he's pushing
6:31 pm
back. he says it's okay to be an african-american who doesn't buy into the democratic liberal agenda. it's sort of refreshing, but at the same time it's scaring people to think about kanye, a 2024 run. >> it would have been better than a hillary 2016. charles: you are in charge of diversity coalition. i went to a concert to see kanye it was the most of diverse crowd in new york city. people think he started loving free speech today. he has come up against hip hypocrisy for years. i think it's been 14 years to
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this day that one of his most of famous songs came out where he slammed christianity. he said you can rap about anything but jesus. he said if i talk about god my record won't get played. he has been standing up for these things for decades. charles: chance the rapper tweeted black people don't have to be democrats. some of kanye's friends in the stwri coming to his assistance. i'm in chicago and i have talked to some of my fellow residents about kanye. this is an individual who stood up for our city when he had the opportunity to and he continues to.
6:33 pm
this is a free-thinking individual. an individual willing to say what they believe. charles: the idea that he's saying i like president trump, i love him, we are both cut from the same cloth. is that something that may help young blacks and hispanics who may be predisposed to not even think about accepting president trump? >> when i first saw the mega head he had on. i thought you have got an album you are about to release. that's an interesting time to show your love for the president. so that's an interesting time. what this does is expose people to a different environment of politics, one we norm haley don't see. people actually liking the president of the united states of america. people will look twice and say maybe i shouldn't follow the
6:34 pm
narrative i should hate trump just because everybody else hates trump. charles: shania twain asked if she could vote who she would have voted for, she said donald trump. the liberal hollywood leaped all over her and within 24 hours she changed her mind. i hope kanye doesn't do the same thing. >> she caved to the pressure she was seeing even though she has been heralded as a feminist champion who will speak up and speak her mind. i don't think kanye will do that. he's authentic and will continue to push whatever message he wants to get out there and he deserves a lot of respect for that. charles: kanye west, 2024.
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coming up, the dow snapping five straight days of losses, ending the day in the green. it go through it all for you. we'll be right back.
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group think. i just think the herd is being manipulated. the dow turned up 200 points. netflix 200 points. facebook beating revenues, posting earnings. by the way, revenue per user surging. visa had a great number from the top and bottom lines. then chipotle mexican grill, that company saw revenues in line. 36% better than consensus. that stock is taking off. are we at the high water mark of the market? or are we just now dealing with the realities of the market.
6:40 pm
melissa, caterpillar exploded up 4%, then it crashed after the cfo said this was the high water mark. he obviously didn't take any media training. >> i think we'll see continued selling. we can't not move. we have glen this range for two months. everything looks heavy. even caterpillar, that's a massive sell-off. e-bay is down tonight. visa and facebook are up but they are not up enough. tomorrow night is a big night for the market. facebook and amazon have to do it in a big way to move this market up. charles: there is something else gnawing at this market. >> i think the market is trying
6:41 pm
to get a handle on which companies will continue to ask deliver. there is indigestion in the market for a little while. if you were bullish at the beginning of the year, not a lot has changed. so i think by the end of the year it sorts itself out. if you are a long-term investor, that's what you need to think about. but you have to be patient as an investor. that's the whole point of being long term. you need to be patient. when you find good entry points. get in at that entry points and have good vision. charles: when boeing gets
6:42 pm
hammered because of the saber rattling are those buys we are looking for? >> the market doesn't think so. so that makes we cautious. if the market on good news isn't reacting well. i think the larger narrative is interest rates seem to be rising. we have the 10-year rising, we have the two-year sat 250. oil at $67, $68. maybe we have seen the best of it. charles: you say toward the summer, what is the catalyst to get us out of there? what would be the catalyst that breaks the market out of this trading range? >> we haven't had any follow-through. a one-day rally. i want to see strength. i want to see amazon gas up and
6:43 pm
rally and go all day. facebook is up tonight. that sucker ought to go tomorrow. that's what we need to see and you are not seeing it. charles: do we need leadership beyond technology stocks? >> we do. and we need to get away from the narrative of crossing the 10-year yield hitting past 3%. i think that's been a big issue for the market. but there are a lot of counterbalances which means that doesn't continue to go higher and higher. a lot of the news won't be long-term for the market and when it gets its footing underneath it, it will go back up again. thank you very much. reports surfacing that rudy giuliani is taking over talks with mueller about a possible trump interview. we'll have the details on this
6:44 pm
breaking news right after this.
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charles: sources telling fox news rudy giuliani taking over discussions with robert mueller about a possible interview with president trump. but the president's posture remains the same. he's open to speaking with mueller. a lot of folks continue to warn president trump to avoid the interview at all costs. he brought in rudy giuliani to perhaps be the person who could broker something to ex speedatex
6:48 pm
speedate this whole process. >> the president has been insistent throughout that there has never been any collusion with russia. if he's innocent and he feels that way, he wants to air that out. anybody would there they want to tell the investigator, i did nothing wrong. the problem is for prosecutors, they could spring a trap on him. clearly on obstruction. he could move quickly from subject to target. charles: some of these high-profile cases like a martha stewart going to prison not for anything she is accused of, but for lying. it's easy to make a mistake and say the wrong things. tammy: we want this cleared up. the president has the biggest microphone in the world.
6:49 pm
he says every day how he's innocent and that's appropriate. you can engage in this to some degree. let's do it on paper. i am one of those who doesn't think the president should speak to him at all. clearly you are not the target and you are not being accused of the crime. to put the presidency in that position is dangerous. but you can split the baby by have him answer questions not in person, and submit written answers that will save the president from any things he might say out of turn yet still answer questions the president wants to answer. charles: it's been a long time since rudy giuliani has been associated with the prosecutor's
6:50 pm
office answer he may not have the connections he once did. >> one of the important relationships to mention here is he has a good relationship with bob mueller. the conversation they are having is about setting up a meeting with trump. but there is another dynamic. you have rudy giuliani sitting down face to face with the man leading the investigation of president trump. he can go back to the president and brief him on what he thinks mueller's intentions are. tammy: this is not just the president's rhetoric. this is a fishing expedition. the president understands that. he's trying to save the free world from nuclear destruction. he's a busy man. this element is costing so much money and it's time for it to be
6:51 pm
over. they see an interview or questions being answered. but ultimately the president should stand up to the presidency and not participate in the game playing. i think as the mayor is a smart man, i think he understands that as well. he's not going to put the president in jeopardy. charles: what about bob mueller? he may want to find a way to gracefully end this thing as well. you have got michael cohen who is going to plead the fifth with the stormy daniels thing. with respect to president trump and russian collusion. he's way off his original mix. >> he strayed a lot. you can thank rod rosenstein for that. bob mueller asked for permissioner time. i think does anyone remember,
6:52 pm
despite what we see in public web's a question mark. one statement is don't believe everything you read. there is a tremendous amount of fake news about the mueller investigation. the entire podesta group is now gone. the liberal lobbying firm gone because it got tied up in the mueller investigation. charles: the war on police. the number of police officers shot and killed in the united states is up 7% from last year. we have to find a way to protect those who protect us. we'll be right back. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back.
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6:56 pm
attacked while on or off duty. yesterday two police officers in texas were shot, one pass away yesterday. overnight an officer in maine was shot and killed. here to discuss the issue, jo ber really, former trump campaign chair. sergeant, let me start with you. the war on cops -- and it's so -- you look at the people and the faces and the pictures and it's -- you look at the settings, it feels like cops are just sitting ducks right now. >> as you stated, they're averaging one a week. a few weeks ago we had the boston k9 officer, the two in florida eating dinner shot and killed, shot two in dallas. in a nation that's very divisive, we need to come together, need people that are prolaw enforcement to stand up there and help.
6:57 pm
we need to set a tone. we can't have people being let out on parole. we need people out there knowing we can't do that because we're not going to come back out. charles: is there something that you sense as a police officer that's changed recently? is there some sort of, not necessarily a green light but from valuing and putting the police officers on a pedestal to now thinking it's tok to shoot and try to kill them. >> it's never okay. several politicians go in front of the podium and they incite people to go out there and think it's okay. it's not. we need for people, actors and athletes defending the police and knowing from a small age that you need to respect them, yeub need to say thank you and appreciate the men and women out there. >> i think he's right. the war on police is fought on the streets on on two other fronts. there's a cultural war. you look at the michael brown
6:58 pm
shooting. you look at colin kaepernick as the example on athletes. the reaction when people suggested having police in schools after the sandy hook shootings. the reaction was that the police would be the ones putting the students in je jeopardy. on the political front, you have lawmakers limiting the way that police officers can use their weapon, making them make second-guess split second decisions on whether they come home or the perp comes on. when the cops are wrong, they should be held accountable. but 99.999 go all the way out there doing the right thing. charles: we talk about solutions, community-based policing, more cops on a beat, developing and forging relationships. because in my mind i think that does help. what do you think? is that possible, particularly in this political climate? >> it is. and dating back to commissioner
6:59 pm
bratton and commissioner oneal. you want people to have confidence in you and you want to have a relationship. working together it's powers in numbers. that's what i always say. charles: and when you speak with your fellow officers, what do you talk about? i mean are people afraid -- when i grew up in harlem in the '70s, cops were afraid to go in certain neighborhoods. are they becoming intimidated about doing their jobs and does that make them more vulnerable. >> i have a newborn who's five weeks old and five weeks ago i thought a different way. things do change. you want to be careful. you just saw in toronto, the officer, hea had some great poise you have a gentleman with a firearm and he was able to get him down without firing. things happen very fast with the
7:00 pm
police. charles: gentlemen, thank you both. thank you for your service and congratulations on the newborn. >> thank you very much. charles: of course at home. thank you for watching. now here's lou dobbs, the man himself. keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, fired fbi director james comey has demonstrated, over the past year, that he has a difficult time talking straight, especially when testifying before congress, it seems. it turns out his so-called good friend to whom comey leake leakd those memos is much more than a professor. daniel richman worked for comey as the so-called special government employee. richmond has a security clearance and access to fbi buildings. wwe'll have a full report on reu in minutes. the deep


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