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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 25, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, fired fbi director james comey has demonstrated, over the past year, that he has a difficult time talking straight, especially when testifying before congress, it seems. it turns out his so-called good friend to whom comey leake leakd those memos is much more than a professor. daniel richman worked for comey as the so-called special government employee. richmond has a security clearance and access to fbi buildings. wwe'll have a full report on reu in minutes. the deep state judiciary
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striking again. a third federal district court judge ordering the president of the united states to reinstate daca. these federal court judges now seem to be trying to run the country's immigration policies. is this really what our founders had in find in the bush-appointed judge imperiously overruling home security and capriciously rule that obama's executive order take takes prect over president trump's executive order. that is the kind of nonsense that passes for legal reasoning in many of our federal courts. we'll take up the need to roll up the deep state judiciary. andy bigg and former trump aide dr. sebastian gorka joining us tonight. >> republicanscrashing democratic hopes of defeating republicans in a wave election this year. instead the republicans won the arizona 8th congressional seat in last night's special election. we take up the desperate dems,
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the midterms and more. ronna mcdaniel joins us tonight our top story, new concerns about james comey's judgment and his conduct. fox news confirming the columbia law professor to whom comey used to leak sensitive information to the media previously worked as a special fbi employee. catherine herridge with our report. >> in avenue an e-mail to fox news, columbia law professor daniel richmond confirmed he worked for james comey as a special government employee on an unpaid basis. sources familiar with richmond's fbi work said comey assigned him to special projects. he had a security clearance and badge access to the building. republican lawmakers want more answers. >> maybe we need to talk to mr. richmond in front of oath.
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it would have been nice if he had a full understanding of the full relationship that mr. comey had with the guy who orchestrated the leaks. >> during his june 2017 testimony comey did not describe richmond as an fbi employee. the former districter testified that he gave the memos documenting conversations with the president to richmond to kick start what is now the mueller probe. >> i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. didn't do it myself for a variety of reasonses but i asked him to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. >> who was that? >> a good friend of mine, a professor at columbia law school. >> under person under scrutiny is houma abedin. questioning her special status that allowed her to work at the clinton state department and private sector at the same time. while the fbi declined to answer questions about richmond's role, he once had talking points on
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the clinton e-mail controversy. con pairincomparing and contras. in a separate development on capitol hill, attorney general jeff sessions declined to answer questions about whether he has recused himself from the criminal probe into president trump's personal attorney, michael cohen. lou? lou: quite a day there. thank you so much. my first guest tonight one one of the republican calling for criminal prosecution of the fired fbi director along with hillary clinton, loretta lynch and others deep staters who have tried to subvert the 2016 presidential election. republican congressman andy biggs of arizona, a member of the house you u dis judiciary c. great to have you with us. i want to get your reaction as a member of the judiciary committee of learning that the man the fbi director testified
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about, he didn't reference once he was a special government employee or had any kind of formal relationship with the fbi. >> yeah. i mean, lou, this is incredible can the stench get any worse. this thing with comey and his so-called friend who turns out to be a special employee, this is just consistent with this ongoing drip drip drip that we find out about comey and mueller and mccabe and the whole gang of them. we should have expected this, quite frankly, because everybody that worked with comey, that ended up working with mueller, they all are tainted in some way or another and this is no exception. lou: and you mentioned mueller. orrin hatch says now, the distinguished senator from utah says passing a law to protect the special counsel from president trump's firing would be unconstitutional but he also, in the same breath, says firing
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the special counsel would likely trigger, as he put it, impeachment. this is absolute bolder dash, is it not in. >> yes. this is just ludacris. president trump said the other day and he's exactly right. look, if i wanted to get rid of him, i would have fired these people ard already. he hasn't. he's not going to. but mueller, if there was an ounce of decency, he would recuse himself. he's clearly outside the channels of his scope. he got there by comey. we just heard again awe ho koi manipulated this thing because comey wanted to g after president trump. this is just corruption at its highest levels of government and there's a reason why the american people are saying, look, we just don't really trust even our highest law enforcement officers anymore. it's not the rank ope and file. it's the guys at the top. lou: let me ask this question as well. it goes to the leadership of the house and the senate. knowing full well that comey
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manipulated the system to create the result he wanted, a vindictive act against the president who fired him, why in the world won't the speaker and the majority leader say this is nonsense, hold the fired fbi director accountable for the events that he created. >> well, absolutely. we need to do that. which is why we wrote our letter. the 11 of us wrote the letter. we think that mr. comey should be investigated just like hillary clinton, loretta lynch, everybody that's shown to be tainted. you know, they have a little dirt on their hands. and mr. comey is right at the top. he's kind of the hub with the rod rosenstein himself. and i don't know why we can't seem to get enough fire anywhere else. but that's why i introduced an amendment on that omnibus bill saying defend mr. mueller's investigation. these kinds of things have to stop because they're disrupting the republic.
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and these threats of impeachment of the president if he were to fire mueller, that doesn't make sense to me. lou: as a member of the judiciary, your reaction to three district court judges who decided that have special knowledge, special powers that rises above the constitution and they can tell the president of the united states what to do on the i issue of immigration, policy, national security. your thoughts. >> yeah. look. i read that opinion from judge bates today. and this is -- you're exactly right. this is you dish activism that you would find their pictures in the dictionary. this has got to stop as well. so there's some things that we could do and should do. we should maybe start talking about limiting jurisdiction. start talking about maybe some of these folks need to be removed. but this is -- setting aside without constitutional authority what the president of the united states clearly has power and authority to do. and now what they did in this
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one, you have 90 days to come back and tell us why, you've got to give us better reasons why you want to rescind daca. that's ludacris. he's the president of the united states who we've delegated the authority. it's a constitutional delegation. and the only thing you've got going on is a former homeland security secretary broat a memo, they said they were going to adopt the memo. president trump said we're going to toss it out. and now you've got three judges saying we know more than the president. we have authority that the president doesn't have and they clearly do not. and that's a problem. we've got to rectify that. lou: well it should be rectified. there could b should be a correg mechanism whether it's the supreme court or administrative judges with some sort of supervisory power. but when a judge leaves, leaves the constitution well in his rearview mirror, as judge john
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bates did here today -- by way, an appointee of george w. bush in 2001 -- and then to have the arrogance to say that the justice department has to come up with better reasons for him as a judge to follow the constitution and to follow the law and to make clear his own reasoning, that's an absurdity. aarrogance on top of activism. >> absolutely. this is a problem. and i just want to make this point clear. a lot of people think that if you're a federal judge, you're appointed for the term of your life. that's not it. the constitution said it's for a term of good behavior. and this kind of abuse of the constitution is not good behavior. this is when the congress should probably step in and say, no, you don't and we need to, at a bare minimum, censure. we've got to find a way to get at the judges that are doing this. lou: and it would be nice if the supreme court would take
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responsibility and quit acting like it's 1870 and move tbart expeditiously to resolve the conflicts between lower court judges, the constitution and the law. as always, congressman i appreciate you being here. good to see you. >> good to be with you. thanks. lou: thanks so much. up next, arizona dashing the hopes of some cupcake democrats. a blue wave not so blue. republican national committee chair ronna mcdaniel on the republican party's prospects if are the midterms. here is, well if i may say, an alert, they're brightening. stay with us.
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wait in politics. senator ted cruz endorsing president trump for relk reelecn in 2020. it may be two and a half years away, but that none the less didn't stop the senator from going -- standing straight up and tall to endorse president trump. he is also only leading democratic challenger by three points in a recent quinnipiac poll.
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we don't know if that's an algorithm. might be a good thing for him to do. joining us tonight, the republican national committee chair ronna mcdaniel. great fof yo to have you with u. i'm just sitting here thinking when ted cruz is endorsing two and a half years before the election, that's a pretty good sign. >> that's a pretty good sign. it shows how popular president trump is in texas. and more than that, president trump has delivered on the promises he made during the election, promises made, promises kept, unemployment at an all-time low or an all-time low for the african-american and hispanic communities, wages are up. i think ted cruz did a very smart thing. lou: as you cite some statistics, we're talking about the lower minority unemployment in this country ever. >> ever. lou: and i have to believe the president and the republican party are pretty anxious to get
11:17 pm
to the midterms so they can go with that reality everywhere in the country. it's a very powerful statement. >> we have something to run on. we have delivered. and people's lives are better as a result. i see it all across the country as i travel. people say thank pluch fo presip for me. he cares about her veterans. he's taking care of our military. our economy is turning around. there's a lot to be proud of from this administration and we need to keep those majorities so the president can continue this turn around for our country. lou: it looks like there's a very straightforward recipe, an equation here. and that is what ted cruz just did. in arizona, winning that race where the democrats were feeding everything into the echo chamber of the left wing national media.
11:18 pm
you would have thought that her challenger was going to win by 50 point. it's insane and she turned back to challenge. give us your sense of how that -- what that suggests for the midterms themselves, if anything. >> well, i think these special elections are special for a reason. i do think the left wing media is trying to overhype that the margins aren't as big as they were in a presidential year and that is ridiculous. one, there's not incumbents running in all of these districts. and arizona, frank hasn't had a democratic opponent for the last few elections. special elections, they're on a different date, a lower turnout. lou: a shatterly lower turnout than the presidential election. >> huge difference. they're comparing apples to oranges and trying to glean things that aren't there. what i see out of the six congressional specials we've had this year, we've won five.
11:19 pm
people are embracing president trump's agenda because it's making a difference in their lives and we're going to continue to push to these voters the good things that are happening with president trump and republicans in charge. and what's the alternative? what are the democrats putting forward? nothing. they don't want your paychecks bigger. they don't want anything. lou: what is the house going to run on, a petter way agenda from paul ryan. it's idiotic yet the rhinos keep pushing the nonsense. are you doing anything to quell the ignorance of such a strategy? >> i think the president stole a line from the clinton era. it's the economy, stupid. we're on a comeback and we do not want to go back to the dark ages of pelosi and schumer. we know where that will take us. two years ago, where was our country then and where it is now. lou: you must be so anxious to run this midterm, because the
11:20 pm
democrats are offering free jobs, they're talking about money for everybody and they're talking about raising taxes. i mean they appear to have lost their collective minds. >> raising taxes. free jobs, jobs for everybody. how are they going to do that? how are they going to finance that? when bernie sanders because the mainstream of the democratic party, they've lost the middle of the country. lou: they've got the middle. >> redistribution party of the left. lou: and they forget unemployment, record lows. those jobs are being filled and paying high wages in the private sector. hard to compete. i want to ask you about another idea and that is my friend ed rollins who runs a pac as well. he's talking about making certain that every candidate he
11:21 pm
supports is standing tall and side by side with president trump. and i was thinking about, there ought to be a formalized way about that. how about a contract to make america great and every republic have to sign up for it if they're going to get the support of this president. how about that? >> i think that's a great thing to look at. and you look at -- and i'll tell you -- lou: you don't sound overcommitted. but i'll take that. >> the most enthusiastic part of the party right now are the trump voters. they've fueled the record fund-raising for the rnc, 500,000 new small online voters. there is nobody in the party that energizes and connects with this party better than president trump. i think every candidate should be embracing our candidate and bringing him into their district because they're going to need him to win. lou: contract to make america great. >> i like it.
11:22 pm
lou: i'm demoting you. chair of the republican national committee, ronna mcdaniel. great to see you. >> thanks for having me. lou: congratulations on last night and good luck going forward be sure to vote in tonight's poll. has james comey's constant hawking of his book only strengthened your view that he was all along an agent of the deep state who deserved to be fired? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram up next, james comey's good friend turns out to be a very special person. ed rollins on comey's lies, deceptions, leaks and prospects. here next.
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him, the sweet fellow from
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nevada, really nice fellow. he once wanted democrats to stop talking about impeaching president trump. the retired senator majority leader telling nbc i've been through an impeachment and they're not pleasant. the less we talk about impeachment, the better off we are as a country. yeah, the better off the democrats would be and not everybody wants them to be better off. joining us tonight, ed rollins, great america pac chairman, former reagan white house political director, fox news political analyst. good to have you here. >> thank you. lou: ronna mcdaniel has done a terrific job. >> she has. lou: and she is obviously feeling good about the progress. the record in the special elections speaks for itself for republicans. is the blue wave a thing of the dead past? >> my sense, it's who is going to get their vote out. and the blue wave, it's a myth. there's no grealt numbe great nw
11:28 pm
democrats it's a question of are they more intense. historically the dropoff is about half from the presidential election. if ours turn out as they did in the primaries, we'll do just fine. we've got to work hard. we're being challenged sear chad seriously. lou: i know you've got to say that sort of thing. i don't think you're being challenged seriously. you've got the left taking over the democratic party. they're talking about crying out loud, free jobs, free everything. they're talking reparations. i mean it's just asinine, the stuff that they're coming up with, and they're going to make -- and the republicans, i understand, are going to make hillary clinton the focal point of their narrative going into the med terms. >> i would hope that they make donald trump the narrative of the midterms. hillary clinton is the voice of the past, not a very good past.
11:29 pm
they have to go out there, stand tall, say look what this president has done against all of the opposition and make sure i support this morning, i support his program and we're going to get a majority to support his program. that's the campaign. lou: it's a campaign but it's got to be jacked up a lot higher than that. this is a president who goes out and he gets tens of thousands of people to his rallies. he gets it going. like we saw in pennsylvania, in that election. i mean the fellow that the republicans put up, you talk about low energy, are you kidding me? he couldn't even -- you couldn't find him on the stage. >> i'm not going to defend that element. lou: you don't have to. you can agree with me like you usually do. >> i do agree with you. lou: sign here. >> i do agree with you. i'm simply saying you should never take anything for granted and you should go out -- lou: i got you. let's do this. let's do this. i'll call it the rollins'
11:30 pm
contract. get out there with a contract to make america great again, every candidate pledges to stand with the president and move forward as a united republican party. hallelujah, wouldn't that be something. >> i'm all for that. we haven't sold the benefits from this program so far. the idea that the country doesn't believe all of the benefits that this president has gotten for them. lou: there are going to be a certain number of damn fools in this country no gnatter what we do. if people can't see what this president has accomplished in 15 months, i mean, come on. >> he needs not to carry the ball alone by himself. you need everybody else out there fighting hard for him at not fighting against him. lou: contract to make america great again. >> love it. lou: we're going to go with it. >> thank you. lou: harry reid on impeachment, it's interesting. he's a little worried about the left wing taking over his party. >> he didn't like impeachment
11:31 pm
the last time was because his president was being impeached. they're not going to impeach donald trump. he's not the done anything. lou: hell, he didn't collude either but they've had a special counsel investigation going on for almost a year. an fbi investigation of it going for a year before that and it turns out the fbi was creating the collusion. >> they're the ones that should be investigate pd the quld of the new stuff with the former director having a pet rock in the professor. 10,000 employees in the fbi. there must have been somebody in there who could have been a friend. and the whole premise of -- lou: can't you just promote him to chia pet or something? >> whatever. the misuse of the special employees -- special employees work so the government gets the benefit of a high powered person like yourself. not the other way around like houma and the rest of them who got to keep their government
11:32 pm
payroll and their pal roll on the outside. lou: he was doing double duty. >> we won't talk about her. we're going to talk about comey right now. lou: i'm sorry. >> comey had a deliberate rate plan and he didn't have the guts to put his own fingerprint on the documents. and he said i had a friend, a law professor. he knew exactly what he was doing. he wanted to create chaos. he was going to get revenge on the president who fired him and fired him justifiably so. lou: why the hell won't mitch mcdonnell connell and paul ryan have the integrity to stand up and say we're going to fix this now. >> they've never been for trump. they've been pleasantly surprised by trump. lou: i love asking the question. >> it's a great question. we know rhyne i ryan is not goie there much longer. and mcconnell is going to have a tough election. he's up in two years. he better get on the trump
11:33 pm
bandwagon. lou: how about head cruz endorsing donald trump two and a half years early. >> i'm all for it. i love it. lou: a big, big statement and my comcompliments to the senator. i think he found the way to a bright future. >> he's been a very good boy since the convention. he knew it was a mistake but at this point in time he's an important element in the party. lou: after a man has a night like that, he needs to have a few improvements and he's seized the opportunity. great to see you. >> i like converts. lou: i'm sorry? >> i like converts. lou: i'm going to try to figure out who got converted. >> trump converted all of them. lou: i see. you like converters. >> i like converters. lou: ed rollins, man of mystery. good to see you, my friend. up next, emanuel macron try
11:34 pm
to sway the president on syria. we'll talk about the french charm offensive. dr. sebastian gorka joins us here next. we're going to have every bit as much fun with him as we did with ed. do you promise, ed? >> promise. >> promise. patrick woke up with back pain. but he has work to do. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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a few problems actually. we've got aging roadways, aging power grids, ...aging everything. we also have the age-old problem of bias in the workplace. really... never heard of it. the question is... who's going to fix all of this? an actor? probably not. but you know who can solve it? business. because solving big problems is what business does best. so let's take on the wage gap, the opportunity gap, the achievement gap. whatever the problem, business can help. and i know who can help them do it. french president emanuel macron and the first lady of france headed home of a three-day visit to washington.
11:38 pm
he came to the country with the intention of swaying the president on a number of issues. he may have succeeded in getting the president to consider a change of his stance on syria. >> we want to come home, we'll be coming home, but we want to have a very very strong -- we want to leave a strong and lasting footprint and that was a very big part of our discussion. lou: and joining me now, former strategist to president trump, fox news national security strategist so ban chan gorka, also author of the book "defeating jihad." >> can i b i be sub vant with pt foal ya. lou: absolutely i want to make sure i apologize for not making that clear. the president talking about a lasting footprint in syria.
11:39 pm
apparently macron said something to the president that is formidable in the view of the president and perhaps persuasive. >> i wouldn't be so sure. so let's wait until we hear something concrete in terms of syria. having worked for the man, having seen what he's done for the last 15 months, and actually speaking to him about these issues years ago when we first met, he fundamentally -- he has a default setting which is not to have our troops around the world. it's always the same. bring them home i. if there's a real issue, we'll deal with it. but sending lots of troops and occupying other people's territory, he doesn't like it. lou: i didn't defer that from anything macron said that he was talk about a massive amount of our troops. he was taught about the nato countries and the european union and the united states that would
11:40 pm
be strategic and again have a lasting impact, as he put it, on the outcome with the iranians, the russians boosting assad. but we'll see, as you say, what the president has to say. i'm sorry, go ahead. >> anything is possible. remember, this is the man who they said wanted to dissolve nato and destroy nato. now we have the premier of france saying you want us to take our fair burden. we're going to start defending ourselves and paying -- so, you know, the europeans getting more serious about strategic effect. anything is possible. lou: we're going to find out what's possible on friday when angela merkel shows up to talk a free trade running these chronic trade surpluses with the united states, which must not certainly please the president. let's turn to the iranian deal. the president says he's going to get out of it effectively.
11:41 pm
it seems like there's really no other option, given the fact that he has said it's a terrible deal from the moment he ran for the presidency until now. and not many people including macron are willing to argue with him. suddenly macron was talking about a new deal perhaps but not the old deal. >> there's a very good reason for that. if you look at the largest trading partners for the islamic republic, guess who they are. they're not america. they're european nations, france included, germany absolutely. so they have vested interests in maintaining a regime that allows them to do business wit. but the president wants to kill this deal, lou. and if he decides to do so, i'm sorry, the europeans are just going to have to deal with it. lou: i don't think there've any doubt that right now this president, 15 months into this administration, his first term, he is setting the global agenda. he is now the western world
11:42 pm
leader. and there is no one who has even a scintilla of an original idea with which to compete with the trump doctrine, the trump agenda. let's turn to james comey. >> if we must. lou: and i think we must because if, for no o reason, he just continues to support what a monstrous mess we have in washington, d.c. represented by the deep state. james comey was fired and then at the same time acknowledged that he is part of the deep state which is, as he put it, unchangeable and no president could do anything about it with only one term in office. this is a man who has absolutely comey who seems to have absolutely no way in which he can communicate straightforwardly, be direct with congress, be direct to the inspector general's office. this is a man with a very
11:43 pm
fundamental issue with truth and honesty. >> absolutely. the fbi's informal motto for the initials fbi is fidelity, bravery and integrity. this man has none of them. he's a coward and a liar. he has no moral compass. he's taken a lawyer during his book tour. lou when i was on my book tour, i didn't need a lawyer. why does he need a lawyer. because he's part of a conspiracy. we now know, we know that this man exonerated hillary clinton before the investigation got close to concluding. why did he do that? i think andy mccalf fi is right. obama was communicating with hillary on the unsecured server. if she was prostituted, guess who else would have to be prosecuted. the president. now they're trying to cover their states but it's too late. hillary lost and we have a different president. a lot of people are going to be
11:44 pm
standing on the dock and guess what, james comey might be one of them. lou: three guess whats. >> but i didn't say look. lou: you were amazing. thanks for being with us. good to see you be sure to vote in the poll tonight. has james comey's constant hawking of his book only strengthened your view that he was all along an agent of the deep state that deserved to be fired by yes, our president, donald j. trump. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs up next, the executive order, well, based on today's hearing, it sounds that the president has considerable support for the constitution and his authorities under it. our full report next.
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lou: the supreme court heard arguments today on the president's travel ban. lower courts striking down that ban three times. but as our chief legal correspondent now reports, several high court justices seem very supportive of the president. >> the final arguments of the supreme court term. the justices hearing one of the most controversial cases less focusing on the balance of power
11:49 pm
of congress and the president when it comes to immigration and the vetter. justice sotomayor asking how far the executive can go. >> what i see the president doing here is saying, i'm going to add more to the limits that congress set and to what congress set was enough. where does a president get the authority to do more than congress has already decided ised isadequate. >> justice e le alito discussede critics. >> i think there are 50 predominantly muslim countries, five predominantly muslim countries are on this list. the population of the predominantly muslim countries on this list make up about 8% of the world's muslim population. >> and of course there was plenty of discussion of the president's previous statements, including one removed from his campaign website calling for a
11:50 pm
total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on. chief justice roberts asking the plaintiff's attorney if the travel ban would be problem fee if the president just disavowed his earlier comments and reissued the ban. >> is your answer to my question yes? d?>> absolutely. >> the court did seem split and it appears that justice kennedy may once again be the swing vote. a decision is due by late june. lou? lou: thank you very much. on wall street, stocks finished the day on moderate gains. volume on the big board heavier trading that has been the case for weeks, 3.5 billion shares, 3.7 yesterday. aetna saw saw profits jump. and the justice department
11:51 pm
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lou: tonight's quote of the evening applies to james comey and the rest of the corrupt leadership of the justice department. lawless are they that make their wills their law. majority leader mitch mcconnell's promise that he'll not put the bill on the floor for a vote to protect mueller. this is really quite something. grassley pushing to protect a
11:56 pm
special counsel who should never have been appointed in the first place based on the facts as we understood them and now understand them, and should never have been put there because of the many conflicts he has with those who did appoint him and conspired to appoint him. what do you make of it? >> under our constitution, the president is in charge of the executive branch. not the legislature. if senator grassley and the republicans in the senate want to pass a law that restrains the president from firing appointed officials, it would be unconstitutional. our constitution divides power. too many politicians of both parties have been giving washington briewsh krats too much power, and that's what this bill would do. lou: three district court
11:57 pm
judges, federal district court judges deciding they are running immigration policy and they not the president will be making those policy choices and are ruling accordingly. your thoughts. >> this is part of a wired attack on the legitimacy of the president. when obama was president he got to decide what the daca policy was and the court didn't get in the way. it's total usurpation by all these bureaucrats and judges. it's part of the wider problem inside washington. lou: congressman biggs of arizona says it's about time the judges usurping the power of the presidency and the constitution should be held accountable. and be brought to terms with the
11:58 pm
fact there will be consequences for going outside the law, outside the constitution, and opposing if not breaching our laws and constitution. >> the last federal judge to face impeachment. you know, there is only so much you can do to these people. they seem to have a constituent i that likes them either way. this is a huge problem the american people need to understand what's happening. the days when everybody snaid their lanes are over with. you have mueller attacking a president. it's an upside down world. lou: it is. and i think the american public is understanding this deep state always reality and a stoned cold hard reality that -- and a stone
11:59 pm
cold hard reality that threatens our constitutional republic and this presidency if unchecked. >> i lived in the deep state when i was in the justice department. i saw how they quliewd soros funded organizations to affect policy. i'm not sure there is much of a solution, especially with his full frontal attack on the president. lou: the solution seems to be something that republicans have been slow to understand. they have to prosecute and investigate vigorously those who break our laws and subvert. the democrats don't seem to care. the republicans might take a lesson. it's always good to be with you. that's it for us tonight. tomorrow congressman matt gates joins us.
12:00 am
thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: the trump administration possibly on the verge of a huge immigration win. the supreme court reportedly leaning towards one of the president's signature campaign promise, a travel ban from several muslim majority countries. justice samuel alito led the liberal charge. >> i think there are 50 predominantly muslim countries in the world. five predominantly muslim countries are on this list. the population of the


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