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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 27, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lot of concessions one way or the other. thank you very much. here's lou dobbs. >> good evening everyone. our top story tonight james comey expose. former fbi director james comey saying he shared his infamous memos with more people than previously thought. three individuals think he illegally leaked classified memos but no mention of that. when he testified under oath last june but also tonight attorney general jeff sessions will review a second special counsel to investigate. >> i do not think we need to willy-nilly appoint special counsel.
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there is wrongdoing uncovered we will act on that. we have to be careful we don't smear everybody. if somebody makes some errors and some of the errors can be disciplinary matters rather than prosecutorial matters. trish: congressman matt gaetz is one of more than a dozen house republicans who say there is more than enough evidence right now of wrongdoing to appoint a second special counsel and we ought to be doing it. he joins me in just moments in the senate confirming mike pompeo a secretary of state to the former cia director playing a pivotal role ahead of a highly anticipated summit between president trump and kim jong un. we take all of that right up here tonight. our top story fired fbi director james comey today shared his memos with multiple individuals not just columbia law professor daniel richman. comey telling fox news's brett where he also shared documents
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with his legal team. comey now claims it actually was not a leak, not at all. listen to this. >> i don't consider it a leak. told him of bauden nonclassified conversation with the president. i gave him nothing else ever. >> you set in the memos i said i don't do sneaky things. i don't leak and i don't do -- moves that we can argue with a leak is. that is a leak, is it not? >> it's not. trish: okay, it's not he says. president trump unequivocally stating comey -- . >> comey is a leaker and he is a liar and not only on this stuff. he's been leaking for years. he has probably been using his friend the so-called professor who now turns out to have fbi clearance which he never said
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that even lied about that so he did an illegal act and he said it himself in order to get a special counsel against me. trish: i remember watching that testimony. he did say it himself and i was stunned when i heard as i said wait a second he is leaking to the fbi. it turns out the fbi is the one that's out there leaking. the extent of the corruption is infuriating. the senate judiciary committee today passing a measure to protect robert mueller from being fired even majority mitch mcconnell said he would not put it on the floor. president trump meanwhile suggesting he may intervene at some point in this aimless justice department. >> very disappointed in my justice department but a cousin of the fact that it's -- i think you understand i have decided i won't be involved. i may change my mind at some
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point because what's going on is a disgrace. it's an absolute disgrace. trish: he was certainly fired up this morning for their first guest is calling for criminal desiccation of comey. hillary clinton another high-ranking members of the justice department. matt gaetz serves on a number of key committees. so good to have you here congressman. first of all comey says no leak here. never leaked. that is not a leak. what do you say when the head of the fbi who had just been out of a job in a few hours turned around in gives his classified memos that he wrote while on the job to his buddy at columbia law said he can leaked to "the news york times" said that comey can get a special counsel? >> i think it absolutely is trish and one of the reasons the american people have really
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embraced us with this with great skepticism he is the one lying about matters both big and small and many don't even come clean about what a leak is or you've put information into a processor plan to get it to the media to influence public opinion you are no longer an investigator. you are no longer worthy to have the federal bureau of investigation. you are trying to be a political hack because you are trying to shape public opinion. i just got back from reading some of the text messages in his just so obvious to me that the senior leadership of the fbi in some of the department of justice were so worried about what the media thought and what were in the press reports and what the public was thinking about what they were doing that they were completely distracted from the work that should have been done to prosecute people like hillary clinton and loretta lynch and others who clearly broke the law. trish: i want to share with the viewers part of the text message that comey commented on here
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between lisa paige and peter strzok. when i saw the text it said i was disappointed but i never saw any bias. you didn't see any bias, really james comey? were we all born yesterday. that's what he thinks about everyone of us out here. they don't see any bias when they are talking about how much they cannot stand donald trump congressman. >> it's not that they can't stand him, it's that they hate him. they have a plan in case he was present to have an insurance policy because they thought hillary clinton should win the election without donald trump getting a single vote. james comey describing that as an exchange that lacks bias shows why james comey lacks credibility. this view of the facts are so slanted by his desire to drivers on their defense to sell books and say things about the president there frankly are not true. here again you have this pervasive culture.
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james comey was the head of that but there were a lot of tentacles and that's why so important we continue our oversight. trish: he has completely lacks credibility or he's just plain. i will say it because i do not know how you could possibly read that dossier go to the president about the most crude and disgusting things in the dossier and not everything congressman it matters how that dossier came about. he is admitted over and over again that the funding was not anything he cared about or investigated are bothered to even tell the president when he told him about the bad stuff in there to begin with. that to me is mind-boggling. you were either lousy at her job for you are such a partisan hack that you don't deserve the position as head of the fbi. which isn't? >> i would offer this hypothesis. james comey is not. he's in credibly cunning and
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capable of the lacks sincerity and is out to get the president. the fact that james comey was creating contemporary as moment -- memos was a setup. they are trying to create evidence from the very beginning if you look at these text messages from the day that james comey was fired between struts and paige and others is so clear they had a plan all along in case the people wanted donald trump to disrupt him and discredit him and delegitimize the duly elected president of the united states. that's why this is an important fight. way bigger than donald trump or the current members of congress. it's ensuring the leader of this country is picked by the people and not by the bureaucrats and folks in washington d.c.. trish: this concern about the deep sea and how deep it is an encased we may be learning right now in the present that it's pretty deep. let me ask you what you are doing to fix some of this because i know you've been very active on that front. you are calling for a lot of
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investigations. you'd like to see them get a little bit more and the case of a special counsel. where do you stand on this? >> we ever furred andrew mccabe for criminal prosecution and the good news it appears that referral was taken favorably and there will be a u.s. attorney investigation into andrew mccabe's conduct. there's also the investigation of hillary clinton that i believe is currently occurring at the little rock office dealing with the uranium one transaction and i'm hopeful that we'll get unadulterated facts from those folks doing the important work and also you've got comey himself. that's the real question. james comey's leaks, james comey's perjury and lies to the congress have to be held to account in some way and my belief is the department of justice and the fbi cannot investigate their former bosses.
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that's why we need a second special counsel and if we don't have one the president's frustration will continue to exist and it will continue to be warranted and justified because we need a second special counsel to hold both accountable who broke the law. trish: matt gaetz thank you very much. it's good to see you. coming up next everyone the senate confirming mike tom mboya today as secretary of state. congressional democrats and republicans continue to attack president chun's cabinet nominee we'll we will take it all up with the dean himself ed rollins who is in the house. see you right back
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trish: the senate today confirming director mike pompeo as secretary of state. president trump congratulating pompeo in a statement after the swearing-in ceremony. i'm please with the senate's confirmation of mike tom pay up to serve as our country's top diplomat. he has my support but today he has my congratulations on becoming america's 70th secretary of state for joining me right now with reactions to this and a lot more ed rollins former reagan political director and "fox news" political analyst. so, we will get to pompeo in
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just a minute but i have to ask you because i know you saw this while but there was an interview with james comey. what is your gut reaction? >> i was her minded of muhammad ali who was the greatest fighter ever. that's how comey is. i don't think he is credible throughout. i think they did a good job of trying to follow up and get them to say the correct things. there were several times he misinformed the audience with his answers but he did the confidential documents and his mindset i think he probably leads the whole time while he was at the fbi. trish: that was what they were so upset about. >> he at a rationalization. he couldn't defined the role of the columbia law school professor and i think to certain extent he had us dragged agena deliver a plan and he did not help his agency at all that he ran.
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trish: if you look at the beginning of that look in his prologue he talks about his own fault as a person and he mentioned his ego and he said throughout his career it's been an issue for him. he does have a big ego. it had me thinking how much of ego is all of this about right now? >> it's definitely about his ego. the first part of the book is very telling. his grandfather was the chief of police in yonkers. he moved when he was in junior high school to jersey. he was always paid a big tall guy that got all weighed in he could bullies and the way he countered that is he was a very smart students. he is not a macho guy and obviously had led the most macho force in the world. he is a guy who i think in fairness anyone would say trump is tough that could be categorized as a bully and some way, shape or form in a good way
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but comey wanted to stay on the job and do whatever it took to stay in the job. trish: he clearly was protectively covering himself should he not be in the job by writing all those memos. >> exactly was a strategy and he had no idea to leak that. trish: we are where we are thanks to james comey. let's not forget how we failed when it came to hillary clinton and her e-mail server. >> he basically gave her a total pass. trish: mike pompeo. we now have a new secretary of state. he had to go up with the north korean back. >> probably the most important appointment that the president is going to make. this is a man with an extraordinary talent very well well-liked as a member of congress and a businessman and
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basically has spent a year, year and a half briefing the president on a daily basis on intelligence and getting the president to do the things he wants to do. the key thing here is there's a comfort zone there. it's not like this is going to be the president's most important player in the next couple of months which are very critical. all the stuff that's coming ahead,'s foreign-policy preview could not have a better right arm and the toad -- president trusts in him. he knows the information of the president wants and it could not be any more of an effective candidate. there are a lot of positions that haven't been filled and he can put like-minded people in there. trish: did tillerson and trump -- . >> they never clicked. my sense is tillerson was a guy who probably wouldn't return trump's phonecall two years ago.
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he didn't understand the nuances of internal politics and i think the president now has all he needs to basically make very tough decisions and choices. trish: i started by saying it took a while. he had to go out with a north korean back. this is someone who should not have had much of a problem. >> he should have sailed through. they should have been a 98-0 vote. we kept thinking he wasn't going to make it and i think the president threatened a few the democrats and a few in his own party to get this done. ronny jackson i think the tragedy is he would be a good man who have served a couple of presidents well. in reality we have to understand of hardball and he may not have been qualified to undertake a mission such as the va and he didn't have the coalitions behind him but i think what they have done in the last couple of days outrageous.
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how do you get your reputation back after something like this? trish: this is the reason why some people want nothing to do with politics. you think a bunch of accusations can be sent out their into the atmosphere and absorb in such a way that they can ruin a guy's career. >> how do you prove that he was not guilty and those things? that's the problem and what i do hope is that they don't mess with the two-star admiral that the there right now. i hope they let them move forward with this career and let him retire if that's what he wants to do. what he went through in the last couple of days is intolerable. trish: very quickly before that ego surfing back to comey will we wind up as more trouble and this is all said and done? it turns out it some deep state and was acting very purposely and perhaps viciously that could
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be a problem down the road? >> the problem is we still don't have the justice department or attorney general wants to step forward and say here is where we violated the rules. he did leak information and by the time he finished on his tour selling a million plus books there will be a lot of people that believe him and a lot of people won't believe trump side of the story. if he continues on the path he is on -- trish: i think you are right. think he is diminishing himself for sure if he appears too eager to talk to the media and to sell books. ed rollins, good to see you. thank you so much. they are sure to vote in tonight's poll. you believe jeff sessions willy-nilly defense for not appointing the second special counsel perfectly illustrates why is unfit to lead the justice
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department? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs that followed lou dobbs and follow him monster graham @lou dobbs tonight. coming up next the fbi finding between anti-trump or peter strzok and lisa page. "fox news" has learned that much of those texts are garbled, totally incompatible. it will take up that fbi stonewall. that's coming up. we will see you right back
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trish: fox news confirming 50 pages of missing texts from peter strzok and lisa page were presented to the house committee today. the delay was blamed on a technical issue with samg sung phones. government watchdogs judicial
4:27 am
watch releasing 200 pages of hillary clinton emails sent and received over her private server. they contain classified information and detailed collusion between the obama administration and the dnc. let's start with the lisa and peter text messages. why is it we are blaming bad government technology which i'm sure is at times quite bad. but i find it suspicious that it's bad when it comes to these two. >> if you knew documents were responsive to your investigation and you said they had gone missing, what would the fbi do? they would raid your offices.
4:28 am
but in this case it was the dieb. sow when it came out that the emails and text messages were mission. jeff sessions should have sent the u.s. marshals over to the fbi to find them. the i.g. apparently recovered them. but this is the third instance of emails and text messages that disappeared. hillary clinton's deleted emails were emails the fbi found. so don't you believe it when they say emails or text messages are missing. it simply isn't reality anymore. trish: we were watchinged the james comey interview with bret baier who did a wonderful job questioning. but he's slippery and dodged in and out of some of these questions. but one thing that surprised me is when he was asked, did you think there was any bias when
4:29 am
you read the texts between lisa and peter he said no, i didn't see any bias in that. i don't know what normal halfway intelligent person would read those text messages and not think those people didn't like donald trump. that's bias. >> robert mueller saw bias and removed him from the investigation. for comey to admit there was bias in these text messages would undermine comey, the top leadership at the fbi, and to acknowledge there was in your face evidence of bias that calls to question everything they had been doing respect to hillary clinton. peter strzok was running the clinton investigation and was the key person in the trump-russia investigation as well. trish: let's get to clinton.
4:30 am
you guys have been digging and digging. classified stuff that clinton was emailing from her unsecured server. give sauce highlights. what are you finding? is there a theme in run us through what you have seen. >> the theme is hillary clinton is under contempt for the law. she is communicating with the former prime minister of great britain tony blair about sensitive issues relate together middle east. these emails were withheld from the american people or tried to delete them or otherwise hid them and the fbi allegedly found them. when hillary clinton didn't turn over records to the government, those records included these classified records. we are getting these out every month or so, and there are thousands more coming. the records also show there was
4:31 am
little daylight between the clinton foundation, the clinton state department and the clinton family business. so it works hand in glove. it was not what she promised and arguably violated the law. trish: i have been to some of those clinton global initiatives. i always get a kick out of how many dubious billionaires from around the world are given there, but they are given an instant stamp of credibility. as soon as bill clinton has his arm around you because you have given so much in a donation. i always wondered about it. give what we have learned, i think we just started to scratch the surface. lots of questions for sure. i believe in church and state when it comes to home. when you are the head of the
4:32 am
state department your husband shouldn't be taking $500,000 from countries that are our enemies. >> they are investigating donald trump over nothing. here you have in your face evidence of criminality with hillary clinton where is the doj? james comey said he didn't do anything wrong. does the doj agree with him? trish: james comey trying to talk his way out of trouble. we'll have highlights. a tough new interview given by our own bret baier. the fired fbi director getting grilled. you will see the best parts next.
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trish: former fbi director james comey says he still doesn't know who paid for the dirty trump dossier. this is weird. i want you to see it. bret: when did you find out that hillary clinton and the dnc furnltded the dossier? >> i still don't know. bret: did you want to know who it was funded by? >> i night tbawnsded by people
4:37 am
opposed to donald trump. bret: you still don't know it was funded by the dnc? >> i read that in the media. but i didn't know which exact opponent of donald trump funds it. trish: it seems to me you want to know something like that. if i report information i want to know where it's coming from. i want to know who the source is. i'm not going to go on something that somebody says that gets passed along via hearsay. if you are the head of the fbi you ought to be asking for that, too. joining me, ned ryun and rebecca woodland. ned, he told bret i didn't know, he didn't care. i'm sorry. this is the security of our
4:38 am
country. this is the president of the united states and you don't care who wrote the dossier? you don't think you need to know exactly where the information came from? >> i just about dropped out of my chair when he said about the funding part of it. you are telling me the director of the fbi didn't know who funded the steele dossier. and he lifed about the fact how much it wasr was used in the fisa warrants. the "new yorker" did a piece on christopher steele in march. in that article he says he knew who was funding his work in summer of 2016. you are telling me christopher steele knew who was funding him in the summer of 2016 and james comey today claims he doesn't know who was funding the work? then he claims he got ahold of the steel dossier in july of 2016, and he claims it played a
4:39 am
minor role in the fisa warrant. that's not true according to senators lindsey and graham. they had two of the fisa applications in hand and said the steele dossier made up large portions of the application. james comey is either one of the most of uninformed fbi directors we have had or he's lying. trish: or he's crafty. rebecca. this guy doesn't care where the information he's launching an investigation is coming from. he doesn't care who funded the dossier. that doesn't make any sense. >> it doesn't make sense. when i fact find with my evidence i know exactly who gave me what facts. i do not rely on anything unless it's founded and i can double
4:40 am
and triple check it as journalists do here at fox news. it doesn't make any possible or plausible sense that someone can say i relied on information, i have no idea where it came from. you are the fbi director. isn't that the next plausible question? where did this come from? of course he knows where it came from. trish: it's got me wondering about him and how slippery he really is. between that and sitting there with a straight face telling bret baier i didn't leak. i didn't leak when i'd called my buddy up at columbia university and he gave it to the "new york times." that wasn't a leak, ned? it's bizarre anybody is treating him with any credibility given he's lying to our faces. i'm sorry, that's a leak. ned: it is a leak.
4:41 am
there was a letter from senator grassley to rod rosenstein in january of this year where grassley explained he had to go into a skiff, a secure facility to read the comey memos. and he said four were marked classified and he knew comey leaked four those memos to professor richmond. the thing that's amazing to me about all of this, trish, you have this guy who wants to portray himself as the last honest man in d.c., a boy scout for the ages. trish: the other thing that kills me is how the media eats it up. he was saying he would love to string up some of these reporters who were leaking and throw them in jail and he and the president talked about judith miller.
4:42 am
judith points out comey did effectively put her in jail for not revealing a source. the guy who is now friends with the media is the same whown was happy to lock them up if they didn't reveal their sources to him. he is what the media wants him to be right now and that's troubling. >> it seems like he's cashing in and trying to sell a book. and that's not appropriate for a former fbi director. classified information, there is a reason to it. it's not to be revealed. it's inappropriate and at some point someone might start to investigate based on his inconsistent saint exactly what happened. trish: that might mean we have to get jeff sessions to launch that second investigation. we'll see what comes of all this. ned, i haven't seen you in a
4:43 am
while. coming up next. kim jong-un making big concessions ahead of his big summit with president trump. what to expect from tomorrow's sit-down between north and south korea. welcome to the xfinity store.
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trish: president trump telling "fox and friends" the u.s. has conceded little if-anything before sitting down with one. president trump: they want to meet. i haven't given up anything. they have given up denuclearization, testing, they are going to close sites. all these things they are giving up. they gave it up before i even asked. trish: joining me now, gordon chang. i don't know how much you and i had a chance to connect since this news came that we are indeed likely going to see a sit-down. but i think the sanctions have really shown that they can do some damage in a good way. don't you agree? >> certainly. the reason why kim extended the offer to president trump to talk
4:48 am
is because sanctions were biting. the chinese are saying office number 39 which is the kim family slush fund is running low on cash. these are important data point for us. what we did was we forced them to the table. trish: we did force them to the table. it's pretty remarkable. we talked about dealing with north korea for years now. and now we are actually about to sit down with them. there are people who have mixed feeling about it. they are thinking that's what he wants, legitimacy. but not that proud of it, because none of the media reports within north korea are touting this. many in north korea don't even know about it. why is it he other administration missed this
4:49 am
opportunity? >> there are a number of reasons. but we have seen an american president willing to use pressure on the north koreans and to a lesser extent pressure on his major power backers like china. and i think that changed the dynamic. that has gotten to break the status quo in asia. because that, we have a summit between kim and the south korean president. the united states was willing to push kim around, and that's a very good thing. trish: things are look up in the world, perhaps for now. thank you, . . abor department is
4:50 am
investigating wells fargo for allegedly pressuring customers to enroll in high-cost 401k plans. make sure you listen to lou's report three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. attorney general jeff sessions stubbornly resists calls for a second special counsel.
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tub * tonight's quote of the evening. andrew jackson said, take time to deliberate. but when the time comes for action, when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in. joining me right now, rachel campos-duffy and mark simone. so good to see you both. andrew knew what he was talking about, didn't he. this an opportunity for jeff sessions to step up and do what's right. but for whatever reason he keeps backing off. >> he's been up a disappointment. you have to imagine president trump regrets this appointment to attorney general.
4:55 am
so many people wish it had been rudy giuliani or chris christie. her in seems to be able to do what all of us think he should do at the moment. mark require's amazing one man can do this much damage. i don't know why he can say to mueller, this is about russia collusion, it's not about a pole stripper. sessions can step in and put an end to that silly thing. trish: i think sessions needs to man up. it's like you just got to be strong, you have got to do what you need to do and be so hesitant. to me, we just want answers here. we want answers. mark: he's a part of that swamp
4:56 am
and he's afraid to make waves. rudy giuliani knows these guys. he's been removed from it. maybe he can come back in and negotiate a settlement? rachel: i can't imagine why they would have brought rudy giuliani on. millions of dollars have been spent and there is nothing to show for it. there is no there there. mark: in the fox interview the president made a great point. cohen didn't handle his business affairs. you won't find any business matters in those files. rachel: i thought imagine if cohen had deleted 30,000 emails.
4:57 am
what people wish jeff sessions as the attorney general appointed by a republican president is bring equal justice. we are going after cohen and porn stars and all this crazy stuff and meanwhile we have hillary clinton who was handled with kid gloves. trish: part of this investigation is how is this, james comey is using a dossier created by the dnc, paid for by the president hillary. mark: comey said to bret baier three times, i still don't know hillary paid for that comey dossier. trish: i heard that. you don't care? you don't know? rachel: of course he knows. he's such a liar. you are in the meeting with the president, you are telling him
4:58 am
about the dossier and you don't tell him it was paid for by hillary clinton and the democrats. he didn't think it was relevant. you check your sources, you need to know where that information is coming from. you know if it's coming from the enemy of the other guy, you have to think about it. the source is not pure. mark: this is the fbi director? i watched him lie and weasle his way through the interviews this week. i think in his mind he didn't think he should arrest hillary clinton. rachel: that's what i got from the interview as well. trish: if you are someone who believes the deep state is at work he may have been have much part of that? mark: add to that all of his
4:59 am
lies, i can see why he thought hillary clinton's behavior was normal. to him it is. >> she is the resistance and he was heading up the fbi and this is why we are in the situation. >> we never liked donald trump. it's one of his faults he says. so was his ego bruised? is this what it's about? mark: he describes three meetings alone with president obama. rachel: he admitted he thought hillary clinton would win, that's why he reopened the investigation. when it all fell apart he needed to get back in with the democrats and the resistance. his wife is friend with hillary. trish: wild stuff. tomorrow is another day. thank you so much.
5:00 am
i'm so happy to be here in for lou. jason chaffetz is here tomorrow. you can catch me >> it's the best deal on the planet. gateway drug thomasive spending. you probably have one more chance and it is going to 2,000. cheryl: the drug it is, amazon set to soar, up 7% on big profit ts and big price hike for consumers. >> microsoft and intel riping after they they reporting earnings and that should help add to rally, up better than 6%. cheryl: this morning we will hear from oil giants, plus first look at first-quarter gdp expected at 2%. right now


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