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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  April 27, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i'm so happy to be here in for lou. jason chaffetz is here tomorrow. you can catch me >> it's the best deal on the planet. gateway drug thomasive spending. you probably have one more chance and it is going to 2,000. cheryl: the drug it is, amazon set to soar, up 7% on big profit ts and big price hike for consumers. >> microsoft and intel riping after they they reporting earnings and that should help add to rally, up better than 6%. cheryl: this morning we will hear from oil giants, plus first look at first-quarter gdp expected at 2%. right now futures though not
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reacting in positive way, s&p down 7 and a half. nasdaq is up which is interesting. >> of course, investors will be watching the year on the 10-year treasury which has moved back below 3%. good news at 2.98%. cheryl: investors are watching meeting with angela merkel and president trump at the white house. all in the green. >> the first meeting in more than a decade. nikkei higher. other markets there higher there as well. cheryl: a lot of green and drinking a beer in outer space is tougher than you think. fbn:am starts right now.
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>> 5:01 a.m., let me mention it's friday, i'm gerri willis for lauren simonetti. cheryl: and i'm cheryl casone, talk about amazon, folks, it's all about amazon. the stock on fire overnight after the company's earnings blew away estimates. attacking on the gains in extended trading, pointing higher by almost 7% in the premarket. amazon also raising the price for their prime membership in the u.s., big news by 20% to $119 a year. ceo jeff bezos says that amazon has a 100 million prime members.
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>> a hundred million. nicole: good morning, cheryl and gerri, amazon knocked it out of the park, earnings more than double, revenues surging 43%, what drove the numbers, online shopping, high demand for the cloud services, they have 100 million prime subscribers, they saw revenue from amazon web services, that soared 48.6%. amazon and nfl have renewed streaming partnership for thursday night football. on the conference call ceo noted a couple of things, strong ad growth contributed to profit, new customers as well as more business from the existing ones. watch the stock move to the upside and gain could be all-time record which could pass 16, 17.54. back to you. >> we are also watching shares
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from two other tech titanses, microsoft, topped expectations, it issued strong guidance for the current quarter and microsoft, jumped 93% from a year ago. cheryl: we are also looking at intel this morning, that stock is higher in the premarket following gains after hours, profits surging at intel more than 50% with sales to data centers coming stronger than expected to also raise outlook for the year. >> amazon prime getting tall attention after blow-out quarter but it's the cloud business that's lifting the country to new heights. >> it's not a big surprise, web services just continues to grow. as they said, strong force, earnings driving cloud technology business.
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>> dan, we will get back to the cloud in just a second but i want to talk about the prime members, of course, amazon has said we have a hundred million of them but now cost you more to be part of that elite group, do you think that customers might bulk to the price? >> we expect minimal if any churn, part of the issue is here they've built something that's basically unre pl icable. this was like picasso-like quarter that we saw. >> right. >> they can raise prices and prime membership increases another 25% this year. >> right, originally $79, then $99, let me tell you wall street loves the fact that they are hiking the number.
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when the membership fee was hiked went up dramatically. let's move onto cloud servicings. aws, propelling earnings in many ways, how long can the news last on this front? >> it's a great question. we are in the early stages of just the secular cloud shift, you saw with microsoft, growing almost 100%. this is really something for amazon. second, third inning of this playing out. profitable business as they are getting knocked on federal side. at this point firing all cylinders and the cloud business has been a cap for the bulls here. >> i have to ask you, microsoft has the cloud business, that did very well, a critical question about intel, though, they have the security flaw in chips, processors, looks like it didn't
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bother them this quarter, is that problem behind them? >> yeah, they handled that -- initially choppy but in terms of how they held this, hand held partners, investors through that. you saw fundamentally just a rock-solid quarter and this is bullish. not just intel but the overall chip sector, a trifecta and now really, i think will start to come into the major shock. >> thank you so much. cheryl: dow is down 83, there you go. well, historic meeting happening in korea, kim jong un becoming the first north korean leader to visit the south since the korean war. kim meeting with south korean
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president moon jae-in and said we can have a heart felt conversation about pending issues that from north korean leader, last week kim was suspending nuclear program and missile test, the interkorean summit comes ahead of a plan with president trump, the white house issued a statement on today's meeting saying we are hopeful that talks will achieve progress toward peace and prosperity for the entire korean peninsula. >> we are expecting sol kind of statement today. meanwhile chancellor angela merkel visiting president trump at the white house, long-term exemption for steel and aluminum tariffs, the current exemption expires on may first, the two leaders to discuss the iran nuclear deal, president trump will decide by may 12th whether to reimpose sanctions, they will hold a joint press conference following the meeting, fox
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business will carry the event live at 1:50 p.m. eastern. cheryl: fox news polls have revealed how facebook users feel about the company and it's ceo in the wake of scandal. >> tracee carrasco joins us with more on that. good morning, tracee. >> 73% of current users say they care if facebook shares their information with others, however, 43% of those people have thought about deleting their facebook accounts in order to protect their privacy even so facebook manages to still have a positive rating, 48% still look at facebook favorable versus 41%, that number beat out what people think of mark zuckerberg and even twitter, there's a look at the numbers. >> here is a story that rhyme obsessed with today, that's wells fargo, they are in hot water again, another
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investigation. >> seems like wells fargo can't get out of the trouble, wall street journal reporting that the labor department is investigating whether wells fargo has been pushing people to 401(k) plans to roll into more expensive retirement accounts, the journal says the investigation also looks into whether the retirement unit pushed customers which of course would mean more revenue for the bank. this, of course, comes after the billion dollar fine just last week. cheryl: vote of confidence with the ceo as well. >> they are supposed to act as fiduciary, they are suppose today guard your money and not take your money. cheryl: beer and space, go. tracee: first of all, you to get to space, we will get to that problem in a minute. if you ever we wanted to get drunk in space, two companies are trying to make that happen, they want to create the first beer design for space to drink
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like a beer here on earth. they are working on a special bottle. dry with full flavor. so who is going to be drinking the beer, space tourists, colonists, maybe elon musk will get us up there to drink the space beer. there it is on the screen. that's them making it. >> now to a more serious topic -- cheryl: we want to show viewers, tracee, thank you very much, live pictures in from korea, this is kim jong un, he's speaking, we do not have translation for you available but he is addressing the media and of course the country right now. he's on his way to meet with the south korean president moon jae-in, historic meeting in korea, obviously we have not seen a north korean leader go down into south korea at least dill dmz, demilitarized zone,
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topics nuclear ambitions of north korea and other issues between the countries. if we get the translation, we will let people know. >> i'm sure we will let people know as soon as we have it. cheryl: former fbi jim comey sitting down with fox, he's denying that he's a leaker. >> did you leak other things to mr. richmond? [laughter] >> i don't consider what i did with mr. richmond a leak. >> that's a leak, isn't it? >> it's not. cheryl: kept going from there. we will have more on the interview for you and the trump economy, we will find out the first read on first-quarter economic growth this morning. we are going to tell you what to expect. crazy story with the markets this morning. nasdaq is up 8 and a quarter. it's all about the technology this morning. you're watching fbn:am.
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>> welcome back, let's get you caught up on what's happening now, checking u.s. future right now, split decision, the dow lower by 82 points, the nasdaq higher by 8, could be interesting day in the market. new secretary of state mike pompeo hitting the ground running less than a day after being sworn in, in nato
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headquarters in brussels, big focus is the situation in syria from brussels top intoa travels to the middle east, visiting saudi arabia, israel and jordan, the parents of slain college justice demanding justice, the rogue regime tortured son after arresting him for trying to steal a propaganda poster in january 2016. he denied in june 2017 days after coming back to the u.s. with severe brain damage. former fbi director james comey defending himself against charges from president trump that he leaked classified information, comey told bret baier that memos about conversations with the president that he asked former colleague to get to the media he says was not a leak. >> i didn't consider it part of an fbi file all the things i talked -- >> you wrote it as fbi director, it was work product. >> no, it was my personal memoir
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. i carried two copies so the bureau could always have access but i always thought about it as mine like a dairy. >> confirmed to the justice department general interviewed him about handling of the memo and that's what's happening now. cheryl: a lot happening, a lot of headlines crossing this morning, all big news later today, it's about the economy, how did the economy perform in the first quarter, we are going to get our first look at growth domestic product this morning from the first quarter of 2018. pwc partner mitch roschelle is here. >> good morning, cheryl. cheryl: you have to wonder, though, if we are going to see a boost from americans feeling better about tax reform. >> i'm a betting man i'd stick it around 2%. kind of a mixed bag in numbers. retail sales have been sluggish but consumer confidence high, things to remember about gdp,
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70% is driven by the consumer and it's been a mixed bag on business spending on the first quarter, we will probably see it land around 2%, one thing to remember, silver ryan lining, the first quarter tends to be sluggish relative to the other three. if it comes at two, doesn't mean the entire year will be slow, the white house is banking on a big number though, to pay for a tax reform. cheryl: i'm worried too about the market, we saw huge gains in the markets for 2017, maybe that would bleed into consumer spending and give us the unexpected pop, not to disagree with assessment. i guess i'm hopeful that would get 70% of the economy and have surprise this morning. >> one of the things we saw which is good news in some respects in the binning of the first quarter, american consuming were saving more than spending and that may be grinding down gdp a little bit.
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so it's a lit bit of slow ramp-up, i'm half-full guy. cheryl: i know. i'm not used to this lack of optimism. let's talk about mortgage rates, nine straight weeks mortgage rates have been going on, of course, on the back of the 10-year treasury, we understand that. if you're worried about the housing sector now because we are at 30-year fix, 4.46%. >> i'm not really that worried everybody on the 10-year treasury worries about when it becomes 3%, the housing market, they probably worry when mortgage rates are around 5%, there's a little bit of room there, if you look at existing home sales, home sales that we saw in the last week or so, really strong numbers there. the fact of the matter is we are in home-buying season, there's a shortage of housing and huge number of min el ails who want to buy homes. cheryl: you have a big birthday happening at the rochelle house. >> my twins are now 18.
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happy birthday, boys. they're not up yet. cheryl: gdp reports released at 8:30 a.m. eastern time. the panel will be all over that. >> love that, mitch. coming up is dark chocolate the new health food, a new study says yes and scattered showers in northeast and mid-atlantic but will feel a lot like summer next week, janice dean has the forecast. let's check the stock futures, dow industrials moving lower, 86 points, nasdaq higher by 9. you're watching fbn:am.
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>> breaking news out of north korea. leaders of north and south korea saying they will war of rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons also no more war there. this coming as historic coming between countries, allowing reunions of war separated families, we will have more on this with the live report from south korea coming up. cheryl: well back, back here at home we are looking at weekend forecast from janice dean that we are making us -- well, we are still smiling. janice: we will be 87 next week. we do have rain in the weekend, across the southeast up northeast later on this afternoon and overnight tonight we will get wet weather and clear out, cooler than average weekend here for the northeast but as we get into next week, 80's, maybe 88, close to 90-degrees on wednesday. we knew that was going to happen, the cold weather all of a sudden is summer time.
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good-looking forecast for much of the country. some main in midwest moving to the northeast and new system into northwest, warm in arizona. here is forecast for new york city, ladies, okay, so cooler than average, look at this, whoa! 86 on thursday, that's nice enough to get excited about. cheryl: looks like a nice pie chart. >> thank you. coming up more on historic meeting between north and south korea and german chancellor angela merkel meets with president trump today, is this a las-ditch effort to overt a trade war. shares of starbucks taking spike , checking u.s. stock market futures, dow down 111 points. nasdaq only marginal higher.
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but i'm not standing still... and with godaddy, i've made my ideas real. ♪ ♪ i made my own way, now it's time to make yours. ♪
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♪ everything is working, working, just like it should ♪ >> the nuclear war would have had if you had weak people. this should have been settled long before i came into office. >> breaking news this morning ahead of a planned meeting with president trump, north korean leader kim jong un holding a historic summit with south korean president moon jae-in, the two leaders will declare end of korean war, a live sort from seoul just ahead. cheryl: that's going to hopefully add to yesterday's big rally at least for nasdaq up 1.6%, we will see what today brings. >> plus a first look at first quarter gdp. expected to come in at 2%. ahead of that right now, dow jones industrial average down
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113 points. the nasdaq up managerially. cheryl: investors are also watching the yield on 10-year treasury, below 3%, 2.98% as we are watching that. >> let's take you across the pond where investors are watching the meeting between german chancellor angela merkel and president trump at the white house right now all three of those indexes higher. cheryl: in asia markets are focused on the interkorean summit that's happening right now. hang seng up nearly 1%, the kospi up more than half a percent. fbn:am continues right now. cheryl: 5:30 a.m. in new york. april 27th, good morning, i'm cheryl casone. >> good morning, i'm gerri willis in for lauren simonetti. cheryl: we have a lot of breaking news to get to this
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morning. we start with what's happening right now in korea. it is a historic meeting, kim jong un has become the first north korean leader to visit the house since the korean war, the two countries say that there will be no more war. >> greg palkock with the very latest. greg. >> cheryl, we have been watching these events all day, yeah, they are historic, they are amazing and if the words become reality, yes, it is an important day here not just for korea but for the entire global security but that's the key thing, can the words become reality, we watched in joint statement with kim jong un, the leader of north korea and moon jae-in, the president of south korea, their goal together is the complete denuclearization of the peninsula and that means north korea they say they want to enjoy peace and progress without the fear of war, they say let us
5:32 am
not repeat the past mistakes and a whole lot of horrendously deadly mistakes in korea. they also indicated that they would work towards achieving the end of the korean war. remember, there's no peace treaty after 68 years since the start of the war, again, again ralties, positive but we were waiting for a little bit more details, debt got that there, maybe too soon, let's recap the event, we started for the first time since the korean war a north korean leader kim jong un cross over from north into south korea, that happened along the dmz, i've seen personally kim jong un several times. i've never seen him so assured, confident, maybe playful, he reviewed a traditional korean honor guard, one commentator that he made a point of not looking into the eyes of the south korean military, there's still the military background.
5:33 am
he wrote inself-incrimination and guest book of the peace house where the talks will be held i might add writing about an age of peace in historic start for age of peace, right at the beginning of the sessions he was looking that way, there were two lengthy sessions in that conference. my insiders in the south korean government said that most of the day, most of the agenda had been decided but what hadn't been decided is what exactly to say about denuclearization, it is so sensitive and, of course, that's what the u.s. is watching, the white house issued a comment saying they are pleased with the progress of the discussions and they're having their own discussions because, remember, all of this is a lead-up to a meeting between president trump and kim jong un maybe in just a couple of weeks and so they are looking at what has been said at this that they could then follow up on. again, we have this final statement just about 20 minutes
5:34 am
ago. the rest of the agenda here is a reception, dinner, perhaps, will have a toast of final comments but i think overall what people will pull from this is good chemistry between the two people, the 65-year-old south korean president, 33-year-old north korean leader saying exactly the right things. i'm sure you will find analysts saying we wish there was more detail. we wish there was more comprehensive discussion about how the things will be implemented. cheryl: sure. >> but they'll be another meeting, president of south korea will go north this fall. cheryl: that's good. you know, i want to ask you about the report that is have come out in the last 48 hours that there was actually a blast at north korean nuclear site and one of the reasons that kim jong un is now coming down to the negotiating table with the south koreans and with the united states is because his nuclear program is frankly in shambles right now.
5:35 am
>> shambles, i'm not too sure about that. you're right, in the past couple of days fresh report that is the nuclear test site that north korea has been using is actually defunct, collapsed the last fall, during the last testing of nuclear device, they couldn't use it anyway, it was dangerous. the past weekend when kim jong un came out with a statement that along with stopping the testing of the missiles they could close down a nuclear test site, it came out in the days later that, hey, there wasn't anything to shut down, that shows how difficult these negotiations will be, but it's all part of the process. >> thank you for that, greg. and another important meeting happening today in just a few hours, president trump will welcome german chancellor angela merkel to the white house. now, the two leaders are expected to discuss a range of topics but the most pressing the looming u.s. steel aluminum,
5:36 am
steam tariffs. will merkel make a last-ditch effort to avoid a trade war. joining us now analyst kiron, i want to start about the conversation that we just had in the demilitarized zone between north and south korea saying that good chemistry between the two leaders, but will we really get more than that? >> i think so, there's going to be in terms of the merkel meeting with donald trump, i think reassessing of what it means to lead the global order and when you look at the -- the segment you just did on north korea, i think it reality relates to the upcoming meeting between merkel and donald trump, what i mean by that is the fact that in the context of the north korean, south korean meeting is
5:37 am
donald trump as -- as the center of the energy. what he did in 2017 in terms of pushing for, crushing sanctions against the north korean regime. asia summit where he helped organize some of the indicateo pacific powers against north korea, you know, angela merkel has to take that very seriously and i believe that the president goes into that meeting even stronger as a result of what's happening all the way across the globe. >> wow. that didn't even occur to me that the things two are related. we are not expecting the kind of meeting that we saw with the french leader, right, this isn't a working buddy, not back slapping, not holding hands with merkel as she comes to visit, will angela merkel be able to get some kind of relief from the sanctions, will she get another extension of the deadline and can trump rest more from her particularly given the fact the point that you just made that
5:38 am
trump is more powerful here because of what's going on in north and south korea? >> i think that angela americale faces -- meekerel faces up hill battle in discussions with president trump, unlike the meeting with macron where there's good chemistry as you noted and as we know very well, the chemistry is not there but the problems that the germans face with the americans are pretty substantial. there's a trade deficit of about $64 billion in 2018, it's projected. it was about that much last year, we haven't seen germany come to the table on hezbollah, you know, the terrorist organization that's fully funded by the iranian regime, the eu has designated military wing a problem but germany has not designated it as a terrorist
5:39 am
organization. we are divided on some big, key issues. and i believe that president trump will press her hard. >> she's less powerful than she used to be. i'm sure iran will be part of the conversation. thank you for being flexible and being able to work in north and south korea. >> thank you. >> make sure you stay to fox business for coverage with angela merkel and president trump at 1:50 p.m. eastern. cheryl: going back to historic meeting in north and south korea, vowing now to end the korean war. we will have more on that, plus, there's this. >> there was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people. cheryl: could avengers set a record-breaking debut that could surpass star wars, mark sergeant
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>> top story coming out of korea, leaders to rid oh
5:43 am
peninsula of nuclear weapons after historic summit. the announcement from kim jong un and moon-jae-in of south korea after talks tat border. two agreed to push towards turning that indicated korean war in 1953 into a peace treaty for the first time this year. the leaders to allow reunions of war-separated families and all of this coming as president trump prepares to meet with kim jong un sometime this spring, a lot going on. cheryl: we are following that breaking news out of korea and back here at home we are following what could be a big box office weekend, there's a brand-new super hero movie hitting theaters this weekend. >> one considers balance of the universe. this does put a smile on my face. cheryl: can the new avengers
5:44 am
movie beat box office performance. >> good morning. cheryl: always good to have you on big blockbuster premier. initial thoughts? >> it's very enjoyable. i'm a big comic book fan. movie is two hours and 36 minutes long. you don't feel it at all. cheryl: really? >> i give it a lot of credit. it's epic but it might be a little long. cheryl: third installment to have franchise, but they're saying now that this could overtake star wars as franchise, this marvel, you know, universe has been going on for a decade, right with iron man and captain america. [laughter] >> it's been going on for 10 years and 18 films later, culmination of heros at one time, so i don't know, $248 million is a lot. right now tracking at
5:45 am
230 million, so -- cheryl: we are on the fence about that. >> i think it will be close. cheryl: last time you were in the show you were talking about the box office in general for march has been slumping a little bit, has april picked up a little bit? >> i think this is going to help, it's end of april. i think it's overall it's going to help. disney has had really quite a run. cheryl: yeah. >> they still have 2 or 3 more films up their sleeve that will make them box office king. cheryl: back to avengers, i'm not going to give anything away, characters that are in and some are out, do you think it affects future performance s there going to be fatigue on the franchise like the avengers? >> everybody saying it's going to be super hero fatigue, black panther comes along and makes more money than anything. cheryl: sure. >> it's beat out black panther in terms of presales, i don't think the fatigue is coming,
5:46 am
they are smart, they keep all the films having a different tone, genre. cheryl: the big question is robert downing going to hang up the suit? >> i think after the next suit, maybe. cheryl: he has to bring in some more cash, thank you very much. >> you too. >> hines man trophy winner becoming cleveland's attempt to find franchise quarterback. >> first pick from the 2018 nfl draft the cleveland browns select baker mayfield. >> jared max coming up with sports highlights just ahead and let's check in on the stock index futures, what we have been watching all morning, the dow lower by 102 points, nasdaq now higher by 6. you're watching fbn:am.
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cheryl: welcome back, it was a landmark night at the nfl draft. >> jared max is here to recap the big stories from the first round last night on fox. jared: good morning, gerri, cheryl, this time many of us might be planting grass and flower weeds, last night the nfl began to sow next crop. they aren't getting any younger, tom brady will be 41, eli manage in37, rivers, draft partner he's 36 and ben same age, where will they be in five years, most of rock and roll concerts gone by then with everybody going out but the nfl is replenishing talent pool. baker mayfield selected first overall by the cleveland browns,
5:51 am
four quarterbacks taken in the first ten picks, first time that's happened in modern-draft era. all in all, five quarterbacks went first round, first time for this since 1999. sam donald can party like it's 1999 after the giants took, bills went with josh alan, ucl josh went tenth overall the cardinals and the 26 hines man winner lamar goes to baltimore ravens traded up with the eagles, you see how commissioner roger goodell got treated by fans in dallas even with cowboys legend like jason whiten. >> welcome football fans to the 2018 nfl draft texas style. i can't belief you guys are booing the cowboys, come on. jared: kept booing all night long but fans past when roger goodell introduced the star of
5:52 am
the night. >> joined by fiancée. >> the pittsburgh steelers select darrell. jared: suffered a near crippling spinel injury, many drawn to tiers, second and third rounds. it was the the show. greek freak they called him, 31. the euro in game 6. 31 points, 14 rebounds. game 7 in boston tomorrow. home teams won every game. it should have been a goal-tending call on lebron james game 5. the nba admitted the refs blew the call.
5:53 am
last night they won 7 nothing opening up new series. >> i feel like i'm learning something every day. thank you for that mr. jared max and you can catch jared sports reports on fox news 24/7, siriusxm 115. cheryl: leaders from the north and the south meeting in historic summit today, we will go to london for global reaction on this story. we will be right back
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>> as we have been reporting this morning, leaders agreeing to rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons after holding historic summit. good morning, peter, good to see you, what is the market reaction in london to this news? >> hi, there, well it's relatively knew to -- new in the moment. it doesn't have a lot of impact upon day-to-day decision-making here. i think the reaction has been fairly muted but obviously we are looking to it as a positive which will help to lift sentiment particularly when you look at things like volatility
5:57 am
this is measure of market certainty which spiked and nice to see that come down a little bit further. cheryl: let's talk about what's happening in washington, historic meeting, high-stakes meeting between chancellor merkel meeting with president trump at the white house, what do investors in europe want to see come out of this meeting? >> well, you know, i think they like to see that the u.s. and europe particularly germany are from the same sheet again, obviously in the past 12 to 18 months concerns that maybe things have not been as smooth as they once were. obviously mr. macron, french president was in washington this week, hopefully he smoothed the way a little bit and mr. trump will be more recent i have to angela merkel es pleas. >> i have to ask you about gdp. all eyes focused on it.
5:58 am
a real call on how well trump is doing with the economy, what are you expecting? >> i think the gdp number is going to be relatively solid. basically we have an economy in the u.s. which seems to be rolling along pretty nicely. not as we would like but certainly it could be awful lot worse, the risk, of course, gdp often disappoints the downside, i think markets will be prepared for that therefore, if there was a downside global, i think it's just enough momentum out there in the market to look through that. >> we will be watching for 2%, it'll be interesting to find out. peter, thank you so much for coming up, appreciate it. cheryl: gdp8:30 eastern time, maria bartiromo live for us. maria: we will be on it, happy friday, girls, thank you, good morning, everybody, thanks for joining, i'm maria bartiromo, it is friday april 27, top stories
5:59 am
right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. kim jong un crosses dmz line, meeting with south korea's moon jae-in, announcing plan for peace deal to formally end the korean war and work towards denuclearization, we are watching history in the making. president trump spoke yesterday about the negotiations and his negotiations with the kim jong un regime. >> we are doing very well with north korea and we will see how it all comes out but so it could be that i walk out quickly with respect but it could be, it could be that maybe the meeting doesn't even take place, who knows but i can tell you right now they want to meet. maria: we are taking you live this morning to seoul coming up. meanwhile futures indicating
6:00 am
markets will open like this, mixed story later this morning we will get the first read on first-quarter gdp, the dow industrials expected to be down 80 points, s&p 5, nasdaq is up about 9 points. nasdaq snapped losing streak, check it out, dow industrials up 238, 1%, 238, s&p was up 27 points and nasdaq up one and two third percent, best performer of the day up 115 point higher, we are watching amazon this morning. in europe meanwhile all the indices are higher across the board, two-thirds of a percent on ftse, up a quarter of a percent and up two in germany. investors shaking off weak growth data out of france and uk this morning, we will bring you those numbers. the korean kospi index up two-thirds of a percent. plus, bias in the bureau, newly


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