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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 29, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet? >> lou: good evening, everybody. our top story fired fbi director james comey demonstrated over the past year he has a difficult time talking straight especially before congress. the good friend that comey leaked is much more than a professor at a law school. he also worked for comey as a special government employee. richmond had security clearance and full access to the fbi building.
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and also the deep state judiciary striking again the third federal district court judge ordering the president to reinstate daca. far more than activist judges. they seem to be trying to run the immigration policy. the bush appointed judge overruling homeland security and capriciously ruling that obama's executive order took precedence over president trump's executive order. that is the in the federal court. and republicans crush democrat's hopes. instead republicans won the arizona 8 congressional street in last night's special election. we take up the desperate dems and ronna mcdaniel joins us
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tonight. and james comey's judgment and his conduct. and the law professor that comey used to leak sensitive information to the media previously worked as a special fbi employee. catherine herridge as the report. >> reporter: in an e-mail to fox news, colombia law professor confirmed he worked for fbi director james comey known by short hand on ge on an unpaid basis. comey assigned him to security prospects and badge access and security clearance. >> we need to talk to mr. richmond under coating in the oversight committee. it would be nice if we had a full understanding of the
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relationship with mr. comey. >> and comey did not describe richmond as an fbi employee. he testified he give documents to richmond to kick off the mueller probe. >> i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with the reporter. i asked him to because that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. >> who was that. >> a good friend of mine in a colombia law school. >> and another aid is huma abidean. and they questioned abedin's special status. and the fbi declined to answer the richmond role, they compared and contrasted clinton's use of a personal server.
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and they compared petraus. jeff sessions declined to answer the question of recusing him in the investigation of michael cohen. >> one of the 11 house republicans who called for criminal prosecution of the fired fbi director and along with loretta lynch and other deep staters who tried to subvert the 2016 election. andy biggs member of the freedom caucus and house judiciary committee, your reaction as a member of the judiciary committee to learning that the man that the fbi director testified before congress about. he didn't reference once he was a special government employee or
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had a former relationship with the fbi. >> yeah, this is incredible lou. can the stench get any worse? this thing with comey and his see- called friend who turns out to be a special employee. it is consistent with a ongoing drip, drip, drip. and we find out with mueller and mccabe and we should have expected this quite frankly and everybody that worked with comey and ended up working with mueller, they are all tainted in some way or the other and this is no exception. >> lou: you mention mueller, orin hatch, the senator from utah passing a law to protect special counsel from president trump's firing would be unconstitutional. and firing the special counsel would likely trigger
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impeachment. this is absolute balderdash. >> it is lud crews. if president trump wanted to fire him he would. mueller if there is ounce of decency, he would recuse himself and outside of the scope and he got there by comey and we heard how comey manipulated this thing because comey wanted to go after trump. there is a reason why the american people are saying we don't trust our highest law enforcementes anymore. not the rank and file. but the guys in the top. >> lou: this question goes to the leadership of the house and senate. knowing full well that comey manipulated the system and got the relationship he want.
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this is why in the world would the speaker and the majority leader say it is nonsense and hold the fired fbi director accountable for the events he created? >> we need to do that and why 11 much us wrote the letter. we think that mr. comey should be investigated just like hillary clinton and loretta lynch and everybody else that was shown to be tainted and have dirt on their hands. mr. comey is right in the top and right with rob rosenstein himself. i don't know why we don't have enough fire. i introduced an amendment saying defund mr. mueller's investigation. these things are have to stop because they disrupt the public. and the impeachment if mr. trump
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fires mueller doesn't make sense to me. >> lou: your reaction to district court judges who decide they can rise above the constitution and tell the president of what to do and immigration policy and national security. and your thoughts? >> yeah. i read that opinion from judge batees itself. this is judicial activism and you find their pictures in the dictionary and this has to stop as well. and there is things we should do and limiting their jushgs dirz and some of these folks need to be removed. and setting aside. without constitutional authority. what the president of the united states clearly has power and authority to do and what they did in this one, you have 90 days to come back and tell us why and give us better reasons why you want to rescind daca.
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that is ludikrus. he is the president of the united states. and a constitutional delegation and only thing you have going on here a former homeland security saying we am adopt the memo and president trump said we will toss it out and now you have three judges saying we know more than the president and we have authority that the president doesn't have and they clearly do not and that is a problem we need it rectified. >> lou: there should be a correcting mechanism in the judiciary itself whether it is the supreme court or administrative judge who has power. when a judge leaves the constitutional well in his rearview mirror as john baits did, an appointee of george bush
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in two where are 01 and have the arrogance that the justice department has to come up with better reasons for him as a judge to follow the constitution and law and make it clear his own reasoning. that is absurdity and arrogance on top of activism. nabsolutely. i want to make the point clear, if you are a federal judge you are appointed for your life. that's not it. for a term of good behavior and this kind much abuse of the constitution is not good behavior. this is when the congress should probably step in and say no, you don't and bair minimum censure or get the judges who are doing this. >> it would be nice if the supreme court would take responsibility and quit acting like it is 1870 and resolve the
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conflicts between the lower court justices and the constitution and the law. as always, congressman, i appreciate you being here. >> thank you so much. >> lou: up next, arizona dashing the hopes of cupcake democrats, a blue wave that is not so blue. republican national committee chair ron mcdaniel on the republican party midterm. it is brightening and stay with us. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish,
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>> lou: sometimes, things just can't wait in politics. senator ted cruz endorsing president trump for reelection in 2020. that may be two and half years away but that didn't stop the senator from standing straight up and tall to endorse president trump. he is also only leading the democratic challenger by three points. it may be a algorithm that makes it something for him to do.
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and we have ron mcdaniels. and it is great to have you here. and i am just sitting here thinking ted cruz is endorsing two and half years before the election is a good sign. >> it shows how popular president trump is in texas and president trump delivered on the promises made and kept. unemployment at an all- time low for the african-american and hispanic communities. 3 million judges and wages are up and things are looking guild and i think ted cruz did a good thing. >> lou: you cite the statistics, the lowest minority unemployment in the country ever. this i have to believe that the president and republican party are anxious to get to the midterm and so they ballyhoo
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that reality because it is a powerful statement. >> we have delivered and people's lives are better as a result. i see it all across the country and people say thank president trump for me. he listened and cared about the average hard working taxpayer and taking care of veteran and isis on the run and our economy is on the run and a lot to be proud of for this administration and we need to keep the majority so we can have the turn around for the country. >> lou: it looks like a straightforward recipe and equation here and that's what ted cruz just did. and debbie did in arizona. the democrats were feeding everything in the national left wing media and you thought her challenger would win by 50 points.
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it is insane and she turned back the challenge. give us your sense of how and what that suggest for the midterms itself if anything. >> i think the if election are special for a reason. i think the left wing media is trying to overhype that the margins are not as big as they inspector a presidential year. that is ridic list. trent franks hadn't had a democratic opponent and special elections on's different date and lower turn out. five out of six sharply lower. and huge difference and they are comparing apples to orange and trying to glean things that are not there and what i see out of the six congressional specials that we had this year, we won five. people are embracing president trump's agenda because it is
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making a difference in their lives and we'll push to the voters good things that are happening with the president and republicans in charge and what are the democrats putting forward nothing. they don't want your paycheck bigger. >> what will the house run on? bigger agenda for ryan? are you doing going to quell the stupidity and ignorance of such a strategy? >> the president stole a line from the clinton era. it is the economy, stupid, right? we have a turn around and on a come back and we don't want to go back to the dark ages of pelosi and schumer. look back two years ago and where was our country then and where is it now? >> lou: you must be so anxious to run this midterm. democrats are offering free jobs and talking about money forerb. and they are talking about
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raising taxes. i mean, appear to have lost their collective minds. >> raising taxes and free jobs for everybody? how are they going to do that and financena? when bernie sanders becomes the mainstream of the democrat party they lost the middle of this country and redistributionist party of the left. >> lou: and did i leave out repaerations. they forget unemployment and record lows, those jobs are filled and paying wages. and i want to ask you about another idea. my friend ed rollins who runs a pact as well. making certain that every candidate he supports, standing tall and side by side with president trump. i was thinking there ought to be
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a formalized wave of that. contract to make america great and every republican sign up for it if they are going to get the support of this president. how about that? >> i thinkna is a great thing to look at. i tell you. >> lou: you don't sound committed. >> most inthusiastic part of our party is the trump voters. they have 500000 more on line voters and no one in our party that energizes and connects with the country better than trump. i think every candidate ought to embrace the candidate. and put them in the district. >> lou: contract to make america great. >> i like it. i am demoting you. chair of the republican national committee.
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ronna mcdaniel. thank you for being here. and congratulations on last night and good luck going forward. up next, james comey's good friend turns out to be a very special person. ed rollins on comey's lies and ed rollins on comey's lies and deception and leak and
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no, i have to say it -- for giving good drivers the discounts they deserve. safe driving! >> lou: harry reid, he wants fellow democrats to stop talking about beaching president trump telling msnbc. i have been through impeachment and they are not pleasant and the less we talk about impeachment the better off we are as a country. yeah, the democrats would be better off. and former reagan white house
7:27 pm
director, and fox news analyst. good to have you here. >> thank you. >> lou: ronna mcdaniel has done a terrific job and feeling good about the prospects and the record and if elections speak for itself with the republicans. is the blue wave a thing of the dead past. >> it is who gets the vote out. president blue wave is a myth. there is no great number of new democrats out there. it is a question of being more intense. historical it is a drop off. the trump supporters they turn out as they have in the primaries we'll do just fine. we are challenged seriously. >> lou: i know you say that. i think the left just taking
7:28 pm
over the democratic party and they are talking crying out loud free jobs and repaerations and i mean, is asinine the stuff they are coming up and the republicans are going to make hmmm the focal point of the narrative. >> i hope they make donald trump the narrative. hillary clinton is a voice of the past and running as nancy pelosi will not do it. they have to say look at what the president has done in the opposition. and i support the president and his program and we'll support his program. that's the campaign. >> lou: it has to be jacked up hyper than that. this is a president who goes out and gets tens of thousands of people to his rallies and gets it going like what we saw in
7:29 pm
pennsylvania and that election. the fellow that the republicans put up. you talk about low energy. are you kidding me. you couldn't find him on the stage. >> i am not going to defend that element. >> lou: you don't have to agree with me. >> i do agree with you. i am simply saying you never should take it for granted and there is so much at stake. >> lou: i will call it the rolin's contract. get out with the contract to make america great again and every candidate pledges to stand with the president and move forward as a united republican party. >> i am all for that. we have not sold the benefits of the program so far. the idea that the country doesn't believe the benefits that the president has done.
7:30 pm
>> lou: there will be a certain number of dam fools. if they can't see what this president accomplished in 15 months. >> he needs to carry the ball alone. you need everybody fighting hard and not against him. >> lou: contract to make america great again. >> love it. >> lou: we'll go with it. harry reid on impeachment. he is worried about the left wing. >> the last time it was his president that was impeached and it was his job to stop it. they will not impeach donald trump. >> lou: he didn't collude either. and they had a special counsel going for a year and fbi investigation for a year before that and turns out it was the fbi creating the collusion. >> and they are the ones to be investigated. the new stuff with the former
7:31 pm
director having a pet rock. that is 10000 employees in the fbi. and a lot of lawyers to have a friend. someone could have been a friend. but to give a guy special access and the premise. >> lou: you promote him to a chia pet. and special employees work for the government and get benefit of a high person for a dollar's day. and not like the rest of them who got to keep government pay rol and payroll on the outside. >> lou: he was doing double duty. >> and we are talking about comey. he had a deliberate plan and he didn't have the guts to put his finger prints on the document. he knew what he was doing. he wanted to create chaos and get revenge on the president who
7:32 pm
fired him justifiably. loupe lou why will not mitch mcconnell and will paul ryan not stand up and fix it. >> they were never for trump and pleasantly surprised by trump. >> lou: i love asking the question. >> we know ryan will not be there in the future and mcconnell has a tough election. he has the lowest approval rating. he's up in two years. >> lou: and ted cruz endorsing donald trump. >> i love it. >> lou: that is a big statement. i think the senator. >> he's been a good boy since the convention. >> lou: he had a night. >> he knew it was a big mistake and it is an permanent element.
7:33 pm
>> lou: after a man has a night like that he needs to have few improvemen improvements. >> i like converts. >> lou: i am going to try to figure out who is converted. >> >> trump is converting all of them. >> lou: you like converters. and converts. ed rollins, man of mystery. up next. president trump meeting with europe's key leaders as the america first foreign policy and trump doctrine takes powerful shape. shape. we'll take it up with kelly
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loupe lou president trump meeting with europe's two most important leaders this week. the second day of french president emmanuel macron and a state dinner tonight in the white house and macron who came to try to persuade president trump to stay in the uranium agreement conceding he is ready to talk about a new deal. and merkel will be in dc. she touted free-trade. and president trump remains eliminating the u.s. trade deficit with germany and joining us is chemmy ann conway, special counsellor to president trump. and the president is standing
7:38 pm
tall on the world stage right now and it looks as though europe's leaders are going to have to pay close attention to the direction he is setting on the issue of iran and in balanced trade. >> the trump effect is remarkable. mr. macron wish to work on a new iran deal and set out five different criteria, lou, it is no question that it is moving in president trump and the united states of america direction and recognizing it is a bad deal. the barrels and cartons of money another bad deal for america and just like the imbalanced deals in trade. nuclear capable iran he got president macron to agree that iran's nuclear activities stops until 2025. and finding a political solution
7:39 pm
for that reasonablingion. syria, and yemen and libya and iraq. >> lou: the president is working on all of that from the day he stepped in office. and he said it was the worst deal he had seen and even as he embarked on the candidacy for his president. north korea, the president surprised many team and talking about kim jong-un as an honorable man and that is language that is reserved by other world leaders and the president stepping up and saying to this point that kim had been open and honorable. >> the president is speaking about this process and coming together and having the summit and this would be meeting and he's already talked about kim jong-un and the way he treats his own people. and obviously the guests of the president and first lady. i had an occasion to meet them as well.
7:40 pm
what the president is saying, open and honorable in the process of coming together and talk about denuclearizing the korean peninsula benefits everyone. >> lou: it seems that the president who is tough on sanctions and in response to north korea and nuclear ambitions and ballistic missile ambitions, he can like other leaders, talk complimentarily of the process and the leader to this point. and he made it very clear and this frustrates the national left wing media, that made it clear if things don't work out. things don't work out. and he has no illusions on how difficult the process is. and kim jong-un have no illusions of how demanding president trump will number the negotiations. >> you know, lou, it shows
7:41 pm
vision and resolve and leverage. and the ability to walk away. this man is not a politician and you can see it at large on moments like this. the deal maker and great negotiator in chief said here are the terms we try to accomplish and if we can't we walk away. no teal is a deal. >> lou: the great thing about the trump presidency, he demonstrates day in and out you don't have to be a politician and a great leader and achieve immense accomplishments which he has done in first 15 months and the meeting with the white house physician, ronnie jackson, earlier today and saying that the words, stressing straight ahead with his nomination if dr. jacksonmentes to fight, fight he will. >> and dr. jackson made that decisions to go ahead and fight.
7:42 pm
there are allegations against him and he deserves the right to answer the allegations with private meetings with the senators and under oath in a confirmation meetings. the president made it clear that the jobs are tough. corrector pompeo anied to be secretary of state. and the 15 or 16 democrats who said they would vote against him? you liked his credentials 14 months ago. but war credentials, he was the cia director. and the president left it up to him. and i hope you are reading about the great referral ronnie jackson and promoting the highly capable officer. ronnie has been a dedicated and valued member of my team. this came from president obama in 2014 and 16. this man, dr. jackson has had a great deal. >> lou: the obama recommendation
7:43 pm
may not be a positive. >> i am mentioning it to you. you have democrat senators, maybe the president should vet for. read what their own president said about it. >> lou: democratic senators will do what they do and not much of it particularly well. thank you for being here. >> thank you, lou. >> lou: the supreme court takes up the president's ban. and the hearing, sounds like the president has considerable support from the constituti it took guts to start my business. but as it grew bigger and bigger, it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up
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>> lou: the supreme court heard arguments on the president's travel ban and lower courts striking down that ban three times and several high court justices seem supportive of the president. >> reporter: final arguments of the supreme court term. ment justices hearing one of the most controversial cases last. much of the argument over the third version. president's travel ban was the balance of power of president and congress.
7:48 pm
and justice sotomyeer. >> what i see the president doing here. i am going to add more to the limits that congress set and what congress said was enough. where does the are president get the authority to do more than congress has already decided is adequate. >> justice alito and skuszed the critics of the ban. >> there are 50 predominantly muslim countries five are on the list. the population of the predominantly muslim countries make up eight percent of the world's muslim population. >> and of course, there was plenty of the discussion of the president's previous statements including a total and complete shut down of muslims entering in
7:49 pm
to the united states until our country 's representative can figure out what is going on. the chief justice asked if the travel ban would be problem free if the president disavowed the statement and reissued. nabsolutely. >> the court seemed split and it appears kennedy may be the swing vote. it is a decision that is due by late june. >> shannon breen, no recuesal this time. we'll talk about attorney general session's role. and legal analyst captivating exteriors dynamic lighting elevated comfort
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>> lou: and the shocking report that led to mccabe's firing. a high- ranking official in the obama justice department tried to shut down the investigation wheel hillary clinton trying to run for president. mccade received a call from the principle associate deputy attorney general who was outraged with the fbi and demanding to know why the agency was pursuing the clinton foundation when the justice department considered the case
7:54 pm
to be dormant. and the quote of the evening came from president trump whether it is foreign policy or domestic politics. president trump said this in 2014. what separates the winners from the losers is how the person reacts to each new twist of fate. that is the truth. joining us is gregg jarret, author of the soon to be book. the russia hoax and illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump. >> people can go on line and buy it. it tells the whole story of how hillary clinton was cleared for political reasons whichin believe it obstruction much yesterday and the same people
7:55 pm
decide to launch a phony investigation of donald trump to try to prevent him from being president. >> lou: the president was the first one to be calling it a hoax. he called it from the beginning. >> he did. >> lou: he said there is nothing to this and it is a witch hunt and everything that happens as we talk about on this broadcast, it just further validates what he said and makes you wonder why in the worldro burt mueller is not investigating hillary clinton and the department of yesterday and fbi leadership. it is back wards. >> i mean, there is plenty of compelling overwhelming evidence that other people including hillary clinton appear to have committed crimes and they are not being investigated and instead, the reason he's so
7:56 pm
outraged and calling it a hoax is because the president is convinced he didn't have contacts with the russian and i don't know any russians and his campaign was by the seat of the pants. they didn't have time to talk to russians in a collusive way. >> the never trumpers are hard at work trying to rationalize even as this hoax is collapsing around the dems and deep state and the rhino republicans. trey gowdy had said to john dowd. if your client is innocent, why don't you act like it? and that's where they are now. they have to come up with this nonsense and gowdy today, along with bob goodlet, taking a deal with the justice department where they get 400000 documents
7:57 pm
out of 1.2 million that they have been asking for for six months. what in the world are they thinking? >> they may be naive and gullible if they think they will get what they deserve the the department and justice has awe long hospital of the hiding evidence and covering up wrongdoing and there is plenty to cover up here. and i wonder how many documents they eventually will be getting is react dakted and the other documents are buried in a vault and oh, we don't know anything about it. >> these two chairman of over sight, gowdy would agree to a deal of a third and when they have a responsibility of oversight of justice in the fbi. >> they should get all of it. >> and absolutely. if let's turn to if we may, the
7:58 pm
revelation that andrew mccabe. andrew mccabe was told and call would by a high department justice official and told what are you doing. we have decided the clinton foundation investigation is dorment and the swap gets deeper and the stench is more intense and this president, not one iota of evidence in a special counsel investigation and yet every day something new comes up on the part of the department of yesterday and fbi. >> mccabe felt so offended that this was a attempt by the department of justice to obstruct his investigation. why didn't he go to congress or the inspector general. he clammed up and the potential with mccabe to be criminally
7:59 pm
charged with lying four times, he's going to begin singing like a cainary and implicating people including james comey. it was a mistake for comey to lash out to mccabe because he could flip. >> lou: you think he will flip? >> i do. mccabe and comey were once friend exercise colleagues and now it is man versus man and they are both in legal jeopardy and they get to the point of implicating one another. >> lou: they are both accused of lie anything in they may be right about each other that they are both liars. >> it could be i think there is a lot of liars in the high ranking individuals of the fbi. some of them demoted peter
8:00 pm
strzok, lisa page investigated by the inspector ynl and a long laund rye list of people in legal jeopardy. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. and thank you for being with us >> oliver: tonights on war tonight, on "war stories," the unraveling of evil. from those fighting for him. >> i saw action at remont and i was taken captain. >> hitler came, greeted us, and then he says he'll stay with me. >> and against him. everybody's fighting with him. >> these are not human beings because human beings don't do what they did. >> the last days of adolfitler and the third reich. that's ahead on "war stories."


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