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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 30, 2018 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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thanks for joining us everybodyny and company begins right now. stuart take it away. >> thank you maria good morning everyone. it is monday. and we're off to a pretty good start for your money. looking at a triple digit gain for the doi industrials. pretty solid gain for the s&p, and for the mars dak as well so what's going on this monday morning? number one, with profits are up a whopping 28%. two, private sector wages up nearly 3% best gain in ten years. three, the economic recovery is now 106 months old longest to generation and economy is still speeding up. just out today, with mcdonald's profits very strong, the stock is doing very well premarket up over 4%.
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that helps the dow. happening right now, on the border, a very different border policy. a 180 from obama era the caravan migrants have been told the crossing facility is at maximum capacity. it is filled up therefore, the migrants must wait in mexico. that is really different. rably we have to tell you about disgraceful white house correspondent dinner it on saturday night. a so-called comedienne marked appearance of press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. the comedienne michelle wolf joke about kellyanne conway hit by a falling tree that was a vulgar attempt at humor about the president. the association is try to cover itself now. saying wol was was supposed to deliver a unifying message that's nonsense. that is rubbish trump hatred is what they wanted and what they got and we won't let them off
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the hook. "varney & company" about is about to begin. >> i promise you more on michelle wolf baud our own liz mcdoubled was at the city association dinner on saturday night, and i believe she was about as disgusted as i was. okay. lements get to your money, something good happening there. we're at up 122 point for the dow industrial is that's how we're likely to open this monday morning five points up s&p, for nasdaq a positive opening. now there is a do you component, it is called mcdonald's -- interview that -- [laughter] they have a really good quarter, like 7 other food outlets that the posted good sales, good profits the stock is up. about $5, that adds 40 points to the dow industrials. merger deal t-mobile agrees to buy sprint or stock 26 billion dollars worth. this is all about five g and a
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competing with china. now let's get to what we hear is going to be the second round of tax cuts joining us now kevin brady a tax writing committee. congressman, welcome to the show. if i may -- i would like you to be specific, we know you're going to try to extend individual tax rate cuts we've got that. you told fox and friends this morning that you would take steps to help people save. what specifically do you propose? >> e yeah, so i think the permanent, obviously, for families is very important long-term. but big impact look families now it is very early into the new tax code but already we're seeing rising wages more jobs here in america. but we know most americans have saved little or nothing for the picture we think that tax code can do more to encourage family who is say earl yerg and more throughout their lifetime. we think the tax code can do
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more to help businesses offer -- >> wait, how would you -- how would you get individuals to save more? i mean, for example, make 401(k) you've got to opt out as -- you're in automatically. could you do that? >> yes. so that is one of the ideas that we're looking at is we also making sure that retirement plan are bigger and easier to use and sometimes confusing for example, i think there were 14 different education savings plans to house tax reform streamline them down to three or four. that didn't end up in the final bill, but we think there's some pretty common sense ways to help families save more and for a lot of americans at the big game changer for them. >> you also mentioned this morning help to pay off student loans. you're not considering some kind of amnesty are you?
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>> no, we absolutely you're not those were the obama mistakes. we're looking at now that we have a stronger economy. now that businesses are looking -- even more so for good workers over the long-term. are there any good ideas then how to help businesses insent vise to help their new workers? their student loanses? and we think there's sol good ideas out there and stuart here's the point. what we really are trying to do is change that culture in washington where we don't still plug up a bunch of new special interest revision but every year, we're looking at ways to get better more competitive, or more family friendly and this is just -- 2.0 and i hope there's 3.0 and 4.0 so that we can continue to improve. >> so a continual fine tuning was tax system to benefit the economy to get more growth that's the proposition really isn't it? >> it is, and look every successful business and organization wakes up every day
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trying to figure out how to be more xettive more innovative, and better -- so why isn't washington waking up every day thinking the same way and i just think that president and i -- and others want to change that culture in congress and think it will work for the american people. >> kevin brady thank you very much for being with us on a monday morning thank you, sir, we appreciate it. >> thank you stuart. staying on the economy total worker compensation now that includes wages and benefits, up 2.7% other the past 12 months doesn't sound like much but that is stroangs since summer of 2008 that's after a tech keyed. former reagan economist art laugher is with us. does this feel like all times to you back in good old days of the early 80s is it? >> does sound it to be honest i think this is a great piece of news that that's increasing the one that amazes me most of all stuart, is insurance claims as a proportion of the labor force, the lowest they've ever been.
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initial claims are way below any time historically. we have a very good economy, the only thing we're missing and we really are missing it is productivity growth and productivity growth has lagged and not comes yet but once that productivity growth this place is off to races. >> we're astonished to see corporate profits in this reporting period up roughly 28%. over last year -- that's the biggest gain -- >> yes? >> because stock market is hold us that was coming stewart. it has told us that time and time again. i don't know why you're surprised -- [inaudible conversations]
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he's going to there and listening to what kin is offering. this is a meeting there china offers this, and munn chin says that. that's what's going to happen here. this is crunch time this week, isn't it? >> it is crunch time but i'm also love the attitude with which he's going into china. the issue is not to put in protection of piece of legislation on both sides. china has a lot of barriers to u.s. products and u.s. company, and much higher than we have, you know they shouldn't do that. we should be on a level footing with them and then go to free trade that's the way it should be and i think that's where munn chin wants to come outs. i worry about other people there. larry kudlow is free trade and lot of him more than life tits i think he's fantastic but i worry
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about instinct and other people in administration but i think munn chin will get it done correctly and i hope because cheen is our best ally in economics. it should be our best ally. >> that's interesting. art laugher you should be on the program more often. i mean, you should be. that's a fact. you lose all of your audience, stuart. >> that's true. got a big audience and it is growing, thank you very much. art we will see you again real soon. thank you, i want to get become to what's happening right now. my immigrants caravan hillary vaughn is at border near san diego. question hillary what are our guys doing on our side of the board border? >> stuart well they're processing as many immigrants as they can. but border protection says that they don't have anymore room at this check point here. on the other side of the wall l where caravan is camped out for those waiting to seek asylum but until there's rule at this check point and agents ready to process them, they're going torn
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waiting on the other side of this sense for quite a while. now, this is a problem that has been expected for a long time. agents have said that they do not have room to accept the hundred of people traveling to the u.s. border to tijuana that arrived over weekend but still they came anyways. now home lapd security neil son asked people to seek asylum in first safe country they arrive in one being mexico but people in this car vain that camped out over the weekend in last night waiting to be processed are wanting to come here in the u.s. and not seek asylum in mexico and that is part of the problem because there simply isn't enough room. now how long this process takes, with quite a while. it can take three days for someone to just pass initial check point and then after that it takes months before they actually reach a decision from a court graduating them asylum here in the u.s. so as far as camping out on the border it is beginning to be
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quite a while before anyone gets in. but there were some people in caravan stuart rod any scott telling fox news it you decided to ditch caravan climb over the fence, and enter the u.s. illegally, and decided not to seek so they are warning against that and they have is said that anyone who does decide to cross illegally will action will be taken against them. stuart. >> hillary vaughn right there thank you very much. talk to you again later. again go back to futures to sew how we open the market this mopgd morning and we're up triple digits over 100 points higher for dow industrial. how about this? kind of scary news about amazon alexa hackers can turn the speaker into a covert is listening device. secretly recording your private conversations. >> that's scary. second time they found that. leader of south korea says trump should win the noble peace prize for getting them to negotiating table. remember, president obama got
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one without doing much at all. [laughter] and doctor ronny jackson pulls out of the run aring of the next va secretary after in thes senator john makes unsubstantiated proven claims about him. i say it is character assassination you'll hear what the president had to say about it, next. hing goes. tell me about it. you know, it's made me think, i'm closer to my retirement days than i am my college days. hm. i'm thinking... will i have enough? should i change something? well, you're asking the right questions. i just want to know, am i gonna be okay? i know people who specialize in "am i going to be okay." i like that. you may need glasses though. yeah. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today with td ameritrade.
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more really nasty politics. dr. ronny jackson will not return as president trump's doctor. mr. trump called for or montana democrat senator john to resign over his opposition to jackson nomination for the v.a. job. roll tape. >> and started throwing out things that he's heard. well i know things about tester that i could say too. [laughter] and if i said them, he would never be elected again. what john tester did to this man is a disgrace. admirable jackson started
9:16 am
studying and he was working so hard. >> spernl guest to address this issue man who killed bin laden rob o'neal he wrote that book, the operator. welcome back, sir. >> gong, stuart thank you for having me. >> what do you think? i say from the out this was character assassination of dr. ronny jackson you're a veteran. what do you say? >> i'm a veteran and also from the state of montana i was born there john tester is senator from montana, and if someone is going to try to help the vets he's the -- senior senator on the veterans on the v.a. committee and he should be worried about the v.a. itself trying to help not just with a hashtag resistant movement but kale to tell him to go after this guy and he's claiming, of course, that 20 anonymous veterans came to him and said of duty if i didn't investigate. and by investigate does he really mean character assassination calling him the man saying he's pedaling pills saying the guy a drunk driver
9:17 am
this is nonsense these are anonymous sources the story even secret service said the guy protecting president none of this happened. there's zero proof of anything and accusation and i don't know test or should resign like they say but i hope vote ors of montana vote him out because this is disgusting to do this to admirable. you should fitness report that president obama wrote to doctor flash admirable jackson and -- it's something about -- promote to flag level immediately exclamation point and really bad and plus, having someone on the committee for veterans afars there should be a veteran. like a downing running, against one of the gop guys but only thing is his haircut. >> to what court should ronny jackson reare feel to restore his reputation ?fnlings the only reason he -- dropped out is because it is beginning to get worse because -- the democrats want to play party politics. they it hate donald trump so much they don't care which way the country goes.
9:18 am
way they doing it right now is veterans last, and that's all this was and it's a shame. he's a great guy you don't just make admirable. what is it seven years now it will be seven years in a few faces since operation nuclear weapon tune. we have nuclear neptune spirit t was people that paged him that was the pilot doajt get enough credit. they got us there. so on this show we were runses who were qualified to carry sledgehammer and guns and going for a picture in the south break down the door to get him and pilot, air crew, the other operators that got me into the position just because of my -- our tactics that someone smarts or than us calm up up with i turned corner to see the most wanted terrorist and he -- justice was served yeah. >> that was nice. no, no, agree with that. to the point now seven years i can close any eyes and see it. i can see him standing there and guy in front of me jumping on the suicide bomber. but i just know the story really
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well there's no way that happened it is -- so far remost offed, i mean, obviously, one with of the greatest missions in moderns hirings and doesn't keep me up at night i'm a washington red skins fan that keeps me up at night. [laughter] o'neal you're all right. thanks for having me. you should run again. keep in touch of where we're going right now open market in ten minutes story that everybody is talking about today. comedienne michelle wolf offensive ran to the press corps. dinner. and liz has mcdonald's she was there. she's going to tell us inside the room and she'll be there. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind
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>> if a tree falls in the woods how do we get kellyanne urd that tree? can't we all have our -- i really like sarah i think she's very resourceful leak she burns tat, and then she uses that ash to create a perfect monkey eye. [laughter] like maybe she's born with it, maybe it's -- >> oh. well, well, well. those are the -- script says highlights actually low liveses from comedian
9:24 am
michelle wolf at the white house correspondents dinner she's criticized for routine now the correspondents association issued a statement here's a short excerpt. last night's pral was meant to offer unifying message about our common commitment to it a vigorous and free press while honoring civility. unfortunately, the entertainers monologue was not in the spirit that have mission i contest that perfectly well what wolf was going to deliver and don't come with that to us. emac you were there, i want to know what was the reaction to people arranged you they heard this nonsense. >> it started off kind of nervous laughter, and then we realized this is supposed to be a night about free speech but bullying does not advance the cause of free speeches at all. so i was watching this cnn table the msnbc table they started to look to each other how to react and i was thinking in your gut, in your gut this feels wrong and so -- when you saw that happening i
9:25 am
started to get worried about sarah sanders and kellyanne conway as i was michelle obama or suzanne rice if they were the target of the inhumane and cruel attacks. i think they jumped the shark this year. these -- the first one i went to was in '93 called rush limbaugh fat and i think they should pull the plug on dinner because it is for a liberal left leaning president or mean spirited not necessity to have it anymore. >> fascinating because i want to -- what were they doing inside the room? i got to give tribute to sarah sanders for sitting there she could have walked it out and took it in good spirit although mortifying for her but -- a lot of class. a lot of class. thank you. yeah. by the way wait a second emac you have a new show and starts tonight. it's called the evening edit it will be at 5 p.m. eastern time starting today.
9:26 am
weeknights 5 p.m. evening with elizabeth macdonald. now, it has a spinoff in your own life. now check that market please we're going to go up at the opening bell roughly 100 points stay right there please we're going to take you to wall street. opening bell monday morning, after this.
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>> almost there literally 15 seconds away to the opening bell on a monday morning get some exciting this time of the year who knows where we're going. well above 24,000 is the answer maybe approaching let me see what numbers are here. maybe had approaching 25,000. who knows -- but we're going up, bang we're off, running i see plenty of green and i see the dow up already 99 point. 24,400 we're up 100 points, 102 that is a gain of about .4 -- about half percentage point. pretty good gain there if exactly half percentage point up 121 check that s&p please how are they doing this morning that's up, a quarter of one percent. and nasdaq where's that this morning and very early going it is up a quarter of one percent so big gain is the dow industrials. there you go. where's that tenure treasury yield well starting out from today well i tell you now at 2.96%. not close to the 3% level.
9:31 am
that's hart hurt market last week. now mcdonald's -- i've not had a chance to go through that report suffice to say profits were strong a dow stock up 4% clearly that is helping the overall dow industrials. apple that is a dow stock as well virtually unchanged this morning that reports its profits late tomorrow afternoon. 162 on apple who is with me ashley webster and elizabeth macdonald james freeman and jeff seeger all right jeff this is all -- i look this is all about profits maybe out an a limb here but i think that's what it is. up 28%. corporate profitability compared to last year. i never say anything like it. not only all a if profits but how tax cuts create profits. from the beginning from the beginning of this terning season there was the concern how much of an advantage would these tax cuts be? and with almost 80% of the
9:32 am
companies reporting, having not only beaten earnings but beating revenue that shows that tax cuts do truly work and i think that argument will be ended as to what -- effect is. do tax cuts continue to work when this reporting season is over and we're looking forward to the next one do we get another big jump this profits? >> there's the problem because yes, they do, they will continue to work but they'll be the law of diminishing returns they will work less and less as time goes on. >> take a look at apple they report profits tomorrow after the bell. by the way apple is cheap tim cook is already at the center of the china trade negotiations. he's been to beijing and president meeting with president trump late last week. james, apple is the most valuable company in the world. right in the middle was biggest trade negotiation of a generation. >> absolutely right in the middle of the china discussion. you have essentially the
9:33 am
preeminent but someone with who sells a lot in china this is remember the world number one smart phone market now. so -- given those two roles tim cook knows all about chinese theft of intellectual profit but he also understands how much he values access to that chinese market. and how much he wants to be able to continue selling there and i'm sure there are lots of issues and doing business there that he's seen and in terms of governments pressuring a a toll share its technology with local companieses. so these are all -- points i'm sure to be shared with president trump and he probably has already -- >> i bet he said to president trump i have to stay in china i have to keep my business be going in china and i'll bet president trump said okay. well you bring money back here. you start building factories in america. i mean, i wouldn't be surprised. >> but apple has the 269 billion dollar cash pile. they could buy fin land or ireland with that cash pile so what we're watching storm is whether or not stock buyback and
9:34 am
hikes will be because they'll deploy that two-thirds stanford says over next two and a half years that's the big push to the 1 trillion market value. j and one thing that people haven't talked about so far is fact that apple is nots gaining significant market share in china, and apple depends a great deal on components coming from china so yes, tim cook has a vested interest in supporting his one and only product which is the iphone. but -- >> the product cheaper product to cut that profit margin that, you know, ease -- >> stay this china. but with cheap or product. doesn't matter -- cheap or expensive it doesn't matter start to stay this china. you've got to. but they can't afford that iphone 10. you have to keep me in china you have to make sure i'm there. but he's raising price on all of the new versions of the iphone and he's not getting the growth in china. and it's -- if prump brings hem back to manufacture more in the u.s.,s prices are going to go up.
9:35 am
all right lizzy you're right. you're right. all right next case mcdonald's they reported profits already this morning. strong profits same store sales that's the important metric here. same store sales up 3%. who's going to -- you're buying mcdonald's at 164? >> no i'm not buying it i think they've done a lot of good things but you have a demographic -- >> didn't buy anything. so real estate. real estate. but you have a demographic that isn't -- mcdonald's has to upgrade to the organic menu medical record to compete millennials do not eat as a much -- fast food as they used to and my day, i told -- ashley that i ate six big macs people don't do that anymore and eat kale and other things -- and i think the market for cheap burgers and fries is really never going to go away. food come and go.
9:36 am
you look at how much money dean has made on twinkies and fine domestic mac koa burgers they never get the immediate attention kale but i think people like to -- >> i've seen a lot of good reports from fast food style restaurants and cheap -- low price menu items across the board recently. they have the two dollar menu so mcdonald's numbers were based on their global sales maybe 2.9% in u.s. 5.5 growth around the world. s what i'm looking for look at this dow industrials up 133 points first thing this monday morning. who makes botox? >> well said -- they do. algan makes botox -- >> not that i know that permly. lots of revenue coming in and botox maker is up -- about three quarters of one percent at 163. look surprised they're
9:37 am
surprised. [laughter] >> terrible. >> t-mobile agrees to buy springt it is a 26 billion dollar deal. this is all about 5g and competition with china both stocks down a little bit. actually t-mobile is down nearly 5 a% down how about that? marathon petroleum buying refining company for more than $20 billion. there really is money in pipelines these days. gas prices well price of oil is at 67 gas prices keep on going up. we now have a national average for regular are of 281 by the way the average in california is 3.60. don't you love it. all right enough said stuart. [laughter] amazon more than doubling its line of credit to 7 billion dollars. jeff, that's a new thing for them. they used to finance their expansion by rolling over their own money. now they're dipping into the
9:38 am
banks. >> because they have confidence and they have those hundred million prime subscribers to go use this money from their credit line to build content to begin to compete with netflix. they're going to be it a real player in media and -- >> cloud centers and build their data centers and they're going to build more many fulfillment e centers to ep he the real estate market even more than they already have. >> there's a move for japan to license its first casinos. surely testimony be a big be moneymaker. >> regulated to put a limit on how many times person can go to a casino worried about gambling addiction. 10 timeses month is the maximum anyone and they're thinking of using thaj measures facial reck neglection and fingerprints to track how often you gamble. >> got a punch clock. >> yes. [laughter] that's interesting. well gaming stocks are all of them on the upside quite nicely
9:39 am
so -- that's a very interesting thing. restricting access -- >> who would have thought? this is a block bust beer in the box office. latest installment of the avengers -- i think it is the best opening for a long, long time and it's all dis stock reaching 100 a share think back on the back of that one movie. >> no. disney is good to be king. disney is doing this with so many different franchises right now. this one will be this one will be top franchise ever their top movie opening ever. this film could very much approach 8, 900 million dollars before it even gets -- or more advance circulation. so they are firing on all cylinders incredible story here. >> does anybody make movies for my generation i know a little older than you are are james a little older than you are, jeff. but -- >> i don't. you're talking like -- well the track record here they've made --
9:40 am
so many of these and now setting worldwide box office -- [laughter] that was cruel. >> i'm sorry. no i don't with like silent movies. [laughter] charlie was good. i don't know if movies can have opening like -- but without even china, that worldwide office director, the market is telling them not -- >> i guarantee you with right now -- 9:40 eastern time. wait a second i have to say thanks jeff and james -- [laughter] >> your mom watching? got those -- and i'm all right. >> look at this. look at this. now we're up 184 points. we have very close to 24,500. nice gain on the monday morning. apple is about to unvalue a virtual reality headset could be
9:41 am
most advance vr headset we've seen so far we'll tell you when you can get your hands on it. and some dramamine too i think. showdown at the border migrant caravan arrived ept to know. do they have the right to enter our country? judge napolitano is next. let's begin.
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yes or no? do you want the same tools and seamless experience across web and tablet? do you want $4.95 commissions for stocks, $0.50 options contracts? $1.50 futures contracts? what about a dedicated service team of trading specialists? did you say yes? good, then it's time for power e*trade. the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. looks like we have a couple seconds left. let's do some card twirling twirling cards e*trade. the original place to invest online. >>this is breaking israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu will announce, quote, a significant development on the now clear agreement with iran later tonight. that's all we know that's just the expression that was used in the news broadcast. >> wow. maybe something to help the market because if you check the big board you can see we're now up 170 points may be mr. netanyahu announcement had some positive effect on the
9:44 am
market. i'm the speculating here. don't know for sure. apple is about to envol a new virtual reality headset when can i put my hands on one? >> the the year 2020 -- 2020 -- all right. so where you're getting this according to cnet they got the specific date because we've been hearing about augmented virtual reality and now they're really putting the state is up 2. % but better than the oculus rift because of the display technology and what they've made but the question is we'll have outward facing camera os will it have something beyond and to surpass microsoft or magic leap or anything else so see how good it really is. by the way barclays has a new target now it is at 165 so that's not so great. >> not so great. all right nicole thank you very much.
9:45 am
i want to get back to the border -- judge napolitano is here. simple question, what right do those caravan people have to come to america? >> to knock on the door, and to make an application -- and if they can demonstrate if they can make a case of being political refugees that as they were harmed in their country because of their political views, we must not may -- must accept them. that is the law against which the president has railed because he may not want the men public may not want the men but the law permits them to come many. this is not going to it happen overnight but they enter. they are detained some times for months until they can demonstrate in a court not a -- not a court as you and i understand it but a hearing officer who works for the department of homeland security impaired to enter. >> the situation is our border
9:46 am
patrol people have said that the crossing they've arrive at that crossing point, is now at maximum capacity you can't have anybody else coming into that facility. therefore, the migrants must wait in mexico. >> that's correct. tiny illegal. legitimate simply means they're going wait there for a very long time. >> i don't know how long time will be but there are time periods by which border patrol must process the people that are ahead of them now people online ahead of them are already in the united states. they're in an area confined by border patrol but it is the united states once those people are processed and a there's rule for migrants then may must process migrants can they turn them away at the border or yes if they fail to make the prime case but lawyer will actually in my opinion make this go faster.
9:47 am
rather than slower, because the lords will arrive with translators and we'll have interviewed these people by the time they actually get to the border. >> but they have to have some kind of documentation to say if they go back to guatemala or whatever they're in deep trouble. >> it may be -- it may documentation and may be generallyized documentation. it may just be their perceptive fears. that's what has to be weeded out at border but if they can make the case they get to say. but they have to wait a long time in mexico -- i don't care how much they try to speed things up on the other side. so many of them that they'll have a large encampment on other side of the border. that's what you're looking at. smg probably. probably but at some point they get to knock on the door because that's a federal law of the president doesn't like but that's the law. only but it is reversal of president obama policy come in and process you do what you like and come back for hearing and -- complete 180 and plenty of whom never came become so president complaints about catch and
9:48 am
release -- he has toed this is a policy it's not a statute. he has the ability to state offed border patrol we koangt do catch and release as you said. we don't have for room they can stay in mexico, until they get to the head of the line and then they can knock on the door and then we'll hear their application. >> legal and legitimate and right in my opinion. >> yes. there you go. he may not want them as political refugee but like a wiper wall. >> you come from a country last week he referred to -- >> well from socialism did get carried away. >> you refer to the place of birth as a death camp. >> no i did not. >> you know, i didn't. >> a lot of people thought you said and i said on fox and friends that makes sense to talk about death panels in the britain's medical system and i was right. >> you absolutely were. same british who cheered the instruction of a berlin wall
9:49 am
just built their own. [laughter] oh maybe see you later. [laughter] dow industrial up 160 points take that. the top guy at the fda food and drug administration says he's concerned ab generation of kids getting hooked on e-cigarettes. even if they are a healthier option than actually smoking tobacco and hear more about this in just a moment.
9:50 am
9:51 am
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9:53 am
>> fda commissioner is scott, he's warning that e-cigarettes could get children hooked on nicotine. roll tape. we do think that e-cigarettes could offer a potential opportunity for adult smokers to transdecision off of combustible tobacco on to reduced risk products. but what we with don't want to see is a whole generation of children become addicted from use of e-cigarettes. >> fox news correspondent doc siegel is here. i would have thought that these e-cigarettes were basically good because you don't get the smoke you don't get the tar. what's wrong with them? >> when i interviewed over the weekend and he made a point clearly like he saids it is okay to use to tool to get them off a the cigarettes which are kill them putting them at risk are of lung cancer and that confirm smokers. but when you're talking about youth never seen a nicotine
9:54 am
product and you get seduce them in with a flavor and plugs into your computer like jewel does, and it's got five percent nicotine you're getting them addicted to something and then end up on entreats so a gateway drug. fda it has in regulation that you can't sell them to somebody under 18 i think that's what -- >> regulation is in there. what's wrong? >> because they're not following it. it is marketed and retailers that's what they're doing and what initiative is. there's a sting going on nationwide sting and scott is lee is behind it. >> ban nicotine if you don't like it. >> we can ban it and a it will be on black market but use it appropriately to get people off dangerous -- >> in line with scott -- completely in line he sees both sides of this completely. >> i have to leave time for this because obama era calorie counting rules they're going into effectening it is next week. may 7th, may 7th now scott say this will help people lose
9:55 am
weight. listen to this -- well the data shows that if you have information on menu labels average consumer will reduce their chloric intake by 50 a day that turns out to be about 3 to 5 pounds a year that you can lose by just having better information. >> the point but if you put calorie kowngts on pizzas, how do you come up with the exact calorie count for slice of pizza which may have 50 different toppings? how do you do it that? >> first of all they're already there. calorie count on pizza is there, and many of the pizza manufactures that are complaining it's already on the menu but let's move on to the fact that -- it is -- >> no i go into my pizza shop i have a dozen -- >> may 7th it will be there if it is not already. but listen here's the point they've leafing out a variance allowed not like every mushroom on pizza or every pepper to put a dirveght calorie count you're allowed to put a range and fda he told e me they're not enforcing if you happen to get
9:56 am
tracks piece of cheese on a cheese burger but lawyers -- they'll march right in there and say you gave me too many calories. poangt to lead to healthier choices where companieses have to compete for the healthy dollar in other words they have to introduce options the way mcdonald's does it already. they have to give you more options so you don't go out of business you walk into a starbucks you say hey i'm going to have the blueberry muffin and low fat muffin glaring at that do the nut you may decide not to have it but lead to a healthier society with less health cost. >> i'm from the government but here to help you. thanks dock. >> that is from big business he's here to help you. i'm all for this. >> don't you ever get tired of it eat that, eat that -- no obese society 40% of us are obese overweight. >> all right, all right. top of the hour -- white house correspondents dish and the media's hate for president trump. i call it trump derangment
9:57 am
syndrome it is real. my take is next. does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing what's important to you is why 7 million investors work with edward jones. ♪ with expedia you could book a flight, hotel, car and activity all in one place. ♪ . . . .
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10:00 am
stuart: it's come to this. the so-called comedian is invited to insult the president, invited by the white house correspondents' association no less. oh, she did not disappoint. michelle wolf offered vulgar jokes about the president, then attacked press secretary sarah huckabee sanders in personal terms. since when has it been okay to make cheap jokes about a woman's appearance? miss wolf even speculated about a tree falling on kellyanne conway that was supposed to be a joke. there was no laughter. today the white house core respondents association is trying to walk afrom miss wolf she was invited to deliver a unifying message. rubbish. you got what you wanted.
10:01 am
and now you look bad. this is trump derangement syndrome. the media so hate this president that they prepared to sit through this kind of unfunny and disgusting spectacle. but here's the reality. the media just took a big hit. their bias is so obvious. earlier the democrats resistance policy took a hit too. democrat senator jon tester made outrageous accusation against dr. ronny jackson, unproven allegations but he made them anyway. character assassination. dr. jackson with drew as a candidate to run the va department. the resistance has been shown for what it is, trump derangement syndrome, irrational and harmful to the country. senator tester is up for re-election. here we are with a flourishing economy at home and significant progress abroad and the press is turning up the hate dial. i think they know they have overdone it.
10:02 am
the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ 31 minutes into a monday morning trading session, we're up 167 points, look at that, 24,479. mcdonald's is a dow stock. it reported strong same-store sales. up 5 1/2% grownly. we'll have -- globally. we'll have more. walmart getting out of the grocery business in britain. trying to focus instead on improving its position in india. the stock is up over 2%. look at the big tech names please. remind you apple reports earnings after the bell tomorrow. big tech on the upside across the board. we have this about fitbit. they're moving their platform to the cloud, trying to become a serious player in health care.
10:03 am
this will allow doctors to get electronic records and monetary their patients through the fitbit device. the stocks is up 8%. now this wages combined with 2.2% in the last month and pay, benefits and it is the biggest jump in a decade. joining us is keith fitz, i'm sorry, keith fitz-gerald money map press kind of guy. does this mean a sustained market rally beyond where we are now? >> fundamentally speaking, stuart, because this is as good as it gets. you have the labor market growing. you have talent is getting harder to find and they have to pay up for it. companies, ceos in particular, like mcdonald's continue to put great numbers on the board. stuart: by the end of the year will be appreciably above the 26,000 mark the high we reached in january?
10:04 am
>> i think we will. i'm looking for that 3,000 on the s&p. i'm looking for another couple hundred points, but not a straight line, stuart. we'll see this all throughout the year because of the political headlines and things you mentioned in your lead-in into the hour. stuart: i was intrigued with mcdonald's this morning, very strong report, profits an sales. would you buy mcdonald's where it is around 165? >> this is a question about alternative to me. i would rather go with big tech any day, that said, if you have mcdonald's, one of those companies changing the course. ceo steve easterbrook knows what he is doing. i am concerned about the price of items on the menu but i love going in there. stuart: wait i go for the dollar menu and 2-dollar menu, 3-dollar menu. it is priceless stuff. >> it is. out here on the left coast it's a little more expensive. stuart: it is? i didn't know that come visit me in new jersey, son. great place to be, apart from the tax rate.
10:05 am
amazon they doubled their credit line to $7 billion. sounds to me like a new strategy, expand using the bank's money as opposed to rolling over your own money. are you buying it? >> absolutely. a brilliant move because there is a principle on wall street, it is auld opm. stands for other people's money f you have a savvy ceo that will do, fuel amazon's growing better, faster when it comes to things like amazon services and prime growth. they want to grow as fast as they can and they will do it. stuart: you talked about big tech. the five big tech companies which we report on constantly, which one do you think offers the best rate of growth in the future. i think there are actually two. two of my favorites will be microsoft and amazon and they will both be related to that cloud. stuart: take as strong stomach to buy amazon at $1591 per
10:06 am
share, doesn't it? >> yes, it does. i still think it is undervalued though, stuart. stuart: amazing, amazes me. keith fitz thanks for joining us. >> you bet. stuart: my editorial at the top of the hour. listen to the president blast montana democrat senator jon tester. roll tape. >> tester started throwing out things that he's heard. well i know things about tester that i could say too. if i said them, he would never be elected again. what jon tester did to this man is a disgrace. admiral jackson started studying and he was working so hard. stuart: all right. you heard had direct live from the president going right after jon tester, democrat montana. let's bring in former congressman republican from utah, jason chaffetz. there is no court, there is no
10:07 am
public arena anywhere that ronny jackson can go to restore his reputation. he has been trashed. >> no, i hope america will take stock of the effort that he put into that job. this is the united states admiral. he served honorably with bush administration, obama administration, the trump administration, and to be disparaged like that, that is why good people don't get involved in politics. stuart: right. >> the only court he can go to is the court of public opinion, and that is the election of jon tester. will jon tester pay a price in montana. the montanans i know are patriotic people. they don't like attack on member about united states military based on groundless attacks, the things that senator tester said, the secret service says they are not true. stuart: he made the allegations anyway and unproven. >> the the national media ran with it. they took him down. it is the politics of personal destruction.
10:08 am
it is what democrats on the left. if you do it on right it should be called out to. senator tester crossed the line disparaged an honorable person and it is just sickening. stuart: i'm with all the way, sir. over the weekend james comey called the gop-led russia investigation, quote a wreck. he was being interviewed by chuck todd, nbc. a wreck. your thoughts on that? >> the full picture will be out there. i think that director comey is trying to change the subject because he can't get the basic facts right. he says that a leak is not a leak. i mean if you have water dripping into your basement and you called the plumber and plumber said, i'm sorry stuart, there is no leak here, you just, america understands i think more and more the director comey what he said is just not the truth. stuart: do you think he is finished? in terms of serious analysis of what's going on in our political life, i would suggest that james comey has done himself a serious injury with his book and the series of appearances? >> i totally agree.
10:09 am
two things will happen. one is, there is not a single united states senator on either side of the aisle would ever vote to confirm director comey as the fbi director again. that says a lot. and number two, the inspector general report, i've been talking about it for months, that will be the tell-all, the most important thing that comes out and it is going to happen here in may. stuart: the inspector general, the government inspector general, his brief is to inspect everybody, whether the irs, whether the justice department and he is has a report coming out then? >> there are 72 inspector generals. michael horowitz has been looking at this for a year. it was a report initiated. he can tell everything from the tarmac meeting to attorney general lynch had to the firing of director comey and everything in between. it women be the best shot that
10:10 am
we have as america to truly find out what went on with that hillary clinton investigation. stuart: mr. horowitz is not biased on either side of the aisle. he is an obama appointee. myself, current chairman of oversight committee have full, faith and confidence in michael horowitz. he is a good man. stuart: any idea when we will see it? >> it's a couple weeks away. it will happen in may. stuart: i'm sure you will be here to comment. >> i will. stuart: it is your report. thank you, jason. check this out, jeff bezos, his private rocket company, blue origin successfully launching the 8th test flight of its new shepard rocket. came cruising altitude of 2200 feet and came back down to land on launchpad. liz: reusable rocket. stuart: bezos said that is the most important work he is doing. he wants to support humans in the rockets for test flight, end
10:11 am
of this year or beginning of 2019. coming up, secretary of state mike pompeo calling iran the world's greatest state sponsor of terrorism. former uss cole commander will join us on that. more fallout from the white house correspondents dinner. president trump tweeting fake news was alive and beautifully represented saturday night. we're on it. two former nfl cheerleaders suing the nfl for discrimination. they say they will settle the suit for a dollar if commissioner goodell agrees to sit with one of them. they will join us next. you're watching "varney & company." ♪ it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one.
10:12 am
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10:14 am
stuart: well the rally is
10:15 am
holding. we're 45 minutes in, the dow is up 150 points. couple of brief items. t-mobile agrees to buy sprint, a 26 billion-dollar deal. both stocks down. marathon petroleum buying a refining and pipeline company, endeavor, more than $20 billion. there is money in pipelines these days. now this. two former nfl cheerleaders filed discrimination claims against the lead have a plan to settle the dispute. they say they will settle for one dollar in exchange for a four-hour meeting with commissioner roger goodell. joining us bailey davis, she is one of the cheerleaders who is suing, and her attorney sara blackwell. i want to start with you, bailey. what do you get out after long meeting with goodell if you got the meeting.
10:16 am
>> and you know, come to an agreement where we can have equal and fair rules free of discrimination. stuart: sara, if you got that meeting would you ask for money at that meeting as compensation for discrimination, for example? >> no, no. the meeting isn't about asking for money. the meeting would be about the nfl keeps giving a statement to the media that the cheer lead es have the right to professional environment free of discrimination and harrassment. that is all we're saying as well. i find we're on the same side f we get a chance to come in and meet with them, our goal in this is to give these cheerleaders there now and the ones coming in, a really great environment that is free of discrimination and harrassment. we would come in with a plan with ideas, with rules and regulations proposed that they
10:17 am
can, we can negotiate back and forth, that would only better the cheerleading experience and make it better for the nfl. and protect the nfl from future lawsuits from other cheerleaders who are suffering from the same problem. stuart: zara, can you, to, sara, what is the one outstanding rule change that you would like to see? >> well, first of all the non-frat ternization rule, that players can do anything and everything towards the cheerleaders, where the cheerleaders have to leave a restaurant if they're sitting there eating and a player walks in. they're constantly having to look over their shoulder. if they're at a party, a player walks in, they have to be hyper aware of all of the time they could be immediately terminated if they're in a room where there is a player. it add as high level of stress on to the cheerleaders that the players don't have. that would be one. stuart: bailey, hold on a second, isn't that no frat
10:18 am
ternization rule, isn't that designed to protect you from the unwanted amorous advances of a football player? >> it is to protect us, from they call them predators is what they have been described to me as, but that is such a 1920s way of looking, that the woman has to protect ourselves from the football player. it is 2018. if you have the rule have it for football players and cheerleaders that we're both aware of rule, that the football players are trying to talk to us, that is the issue. don't put on the woman. >> the other thing if you were in a business like home depot and told all the people that worked there, if they contact you you have to run away or you will be fired but all the men can do anything they want to approach you, so if the real reason is to protect them, then you should be concentrating on the person and people that you're protecting them from. it is offensive to us, should be to football players to say that
10:19 am
they are such terrible people that we need to hide the cheerleaders from them. i think that is offensive. stuart: sara, can address something difficult here. a cheerleader surely is, it is a sexual display to some, degree is it not? a clothing that a cheerleader wears, the activities on the field. that is form of sexual display. do you want to change that. >> we don't want to change that at all. in fact, look at broadway. look at backup dancers for singers. look at cheer leading in college. look at dance recitals that are competitive. sexualization of nfl cheerleading is a report, putting the bikinis and calendars that is the for the nfl's benefit. we're not asking to change that. we know it is part of the job. we're not asking to change that and so we think that if you want to use that against them, then,
10:20 am
you need to understand that a, it goes on in all other fields of professional athleticism, and you can't use that against them by the nfl, we're saying hey, just because you put them out there to look a certain way, that they don't have the right to be protected from discrimination and harrassment and be treated in a fair way. they deserve the human rights that we have put in place as americans with the federal and state laws. >> the outfit and the choreography is nothing new to dance. college cheerleaders, dance teams, wear two pieces. choreography. you can't blame what we do on what we wear and how we're treated. stuart: thank you for taking a part in this. i'm sure we talk about this for some time to come. >> thank you. stuart: the caravan has arrived. hundreds of migrants seeking asylum. vice president pence will go to the border later this afternoon and we will head there next.
10:21 am
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these types of plans let you pick any doctor or hospital that takes medicare patients. and there's a range of plans to choose from, depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. stuart: the price of oil this morning just about 6dollars a barrel. but the price of gasoline keeps going on. the national average for regular is 2.81. in california the average is 3.60. how about that. asylum-seeking migrants is climbing the border wall to protest after arriving at a busy san diego border crossing. vice president mike pence is set to visit border wall
10:25 am
construction at calexico. they have arrived at the san yes individual drove crossing in san diego. vice president pence is going to the calexico border crossing. what is going on right there now? >> what is going on right now you see behind me. this is 2.3-mile replacement fence going in. i have scott show you two things, stuart. this is the new 30-foot fence going in. it is about 30-feet tall. scott, i don't know, i will step out. can you pan over here to the old fence for them? this is the old one, stuart. remember that old landing mat they put in vietnam era. that is what you're looking at there. that is being replaced. you can get over that pretty easily. from the video from san ysidro scale the fence quite easily. they did not go in. they scaled it. it kind of indicates how easy it actually is. talk about, if you don't mind,
10:26 am
stuart, quickly about the migrants who are stuck in mexico while the u.s. refuses to admit them. all but a small handful of women, young children and transgender individuals who we are led to believe will at some point be processed. but for others it was a day of disappointment. they began with defiant rally looking at. hundreds of supporters. lawyers for that group do say that the u.s. is legally responsible to let all asylum-seekers get a hearing. >> stop rejecting asylum-seekers who tried to present themselves at the port of entry. you know what you're doing. you know you turn people away. you complain that they are breaking the law by entering illegally. you're breaking the law and you are forcing them to break the law. that is why we have caravans. >> stuart, basically they're at a standstill in mexico as more migrants wait to get in. that may or may not happen. u.s. says they're at capacity. vice president will show up,
10:27 am
talk to border agents look at new fence going in. stuart: william la jeunesse, thank you very much, sir. the dow industrials lost much their gain. there will be more "varney" after this. termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
10:28 am
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10:30 am
♪ stuart: you know i think we run that one before in the last 30 days. liz: oh. stuart: i like the song. baby, you can drive my car. yes, you can. quick check of the big board. we lost much of the rally. we had been up about 150. big tech names, all of them are up except for microsoft which is down 1 cents. big gain for amazon this morning, $16 this morning at 1588. disney check it out please. one of the biggest gainers of
10:31 am
the dow 30. blockbuster box office for the latest installment of "the avengers." it made $630 million worldwide on its opening weekend. that is big. chipotle partnering with door dash. this is all about delivery. chipotle extending last week's gains. it is up a little bit more. 428 on chipotle. here is what president trump tweeted first thing this morning. here is the quote. the white house correspondents dinner was a failure last year, but this year was an embarassment associated with it. the filthy comedienne totally bombed. couldn't even deliver other lines, much like the seth meyers weak performance. put dinner to rest or start over. back to my editorial at the top of the hour. here are some of michelle wolf's so-called jokes from saturday night's white house correspondents dinner. roll tape. >> if a tree falls in the woods, how do we get kellyanne under
10:32 am
that tree? we all have our kinks. i actually really like sarah. i think she is very resourceful. like she burns fat and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smokey eye. [laughter] like maybe she is born with it? maybe it is lies. stuart: wait, this is unfathomable, really, isn't it? absolutely disgraceful. howard kurtz, host of middle east yaw buzz -- "mediabuzz". i saw it and frankly disgusting. >> you took the word away. i reacted with disgum. i'm outraged. i'm embarrassed for the white house correspondents dinner. and for the profession. this is a huge gift for president trump holding counterprograming rally in michigan and beating up on dishonest press. some people say this is the comedienne. this is the big annual washington dinner to celebrate
10:33 am
journalism and completely and totally ruined by the decision to have this comedienne and for the association now not to apologize to sarah sanders to the rest of the profession, to the world for this completely horrible judgment. stuart: well the white house core respondents association -- correspondents' association, says she was hired, the comedienne was hired to deliver a unifying message. >> how did that work out for them? stuart: i don't think that is right. i don't think shy was hired to do that at all. i think they hired her knowing she would deliver something nasty about president trump. that is what they wanted her to do. now she did it and they find out, well maybe she went a little far and they looked bad. i think the end result here may be the cancellation of these annual dinners. >> even some journalists pull the plug because the dinners have been underfire for years. first they became celebrity-studded affair. completely got away concept of raising money for scholarships
10:34 am
celebrating journalism. with the president not coming last two years with comedians, i hate to use that term with michelle wolf, there is no equal time. it is just trump bashing. of course they knew there would be anti-trump diatribes. i don't think the association knew it would be sexually graphic, she would be dropping f -bombs carried live on cable news. this is complete debacle. this will be talked about a long time. a lot of people see this as proxy for the way the media view the president. stuart: i think the media took a hit on saturday night. liz: yeah, they did. stuart: a very significant hit. i am frankly surprised that no one on the dais sitting right next to her, watching her, no one stood up said, enough, enough. no one did that. they should have. somebody should. >> give sarah sanders stoically through the whole thing. would have been made about herself. there are arguments of
10:35 am
hypocrisy, going totally ballistic over michelle wolf, that category, some are not bothered at all when president trump goes on the attack with words like idiots and morons and that sort of thing, not making it equivalent but saying washington is place known for its selective outrage, stuart. stuart: first thing on monday morning, howard kurtz and stuart varney see absolutely eye-to-eye. what the devil is going on? >> maybe you have me back next week? stuart: you'll be back. howard, appreciate it. now this. secretary of state mike pompeo railing against iran during his middle east tour. watch this. >> and we are determined to make sure that it never possesses a nuclear weapon. the iran deal in its current form does not provide that assurance. stuart: not just the half of it. by the way today israel's prime minister netanyahu, he says he is going to make announcement and quote a significant
10:36 am
development on the nuclear agreement with iran later tonight. we don't know what announcement it is, that is a big deal coming direct from the prime minister of israel. curt lipold, former commander of the uss cole. seems to me like almost the war has started. i notice the ap is reporting that 26 largely iranians, most of them are iranians, killed in an israeli attack on a military base in syria. things are really warming up here now. >> absolutely, stuart. i think what you're see something israel is saying we're not going to allow iran through their proxy hezbollah to establish military bases and a capability that they can use to leverage and attack israel itself. they have been at war with, underground to a degree with iran for literally decades now but this is reaching a point in syria they can not tolerate that threat that close to their
10:37 am
borders. stuart: is it possible that there is in fact a breakthrough with the iran nuke deal? our secretary of state pompeo says, look, you will not have nuclear weapons, we're not going to allow it. i'm sure the iranians will not have any of them but there is a next going on here. i understand france's leader, emannuel macron, he phoned the leaders of iran over the weekend. maybe he was pressuring for some kind of a new deal with iran? >> well, i think you have to look at it. when you look at the joint comprehensive plan of action, having read 150 plus pages document myself, it's a failure. let's look where every nuclear program for any nation is started. it started on military bases. when you look at the jcpoa, what is off limits? iranian military bases. they're going to continue to do research and development so when the opportunity comes and the sunset clause comes into action, they're going to drop it.
10:38 am
they will have a minimal breakout period. they're working with technology from the north koreans who are a proliferator. they have shared their ballistic missile technology with them. this is a true threat, not just to israel but to saudi arabia and other gulf cooperation council members but it will begin to be a threat to the world. they are growing like north korea is. they're a threat and they must be dealt with accordingly. stuart: i have to give this one to you, south korea's leader says president trump should be considered for the nobel peace prize for his work with north korea. your reaction? >> i look at that stuart, i would say everybody take a deep breath. let's not get in awkward position where we give a prize where nothing happened yet. when it comes to north korea it is wonderful that president trump is creating conditions for the north and south koreans to talk to each other, to have dialogue, set a great many work and groundwork for a potential denuclearization of the korean
10:39 am
peninsula and declaration of a peace treaty between the two nations. at end of the day, unlike reagan, given north korea penchant for cheating, breaking agreements in the past, we must verify, then trust. stuart: trust by verify. verify and then trust. got it. commander, appreciate you being on the show today. thank you, sir. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: programing note. the 5:00 p.m. hour, 5:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox business network has a new name to it. starting tonight, the new program is called, "evening edit" with our own elizabeth macdonald. is it a spin-off? >> no. stuart: well-done. if your numbers are good it's a spin-off. if not, you're on your own. liz: back to you on that. the nfl draft was most watched in history. could this momentum help nfl ratings during the actual season? jason whitlock with us.
10:40 am
he will even talk about soccer. ashley: i don't believe it. stuart: all right. ♪ jeff and susan are heading into retirement. and market volatility isn't top of mind. that's because they have a shield annuity from brighthouse financial, which allows them to take advantage of growth opportunities in up markets, while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so they're less concerned with market volatility and can focus more on the things they're passionate about. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife.
10:41 am
♪ ashley: in the last hour texas congressman kevin brady dismissed the idea of amnesty
10:42 am
for student loan debt but he did say businesses could do more to help. roll tape. >> no, we absolutely you're not. those are the obama mistakes. we're looking at, now that we have a strong economy, now that businesses are looking even more so for good workers over the long term, are there any good ideas how we help businesses incentivize to help new workers with their student loans. we think there are some good ideas out there. stuart, here's the point, what we really are trying to do is change the culture in washington where we just don't plug up a bunch of new special interest provisions but every year we're looking at ways to get better, more competitive, more family friendly. ♪
10:43 am
10:44 am
stuart: the nfl draft wrapped up this weekend t was a three-day extravaganza from texas. it was the most watched draft in history. fox sports 1's jason whitlock is here. why was it so popular. ashley my colleague says it was a total snooze. >> it was popular because we finally got all the way back to just football. people love football and it was popular because look, when fox sports gets involved with the draft and we put it on big fox, that is of course going to make things even bigger and better for the nfl.
10:45 am
but mostly varney, i just think the draft is purely about football and a lot of the politics, and national anthem controversy, we're just a way from that, talking about the actual game, people love it. people still love football. every one wants to talk about the oh, the nfl is in trouble. 400,000 people went to the jerry dome to watch people's names get called for football teams. football is awesome. that is why the ratings were up. stuart: you think that football itself can carry on this momentum into the regular season when it starts later this year? >> absolutely. stuart: listen to the anthem protests. >> we want to talk about the game, and focus on the game of course it is going to carry the momentum because it is the greatest game in history of all sports. stuart: oh, please, whitlock. >> it is. stuart: did you write a book about this or something? >> varney, the only reason why i'm on this television show is
10:46 am
because of football. football is how i went to college. football is the foundation of my entire life. again, football like saved me, you know took me off to college. listen, varney, i wish you were from this country, where you could really understand why american fool -- football is so much better than soccer. stuart: you were just planning for this, weren't you? you almost wrote the script in your sleep last night, because you want to come on and bash varney. let's talk real football. the second legs of the champion's league soccer tournament, they will air on fox sports, your network. >> yes. stuart: real madrid takes on munich tuesday. liverpool faces roma on wednesday. you want to talk about this, jason? >> let me give you a little insight, varney. stuart: oh, please. >> real madrid has an away goal
10:47 am
advantage i think may be too much for munich to overcome. game one tuesday. watch that game, right after you will be looking at yours truly and "speak for yourself," a doubleheader. soccer than whitlock, what would be better? stuart: i know you come on the air on fox sports 1 right after the game. >> yeah. stuart: are you going to analyze the game? can i tune in to see white lock analyzing socker? >> you know what? i will do this. at the beginning of the show i'm going to give a shoutout about the game and a shoutout to you. ashley: ah. stuart: why me? >> because i want to tap into your fan base, varney. you have this great show on fox business. i want your viewers to become my viewers. one day it will be varney and whitlock or whitlock and varney the greatest show in the history of fox tv. stuart: gee, you really did go to bed late last night. >> i did. i went to a justin timberlake concert last night. stuart: if you have real to beat
10:48 am
mine first quarter, who have you got liverpool, roma? >> i would go with liverpool because i like liver. much liver is very tasty. stuart: please. that was good, whitlock. who is the top scorer for liverpool, can you tell me? >> i can not -- don't do this to me. i was having such a good appearance. now you will embarass me. renaldo doesn't play for liverpool. he plays for real madrid. stuart: his name is sala. who is the top scorer for barcelona? >> let me ask you, if we're going to play this game, who is the top player, who is the dallas cowboys quarterback, varney. stuart: hold on? hold on. who is it? >> dak prescott. stuart: come on. when you get to my age, your names, you can't recall very fast. it was fun, whitlock, it really was. >> thank you, varney, i didn't like the idea of a show with you because i think it would fly.
10:49 am
i really think it would be cool, okay? thank you very much, jason. we'll see you soon. that's a promise. thank you very much. ford focusing on its suvs and trucks getting rid of sedans that would be cars. coming up a car dealer who says this is a great thing for ford and for his business. like the sound of that. we'll be back. ♪ ♪ with expedia you could book a flight, hotel, car and activity all in one place. ♪
10:50 am
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10:53 am
stuart: ford cutting sedans that would be cars, out of its lineup, almost completely. ford says it will focus on suvs and trucks. car and truck country will join us. steve,. >> good morning. stuart: what is wrong with cars? they don't sell? >> they don't sell. that is the what is wrong with cars. the public wants space, to have freedom. a car has become the definition of restriction. stuart: is that true of your business? you saw actual cars, sedan sales down or just not up to where you want them to be, light trucks and suvs is where they are
10:54 am
going? >> sedan market is eroding for years. what ford has done, we're not playing it the same old way. we used to have entry level cars. i say entry level cars are certified preowned. bring somebody in the dealership. start with the first small ford to gravitate. after you had first small of anything you go looking for something bigger somewhere else. stuart: the only reason ford can do this, because president trump wants to get rid of these gasoline mileage restriction. >> but fair, the gasoline mile restrictions are there but ford's meeting them with their product mix. the fusion will go away some day. it is replaced by a crossover that gets about the same gas mileage. the entry level ford active, focus, the active is going away, but the entry level sport crossover will get about the same gas mileage. there used to be a big arbitrage between gas mileage of sedans and suvs.
10:55 am
it has narrowed. stuart: what about certified preowned cars, i see a lot of them all over the place. i'm talking about cars, certified preowned. >> there is a lot of those. think about why. why? because they're sold a lot to rental car companies. they are the extra inventory. they're just not profitable as new cars. some are, but not as new cars. certified preowned a brand new brand. we do very well wit. stuart: tell me about minivans? during the commercial break we were talking about the minivan market. you said people are not buying them in the same numbers any longer. >> the minivan market is like the hair on my head. it has shrunk a great deal over the years. stuart: i don't understand that? i drive a minivan. >> soccer moms, a term, we have minivans now. they're just called crossovers and suvs. minivan is people carrier. take the square box off of it. put a very attractive package around it, it is not a minivan
10:56 am
anymore. it's an suv. stuart: are you real happy with ford's decision? sounds like this is fine with you. >> it is fine with me. some customers will not be happy but they weren't happy when the grand marquee went away. the reality is, the sedan market is dying. we're making huge inroads at ford and other manufacturers i represent in miles per gallon. this is an essential decision to be made, and a good decision for every one. steve, thank you very much for joining us. you can come back again. >> thank you. stuart: good stuff. the migrant caravan is happening now. it actually has arrived this is not barack obama's america they're trying to get to, they would be processed, released, never seen again, no, this is a nation with president trump at the helm. my take on that, very different society, after this. ♪
10:57 am
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stuart: trump does a 180 from obama. it's happening at the border, today. the migrant caravan arrived at a crossing near san diego when they try to cross the border they will be told the facility is at maximum capacity, it's filled up, they will be told to wait in mexico. this is legitimate, it's legal, and it is the exact opposite of obama's open border policy. under barack obama, they walked across. they were processed, released, and never seen again. over the weekend, fox reported on the border situation and interviewed one of the caravan migrants. she was from honduras and she said, we have a right to go to america. no you don't. you have the right to ask for asylum and you have the right to apply to immigrate but
11:01 am
you have no absolutely right to walk into this country. you don't have it. when you say something like this , you, me, cruel, heartless, that's because they believe that we must share our wealth with poor people every where. what they're really doing is playing ethnic politics by welcoming central americans they expect an electoral pay off from hispanics. do you think president obama would have insisted on open borders if hispanics voted republican? time after time, this president skewers his political opponents and he's done it again at the border. it's now clear that the democrat s have hung their hat on illegals, and that's not popular governor brown in california rolls out the welcome matt but he's getting fierce opposition, even in california the democrats are running into trouble. meanwhile, president trump holds firm, and legal. we're full up, you have to wait
11:02 am
in mexico. that's new. the third hour of varney & company is about to begin. by the way, in about 10 minutes we'll get a live report from the border there, from the border, and we'll get reaction from one of our favorite voices from the formerly golden state that'll be larry elder. the kara ran is right on his doorstep so the rally has come back nicely profits are fueling it the dow is up 143 and most of the dow 30 are in the green they're up. scott martin is with us he's fox news contributor. scott? we've got profits up roughly 28% now compared to one year ago. that is a stellar performance. can that kind of profit performance propel the dow well
11:03 am
above the 26,000 high that it reached in january? >> yes, those are great numbers unfortunately though, stuart, i think the way the market mood is today it doesn't seem like that's really doing it in fact if you look ternallings report, financials, google, amazon even our beloved microsoft between the two of us which we both own for full disclosure stuart the market hasn't taken those number s as well as expected so for me this is one of those tough market scenarios where good news is not being treated as well as it should so maybe we'll wait until this political stuff camps down to see the market rally again. stuart: apple reports its profits after the bell tomorrow. i think of apple as at the very center of the china trade negotiations. tim cook met with chinese leader s and president trump very very recently. he really wants to keep his business functioning well in china and president trump wants apple to spend its money in the united states. if the negotiations with china do not go well, apple has a lot
11:04 am
to lose. >> they sure do and these days in tech land, stuart i'm not sure what's hated more apple stock or so-called comedian michelle wolf because i'll tell you what if you look at the percentage performance in apple stock lately its been pretty bad everybody is taking down the so-called analysts on wall street have been taking down expectations of the iphone so as far as sales go going forward so that's a big thing to look at at the guidance and earnings report and also look at says and service revenue they have the apple music platform and see what kind of revenue that generates to figure out if this is a bottom for the stock. we own apple and are buying it into earnings. stuart: you're buying more of it as we approach the earnings report tomorrow? >> we are because sentiment is really turned down. one of the things we talk a lot about on this show is looking at sentiment as far as how the market feels about these stocks a lot of the tech stocks have been beaten up in the last couple months, apple is unfairly
11:05 am
so this is the time to get in if you have cash. stuart: you're buying two credit card companies, mastercard and visa. why? >> yes, we own them. and there's something about mastercard and you that i feel like should be an ad we should work on because you seem like a mastercard type of guy. we've owned visa for a long time since the ipo. cash is so kind of 2017, 2016 so everybody is using credit and plastic these days stuart tremendous amounts of international growth as we saw from the visa earnings report recently i think we'll see the same thing from mastercard this week. stuart: you've got 20 seconds to explain why i am a mastercard kind of guy. >> there's something about you saying use mastercard that i think could be on a great ad somewhere we should absolutely put into works. here is the thing too about mastercard think about mastercard and visa similar to the telecom sector. they have the monopoly everybody is using mastercard and/or visa. those are the big two to own and it's back hopefully by stuart
11:06 am
varney. stuart: no i like the one don't leave home without it. do you remember that? that's another story. scott we'll see you again soon, thank you, sir let's get to the white house correspondent dinner right from the get go i want to show you michelle wolf's so-called jokes about kellyanne conway and sarah huckabee sanders. roll tape. >> if a tree falls in the woods , how do we get kellyanne under that tree? we all have our things. i actually really like sarah. i think she's very resourceful like she burns fat and then she uses that to create a perfect smoky eye. like maybe she's born with it. maybe it's lies. stuart: class and absolutely no class. kayleigh mcenany, rnc spokesperson with us now. universally certainly on this network and among people that think like i do we found that disgusting. what's your reaction?
11:07 am
>> no doubt, stuart that was absolutely disgusting. sarah huckabee sanders and kellyanne both are wonderful human beings and to see a woman tear down another woman that way talking about physical attribute s, that was a very low blow and it's why you're seeing even liberal journalists come out and say this crossed the line. good for those women standing on the side of women and putting politicals aside. stuart: what do you think should happen now? should they cancel these annual dinners? should there be an apology from the white house correspondents association to sarah huckabee sanders and kellyanne conway? >> stuart i think both of those things, yes, apology is owed no doubt to set journalism back we already know that the white house press is not un unbiased and not fair or neutral and they proved it again by selecting this so yes an apology is owed but i agree with brett baier, he said time to take a breather next year let's put this dinner
11:08 am
on hold andrea says the priorit ies, this is supposed to be a charitable event this comedian not setting a very good example for kids who got a scholarship so yes time to put it on hold. stuart: what are you going to do about senator john test a, democrat from montana standing for re-election in november. he engaged in character assassination of dr. ronny jackson, bringing out entirely unproven allegations which prevented him from taking the job as va secretary and now there's allegations have been proven false a lot of them at least. what are you going to do about tester? >> well, we're going to expose his double standard. he likes to play this fancy political foot work where her first campaign ad out says i've put into law bills that president signed so he's trying to be on team trump when he's back in his home state, but then in d.c. he's out there smearing someone with allegations and stuart it's a bad day when even adam schiff says you're ahead of
11:09 am
your skiis and adam schiff even said this about john tester so he's being disowned by some democrats as well. we're going to expose that out of montana. stuart: i was very surprised at senator tester because he has a reputation of being a guy who could appeal to both sides of the aisle, not an extremist and i wonder why on earth did he do this? i guess it was on the independence think equation maybe of senator schumer who wanted absolute unity in the revolt against all things trump, that's my only explanation . what's yours? >> that's the right explanation because we see with a lot of these moderate senators, joe donnelly, john tester, they do this. they go to their district, they say one thing, they get to washington and they fall in lockstep with chuck. the swamp has a way of corrupting people stuart. john tester was corrupted it's time to elect this guy out of office get him out of office elect a republican to truly and really represent the people of montana. stuart: kayleigh mcenany thank you very much for being with us
11:10 am
this morning, thank you. >> thank you so much stuart. stuart: oh, sure. a passenger who survived this month's deadly southwest flight is suing the airline. she claims she has post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression. she was sitting three seats behind the window that shattered and partially sucked out a passenger who later died. president trump praising darryl scott. the president says scott really gets it when it comes to the good things happening in the african american community. and i'm going to ask him, if he has the president's ear i think he does and the migrant caravan is at the border setting up a showdown with law enforcement. we have a live report from the border the third hour of varney & company just getting started. >> ♪ ♪ your company is constantly evolving.
11:11 am
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stuart: wal-mart will sell its british grocery arm to its rival and the deal is valued at $10 billion, wal-mart wants to focus on india, not britain. want to get back to the caravan of migrants still at the border and so is our hillary vaughn. hillary as i understand it, the migrants are not being allowed to cross the border because we're saying the facility is completely full so they've got to wait in mexico. is that accurate? >> yes, stuart that is correct. no one from this caravan has been able to receive asylum and be granted entry into the u.s. so they're waiting on the other side of the border. i want to give you a sense of where we are right now. this is the port of entry they're trying to get into where pedestrians walk from mexico across-the-boarder into the u.s. and then if you look behind me you can see there's actually
11:15 am
a lot of people that are headed to work from mexico into the u.s. all gathering up there but this place is entirely full and this is a problem that authorities said was going to be an issue from the very beginning when the caravan was headed here on the other side of this fence is where they're actually camped out hoping today, to be able to get in but this is a process that's not going to open up hundreds of spots. they said as the spot becomes available, then they will let one by one people in to the initial screening process that takes several days and then to be granted asylum that takes several months but stuart this is something that authorities have anticipated and warned against which is why they've urged immigrants to seek asylum in the first safe country they arrive in one of those being mexico but immigration advocates are saying that the u.s. and their policies are forcing these a asylum seekers to break the law and cross into the u.s. illegally. >> secretary nielsen is very
11:16 am
clear she said they have the capacity to send more immigration judges, more asylum officers and from trump even the national guard to the border to address what they call that's kind of surge of people seeking criminal entry into the u.s.. what we're seeing is they are not going to make that level of accommodation for the arrival of a couple hundred asylum seekers. >> vice president mike pence will be headed here today to talk about some of the issues authorities are facing, stuart. stuart: thanks very much hillary vaughn right there i'm sure we'll hear throughout the day thanks hillary. larry elder is with us, national ly syndicated host larry the way it's shaping up seems to be it's going to be a large crowd of migrants on the other side of the border, camping out in mexico for a very long time, what do you say? >> well that's right. we don't know how long it's going to take but as your report just said the capacity has been full and we're going to be able
11:17 am
to admit these asylum seekers probably one at a time, have them apply, have them process but the question is though what happens to the a seem you'll seeker during this period of time? if they're allowed to be in the country what we normally do is give them a court date put them with a monitor and expect them to show up and often they just don't show up. recently there's been a report about some of the unaccompanied minors who came here last year and we don't even know where they are so once you get here, the rule pretty much is once you get here, you're expected to show up for a court date. if you don't show up no one comes get you you're pretty much home free. stuart: well this is the 180 president trump is doing a 180 on obama's policy, because mr. trump is not allowing them actually to get into america until there is a space available for them in these border facilities where they can be processed and it's going to be a very very slow and long process. this is a 180 from what we had with obama.
11:18 am
>> that's right and the idea is to send a message to mexico and to central america, no more free lunch. you can't just come here and expect to apply and disappear and stay here. we're not going to allow that so it's a very different attitude which is why we're seeing fewer border crossings under this president than we saw under president obama. stuart: what's the feeling in southern california where you are because we're told that there are are asylum seekers fleeing the corruption, murder and rape in central america. what's the feeling of californians who see this migrant caravan actually stopped at the border? >> well i know the feeling of a lot of californians is that the real reason these people are here has nothing to do with a reasonable fear of prosecution which is the rule they're not fleeing because of their religion, because of their race, because of their sexual orientation. they're fleeing because they want a better economic opportunity and if that's the case most of the 7 billion people in the world would like to come to america. you can't, you don't have a country if everybody can come in
11:19 am
just because they feel they can get a better economic deal in your country. stuart: then is southern california largely opposed to the sanctuary state policy of governor brown? >> i think the majority of californians are indiana fact opposed to those sanctuary state laws and you're seeing counties like orange county filing lawsuits to stop the sanctuary state laws i think the majority of californians are opposed to them but those who are in favor of them are intensely in favor of them and that's people like the majority of democrats that control the senate and assembly and unfortunately are the governor of california. these are sanctuary state people and the majority of californians are going to have to fight back and fight back hard. stuart: okay we've got it larry elder thanks again for joining us come back to new york. you were here last week come back again, soon. >> my pleasure you know our ties are coordinated. stuart: yeah, my people got together with your people i do believe. >> right. stuart: a programming note, this
11:20 am
is important. fox business' 5 p.m. hour has a new name, the new name is the evening edit, and it's hosted by elizabeth macdonald. my colleague here on varney. liz: thank you for that. stuart: oh, you're all right week nights, 5 p.m. eastern the evening edit with liz. liz: thank you. stuart: a california republicans shaking up the race for dianne feinstein's senate seat he's campaigning on his opposition to the sanctuary state policy of california, and it tells why he thinks his message is resonating with voters. >> ♪ ♪ hi.
11:21 am
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every device in the house. [ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. stuart: watch this, a brazilian surfer broke the guiness book of world records for the largest wave ever surfed. >> liz: wow. stuart: he sliced through an 80- foot wave off the coast of portugal and yes folks he survived that is extraordinary. liz: amazing. stuart: a full scale prototype debuted for the first time in dubai called the virgin hyper loop 1 designed by bmw a capsule features comfortable individual space heated and cool ing seating, personal touch screen, but look, it's a marvel, okay? it hasn't actually gone at any
11:25 am
speed. >> it's not going anywhere right now. liz: does it come with draramine stuart: it's made from san francisco fog. the hanger 1 distillery uses fog -catching netting technology to capture fog. it's then converted into freshwater combined with napa valley wine and distilled and the endpoint is fogpoint vodka. it's a limited edition only 5,000 bottles will be made and each one will cost you $134. bob dillon is in the booze business with heavens door whiskey will be released next month based out of a former church in tennessee. only available in tennessee, florida, california, illinois, texas and new york. and the new york times editorial board is pushing for justice canada to stay on at the supreme court he's 81 years old and the types says america needs him. of course, they don't want mr. trump nominating his
11:26 am
successor, do they? and a former trump campaign surrogate is taking on a pennsylvania school district after students posted signs with anti-nra and anti-gop slogans. she's demanding answers about who was behind those messages and she's in our studio and she's next. >> ♪ ♪ nah. not gonna happen.
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stuart: well look at this the rally is backup 140 points now 24, 452. our next guest is a mom, an nra member, and she's taking on a public school because that school had anti-nra and anti-gun signs in the window of the school. it's erin elmore, back with us, it's great to see you again. you as well. stuart: okay, let's go through this, your son, i think, was going to go to this school. right this is where i pay taxes where i live. stuart: and you went to the school. >> walked by one day and saw anti-nra signs, anti-gop signs let's put all of that aside they're horrible signs they say things like the word dope, why is a school, forget all of this
11:31 am
why is a school using those kind of words? stuart: did you ask the school to take them down? >> so we sent a letter, a right to know request, a lawyer friend and i, saying hey, when were these signs made what resources went into making these signs? did you coordinate using school e-mails with a political party because if so they could be in major hot water but we've got the judge here trying to say they're within their legal rights and within the school board's policies to have these signs but they're using children as young as five years old as political pawns. stuart: so but the signs were not taken down? >> nope they're still there. stuart: even after you complained? >> i saw a new sign this morning when i was driving by so they're doubling down on this anti-nra anti-republican rhetoric. stuart: i'll get to the judge in a second sitting right next to me patiently bidding his time but honestly, i didn't think you could put up political signs, certainly not with any degree of obscenity in them and there is.
11:32 am
i just didn't think you could do that. >> i think the loophole is that it's the children's words, but my question is i have a 5-year-old. he doesn't even know what he wants for dinner or what cartoon to watch on sunday he shouldn't know what the gop and nra is and look a lot of people say this is about the parkland shooting. well if it was their message is not very clear. then say we want to save schools and this isn't safe. stuart: there's your son and i'm about to read a statement that came from the philadelphia school district that says, "we support students rights to self- expression as long as that expression does not disrupt an orderly school environment and these signs are not in violation of school district of philadelphia policy." your response? >> these are 5-year-old six year old, seven-year-old kids if you're telling me this is what they think and the things they're talking about and they know these words like dope and gop and nra then these kids should all be members right now. they're clearly brilliant.
11:33 am
stuart: erin, hold on a second now the judge is right here. you heard -- >> i did, let me say first of all and i agree with everything she said obviously but unfortunately the law is not on her side. the progressive nature, capitol p, as in progressive movement of the american school system, combined with a supreme court opinion of about two or three years ago, says government has freedom of speech, and government can express its opinions, even if the listener is a child. i disagree with that supreme court opinion and argued publicly with its author. stuart: however i don't believe that on the windows of a school for 5-year-olds there should be an
11:34 am
11:35 am
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pilot plant aims to produce lithium-carbonate one hundred times faster than from conventional lithium brine. mgx minerals stuart: chicago will begin handing out municipal id cards to city residents, jeff flock with us now in chicago. jeff? these id cards will go to illegals, will they not? >> they will, and they can, they can c also to the homeless , they can go to other folks that have difficulty obtaining an id card, for example, folks that have come out of prison, and that sort of thing but yes probably the lions share. this is the first day, by the way, this group of folks, african americans, hispanics, all sorts of folks in line here today. i think we've got a picture what this card looks like so just
11:44 am
we're talking about stuart it has a picture of the city clerk there in that picture important to note this card can be used because i know you'll ask about that. can be used to obtain border registration. you do not have to be a u.s. citizen in order to get this card. now, also important to note this , even though they don't check on whether you're a u.s. citizen, it is illegal to to not be a u.s. citizen so you'd have to lie in order to get this card and i know you're among us so perhaps you'd suggest that folks to do that and the city points out that if you do lie the subject would not only fine but perhaps losing any opportunity to become a legal u.s. citizen down the rosd and the city says this is just a nod to reality and these folks live in the community and they may do work for us, and they need to have some sort of identification the cynics among us i don't know that you'd be one of those about
11:45 am
may mayor emmanuel but it's an attempt in chicago going into a different re-election campaign within favor of the hispanic community and all of those who don't like president trump which news flash is a big part of the population in chicago. stuart: i don't think i'm a cynic, jeff, i do a pose the whole idea that you make it touch easier for illegals to vote and subvert our constitutional republic when it comes to presidential elections. >> for a moment since i'm standing in chicago i would say there are many who would point out there's no real evidence that that actually takes place, perhaps here and there, but no significant way. no one has produced any evidence yet to suggest that. stuart: okay, jeff. if you're lucky you'll be back on the show. >> no guarantee i know. stuart: good report jefbl we appreciate it thank you very much, sir.
11:46 am
our next guest is a republican senate candidate running against dianne feinstein in california. poll numbers show he's gaining ground, james bradley is his name and he's with us now. james first of all, forgive me, you have to go through the primary. you've got to defeat your opponents in the primary before you go up against dianne feinstein. i think that's accurate, right? >> that's correct yes. stuart: and you're basing your campaign on opposition to the california sanctuary state law, but i've got to show you this, it's a poll from berkeley. it finds that 56% of californians support the sanctuary law, 41% oppose it. what do you say to that? >> well i disagree with the polling quite honestly. i think as you go deeper into in reviewing the collective up in northern california you're going to find more and more people are opposing sb54 which was pinned back in october of last year, so you're going to see the growing movement to take sanctuary
11:47 am
status out and opting out of that in the coming weeks, before the primary. stuart: how are californians reacting to the arrival of theç caravan on the southern border, specifically i know you're laugh ing but look, they're there , they're not coming across-the-boarder, they're being told to wait in mexico, how do californians feel about this? >> well, most of us are opposed to what's going on down in the border and of course we're in strong support of the border patrol there, but i actually tweeted out just yesterday giving live feeds of what's going on, so yeah, that actually part in parcel to the sb54 why it was penned so we've become the mecca for illegal immigration so part of my platform is to deal with that, call out the corruption in the state of california, and really put a big spotlight on what's going on here in california, because as you know, by the poll s, but we need to get back
11:48 am
on track and live by the rule of the law which we unfortunately the democrats have deviated from stuart: as of today, th price of gasoline in california is $ 0.80 a gallon more than it is the national average. i think you're up to about $3.6ç as the average for regular in california. what chance that you get on about initiative on the ballot in november that repeals the gas tax or at least some of it that put that at the high level of gas prices in california? >> well i hope in faith and i do believe that we're going to repeal that tax, the taxes on our gas as well as in the other taxes we've been incumbered by over the last couple of years in the current administration, so that could be one of my primary initiatives as well is to deal with the taxation in california which is basically taking all of , i just visited long beach just the other day in which was a very thriving community is now becoming very decimated
11:49 am
community, so taxation in california is second to none. stuart: what kind of support is your campaign getting from hispanics in california? >> 100%. stuart: come on. >> i'm being perfectly honest with you. they are equally upset with the taxation. they're equally upset with sb54 sanctuary state law, because that puts them in harms way. what they did by signing thatç bill into law into effect they put every citizen in this state of california in harms way. they're protecting illegal criminals. let's not deviate from that point. that is protecting criminals, not the citizens. stuart: james i'm not sure you're getting 100% hispanic support but we'll see come the voting will we not? james bradley thanks for joining us appreciate it. thank you very much for having me. stuart: president trump praising pastor darryl scott in one of his latest tweets.
11:50 am
pastor scott will join us, shortly. he recently met with the president. here is my question. does he have the president's ear that's important.
11:51 am
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stuart: president trump tweeted about kanye west and our next guest. here is the tweet. kanye west has performed a great service to the black community. big things are happening and eyes are being opened for the first time in decades, legacyç stuff thank you also to chance and dr. darryl scott they really get it. lowest black and hispanic unemployment in history. well, pastor darryl scott is with us the ceo of the urban revitalization coalition. i have to ask you pastor welcome back to the show it's great to see you again. >> great to see you as well. stuart: have you got the ear of the president, do you talk to him a lot? >> well, he lends me his ear from time to time, i will say that, and when he doesn't lend me his ear i try to have something worthy of the ear of the president of the united states, but then also to temper it with something that he as a friend of mine, we can laugh and joke about as well. he's a great guy but from time to time he lends me his ear and
11:55 am
i try not to abuse the privilege and have something worthwhile to talk about with him. stuart: i sometimes get the impression that the black community wanted special treatment from the president, special programs geared towards the african american community, but i get the impression that president trump doesn't want that kind of special treatment. he wants to raise all votes at the same time.ç is that a reasonable distinction to make? >> well let me say this the black community does not necessarily want special treatment as much as it wants fair and equal treatment and president trump being a fair and equal president wants to provide their treatment and oftentimes in doing something there are some inequities that need to be made up. there is a balance that has to be made, the bible says a false balance is an abomination, so there has to be a balance that we are treated equally under the law as everyone else. that's what the black community wants. we're not looking for as much special treatment as we are
11:56 am
inequities of the past and to have a fair shake going forward and president trump is going to provide that fair shake and we have this very ambitious urban revitalization program that we're working on in conjunction with the white house. he's given us his full blessings and it's going to try to make up for some of those in webbing its inequities of the past and get just as much a fair shake. stuart: pastor before you go i want you to look at this tweet from kanye west and it really slams president obama. obama was in office for eight years and nothing in chicago changed. your response to that, sir? >> i'mç in total agreement wih him, in fact no i'll disagree in one sense. it has changed. its gotten worse. it got worse under president obama's watch. it was seen that since he was, you know, his political base was chicago he would have paid special attention to them, but he didn't. it got worse, but there are some things we have in a mix that in fact we have some dialogue with gentlemen from there recently we're going to try to help with
11:57 am
the problems in chicago as well. the president speaks of chicago quite often in our private conversations and he really wants to remedy the problems that exist but no, obama didn't do anything. he got a pass for the last eight years, and a lot of people expect president trump to do in one year what president obama failed to do in eight years but he's going to do something. he's a very proactive president and he has his eye on urban america and we have some things that are rolling out very very soon. policy has been written. executive orders have been craft ed. we're dotting the i's crossing the t's and we're going to rollout a very ambitious urban revitalization plan that will not only benefit chicago but all the urban communities in america stuart: we want to hear it first pastor scott. we want to hear it right here. we're flattered you'red=9 the show come tell us about it. >> let me say one more thing. stuart: i've got a hard break they're killing me. >> a bill going forward we're trying to advance as well, so we need everybody to get behind that as well. stuart: thanks pastor we'll see you again soon.
11:58 am
more varney after this. i feel a great deal of urgency... i think, keep going, and make a difference. at some point, we are going to be able to beat als. because life is amazing. so i am hoping for a cure. i want this, to uh, to be a reality. um, yeah.
11:59 am
. . . .
12:00 pm
stuart: when we first went on the air, we had a nice rally, up 150 points. look at it now. my time is up. neil. it is yours. neil: thanks a lot. we are following a rally here. looks like we'll see a positive month nevertheless. let's see where we stand going into trading. concluding trading right now we're seeing about 1% gains for the major averages, the dow, s&p 500, not so much nasdaq. half-point gain of any sort on the month would be first of three lost months or turn things around or perception of turning things around as we kick off with the second quarter here. still two months for that. keeping an eye on that. keeping an eye on fallout from merger deal of likes of t-mobile and sprint, 26 billion


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