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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 30, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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macdonald. the evening edit with e-mac. get it? i love it. david: perfect i'm sure it's going to be a perfect show you're not going to be missing e-mac. its just got a different name so stay with it. melissa: that does it for us and here is the evening edit with e-mac. president trump: we are a nation of laws, we have to have borders , we don't have borders we don't have a country, and i've been watching for weeks as the caravan came up, our immigration laws in this country are a total disaster. they're laughed at all over the world, they're laughed at for their stupidity and we have to have strong immigration laws so i think if i apologize it wouldn't make tencents worth of a difference, we have to have strong immigration laws. liz: stocks sliding today down 148 points to end the day at 24, 163, but the month of april post ed gains, look at this, big tech giants apple and tesla report profits this week we're on it and much more.
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this as vice president mike pence visits the border to tour the barriers there, as the caravan of asylum seekers now arriving at the border the show down with u.s. officials who say you can not come across we've got the latest on this growing clash and israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu he says prove s lies to the world about its nuclear program and was cheating on president obama for years even as president obama was arguing we can catch that cheating but the question now is how much did the obama administration know we've got a &%pt military expert on it and to the white house correspondent 's dinner breaking news here serious debate now underway to stop that dinner altogether, from all sides, now demanding for an apology to white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders and kenny ann conway we have the low lives and the command january and the fall-outs tonight an all-star guest line up texas attorney general ken paxton on the caravan reaching the border
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retired general thomas mcinerney , trump campaign 2020 advisor katrina pierson on calls to win the trump nobel peace prize and fox news ed henry is calling for an apology for sarah huckabee sanders and kellyanne conway. politics, money we've got you covered i'm elizabeth macdonald, the evening edit starts right now. well it's a new name and new look, a new show. do you know what? we're not holding anything back. we will pull no punches to get you the facts, no talking points allowed here. we're getting you the headlines and the news you will need for tomorrow thank you foraging me tonight for the kickoff. let's get started the dow ending more than 140 points lower but getting out a small gain for the month of april more in just a second but first to the border clash vice president michael pence touring the border and looking at the wall just moments ago.
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authorities now turning away asylum seekers in that caravan because facilities to house them are now at full capacity. hillary vaughn is at the border near san diego with the latest. hillary they're turning them away the facility is maxed out, right? >> completely maxed out, liz and thanks for having me on congrats on the new show. the problem here is that border patrol officials have told the hundreds of people in this caravan since the very beginning on march 24 when they made their way here to the u.s. border that the w noomt tsheck int r tm b the ca aways the oer pblems sreta nielnasrgin these immigrants to seek asylum in the first safe country they arrive in one being mexico but the people that are camped out here don't want asylum in mexico they want to come here to the u.s. so they're camping out they could be waiting days until they're initially screened and then months until they receive any ruling on asylum but immigration
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advocates and lawyers that are traveling with this caravan are blaming the dhs saying they are not doing enough to let these ants receive asylum here and are doingoo much to secure the border. >> secretary nielsen is very clear. she said they had the capacity to send more immigration judges, more asylum officers, and from trump even the national guard to the border to address what they call this kind of surge of people seeking criminals entering the u.s.. >> law enforcement officials say some of these immigrants a part of this caravan do not want to wait their turn in line so we're crossing the border illegally. u.s. customs and border protection chief patrol agent rodney scott says they've seen several groups break off from this caravan and cross the u.s. border illegally with no appropriate immigration document s he thinks they're getting bad advice from these immigration advocates and lawyer s accompanying them saying "if anyone has encouraged you to
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illegally enter the united states or make any false statements to u.s. government officials, they are giving you bad advice and they are placing you and your family at risk. we are a very welcoming country but just like your own house we expect everyone to enter through our front door and answer our questions honestly" so liz, this problem is far from over. it's going to be a long night again tonight, because not everyone has been seen, not everyone has been accepted at this port of entry, so they're going to need to wait until they can get an appointment with someone here. liz? liz: thank you, hillary great reporting there good to see you. now sudden members of the caravan, they're making any move they can to get in. there's lawlessness happening right now at the border here is what's going on. many are deciding to marry at the border before seeking asylum they heard news from their legal counsel that they may face separation when entering the u.s. and there's allegations of fraud at the borderment joining me now texas attorney general ken paxton. ken good to see you sir what's your take on what's going on at the border.
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>> well thanks for having me on your first show, congratulations well obviously this is a tough situation. we would never recommend large groups of people coming at the same time. unfortunately, that's what these immigration advocates and lawyer s have donald they put these people and our border patrol in a difficult situation, because it becomes somewhat overwhelming when you have that many people at the same time. liz: sir, by law the u.s. does give asylum if they can claim refugee status but the question is why is it mexico taking them, homeland security secretary says they should seek asylum in the first safe country they are in and that's mexico. >> well, i have heard that mexico has offered and maybe all and they've turned it down and thought to come to the united states, so i don't know for sure what mexico has done but that's my understanding they've actually offered it and it hasn't been accepted. liz: what's with the psychology of anything goes at the border, you're allowed to break in without standing in line and come in lawfully as hillary vaughn just pointed outcome in the front door, lawfully and now we have reports that an ms13 gang member reportedly crossed the u.s. border illegally with
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that caravan. he was arrested in yuma, arizona what do you say to that, sir? >> well i'm disappointed. i think these immigration advocates potentially are misleading somebody who don't know any better and pushing them to do things that aren't going to help them individually, aren't going to helpm the get citizenship to the united states or se type o asylum so i'm disappointed in these immigration advocates and lawyer s guiding these people potentially in the wrong direction. liz: this just in let's get to what happened with the white house correspondent's dinner. the association that sponsors that dinner now seriously debating pulling it and stopping it altogether after a comedian personally attacks white house press secretary sarah sanders, and kellyanne conway in a roast that stunned those attending and the nation. watch. >> trump is the southwest used him as one of their engines. i know, it's so soon. trump is racist though. he loves white nationalists
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which is a weird term for a nazi you guys got to stop cutting kellyanne on your shows. all she does is lie. if you don't give her a platform she has nowhere to lie. it's like that old saying if a tree falls in the woods, how do we get kellyanne under that tree there's also of course ivanka. she was supposed to be an advocate for women but it turns out she's about as helpful to women as an empty box of tam pons. she does clean-up nice though, ivanka cleans up nice. she's the diaper genie of the administration. on the outside she looks sleek but the inside it's [bleep]. i'never reallyure what to call sarah sanders, is it sarah huckabee sanders, is it cousin chuck schumer cousin but what's uncle tom. liz: now a journalist for the associated press tweeting if the white house correspondent's dinner did anything tonight,
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between the journalists and those that don't trust, those of us who cover the red states, we have to work harder every day to prove our objectivity will have to deal with this. ken, i was there saturday night and it derailed badly the journalist association said this night was suppose supposed to be about free speech but bullying does not advance free speech in the first amendment right? >> no, i totally agree it was unfortunately not even funny. i think most people would agree that wasn't even funny. it was cruel and obnoxious and i don't know really what she thought she was accomplishing but it certainly wasn't anything good. liz: you know i was there in 93 when bill clinton called rush li mbaugh fat and that was shocking back then. ken this comedian did not come out of a vacuum. it's what she's hearing about the president and his administration. i was personally worried about sarah sanders and kellyanne conway just as any women would be for michelle obama and susan rice if they were personally attacked. this was a me too comedian
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personally attacking women. that's exactly what she did, focused on the two women kellyanne conway and sarah huckabee sanders and it was a sad commentary for a woman that supposedly is all about women for her to stand up there and just brutally abuse them in front of, you know, thousands of people and then the entire united states. liz: you know, the new york times nbc's andrea michelle, msnbc all condemning what happened saturday night but cnn new day not going as far. let's watch. i heard you and chris talk about this all morning i get that but if you're going to act like there's a moral superiority which many people in that dinner did, they act like they're better and the truth tellers. >> shouldn't the president be better? >> let me finish. when you say it's about the first amendment and somehow reporters are keeping the president honest you said in this interview oh, but we have to do the truth-o-meter an say when he's wrong then i just say to all of you taking that moral high ground you better be right. you better be right all the time
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and you better make sure that the american people respect that you don't have political and what that dinner did, is it demonstrated to the american people. by the way, allison, you should too, i called it out, andrea mitchell called it out. the head of the washington correspondent's association called it out. call it out. >> sure. >> will you call it out? >> matt, i ask the questions here. liz: okay, the argument is the president practices the politics or personal attack but by that logic why mimick something you condemn and criticize? >> well i think people need to account for their individual actions and here, it's clear that this comedian took shots that were uncalled for, that were unusually i think cruel and on obnoxious and why not hold this personal accountable. i don't see the point. liz: there was a joke about abortion it can't be repeated because it's so horrific, you
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heard the southwest airlines one , a woman passed away, they clearly jumped with this dinner and if you have it and it's a liberal president, if you have it and it's a conservative president it comes off as mean- spirited and the debate of having to pull it. what do you think ken? >> that's exactly right. i wasn't even there. when i saw the clip of her comments it made me uncomfortable. i was really uncomfortable almost embarrassed for her that she was doing this in such a public forum and to, you know, some honorable people whether you agree with them or not to personally criticize them in this ridiculous way is really just uncalled for. liz: yeah, you end up demeaning yourself ken thank you so much for coming on the show come back soon. >> thanks a lot congratulations on the show. liz: thank you so much let's check your money all three major indices closing the day in the red the dow down 148 points the market is awaiting big time tech giants apple and tesla reporting profits take a check of sprint plunging over concerns that their merger with t-mobile will
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be blocked t-mobile ceo and president telling fox business liz claman this deal is critical for the country. >> we've always had a fabric of thinking that these two companies belong together. the final straw was 5 g, and let's face it, the country is behind. the innovation cycle of 5 g is so critical and we're behind we're losing pace to china, to south korea and by the way, nobody, and this is not bs, we're preparing from here to go to washington and start telling our story, and the 5 g investment in the creation of a deep and broad network, we couldn't do separately. nobody else is doing, and the country significantly needs it. liz: now to this headline, wage growth now the best in 10 years, consumer confidence is at highs, spending is picking up. let's get to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the latest. nicole? nicole: sold off acrosses the board the dow jones industrial
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average finished right at the lows finished down 148 points that was a loss of over a half of 1% the s&p 500 lost more than three-quarters of 1% so the pressure was on just about every sector was in the red with the exception of energy. telecom, materials, healthcare under pressure verizon, gex, boeing also the laggards but mcdonald's was a winner, the top and bottom line, analysts like the outlook there and the customers were spending more money and then we saw for the month, united health, chevron helped lead the way and move the dow jones industrial average into the green for the month of april up about a quarter percent much like the s&p 500 the nasdac squeezes out a small gain, and a quick comment here on disney and twitter. well disney is actually going to create live sports, entertainment shows for twitter. back to you. liz: thank you, nicole now to this story israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu revealing documents he says proves lies to the world about
5:15 pm
its nuclear program was cheating for years on obama's 2015 nuclear deal but did the obama administration know about iran's cheating we're on it the details are next. >> so these files conclusively prove that iran is brazenly lying when it said it never had a nuclear weapons program.
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5:19 pm
lied big time" and presented incriminating documents and blueprints and photos showing iran has been cheating on the 2015 nook deal for years asis sh via via and after israel launch ed a missile attack in syria that killed more than two dozen fighters mostly iranians and there's more. >> it was a comprehensive program to design, build and test nuclear weapons. we can also prove that iran is secretly storing project materials to use at a time of its choice to develop nuclear weapons. here is what project amad's explicit goal creating nuclear weapons. liz: joining me now retired lt. general thomas mcinerney. good to see you, general. general did the obama administration know about the cheating? >> sure they did, liz. they may not have had such a comprehensive view but they knew
5:20 pm
enough not to go through that program, but they were bound and determined to do it. liz: how do we know they knew about the cheating? >> well because there were other intelligence elements and you know that the israelis they showed full picture today but they had lots of other indications before that and that's why prime minister benjamin netanyahu came back and spoke directly to the united states congress. liz: didn't obama say we would be able to find out if i ran cheats and put back in those snap-backed sanctions? >> precisely. liz: and that didn't happen? >> did not happen. wasn't meant to happen. yet we gave them $150 billion up front so they could continue their nuclear weapons development, their missile development, and their terrorism throughout the arabian peninsula liz: defense secretary mattis said that 2015 nook deal was written as to assume it would be cheating what's your reaction to the prime minister's presentation because last week, france's macron and germany angela merkel both of them said last week that the 2015 nook
5:21 pm
deal is flawed and needs to be fixed what was your reaction to the presentation? >> well, prime minister benjamin netanyahu made a presentation it was brilliant talking about technical matters, nuclear with the right mix of intelligence, keynotes and the technology words et cetera that showed it was very valid information and very important to us, and he overshadowed both macron and merkel's presentation s in the u.s. , which were pretty good. liz: the prime minister also gave specifics about iran's cheating. very specific, and of course he had tons of information there, liz. liz: let's listen to the sound bite. >> it looks like a warehouse but from the inside, it contains iran's secret atomic archives locked in massive files. actually they're a little bigger than this, okay? a few weeks ago, in a great intelligence achievement, israel obtained half a ton of the
5:22 pm
materials inside these vaults. liz: i'm sorry about that general i was tossing to a sound bite. are we going to get a tougher iran deal with inspectors that say iran's military sites in those sunset clauses? >> well i think we ought to get rid of the iran deal. if this information doesn't tip the scales for the united states and our allies, they may not, because as i've said before, liz , it's a cash cow for them, the iran deal, but for us, it's nuclear deterrence and it's holding down the iranians from going nuclear, even sooner now. liz: you know, let's switch gears to china. china is now taking a hard line stance on president trump's demands ahead of upcoming meetings during thursday with u.s. trade delegation in beijing , china balking at that mandatory $100 billion cut in america's $375 billion annual trade deficit, and china's issues about technology. let's watch. >> we are definitely going to be talking to them about intellectual property rights, about forged technology, joint
5:23 pm
ventures those are all-important issues on our list. >> i'm cautiously optimistic about the meetings. i don't really want to predict what's going to happen and not happen. we're going to go over there and have very frank discussions. these are issues that president trump has been focused on for over the last year, and hopefully we'll make significant progress. liz: okay china's doing the art of the deal making the faceoff begins, this is typical hard ball tactics at the outset. what will china offer and what will the president accept? >> well, that's a very good question, liz. they're going to try to get the united states to back down, but we cannot make america great again unless we get this trade imbalance that you mentioned, if we get that down to where it's equal, plus our intellectual property. they are stealing our intellectual property at such a horrendous rate they are getting in front of us so until we get those tradeoffs, there's not going to be a deal and i believe the president will play hard ball and will walk.
5:24 pm
liz: general good to see you sir come back soon we love having you on. >> thanks, liz. liz: breaking news happening white house chief of staff general john kelly responding to an nbc story that claims general kelly considers himself the saviour of the country because he thinks president trump is "an idiot." general kelly saying, "i spend more time with the president than anyone else and we have an incredibly candid and strong relationship. he always knows where i stand and he and i both know this story is total bs." i am committed to the president, his agenda, our country, this is another pathetic attempt to smear people close to president trump and distract from the administration's many successes. we'll stay on that developing story for you next up south korean president now saying u.s. president donald trump deserves a nobel peace prize for his efforts to stand, to end the standoff over north korea's nuclear weapons program. my next guest says that will make liberals go crazy. trump 2020 campaign senior advisor kanye west katrina
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liz: we have breaking news acting i.c.e. deputy director thomas homan is planning to announce tonight he will be stepping down retiring from federal service, after 34 years as a career federal law enforcement officer. thomas leaving the service to spend more time with his family. he has served under six different administrations we're going to stay on that developing story for you. president trump indicating today he's willing to meet north korean leader kim jong-un in the demilitarized zone between north korea and south korea tweeting out numerous countries are being considered for the meeting but would peace house freedom house on the border of north and south korea be more representative, important and lasting site than a third party hosting? joining me now let's bring in trump 2020 campaign senior advisor katrina pierson. here is the back story good to
5:29 pm
see you by the way. nuclear weapons are key to north korea's national identity they validate their sense of power and cultural superiority. is there too much optimism about this summit? >> well first elizabeth let me congratulate you on your new show it's well-deserved but there's not too much optimism simply because we're in a very different world let's say than back in 2007. kim jong-un is not his father, we have a president who has essentially proven his ability to stand firm and strong when it comes to protecting the united states and its interest, and i think now, we have a perfect piece of the puzzle, especially when you add the conditions that president trump is adding on to china and having them take more responsibility in their role, and someone with like president trump whose the glue that could keep something like this together, however, no one is walking into this lightly, no one is thinking that kim jong-un is extremely serious and willing to do the right thing here, but i do think the president is willing to give him the
5:30 pm
opportunity and go to meet with him to try and orchestrate some sort of peace deal on the peninsula. liz: the administration sanctions apparently hitting north korea's military very hard they're getting food and fuel shortages there. let's talk about the white house correspondent's dinner. you attended as did i. what did you think of the comedian michelle wolf? >> you know, i actually almost walked out but i didn't want to give them the satisfaction. this was very disturbing to me and so many other people and it's not just people on the right. there are mem on the left that were very disturbed at the vulgar it and just the pure nastiness that came from the comedian that night. of course she made fun of people on the right and the left, but the difference was when she made fun of people on the right it was vulgar and it was personal. it wasn't jokingly. it was, i was very upset by it and the thing that she said about abortion was just extreme ly gross and over the line. the white house correspondent's association really did a dis service to their organization liz: and now they're debating
5:31 pm
whether to pull the plug on the annual dinner altogether. i was worried about sarah sanders and kellyanne conway just as i would be for michelle obama and susan rice if they were personally attacked. how do you feel about that? >> well i was specifically concerned about sarah. she was up there and she graced them with her presence as combative as they have been towards her and she went up there and sat up there with all of them and then she was just to her face and again it wasn't even in a jokingly manner and prior to that, the president talked about the importance of women and listening to women's voices and then, sarah sanders gets, you know, criticized not just for her work, or how she handles her business but for how she looks and that's where she crossed the line particularly in the age when you have women of the left constantly talking about standing up for women but that's only if you don't support trump. liz: the criticism has been that president trump is a politics of personal attack but why do something you don't agree with? >> well you know, are you referring to sarah sanders going
5:32 pm
to the event? liz: no i'm saying the criticism is well the president doesn't so why shouldn't the comedian do it but why -- >> well the thing about the president though, liz, is he doesn't just openly start attacking people. if he ever criticizes someone, it's always in self-defense and that's the huge difference here. the white house correspondent's association had an opportunity to build a bridge and they burned it down. liz: katrina pierson great to see you. >> thank you. liz: let's get to this story democrat chicago mayor former obama chief of staff ram emmanuel now launching a municipal id in chicago for illegal immigrants? my next guest says he should be more concerned about putting criminals in handcuffs last night one dead at least eight wounded in chicago's shootings we have a lot of problems there already conservative comentator lawrence jones on with me next, don't go away. jeff and susan are heading into retirement. and market volatility isn't top of mind.
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not getting in today. terminix. defenders of home. liz: breaking news, billionaire chief executive of the app called what's app a part of facebook is planning to leave what's app after clashing with the parent company facebook over mark zuckerberg's recent privacy issues at that website and the social media platform, the use of personal data, data mining breaches there and weakening often recognition standards there is the news coming in on that look at facebook closing the day in the red down nearly 1 %, let's get to this story democrat chicago mayor ram
5:37 pm
emmanuel launching a municipal i d in chicago for illegal immigrants the id will about as a valid government-issued id, but critics say it's giving law breakers access to city services even bank accounts and this is happening as chicago has been raising property taxes to pay for things like this. let's get to fox business' jeff flock live in chicago with a report. jeff we've been told over and over illegals do not get any benefits but now they can with this card. the fears is this is going to also lead to voter fraud. >> that is some of the fear and keep in mind this card is available to anyone in chicago, particularly folks that have difficulty obtaining identification. this is the registration the first day of registration perhaps you'll see city official s were concerned there might not be a lot of interest in it well there is a lot of interest in it. take a look at what the city key card looks like we've got a picture and that by the way is the city official on the card, we're not compromising anyone's id. indeed, the card does allow you
5:38 pm
to register to vote. it does not require you to be a u.s. citizen. it is in part designed so the undocumented will have some sort of id card and be more of a member of the community and there are no additional citizenship checks to prove that you're a u.s. citizen. i would point out, however, liz that federal law does not require that you prove you're a u.s. citizen. you must only affirm that you are. cynics among us would call this perhaps an attempt on the part of mayor emmanuel facing a tough re-election battle to capitalize himself with hispanic population undocumented folks in chicago about 7% of the population that's about 183,000 folks, the mayor has said, on record, chicago is a sanctuary city and will always be a sanctuary city and as i said the cynics might say, this is a way for himself with that population. liz? li great reporting jeff, always good to see you come back
5:39 pm
soon. to this story, also what's happening in chicago, one dead at least eight wounded in shootings yesterday across the city of chicago. total of 721 people shot in chicago year-to-date but let's note this is over 300 fewer less than the same time last year, shootings have been trending down for the last 13 months they're still high let's get to rapper cares enterally took to twitter criticizing president obama's administration for fail ing to do enough in cities like chicago saying obama was in for office eight years and nothing in chicago changed let's take it up with lawrence joins, democrat strategist, jessica tar lov, good to see you guys. >> hey, liz congratulations. liz: thank you. you're so sweet thank you so much, so grateful you two are on the inaugural show. lawrence first to you. this trend in chicago did start under obama he's not the mayor of chicago but his buddies run it. are we going to continue to see these numbers drop under
5:40 pm
president trump? >> yes, but i do think that it all goes back to local leadership as well. you know, we seen a drop but it's still bad, liz and until the people of chicago rise up, this is never going to go away. they need a better mayor, they need a better city council invested in the community and is not connected to the typical wastebasket that is of chicago where the rich and powerful control that city. they need people that are going to be concerned about the south side of chicago and i would like to see i'm so glad to see brother kanye west finally get the attention that he deserves. he's been talking about these issues for a while. i'm so glad the republicans have finally woken up and decided to listen to kanye. liz: let's get to the story jessica about the new municipal id card. won't it draw more illegal immigrants to chicago as a sanctuary city including criminals. they're the concept of illegals committing crimes sheltered by u.s. tax dollars right? >> i think jeff was right to
5:41 pm
recognize this issue and certainly an election year issue and ram emmanuel has struggled in the polls. liz: do you think there's voter fraud potentially here? i'm not going as far as voter fraud and we've had a number of commissions, that's something that president trump continues to allege even though there's no evidence for it so i'm not going that far but i understand, well but not on the mass scale. liz: it's chicago let's talk about chicago. >> well talking about chicago this is something strategic that ram emmanuel is doing this other major cities do to make sure who people are here perhaps illegally but are contributing to society talking about the ones who just broke the law. liz: but to have lawlessness like this and condone it. >> but we're not going to round up the 11 million. liz: but we won't hold on to the database of the people with the cards, lawrence, and so because they say that they'll want the federal government going after these people, final word lawrence quickly. >> yeah i just don't understand why they need id cards when they're not supposed to be here anyway. it seems like the government is incentivizing them to remain in
5:42 pm
this country. liz: jessica, lawrence you'll be back with us later in the show. fox news channel white house correspondent's association president, yes he is ed henry. he was there too on saturday night saying the association should apologize to sarah huckabee sanders and kellyanne conway for disgusting jokes. the man himself is here to tack about it, next. as a control enthusiast, i'm all-business when i travel... even when i travel...
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5:46 pm
refusing to apologize. let's watch. >> fox ed henry past president of the association and andrea mitchell a few minutes ago saying association should apologize to sappedders. will there be an apology? >> what i told you is what i've already told sarah sanders that i speak for myself and the association and that my interest is in the spirit of unity and in the spirit of serious journalism again, my interest overwhelming ly was in unifying the country and i understand we may have fallen a little bit short on the goal. liz: unifying the country by bringing una comedian who said bullying jokes that's what the critics are now saying about what happened my next guest says the white house correspondent's association should apologize for these "disgusting jokes" he's fox news chief fares all correspondent he is ed henry and you were former president of the association. if you were there at the association you would probably not have the comedian on but you say they should apology? >> i think e-mac look they say they fell short. they fell way short. i mean, this routine didn't just
5:47 pm
go after sarah sanders personal ly. this comedian was making fun of abortion. i don't even want to give you you were there. i saw you. it was despicable and there are people in the room of all political stripes and all news channels rolling their eyes, shaking their head, saying what in the world is going on right now, and i think it would just be easy for the association to say we're sorry that it happened , and apologize to sarah sanders who took his punishment up there. i mean the president didn't come maybe for this very reason, he knew he wasn't going to get a fair shake. sarah sanders agreed to go and my point is we invited her as an association and as a press to dinner basically in our house and then treated her with disrespect, treated her like dirt. we should fix that. liz: you know, ed, sitting there looking at the other tables it was people were trying to take their cues on whether or not they should be shocked. you were sitting there saying this is shocking. did they jump the shark at this
5:48 pm
dinner because now the association is debating stopping it altogether. you know what's interesting is as a former president i was always trying to keep this dinner going as people criticiz ed and said there was too many celebrities we did try to make some reforms a few years ago make it more about the scholarship money we're raising for young people which i think is something everybody can rally around but instead, it becomes these partisan, you know, let's bash the president kind of jokes and i think that it has gone far afield. people don't know whether it's going to survive because you say the president is now saying in the dinner i wish they wouldn't because it does raise money for charity. liz: that's a good point. >> but its gotten ridiculous. liz: kyle pope who used to work with at the wall street journal at the paper he runs a columbia journalism review and says it's mean-spirited, and the argument now is well the president personally attacks, it's okay for the comedian to attack but why do something that you condemn? >> right. exactly. two wrongs don't make a right
5:49 pm
and if you think that the president has been too offensive , fine. challenge him on that and we should do that as reporters, people should do that as private citizens. i've been getting on social media people saying you're holding a comedian to a higher standard than the president. i say no. i agree the president should be held to a higher standard. that's why e-mac we have elections. that's why there was a vote, and we don't vote on comedians, we vote on the president. he won, a lot of people don't want to admit apparently that he won but if you don't like it, if you think he's too offensive vote him out of office. the comedian is someone we select, and we fell short. liz: bullying does not advance the first amendment. ed henry so great to see you on the show great to see you saturday night. >> the only thing we did unify people behind was that you looked fabulous on saturday night, e-mac was in the house and we were glad. liz: oh, that was fun what a nice complement sir you'll be back soon. >> i hope so. liz: good to see you ed. okay next up wage growth. soaring to the highest in 10
5:50 pm
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you'll be able to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. liz: president trump touted his wage increases tax bonuses and the economy at the rally in michigan over the weekend, we've got a new report coming in wage growth soaring to its highest level in 10 years. consumer confidence generational highs consumer spending now on the way up consumers fire up 70% of the u.s. economy heading into the mid-terms what does this all mean? lawrence jones and jessica tarlo v is back here is the prove that it's working what do you think? >> i'm so happy and i'm just wondering what the democrats are going to do in the election when
5:54 pm
they have to campaign on not voting for tax cuts. liz: what do you think jessica? >> well we won't do that. so we'll talk about it. liz: [laughter] >> we'll talk about the fact that marco rubio just came out and said actually that the tax cuts haven't been fitted the working class which is what the argument was. liz: how would you know that right? >> well i don't know. we're talking about -- liz: what data >> what data was marco rubio using? i assume some sort of official capacity data. but the committee voted for it? liz: joint committee and taxation and tax policy center which is a liberal organization do say the majority 80 puerto rico per of the tax cuts do go to the middle class and lower brackets and two-thirds of the household don't pay federal income tax at all. >> i understand when the max bonus is a thousand dollars, now i'm not a crumbs advocate -- >> don't do it jessica. >> i said i'm not a crumbs advocate and i'm not going to do it, no crumbs.
5:55 pm
liz: okay no crumbs. >> i think there will be an argument that the economy continued to grow and that's a good thing consumer confidence up. liz: but what are the dems come paining on? >> they will talk about how we can have have a freer and fairer economy, about higher individual taxes to make sure it goes to the people who need the money. you asked what they are going to do. liz: but lawrence the data shows the wall street journal report of that the top 20% pay 87% of federal income taxes go ahead. at the end of the day the american people are feeling it when people got bonuses they felt it people back home in the black community are feeling it people we're talking about the black community, the hispanic community, everyone is at the lowest unemployment rate they ever been in and that's a win for the president. now he just has to communicate that to the american people going on the road talking with the people, saying he delivered on his promise. the democrats are talking about russia so -- liz: to lawrence's point jessica here is what's going on the republicans net 39 republicans are leaving the house these are
5:56 pm
the snare drums of the house we're talking trey gowdy, darrel issa, paul ryan, that's why they're not rallying the base with tax cuts. they should be rallying the republican base with tax cuts and that's not happening because the guys, the big guns are leaving. >> why do you think they're leaving though, 39 leaving we need 23 seats to pick-up after conor lamb's victory in pennsylvania which is a seat that will get redesigned. liz: but 20 democrats are leaving as well. >> and 39 republicans i know this is cyclical and what happens in mid-terms and happens republican or democrat it's just time for a change and that's what happens here but you have to ask why these guys are retiring maybe the tax cuts aren't enough. >> no, no. >> they all want to be with their family suddenly? >> they're committee chairman. liz: we got to leave it there you're great. we'll be right back. don't go away. this endangered species is getting help from some unexpected friends. these zebra and antelope. they're wearing iot sensors, connected to the ibm cloud.
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liz: to the border clash. the caravan.
6:00 pm
hundreds of migrant immigrants at the border demanding asylum. we are going to stay on that headline for you. thank you for watching the inaugural show of "evening edit." charles: congratulations, real proud of you. high stake on whether america has some offer i over its own borders. a caravan carrying hundreds of central american immigrants are seek asylum and they are facing a showdown with officials who are saying the border is at capacity. hillary vawp is live at that checkpoint. reporter: u.s. immigration officials say several members of this carav


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