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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 4, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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look what happened with smucker's. we want you to own anything to do with ecosystem of pet parents. liz: mario gabelli. you have a big rally close. [closing bell rings] dow and s&p still lower. berkshire hathaway up. david: ending the day with a strong rally. the dow ending up 333 points. off the session highs. but we'll take it. technology shares driving both the dow and the nasdaq higher. the latter ending the day up more than 1 1/2%. s&p 500 also in the green. it is a great friday. i'm david asman. melissa: it's a great friday. i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have more on the big market movers, but here is what else we're covering in this very busy hour ahead. the lowest unemployment rate since the beginning of this century. president trump touting today's jobs report in wide-ranging address in dallas wrapping up
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moments ago. the president responding to a federal judge ripping the mueller team at a hearing for paul manafort. the judge accusing them of lying and using unfettered power to target president trump. new developments on talks with north korea. the president says the time and place is set for the historic summit with kim jong-un. among our guests expert on all things north korea, forbes media chairman, steve forbes. david: you're making a lot of money today, if you have any stocks. the dow is soaring led by gains with technology and consumers stocks. just barely off the mark. nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole at some points today it had gained so much we would have been positive for the week but it dropped down a little bit. >> we were at one point. you're absolutely right, david. we were positive for the week for both the dow jones industrial average and the nasdaq composite.
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i saw it with my own eyes. we finished pretty great though, right? we were up over 300 points. had been down 151. we had the jobs report. good news of the jobs report, 3.9%, the lowest unemployment rate since december of 2,000. the u 6 number lowest since 2001. black unemployment lowest in history. federal reserve also said it wouldn't be so fast to hike rates, maybe two or three rate hikes. nasdaq up 1.2%. slower wage growth and slower job creation people thought that. look what else is moving here today. apple, mcdonald's, disney, were among the winners on the dow jones industrial average. it was all winners with the exception of, that was chevron. as we look at these, we talk about apple. apple ultimately a great mover as warren buffett's berkshire hathaway picking up 75 million
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more shares. stock all-time new record high. we saw it close at 183.83. certainly a big move. cbs viacom, beat on top and bottom line. cbs higher. viacom also higher on same day shari redstone, bob backish doesn't need to be number two if there is combined deal. we talked about that right here. lastly pandora, shake shack both of those moved higher after quarterly numbers. pandora, 20% higher. shake shack new high for the burger chain. they had them here on the floor. and amari -- marachi band here. david: huge buy from warren buffett, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: unemployment rate below 4% for the first time in seven
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teen years. job growth was lower than expected. we have carol roth. paul avarsino and veronica daguerre, from "the wall street journal." paul i start with you, what did you glean from the unemployment report? did you like it as much as the market did? >> i did. what is not to like. seven 1/2 years of uninterrupted job growth. i work personally in professional services which added the most jobs at 54,000. a record low or near the last 17 years unemployment at 3.9%. difficult to explain the lack of wage growth but i think that's a positive for inflation and interest rates. melissa: right. carol, that is one of the big take wais. you look at it came in under expectations. es specially talking about the wage growth that is positive. we were concerned about inflation and number of rate hikes we would see from the fed, right? >> this is what we call goldilocks numbers. they were just right. they showed a lot of growth but
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not so much growth we're worried about the fed accelerating their policy and not lack of growth where we're worried about a recession. this is exactly the type of numbers that the market likes. i think it gets past looking at some of the macro issues and being able to look now at valuations, which if you were looking at things at the beginning of the year and now, things are starting to look cheap. it was perfect macro to put a backdrop to allow us to focus micro. melissa: veronica, do you agree with that, and what does it mean for economy? >> it was great report for black and hispanic workers, best numbers than they have looked in a long time. for the economy, it is an interesting team the market loves the fact that wages are not grow, yet you're a worker we're not so thrilled wages are not growing. it puts companies in an interesting position. they're getting inflation pressure gradually on some of those costs and they say at what
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point can we pass costs off to consumers? they're not there yet especially as wages are not keeping up. melissa: paul, can you speak to the point, businesses who you deal with, they're seeing a lot of different crosscurrents. >> right. people are happy that there is less an inflationary pressure. less pressure for the fed to overreact say with interest rates but the downside to that, there hasn't been a significant amount of wage growth just yet. melissa: carol, what does that mean going forward? it could mean, there are some looking for the peak in the market or the peak, sort of all the indicators out there. are we at that point? >> i don't think we're quite at that point but we're certainly playing in the latter innings of the game. i certainly think it is a potential issue but i think the bigger issue, versus really looking at the individual is thinking about what these potential workers are going to be thinking about in terms of
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finding something that fits their skills. i think that is the bigger issue for businesses now. they're having challenges in terms of a skills gap. we're seeing some of this lack ever wage pressure because the businesses can't find those workers with the skills that they need. melissa: good point. david: concerns about china had been kind of holding the market back this week but those concerns clearly eased today. is that because progress was made by our trade team on their way home from china? or because our blooming economy is seen more important? carol, what do you think? >> i think that obviously president trump has backed off some of the tough talk. so i don't know that we made a lot of progress but obviously the market can only focus on some things at one time and this is not in the forefront today. as we talked about before, obviously, "art of the deal," versus is it real? people are thinking maybe it is more "art of the deal," at least feeling good about it for the time-being. david: veronica, i think again
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because of what carol just said, also what we saw not only with the jobs figures but what we're seeing with economic growth. we have, what is it, 26% increase of profits from this time last year? this is booming economy? we haven't seen a booming economy like this in decades really? >> it is funny, a lot of things are firing on all cylinders but doesn't necessarily feel booming to a lot of folks on main street. david: it does today. >> especially looking at your 401(k). you bring up a good point. we have growth in the u.s. global growth overall looks really strong. there are some people saying is this as good as it gets? it is hard to know if that is the case but this year in particular tax reform made a big difference for a lot of companies. david: paul, it is not as good as it gets, it gets better. that is the great thing for the american economy, when it greats on all cylinders, pull back on the role of the government, to allow companies to spread their wings this company keeps growing
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and growing. one of the few countries in the world has a history of doing that. >> you're absolutely right. i think some of the things i've been reading with unemployment at 3.9%, they're expecting later in the year it could be down to 3.6, 3.5%. it can continue humming along. david: carol, paul, veronica, great stuff, gang. have a wonderful weekend. thank you for being here. melissa. melissa: another business bolting from a blue state thanks to high taxes. a wall street fixture for 50 years, asset management firm alliancebernstein is the latest company leaving new york for tennessee drawn by, well the state's lower taxes. we have tennessee governor business haslem. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me on. melissa: you stole a big company from us with a lot of people and for very good reason i have to stay. look at state income tax, zero on wages and salary, here in new york, 4 to 8.2%. corporate tax rate significantly
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lower, 6.5%, versus 9% in new york. how do you do it? do you just spend less as a government? >> i think that's it. we work really hard being effective with services we provide. we make services like pension plan we're not carrying over all the legacy debt when people made promises 20 years ago they couldn't fulfill today. because of that we have the lowest taxes as percentage of income in the country. so we can reach out to folks like alliancebernstein, not only you will have lower taxes but you have a lower cost of living. houses will be cheaper. your office space is going to be cheaper. guess what? i think your quality of life will be better, sorry. melissa: nashville is pretty awesome. did you recruit them? how did you do this? >> they were looking, they started to look at 30 cities around the country, obviously staying put in new york was one of those. as their ceo said when they made the announcement, nashville by
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all metrics was a clear winner. we think it's a big deal. one of the big differences with the new federal tax plan. before if you could deduct half of that, that, maybe that is not so bad. now there is a limit on that, i'm really paying all of those taxes. people are taking a harder look at it. melissa: is that when the conversation started after the tax -- >> no, it started before that. even before tax reform, our taxes were lower and cost of live something lower. i think quality of life was higher. for us, this is a big deal for this reason. we attracted financial service firms before but typically back office. this is the c suite is moving to nashville. we hope this is the first of many. melissa: do they expect over time do they expect to pay lower salaries? still the net person is making more because the cost of living is much lower. when you hear from people, when the company moves to another city, you save initially but the salaries are not the same in the long run?
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>> i don't think so. talking with their leadership team. they were all down having dinner night before last, i don't think their intention was we'll do this to slash our labor costs. this is a way to have our employees with net more in their pocket, not just from taxes but from the entire cost of living. they will attract a higher caliber of person. you know, that business, like every other business, is facing competitive challenges. your net operating costs, cost of doing business is a big factor the we think quite frankly attracting talent, people look around and go, nashville is pretty good place to live, have a family, enjoy all things i have to do, now i might have time to do them instead of being in traffic. melissa: yeah, instead of being in traffic. when we look what our city, state, local taxes go for, you're right, a lot has to do with legacy costs so you pay tolls to pay pensions to workers long since retired. somebody long ago to nobody in
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office made promise they had to pay for. is it for your legacy costs for you or is your overall budget low as well? do you spend more on schools? >> some of the school costs have pension costs. >> true. >> we've increased in the last, since i've been in office we're spending extra 1 1/2 billion dollars more than we came in. we're paying teachers $500 million more than before. it is not about that. it is about taking costs out of system in places where life changed. we cut 500 million in ongoing expenses out of the budget. melissa: like what? i want to give our guys some ideas. >> give you a great idea. we actually are using about a million square feet less of real estate as a state government as we did before. we're doing all the same things business would do that we're being effective. there is one really good example. melissa: david is next to me weeping right now. new york's a mess. >> come on down. melissa: you have all the right ideas. thank you for coming on the
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show. we appreciate it. congratulations to you. >> thanks so much for having me. melissa: doing a smart thing. >> thank you. david: i wonder if we talk the boys in our c-suite to move down to tennessee. melissa: send politicians down for tutorial. david: man, that sounds good. a lot of people in connecticut, not only new york, a lot of companies, financial companies in connecticut making the same move. melissa: absolutely. david: new reports that the white house was taken off guard by rudy giuliani comments last week. he is looking to clarify some of what he said. we're live at the white house with latest. melissa: president trump said a time and place set for highly anticipated meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un. we're making progress on u.s. hostages there. gordon chang coming up on all the developing details. david: the white house trade team now on their way back to washington from china. we have live update from beijing what they were able to accomplish. >> we're going to have some incredible trade deals announced. my people are coming back right
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melissa: stage one of the u.s. china trade talks in the books with the president's top trade team on their way back to washington right now. connell mcshane is live in beijing where the meetings took place. connell, what progress was made there? reporter: they met for two days, melissa. basically the progress was agreement to have more meetings. that basically came out of all this. i don't know that more was expected. but the chinese we understand really pushed back pretty hard on some of the moring a agressive u.s. demand. secretary mnuchin and some of the colleagues they came in here with fairly long list of
4:19 pm
requests. they would like to see $200 billion off the trade deficit between the u.s. and china, get that done by the end of the year 2020. with the delegation in the airheading home, it was interesting to see the white house issued a statement earlier this afternoon saying the delegation held frank discussions, how they characterized it, frank discussions with chinese officials. the delegation is going back to d.c., to brief the president and seek his decision on next steps. now in terms of next steps, certainly that could include more talks. from what we're hearing there could be discussions resuming next week at lower level, agency level at they call it. that means things for better or worse will drag on for a while. that is impacting business. china now, as we confirmed has stopped buying u.s. soybeans, at least for the time-being. take a listen. >> it is not a trade war yet the way i look at it but certainly all, uncertainty in the marketplace indicates that
4:20 pm
people are getting ready for what could be the ominous signs. reporter: yeah, ominous signs indeed. now something to be said about this team that came over here, secretary mnuchin, certainly the leader of the delegation, a lot was said, written about the idea they could be with all of them involved a team of rivals to some extent what mnuchin thought to be aligned with luck of larry kudlow, trade rep robert lighthizer, secretary wilbur ross was here as well. not sure how much that played into it. we took note, when they left here, this delegation, no statement was issued by the group. it wasn't until hours later that the white house put out the is u.s. version of events. melissa: connell, strong man. well done. come back, big guy. see you soon. david: here now to react is dan henninger, "wall street journal" editorial page deputy editor and a fox news contributor. it is true, dan, there is this
4:21 pm
divide from the trade reps that went over there from the u.s. you have, characterization, but you have the free traders, people like mnuchin, secretary of treasury, larry kudlow, then you have the so-called fair traders, which would be peter navarro and robert lighthizer. of the lighthizer and navarro are more likely to put sanctions on china where as kudlow and mnuchin are more likely to have open trade, no matter what happened. but there are certain things that they agree on like the fact that china has violated, if not the actual letter of the law, the world trade organization, which they became a member of in 2001, at least the spirit of it in terms of higher auto sanctions, intellectual property theft. they force communist party chinese folks to be members of american companies. so couldn't they agree on certain things? >> you may ask. perhaps you should have been in charge of the planning for the trip because --
4:22 pm
david: maybe i could knock the heads together? >> i don't know about that. looks like a lot of wasted motion over there and got essentially nothing. "the wall street journal" days before the trip the chinese were not sure they would even meet with peter navarro because he has been publicly hostile to the chinese. they will have more discussions. president ficks out what next steps. david: what should we do next time? >> we should have a plan go to over there, embarassing to make a trip with so many high level officials to beijing and come home empty-handed. as your report just suggested the chinese are holding back on purchase of u.s. soybeans. it is having real world effects. if the president as he insists will have bilateral, one-on-one negotiations rather than multilateral with tpp he will need a better gameplan against
4:23 pm
going against china. david: before they go, we all should agree whether you're fair trader or free trader, on these sort of things, getting rid of auto tariffs and getting intellectual property, things like that. paul krugman, yes, that paul krugman, made recent come men about the tax cuts and may it and get your opinion. >> there is enough data under the bridge for us to say this is not playing out according to the story. this doesn't look at all like the story. this looks like the tax cut is nothing burger as far as business investment is concerned. david: this is the same guy who on election night after it was clear trump had won, said the markets were going to crash and never recover. they came down a little bit, but they're still way up from where they were on election night. so this is the guy who democrats are taking their cues from. he is saying it's a nothing burger. kind of a reverse barometer. i would think by his definition that means the tax cuts are doing great. >> i would say so. republicans should be on their
4:24 pm
knees every night praying democrats are still taking their cues from paul krugman. what watts unemployment rate reported this week? 3.9%. we have a jobs crisis in employment. we don't have enough workers in the united states. for paul krugman to sit there and suggest a cut in the corporate tax rate of 40% has had no effect on the economy borders on the idiotic. david: this is the guy, not only was he advising many people in the obama administration that were happy with 1 1/2% growth but the chances are that if liz warren or certainly bernie sanders gets into power, he would be advising them as well. >> yeah, well, remember this is what they call the new normal, growth rate of only 2%. new normal produced high unemployment among black teenagers, hispanic teenagers. david: double-digit unemployment. >> unemployment rate under black teenagers is 1/3 of what it was
4:25 pm
in 2010 when paul krugman was giving them that advice. why would any rational person listen to it. david: good point. dan, thank you very much. have a good weekend. melissa: a volcano forcing hundreds to evacuate. we have update on the situation occurring in hawaii. that is coming up. voicing what many were already thinking. a federal judge questioning special counsel robert mueller's real motive in his investigation. now the president is responding. that is next. ♪ copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way, with anoro." ♪ go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma. it contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma.
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david: a very busy day inside the beltway. that is an understatement today. joining us from the white house to talk about everything that happened is our own blake burman. reporter: hi, there, david. there is lot of questions for president trump and rudy giuliani as it relates to changing statements regarding stormy daniels. earlier this week rudy giuliani, now an attorney for the president went on sean hannity's show that the president
4:29 pm
reimbursed michael cohen for the $130,000 payment. he walked that back over last couple days, clarifying saying now that the president wasn't aware of that payment until recently. and that the president in a tweet said that cohen was reimbursed through a monthly retainer. the president this morning saying his new attorney would get up to speed on the facts. >> rudy knows it's a witch-hunt. he started yesterday. he will get his facts straight. he is a great guy. reporter: giuliani released a statement a few hours later, quote, my references to timing were not describing my understanding of the president's knowledge but instead my understanding of these matters. then there was the question about whether or not the president lied to the american people about that stormy daniels payment. you remember back on air force one, a month ago the president said he had no knowledge of the payment at all. today he was asked why he
4:30 pm
changed his story? >> we're not changing any stories. all i'm telling you is this country is right now running so smooth, and to be bringing up that kind of crap and to be bringing witch-hunts all the time, that is all you want to talk about. you will see -- excuse me, excuse me of the. >> you said on air force one you didn't know about the payment. >> you take a look what i said. you go back and take a look the you will see what i said. reporter: set all of that aside for one second. because there was still another major headline from the president as it relates to bob mueller and question as to whether or not the president will sit down for an interview. the president said he would do so under one condition and that is, if bob mueller is fair. the president also said, that his lawyers are skeptical. david? david: by the way we don't want to forget about dallas either. that speech, there are a lot of television networks out there, a lot of news channels, some of them lean left. some lean right.
4:31 pm
the ones lean left usually don't take the president. this day they did, from stem to stern. msnbc was on was on the presides speech in dallas. it was one of the most powerful speeches i have ever seen. an impressive performance in dallas. he felt good. that was clear, right? reporter: keep in mind as the president was somewhat critical of the nra itself, look you have to stand up to the nra. there was a lot of interest exactly what he might say before this audience. he sort of set the table for the -- before he left. david: indeed. blake, have a great weekend. melissa. melissa: here to react brad blakeman, former staffer for george w. bush. a lot to digest there, my friend. what jumps out at you? what moved the needle today? >> i think his speech before the nra was brilliant. it showed the president is delivering not only for his bay but the american people. he went around the globe if you will. he talked about the economy.
4:32 pm
he talked about foreign policy then he left the nra saying that i am going to be a staunch defender, i have been a staunch defender of the right of the second amendment. that is not going to change. we have to remember november is coming up. that midterm elections will be key to the president's ability to continue to not only protect the second amendment but protect the constitution globally. melissa: yeah. the audience was cheering a at some points, booing at the appropriate spots for things he set them up for. some people say he was sent out to do this, his staff sent him out, this is buoys his spirits. there was questions does it make sense to address the nra when we're not that far out from what happened in parkland? is that a good idea? how do you think the things net out? >> i think the president gave due respect to the acts of violence that occurred in texas and other places. he was right to do that but the vast majority of gun owners are responsible people.
4:33 pm
and we can not let the minority rule the majority. yes we need revisions if necessary to our laws but the president said before, said it to the nra, i'm willing to engage in discussion and debate. what i will not do is a wholesale destruction of the second amendment. melissa: yeah. so there were journalists that were picking out pieces along the way from this morning when he went back and seemed to contradict what rudy giuliani had said and clearly there has been a back and forth in those stories and pieces that they picked out from the speech that he made at the same time, he tweeted about the story that nbc put out yesterday that turned out, that they retracted. nbc retracted the point that michael cohen's phones were tapped by. tweeted. their sources are constantly wrong. the sources don't exist. they are fabricated fiction. nbc is former home as the
4:34 pm
"apprentice." every one is screaming liar, liar, "pants on fire" at once. what is the effect. >> the american people are sick and tired of leaks. sick and tired of faust information and sick and tired of personal attacks on the president. the bottom line mueller was appointed for a very specific purpose. he was appointed to see if any collusion between the trump campaign and anybody else to influence the election. so far mueller has gone far afield to that. there has never been any evidence to collusion. in washington we would have known there was collusion. you know why? it would have been leaked by now. 15 months have passed. there is nothing there. the american people are sick of personal attacks. they want to get through this the president has a great record. the problem stymied not only sometimes said on his behalf, more importantly what is coming at him. melissa: to be fair they change ad story quite a bit what happened with stormy daniels. a lot of back and forth. brad blakeman, thank you for your time. >> pleasure.
4:35 pm
david: another look at today's big rally of the dow soaring more than 300 points. apple the biggest driver contributing nearly 50 points to the blue-chip's climb. still not enough to boost the dow which ended lower for the second week in a row but the nasdaq was higher for the week. one out of three. melissa: there you go. making progress. a time and place is set for president trump's meeting with kim jong-un. details on the historic meeting coming up. ♪
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melissa: accused of targeting trump. a federal judge calling out the mueller team accusing them of lying, trying to frame the president in the russia probe. joining me with details, fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. >> thanks, melissa. good afternoon. hearing for former trump campaign chairman paul manafort a virginia federal judge suggested that the special counsel team lied about the scope of the investigation and they were really more interested in bringing down the president. quote, you don't really care about mr. manafort, u.s. district judge ellis told the courtroom. what you're carrying information mr. manafort can lead you to information about mr. trump or impeachment, whatever. demanded to unredacted scope memo. that outlined how far the russia probe began go.
4:40 pm
the same memo congressional republicans tried to view. andrew wise man a controversial figure in legal circles, involved in the manafort case. the manafort team sought to dismiss the 1-count indictment. it took a confrontational turn, at least some. information came from earlier justice department probe. here is more from the president this afternoon. >> they have a headline, judge in manafort case mueller's aim is to hurt trump. you believe that? it is called the witch-hunt. i said, give me that article. i want to read it. tapped into it a few minutes before i walked on stage. >> the thing to watch the government has two weeks to produce a clean copy of this scope memo. the memo lays outbound dry for the special counsel investigation, if they're not willing to provide it, they have to explain to the judge why they're not providing it, but my experience, particularly with that judge and that court in
4:41 pm
virginia, when they ask for something they expect to get it. they take a very dim view if it is not provided, melissa. melissa: wow. i know you keep us posted on that. i want to hear all about the scope memo. catherine herridge, thank you so much. david: so much common sense. so often you don't hear common sense from a judge but in this case you did. melissa: amazing. david: warren buffett's latest bet and it is a big one. the iconic investor revealing a new stake in apple. wait until you hear how much, how many shares of apple he bought into. our own liz claman is live omaha spending "weekend with warren." 10th straight year. melissa: 10th straight year. david: the oracle himself. plus hawaii's most active volcano erupting forcing thousands to flee as lava flows into the street. wait until you see the houses, beautiful hawaiian houses in the path of this lava.
4:42 pm
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♪ melissa: buffett buying apple. berkshire hathaway making waves, picking up 75 million shares of apple in the first quarter. buffett getting ready for berkshire's annual shareholder meeting in omaha where fox business's liz claman is there with much more. liz, is it your 10th year? liz: you know what? i've been 12 years, melissa, i have to tell you, 10 for fox business. i know, that's crazy. melissa: that's crazy. >> this is the biggest year yet. yes, everybody is chattering just a bit about the apple situation. it makes certainly us wonder will tim cook get an invitation to come next year, be here at this meeting? there are a lot of changes. most of them appear to be attracting a huge crowd here, but if you look at apple, that is sort of the big news where mr. buffett made the disclosure. he said he was buying 75 million
4:46 pm
shares in the first quarter of this year. worked out to be more than $11 billion. berkshire is pretty much the third largest shareholder of apple. you can see the stock definitely got a pop on that. berkshire hathaway's stock moved on it. people here are very interested but they're not overwhelmed by something like that. they are most interested in hearing about berkshire and the views of warren buffett and charlie monger who will take the stage tomorrow here at the centurylink right in downtown omaha, nebraska. what will they say about the economy, jobs. looking really good. trust me they are making a lot of money. inflation, will that somehow rear its head too quickly? who knows. we can show you lines today. remember the meet something not even today, it is tomorrow. the lines of people just winding around, very long blocks. this was just to as they opened this floor where most of warren's biggest businesses, plus consumer, are on the floor
4:47 pm
and shareholders get a bit of a discount. it is only shareholder meeting, wrap your mind around this, melissa, where the company makes money. millions of dollars. only warren. you know, most ceos of most companies are lucky to get out of their shareholder meetings unscathed without tomatoes being thrown at them. here the buffett faithful have come. they are ready to spend. melissa: speaking tomatoes, there is a giant red exclamation mark or red gumby over your shoulder. red gumby might be coming in. i'm not really sure. watch your back there, liz. watch your back. he looks menacing. >> it's a brick. melissa: i'm a brick. makes more sense. david, thank you. david: 1500 people under mandatory evacuation on hawaii's big island, fleeing area surrounding kilauea now erupting. it is spewing gas and molten
4:48 pm
lava. fire officials detected high levels of deadly sulfur dioxide in the area. there are no immediate reports of injuries. officials can't say how long the eruption may last. it is clear a lot of beautiful hawaiian homes will go up in snoke. melissa: trump meets kim. the date and time is set. the latest predictions from the white house, coming up next. ♪
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
>> we're doing very well with the hostages. we're in constant contact with the leadership. we are in constant contact with north korea. we've actually worked out a time and a place which will be announced shortly. david: boy that was news. date and location are set the
4:52 pm
commander-in-chief confirming these crucial details have been agreed on for his historic summit with north korean dictator kim jong-un. this as south korean national security advisors in d.c. meeting with his american counterpart john bolton. gordon chang, author of nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world. gordon, have you heard anything about time and place? >> the with the said he wanted this to be in the demilitarized zone. the zone between north and south korea. david: one might assume he telegraphed message, that is his favorite place, that is what they agreed on? >> that sort of makes sense. he wants to meet in south korea. which is good. the concession from the north koreans to step over the military demarch cake line. kim, he will not want to be long from pongyang. he will worried -- david: he is pair paranoid.
4:53 pm
some might say paranoid schizophrenic. people don't realize it includes boarding north korean ships going to and from north korea. >> this is important. we have to cut off the throw of weapons north korea is selling and that means we cut off money flowing into north korea. there are a lot of things we haven't done. we have not gone after north korea major powers, sponsors who are helping. david: as much as we have had in terms of concessions from the north, we could ratchet it up even further and he knows that. kim knows that. >> that is really something in our back pocket. kim knows if things don't go well at the talks we start putting squeeze on china and rush that. that would have a big effect on him. david: that brings me to the critics. they're so naive in the trump administration. they don't know how devious fellow kim jong-un is. i think what madeleine albright did, think about what john kerry did, making concessions, some would say appeasement to the
4:54 pm
north korean dictators. then i think of somebody like john bolton or mike pompeo or general mattis. these are not appeasers kim jong-un is facing. these people know the score. >> the big issue will be verification. if you have a deal with the north koreans you have to the strictest inspection regime. david: how do that. >> it has to be in the agreement. anytime any place inspections. the reason iran is having trouble we're having trouble inspecting military sites. senior iranian leaders say you can't go there. there is real disagreement between the international -- david: whoever is doing the verification, free access to anyone where they want to go anytime they want to go there? >> absolutely. david: wow. >> 24 days you have to wait. we need to wait zero days, zero hours. david: quickly on the south china sea. chinese once again boeing in
4:55 pm
there. we'll not play the sound bite. we don't have the time. how far away from main mainland china are these island they claimed as their own. they're militarizing these islands. what do we do about that? >> as sarah huckabee sanders says we have to impose costs on chinese. there may not be confrontation on the islands. there is a lot of pressure to put on other areas. our military planessed were lasered by chinese in jib but tie and africa. they have been laserring our planes in south china sea as well. david: haven't we played the cards on trade issues and on north korea? >> there are some things we have not yet done. david: that is what we have to do. >> it benefits the chinese much more than it helps us. it's a sign they think that we are actually weak. we need to say no more. we're not giving you anything anymore. there is a lot of stuff.
4:56 pm
start turfing out diplomats. they injured two american servicemen in djibouti. this got to be a cost for that. david: got to stop that. gordon chang. great to see you. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: pie-in-the-sky, even if you live across the country you can still enjoy fresh new york city pizza! we'll tell you how next. ♪ ...
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5:00 pm
now what this has to do with filling empty seat in an airplane i know not. melissa: because patsy's has a restaurant at the airport. it's fun, come on. david: well i love pizza. new york pizza is the best. melissa: the evening edit starts right now. president trump: you just saw the recent poll that came out 51 or 52, the highest level i've ever been at. how does that happen when you only get bad publicity how does that happen? >> [applause] president trump: that's because people realize, that's because people realize that a lot of what you read and a lot of what you see on telivision is take. >> the dow soaring closing the day up more than 300 points after apple sparks a tech rally and and addressing the national rifle association annual convention in dallas today and the president slamming nbc news over its report that trump


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