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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 5, 2018 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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there's more information on our website, we'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] ot to leavet there. lou dobbs is next. lou: our top stories, mueller's special counsel attorneys running into a federal judge who is deeply concerned about their efforts to get trump and unimpressed with their secret code rings they want you to believe permit them to run you roughshod over our constitution and the rights of american citizens. the district court judge t.f. ellis. we discuss the vicious mueller witch hunt with former federal prosecutor andrew mccarthy.
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also, a republican lawmaker introducing a resolution demanding that mueller produce evidence of collusion with the russians or end the two-year special counsel investigation of president trump ended in 30 days. his put up or shut up resolution comes as the nation wearies at the waste of tens of millions of dollars and the production everything no useful evidence. president trump's america first economic policies continue to pay off. wages, the economy growing and the unemployment rate fell to the lowest level since 2000. the unemployment rate down to 3.9%. a federal judge blasting special counsel mueller's team during a hearing for ex-trump campaign chairman paul manafort. judge ts ellis suggests the special counsel attorneys lied
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about the scope of their investigation and are seeking what the judge called unfettered power. judge ellis declared the mueller attorneys seem more interested in bringing down the president. the judge scolded a member of mueller's team saying i don't see what relation this indictment has with what the special counsel is authorized to investigate. you don't care about mr. man for the's bank fraud. what you care about is what information mr. man for the where could give you to reflect on mr. trump that would lead to his prosecution or impeachment. and the judge also demanding to see the undedacted so-called scope memo. the department of justice instead defense their stonewalling to both the judge and congress claiming there are too many secrets to allow mere mortals to read it.
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our first guest just introduced a resolution in the house to call for an end to the special counsel investigation unless the special counsel produces evidence of collusion within the next 30 days. joining us is congressman tom repita. running for the senate. it's good to have you with us. let's start with the resolution. it really is a put up or shut up resolution in indiana, various parts of the country, one would think he where. people have got to be tired of this exercise. >> i that's right. let me put this in context. i don't draw this out of thin air. before i got to congress i was indiana' chief investigator for white collar crime.
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we had an investigation that looked at more pieces of paper than even the 9/11 commission did and we got it done in 4 to 6 months and under a million dollars. this witch hunt has gone on for more than a year. lou: the fbi investigation it picked up had gone on for almost a year. we are looking at basically two years of investigation by the justice department the last year led by the special counsel. >> and $0 million. there has been -- and $20 million. and there has been no collusion found. i am saying to mueller. you put up or shut up. show your hand. show us what evidence you have or fold your hand. >> how much support do you think there is in the house for the resolution? >> that's why we need true leaders in the house and the senate. there is a lot power going on. so i'm fighting the elite at he
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turn. the establishment republicans. but right is right. and fair is fair. and we have a job to do in making america great again and getting this country back. these elitists are obstructing in he way. nothing is that complicated here. after $20 million in a year, you say two years. it's time to put up, shut up. time to shut up. it's time tor to get on with running this country. god bless this judge. i'm sure he's i am partial and doing this out of common sense. lou: he has a very good reputation. >> hoosiers i'm talking to all over the statew are asking the same question. you don't want anything to do with mr. manafort you just want to dig up dirt on this president. that's why it's rightly called a
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witch hunt. by definition that's what it is and it need too stop. lou: talking about telling the mueller team they are less interested in paul manafort than they are in persecuting, if you will, the president of the united states. this is judge ellis accusing the mueller team of lying and trying to target the president. the vernacular is to sing, is what prosecutors use. what you have got to be careful of is they may not on sung, they may compose. a very strong, straightforward statement. and there wasn't a very good response from the mueller team. other than to hide behind their secret code rings, the scope memo, not willing to breach any part of an investigation to tell the american people the actual truth or content of the scope memo. >> some days i wonder if this
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isn't russia, if it isn't the kgb. if you have going to have a free republic, you have got to be transparent. that's the only way people can be trusted in a free republic they have to know the information if it's going to survive. they picked president trump to make this country great again. and we'll have our day. there is a revival going on. maybe the coasts don't see it. but i see it every day in indiana. we are behind this president because we want our country back and the rule of law to reign free again. the only evidence of criminality found in any of this stuff has been on democrats whether it's hillary clinton, james comey, mccabe or any of these people. it isn't the president. let us have our country back and let us help him make america
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great again. lou: it also includes all the evidence produced sharply, sharply. a dozen its agents and top officials are fired, denote, reassigned because of their lack of untechnology right and violation of regulations as well as law. this is an extraordinary investigation. the special counsel it seems should be redirecting its focus from the first initial target of the scope memo and turned it upon themselves. they proved to be what donnelly corrupt. thanks for being with us. appreciate it. up next, former assistant u.s. attorney andrew mccarthy says special counsel mueller must be forced to show evidence of a crime if he wants to interview
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ignored an intelligence committee subpoena. the deadline was yesterday. it's seeking information about the line of inquiry in the investigation of the president. justice department replied it would not produce any of the subpoenaed material on the ground it would loss potential loss of human lives. differentiated by pets. extraordinary response by an arrogant and absolutely corrupt leadership of the justice department. joining me, former federal prosecutor, andy mccarthy. he was hired by america's mayor, but then prosecutor, u.s. attorney, rudy giuliani. >> that's a real notch on rudy's
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belt. lou: great to have you here. this is a moment today in a federal court in virginia in which judge t.s. ellis told the special counsel that effectively he was running roughshot shot over the constitution and american citizens, in this case, paul manafort. >> in this country, thank god. our tradition is you have a crime first then you assign the prosecutor. that's the way it's supposed to work. in this investigation where they basically camouflage this by giving the prosecutor called a counter-intelligence investigation. they assigned the prosecutor and said go off and find a crime. and do it in the counter intelligence context where it's all classified and under the cone. lou: i think most of people probably think and fairly so of
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the fbi as with j. edga edgar hoover's fbi. it is a unique agency in that regard. that contest as you say, assigning the special counsel to counter-intelligence? it go to the heart of the problem here, in my opinion. and that is that the obama justice department was highly politicized and weaponized along with a number of intelligence agencies, including the cia and other agencies as well. and the fact is that as we move ford here, not one of those agencies, not the cia, not in any part of the intelligence community, not the fbi told us anything about the it swrengs of
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russia in our elections. they didn't detect it or create a counter strategy and did not stop that intervention. >> president obama said russia couldn't rig our election. the way our elections are structured, there are 50 state elected. it's so diffuse that nobody could do it. hillary clinton looked at donald trump in the last debate and said how dare you call into question the legitimacy our elections. lou: there is donald trump standing before the american people talking about this is rigged, when that is then brought as a charge against him, part of the so-called fbi and justice department insurance policy against the ascension of trump to the presidency of the united states of america. it just so happens it occurred because the people of this country elected him. where do we go with this?
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where do we go with this? >> i think you have to follow through with the investigations of the investigators. that's important. but i think after two years, it seems to me it's time for the special counsel to put cards on the table. the prosecutors always want to have investigative secrecy. but it's not an end in and of itself and it's not the highest priority of the country. tough an investigation that's compromising the president's ability to govern, the presidency itself is more important than mr. mueller or his investigation. tell us what you are investigating officer, what is the evidence and why do you need to talk to him if you can get the same information from any other number of places. lou: as one of the country's foremost prosecutors and leading
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attorneys, does it astonish you, this nation, the one super power in all the world. a constitutional republic, is having a discussion about how did we end up with a special counsel taking supremacy over the constitution and the office of the president and has not even told the american people what the hell they are doing? >> i think it's admirable that we are so dedicated to the rule of law that we have a society where the ask chief executive can be investigated. but there has to be a reason to investigate him. and i don't think they put that on the table. >> the president has i think handled himself with great patience and great constraint. i know not every one would agree with that. the reality is the frustration he must peel is so palpable that i can't understand how you could resist firing all of them. he has an attorney general who
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is comatose. who has removed himself from the leadership of the most of important agency in law enforcement agency at the federal level. he has a deputy attorney general in rod rosenstein who created and you have written so eloquently about all of this, a scope memo, one may 7, i believe, in which the appointment memo which he then follows up as you point out in august, august 2 with a follow-up because of the criticism of people like yourself in the legal profession. >> he issued this appointment of mueller without spellsifying a crime. if you think about it, every independent counsel investigation we had in modern
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times, watergate, wrawn-contra. the president and the public always knew exactly what was under investigation. so to the extent the months cuter wanted investigative secrecy you have that to the extent the law permits it. but everybody had their eyes open about what's under investigation. here the president has operated for a year and a half not knowing what's suspected of. being told he's not suspect but at the same time they are making public announcements that cast suspicion on him. i think he overreacts at times. i think the tweeting is counter productive. lou: but i think it's frustration we all feel. i think his tweets are the equivalent of fdr's radio. he's taking advantage of the technology and the opportunity
1:21 am
to speak directly to the american people. i think only a fool would not do so. >> i'm not saying he shouldn't tweet. i'm saying it's a mistake to tweet about investigation. it complicates and elongates them. we are seeing some of that. lou: i don't know who bears the responsibility fourth elongation. but right now none of the committees -- there have been five investigating collusion. none of the intelligence community produced a single piece of evidence about that intervention about the russians in these elections that has any relationship to the campaign of donald j trump for president. here we are, it's perpetuating itself. how does it end? >> i don't know. i wish i could tell you they were urnlted in getting their hands on the dnc server. that's the main evidence of it.
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nobody seemed very curious about getting their hands on that. the fbi, the justice department never got it. i wish they were as interested in that as they are about speaking to the president under circumstances it doesn't appear to me there is any reason to speak to the president. lou: all of the evidence produced in two years it's wrong to say no evidence has been produced. the evidence that has been produced spells out the corruption of many officials at the top of the fbi. several of the leadership at the department of justice. have you ever seen an investigation that results more of an diermt than the presumed target of the investigation? >> i have seen investigations where there were major allegations of misconduct. what i have found on each occasion, you need to get to the end and get all the information
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out and put everybody's actions in context, then we'll be able to evaluate them. lou: it's about time for some humility on the part of mueller, and rod rosenstein who is the leader of the justice department and understand what they are doing to the governance of this country. do you agree? >> i think the governance of the country takes precedence over their investigation, even if their investigation is important. lou: you are important to the country. we appreciate all your writing, and we recommend you follow andy mccarthy in national review. his columns always brighten the content. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you agree robert mueller cares nothing about justice and is only out to get president trump. follow me on twitter @loudobbs,
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like me on facebook and follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. donald trump's winning policies are driving the surge in his approval numbers. how much trouble are the democrats in? you will find out here next. you will find out here next. stay with us.
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i made my own way, now it's time to make yours. ♪ everything is working, just like it should ♪ lou: president trump today touting his impressive poll numbers during his speech at the national rifle association meeting in dallas. >> the poll came out in 51 or 52. the highest level i've only been at. how does that happen when you only get bad publicity. how does that happen. and by the way, kanye west must have some trouble because as you probably saw, i doubled by african-american poll numbers. we went from 11 to 22 in one
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week. thank you, kanye. thank you. lou: you bet, thank you, kanye. breaking news. the boston globe reporting former secretary of state john kerry is engaging in shadow diplomacy. the former secretary of state met with iranian foreign minister zarif in new york two weeks ago. they talked about ways in which to preserve the iran nuclear deal. this is the second time in two months that the two have met to strategize trying to salvage a deal that the sitting president of the united states will decide whether to exit or stay by may 12th, according to a person briefed on the meetings. the two probably will keep shadowing. joining us now, former reagan white house political direct were senior presidential fellow, fox business political analyst ed rollins. how do you have time for all of
1:30 am
it. >> thank you. nice to be with you. lou: who the hell does john kerry think he is. >> he always wanted to be president. lost at that. always made hillary look good. he's got a son-in-law involved in that. and the idea that hoe would stretch yousltreacherously righs time, that he's trying to do this. this is collusion. this is really what collusion really ought to be about. lou: can this be possibly legal? >> i don't believe it is. i mean this is what ought to be investigated. and it's just -- you now, it's time, once you're finished in government, you ought to go to academia and not to try to play the same role. lou: by the way, do we have the president talking about john kerry today? do we have that sound?
1:31 am
can you bring that up? it's worthwhile for all of us to see that. it's terrific. let's turn to these remarks today by the president at the nra. great speech. >> very powerful. lou: we referred to love in the room there. i mean, there was a mutual admiration society at the nra -- between the nra and this president. >> very important constituency. and what he challenged them is to get out and use all of the powers that you have in the midterm elections and that's very important that they do that. they're powerful across the country because they've got a lot of active members. lou: and the trump economy, 34.9% unemployment, the lowest unemployment rate since 2000. the lowest hispanic and african-american unemployment ever. and jarrett is trying to take credit for it today. >> again, she should have left
1:32 am
the government a long time ago too. at the end of the day, do it on your watch. lou: that president, they set up a special fund to advertise for people to join food stamps. food stamp stamps are at the lot level. it's extraordinary. people are working, people are making money, jobs being created and the president is loving every moment of it. >> imagine obama was still there. would he have passed the tax bill? absolutely not. would he be trying to negotiate the iran deal? would he be renegotiating the trade deal and would he have repealed any of the obamacare deals? absolutely not. lou: politically, how is this going to play. the judge, ellis in the federal district court telling the mueller team that base cli they're in a racket.
1:33 am
they're charging a man, manafort, all manafort who you know, who was five months the chairman of the trump campaign, charging him to get at president trump. and by the way, it's pretty obvious that that's exactly what they're doing. >> there's no question about that. the sins of manafort are past sins, didn't happen in this campaign. and i think at the end of the day they're under investigation and probably could have indicted him on these charges whether he went on the campaign or not. but to mix it all together. the judge summed it up right. they're trying to squeeze paul, find him got and then try to make him turn on the president and there's nothing for him to turn on the president with. lou: it looks to me -- i'm very serious about this. it looks to me that right now the president has turned an important corner, whether it's the special count lel, russia, nortcounsel, russia,north koread
1:34 am
mutual trid relationships, restoring prosperity for all americans, he's done all of this in -- not even quite 16 months in office. she'he's moved and has momentumd it looks to me like it's going to last for some time. >> it is. he can do whatever he wants to. the talk of if he fires mueller, everybody else will rebel. i think at this point in time -- lou: the rebellion is under way. they're called democrats. >> and at the enof the day it will mobilize his force. i think it's time to get this thing done one way or the other. put what you have on the table and let's move forward. lou: good to see you. thank you. up next, president trump firing back as the mueller witch hunt. we'll take up the fight to bring the russia investigation to a close. byron york joins us here next. lou: president trump today .
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firing at the mueller witch hunt. >> it's a witch hunt. then none of that information has to do with information related to the russian government coordination and the campaign of donald trump. doesn't have anything to do. it's from years before. then how does this have anything to do with the campaign, the
1:39 am
judge asks. let me tell you, folks. we're all fighting battles. but i love fighting these battles. lou: you know, i think we all believe him, too. because he's fighting on nearly every front imaginable to man. joining us tonight, byron york, chief political choorn correspof the washington examiner, fox business contributor. the judge basically gave the mueller team a come to glory moment. basically saying that they were lying, that they were working against the president of the united states. and really weren't interested all that much in paul manafort no matter what they said. >> i think this was a really important moment. because it's the first time we've gotten any indication that a judge is unhappy with the mueller investigation and thinks maybe it's going too far. paul manafort has been trying to make this point for a long time.
1:40 am
because if you look at the original charging document for the mueller investigation, mueller was assigned to look into any possible coordination between russia and the trump campaign. manafort has been saying, look, if i'm accused of laundering money in ukraine in 2006, it doesn't have anything to do with this. so far he's gotten nowhere but he seems to have gotten somewhere with judge le ellis. lou: and the fact of the matter is, this makes no sense. manafort owed sins if there are sins at all, and have nothing to do with the special counsel mandate or charter or scope memo, an appointment memo back in may of last year, two years of investigation and all they've got a bolder dash. balderdash. this is a sick, sick joke being per pecperpetuated by the deparf
1:41 am
justice that is corrupt in its leadership, the fbi that is both inept and rancidly corrupt in its leadership. >> another thing manafort has been saying, which is, you know, mueller is allowed to look into this possible coordination or anything that might arise directly from it, manafort said look, i've been investigated before by the justice department. they looked into this stuff. decided not to pursue it. manafort took that down off of the shelf so it could in no way ie raise from this. the judge didn't actually make a decision today. but one thing he did do is -- remember the manafort -- excuse me, the mueller story has been, well, in may of 2017 rod rosenstein gave me a very -- lou: blah blah blah. >> -- general charge but in august made a specific charge assignment for me. what they released is mostly redacted several beiges of blacked-out paragraphs. well the judge demanded that
1:42 am
mueller give him the whole memo so the judge can see -- now it's not going to be made public. lou: we should point out, byron, the judge scoffed at the mueller attorneys when they suggested there were so many secrets that they really shouldn't be able to produce that for a district court judge, that this is all -- i mean he did -- they did everything but claim they had codes rings that were very sensitive that were issued to the mueller team. these people are -- if they weren't, as judge ellis put it, if they weren't ruining lives, this could be com comical but ty are ruining lives and destroying people and they're doing so because of an etiological bias that is palpable, it is obvious and it's overwhelmed the special counsel team where, what is it, 17 attorneys and nearly all of them registered democrats or
1:43 am
donor to the democratic party. >> the judge described mueller's office as an dent trump operation saying you're not going after paul manafort in tax evasion or money laundering. what you're trying to do is put the squeeze on paul manafort so he can tell you something that could lead to charges against or the impeachment against president trump. we don't know of any judge lecturing mueller like that from the bench. lou: he is a person that needs to be lectured but one believes he needs to listen if he can break out of his cocoon of hubris. it would be interesting to see if he can learn anything. meanwhile, somebody has got to shut this down. it's an ignorant wasteful exercise that's offensive to the constitution and the country in my opinion. what do you think, byron? you get the last word. >> i'm one of those who thinks it's politically a bad idea for trump to fire mueller.
1:44 am
on the other hand, trying to undermine this investigation is pure politics, pure impeachment politics, it's what bill clinton did every day in the late 1990s and it's something that the president has a big megaphone and power to do. and if mueller gives him ammunition, i think trump is going to step up the efforts. you mentioned earlier in the show that you thought trump had turned a corner. certainly he's trying something very very different in his dealings with the mueller group and it will be trying to discredit and undermine them publicly in any way he can. lou: and he has, as you say, a terrific megaphone and a pretty good twitter button there that he can punch every day. >> 50 million people. lou: there you go. and we appreciate, as always, your insights. thanks for being with us here tonight, byron. up next, president trump in his element today.
1:45 am
>> you know, before i left today a couple of people came up to me, good political people. they said going to the nra convention and speaking today, that will be very controversial. it might not be popular. you know what i said? bye-bye. got to get on the plane. because we have to do the right thing. lou: ladies and gentlemen, our president. we'll bring you the highlights here next.
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appeared to be having a lot of fun as he addressed the national rifle association conference in dallas. here are a few of his really good lines. >> let me just tell you this. we're really doing well with north korea. we're really doing well. remember they said oh, it's going to be terrible. they were actually saying, three months ago when the rhetoric was rather sharp -- do we agree? i won't use the rhetoric now. i'm trying to calm it down a little bit so i'm not going to use the rhetoric. he goes, use it! i know you come from texas, whoever the hell you are.
1:50 am
for years, for years they've had this problem and everybody has said sort of, oh, don't talk. don't talk. please don't talk. the last administration had a policy of silence. don't talk! you may make them and him angry! don't talk. if a horrible statement is made about the united states, don't say anything. we have no comment. please, please, oh my god. same thing with iran. remember? we're signing that horrible deal and they're marching in the streets saying death to america. who signs a deal when they're marching saying death to america.
1:51 am
who marches? they're saying death to america and we have the former administration as represented by john kerry. not the best negotiator we've ever seen. he never walked away from the table, except to be in that bicycle race where he fell and broke his leg. that was to onl the only time. i said, don't tell them you broke your leg. say inside. you don't want to negotiate. but he broke his leg. and i learned from that. at 73 years old you never go into a bicycle race. you just don't do that.
1:52 am
i'm not 73. he was. lou: on wall street today, stocks back closing out the week, dow up 332 points, not a bad day, s&p up 34, the nasdaq up 121. volume 3.3 billion shares. the dow and s&p down a fraction for the week. nasdaq up one and a quarter percent. listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. up next, pastor robert jeffers, a member of the new white house initiative joins us here next. mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car.
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what's in your wallet? evening for pruch and federal judge ts ellis, both taking the fight to the mueller special counsel and his corrupt investigation. truman said this, quote, men make history and not the other way around. and periods where there is no leadership society stands still. progreso occurs when courageous skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better. joining us tonight, one of those folks, pastor robert jeffers, leader of the first baptist church in dallas. great to have you with us, pastor. the president signing the white house faith and opportunity initiative. you're part of it. and tell us a little bit about what you're going to do. >> well, this is one more example of the president making
1:57 am
a promise and then fulfilling it. and lou, his approval ratings among evangelicals is as high as it was on election day. 70% prefer him in 2020 over any other gop contender. i've been traveling the country in the last two weeks. i've spoken to thousands of evangelical christians. not one has said a word about russia or stormy daniels. they're excited about this president reinvigorating the economy, brokering peace between north and south korea, apporting conservative justices. that's what they said happening. and they also see the mueller witch hunt for what it is and they're ready to put an end to this crap, as the president said. it's time for us to form a resistance and do something. lou: it's interesting. people don't want to
1:58 am
acknowledge. this is a special counsel who put nothing but left-wing democrats, maybe a few independents 0eindependents on d they're trying to destroy the republicans to whatever degree they can, their opportunity to win the midterm elections. this is an absolute strike at the heart of the administration and the electoral pros tects fof are the party. >> it is. and they're trying to overturn the results of the 2016 election. i'm calling on every viewer of "lou dobbs tonight" monday morning, call your senators and congressmen and demand an end to this mueller witch hunt. aryand secondly, we ought to ree to support any congressman for reelection who right now won't take a stand with president trump. if they won't do it now, they're not going to do it when the going get tough.
1:59 am
it's time to get rid of the crap, as the president said. lou: you've quoted the president twice there, pastor. >> i'm worked up about it. lou: i'm delighted. most americans are. let me show you something we've started on this broadcast. it's called the contract to make america great again. every candidate who runs for office and deserves the support of american voters has to stand up with the president of the united states. and join that contract to make america great again. i think we're saying the same thing and i applaud you for doing so and i wish you all of the best with the initiative. and i have to say, you know, with you on the trump team, i think this president is -- well, i don't think he's an underdog in any way. >> lou, you're the general of the resistance movement. we're going to follow you. lou: i've never been so rye-ranked. i appreciate it. thank you that's it for us top thank
2:00 am
you for being with us. monday, congressman ron desantis and congressman andy biggs among our guests. in the meantime, have a ♪ >> it's the revolver that won the west. >> this is a serious piece of weaponry. >> and she inherited a slew. >> buying the guns turned him into a cowboy. it was an obsession. >> you in there? >> lawmen and outlaws alike reach for the hotshot of colt pistols. >> i was always told that it was a million-dollar gun. >> talk about bang for the buck. >> i've been looking for you. >> or will it all backfire? [ gunshot ] [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪ >> i'm jamie colby, in


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