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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  May 9, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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it could be a nice day in the green. we still had 60 minutes to go. liz, over to you. we've allowed every action just coming in now. america may be out but our biggest allies in europe are moving forward. with iran at this order. diplomats from germany, france and the uk the day is monday location is unknown. one day after president trump exited the deal. markets completely recovering from yesterday's jitters. is on pace for the fifth straight game. moving higher by hundred 84 points. look at oil. spiking more than 3% in the after hours.
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but, is bowing one american company finding itself in a bind. with the sale of commercial jets to the regime. the perception is that it might lose billions of dollars in deals now. before you decide to do anything with the stock buy, sell or hold. you knew to hear what the boeing ceo has just said about the decision. will bring that to you. and don't fear the robots. artificial intelligence headed to the white house. the technology is here life. or that guy. plus supermodel carly klos is closing up a storm. charlie breaks it on the latest bid less than an hour
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to the closing bell. let's start the countdown. we are just getting this breaking is. he has just gotten off the phone with his iranian counterpart. in sticking to the terms of the original 2015 nuclear agreement. the first set by the un security council. to withdraw the united states from the record --dash mike accord. they have made us in statements some statements you need to hear. and then we will get exit -- expert reaction on that. it is 32 at three and half year high. seventy-one dollars 14 cents
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per dollar. up still holding gains of 3%. and who said amazon is killing blick -- brick and mortar retailers. amazon will let its customers install tires at sears stores. surging in this hour. $3.29 stock. and this is how you know the travel season is heating up. trip advisor is currently the best performer in the s&p 500. this after an online travel red -- website in at least two years.
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up to 21 and a third%. trading 14.5 million shares. hitting a bump in the road. they were forced to halt production. of one of the most profitable vehicles. following a fire at a supplier plant. that produces parts for these trucks. we have the stock down about 2% and $11.6 pennies. ford is now dealing with the fallout from the escalating trade tensions with china. reuters is reporting that the imported cars heading to china are being held up at chinese imports. they are getting very difficult and nitpicking. they are drawing out the process. we are seeing that. a 24 hours after they pulled the u.s. out of the iran
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nuclear deal. here is president trump. i would advise iran not to start the nuclear program i would advise them very strongly if they do there will be very severe consequence. in now to the iranian warning. if the deal cannot be salvaged with the remaining members of the un security council iran said it will restart uranium enrichment. what does it mean for the stock market. in talking about all markets in currencies and everything. from london we have the chief market analyst and he has traded everything from equities to for x and he does so from think markets.
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gentleman the french foreign minister said today the deal is not dead we just got the breaking news from the french president saint state in the deal with the rest of the nations even at the u.s. is out. the market action is bullish and relatively fearless at this hour. why do you think that is. thank you for having me. there is no fear in the market because the market believes that the units had gone to the eu that they can still salvage the deal. for a once in a lifetime. that you can eu can stem its position they can show that they can salvage the deal by not only carrying the steel forward but also creating the presence of the euro against the u.s. dollar as a benchmark currency. we do know that donald trump is can a come and he's going to apply the sanctions. in france and germany in the uk they would have to find a place with a strategy and that
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they can open the credit lines for the company's companies based in the eu during the business with iran but based in garo not in the dollar. that is the game. we already know that the credit lines have already been issued by countries by with the countries there on. isn't that a workaround that would skirt the u.s. sanctions that would not -- that would now be back in place. the business angle but also reaction from multi national companies in the world. i would also advise of the european union to not take a short-term market phenomenon. if there is an escalation spiral between the u.s. and the eu over sanction enforcement and if the u.s. enforces the secondary sanctions with the blocking
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legislation and if european banks and businesses particularly central banks continue to process the sanctions they will be subject to those tough secondary sanctions and they would be in a position after 180 days when the sanctions do come back online and are enforced to actually impact markets. i think now is the time for the unwind. they do want to press ahead with this deal i don't think they should let short-term markets dictate their policies. we are watching them burning the flag and the american flag. they don't burn european flags they burn israeli flags and u.s. flags. the president has said why should we be in a deal with this country. so back to the reaction that we do see right now we have a gain of 191 points for the dow jones industrial lots of green on this screen. they're still doing what they have done for ever saying let's wipe the u.s. and israel off the face of the map. why should we be in the steel.
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i think with all of the policies aside creating this deal was a positive thing because it kept them from creating that power and on top of that we also created and ended to end to the gdp. 20billion worth of business was dead last year. if you compare that during that precrisis or the pre- sanction time that number was standing at $3.6 billion. i think it's better to have iran on your side. rather than be playing a game i don't think that would yield any good return for anyone. give us your final thought on this. this is a country that maybe they did it violate the nuclear deal but the missiles that they had put together they are supporting terrorism
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do you really want to be in bed or in business with that kind of country. >> that is a question that they should be answering. in the past decade the banks and businesses had been swayed by the treasury department. and by generally accepting this compliance with norms. a deal or no deal it's a bad place for business and that's what they should know. thank you. both of you. if you are looking for the most immediate and obvious reaction to the u.s. withdrawal look at the red-hot rally and energy stocks. it's the best performing sector in the s&p 500 currently on track for the biggest gain in a month. if you bet on these names you are doing well today. but financials are giving them a run for their money. going right through 3% earlier there it is.
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holding on to the 3% level is boosting financial stocks since they can benefit from rising interest rates. they are looking very firm at this hour. should you pile into this hours winning sectors were find a place for your all-important portfolio. traders, with 49 minutes left of the session. if they open the financial markets to all of these different life insurers in asset managers and big banks that's a huge market. $50trillion that they will open up may be in june as a direct response to trump. what you think. i have to go with energy. it is a sector that has been recovered like that financial
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did earlier in the year. i think they're starting to realize that this is unmasking the fact that the global oil market is a lot tighter than people thought it was the just a few years ago. a glut of oil supply. is gonna take billions of dollars of investment for the global oil market to catch up with demand. there is a lot of upside in the technology sector. i'm not going to break the tie. i think that's the halfway point of the larger sellout from the all-time high. there is still more upside in the energy sector for sure but the oil cleanup is different yesterday. let's talk bank of america it's a great set up as far as the stock goes. were at 33 does it couple weeks ago.
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it has paused but it looks like it's been a make another march to the high. i will throw you for a loop. pharma is looking very good but also in at department stores, macy's, kohl's, tjx companies dillards, and jcpenney everything jcpenney everything is up here. this is all brick-and-mortar. it has to be good for energy as well. great to see all of you. it's a great day for the bowl. we will see you next time. speaking of brick and mortar. walmart finds its passage to india. it brings in 47 minutes. the biggest retailers actually the heaviest drag on the dow jones industrial after pain
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$16 billion for a 77% stake in flip cart. why is it losing $2.53. investors may be skeptical that walmart might flip cart will thwart to the push into india. boeing could lose out on billions of dollars in trade with iran things to the president's decision yesterday and now the ceo is speaking out or shall we say shrugging edward lawrence on why the jet maker is not jittery today. stay tuned.
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breaking news out of the white house. you are looking at life pictures of the east room. president trump is about to take the stage there. the celebration of what we expect to be veterans and their wives specifically talking about finding of jobs employment an important issue here. they are very motivated workforce he will be highlighting the lowest unemployment rate. what we're going to do is take you live help us. who could be thrown a question
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about the just freed hostages out of north korea. having exited from it. they're trying to keep what's left of the coalition together to keep that deal in place. as soon as it happens we will bring it to you. the vips have not been seeded yet. they are been seeded just now. many in the administration will be there and we can keep the shot up to. dream liner drama as that u.s. revokes boeing's license to sell jet to iranian carriers. the plane to make maker had deals worth $20 billion in place. they are taking in stride today and an appearance he said that none of the aircraft that they have played to sell to iran was in the backlog of orders -- right now they could
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see a long term hit from this. they signed at the 3 billion-dollar deal last year with airlines in iran now in total they have a deal to deliver 110 planes with $20 billion as you said but before you have to send. they have not started to make the planes yet. we have not made any skyline reduction commitments on this airplane. and i think most sensitive to that was the triple seven line. and none of those airplanes are in our backlog. we had been pushing some of those out to mitigate the risk and we will continue to follow the u.s. government. the competitor actually airbus will take the most immediate impact. most of their planes they have
3:21 pm
started delivering planes to iran in the 2016 deal and within their planes are american parts therefore those parts fall under the sanctions that we head in place here. some waivers that might go in place here. those will follow just a very strict process. there are very few selected parts that are considered the safety of parts. all of those are subject to u.s. licensing. as they potentially lose out on their future in iran. there might be some bright spots on the future of this. to replace 5767's that deal could be worth $12 billion which could replace some of the loss long-term in iran. the concern is that in the past iran has taken commercial jets and converted them and put weapons on their it means that they are aimed at the
3:22 pm
u.s. and of course israel. so that has always been a concern has in it. so that has always been a concern has in it. that's one think the ceo stress in his presentation. he follows the guidelines that the u.s. it sets out. the most sensitive information outside of those airplanes that they delivered to iran they follow all of the agreements everything out -- everything that has set up. the stock right now is looking very healthy. the entire week long it has been the winner of 2017 high of the year is 371. we're off that. and lawrence, i think you very much. keep us right here. they are gonna take a deep dive on all of this including the picture of trade globally and a special look at china's 200 year return to world economic dominance at 6:00 p.m. eastern on making money.
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charles actually makes you money. he's in believable brain carly class. that was up hundred 70 without that. that supermodel known as much for her brains as her beauty. today shared the stage. just about every business is working to join. we will tell you what it was all about and we are waiting on president trump he is about to deliver remarks about veteran unemployment. but for the spouses as well. who knows what questions he will be thrown maybe about the latest developments of north korea. this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv.
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as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve the president of the united states is about to speak on veterans and spouses and jobs. thank you. thank you all for being here today i'm honored to hold everybody at the white house to celebrate you. mother's day which is a sunday is celebrated just one time per year i don't know about all of you but i think mothers should be celebrated each and every day.
3:26 pm
i know what goes into raising a child. it takes an incredible amount of strength a lot of time and a generous amount of patience and all of your love. as moms we are so incredibly privileged to be able to bring children into this world and to be part of helping them grow into adults. the joy in fear they feel with pride in a manner that only other minors -- mothers can extend. because of the powerful bond when they feel emotions said we. whether they are happy or nervous. sad or excited. we feel those things with them. i think it's one of the most powerful and beautiful parts
3:27 pm
of motherhood. today i want to take this opportunity to let you all know that as a mother members of the military community you deserve the commission for not only your love for your children but for the dedication and sacrifice you make on behalf of your country each and every day. i know i speak on behalf of my husband the vice president when i tell you how much this administration supports all those who serve which includes not only those but their families also. in closing i want to thank you all for your nick rolls as military mothers military mothers whether you are enlisted, actively serving or if you have a child in our military you are such a special part of this country for all that you get. i hope you enjoy today's performance by the united
3:28 pm
states army corporation and we are so honored to have you here. before i turn this over to my husband i want to thank our second lady karen pentz for all of the hard work they have done on their executive order that he will be signing. because of your commitment to the military there will be more opportunity for military spouses who are looking for jobs within the federal government. thank you ladies for your hard work on this important topic. [applause]. >> thank you all again for being here today. it's my pleasure to introduce my has been the president of the united states. [applause]. >> thank you very much.
3:29 pm
she's become a very popular first lady. i am seen all of the stories. thank you all for being here. to all of the military spouses i very special place. we are honored by your presence and we celebrate your heroic service and that's exactly what it is. too often military spouses do not receive the recognition they deserve. do you know that feeling? you endure long separations during the employments and some of them are much longer than you ever bargained for. he routinely move your families around the country and all over the world you maintain morale in your family and across the military community.
3:30 pm
you support and its essential to making our military the mighty fighting force in the world and getting stronger all the time. we just approved $700 billion for our military. [applause]. we are going to be having the best equipment ever now. next year $716 billion i wanted to let you know. [applause]. and by the way i know you don't care about this but that also includes raises for our military. [applause]. the first time in ten years. [applause]. your love, resilience and courage uplifts our heroes and indeed our nation. we are forever in your debt i also want to thank all of the spouses here today who are serving in uniform you are an
3:31 pm
inspiration to us all a great inspiration. today i am here to tell you that my administration is totally committed to every family that serves in the united states armed forces. that's why earlier this year i was proud to sign that big pay raise that i have already spoken about we are also taking action to expand employment opportunities for our great military spouses and i know what you have gone through. the confidence is so high yet so difficult that is not going to happen anymore. one of the things that helps is our tremendous job situation in the united states. we just did 3.9% unemployment
3:32 pm
which is the biggest of this century the best of this century. that helps it really helps a problem but even beyond that you will be given a treatment like never before as you know the unemployment rate among military spouses of whom more than 90% are women is estimated to be four times higher than the unemployment rate that i just spoke up. but we are going to change that and were going to change it as quickly as we can it will go fast. you've seen what we've done. we are working with states across the country to encourage them to remove licensing barriers so that spouses who work careers such as teaching, nursing and law many others also can get a job in their profession no matter where they move. in and just a moment i will take executive action to promote military spouse hiring across the federal government something that people have
3:33 pm
wanted presidents to do for a long time. military spouses had already shown the utmost devotion to our nation and we want to show you our devotion in return. [applause]. we will now ensure that you have it better access to federal jobs by taking this action today we are leading by example and encouraging american businesses across the country to expand job opportunities for our incredible and talented and highly educated military spouses. this includes opportunities to work remotely which technology as you know has made more possible and more of everything in life possible than ever before america owes
3:34 pm
a debt of gratitude to our military spouses we can never repay you for all that you do. we know what you do. and your spouse knows what you do. we can never repay you for that but we can't and we will give you the opportunities you deserve today we take one of many important actions to ensure that you are free to pursue your careers support your families and continue serving this nation that we all love so much. when you are strong your families are strong and america thrives thank you, god bless you and god bless america. thank you very much for all that you do. [applause].
3:35 pm
>> the president goes to sinus executive order and watches with the entire group of military and the experts and special guests there including his daughter vodka. it really played an important role in the veterans themselves but the spouses of veterans the president now signs his military spouse hiring executive order and has helped from president's past. it will be a big event tomorrow at the white house speaking of the military artificial intelligence has become not just a consumer priority but a major defense priority guiding robotic bomb squads, drones and many other issues. it has been so competitive the
3:36 pm
u.s. in china are in a steel cage death match to take the lead in ideas and patents. you are looking at some of the stocks that are involved in ai and in artificial intelligence and who will be present tomorrow. the white house hosting the summit on the future of artificial intelligence. we have nabbed one of the invitees that have been there. and technology president. talking about artificial intelligence there is a massive patent race coming on. from the battlefield to the business world. how do we do that. i think artificial intelligence is an incredible emerging field that we have. as one of those times in technology where we can bring a whole lot of new capabilities.
3:37 pm
when you hear reports that some of these new efforts. they start speaking to that each other in that language. it is like any new technology. i think one of the reasons why is to really bring together around the varieties of industry. the healthcare manufacturing automotive. and what we really want to do is get understanding of where ais today.
3:38 pm
then talk about the real implications in the business implications of what we can do. this can be a true foundation we want to make sure that's understood. not only to advance economically but also in things like government services. the chinese are ahead of us this year. the u.s. would want to win this race. reporting that the white house spent i believe about $2 billion last year on ai and development. it sounds rather small. i'm not sure though. two elements. the number of patents doesn't necessarily correlate to the value of what is being patented. there is some amazing and profoundly good researchers with this happening in the u.s. around the artificial intelligence. when i think of it from a master courage standpoint it's
3:39 pm
been part of everything that were doing. >> what are you doing with it. in our network itself we are applying artificial intelligence to look at every transaction that flows through we can detect fraud patterns that we've never seen before. we have literally been able to prevent billions of dollars of fraud and helping all of the citizens that are using it in all of the merchants. and being able to have more intelligence built into the networks. moving from simple rules based on what we've seen before to reacting to things that are happening in real-time. we have a company called new a data that just became a part of this. it's easier for fraudsters at time to emulate who you are. and looks at how you use your devices and mobile.
3:40 pm
and it constantly learns and understands who you are so can be much more certain that we are dealing with you. intelligence and real-world application that we are building into all of our products here today. elon musk who is a big thinker. he is really concerned about this. i personally have talked to bill gates about it. what do you think of what he says is a real fear he has that artificial intelligence will take over the world. he sat there and thought about it. he looked at me and he said elon is not wrong. how do we keep this in control. president trump has been a guy who has gotten rid of a lot of regulation. but he is also for appropriate regulation we certainly hope does this need to be regulated. it sounds like it does. i think like any of the technology we need to
3:41 pm
understand what it is and how it's being used. if you look at the internet itself that came from government, academia business working together. you will see the same thing and ai. with any new technology to look at the implications of what they can do. but what we shouldn't allow it to do is prevent it from taking advantages of the real a benefit that can bring today. ed, we are watching this. good stuff with mastercard and what you are doing and to prevent fraud. that drives me nuts. we appreciate that. thank you so much. ed mclaughlin of mastercard when we come back we are watching as they hold onto the gains of 51 points. charlie gasper is going to be mad at me i get to hang out with carly kloss the supermodel. we will show you what she was doing. ♪
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since the tax reform plan was voted in back in december we reported on a more than a hundred companies that have given employees at bonuses and many are now looking to ramp up their philanthropy with the money they have gotten back. they hosted at the fifth annual philanthropy summit in new york city the summit was all about looking forward but also giving back. they moderated the panel on companies in their philanthropic work. along with the founder and ceo. you just saw that flex jet chairman. the co- ceo of war beat parker. the countdown got a chance to catch up with the eyewear disruptor backstage on the
3:47 pm
role and charitable giving and how they do it. >> since we started the company eight years ago we have now distributed over 4 million pairs of glasses to people -- through that with people in need. it would be easy to keep the money. what's at the heart of taking that money and turning around and giving it away in philanthropy. the world's problems are bigger and complex than they've ever been and we think all organizations need to have an active presence and give that to communities. and we have a really massive opportunity as an organization to have a positive impact. have you found that giving is actually good for the business itself? >> absolutely. we find having a social mission allows us to attract and retrain the most talented employees in the world. the customers then want to spread through word of mouth
3:48 pm
the work that we are doing. we do find that there are ways to have a positive impact while having a profit mode. with the star-studded event. to actor bradley cooper. and also facebook cofounder chris hughes as well as carly kloss who personally introduced me which was really exciting. here is me and carly back stage. to be clear i was wearing 4-inch tall stilettos and carly can still step on me. she somehow forgot to say that she wanted to say hello to you. by accident she forgot to mention you. for a big put together guy.
3:49 pm
he was giving me a hard time. and then they shook the hand. that guy for a big dude he has girly hands. just go to my story. we will talk about this in private. what story do you have here? >> reporter: they are telling telecom executives that they are wary about allowing comcast to buy our assets. so not so fast brian roberts. we broke the story last week. they are eyeing the assets particularly with at&t and prevails over the government. that is a good precedent for them to go out to get any -- even bigger.
3:50 pm
they say dude, not so fast first trump has labeled comcast everybody thinks he hates jeff zuckerberg at cnn. he calls them public enemy number one. because it controls msnbc. i think we can think of other public enemy number one. >> this is really serious. he doesn't like them from the political standpoint. the antitrust officials. the longtime officials. are very wary about the deal between nbc and comcast. basically did not agree or carry forth the conditions
3:51 pm
that they agreed to with that merger. here is what we know and this is why this is a big story. they are wary about allowing them to buy asset because they are looking at that deal to possibly put some more conditions on it. extended the deal. and here is one thing that they have actually discussed inside the justice department. a possible spin off of nbc you it's a if a condition as comcast to get larger. nobody knows what's gonna go on can go on in the future here. how gently owned rules on the at&t time warner merger is it. you can go ahead with it. some conditions may be at the justice department comes back and says when ants were not a challenge that. they will then put the stops on comcast.
3:52 pm
then brian roberts feels pretty and bowling. i'm telling you when i talk to people at the doj they don't like these horizontal mergers between major distribution and big-time content. they're gonna there can look to put conditions there. potential spinoff. as more conditions. public enemy number one. say for this. it's not often that you hear the oracle of omaha. that he has made a mistake but he will if he has made one with the closing bell ringing and eight minutes.
3:53 pm
just how far and how fast they would take. i did not i make a lot of mistakes. he says forget amazon. this next guest has three tech names that warren buffett might want to buy next. countdown is coming back up. my mom's pain from
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. >> breaking news -- the white house press briefing has just begun and sarah sanders just specifically said that president trump will join mike pompeo, the new secretary of state, and greet the three hostages that have just been
3:57 pm
released from north korea. they're returning from north korea. the word she used was tomorrow, that could mean 1:00 a.m. it all depends. but president trump will apparently be there and greet mike pompeo and the three released hostages who some of them have been in there for about two years. we'll be watching those developments and bring anything more to you as it becomes available. warren buffett's apple purchase, 75 million shares, legendary, sent the stock surging to record highs. all-time record highs. right now apple at $187.08, as buffett plots next move, which tech companies should the oracle of omaha put on shopping list? he traditionally does not like tech. i want to bring in jeff powell. the reason, jeff, he told me he liked apple because he looked at it as a consumer products business, not tech, you are saying there are companies that might fit into his window of
3:58 pm
technology? >> absolutely. technology is always evolving. we have companies in artificial intelligence as you were talking about a few moments ago that fit into many different places within consumer discretionary and technology very easily. >> so what are the names, if you had warren buffett's ear and got to whisper into it, what would you say? >> the biggest name in artificial chip intelligence manufacturing is nvidia, amd as well, both companies are big into the artificial intelligence, virtual reality, nvidia is big in automated cars and things of that nature. if you look at the company and the stock it's done amazingly over the last couple of years. >> you know what? it's -- he couldn't buy the company outright. he told me he has about $100 billion in cash. market cap of nvidia is 155
3:59 pm
billion, you're saying pick up the stock, right? >> maybe buys two-thirds of it instead of the whole thing. there's a myriad of areas in technology that really fit that mold. you had mastercard on just a minute ago. if you think about that, it's a technology company, but it's really dealing with consumer discretionary needs. >> okay, cisco and microsoft are the other two. bill gates sat on the berkshire board for years and buffett has never bought microsoft. i don't know why he'd start now. make the case. >> you know, again playing into very similar role, some of the software companies. if you look at the really old names of technology, microsoft, cisco, intel, a lot of these older technology names. they're really starting to pick up. microsoft for the first time since 2000, last year, broke out. so we've got a company that is starting to drive its earnings,
4:00 pm
starting to be a big consumer product. david: >> i have to tell you, microsoft hitting all-time high today. it is a member of the dow jones industrials. we've got five wins in a row for the dow, longest streak in three months. that will do it for the claman "countdown," folks, hope you are here tomorrow. i'll be here too. david: closing in the green for a fifth day in a row, popping up about 184 points right now. the s&p 500 and nasdaq also mostly climbing on the strength in energy and financial stocks. hi, everybody, i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." more on the big market movers. here's what else we are covering in this busy hour. coming home. three americans held hostage in north korea on their way back to the u.s. right now. the details surrounding their release and what this could mean for the highly anticipated meeting between president trump and kim jong-un. and this is a scene from the iranian parliament, burning american flag


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