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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 9, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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force base, i hope there's as much heraldy for when our hostages came back from iran. charles: i hope so too. appreciate your expertise tonight, folks. here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, president trump securing the release of three americans from captivity in north korea. and at the same time securing another important foreign policy victory. those three americans held by north korea were released and secretary of state mike pompeo is bringing them back to the united states tonight set to land at andrews air force base late tonight where the president will greet them. kim jong-un clearly making important gestures of goo goodwl as pros tects for the trump-kim summit steadily improve. the justice department taking seriously house intel
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chairman devin nunes threat of contempt citations and impeachment. justice permitting him and trey gowdy to take a look at documents related to the russia probe this thursday. we take up who the department of justice is trying to hide, what they're doing to fight back against their corrupt leadership. congressman jim jordan joining us, george jarrett and george washington university law professor jonathan turlay. and republican voters last night lining up behind president trump for important primaries. and the president in effect winning them all, handing victories to candidates who align with the president's make america great again agenda. our stop story. white house correspondent john roberts is reporting that the proposed summit between
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president trump and north korean president kim will take place in singapore in early june in all likelihood. that comes as president trump scores a massive diplomatic victory celebrating the release of those three americans from north korea. the men returning home with mike pompeo following his successful meeting with the korean leader kim. the three detainees, two held for a year, the other for two and a half years, will be greeted by the president upon their arrival at joint base andrews at 2 a.m. the president addressing the break through in the upcoming summit during a cabinet meeting that morning. >> i think a very special time. nobody thought that was going to happen. i appreciate kim jong-un doing this and allowing them to go. we picked a time, we picked a place for the meeting, or summit as you like to call it. and i think it will be very successful. but as i always say, who knows.
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who knows what's going to happen. but it's going to be a very important event. again, i think this is something that nobody thought was going happen for years or more. lou: and it is probably no surprise to you that the "the new york times" was bashing secretary of state pompeo yesterday because he was, quote, missing in action while president trump tore up the iranian nuclear deal. they thought he should have been there for that. the "times" taking a shot at the administration as it does frequently. this time the head line was, at a key moment trump's top diplomat is again thousands of miles away. the horror of it all. yes, thousands of miles away rescuing three american hostages who the trump presidency managed to get released another win last night, republican primary voters backing candidates align with president trump in critical
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senate primaries. west virginia, indiana and ohio. trump tweeted this. the republican party had a great night, tremendous voter energy and excitement and all candidates are those who have a great chance of winning in november. the economy is so strong -- i may have put in a couple of extra o's -- and with nancy pelosi wanting to end the tax cuts and raise taxes, why wouldn't we win. great question. devin nunes and oversight committee chairman trey gowdy have been invited to the justice department for a classified briefing thursday. this follows outright threats from nunes to hold attorney general jeff sessions in contempt. the department of justice now reportedly wants to work with lawmakers concerning their latest request for documents, requests that have been ignored and stonewalled throughout. our first guest tonight is one
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of those leading the fight against the department of justice and fbi efforts to undermine the constitutional authority of congress in its oversight responsibilities. joining us tonight is congressman jim jordan. he serves as a member of the house judiciary and oversight committees. also a member of the house freedom caucus. congressman, great to have you here. >> good to be with you. lou: it appears that you have solved part of the puzzle. >> yeah. lou: the department of justice will respond to threats of contempt citations and impeachment as delivered by chairman nunes. >> we'll see what happens tomorrow, if in fact they get to see the documents that chairman nunes has been requesting. it sounds like this is at least a step in the right direction. it doesn't change the pattern and the fact that we've seen for the last several months which is drdelay, take your good old tim. redacting information. it's always like pulling teeth with these guys and it's frustrating. the early indications are that
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maybe we're moving something in the right direction. lou: and there is some reporting that the white house agreed with the department of justice in qurnconcerns about methods and sources being revealed in this one instance, at least it appears to be one instance. but that is the same answer they all proffer. >> take the comey memos. you can't see them. we get them and there was nothing classified in there. this is the pattern that the doj has. the run out the clock. they've told us just what we're supposed to be looking at, approximately 46,000 documents we're supposed to see. to date we've received 9,000, over seven months. at that pace we'll be well into president trump's second term before we get the information that we're entitled to see as a separate and equal branch of government. lou: speaking of the documents, the scope memo among them, the department of justice
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rejecting -- well sitting on rejecting your demand to produce the rosenstein memo, the august 2nd memo, which was after the fact justification for whatever had transpired between then and the outset of the special counsel on may 17th. >> yeah, lou, i think this is real important. mr. meadows and i sent a letter to the justice department on april 9th. we got a response back asking to see this addendum to the scope of the special counsel's investigation into the president of the united states. we got the response back last tuesday. three days later, which is what i found so interesting, the federal judge said he wants to see that same document. so now what you have is two branches of government telling the justice department, the executive branch, we want to see the scope of the document -- or that scope document and how that expands, adapts, changes the original memo that mr. rosenstein sent to bob mueller. we think it's important. the american people, lou, have a
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right to know the parameters surrounding information into the president they elected. that's why it's important that we see that information. lou: how did this -- i don't want to get into the history of this thing, but when you look at what the justice department is doing, led by rosenstein and a slumbering jeff sessions who purportedly is the attorney general still, and a crew of the most corrupt officials and departmenofficials indepartment, those are just the ones we know about, how can the -- at this point, have you said to the president of the united states, or he to you, that this is the time to eppe end this. it's time for transparency. it's time for sunlight and openness and the hell with these corrupt people. >> yeah, it is definitely time for transparency. the american people have a right to get to the information to answer the questions that they rightfully have. we have said -- i said earlier today on the radio, it's time
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for the president of the united states to tell the justice department give congress what it's asking for so the american people can get answers to these questions. last time i checked these folks at the justice department who are making it so difficult to get stuff we as a separate and equal branch of government are entitled to see, mone none of te individuals were ever on a ballot, none elected by the american people and yet somehow they think they have the right to say nope, congress can't get the information that we need to get to get answers to important questions about the president of the united states. lou: the stench of the department of justice, the upper echelons, the stench of their corruption and the awesome hubris which they decide the contusion and the congressional responsibility -- not just the authority, the responsibility of congress to provide oversight is stunning. >> yeah. it sure is. and it's always so hard to get information. and then they actual haly attemt
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to hide. why did they try to redact the information, hide the information between -- in a text message between lisa page and peter strzok that talked about the relationship peter strzok had with one of the fisa judges and the judge that heard michael flynn's case. why did they try to hide from congress. why did they tell congress that daniel richmond, why didn't they tell us he was a special government employee at the fib? why don't we know. we have to dig and hunt and persuade to give us information to get the documents to get the answers. why is it always so difficult. that's what we want to know. particularly, as you point out, it's our constitutional role. lou: you serve on judiciary and oversight. but th there is also great responsibility in an my judgment that belongs on the shoulders of the speaker of the house who says things like this. ryan says mueller, rosen sign should be allowed to do their
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jobs, when point of fact, they're not doing their jobs and they're not doing it the american way. as a matter of fact, i can't even begin to understand why ryan and majority leader mcconnell do not stand up for the president of the united states and say, end this nonsense, because every, every act -- obvious in my opinion, criminality and just overarching abuse of power is on the part of the investigators, the justice department, the fbi and the leaders. >> how about if fact today that the "the new york times" was able to see michael cohen's personal documents. mow did they get that. how did that happen? mr. rosenstein can do his job but we in congress have a job to do as well and we need to information to do the job. give us the information. and if you won't, we'll pursue every avenue we can to persuade you to give us that information. lou: we know the inspector general is supposed to be
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producing a very important report on the corruption. have you got any whiff of a possible date or possible week in which that ju must might be released to the public? >> supposed to be april, then first week of may. now it's likely to happen right before memorial day. i don't know. i think it will happen before memorial day but i do not know. what i do know is what we've seen thus farrell di far to andw mccabe, it showed that he lied several times. and now there's a criminal referral for mr. mccabe. i wanted to come as quickly as possible. but most importantly remember none of these people in the department of justice ever had their name on a ballot. never elect by the american people. we have and we need that information to get the information to the american people. lou: congressman jim jordan, thank you for everything you're
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doing. >> you bet lou: up next, president trump issues a stern warning to iran. he said, do not restart your nicnuclear program. we'll have the latest here next. stay with us.
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just landing in anchorage, alaska, unexpected unscheduled stop. the newly freed hostages from north korea with him. the state department just released this statement from the freed americans reading, quote, we would like to express our deep appreciation to the united states government, president trump, secretary pompeo and the people of the united states for bringing us home. we thank god and all of our families and friends who prayed for us and our return. god bless america, the greatest nation in the world. amen. president trump today issuing a stern warning to iran the day after he announced the united states is pulling out of the disastrous obama-iran nuclear deal. >> i would advice iran not to start their nuclear program i would advise them strongly. if they do, there would be very
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severe consequence. okay? lou: and president trump's attorney rudy giuliani says mueller's team is scrambling after judge t.s. ellis' harsh criticism about the case of paul manafort. giuliani says he's wait to see what happens in the manafort case before deciding whether the president will sit down with an interview with the special counsel. is that a wise course under any circumstance? to assess that and joining us on that as well as a lot of other issues, legal analyst greg jarrett, author of the book "the russia hoax, the scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump." it is now available and we urge you to avail yourself of the opportunity for preorder giuliani wants to see what happens to manafort. about everything bad that could haphazard already happened to
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manafort. what bubble of ambiguity and ambivalence could possibly exist in giuliani's mind as to whether to recommend sitting down with an obviously corrupt, politically corrupt special counsel? >> i think giuliani is hoping that manafort will get a further dressing down by federal judge t.s. ellis -- lou: manafort? >> mueller would get a dressing down in the manafort case. because according to the judge so far, it appears that mueller didn't have authority to bring charges against manafort. that would take the wind out of the sails of mueller. and i think giuliani is wanting to exploit that if it happens. lou: what is it that takes the wind out of mueller's sails. think about this. he has an overwhelming etiological can't to his entire operation, nearly all of them
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activist democrats left-wingers with a history of prosecutorial abuse, many of them, and extraordinarily close ties in two instance to hillary clinton. >> right. it's legitimate to call into question robert mueller's judgment in this case. lou: his integrity also. >> well -- lou: what kind of integrity do you have when you're a special counsel and that you are -- and you are required to be impartial and you do this, as the president describes them, 13 angry democrats. >> mueller sabotaged his own investigation, first of all, by failing to recognize a mandatory recusal. his conflict of interest. and then, as you point out, selecting a team of hyper partisans. and going after paul manafort on old charges for which he had already been largely cleared. lou: let's talk about that.
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to me this is fascinating because i was unaware of it until last week. and that is that he took his closed files, cases. >> right. lou: against manafort that had been investigated over ten years ago and decided to activate them and decided that they were chargeable. and that was the basis for the predawn raid on manafort and his wife's home. >> beginning 13 years ago the tax division at the department of justice began investigating manafort and they did it for years. and in the end they concluded there wasn't sufficient evidence to bring charges. mueller digs into the archives, yanks them off, blows the dust off and decides to bring charges. mueller's problem is, under the special counsel regulation, he can only bring charges based on evidence that arises out of his own investigation, and this did not. lou: no matter how far afield from the idea of the russian probe, if it results in the
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investigation, which he's taken liberal advantage of. >> he certainly has. lou: trey gowdy, devin nunes, nunes, the head of the intel committee, gowdy the head of oversight, now going to trapcc oveceover to the justice depart. congress wants to assert his responsibilities and authority of overnight. >> rosenstein has been obstructing congress' constitutionality of overeight. oversight. and it wasn't until the threat of impeaching rosenstein did he finally, late today, capitulate and say, okay, you can come over and look at this classified unredacted information. rosenstein had no basis to reject to nunes looking at this because nunes has security clearance to see it.
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and so, you know, it's a sad day in the department of justice when you have to threaten somebody with impeachment to get them to do their duty. lou: these are not only sad days, these are days of anger. this is a justice department leadership that doesn't deserve any regard whatsoever. they should be flushed out of that corrupt department and i mean now. there is no -- to me, there is no excuse for any one of these acts. can you think of an execution for than excuse forthe way in ws acted, jeff sessions and i should say in the case of sessions not acted, the entire people demoted, reassigned, retired at justice and the fbi. it is awful. >> when people we entrust to enforce the law end up breaking the law and obstructing congress, then it's time to clean house. and a good place to start is with sessions and rosenstein if
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it means they have to go either being fired or impeached, so be it. lou: a lot to be done. and this president, he's going, it seems to me right now, i'm sure that he would -- you know, he's resisting it. but the reality is that encroaching upon him now is a level of corruption at his justice department, his fbi, and i don't want to hear a word about independent justice departments and independent fbis. >> no. lou: the fact of the matter is they are executive law enforcement and national security agencies and it's the way the constitution is written. which you reminded us every day. appreciate you. >> thank you, lou. lou: be sure to vote in the poll tonight, the question is, do you believe that after the results of last night's primaries, it's time for speaker ryan and leader mcconnell to recognize once and for all that this is president trump's republican party? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs, follow me on instagram, follow me on
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facebook. you follow me on every piece of social media you can think of and we'll appreciate it up next, more on the president's historic progress with north korea. we'll be talking with a law make whoalawmakerwho is calling on tl prize committee to take notice, sit up and take notice. next. stay with us. man: i got scar tissue there. same thing with any dent or dings on this truck.
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lou: president trump addressing the historic progress that he's made with north korea, talking about that at today's house, white house cabinet meeting. the prisoner release and the upcoming meeting with kim jong-un have revised discussion now of a nobel peace prize for a president but one who's actually done something. and this president says he he remains focused on the task at hand. >> everyone thinks so but i would never say it. you know what i want to do?
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i want to get it finished. the prize i want is victory for the world. not for even here. i want victory for the world. that's what we're talking about here. that's the only prize i want. i believe that we have, both sides want to negotiate a deal. i think it's going to be a very successful deal. i this i we have a really good shot at making it successful but lots of things could happen and of course you'll be the fist to know about it if it does. but i think we have a really good chance to make a great deal for the world. lou: aand as the president says, peace is the prize. joining us tonight, congressman diane black. she insists on being called congressman, not congresswoman. she sits on the house ways and means committee. great to have you with us. i thought it was very charming of the president to grin and say the last thing he would do is discuss the nobel peace prize. but the progress that has been made as been extraordinary with north korea. i think even his most -- all but
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his most fevered opponents -- i don't know what you would call them, haters, would agree. >> lou, i would just dare anyone to show me another time in history where so much has been done. not just for the united states for safety, peace and security but for the world as the president said. and i believe that he deserves the nobel peace prize. he's done more in the last week than what was done in the previous administration, to bring safety and security not just to the united states but to the world. and he deserves to be recognized for that. lou: you know, i couldn't agree with you more. but there's an empirical body of evidence here, whether it's the economy, the markets, whether it's unemployment, whether it is foreign policy, what he is doing vis-a-vis ie rain iran, what heg with kim jong-un. all of the things that we were
7:32 pm
told couldn't be done by previous presidents and some of those previous, at least one of the previous presidents still meddling and trying to return the world to strategic patience and indolence. the reality is he's done all of this, all of this is under 16 months in office. >> that's right. that's right. incredible. and as i say, i dare anyone to show me another president who has done as much. he does reminded me a lot of president reagan where president reagan knew he could get peace through strength and that's exactly what we're seeing with this president who is very strong. he is a good negotiator and he's not going to back down when he believes something is right for the safety and security of this country. he is going to do it and he's keeping his promise by the way. lou: and i want to show you -- can we put the graphic up for diane black, please, the contract to make america great again. because we saw last night, if we could get that up, please.
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hello! i'm being told we're getting it. this is 21st century graphics. are we really going to be waiting much longer, guys? i see one over here. can we take a picture that? can we move a camera into position? are we really? there it is. now this is a picture of a graphic. that's how much trouble we're having to night and i apologize for that. >> that's okay. lou: frankly this is something that everyone in the house of representatives, republicans, should sign, a contract to make america great again. that is lining up straightforwardly with the president and moving the country ahead instead of watching so many of these congressmen -- these rhinos continue to be obstructionists whrm tists almoe level of the dems on the left in
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this country. what do you think? >> i'm all on board with what president trump is doing. i was on board when he was running. it's j something different. someone willing to stand up and say what it was. not just pussy foot around, pardon the saying. he's strong and the leaders know he's strong and they have great respect for him. that's what it takes. lou: do you think everyone should line up with the president in their elections -- i mean straightforwardly. the party's nominees candidates, should they sign up on the contract to make america great again? >> i think they should. i think that's what makes us successful is to make america great and this president has done what he said. i'm so proud to have worked with him on to tax reform and to see what that's doing. the tax cuts are amazing. i hear it every day when i'm in my district and i go to the tbroasry store or the church, people are thanking me for what's going on in our country economically. they're grateful that their life
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has been changed from the last ten years of being in the doldrums. lou: in less than 16 months i will point out again. >> exactly. lou: congresswoman diane black, always great to have you here. thanks for all you're doing. >> thank you very f for having . lou: up next, we take up the justice department's efforts to keep classifieds fisa documents away from the prying eyes of american citizens, you know, we the public. we the people. georgetown law professor jonathan turlay joins us next. stay with us.
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lou: joining us now, author and georgetown university law professor, jonathan turlay. professor, great to have you here. a development today that i think that most people didn't think was going to happen, given rod rosenstein's adamant refusal to submit to extortion and of course also the constitution and the oversight of congress, permitting devin nunes and trey gowdy, the chairs of the intelligence and oversight committees to look at national security documents that they had been seeking for some time. how important, how big of a deal is it? >> well, i think it is a very important development. the fact is, i think congress has correct in objecting to the
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position of the justice department in refusing to show this material to committees that have an oversight responsibility. this has been a long standing practice with the agencies. it is not supported by the constitution. when th this type of issue has e to the court, congress has largely won. this is a belated response but it's an important and good one. i think we have to agree on a very divided country. that may be the one thing we can agree on, is at that stage, with so many questions on both sides, it's transparency that's going to help us come back together eventually. we may not agree with the ultimate conclusions of one investigation or the other, but we all need to agree that we've seen the relevant facts and what bothers me about the history and the relationship of these committees is that it has been obstructionists. i think that you saw that most recently with the redactions
7:41 pm
with regard to mccabe, that is initially the committee was forced to produce a document that had redactions from the fbi which were ludicrous. all of us could see what they had redacted by reading the rest of the report. but the biggest problem is that when it was then released in a fuller condition, it was clear that those redactions had nothing to do with national security or investigation. lou: iutterly a nonevent, inconsequential. and if i say argue just a bit with you on transparency, i am absolutely for all transparency. i think this administration has an historic opportunity to demand, insist on transparency throughout the executive and sup certainly support -- i think the president's first reflex should be to support devin nunes at every turn.
7:42 pm
he's has been a man of courage and fully supportive of the constitution at every turn of the trump era, all 16 months of it. i think this is a fight worth having now. we have a corrupt justice department. we have a corrupt fbi. and it is absolutely past time, in my judgment, for this congress to seek out that transparency and for it to be provided by justice and fbi. but we can't, we can't kid ourselves about how important this is, because it's an etiological fight by people who are corrupt to their souls leading the fbi and the justice department. >> bell well, i think that ultiy those types of views are only going to be e ver addressed or reconciled or confirmed by the release of information. you and i have some disagreements about whether or not these investigations should continue or not. but i think that what we both agree on is that we need to
7:43 pm
answer some of these more basic questions of the fairness of the process, what started the process and how similar cases might be handled in a dissimilar way. i do think that the critics of the justice department have some good points to raise about the rather strange disconnect in the treatment of very similar cases. lou: yeah. referring to the clinton case versus the trump-russian collusion probe. you know, let me just conclude it this way. because you're one of the most knowledgeable and talented legal minds in the country. if there is a single, single illegal event, if there is a single breach of law, trust, the public trust in this entire russia collusion investigation, every instance that i'm aware of turns out to be the responsibility of either the
7:44 pm
team of the special counsel, the leadership of the department of justice or the fbi. and there is not one single bit of evidence of collusion or that supports the call for special counsel even. do you disagree? >> i agree to tex ten the extent i've always been and continue to be skeptical of the collusion charge against the president president this stage the mt thing to do for this country is to create a full record. and that means that the justice department is going to have to produce more information and stop the use of redactions for political purposes. lou: and perhaps provide the millions of documents that have been demanded by various committees of the united states congress. jonathan turlay, as always, great to have you here. thanks so much and come back soon, please. >> thank you. lou: up next, democrats, well,
7:45 pm
they're trying to embarrass and obstruct yet another trump administration nominee. we'll have the latest on gina haspel's confirmation hearing here next. it is shameless conduct on the part of the democrats on that committee.
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lou: hang on to your seats. a new study finds almost 40% of top tier american will liberal arts colleges have zero conservative professors. zero. 40% of them. the national association of scholars found out of the 500phd holding professors studied, the democrat to republican ratio stands at just 10 to 1. now i think many of us would be surprised that there is even that one standing in many places in academia on wall street, stocks closed higher, the dow up 182 points, s&p up 26, nasdaq climbed 73, volume on the billboard 3.8 today. listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem video network. up next, president trump's agenda includes keeping his
7:50 pm
promises and breaking societal barriers. so why, why does the left wing national media continue its corrupt and complicit mean ways. >>ways.candace owens and charlit on that and much much more. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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.. lou: the quote of the evening
7:54 pm
for this new era of winning in america. i always won and i am going to continue to win. and that's the way it is. thank you so much. let's turn candace to you. last night's primary victories with three senate races all lining up with president trump and his policies. your thoughts? >> i think it's what we all expected. they were talking about this blue wave. i think a lot of types when they tell those early polls, it's
7:55 pm
just to discourage people from going out and voting. despite egg they said, president trump has been tremendous in office. he has been fighting for us every single day. it's undeniable this presidency has been a success so far. i was happy to see the results. lou: we were talk with congresswoman, diane black. this president has accomplished so much. no president since fdr has done what he's done. it's hard to imagine it hasn't even been 16 months since he has been in office. also the dearth of news chronicling it.
7:56 pm
we had a "new york times" report that mike pompeo was awol. a rough term to use against a military man. and it turns out he was in north korea rescuing three american hostages who had been there for some length of time. it doesn't matter what all he accomplishes. he'll never get credit for with it this media. lou: the national left one media is the national left wing mediocre media. the level of intellect that's brought to bear on the news of the day is embarrassing to everyone who ever practiced the craft. we also have explanationn of the indoctrination of our liberal arts colleges.
7:57 pm
39% have zero conservative professors. it's been more than a decade or so since i was in a classroom. >> no! lou: it's shock, but it's so true. your thoughts about what's going on in academia and why republicans don't take seriously about achieving ideological diversity. >> i work for turning point u.s.a. and this is what we are confronting head-on. i think ought reason democrats and republicans alike don't take it seriously because they don't understand how bad it has gotten. conservative thinkers are under attack. you have students against white supremacy that shout down student for capitalism. they are socialists.
7:58 pm
they refer to people who wear blue blazers as the symbol of white supremacy. i was at a campus in minnesota that said somebody wearing a blue blazer was the costume for white supremacy. lou: that is stunning. that's one i hadn't heard before. there is so much that's being ginned up by the left in this country. watching the dimms at gina haspel's confirmation hearing. those are some of the nastiest people i have ever seen. utterly disgusting. >> it's so typical unfortunately of democrats in the last 10-15 years for them to turn something so crucial and important as this
7:59 pm
nomination into a stupid partisan fight in which at one point jack reid, the senator from rhode island was comparing one of the worst terrorists we ever caught, cop pairing that animal to cia operatives who were trying to get information as if they were on equal footing and there was no difference between the two. but god bless people like you, candace, for fighting that fight on college campuses. it's so important, and conservatives have made up a terrible mistake by ceding college campuses to the leftists. that's how we are where we are now. but thank god people like you are fighting that fight. >> we are largely optimistic about it because we are seeing progress. our student are ready for the battle. they control the budget. they don't allow conservative
8:00 pm
thinkers and doers to even speak. we have black lives matter and antifa meet us and we can't even speak. lou: join us here tomorrow. judicial watch tom fitton. good night from new york. kennedy: a huge diplomatic win for the trump administration. those are the three american hostages held in north korea. they landed in alaska and they just took off for joint base andrews. we are told they are all safely inside. president trump is going to meet them very early in the morning. he'll be on the runway in about 8 hours to welcome them home. but will thet


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