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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  May 10, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thinkers and doers to even speak. we have black lives matter and antifa [cheers and applause] >> this is a special night for these three really great people. and congratulations on being in this country. cheryl: breaking news this morning. history in the early morning hours of three americans are freed from their nightmare north korea. president donald trump welcoming them home and setting the stage for a historic summit. complete coverage and analysis moments away. gerri: foreign policy center stage as they drive energy stocks higher printed out 182
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points. cheryl: we are nearing the $72 mark right now at 7161 after president trump of course withdrew from the nuclear agreement with iran. gerri: all indexes higher printed out 31, nasdaq up third team. cheryl: royal bank of scotland in the spotlight after it takes 5 billion to resolve because the investigation into the mortgage security business. gerri: hong kong and south korea to big winners up almost 1% overnight. "fbn:am" starts right now. drink 2501 am in new york. thursday, may 10th. i'm cheryl casone. gerri: i'm gerri willis and for lauren simonetti. cheryl: three americans are, last at president trump welcoming back the men detained
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in north korea for more than a year. kim jong chu, tony can, against an intrastate activity elements from the plane shortly after 2:30 a.m. this morning. the president applauding them in the manhunt of terms and gestures of triumph. >> inspiring watching those pictures. they walked down the stairs and shook hands and hugged secretary of state mike pompeo who secured their release and escorted them home. the high point for president trump signaled further momentum as he had for a summit with the north korean leader kim jong said they feared >> kim jong un really was excellent to these three incredibly people. they are really three incredible people. the fact we were able to get them out so soon was a brilliant tribute to a lot of things including a certain process that
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is taking place right now and that process is very important. we will see what happens. we have a meeting scheduled in a very short period of time. we have the locations that and we will see if we can do something that people did not think was going to happen for many, many years and a lot of bad things could've happened in between. i want to say this is a special night for these three really great people and congratulations on being in this country. gerri: in a statement three-month think the united states, president trump and secretary pompeo forgiven them home. trade to call in the release of the hostages a goodwill gesture ahead of the summit between president trump and kim jong un. gerri: kevin corke is standing by.
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>> cheryl and gerri committed to be with you. if you look at the moments and the term presidency, confirmation of neil gorsuch, for example, tax reform, and maybe even the systematic dismantling of isis, but very few things can compare to last night. quite remarkable watching it unfold. the three former prisoners held captive landed overnighted joint airbase andrews. the president thank you that north korean leader kim jong un about the planned summit between the two which we are told by our sources here at the white house could take place in singapore in early june. >> we have a meeting scheduled in a very short period of time. we have the locations that and we will see if we can do something that people did not think was going to happen for many, many years. >> know this, they don't make a
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meeting like that unless there is a major deliverable that they can rollout. other news happening after the bilateral overture by mike pompeo, and now reached that could pay huge diplomatic dividends. >> with north korea, certainly their capability concerns us on the military side. however, we see there is some reason for a denizen. we sell along it was a diplomatically led effort knocked up by military force. i think there is reason for sum up to miss and that these talks could be fruitful. >> anytime you hear matt dr. matt is talking about off to miss them and could be fruitful. this guy is so buried in his assessment. they should give you an indication they have high hopes and a dramatic could be coming down the pike. we'll keep a close eye on those developments you don't forget in a briefing for president later
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today and huge rally in the hoosier state of indiana that's an awful lot of fun. ladies, back to you. gerri: thanks, kevin. a lot of momentum there. the screen has three passages only to return to its aggressive ways. choose carefully, vice president for foreign policy at the heritage foundation. great to see you. thanks for coming on. we cited this morning on our sister network, fox news, covering this live event as it happened and of course it was uplifting, emotional. but now the hard work really starts. i want you to hear what the president had to say about the very issue. >> we will see if we can do something that people did not think was going to happen for many, many years. a lot of bad things could've happened in between. gerri: what happens next? and can be counted on to the nuclear ice?
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we've seen the overtures before and they have failed. how optimistic are you? >> people should listen carefully. put your medicine cabinet, take a chill pill, keep it in your hand. it is increasingly apparent that both sides plan on coming to the table and putting big things on the table. that said, don't be surprised if the president doesn't get a big commitment from the north koreans. a big serious commitment that he walks away. people should not freak if that happens because two things, the north koreans will probably come back later. it is not one and done. if you're looking for your strategy, u.s. strategy is designed to work regardless of what the north koreans say or do. it's designed to minimize them as a threat to the united states. as long as we a strategy of nuclear deterrent, missile
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defense, north korea can't be a threat to that. it's a good move, but let's see how it unfolds. >> the president was saying the hermit kingdom wants to be end quote, the real world. that would be a landmark is true. they are traditionally closed society. pompeo has two meetings with north korean leader in the best opening we've had in that country to get rid of their nukes. you say maybe not. you say maybe it takes longer. does the president have the constituency? does he have the verb for attracting negotiation? >> this might be gorbachev and reagan coming together. but they walk away with nothing. everyone brings market saying don't do that. i think this will be for the russians came back to the table because the north koreans don't have a lot of options here. >> the president keeps saying he'll walk away if he doesn't get anything murphy gives
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something that he doesn't want. do you believe that's true or is he going to have to rest some kind of positive outcome here? >> a walk away if he doesn't care what he wants. they are both going on simultaneously. you can't have a sweetheart deal to the north koreans and then play tough with iranians. right now the iranians are getting the message. this guy plays hardball. people said if you leave the iran deal, the north koreans will never trust us. north koreans are running to negotiate. they left out all alone. true three fascinating. thanks for your help. we appreciate your time. >> chill pill. cheryl: i like that. present trends dominate to lead the cia, gina haspel is in the hot seat saying she does not believe in torture and would not use it as an interrogation
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technique. the 33 year cia veteran oversaw the president of thailand in 2002 while al qaeda suspects were waterboarded. dick cheney telling around maria bartiromo by controversial interrogation programs like waterboarding used after 9/11 should not have been ended. >> i would have been active in ready to go and i would go back and learn. the agency is in a difficult position. congress has acted. they have changed the law and the agency has to and will operate by a statue. there's a lot of monday morning quarterbacks in the terrorism business. gerri: cia director leon panetta weighed in on the nomination in the torture issue. >> worked for me when i was director of the cia. i found her to be extremely
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competent and dedicated and committed. i support her nomination to be head of the cia. they think she has presented strong testimony about how she feels about torture and the fact that she would never implement that kind of approach again. gerri: president trump applauded the performance. trump tweeting gina haspel, spectacular job, no one even close to run the cia. read the full interviews with dick cheney and leon panetta starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern. cheryl: a lot more coming up during this hour. a lot more reaction analysis of the historic release and if that sets the stage for a historic summit meeting. >> back and forth. really glad -- [inaudible] cheryl: sarah huckabee sanders.
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they distract from serious after they start the golan heights. taking a look at futures this morning. all of these political events come political events comes certainly investors are watching right now. s&p up for three quarters, nasdaq up 13.5. you are watching "fbn:am." you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. fidelity. but i'm not standing still... and with godaddy, i've made my ideas real. ♪ i made my own way, now it's time to make yours. ♪ everything is working, just like it should ♪
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>> welcome back.
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the skits are caught up on what's happening now. all indexes higher, the dow up 32. israel retaliating against iranian forces reportedly fired 20 rockets towards israeli occupied koran heights. israel sent in a barrage of airstrikes on iranian forces and area overnight. israel's military have had dozens of iranian military targets and area. geologists a hawaii's kilauea volcano could be on the verge of an explosive eruption that would send large rock and ash into the air more than we've already seen. the u.s. geological survey says the llama already destroyed dozens of homes on the biggest island could trigger enough pressure if it reaches below groundwater level. an overturned truck in nevada. take a look at these pictures come to spill its 8 million times in the desert. the driver says he doesn't know how he lost control of the track. he has a passenger were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries
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gave nevada highway patrol was able to set up a perimeter so $1 million in change could be picked up. i don't know how you do that with science. >> i would make every effort. we've had a lot of breaking news this morning to bring to you. earnings season of release for investors and foreign policy development taking center stage at the release of these three americans from north korea. some of the news driving the market today. david nelson, chief strategist at belle plaine asset management. good morning. a lot to watch this morning, especially geopolitical events. the latest news out of north korea. tough talk from the president. our investors applauding the developments in north korea or are they still nervous about what we see in the upcoming senate? >> i think you got the reaction yesterday. the markets were strong and it's a stunning example of how
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strength and resolve to get the job done. innermost parallels for iran as well. the president has long telegraphed his views on the iranian deal and he had two problems with it. he saw that there is a path to a nuclear device. he also saw the inability of inspectors to get into iran made the deal problematic and plays out of the market as well. based on the market, but the president has telegraphed what he wants to do. tree into backward talking about potential nuclear missiles and weapons coming out of north korea, the situation has changed. but at the same time, you are saying that iran is more of a powerful story for the market this morning than what is happening in north korea. >> i think so. you saw a dramatic move in oil in the previous several months. place on the economy, creates winners and losers.
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the obvious winner is the oil conflicts they've been responding well for the last two months. raising prices at the pump for and. but the markets are higher because the economy is just as strong. coming in this morning i was looking at some data points. real carloads of 500,000 for the week. that's a 7.5% increase. trading to retail as a sector we are seeing pressure on because of the president pulling out of the iranian deal. that is very interesting. but look forward now if we can. if we see $80 of every analyst, the show and say it's a possibility, is the economy strong enough to handle that kind of price level in oil? >> at this point it is. then it would become problematic. it tells me there is demand out there that's a good sign because opec is clearly found some disciplined. the iranian situation but the
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crew prices as well so that weighs on the energy markets as well. we are beyond earnings season right now. it's going to be geopolitical events and incremental mysteries become outdated day. >> would think that singapore now for the united states in north korea. something we watch for investors today and throughout the week. thank you we appreciate it. president trump, the vice president welcoming home three hostages from north korea. >> to be out to get these three great people out. gerri: more reaction in a look at the politics of the summit meeting with north korea. get this. ford stopping, halting production of its f1 50 pickup truck. unbelievable. we will tell you what is behind
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let's basement. [ grunting ] and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here too. so sophie, i have an xfi password. and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. gerri: first it was the sedans. putting the brakes on a single most popular product. cheryl: tracee carrasco joins us with that in headlines making news. >> for that suspending the nation's best-selling vehicle, the f1 50 pickup truck and its dearborn, michigan plant. the chances of the plant reduces the f1 pit is because of an explosion at a park supplier and eaton rapids, michigan now affecting the north american auto industry. the timeline will be back up and
5:24 am
running. cheryl: i love that truck. it's incredible. >> if you have a fire in one company or production has to stop. >> another deadly tesla crash. >> it will investigate the fatal crash of a tesla model as that burst into flames but the concrete wall on tuesday. the investigation into the collision and two people were killed in the latest accident. the autopilot technologies will be part of the new investigation looking into the first responders, how they reacted. >> details slowly coming out of the investigation. papa john's not doing so hot right now. >> shares fell as much as 11% yesterday after weaker than expected sales and earnings for
5:25 am
the most recent quarter. it's resorted to cutting prices to reverse sales. they've been struggling since the nfl controversy that led to an end a sponsorship. >> a lot of things going on there. gerri: hoping the pizza is still good. tracee, thank you. cheryl: following the release of three prisoners from north korea. this sets the stage for president trump summit meeting with kim jong un. [inaudible] that people did not think was going to happen for many, many years. trained to look at the politics of the prison release. is this a watershed moment? investors reacting to other geopolitical news. our 34 come s&p at 555 and a quarter.
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[cheers and applause] >> this is a special night for these three really great people. and congratulations on being in this country. gerri: history in the early morning hours as three americans are freed from their night or in north korea. president donald trump welcoming them home and setting the stage for an historic summit meeting. we will have complete coverage and analysis. trent investors watching on the policy that center stage now. oil prices driving energy stocks higher. the dow up 182 points yesterday. gerri: oil prices soaring again near $72 a barrel after president trump withdrew from the nuclear agreement with iran. right now oil is 7156.
5:30 am
cheryl: stock market futures, we are looking at another grand at another green opening period to 35, nasdaq up 14 and three quarters. gerri: in europe, royal bank of scotland in the spotlight after his u.s. investigation into its mortgage security business. cheryl: asia green across the screen. the big winners up almost 1% overnight. "fbn:am" starts -- continues right now. gerri: and yes it is my friends. 5:30 a.m. on thursday, may may 10th. m. gerri willis in for lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, everybody. i am cheryl casone. the release of three north korean detainees sets the stage for president trump and kim jong un high-stakes summit. the leaders to come face-to-face
5:31 am
in early june. gerri: live from the state department with what is on the agenda for the historic meeting. >> good morning, gerri and cheryl. might pompeo spent 13 hours on the ground in pyongyang. 90 minutes about with jim cong un to discuss and secure the release of those three american prisoners. a lot of it had to do with planning details between president trump and kim jong un to be upcoming in the early part of next month. a few hours ago, president trump mentioned much of the meeting is sad. >> we had a meeting scheduled for a very short period of time. we will see if there is something people did not think was going to happen for many, many years. statement the president said in the next couple of days with the
5:32 am
specific venue for this. secretary pompeo simitian on this was to try to secure with the venue for this discussion. the first meeting the secretary of state had with kim jong un was easter weekend. senior administration official says the purpose of the meeting was to confirm he was interested in having the meeting with president trump but the intelligence gathering on all of this. a follow up meeting and the secretary has returned. senior administration official says the united states and regime has agreed to a one-day summit that they could also extend that to a second date at the two leaders felt that way. plenty of unknowns as to what exactly the two leaders are going to come up with. what is on the table and what north korea is willing to surrender, what kind of inspections and would agree to if it's going to give up its
5:33 am
nuclear weapons. with the united states and its allies give in return. plenty of unknowns and funny these two leaders would have to work out as they move forward and had into this summit. there are also some disagreements between the two countries ahead of this. during one of the lunch meetings that pompeo had senior north korean officials. one said in his toast noted that north korea had finished its nuclear program but who is making a decision to return to its economy and the united states led sanctions have nothing to do with that. this is entire initiative brought on by the government by itself. the u.s. government contract administration maintained the international pressure campaign to isolate diplomatically and economically that brought the north korean to the table to finally discuss their nuclear ballistic missile programs. the planning continues. they stress that there are going
5:34 am
to be -- is going to be one more meeting between officials face-to-face with north korea to work out the final details of all of this. back to you. >> that is the ultimate pr spin. thank you for your fine reporting. appreciate it. former vice president dick cheney weighing in on the progress with north korea speaking with maria bartiromo. >> if you told me this is going to happen, i would have been surprised, would not have expected it could have been. i am pleased that it has. it offers the possibility. we have to be careful and the president is being careful to operate in a way that we don't just sort of hung out to dry. if they don't meet our standards. >> hear more from dick cheney and "mornings with maria" starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern.
5:35 am
>> dick cheney isn't the only one getting president trump credit for his negotiations with north korea. so is this a turning point for transforming policy. joining us now is ohio state senate minority leader capri kfar of an at the independent voter network of friends. good morning. harry cozzi on was on a fox program saying that he believes president trump should get the nobel peace prize for this. it's a something no other leader in the free world has been able to do. is that where we are out we're at with a foreign-policy agenda? >> some pretty big words who are plotting the fact that we got three american detainees back. a lot of people don't think this is something that would ever happen. three of them walked off the plane. however, people are holding their breath because we still have one meeting to go before the summit and you never know with north korea.
5:36 am
he could grab another american or western are because it isn't as friendly as the nation likes. any talk of nobel peace prize need to be put aside for a while. it's a great idea in theory but we'll see what happens. cheryl: if you look at this, i want to show our viewers the things that have happened in the last 24 hours. you've got the iran deal. the europeans are trying to salvage agreement with iran. the saudis have pledged stability without iranian oil on the market. there is my death to america happening as well as what we saw overnight which was then historic release of these prisoners that make pompeo at the center of that. >> certainly president trump is setting the tone for the global agenda of the united states of america. doing his best to keep campaign promises as far as the future of
5:37 am
north korea situation. it doesn't matter who gets credit. it is wonderful that the three americans are home and no question that president trump has gotten things a lot further than anyone has in the past. i think we need to approach this with a great deal of caution. first off at the iran nuclear deal, some level of skepticism with the united states to pull out of the iran nuclear deal and i'm not waiting on the content of battered the value of that, but because we pulled out of the deal, there's a level of skepticism to say we are going to negotiate denuclearization with north korea. are we setting the talent saying we are going to fulfill our promises here and let's remember north korea actually has their nuclear ambitions prescribed in their constitution by 2015. a lot is at stake when the summit comes to bear. i think time will tell whether
5:38 am
or not president trump gets the credit. >> i'm glad you bring up the issue of tone, capri. something president trump said on the tarmac that his critics are going to jump on today when the news networks get rolling. >> kim jong un who really was excellent to these three incredible people. cheryl: thanking kim jong un sinuous into these three people he had detained for over a year. i have the mainstream media will jump on this. >> even if the people standing behind him are nodding because of their thanks for being unfair. the situation with the president, he got what he wanted. it's all great. thank you. i like you. let's play ball. davis could very much change. tomorrow he could say something completely and totally
5:39 am
different. he's very good at catering to the ego of belligerence and this is clearly what he's doing in the company wanted. he will move forward at the minute he doesn't care what he wants, he'll walk away. cheryl: you had angela merkel in washington. you had emmanuel macron, both of them wanting us to not pull out of the arena deal. the president did it anyway. >> of course had a thing that surprises anyone. certainly didn't surprise me. they fear the reaction of president as well as their meetings, both of them left those discussions basically stated look, we tried, but trump is not going to budge. here we are. again, we will see what happens but the iran nuclear deal to come to fruition. thank you very much. appreciate it, ladies. gerri: great stuff. president trump welcoming three hostages from north korea
5:40 am
overnight. >> the fact that we were able to get them out so soon was really a tribute to a lot of things. gerri: will have more reaction and we are tracking the rise in oil prices closing event of the $2 a barrel as 71.54. u.s. stock index futures rising air. the dow up 20, not backup 12. you are watching "fbn:am."
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>> welcome back. taken with a u.s. stock market futures. i'll let some geopolitical events this morning. losing a little bit of steam pedicab seven, s&p up to any quarter. nasdaq up a point i appeared president trump referring to his campaign was pretty scheduled to rally the state of indiana to help his party tonight. vice president penn says they endorse republican nominee who looks to unseat democratic senator joe donnelly. you can watch coverage of the rally right here in fox business at 9:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. the white house is set to host its artificial intelligence conference today. the event aims to show support for emerging a.i. technologies and the companies that use them. 40 firms like amazon, google and facebook are expected to attend.
5:44 am
monica lewinsky claiming that she was uninvited to a town and country magazine event after bill clinton decided to attend. lewinsky is not anti-bullying activist and she treated this in part. dear world, please invite me to an event come especially about social change in after i've accepted an invite me because bill clinton decided to attend. it's 2018. clinton is scheduled to introduce activists to the stage. that is what is happening now. gerri: it is 2018. you're so right. seventy-one dollars this morning after a fresh 3.5 year high yesterday. oil pushing higher after president trump of the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal raising the prospects of tighter supplies. partner at eisner amber joins us now. good morning, tim. great to have you on the show. my question here is is this being driven by fundamentals or is this just really all about
5:45 am
the oil market geopolitical tension? >> if we look at a broadway by global reach income in the united states oil production is actually booming. there were probably be some declines of production out of iran over the next foreseeable future, which should be having a negative impact on oil prices. gerri: i hear that's about 700,000 barrels. the nightcap, exactly. certainly that's not the only thing to be looking at. oil prices are forecasted to increase another 14% by summer. when you think about that, that is high time travel for u.s. vacationers and otherwise. it will take dollars out of the average household income budget and could hurt other forms of consumer spending which is why they needed. >> we are showing 284.
5:46 am
obviously expecting cpi later today. how will this hit inflation expect patient? up 18% last year alone. this has been a moving target racing higher at some point. >> i was doing some research overnight. 2.4% for a forecast of inflation and a now about to point to. when you take food and energy out of the equation, those are the most extensive components. the rate drops to a forecast around 2%. however, with the oil prices going up, we don't know if the inflation rate will be sustained. >> 10 year treasury yield just below 3%. 2.98. you say that the markets were
5:47 am
expecting some big games this year in crude prices. i've got to think that u.s. producers will get out there and start drilling, producing more oil. people will invest more. how long does it take to offset those high prices? how quickly can they come down if they do? >> you are exactly right because the u.s. oil reserve we had out of the ground and intense is rather significant. it's not as if the united states is having to head necessarily targets on a daily basis. we are able to pick up at least any shortfall in the united states. the 14% rise per barrel could be high, but of course who is to say that the u.s. has ample supplies. >> thank you for coming on today. great insights as always. >> we continue to follow the breaking news of a late-night
5:48 am
welcome home for three u.s. citizens free from the north korean nightmare. >> we were treated in many different ways. for me, i had labor, but when i got sick -- [inaudible] trained to more reaction coming out of london on the overnight reaction. and jeff bezos knocking amazon into the smartphone business here to explain this one. u.s. stock market futures weakening a little bit in the premarket. gallup number six. nasdaq up eight and a quarter. you are watching "fbn:am."
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cheryl: wells fargo back in hot water again after admitting to pocketing rebates.
5:52 am
auto loans, checking accounts current chairman accounts. joining us with that and more headlines. >> "the wall street journal" reports they admitted to keeping rebates that should've been passed on to a public pension fund for acting as its trustees. the report said wells fargo admitted to the problems in late april and said they improperly retained rebate were the result of a system set up ever. what's going on with cte? >> chinese telecommunications disclosed a regulatory filing yesterday that major operating neck to the deeds have ceased. they didn't say which one, but the announcement came less than a month after the u.s. commerce department and american companies from selling cars dct, the fourth-largest seller of of funds in the u.s. trained to the amazon story.
5:53 am
they teamed up with a construction company. >> this is the home of the future. amazon has partnered with tom construction company into showrooms for alexa. the centers are up centers are open in 15 cities including los angeles i'm a dallas and washington with more to come. amazon wants to make alexa and its growing list of services from shopping, entertainment, home security part of our everyday lives and they are doing so. alexa dimmed the lights, ordered some toilet paper. show me the recipe. i'm embarrassed to say i think between the two houses we have timed alexa is. one in every room. walk in the room if they turn on the lights, turn off the lights. cheryl: i'm waiting for apple to do all of this. come on, apple, tim cook if you're watching. gerri: i expected to see it tomorrow. tracee, thank you.
5:54 am
coming up on the history made in north korea with the release of three americans has he been telling you all morning. the view from europe straight ahead on "fbn:am." this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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cheryl: how're european investors reacting to north korea's release of three americans overnight? peter, the economist is with us this morning. what is the reaction there to
5:57 am
this? >> well you know, a feel-good story obviously it makes the president look good i guess. in more of a political context, so far we are trying to figure our way through what the endgame is, but it does look as though we are seeing a significant listing of tensions on the korean peninsula, which obviously have to be pretty good for investors, but at the same time we had the iranian problems came in as well. i think it's taken away with the other. >> secretary of state mike fontenot said to speak with u.s. allies on the iranian missile and nuclear programs now that they've abandoned the nuclear deal with iran will our allies in europe and iran agree to hold new talks. >> i think that's the hope that the question is what is the point? we seem to have reached an impasse here. i think obviously there would be less leverage that could be pushed on iran now and it will be more difficult to find a
5:58 am
solution. hopefully we can find a compromise that will keep the door open for the european side. as far as the relationships between the u.s. and the e.u. are concerned, this is going to be a bigger problem. cheryl: real quick on the oil in real quick on the oil iran have a story for europe, correct? >> there are prices you see going up higher. the u.s. is going to be okay because they've got shale. the rest of the world that could be more they can earn. cheryl: peter, thank you very much. gerri: and now will send it over to our run dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. dagen: we have a lot of maria bartiromo coming to pitch at interviews. i am in for maria bartiromo today. thursday may 10th. top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. president trump welcome in three
5:59 am
americans newly freed from detention in north korea. a joint base andersen maryland. characterizing the actions or north korea is starting off a new footing with backcountry. tyrone maria bartiromo sat down exclusively with vice president dick cheney along with former defense secretary come the cia to leon panetta and got their take on the detainees coming home. >> i think it offers the possibility of significant progress. we have to be careful and the president is being very careful to go operate in a way that we don't get sort of hung out to dry. >> you try to work with them with periods of accommodation, but ultimately we found out we couldn't trust him. >> also learned more about president trump's upcoming summit with kim jong un presidents remarks straight ahead. investors react into the
6:00 am
decision on the iran deal and also news coming out of north korea. gains across the board. a point gain on the dow future. yesterday the dow added 182 points listed by shares of energy companies. oil prices hovering around 71, $72 a barrel. a bit of a game they are up seven tenths of 1%. about half a buck a barrel at the moment. markets are mixed. losses on the ftse 100 in england in the ch he and friend. in asia overnight, markets gaining across the board. the hang seng in kospi in south korea up nearly 1%. the company is suspending production of the vehicle the f. 150. the best-selling pickup after a fire at a park supplier. concern for investors in the auto business


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