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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 10, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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up over 200 points for the dow jones industrials. [closing bell rings] the dow is up six days in a row. now positive for the year. that will do it for the "claman countdown." it is friday i hope you're here with us. trish: winning on wall street. stocks climbing today, the dow ending up 197 points. off session highs, up almost 200 points. s&p 500 seeing green. longest winning streak in two months. i'm melissa francis. david: a good day. i'm david asman, glad you could join us, more on big market movers. here is what else we're covering for you. again a very busy hour. starting with the middle east. it is on edge right now, israeli military striking dozens of iranian military sites inside of syria in response to rocket fire from them. israel and iran be headed for all-out war? we'll have latest developments. we now know the date and the place. we told you yesterday the place,
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where president trump will hold his historic meeting with north korea's kim jong-un. this is coming on a day when three exhausted american hostages stepped foot on american soil for the first time in a long time. they said it was like a dream. a live update from washington coming in. the president set to leave the white house any moment now. he is headed for a rally in indiana tonight. no doubt he will speak on both major global developments. we have a preview. trish: the dow closing up for the 6th day in a re. watchall action from the cme. >> every sector is well in the
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green. the dow up 196 points. had been up over 250. held on to some nice action there. you can see the s&p 500 up a full percentage point. there is look at dow leaders. exxon, united health, verizon. oil moves to 3 1/2 year highs. taking a look at record closes. apple, amazon, microsoft, they all held green. they all finished record territory. apple and goldman sachs working together on a credit card as goldman sachs tries to get into consumer banking. apple just wants to get into your wallet expanding what they do. both stocks are still to the upside. they are still hashing out details. six-day rally has new record high. it is up 1 10% last 52 weeks. the vix, last worries about inflation. the vix pulled back as well. it is down 2%, levels not seen
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since before the correction. back to you. david: when the vix goes down it's a good thing. nicole, thank you very much. jitters in the middle east fueling a continued oil rally closing at the highest level since november of 2014, four years ago. phil, i guess tensions between israel and iran are showing themselves again today? >> they really are, david. i wish that was all it was but there is other things going on here. we have a very strong global demand market. the market is concerned because we can't afford to lose the supply. make mo mistake about it, david, when we saw rockets flying overnight oil hit a new high. we went lower on oil mainly because there was a report in the u.s. that supplies might rise. cushing, oklahoma caused them to take profits. they came roaring back because this market is still very much on edge. there has been a lot of talk about jet fuel, distillate
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fuels. truck drivers are very nervous now because those prices are soaring. that affects a lot of businesses right now. we've seen tightest supplies in distillate inventories in many years. part of that is shale revolution. shale produce as lot of gasoline, not as much distillate. leaves jet fuel tight and diesel fuel. diesel prices going up again today. back to you. david: by the way those explosions in the air you could see in the video over skies of israel, that was the iron dome at work. the iron dome protecting a lot of missiles lobbed towards israel is working. i don't know if it is 100%. nothing is 100% in those things. when you see the flashes in the sky, that is the work of iron dome hitting missiles before they hit the ground. melissa: interesting. let's bring in scott martin. kingsview asset management, a fox news contributor and heather
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zumarriaga from vision four. thanks for joining us. what do you make of all the crosscurrents, scott? inflation fears are out there. so many people ask me what is going on with oil. >> typical day in 2018 i guess, melissa. that is what makes it fun. that is what makes as market a good time, frankly an opportunity for investors when you have the crosscurrents you mentioned pushing and pulling certain things. for our work our best advice for our clients, take advantage of the u.s. pulling out of the iran deal. certainly taking advantage of summer driving season. what we believe is strengthening u.s. and global economy on the oil side. we bought into amlp, the mlp etf, oil and pipeline transfers for the united states. you have to take these news points as opportunities and take them as a chance to get in for cash on the sidelines. melissa: heather, we see day-to-day reaction, whether stocks on the fear or inflation
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we're scared yesterday. we feel better about it today. you watch oil. there are real long-term things. for example, the president changed the rules on ethanol how you could sell is it year-round and where different blends could go. it's a quiet move, meaningful for gas and oil in the long run. less regulation in the group means lower prices however you feel where you want those different fuels to go that is sneaky thing that could offset iran. what do you think? >> oil prices will continue to head higher as long as we're looking to reimpose sanctions against iran. iran exports 2.6 million-barrels a day, 38% comes from europe. if europe is afraid to do business with iran, firms are cutting back on buying oil from iran. that is also putting upward pressure on oil prices today as we're seeing. prices at the pump. europe is afraid of u.s.
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secondary sanctions against them. they don't want to buy from iran either. the oil story is a long-term play. we're not seeing inflation right now but over the long run i think we will. david: let's keep it on the positive side. for all the bad news internationally, jobless claims here are holding steady at near 49-year low. 211,000 peoplefied new unemployment claims in week of may 5. we have figures came out in "the wall street journal" yesterday. the number of job openings in the u.s., 6.55 million. the number of folks looking for jobs? 6.59 million. almost exactly the same. that is essentially full employment. that is incredibly good story. >> it is an incredibly good story, david, that the unemployment rate remains very low, below 4% level that we haven't seen since the year
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2000. that is very important, if people want a job they're getting a job. that is what the report and data is suggesting. 193 job openings, 193,000 openings were filled in the business sector. there is skills gap. employees are looking for people with presentation skills, spread she had navigation which i don't really have. those are skills that employees need if you want a job. david: i think you will do fine in this market. scott, when folks feel comfortable about their work, they spend more money, take out mortgages. it is good for the whole economy. >> it is food, david. heather, you will do fine in presentation skills for sure. there is a serious skills gap out there, david, which does worry me to some degree. look at some sectors like software engineering. heather mentioned the spreadsheet side of things, computing, talking about seriously low unemployment rate, 2%. they're giving jobs away. the problem they haven't found
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applicable workers there. to me we -- david: looking for a dark lining in a silver cloud, scott. that is not like you. >> david, somebody had because that is reality how things will be going forward if we don't get better education for a lot of our kids. david: with a 25-year-old daughter i'm very glad of the job situation right now. she is doing great in the job market. i want to keep it that way. >> don't forget mother's day. happy mother's day. david: don't forget, scott. thanksthanks a lot, gang, i appe it. melissa: president trump is vowing to make the america the leader in ai technology. he has a summit with some of the big names of tech at white house. edward lawrence is there. reporter: summit is wrapping up. leaders from nation's 38 largest companies. we're talking about google, amazon, intel, ford, a number of these ceo's and representatives are here. now the white house is saying that they wanted to figure out
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how to adapt rules and riglations -- regulations for artificial technology and use it in other sectors like in health care or transportation. the ceo of mastercard science and technology division says we need to have a frank discussion. >> we need to understand what it is and how it's being used and there is a lot of public/private partnership. if you look at the internet itself. that came from government, academia, business, working together for how it evolves. i think you see the same thing in ai. reporter: today a select committee at the white house was formed across government agencies. the head of r&d for those government agencies to figure out how to use artificial intelligence better. the head of the white house science and technology office said this will increase productivity. artificial intelligence will help in health care and possibly save lives. it will mean displacement and some job losses. on that front industry leaders
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want to see the white house and this administration put money forward for training. already the trump administration has put in $200 million per year for stem and computer science training. the industry come on top and behind that added $300 million a year for that. with all the privacy concerns mostly at the white house they're concerned with the loss of possibly non-tech jobs. melissa. melissa: he wardlaw recognize, thank you for that. david: tensions escalating between israel and iran to say the least. is there war ahead or are we in it now? we'll discuss the latest developments. melissa: another municipality joining to the fight against california sanctuary laws. santa clarita councilman and former mayor bob keller, will tell us why his city voted unanimously against the state. david: we know the date and place where president trump will hold the historic meeting with president kim jong-un. this comes on a day where three
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brave hostages stepped foot on american soil. extraordinarily, amazing moving homecoming, details coming up. >> it gave me chills. we looked them straight in the eye and they said to us verbatim, god bless america. we are so proud to be american. ♪ we know the value of trust.
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david: the time and place are set for highly anticipated meeting between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un. here from the white house with latest details our own blake burman. hi, blake. >> opinion a remarkable day here in washington. at 3:00 in the morning over at joint base andrews as the final three detainees are being held inside of north korea touched down on american soil. they were greeted there by the president, the first lady, the
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vice president, kim dong chul, kim hack-song and tony kim were there. one of the men saying, quote, it is like a dream. >> they are really three incredible people and the fact we were able to get them out so soon, was tribute to sop things including a certain pros right now. reporter: president came back to white house, presumably took a little nap and came out with this tweet. the meeting will take place in singapore on june 12th. we'll try to make it a very special moment for world peace. president trump described the north korean dictator as being excellent to the freed men. the president though said this will not change how he approaches the upcoming meeting with kim. he was asked if this is his
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proudest achievement yet? >> my proudest achievement will be, this is a part of it, but will be when we denuclearize that entire peninsula. this is what people have been waiting for for a long time. reporter: the top democrat in the senate today, chuck schumer criticized the president for saying that kim was excellent in how he was able to let the three men go. schumer saying comments like that weaken american foreign policy. david: please. in a moment like this, when the exciting stuff is happening you don't say things like that. blake, thank you very much. we have to break for some news about news corp reporting third quarter results. let's go back to nicole with the numbers. hi, nicole. >> david, let's look at earnings per share for news corp right in line at 6 cents. that is the adjusted earnings per share. you look at the revenue, 2.09 billion. that outpaces the estimate of
4:18 pm
1.99 billion. we're seeing a revenue rise there. we're looking at quarterly digital real estate services revenue. that is an area of strength for the company, 279 million, versus 219 million. the quarterly publishing revenue 389 million, versus 374 million last year. the third quarter revenue growth was partly offset by lower print advertising and news america marketing revenues at both news and information segments. i will note that news corp is parent of "the wall street journal." also the, we look at dow jones, the "new york post" and also shares common ownership with twenty-first-century-fox, the parent of fox news and the fox business network. we see the stock down 1.7%. david: don't forget barron's magazine. jack hough would be furious if we don't mention it. >> i read it every week. melissa: former vice president
4:19 pm
dick cheney gave his ereaction to maria bartiromo. listen. >> if you told me this bo have happened i would be surprised, would not expect it could be happened. i'm pleased it has. i think it offers the possibility of significant progress. i think we have to be very careful. i think the president is being very careful. melissa: joining me now, gordon chang, north korean expert and author of "nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world." we had a huge turn of events. every one including dick cheney you saw there is in shock. we're wondering what is north korea after here? why the change in position? you think you know. we were talking during the break. what is it they're after? >> for seven decade since north korea was formed, there is one goal of the north korean regime, to take over south korea. that is what the korean war is all about. after the korean war even though north korean became destitute
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they still believe they can do so. kim jong-un is talking about final victory or communist party or north korean lingo for taking over the south. they believe if they can get the u.s. to get its troops off the peninsula they can intimidate south korea in position. melissa: this is a change in strategy if you will? they may sincerely get rid of the nuclear arsenal under this scenario but the price would be get u.s. troops off the peninsula? then you think at that point they would be free to go south and take over south korea? i mean south korea, you know, it is much more affluent. you know, north korea is hermit regime. how would that happen? >> right now south korea has a president moon jae-in is very sympathetic to north korean goals. for instance the north korean goal is have a confederation to waystation to community unit. one overarching government, two separate units in the north and in the south. that is moon jae-in's goal.
4:21 pm
moon has been trying to amend the south korean constitution more consistent with north korea. taking out whole notion of liberal democracy out of the south korean constitution. he has been stopped by conservatives in south korea. nonetheless this is a battle that will continue. moon has advisors around him in their youth were openly pro-north korean. they wanted north korea to take over the south. many of them have not disavowed their earlier views. melissa: even though everybody is starving in the north? >> doesn't matter. if you believe that equality is more important than for instance, prosperity, if you believe in marxism, if you believe in -- the north korean sort of guiding ideology, then this stuff doesn't matter. melissa: and they don't care that kim jong-un himself has the haircut and clothes and train and the feast, all this stuff and isn't really living by whatever the communist belief system they say they're all about do, doesn't apply to him, that doesn't matter? >> it doesn't matter. >> okay. >> essentially moon jae-in himself is, he may not be as
4:22 pm
radical as his advisors but he actually believes in a lot of this about unity. he is a generation that is virulently anti-american in the '60s. people older than him are pro-american. people younger than him are generally not korean nationals. they believe in south korea, not cree. nonetheless moon jay in is driving political system. melissa: i have two yes, sir. should the united states care that much? our main concern they're threatening all their neighbors with nuclear weapons. if south korea's president is willing to go along with this and reunifying nation even though a communist purpose, how does that affect the world? do we have a right to step in and say no, that is not a good idea? >> that is a great question. the answer is for 150 years the u.s. drawn the western defense perimeter, not off the coast of california, not even off the coast of hawaii, we have drawn
4:23 pm
it off the coast of china. south korea is integral part of that. our main ally is japan. basically the careenian peninsula is dagger into the ash pell go. makes it more difficult to defend if it is in china or north korea's hands. we have making sure that south koreans are voted and have society they want and not taken over a bunch of north korean sympathizers. melissa: that is a interesting wrinkle. david: you don't like kim jong-un's haircut? melissa: it is okay. not my favorite, yeah. i don't know. yeah. david: no getting over it. gearing up to take the stage, president trump holding a rally in indiana. charlie hurt, what we can expect to hear. solar panels popping up on more and more homes. one state getting closer to making it a requirement. how it could end up increasing housing costs by tens of
4:24 pm
thousands of dollars. the pricey details coming next. ♪
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david: making solar power a requirement. california is getting closer to becoming the first state to require solar panels on most new homes. hillary vaughn live in bakersfield, california, with the details. hillary, this will not come cheap for homeowners, right? reporter: that's right. it could add $10,000 to the cost of buying a brand new home. some buyers think it is lower estimate once all said and done. according to the new requirement homebuyers would have to cover the cost of buying, installing solar panels. as the golden state pushes to go green, critics say this policy will push people out of the housing market. >> we're handing out so much money to the solar industry, that last year we actually had to pay arizona to take excess
4:28 pm
electricity that was being produced by these subsidized solar panels and that subsidy, charles, ends up in the cost of our food, our clothing, our restaurants, meals, our general cost of living. somebody has to pay for it. reporter: some energy analysts say that more solar power is only going to add to the growing surplus. during sunny days california has more energy than the state's solar plants can process which pushes energy prices into negative territory. even solar energy advocates say this is a very expensive bad idea because rooftop solar is twice as expensive as solar power plants. one economics professor at uc berkeley says he thinks the new rule could turn off other states from going solar saying, quote, by demonstrating a very expensive way to reduce greenhouse gases, i think this could very likely be used in other states and countries as an
4:29 pm
argument against moving towards renewable energy. david, california is already in the top five most expensive states to buy a home in. it just got a lot pricier, david. david: oh, man, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. melissa: wait a minute. a very expensive bad idea, and you have a berkeley professor who says don't do it, it is too expensive. david: like electric cars creating more pollution than gas cars. melissa: amazing. escalating tensions in the middle east, israel and iran exchanging fire, sparking fears of an all-out war. will it get even worse? details are coming up next. >> we have made it very clear we are here to defend ourselves. those who started this round of violence were the iranians who attacked israel. ♪
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melissa: president trump arriving now at joint base andrews where he will be departing for south bend, indiana, moments from now. the president will be holding a big rally in the hoosier state tonight. big crowds are forming outside of the venue. these are live pictures from elkhart. look at that line. david: save travels. is it war, israeli defenses bombing positions inside of syria in retaliation for rocket attacks against israel in the golan heights carried out by iran's elead quds force.
4:34 pm
that the ire dome defense system, that is the spots in the air, that is what prevented iranian rockets doing a lot of damage but will it escalate? we have rebecca heinrichs senior fellow at hudson institute. this look more like war. how would you define isn't. >> that israeli iron dome system, the american taxpayers should be proud, we funded a lot of that, cooperative program with the israelis, shows you that missile defense system is worth every penny. we need to do more. it is looking more like war. iranians are aggressors. israelis are defending themselves, striking back and taking out iranian military facilities in syria and the american president, president trump, is not calling on the israelis to exercise restraint. david: no. >> he has their back. the american government has made clear we understand israelis are in the right and iranians are in
4:35 pm
the wrong. david: this is brewing as essentially iran took over lebanon. that is what is happening. all the area around israel is taken over by a lot of either direct iranian forces or people sympathetic to iran like hezbollah forces but i'm wondering if this particular strike had anything to do with president trump pulling out of the iran dale? >> no, i don't think it is related to that. david: okay. >> if anything, the u.s. government had intelligence of iranian aggression or, you know, forthcoming iranian aggression. that just fueled the american government to make their decision to withdraw from the jcpoa, the iran deal but iranian aggression has been going on for a long time. that is one of the major problems with the obama administration negotiating the iran deal, it empowered the regime, it legitimatized the regime. it enabled them to continue this aggression with more cash. david: i felt it was like a wounded animal that was striking back. they are wounded by the fact they will have a lot less cash
4:36 pm
than they used to because the u.s. pulling out of iran deal. what will happen to the u.s. if this thing escalates? will we get sucked in is the big question. vice president cheney was talking on fbn earlier today. he spoke about the u.s. role in the region. let's play the clip. >> we can't afford to turn our back and walk away, say, it is nasty business, we'll not be involved anymore. david: it is nasty business but should we be involved? >> i think we have to have israel's back, that's for sure. depending on what that looks like, the american people have to support this. we tried to be involved in the middle east before and it hasn't turned out so well. it hasn't born a lot of fruit. david: president trump before he became president talked about that endlessly the u.s. shouldn't get sucked into stuff. >> only if the military objectives are achievable and we understand the political ends and they are achievable. the american people are willing to get behind an american effort if we are confident that we understand the objectives and
4:37 pm
they are achievable. we'll not get entangled in a war that is not winnable. >> i have to talk about a trump tweet. five most wanted leaders of isis just captured. that piqued my interest. i was thinking baghdadi, the guy who started isis. do you think he is among those five? >> i don't know. you have to wonder if some of these folks were the obama administration released for bergdahl. david: good point. >> i don't know the identities. kudos for the trump administration to get a handle on these guys, for capturing them. it is another victory in the foreign policy of the trump administration, that doesn't get a whole lot of credit for. it is good week for american foreign policy, zero credit on some networks. rebecca, thank you very much. melissa: chinese officials coming to washington next week marking another round of talks between the two nations as
4:38 pm
tensions remain high. let's go to susan li in the newsroom. what can we expect. >> we're looking for 300 billion-dollar trade gap with china. a shopping list is being brought to the u.s. being brought by the chinese envoy. we don't know how much they will spend but some of the good he might look at, china might be buying off this list. that includes insurance. we have cloud computing as a possibility. agricultural goods. i'm looking at natural gas, autos and airplanes as well. this is the shopping list they are going to bring. the exact total amount we don't exactly know but we know that china and the u.s., they have this 300 billion-dollar trade gap. we know the u.s. trade delegation went to bay screening you need -- beijing, you need to cut this by 200 billion. the chinese said no. we have $50 billion in tariffs being slapped on chinese goods. the u.s. is threatening another $100 billion on top of that on other chinese-made goods as part
4:39 pm
of this disagreement. china said they will retaliate in kind. we have the ongoing trade war spooking a lot of investors and the markets. meantime "the wall street journal" is reporting, guys, looks like ford motors, california goods, apparently they're being slow-walked through customs in china. they can't get their good into chinese markets. foreign agricultural goods are dropping off, seeing drop-off demand from china since this started in january. back to you. melissa: a lot going on there, susan, thank you. david: it is indeed. the sanctuary state revolt is going on in california. new backlash against the california law, the first city in los angeles county voted to oppose the state sanctuary law. bob keller, councilman from santa clarita, california, the city's former mayor sounding off why he and every other city councilman voted to take a
4:40 pm
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>> california has gone from the golden state into a state of lawlessness. >> we're not talking about immigration. we're talking about criminality. >> we are tired, we are fed up by the lawlessness of the democratic party. >> the sanctuary cities are magnets for criminal aliens. david: santa clarita residents voicing strong opposition to california sanctuary laws. the city council voted unanimously to become the first city in l.a. count to join the federal government suit against the state. here is bob keller, santa clarita councilman, the former mayor. we put together the mon tank, councilman, reminded me of "network" the guy opens the window and says i'm mad as hell and i'm not taking it anymore. seems to be one of those breaking points. >> i remember well. you're absolutely right. thanks for having me on. david: you are the first in l.a.
4:44 pm
county. are there other cities in l.a. county that might be going the same course? >> i hope so. i certainly do. i think there is an outstanding possibility. i think entirely possible this movement will go up and down the entire state of california. david: really? the polls have been all over the place, depending who took it but there was a recent poll in of all places uc berkeley, which if anybody doesn't realize is one of the most liberal places on the planet which showed that despite the fact there are more people in favor of the sanctuary law according to their poll, about 50% of californians want much stricter immigration laws. they want to prevent muslims from getting in. that is like the extreme of anti-immigration. so there does seem to be a popular up swelling going on in california that is not reflected by what the elected politicians in the state capital are doing? >> you could not be more correct
4:45 pm
with that. i will tell you, in the city of santa clarita where my constituency exists there is no question about the numbers of people that are exasperated with what is coming out of sacramento in recent years, particularly with this senate bill 54 which moves, as you are well aware, take authority afraid from law enforcement up and down the state of california, actually put them in capacity of violating law as they cooperate with federal law enforcement, specifically i.c.e. i just can't imagine something that is more detrimental to the safety of our citizens than such an action. yet they have done that. it became law, effective january 1 of this year. david: now are the citizens directly, are they reacting to what they have seen on the streets? we heard anecdotal reports of criminal activity increasing because of this sanctuary law. is that why the citizens are revolting the way they are?
4:46 pm
>> without question. that and more. it is also interesting, because there has been a number of bills going through our legislature at the state level, that have diminished what heretofore have been felonies. as we know it is so typical in the law enforcement arena to make an arrest for a felony. then it gets plea bargained down to a misdemeanor. then we make the low-grade misdemeanor. next thing we know, we don't have any law and order anymore, do we. david: we saw the same in new york by the way, where it turns into what we call revolving turnstile justice because of our subways, we call it turnstile justice but i'm wondering if something bigger is going on in california? this has to be the last question. every now and then there is a liberal state, but there is conservative swell in california against the extreme liberalism that takes place in sacramento and statehouse, proposition 13, which was against property taxes electing ronald reagan. are we on the cusp of a movement
4:47 pm
like that? >> i think it is entirely possible. honestly i hope so. but as evidence to what you're talking about, was your city council meeting this past tuesday night. we had somewhere, i didn't take exact headcount, 3, 400 people showed up for that evening. i will tell you 130 speakers, we listened to community members come before us for six hours. david: wow. >> that is without precedence in our community. it is at least nine or 10 to one ratio of people demanding an end to what going on in the state of california, specifically many of the laws affecting sanctuary status. david: bob kel lar, something clearly going on in california. we want to find out what it is, following it best we can. stay close. let's hear more from you. come back, okay? >> i would be honored. david: thank you very. appreciate it. melissa: president trump celebrating the release of three american hostages in north korea. he will do a victory lap at rally in indiana tonight.
4:48 pm
charlie hurt is here to tell us what else we might hear the president say. that's next. ♪ mom you called?
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melissa: president trump is taking the stage in indiana for a rally tonight as the economy is booming, tensions are easing with north korea. president trump saying moments ago he believes the summit with kim jong-un will be a success. here on what to expect from the president tonight, charlie hurt, "washington times" opinion editor and a fox news contributor. you think we're going to get a victory lap here or what? >> knowing this guy i think we probably will get a bit of a victory lap and it is a well-deserved one. obviously, you know, it remains to be seen whether anything huge happens in north korea but, it
4:52 pm
was certainly there are some, a lot of little steps that are certainly enough to give us hope anyway. and every time he says it we're he backs up, i don't know if we'll be able to succeed here or not, but it's a very important caveat. that gives me a lot hope when he does that. melissa: he also said, he will be there in indiana. he is supporting mike braun who won the primary. he is going up against john donnelly there, hoping to get that senate seat. it is early on. to say they're already campaigning for this guy, we have a long way to go until november. what are your thoughts? >> we sure do but you know, kind of interesting, melissa, on the republican side there are few issues that are nearly anywhere near as important as judicial nominations. one of the things donald trump hasn't gotten a whole lot of credit for except in right-wing media you hear a lot about it, what he has done in terms of
4:53 pm
putting strong, young, constitutionalists, who don't believe in distorting the constitution. melissa: yeah. >> putting them on the courts. there is a huge backlog in the senate. but this is a huge, huge issue for conservatives. i would argue that empty seat of antonin scalia is one of the biggest reasons donald trump won the election in the first place. i think he is going to be talking about that. talking about people like joe donnelly. if joe donnelly is replaced with a guy like braun, there is much better chance he gets nominees through. that is powerful message for conservatives. the one thing that unites all the different factions on the conservative side. that one thing, they care about it more than anything. melissa: i almost fell off my chair earlier today in my office. i heard judy miller saying she thinks that democrats are really going to have their work cut out for them potentially in in the midterms because you may not like the president's style, you
4:54 pm
may not like what he says on twitter, but she says it is difficult, he has a lot of results to point to. it can be very difficult to point to that. democrats obviously don't believe that's true. you know, i wonder what does, i mean, we're looking at all these people standing in line. what do people in indiana, what do people in ohio, what do people in the midwest think? >> the other day nancy pelosi in an interview was looking to raise people's taxes when she returns to the speakership of the house, talk about tone deaf? exactly, that word you use, style, exactly, what so many people around here in washington the first time they looked at donald trump, they hated his style. so they threw the baby out with the bath water whereas most of the country people are able to listen and judge you for, kind of what you're saying and what you stand for and that's what they did. that is how he won. it is not the smoothest style out there. it is not the most loveable
4:55 pm
style. i find it incredibly loveable because it is so refreshingly honest and different from the polish tish shuns that -- politicians we get around here. that resonates with voters. why you see lines going out the door for blocks. melissa: yeah. you know, and then it will be interesting to see as well, as the president gets out there, you hear people, i notice in the last round of primaries talking about, really just want smaller government. that is something that he has delivered on. i'm always surprised because that is how i feel, when other people boil it down like that, does he really represent that for, you know, people in these primaries? >> when people talk about cutting red tape and all the stuff that goes on, that is, end result of that is smaller government, greater freedom. and it does resonate with people. i saw all of the races we saw this week were very, very positive for republicans.
4:56 pm
very positive for trump, it showed all of those candidates winning when they run on the trump agenda and reject the sort of establishment republican talking points. melissa: we got to go. charlie, thank you so much. we'll bring the president's rally live to you tonight, 7:00 p.m. eastern. stay here. stay tuned to fox business. david: here is judy's tweet. the president puts off a lot of people with his style, when you look at results, tax cuts, minority unemployment, north korea, he has a lot to point to. melissa: there we go. david: emily post wouldn't approve. why monica lewinsky was taken off a guest list once a certain someone rsvp'd. melissa: hmmm.
4:57 pm
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town & country they decided to attend we apologize to miss lewinsky.
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especially one about social change and then after i have accepted. then they decided to attend emily post would definitely not approve. i really think he wants to do something. i really think he wants to do something and bring our country into the world world. i think we are can have its success. the dow is turning positive for 2018. president obama's policies get demolished by president trump. we now have a date and time for the president historic summit. also five of the most dangerous commanders now captured.


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