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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 10, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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they don't ask him. they tell him. they don't say will you, they say joe, this is the way you are going to vote. mike braun will be a great, great representative of the people of indiana. mike braun is a winner. great businessman, by the way, very successful businessman. mike braun will fight for the values that bind us all together as americans. we support law and order and we support the heroes in law enforcement. they are great. they are great. and they will tell you surplus military equipment, right? we have it by the hundreds of millions of dollars sitting in warehouses getting old. some of the best stuff anywhere
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in the world. and past administrations said no we can't give that to law enforcement. some day somebody is going to explain why. but i sort of get it. but it's not a good reason. it's about a 1% reason. we have 99%. that equipment is being transferred all over the united states to our police and our law enforcement. and we already have it. the other side said but it's too good. it's too good. it's already paid for. we defend the second amendment. and don't kid yourself. it's under siege. we defend the right to self-defense. never believe that your second
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amendment is not under siege. we believe that a strong nation must have strong borders. we have pride in our history and respect for our great american flag. [crowd chants u.s.a.!] and we put our large beautiful hands on our hearts for the pledge of allegiance. right? [cheers and applause]
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and we proudly stand, all the time we stand, because we love that sound. we stand for our national even r national anthem at all times. but if we are going to defend our values we need people in washington who share our values. democrats like sleeping joe say one thing when they are in elkhart. then they go to washington and vote for the radical liberal agenda. it never ever fails. you know, there is about 12 of them. you think you have their vote. and they talk a good game. but they always raise their hand for the radical left of nancy
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pelosi. always. the center for effective law making named joe donnelly the least effective democrat law maker in the united states senate. i don't know, mike, but i think that will be a very good phrase to run by. he has never sponsored a bill that has become a law. this november indiana will face an important choice. you can send a really incredible swamp person back to the senate like joe donnelly, or you can send us republicans like mike braun to drain the swamp.
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[crowd chants "drain that swamp"] president trump: under my administration we are fighting against the lobbyist, special interests and corrupt washington politics. after years of rebuilding foreign countries of which a lot of people partake in the cost of rebuilding those foreign countries, we are finally rebuilding our country. we fight to build their borders, but we don't fight and spend no money to build our borders. figure that one out. we are fighting and we are
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finally putting america first. and remember, the last time i did this, and this started 2 1/2 years ago when i first started. people were not saying merry christmas anymore. the big store chains weren't saying merry christmas. they weren't doing it. they weren't saying merry christmas. now they are saying merry christmas again. to bring back our jobs, we are cracking down on unfair trade. we want trade deals that are fair and by the way, reciprocal.
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and we love our farmers. we are taking care of our farmers. and we love our factory workers. we love our workers. for decade american presidents responded to foreign cheating on trade, cheating. there is no other word for it, cheating. they responded with silence. they didn't do anything. they were silent. let's not rock the boat. oh, that's fine. we have a $100 billion trade deficit with mexico. think of it. we have a trade deficit with almost every country in the world. we are changing that around
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rapidly. we racked up trillions of dollars in trade deficits, also known as losses, while other countries stole our factories, stole our plants, stole our wealth, and stole our jobs. but america's long silence is over. and you see what's happening. car companies are coming back into the united states. they are moving back in. chrysler just announced. japan is building big ones. we are expanding our plants. and i put tariffs on steel and i put tariffs on aluminum, and the united states steel just announced that they are expanding their factories and building plants and we are going to start making steel and
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aluminum again. [cheers and applause] america is respected again. different ballgame. under my administration, we kept another important promise when we put a great new justice on the united states supreme court. neil gorsuch. and next week after the promises of many administrations and presidents, and then they never did the, they campaign, they promise, they never did it. next week, we will finally open the american embassy in jerusalem.
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[cheers and applause] i put one of my friend as the ambassador to israel. one of the great lawyers of our country. made a lot of money as a lawyer. but he loves israel and the united states. they walked up to my desk about three months ago because i said, let's go, we want to go, we want to build fast. so they walk up to my desk and give me this beautiful folder and i'm supposed to sign. i say what is this. and i'm half signed. they said sir, we are building an embassy in jerusalem, sir.
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i said how much be something othe --something other president ask. they said, sir, a billion dollars. you know what a billion dollars is. you have a beautiful house and it costs about $50,000 to build. i said a billion dollars? yes, sir. we are looking for a site now. we are going to spend a lot of money on a site. everyone is going to get rich on the embassy. i stopped signing, by the way. i had donald, then it was -- dead wrong. then i don't know if they still have it. beautiful paper. very official looking. and then all of a sudden i
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stopped. er in got to the t. i was putting xs because i was afraid somebody would say it's my signature. i'd called up our ambassador. i said david, this is crazy. a billion dollars, don't we have a site? he said we have the best site and we already on it. and a building on the site, and i can take the building on the site and take the corner of that building, a big beautiful corner, and for $150,000 i can fix it. it will be so beautiful, the location is better. it's set back which is good for safety. and i can build it for $150,000. think of that. think of that. [cheers and applause]
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i said, david, you are going to renovate the koir -- the cornera building that will be beautiful. the site is the best site. the building is already built and we can fix it. we have government wanting to build a billion dollars in a site that would never be as good or as safe. they want setbacks for safety. i said david, you can do that from a billion to 150. spend $200,000 or $300,000. that's okay. the reason i was very cognizant because i was supposed to cut the new embassy ribbon in london. we have the best piece of property in all of london. it's our embassy. and someone between the bush
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administration and the obama administration -- they stay bush started it, but obama could have stopped it. let's say the two administrations, what they did is said wow, this is a great piece of property. we have been offered a lot of money, like $200 or $250 million. we'll sell this best piece of property in london by far. by the way, literally it's -- if you know new york, fifth avenue and 57th street. i happen to have a building there. that is the best. the tiffany location. the best location. and it's a big location. the best embassy location we have in the whole portfolio. somebody said what a great deal. we are going to sell that for i think 250?
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to a wealthy person. and they are going to rip it down or build a hotel or do something. we sold this thing for 250. never this room because you are from indiana, you understand life. would you say okay, good, you will build a new one. but it didn't work that way. so they sold the embassy for like around $250 million. they then went out and bought a terrible piece of land in a lousy location. and they just opened a new embassy in a bad location for $1.2 billion. what a great deal. what a great deal. so three months ago, i was supposed to go over to cut the ribbon on the new embassy. but i couldn't do it. i said i'm not doing it. i won't do it.
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does that make sense? i'm not going to do it. so i didn't. think of that story. isn't that a sad story. i could give you 50 of those stories. it's all the same. but just remember when you see that -- here is the other thing with the embassy. the new embassy, i said when is it going to be open? they said anywhere from 5 to 10 years. so i said unless they give me an extension for the presidency which i don't think the fake news media would be too happy about, wait, wait -- actually they would be happy. because when i'm not here, their
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ratings are going to sink. so they will probably be very happy. so they said from 5 to 10 years. you know when they say 5 to 10 years it means 15 to 20 years. so we open the embassy next week. three months. three months. i can tell you so many of those stories. but i won't. i won't tell you any more. we have to save some. we only have about 1,000 left. among the national security blunders of the previous administration. one of the world's worst was the disastrous iran nuclear deal. a deal that would allow iran to go right to the brink of nuclear weapons and ultimately very
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quickly have a nuclear weapon. and by the way, other countries in the middle east who do have money would be look all over the place for nuclear weapons. that was going to form a disaster. the deal gave the regime billions of dollars. $150 billion. and $1.8 billion in green. $1.8 billion in cash which would be used to spread bedlam and death and destruction all over the middle east. with all of that being said. who knows, because we are putting the harshest, strongest, most of stringent sanctions on iran. [cheers and applause]
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and i hope to be able to make a deal with them, a good deal, a fair deal. better for them. but we cannot allow them to have nuclear weapons. we must be able to go to a site and check that site. we have to be able to go into their military bases to see whether or not they are cheating. now of course we are all sure they are not cheating. but just in case. the iran deal was one of the most of embarrassing agreements the united states has ever entered into. you remember the 10 sailors who were humiliated in front of the world. for no reason whatsoever. but once again, democrat joe
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donnelly served his liberal handlers in washington, not the great people of indiana that i know so well. he voted to save the deal four times. [crowd booing] but we save the deal no longer. as we discussed, another critical element of our national security to me probably one of the reasons we are all near this great victory celebration is border security. we have many things to do, but we have already begun the construction of the wall and so many other things are following. we'll have those borders extremely strong, extremely
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powerful, and we'll have laws that match the border. so if you think about it, the democrats, they are weak on borders, weak on our military. we have in the last deal had to do it. when did we need military more than we need great military right now? we have got $700 billion to rebuild our military. it will be stronger than ever before. so the democrats, they fight against the borders. they fight to raise your taxes. they fight for all of the things
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we don't stand for. and we are going to have a great victory in '18. you watch. we'll have a great victory. history shows that when you win the presidency, two years later the party for whatever reason, like 90% of the time the party that wins the presidency loses on the mid-terms. and the reason is i guess they get a little bit complacent. we are not getting complacent, folks, we can't. if we elect more republicans, we can truly deliver for all of our citizens. we are going to keep the promises anyway, whether we do or whether we don't.
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i'm going to keep that. we have delivered -- and it was said by one of these gentlemen. we have delivered more than we promised. i have delivered more than i promised, if you think about it. we'll lift millions of americans from welfare to work, from dependence to independence, and from poverty to prosperity. we'll put new steel into the spine of our country, and by the way, it will now be american made steel. and we'll breathe new hope into our communities. we'll do it all with american hands, american grit, and american pride. loyal citizens like you help build this country, and together we are taking back our great and
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beautiful country. returning power to everyday american people. these are the greatest of all people. in every action, with every decision, we'll stand up for america and we'll stand up for the great state of indiana. [cheers and applause] this is the state where generations of american patriots and pioneers plowed the fields. carved the wilderness, and worked the factories of the great american midwest. no place like it. it's the state that gave us
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notre dame football, hoosier basketball. and a legendary indy 500. with your help this november, indiana will inspire our country again. no dream is beyond our reach. our ancestors braved the oceans. they tamed the frontiers. put count beautiful railroads. built up the highways, and dug out the great panama canal. we are the nation that won two world wars. and we are the nation that defeated come anything and fascism and landed a man on the
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face of the moon. and always remember we have picked up in wealth trillions and trillions of dollars for our country since our election, not my election, our election. and our economy. people forget our economy, our. our economy. it is almost twice the size of any other economy of any other nation in the world. remember that. people forget. people forget. people forget. we are not going to let them forget. as long as we are proud of who
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we are, and what we are fighting for, we'll never ever fail. with your help, your voice, and with your vote, we will win! we'll achieve victory for our country. victory for our children, and victory for this magnificent land that we all love. because we are americans, and our hearts bleed red, white and blue. we'll never give in. we will never ever give up. and we will never stop fighting for our country, our freedom, and our flag.
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[cheers and applause] we are one people, we are one family, and we are one nation under god! [cheers and applause] and together we'll make america wealthy again. we'll make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, indiana, we love you. thank you, god bless you! thank you! [♪] trish: -- kennedy: wrapping up that big campaign style stuff. it's not campaign season yet.
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they were in elkhart, indiana doing a victory lap on the recent election accomplishment. the upcoming nuclear talks with north korea and the freeing of those american hostages. president trump: i think kim jong-un -- kim jong-un did a great service to himself and to his country by doing this. but those hostages came out with respect. we didn't pay for them. we are going to set the table. we are going to make a great deal for the world, for north korea, for south korea, for japan and china. kennedy: he covered a lot of bases tonight. here to react is dave brat. what did you think of the
8:30 pm
president's stop tonight in elkhart. >> it was great. i am from the midwest originally. he hit all the right things. we are bringing the koreans back to the u.s.a. north and south korea, they walked across each other's borders. that's great. wages are growing at 3%. the unemployment rate is at 3.9. the minority african-american, hispanic rates are all-time decades low unemployment rates. my district is getting $2,700 back. so he hit all the themes. on the content. everything is good. the mainstream media doesn't
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focus on the policy for the real world. they focus on the distractions. and they want to distract america. i think we grew at 1.5. we are doubling that. that will affect the young generations. i taught college kids for years. they are getting jobs now. and the economy is mending, and now it's growing. it's booming. we just gave through the tax cuts expensing for capital equipment. and that is already forward looking. the stock market is up. we have good news all across the board. we are providing the fundamentals for the american people. i think we'll do welcoming up in
8:32 pm
november based on that reality. kennedy: a lot of it is reality. but when things are going good, they could always be going better. the best way to create jobs is to encourage small businesses to start up. i was talking with brian brenberg and he said it's a static environment for entrepreneurs and there aren't as many new businesses starting. and some are shuttering at a faster rate than it takes to spur even more job growth. what can congress do to get government out of the way. i know you are a limited government person. what can they do to get government out of the way to help businesses create more jobs? >> i just talked to kevin brady. we'll do another round of tax cuts to deepen the individual tax cuts for the family, for the family's benefit and for small
8:33 pm
business. we'll make the individual and the corporate parts permanent. the bigger corporations, the c-corps, the tax rates are permanent. and the regulatory burden. obama took charge. you have got issues with the fbi, and bureaucracies all over the blaze. the top 8-even if fbi folks have been fired or stepped down or resigned. it takes a long time to clear out those bureaucracies for 8 years. obama had the white house, the house and the senate. democrats are talking big. why didn't they do any of that back when they had power? that's an interesting question. they are good with the rhetoric, but they are not good on delivering the outcomes. the economy is growing now. it didn't under the democrats. it's not perfect yet.
8:34 pm
it's been a year. kennedy: there are still people waiting to feel that. they are hopeful better news is around the corner for them. but we have to make it a reality and we do that best by getting government out of the way lifting those barriers for entry and some of the other elements. appreciate your time. as we said, the president went big on the u.s. prisoner release. how big of a win was that release for president trump. let's go to my patent leather party panel it's a man panel. matt welch, harlan hill, and democratic strategist and former executive director of the new york state democratic party basil michael.
8:35 pm
let's talk about this, basil. i know democrats are hesitant to give trump credit the way republicans were with president trump certainly. but later in the show i'll talk about some of the things the president has had big victories on the last few weeks. what do you think the biggest is for him and the country. >> with the prisoner release i think -- you see a lot of his marks go up when he has some victories on foreign policy, whatever they may be. but the prisoner release and the trump talk with north korea we have always seen a bum in his poll numbers, and i think that will give him a huge bump going into the summer because they will end up talking about the economy. i have my concerns and disagreemented with what the congressman said. but he's president now sow he'll be able to take credit for the numbers as they come out now.
8:36 pm
so vulnerable republicans will be touting that. but in the short term, the prisoner release i think is something he'll be able to hold on to for quite a while. kennedy: a week like this when the president endorsed a few candidates who were victorious in some of these midwestern primaries, and he smtion taking credit for apprehending five top isis lieutenants. sow when does it become his party? >> that is a fantastic question. somebody that's running campaigns around the country, and i'm witnessing first harden this divide between the establishment republican party and the insurgent slightly more libertarian and sometimes more progressive populist wing of the republican party. but what we did see tuesday is many more of the establishment candidates did win. and we are seeing record turnout
8:37 pm
compared to 2014 in terms of the republican party electorate. kennedy: are you saying that there is a melding of the part of the republican party that sort of toll rates president trump and those who maybe in spite of his personality accept and encourage most of of his ideas? are they finally coming together? >> there is one data point. sheldon adelson is spending $1 million to help elect republicans to congress. they are fiewblly getting behind the trump republican party and that's entirely due to the fact he's delivering results. kennedy: what does this mean more libertarians. >> i'm not as hopeful as young harlan. donald trump has a fundamentally
8:38 pm
nationalistic view of the world. he's talking in indiana. there will be a lot of farmers hit by his trade war with china. they are trying to sell soy beans to china. kennedy: china knows that, and they know they will target sectors from states the president wants. >> it's already trump's party basically. when he first came on the scene, there weren't have many people you could say were trumpy. the governor of maine was trumpy. but people like mike pence who was a free trader his whole life, he turned on a dime. he's become a boot liquor to the trump train. you either went with it or cried in your beer.
8:39 pm
beben sasse doesn't like donald trump. i don't think there is any competing conservatism. kennedy: the president also patted himself on the back for pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. president trump: among the many grave national security blunders of the previous administration, one of the world's worst was the disastrous iran nuclear deal, a deal that would allow iran to go right to the drink of nuclear weapons and ultimately very quickly have a nuclear weapon. and by the way, other countries in the middle east who do have money all of a sudden would be looking all over the place for nuclear weapons.
8:40 pm
that was going to force a disaster. kennedy: so much disaster. so, obviously there are some major issues with the iran nuclear deal. but with the u.s. pulling out, what does that do for france and germany? >> from my perspective it isolates the u.s. and separates us from europe in ways we haven't seen in a generation. they are upset with us. but if you are conservative and you are his base, this is what you want. they are happy, israel is happy, and there were some democrats who didn't like this deal. kennedy: chuck schumer voted against it. the president called out chuck schumer for being disloyal. >> i understand why schumer says we shouldn't have pulled out now. don't pull it away, let's just fix it. that's his mindset. but there are a lot of people who like the fact that he did
8:41 pm
this. as our country is moving to be more isolationist. kennedy: is it isolation or more negotiation. >> how in the world are we going to bring them to the table unless we apply pressure through sanctions and other means. he's following the same playbook edfollowed with north korea. liberals are crying and screaming saying it will bring us to the brink of war. kennedy: we don't know what's happening with the trade war with china and how that is going to play out. what does this mean, matt? >> who knows. one part in comparison to north korea is interesting. there wasn't action happening with north korea. whatever is happening dealing with this problem, there hasn't even much of a process. there was nothing really on the table. there wasn't a framework that
8:42 pm
was being ripped up by donald trump. there was a bad status quo. but iran is different. that was a big process and a big messy and unhappy for many people solution to it. but it's not just chuck schumer. there are other republicans who hated the deal going in. macron is a hawk against iran. >> it might be a negotiation. it might work out. >> the complexity part of it, trump got out of the paris agreement and out of tpp. kennedy: president trump plenty to celebrate in tonight's rally. three detainees released from north korea. and the peace talks with kim
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kennedy: i can't believe i'm about the say this. but the president is clearly getting more confident. he got a big victory with north korea. another one may be coming with that summit. but his -- his critics are a
8:47 pm
little bit more desperate. there is talk of a nobel prize from of all places, the "new york times." the host of the dennis miller auction. he is dennis mirl. welcome back. >> i missed your monologue tonight. he loves to yak. but i'm angry he robbed me of your monologue. kennedy: i was deeply entertained by the speech. when he's not in a defensive crouch and just trumpeting his most of recent victories, that's when he's most of entertaining. particularly when he goes off script. it tend to be not quite as angry. what did you think of his remarks tonight? >> i was sitting here and i didn't hear all of them. but i can kind of hear the
8:48 pm
speech in my head. i assume he was taking a bit of a strut about last night. i'm happy for him. i'm happy for the country. i know there were people who took their ambien last night so they wouldn't have to watch him. i remember when hillary used to run that silly ad who would you call at 3:00 a.m. i would call the *. he hasn't even gone to bed yet. he's out at andrews air force base. i'm happy for trump last night. i can't wake up every day -- though i realize there is a suitable part of this country that will never ever budge. i don't even know that getting him out of there is as important to them as clinging to their hate for him. it's like an algonquin campfire
8:49 pm
of hate that they warm themselves around. it will either be hate for the next two years, they think they are going to get him out. and it will be hate for four years or 8 years. they will never give him credit. i can't do it, i didn't do with it obama, he wasn't hide cup of tea, and i won't do it with this guy. kennedy: the real addiction here its the media is addicted to donald trump. they are addicted to the whole thing, the crazy lawyer, the fbi raid, the melania gossip. the fiery speeches, the success, the possible failure, the collusion. they are addicted to all of it. and main lining it. i can't believe for one second they will actively campaign
8:50 pm
against him with word in two years. >> i think they are getting him elected two years out. this day-to-day hysteria is falling on deaf ears to a large degree. there is a part of this country that likes him. there is a part of this country, if he brings the denuclearization of the korean peninsula to bear and wins the nobel peace prize they won't want to slit their wrists. they gave it to obama after a month in office. i wish they would give it to trump and he would tell them to stick it because they gave it to yasser arafat. kennedy: we are up against a hard break, thank you, my friend. have a great night. we'll be right back. stay here. allergies with sinus congestion and pressure? you won't find relief here.
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kennedy: the man panel is back. basil, the president does have a little bit of a tail wind right now. things can change by november or next week. what will democrats do to capitalize on their own aside from resistance.
8:55 pm
>> i never said resistance is a good idea. actually i think we did. affordable college. you are starting to see tennessee, maryland, talking about free college. but the truth is if we are going to talk about -- kennedy: if you are bringing on automation. harlan? >> i think the blue wave is fake news. i think we'll pick up seats in the senate and the house will be safe. kennedy: and the republicans will be in power forever. >> i think they will get their hats handed to them in november. but they are going to scare people with crazy economic
8:56 pm
ideas. kennedy: those economic ideas hopefully will continue to bear fruit, and the on question i'll be asking is what am i going to do with all this money. we'll be right back. stay put. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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a stadium powered with solar. a hospital that doesn't lose power. amazing. i like it. never gonna happen. 10 miles on every dollar they spend at thousands of hotels.e giving venture cardholders brrr! i have the chills! because of all those miles? and because ice is cold. what's in your wallet? kennedy: what an exciting week we have had. i know a lot of you like to end the best however your day and
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the best show your week with hate mail. but it will have to wait. email and i'll see you on the "outnumbered" couch tomorrow at noon eastern, 9:00 in the west. >> good evening, everyone, i am trish regan in for lou dobbs tonight. our top stories this evening, you're looking at live pictures from elkhart, indiana, where president trump is due to speak at a oolly just minutes from now -- rally. and he's going to talk about his make america great again agenda. we're going to bring you that speech live in its entirety as soon as it begins. again, we're waiting on the president. we will go live to indiana momentarily. mike pence tells robert mueller it is time to wrap this thing up, the vice president back up president trump in his fight against the russia witch hunt while mcconnell and ryan remain conspicuously silent. hmm. republican congressman devin nuñes and trey gowdy finally get


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