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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 11, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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that's where the majority of the world dell is produced. the evening starts right now. happy friday. it's the most sweepg action in history. two lower the price of a prescription drugs for the american people. we will have a tougher negotiations and more competition. this is president trump lays out their plan to lower drug prices.
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the meeting today with major carmakers but in an explosive fight on the floor of the house leading the movement we will show you exactly when that movement started and it was way before trial. politics, money we have you covered. we are going to have more on that in just a moment. first to present trump out with his blueprint plan to lower high drug prices. major drug company stocks.
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the guys between the drug insurers. the president believes they don't get most of the reform done before executive action. he thinks it will lower drug prices. we are neck and a reward at companies that of companies that constantly raise the prices in the past is been most companies. what the medicine cost in the usa.
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here is a breakdown on how the president believes it will all be laid out. the unfair share of development cost. they artificially cap the prices. it is to get generic drugs to the market faster. and increase competition. the democrats on this. they came out with a statement today saying unfortunately it hardly pushed puts patients first. charge their citizens more for drugs. on the ads that we see on tv.
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if the pill cost $100 or $50,000 then consumers can make an educated choice. president donald trump has the key to the drug industry to get away with murder. what are some of the most expensive drugs in the u.s. they filled cost 44 grid without insurance. it treats rare condition that causes swelling. it cost 45 grid per month. caused by one of the most common parasites in of the world. in the costliest ever. let's bring in the fox news medical correspondent. people always say that it is great to keep drug costs low. is done on the backs of american consumers.
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i recall writing a piece about pfizer a few years ago arguing with in germany the very country he's talking about. were not paying those prices for viagra or lipitor. but here is what we are paid. they wanted that. we are paying for research and development. $700billion a year. to pay from the very drugs that they produce here in the united states. with socialized medicine here. we had socialized medicine. let's get to this. the white house is getting criticized for not going far enough on this plan. we know that medicaid, they all negotiate prices.
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and then the pharmacy benefit managers come and and they get the rebate and they split it among them. everybody gets a cut except the patient. the prices are very high. they have to pay out-of-pocket. the trump budget. if it stays the way it is. that is a step in the right direction and they are the ones of pocketing the rebates but they are saying he is can affix that. they are negotiating for their own profits. they get a lot of money with successful drug.
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and here is what the viewers don't know. they find a little tweak. so that they can extend another ten years. to do some of the research. they will be approved. when the research is done the generics can benefit. and that they don't have the money to do research development. drug companies do not show actual costs. that's a big par of t problem. >> think about all the time that everybody spends watching drug company ads on tv.
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they are required to put in them. if we want to have a real market for drugs why not had them disclose the prices in the ads also. that is the first thing in the free market. you ought to know want to know what you are buying. there has been a lot of discussion about this. you can get a cardiogram at one place and no one knows because insurance hides it. especially true with pharmaceuticals. i believe what he just said. it will show what the cost is. extremely important and it should happen. it will change everything. the patient will say wait a minute how come it's causing so much. where did all of that money go.
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come back soon. let's get to the story. present trump in california now said to collide over fuel standards. here is what's going on. the gas prices are the highest in the nation. the president sitting down today with major carmakers all in a bid to get more manufacturing jobs here and to talk about reasonable fuel standards. watch. >> we are talking about environmental control and manufacturing of millions of more cars within the united states. from michigan to ohio to pennsylvania to all of the different places. south carolina is getting bigger and bigger. they are closing the day in the red. they join me now. good to see you. the green lobby it's pretty powerful.
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california has among the strictest gas in the country. the company's reserves have been really clean. it really goes on to the consumer. we have the fifth ranked gas tax in the country. in those regulations. with the majority of the briefing. pay for fuel standards. a lot of it is still not even proven. once again you elect the governing body for a reason. higher admissions mean higher calls to the consumer.
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here is what happened to manufacturing jobs under obama. the fuel standards shoved the manufacturing jobs overseas. no one wants especially when gas prices are below. if you are u.s. manufacturing jobs. once again when they talk about nafta it's much in line with many other deals that we have entered in. it happened to me that globalists of the year in 2007. these efforts they are not part of the trump coalition. eric, let's get to this push by california to force all new
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homes. it really has going to stick it to the middle class and poor people. it will add the cost of that $10,000. every new home. >> i used to run a solar company. at the end of the day that's because you can see that the market is trending that way. it's kinda kind of like the gas emission argument. it can be on the back side there. you might be able to do that they need to understand that when they enter into these agreements. the electrical grid cannot handle all of that solar panel injury. it is still a big risk. when you are doing that.
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it's a very risky deal. and it needs to be subsidized by governments. at some point they will be able to subsidize it. let's get the check of the money. we will get to nicole peddling me from this dick of the action. on the green for the week. they finished higher by 91 points. they all gained more than 2% each. at&t retired about 1%. they did note that they have to out their top lobbyist. and then we have semantics. the worst move in 17 years.
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it's also an internal investigation into the company. not a security breach. this is oil is going to the downside but holding near the multiyear high. cnn is going wall-to-wall painting the president of iran as a moderate. who just want to keep the iran deal together. this guy is anything but moderate. i think it's can be a very big success but my attitude is. polident is specifically designed to clean a denture.
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who was a moderate. there is a limited amount of time for them to get their actions together. the moderate president of iran who is more of a moderate. as a moderate politician who just wants to keep the iran deal together. amasses show of israel. both iranian and syrian after a rocketttk. this is the largest response in 45 years since the war it
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is holding is holding near a multiyear high. iran's president is a moderate who is trying to fix idea. when did they start writing copy for cnn. it is bizarre. most just give you a little context. anything possible to mollify the legacy.
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the hashtag trending right now. they are trending the economic pressure that is now coming to wait on the regime. they have sent over 3,000 people to jail and a recent domestic crackdown. they had exported terrorism. they have to test lots a lot of ballistic missiles. for the tele- band. does that sound like a moderate to you. he is arguing against the most belligerent guys on the supreme council. who don't want to pander. they just want to go to war.
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he makes himself out to appear moderate when he's just a better liar and when you look at the list that you just went through he leads a system that violates the human rights of everybody in his country so there is nothing moderate about him. just more slick exposure. they had slammed iran i ran for human rights violations. it was a difficult farce. and the anti- america west. still don't know why the media needs to call them a moderate. they said earlier that the opposition said get that regime out of here. how are they going to do that.
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and thinking her to begin putting the sanctions on. and to enable them. against use of apps like television. they had locked down. in the great on iran there. great earnings. wages going up about 2.6% annualized. somehow they are going to run against that. these are not your parents and democrats.
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they would never had even tried to do this. that's after the break. don't go away. we are rocking. america is being respected again.
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>> welcome back. all of the good things going on. we have a great morning so far 78% beat wall street expectations. that is the highest rate since 2008. 3.3% gdp growth. the 4% gdp growth. a jobless rate of 3.9 percent. more than 6 million's jobs unfilled and available. let's bring in doug.
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it seems like the democrats might be in a bind. how do you talk badly about the economy when the economy is doing pretty good. they're not very happy. unemployment could go to zero. i long for the day that right after world war ii when harry truman got along so well. they wanted civil rights for everybody. to share irish jokes. it would be one careful. i think that they do.
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we can't look back on this time with rose colored glasses. it's different. if you want to know how democrats feel. look at the violent reaction the night she lt to trump in you will get a bit of an idea and you have to remember only 67,000 people in manhattan voted for donald trump theoretically everybody who voted for trump they have to had to struggle with the democratic party that was yanked to far left. look at this. the democrats back in 198646 senate democrats voted for the tax cuts including chuck schumer. you're absolutely right. again we can't put on rose colored glasses. ronald reagan had just one in 1984 every state in the union except minnesota and he almost won minnesota.
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i don't know if he will do that. the democrats are not what they used to be. and you know what we picked up when the resist movement likely started. he has rolled back obama policies like the iran deal. the resist movement really started under obama. they ignored them and said with a executive action. the only thing i want two-point out and it's worse than it was. i want two-point out that academic and media never helped the republicans. and think about this.
5:30 pm
ronald reagan saved the world from nuclear annihilation. it went to jimmy carter. mikael gorbachev. they never gave the nobel peace prize to ronald reagan who ended the cold war. so academic and the democrats had always had this event. isn't there a common sense problem here. they are easily erased by the next president. and hillary was to preserve the legacy. it's exactly right. imagine if she had one. all of that would have been preserved and that's why he wouldn't go to the senate. he didn't think he needed to.
5:31 pm
it's why there are black in a career woman to be have have of the cia because it's not good enough they want pro- democrat in those positions. you have to have a position. cnn is accusing the president of getting those out of north korea to distract from other scandals.
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♪ and let me play-- (jet engine white noise) (airline "ding") (bell mnemonic) it was a campaign promise. and whether or not it is to deflect from something else i don't think he has the moral compass to make a decision based on our own national security even at this point. ever since they launched a campaign back in june of 2015 he has been saying they must get out of the obama era they suggest that the president withdrew from the deal to deflect from scandal.
5:36 pm
on the ninth. they were welcoming home. freeing the men in order to distract. the criminal investigation of his own personal victory. they join me now. and fox news contributor. and the washington times contributor. when people wrap their opinions as facts when there is no facts to support it. they are doing a grave disservice to our country.
5:37 pm
we have an amazing newsweek this week. the upcoming north korean summit. the president met the three americans that would detain the north korea. met them at three in the morning. and then went on to have a rally . we have an amazing economic environment. 3.9 percent. two-point out the controversies in the trump administration. without any facts.
5:38 pm
they also suggest that i ran a deal and pull out is also done under false pretense. there is no good faith in us thinking that trump is some peacemaker. that is republican donor as republican donor eric for your reaction. i think that unfortunately there are 70 people on the political journalist side in the mainstream media that view trump as the double.
5:39 pm
lucifer in the flesh. and it's good for them. to attack to this level because it gets ratings it enriches their future at the various networks. but what it does at the same time as a decimate credibility with those independents and certainly those republican conservatives and frankly it's sad because it ignores the good that's happening. this deal with iran it has been in the works for a good year plus. people have been talking about this. everybody knew this was coming. it's the tiniest dog in the history of the world. he has been saying he wants to pull out of the iran deal. since he started running three years ago. really he was actually doing it to please the mega donor. that's ridiculous. i ran as a state sponsor of terrorism. it was a horrible deal that he put together for iran. they got billions of dollars
5:40 pm
and the chance of death to america i'm sure you can look that up now and see it happening right now in iran. they hate us and our way of life and it was a horrible deal. these anchors at the networks. our misleading our country. they should be reporting real news instead of their personal opinions because they totally hate president trump and anything to do with him. he calls the hostage release states. also very carefully choreographed. secretary of state mike pompeo and then the plane and carried these three american citizens donald trump is a former reality show producer. it was a staged production meant for television. meant to be shown and seen here around the world.
5:41 pm
what i find fascinating is when they celebrated many things publicly there was no commentary about any kind of staging. you well of course want all of them to be there. this signifies the fact that while this can be this displayed a war with north korea is now it's can end in peace because of donald trump. and because of the fact that they were focus. where our leverage was used effectively. he can't hear me. it's good to see you. thank you so much. great comments for both of you. the democrat maxine waters in
5:42 pm
an explosive fight on the floor of the house today. when it comes up.
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it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018. the second part is accurate. nancy pelosi this week whether
5:46 pm
democrats will vote to make middle-class tax cuts permanent. the plane to hold a vote this summer on making those middle-class tax cuts in the current law permanent. are you can until democrats to vote for or against it. >> the reason they make it permanent in the first place was because they were operating under reconciliation. that's why in the priorities they chose that over middle-class families. now you can be in violation of the budget reconciliation act. kelly, good to see. that sounded like a guess or no question. she dodged it. she totally dodged it. go ahead. no wonder nancy pelosi has abysmal improvement rating. she wants to take your money
5:47 pm
away. the average family making $75,000 has seen their paycheck go up by 1,000 overall this year. chuck schumer has said it too. i want to fund my infrastructure plan by taking away middle-class tax cuts. gone are the days of jfk democrats that believe in empowering the american people. they feel like they know how to spend it better than you. and the think tank over there. the u.s. is one of the highest tax nation. to make sure that we are making american great.
5:48 pm
we are coming together as a people despite of what you say. i remit -- present the remark about this honorable president of the united states of america. i reserve the balance of my time. i do not yield one second. not one second. not one second to you. the context was about an auto dealer lot that tries to block it is the wrongheaded law. there is no proof that they are discriminated against minorities at all. it's a law that was hamstringing the u.s. economy. what did you make of this explosive fight on the floor. you are pulling this country apart. as the american people try to come together and we see that
5:49 pm
they peddle false theories and propose and fight for bills like this. she also doesn't help this country come together when she embraces someone who has no place in american politics and shortly should not be embraced by democratic congresswoman. what your reaction to that. >> president trump has done a pretty good job bringing the american people together. we see that this country is on the white -- right track. people are excited about what the presidency is doing. i think the more and more he does the more and more people will come on board with him. i see him as bringing us together. come back soon. a bombshell with class action.
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we did not take a broad and a view of our responsibility and it was a big mistake. it was my mistake. and i'm sorry. over invasion of privacy. it's a new one. let's get to the attorney on this. here's the deal. if you have an android phone
5:54 pm
and you put up the facebook app on your phone and you open up any say yes you can have our contacts. they'd then take all of the logs of everybody you had called. the more you care about facebook the worse it seems. what you think. i think facebook is in trouble. this kind of consumer law happens to be the kind i spent most of my non- pundit time doing. if facebook was my client i would be having a hard talk with mister zuckerberg because this is a real problem. they did not warn people about this. they do not inform people about this. they have a reasonable expectation its craziness.
5:55 pm
kurt you make such an important point. can police departments get at our information that is stored in facebook service. can anybody get at it. why not. they serve a subpoena and of course facebook goes in and opposes it. we can see who he is texting and calling. i didn't sign on for that because i wanted to see how badly all my high school student friends are doing today. liz, these people are super smart. they know how to do amazing things. where is the common sense. if they result in some sort of positive and when they go and steal everybody's call logs. they are basically inviting regulation. so how damaging is this for facebook.
5:56 pm
let's put aside the law here. they are done there. a bunch of california federal court jurors. the organ want to settle this. facebook, google all the rest. have got to have a major rethink about how they are treating their customers. they are getting close to becoming utility in that they don't watch it they will become regulated like one. kurt, we love having you on. come back soon.
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liz: be sure to tune in tonight for a one-hour speal of "wall street."
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all of us wants to wish a happy mother's day to all of our viewers. thank you for watching. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: it was the best week for stocks since march as the dow continued a 7-day winning streak. after several days of high-stake negotiations with foreign governments, president trump touted in a rally that love and peace can be created through strength. >> this is truly an exciting time for our country. jobs are booming. i told you. i told you. confidence is

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