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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 14, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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this after modest gains on friday. major indices rose 2% with friday's dow industrials 91 points at the close. s&p up 4.5. nasdaq finishing lower in friday by two points. stocks in europe looking at a pullback. the cac and the dax all done a quarter of a percent or lower. asia overnight markets closed higher. hang seng index up one and a 3%. a tesla slams into a fire truck without breaking. the authorities investigate whether the autopilot is to blame. more executives step back from the company a tesla. justin timberlake's fruit invention now reality. one of the producers now. raspberries with blueberries in one bite. the stories coming up. pwc partner mitch roschelle and
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lee carter. happy monday. >> happy monday. great to be here. >> what you call a raspberry blueberry combo? maria: i think he caused a braspberry. dagen: we knew that because he consumes all news that happy mother's day from everybody. if the dow is up to date a date in a row, the longest winning streak in almost eight months. the dow up you look there is a weakness since president trump first announced the steel and aluminum tariffs were started talking about them on march the first. all the gauges have been, the dow is the only went down about a 10th of a percent. it is up six and a quarter%. a really big gains in the small caps. the dow was still 7% below the all-time high earlier this year. we focus on the worries about the terrorists, but it's been a
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great one for the blue chips in most major markets are down. maria: good earnings season as well. mitch revenue. >> the only thing i worry about for a revenue to us what is going on with the u.s. dollar. ohio 46% s&p 500 earned overseas. if that should turn around that would be a little bit of a reversal. >> join the conversation, health and human services secretary alexa czars vitesse. louie gohmert and his thoughts on the embassy. chief of staff to president george w. bush karl rove along with fox news interstitial analysts judge andrew napolitano. don't miss a moment of it. we take it off right here within historic day in the holy land. the u.s. will open it embassies after moving it out of tel aviv. celebrations underway ahead of the grand opening.
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benjamin that yahoo! welcoming the delegation with open arms. >> this is a momentous time. president trump is making history. our people will be eternally grateful for this decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. maria: ambassadors from two dozen countries attending today's dedication ceremony. israeli military bracing for up to 100,000 protesters right along the gaza border. former state department official and foreign policy is it to president obama's two dozen eight presidential campaign and now partner at the law firm gave it to foray. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> earache and this? >> i'm a big supporter of israel and its important relationship for the united states of course. but most importantly it does
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nothing to help the middle east peace process. we haven't moved the peace process forward even one inch. this is another example of terms drive-by diplomacy. but then he's not going to engage in the most important aspects of the relationship with israel which is helping get towards a middle east peace deal. american officials in trump's relatives in town in jerusalem to celebrate this move, but there's no? towards the negotiation. >> what you think benjamin netanyahu is celebrating if it's not good for israel? >> it's a good thing. something that hard-liners in israel very much wanted to happen. there's a lot of symbolism to this, but not much substance. in fact, the embassy is an even ready as you know. six years until we finish the embassy. the opening ceremony of symbolic
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and helps in now way, but will not help at the more important goal of getting the peace process going. as you noted, there are now writes in the palestinian territories and gaza and west bank and palestinians deliver think it's good visual arbiter. >> maria, why can it be just practical? israel's parliament is in jerusalem. most of its government is in jerusalem. this is something the u.s. congress voted for in the last century. in terms of peace in the middle east, the last three presidents before president trump failed to negotiate a deal, the last talks collapsed in 2014. so people might argue with moving the embassy to jerusalem. what we've been doing in the past hasn't been working. >> the last three presidents actually made a lot more progress than president trump. president trump has made zero
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progress at all. >> this is the first time i've heard the saudi's talking about israel. >> the studies weren't happy about moving the embassy. >> the broader peace process. there is no doubt israel is including benjamin that yahoo! are happy they are moving to jerusalem. no doubt several presidents before president trump has acknowledged the capital of israel is jerusalem. >> several presidents before president trump made the promise in their campaigns that they would move the embassy as well. once they became president they agreed on all the impact of the policy impact. they didn't move it. i'm not saying we shouldn't do that at some point, but this is a huge thing to get israel and we didn't get anything in it return. we could've gotten the the peace process negotiations started.
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your guess as this has a practical impact, but it doesn't have a practical impact. the embassy actually is an even ready. so practically is a problem for us to move our embassy before we have an embassy that can hold 850 embassy staff would have been israel. must have the same tel aviv anyway, which by the way is for every other country in the world that has a diplomatic relationship with israel have their embassy. >> you said there's three presidents before the policy briefings that was a bad idea. what was contained in the briefings that would make it a bad idea? >> i noted first of all it's going to upset the leaders of the palestinians in the west bank and in gaza that they consider this something he did not want to happen. for us to do it, we should've gotten israel to make some sort of compromise is part of a larger deal. we gave this up for nothing. we got nothing in return.
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maria: are you arguing that the capital of israel is not in jerusalem? >> i'm not arguing where the capital of israel is. israel has a strong claim that it is jerusalem and as you noted, israel has moved its parliament to jerusalem and it operates out of jerusalem as though it's a capital in jerusalem will certainly be part of -- maria: so what's the problem? >> the problem is this is very controversial in the middle east had for us to have done this symbolically without getting anything else in return, we are upsetting all the parties that need to come on board. moreover as i noted come in the is an even ready yet. why are we saying we are moving the embassy when we canceled our diplomats into the embassy down. it's all symbolism, no substance. dagen: it doesn't matter the trump administration has been clear. i know palestinians want their
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own capital futures data as east jerusalem, but the trump administration has been quite clear that the final boundaries of jerusalem would be left up to final status negotiations. this doesn't dictate that to the israelis or the palestinians. >> exactly. but this doesn't do anything to move the peace process forward. why did the trump administration which said during the campaign it would be very easy to solve the peace process between the palestinians and israel. why hasn't made any progress? maria: it has made progress in this is a priority of the trump administration, the peace process pretty aggressively. the white house could be headed towards a sanctions showdown with european companies refusing to stop working with iran. white house national security adviser john bolton this weekend raising the possibility of penalties against your premises but michael mccaul told me
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yesterday on "sunday morning futures." listen to this. >> it is possible. it depends on the conduct of other governments. >> the europeans will see it is in their interest ultimately to come along. >> i do business with the united states. that is why we have the ultimate leverage on iran. trade to your take on iran in terms of the u.s. pulling out of the deal. >> i was against the deal when it was signed in 2015. it was a mistake for us to have signed the deal because we could've got better. maria: then you agree with donald trump. >> i didn't agree with the deal at the time it was signed but it was time it was finally gave up many things to iran. many of those we are never going to get back. we had for as funds which went to iraq. we also worked with her partner -- maria: what you think obama did it then? >> president obama wanted to have a peace deal with iran. he gave up something that may be
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a tougher negotiator would not have. maria: he gave up a lot and we know that. sitting there right now. dagen: david, i will point out one thing. there has been talk between the united states and europe trying to fix some of the issues between the iran nuclear deal. secretary of state mike fontenot said he is planning to approach european diplomats in the next few days to pursue a new deal and there does seem to be agreement between our european allies in the united states on the ways to constrain the ballistic missile program involves no how to strengthen the inspections of the iran nuclear site. there are some issues of agreement, but again it going to be money. it is going to be sanctions on banks, financial and diffusion and this is something james freeman told me. one way to go after iran as you go after shipping insurance in london and basically make it impossible to ensure tankers
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transporting oil out of iran. some very specific targeted things. we always talking about bowling, but not a lot of other major u.s. corporations because they didn't believe this deal would stand as written. maria: david, we want to switch gears and get to train foreign china. the u.s.-china trade tory took another move forward. the two countries to meet today in washington. the vice premier coming to washington this week as the telecom company transfer may have been thrown a lifeline. first targeted in the u.s. banned for shipping goods to north korea and iran. president trump treated this yesterday. president xi and i are working together to give the phone company zte wait to get back into business fast. commerce department hasn't strapped it to get this done. what do you make of this, the u.s. helping zte now? >> this is highly contradictory.
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we were just talking about iran and were instituting sanctions and now you have a chinese company that violated our sanctions and was working with iran, selling products and iran. we punish them for violating sanctions and president trump wants to give them an exception. it makes no sense in the contest of our policy in tensions with respect to north korea and iran and moreover it undercuts the policy analysis at the really bad precedent because when the company violate sanctions come you don't make exceptions punishing them for policy-based reasons. this is something most presidents do not ever do. president trump doing entities reinstituting sanctions on iran. sanctions are so important that we have to break with our european partners and allies for the given exception to a foreign company that violated sanctions. maria: i was surprised at this, but this sounds like another
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piece of negotiating going back and forth between china and the u.s. the vice premier in washington this week. >> the delegation didn't hear much coming back. a lot of u.s. jobs involved because we supply a lot of components to train for. it's all about savings on american jobs. >> i wonder how this holds into the transfer technology story because that was a big worry. thanks for weighing in. we appreciate it. fuji film now weighing legal action after xerox is dropping plans to merge on the other side of this break. ♪ mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor
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it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018. maria: welcome back. fuji film to an illegal action after fuji film is dropping plans to merge. cheryl casone has that now. >> the decision comes after a settlement with the company's two largest shareholders. activist caught icon in darwin decent. they will replace jeff jacobson and appoint new board members to the board. fuji film issuing a statement adding that may seek damages. they are going to undervalue. the shares of xerox up more than 3% this year.
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fuji film is down 5%. earnings season is winding down but it's not over until we hear from major retailers this week including wal-mart. home depot will report numbers tomorrow. after that bases on wednesday in jcpenney on thursday. wal-mart results are also out on thursday before the bell. analysts looking to rise from a year ago. taken a look at the stock itself. shares of wal-mart are down 15% so far this year. finally, marvel superheroes continue to win. avengers infinity were part of the box office for the third weekend in a row. >> run from it. >> to movie finally opened in
6:19 am
china. avengers or units worldwide amount to 126 billion. the largest global relief of all time. back at home the life of the parties melissa mccarthy going back to college. $1,845,000,000. also opens this weekend, rounding out our top five. the remake still hanging in there and a quiet place, maria. it's going to keep raining in new york here there's always the movie. >> movies this weekend? >> i saw it. it was good. two kids going to college in the fall. i thought i'd see what happened when it all goes back. >> so immensely talented. god bless the. she made an appearance on "saturday night live" and michael jay's stepmother during the weekend update was absolutely hilarious.
6:20 am
>> i recommend the film. he was good. maria: we will take a break grade when we come back, by and through their teeth come in their eyes are accusing the justice department and the reactive purposefully slow rocking the responses for congressional republicans. that story coming up. the retailer had by a data breach. we've got all the details in the latest coming up next. back in a moment. ♪
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maria: do you think you are getting honest answers to the fbi and the doj? now, i don't. they are lying through their teeth. if you want to tell the truth come in the same thing to do in front of a federal judge was another branch just as congress is and you allow a fault in camera review. i'm not there at the negotiating table. when i was there, we would most often say if you say it's too voluminous and will take too long, gray. we will set side-by-side with your people. we will search, we will look into a things we don't need. to do that, we need to see them completely did. if they want to get to the truth, that's what they do. >> the oversight committee chairman darrell i said on "sunday morning futures" yesterday. justice department and fbi under fire for refusal to fully cooperate with lawmakers in
6:25 am
subpoenas for documents. "washtington examiner" editorial director hugo. what is your take on this? >> maria, i remember from my days as a marker reporter an old phrase, an old saying which is bad numbers take longer to add up the good ones. when a company was not releasing its earnings very quickly coming into the numbers would be bad kid same as the department of justice. the fact that it's taken a year to get some information and some still is an out means they have something to hide and they don't want to bring it out. i think he's absolutely right they are dragging their feet and thinking towards maybe the mid-term elections that they can drag this out in the congress has taken over by the democrats and a democrat don't ask. maria: does with they are hoping that looks like. maybe you get a change of hands they are. devin nunes will say look, once
6:26 am
we see within the document that psycho might draw. i'm done. pad think there think there ever will be accountability? >> ultimately there will be accountability. momentum gathered in people becoming more and more aware that the way in which the investigation of president trump's campaign, the whole russia investigation, there are very serious problems with that. the way that it was made to snoop on carter pagecamino, looks like perhaps it was based either purely on the russia dossier, which was unverified, or perhaps now it's been suggested it might have been based also on an actual spike used by the obama administration to snoop on the campaign. the idea that a sitting governor would use its powers of snooping
6:27 am
to look into the campaign of one campaign, one presidential campaign when they were supporting the other campaign was a serious thing which the american people i'm sure will want to know about. maria: this is a huge story and we are just getting drowned so that because we are unable to see the data in the actual investigation that they are using to investigate trump and investigate hillary clinton at the same time. they were biased and wanted hillary to win. it just makes the fbi and the doj with terrible. in terms of a massive abuse of power. >> i don't know how big this is, but it certainly smells. you know, i think once you've got that sort of stench out of the doj coming you know that there's some housecleaning to go on.
6:28 am
exactly where it goes, none of us really knows except for people in the doj. it is called was his duty, constitutional duty to oversee the executive branch. the request being made by chairman nuñez, chairman grassley, and the other chairman of the investigating committees are entirely legitimate to entirely legitimate demand a constitutional right, not just the right, but a duty to get to the bottom of this. maria: what about the ig report? we are expecting that within the next couple of weeks. will that get more information in terms of what went on here. the last ig report recommended criminal charges against andrew mccabe at the fbi. >> right. the number two guy is the second in mr. horowitz is a very thorough investigator was acted on both sides of the aisle. he's not regarded as the party scene. he will get to the bottom of this. i don't think -- i can't guess
6:29 am
or forecast whether there will be more criminal charges recommended, but i'm sure when the report comes out there will be since digital things in their that the department of justice and the fbi didn't want to have released and both congress and voters and the public are going to think. those things were covered up for a period of the year, year and a half, two years and it's not going to be pretty. >> meanwhile, robert mueller's investigation crossing the line. we know what judge ellis said. an op-ed in the journal this morning at mueller's investigation process illegal line, referring to judge ts ellis expressing skepticism about the scope of the special counsel investigation. what we don't want in this country as anyone with unfettered power and it looks like that's exactly what the
6:30 am
special counsel is doing trying to find something on donald trump wherever it goes. he's just trying to take the president down. >> that was the point in the year and a week or so ago where the judge, you know, mr. mueller steam said something to the court and the judge just expressed almost disbelief. he said come on, man. it was one of those kind of points where you think my goodness, that is is saying, there's got to be some, you know, there's got -- it suggests as you say that the mueller team is really stretching the limits and it's what's happening now is that the federal court is begin to go think, all right, this is going too far. maria: yeah, what's happened in terms of the change over the last six months or so, is that the american people understand now what has taken place and they understand that the 2016
6:31 am
election created an enormous amount of bias and you did have the federal government tipping the scales. it didn't work. donald trump still won but they certainly did everything they could to change the result of a presidential election which is actually pretty incredible. hugo, thank you very much for weighing in. we appreciate it. hugo joining us there. electric car maker starting delivery of model 3 outside of the u.s. investigators, though, are now probing whether a model s that rear-ended auto truck was an auto pilot. story coming up. meet the justin timberlake blueberry with raspberries now making its way to stores
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neulasta or neupogen (filgrastim). ruptured spleen, sometimes fatal as well as serious lung problems, allergic reactions, kidney injuries, and capillary leak syndrome have occurred. report abdominal or shoulder tip pain, trouble breathing or allergic reactions to your doctor right away. in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. maria: welcome back, good monday morning, everybody, thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday may 14th, top stories right now 6:34 a.m. on the east coast. markets in rally mode this morning over concerns of trade war ease, as you can see the dow industrials open up 70 points, nasdaq up quarter a percent. this would be the eighth day in a row of gains. this after mixed story on friday. the major indices were up better
6:35 am
than 2% for the week. the s&p was up 4 and a half, but the nasdaq was actually lower on friday by a fraction. this morning in europe stocks are edging lower. fractional losses, worst performer germany. in asia overnight, markets closed mostly higher, hong kong was best performer. new questions this morning for tesla and elon musk, police are investigating whether auto pilot was to blame in another crash over the weekend. the automaker is facing exodus of top employees as well. massive new crack on the hawaii volcano forcing more evacuations, take a look. we have the latest of of eruption threat this morning. go for the food, leave with data stolen, chili's reveals data breach that exposes credit card information of diners. plus there's this, justin timberlake fruit invention, top fruit producers pairing raspberries and blueberries which was justin timberlake's
6:36 am
idea. rough start for the cavaliers, losing game one to celtics, lebron going viral with answer on what happened during rough stretch, watch. >> came down and went 94 step, made a right-hand lay-up in time-out. [laughter] >> there you go. maria: that's it. the rest of the story coming up this morning. all coming up this morning, trouble for tesla. while the company is seeing top executives walk away, police are investigating whether a tesla sedan's semiautonomous feature was engaged when it rear-ended a fire truck, a fire department truck in utah. gerri wees -- willis, good morning. >> police investigating whether a tesla sedan semiautonomous pilot feature engaged when it rear-ended a fire department truck in utah, crashed into the
6:37 am
truck as 60 miles per hour apparently without breaking before impact. that according to utah police. and tesla is still struggling produce the model 3 but there are signs, well, things could be getting better. tesla has delivered first model 3 outside of u.s. handing keys to driver outside of ontario, canada. tesla sent purchase invitations but wasn't exactly clear when the model 3 would arrive in the country. grueling pact toward profitability, we have been talking about that, unpredictability ceo in elon musk might be taking collective toll on some tesla execs, matthew who had been director of field performance engineering at tesla has left the company to join waymo, along with tesla auto pilot executive who is have mostly gone to google, waymo, land recover, comes after tesla said engineering chief doug
6:38 am
field is taking leave of absence to, quote, recharge and spend time with family, maybe 6 weeks, we are not sure. maria: interesting, all of this debate about whether or not the company is seeing a liquidity crisis, could be one of the issues with management and executives walking out of the door, what do you think, dagen? dagen: it really speaks to the incredible pressure that field and the other executives are under to ramp up production particularly when the company is facing cash issues. this is something that literally prevents you from sleeping day of day after day and one other thing what is important with matthew leaving, he's the company main technical contact with the u.s. safety regulators, safety investigators at national transportation safety board. government is investigating all of the crashes. when you have somebody high-profile, that's another trouble spot. >> the semitruck is probably
6:39 am
dead. short answer is, yes, big problems, electric truck which ceo elon musk unveiled six months, hey, it was supposed to be a mind-blowing beast, that's what musk said and tons of companies pepsi and busch and ups put in preorders but two weeks ago, triggered a lawsuit, we reported that right here on the show. they claim tesla violated three of their patents in designing dg the semi. $2 billion in damages fission busch announcing that it will purchase up to 800 two-tractor models, competition is intensifying and we are seeing that tesla continuing to struggle. seems to me that the struggles are getting even more intense. as you know, elon musk went to production facility and was staying there, living there overnight, no surprise the engineering chief decide today vacate. [laughter] dagen: breathing down your neck. maria: that's your boss right
6:40 am
there. >> talked about doing joint venture with other automobile companies to help? >> i hear over and over again that tesla needs to have somebody else produce brilliant ideas but i haven't seen any announcements to that effect. dagen: one thing that will help tesla, we have gasoline in $3 in places like california and washington, over 3 bucks. gasoline prices in cali are up 24% from a year ago. that really does help and the world is coming to an end because i just leased a electric hybrid. exactly. the highest gasoline prices in 3 years or more. that does help. maria: behavior changes when gasoline is expensive. >> more demand can be a challenge if they can't meet the orders that they have. >> reup the ante in what they are doing.
6:41 am
maria: gerri, thank thank you. more evacuations this morning, the state is issuing new warning for explosive eruption as lava is continuing to flow right now. the story, the incredible pictures as well after the break. another data breach to report, this time affecting chili's customers, chili's, we have the details coming up. into retirement... and a little nervous. but not so much about what market volatility may do to their retirement savings. that's because they have a shield annuity from brighthouse financial, which allows them to take advantage of growth opportunities in up markets, while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so they can focus on new things like exotic snacks.
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maria: welcome back, new eruptions to report at the kilauea volcano, that has prompted more evacuations in hawaii and raising concerns along the entire west coast. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: it got worse over the weekend, maria.
6:45 am
cracks shooting rocks and magma into the air and forced more people to pack up and leave homes. 20 open fishers on the island spewing island and steam, more could open at any minute. in fact, people are going door to door yesterday telling more and more people they had to leave. 2,000 people have been forced to leave homes. 40 structures destroyed and now the usds is warning we could see volcanic activity on the west coast, part of active ring of fire, 13 volcanos there including mount st. helen, that killed dozens of people at the time. well, chili's grill and bar says the customers' names, debit and credit card information may have been exposed in data incident. breach discovered friday, believed to have occurred march through april. chili's is investigating the breach. taking a look at chili's parent company brick international, the stock is up 16% so far this year
6:46 am
, one of my favorites. speaking of food, companies that make cookies and bread that is we love are promising that they're going to eliminate transfats from conducts. the move coming ending by this year. transfats can cause heart diseases. shares are down 3% so far this year. check this out. braberry created by justin timberlake. >> is it a coincidence that a blueberry fits in the raspberry perfectly, i think not. brasberry. cheryl: that's him making the
6:47 am
brasberry, everybody loved it. driscoll's is saying new berry launch, out of this world flavor combination, justin timberlake be on the lookout if grocery store near you. love it. the braspberries product only for promotion. i don't know, maria. the question mark here. they are showing pictures, they are marketing it but they are telling us they may not sell it so what up? maria: the labor is too much, sticking the blueberry into the ras raspberry. you like it? dagen: you would need people working in assembly line. >> like the i love lucy thing. maria: i think it's going to ruin the raspberry. >> mushy. maria: yeah.
6:48 am
lee: i want to try them. >> where are they? maria: i don't want everything mushed together. dagen: you want to try them, package raspberries and blueberries. lee: make my own. [laughter] maria: we will take a break, when we come back the celtics dominate lebron, the cafes in game 1 of eastern finals, king james gone viral after the game. hear what he had to say right here. back in a minute. how do you win at business?
6:49 am
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6:52 am
maria: so has lebron james met his match, the cavaliers winning streak coming to end with the celtics. jared: good morning, maria, after cavaliers lost in game crushed by 25, lebron said i didn't go to college. is lebron like new england patriots, spotting him in early lead, celtics proved too be too athletic and too fast. boston scored 17 straight points in first quarter. 26 at half time, worst half time deficit ever for lebron in playoffs. 15 points, 20 below average. celtics win 108-93. after the game lebron is asked, describe what happened during sequence. watch this, photographic memory, lebron. jason threw the ball, corner, he made a 3, we come back down and misanother shot and then came
6:53 am
down and went 94 feet, did step and made right-hand lay-up in time-out. [laughter] [applause] >> there you go. jared: tada. lebron james, tiger woods gave us another flash of brilliance and another and then another. tiger did not win player's championship but after making cut he shot 3 under in sunday's final round. if not for double boggy on 17, tiger would have finished closer to top of leader board. still minus 11 tied for 11th place. >> i played really good today, i hit it so good it was nice. i controlled from tee to green. i made some pods and felt good. jared: 7 strokes ahead, simpson won the player's championship.
6:54 am
good for check $1.9 million. coach known as ground chuck, nox first head coach to lead teams to nfl playoffs, rams, bills and seahawks, chuck the beloved figure was 86 year's old. dagen: go seahawks. [laughter] jared: he got them in the playoffs for the first time. maria: israeli socker team honoring president trump by changing its name? >> they will include trump into it. [laughter] maria: funny. they said in a statement on facebook, president trump has shown courage and true love of the israeli people and capital. the football club one of the most prominent symbols of the city are happy to honor the president for love and support with the gesture of their own. jared: that's tremendous. maria: putting trump in the name, that's funny. jared: since 1936 this team has
6:55 am
been around. this is a big statement, big statement. lee: really big statement. yeah, i don't know, imagine the giants or new york trump giants. [laughter] jared: but for an international leader, what he's doing there is very special and for the people of jerusalem. maria: baytar trump, cool. [laughter] maria: good sports story jared, thank you. jared: broad thing he's too much, he's sitting with the photographic memory. that clip went on for another 15 seconds, him knowing exactly what took place and bring him into casino. dagen: there you go. maria: there you go. jared, catch report on fox news headlines 24/7 or siriusxm 115. still ahead, tim cook as well, the message to graduates, the apple ceo takes jab at facebook while delivering commencement address at duke university this weekend. next hour right here in mornings
6:56 am
with maria, back in a minute. i've always been about what's next. i'm still giving it my best even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'm up for that. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk
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we always found the way. until... we lost it. but that isn't where the story ends... it's where it starts again. with a complete recommitment to you. fixing what went wrong. making things right. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. we're holding ourselves accountable to find and fix issues proactively. because earning back your trust is our greatest priority. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018. >> maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much nor joining us. happy monday. it is monday, may 14th. your top stories right now. history in the making,
6:59 am
fulfilling a campaign promise. the united states officially opens its embassy in jerusalem in just a few hours. israel's ambassador to the united nations praised president trump this weekend on sunday morning futures. >> we are grateful for president trump for finally, many presidents promised to move the embassy to jerusalem, he's delivering. he's doing it. and we will celebrate it. many other countries will follow the u.s. >> maria: the move is sparking protests in the region. we've got the latest this morning. markets are rallying today as concerns over a trade war are easing. futures indicating a pretty good move at the start of trading, up 76 points on the dow, up 20 points on the nasdaq this morning. this would be the eighth straight day of gains for the market. it was mixed on friday. the major indices were up, 2% for the week and the dow was up 91 points on friday. s&p was up 4.5 points on friday. the nasdaq on friday gave up 2 points. in europe this morning stocks are edging lower across the
7:00 am
board. worst performer is in germany, tax index a third of a percent. in asia, markets finished mostly higher. battle over the border, president trump is threatening lawmakers over funding for the wall while a deadline is set for nafta negotiations. what's at stake coming up this morning. and lying through their teeth, that's the accusation for former house oversight committee chairman. apple versus facebook, tim cook gets political at duke's graduation taking a swipe at facebook in the commencement address. what's old is new again. with the return of home flipping, should americans be concerned? we'll take a closer look at the housing market. joining me to talk about it it is dagen mcdowell, mitch rochell and lee carter. great to see you. happy monday. >> happy monday. >> happy monday. >> dagen: one thing i'll mention. last week it seemed one thing, one of the many things giving
7:01 am
the markets, the stock market some juice was the kind of tame inflation numbers that we got on consumer prices. with gasoline prices headed to $3 a gallon, have you a drought in the midwest that could send food and grain prices even higher, this could trickle into the consumer economy just in time for the mid-terms. so not only are you going to see top line inflation, a few months ahead, people will feel that. and that's a huge messaging issue for anybody running for election. >> maria: you have to believe that higher oil prices are going to cut into economic growth. >> no he question. >> and people's perception of how the economy is doing is tied to how much money they have to spend at the pump, whether that is your heating costs or air conditioning costs, all of these things are le related and people will say this is how i feel things are going based on how much money i have to spend. >> maria: this idea of a blue wave is lessening going into the midterms. >> there's no question. when you look at polling numbers, in the general ballot
7:02 am
it's shrinking. in two months it's gone from a 16 point lead for the democrats to only 3. anybody who says it's a sure thing that the democrats will sweep, i think they're misinformed. >> maria: especially with nancy pelosi saying if we get the majority, we'll raise the taxes. >> dagen: after the individual tax cuts expire, that's when 83% of it goes to the richest people. the republicans need to push back on the messaging, the untruths, the fiction, the lies the democrats are telling. >> maria: you're talking about large corporations. corporations are going to turn around with a tax rate going from 35% to 21% and create jobs. >> they'll invest that
7:03 am
difference, a portion of that difference, that will create jobs, create prosperity. >> maria: so far it's gone to buybacks. >> dagen: crumbs. >> there's a reason why the democrats that are winning are distancing themselves from pelosi. >> dagen: conor lamb does. >> dagen: those corruption, those $2,00 -- those crumbs, the $2,000 crumbs. you know who needs that? people who are facing gas prices and higher inflation. >> maria: it's pretty e. straightforward fairly. we have a -- extraordinary. we have a lot to cover. in a few showers, the united states will open their embassy in jerusalem after moving it out of tel aviv. celebrations are under way this morning. the israeli military said they're yo bracing for for prots
7:04 am
along the gaza border. we had an interview on sunday morning futures yesterday. >> we're grateful for president trump, he is delivering it, he's doing it. we expect the palestinians to demonstrate. they're getting ready to do that. i hope they won't send kids to the fence to use them as human shields. we want to have a peaceful share mow no celebrate it. we're getting ready for all scenarios. >> maria: joining me right now is congressman louis golmert of texas. thank you for joining us. >> great to see you. it's great to hear this morning 90% of americans because of the tax bill get a pay raise. that's just fantastic. >> maria: we've always talked about the impact of the tax cut plan. let me get your reaction to the u.s. opening the embassy in jerusalem this morning. >> you bet. i think it's fantastic. who would have ever dreamed that
7:05 am
president john ailed j donald jd be the president who kept his word, recognizing jerusalem as the true capital. 3,000 years ago, jerusalem became the capital for the jewish people, the israeli people, and it's just awesome that today is the day my country, the united states, and the leadership of donald trump, is recognizing that. i think it's going to end up being such a great blessing for america, protesters considered. it's a great day. >> maria: let me ask you this. we had on a guest earlier in the program, congressman, and honestly i think he was just wanting to disagree with president trump on everything. so he was pushing back on everything. and let's face it, he also worked for the obama administration. but he said look, moving the embassy to jerusalem does nothing for the peace process and you say? >> [ laughter ] i say there is nothing we could do that would be worse for the peace process than what the obama administration did. they stabbed israel in the back,
7:06 am
repeatedly betrayed them, did everything they could to keep israel from protecting itself from iranian nuclear threats. first it was leon panetta outed the washington post when they were going to try to take out iranian nuclear capacity and then it was a leak from the obama administration saying they're going to use certain space so they couldn't do that. then they leaked 300 pages of classified material on ran's nuclear materials. on iran's nuclear materials. if there were a verse in the bible that said those who betray israel would be blased but blest that's what it says. they have protesters, but it's fine. they have a wall, they have a fence. 75% is fence. they have wall and fence. they will be protected. they know how to defend themselves and we ought to take
7:07 am
notice. >> maria: do you expect other countries to follow the u.s.'s lead? i think already we have -- >> i sure do. >> maria: we have seen smaller countries do just that. are you expecting this to take hold in terms of other countries? >> yeah, i think it will take a little time for people to follow the leader. but this was a true leadership move and, yeah, there are going to be other countries that follow. initially i think there are three countries that eventually got on-board. you're going to see more as time goes on because they're going to realize, you know what, we want to be as good of friends because of all the israeli technology, all the things they're developing in israel, we need that. maybe we better recognize their capital too. i'm thrilled that it's the united states giving the impetus to other countries do go ahead and recognize -- to go ahead and recognize what's been true for 3,000 years. >> maria: you mentioned the borders and strong border in israel. let's turn to border security. the president is threatening the senate over the weekend to move quickly on funding this
7:08 am
long-promised border wall. he tweeted this out, the senate should ge funding done before te august break or not go home. also waiting for approval of more than 300 nominations. democrats are doing everything possible to obstruct, all they know how to do. your take on this? >> it was not just the democratic leaders. it was also the republican leaders that gave the president a slap in the face with the omnibus bill. not only did they say we're not going to help you build a wall, we're only going to give you $1.4 billion and it can only be for a fence you can see through. part of it can be fence. that will be okay. there are some places we need a wall and as i told the obama head of secret service, either you tear down the wall and fence around the white house or you help us get it done on our southern border. by the way, you guys know markets so well. we heard testimony about the opioid tragedy going on in the
7:09 am
united states. most of the time it's demand that drives the market. when it comes to addictive drugs, it is the demand that drives the market and the more that -- well, actually it's the market that drives the demand. because if it's available, people get hooked and they demand more and more. so the more available it is, the more tens of thousands of americans will be killed. i found it interesting. whether it's coming from china or mexico itself or colombia, south america, two-thirds of the drugs from colombia, for example, they come up on the gulf of mexico side. they don't come to texas beach. they don't come to the third that comes to the pacific, they don't go to a california beach because these people are businessmen, we're told and they know the odds are almost unbeatable that you can get it in if you come through mexico. when somebody said years ago the best way to get a nuclear weapon into the united states is to put it in one of the bales of
7:10 am
marijuana that's coming in. it's a serious issue. we need the wall everwhere where it's going to help and fences where we don't need a wall and some places we just need properly patrolled. all of that has to happen. if the senate doesn't get on-board it's not going to happen. i thank god trump is saying what he is, it's fantastic. >> maria: i want to get your take on nafta in a minute. in the tweet from the president he talked about the slow-walking in terms of his nominees. he can't get the number of positions in place because the senate is sitting on things and trying to slow-walk it. it's amazing to me when you look at the prior administration and the number of bobby traps and the -- booby traps and the barriers that they've put in place for the trump administration. it's still going on. whether it's the slow-walking or the fbi or doj refusing to respond to congress who are
7:11 am
trying to get documents to understand what went on during the 2016 election or it's even obama himself putting out statements all the time, based on president trump's moves, which you rarely hear past presidents do so but he's been doing it consistently. it's pretty incredible when i look at the obama administration and the fact that they just -- they don't want to let go. >> well, thank you so much for pointing that out. they weaponized the government like never in our history and like newt gingrich said a number of times, we would never have known how much the government had been weaponized unless hillary clinton had lost. thank god we have a chance to stop that. but even with a good man like jeff sessions in charge of the doj, as long as rosenstein is calling the shots on the russia investigation and expanding that investigation, he is really part of the deep state. he's got a lady named tosh gahar
7:12 am
that is preventing the attorney general from getting his messages on time from the nsc. it's incredible how many of these people are really booby trapped. jordan kelly meets and eats with the mueller team over at the white house. there's so many weapons, just booby traps like you said. >> maria: did the president make a big mistake appointing rod rosenstein. devin nunes said he approved the last warrant for the fisa war aren't. phi warrant. -- fisa warrant. >> if the fisa court had any pride at all in their court, they would have put rosenstein in jail for what he did. he at least ought to be fired. he has a bunch of booby traps associated with him. you start by getting rid of rosenstein and you'll see a lot of problems go. like when they got rid of matt
7:13 am
mcmasters, that was a big move. there's still people around there that president trump has to get rid of. he's making the right moves and the right calls. >> maria: let me move on to nafta. negotiations ended last week with no deal. the u.s. has said we want a deal by thursday or friday so that congress can work it. a nafta withdrawal could prove costly for your state, economic activity spurred by this agreement currently supports 3.7 million jobs in texas according to the commerce department. here's what michael mccall said to me yesterday on sunday morning futures. >> we have to fix it and update it, not scrap it. my home state of texas, mexico's our largest trading partner. so this is economics for us. i think the administration is getting there to modernize the agreement, bring energy under the umbrella. i believe we have to do this. i think to scrap nafta all together would be a serious
7:14 am
mistake. >> maria: your reaction, will we get a deal by the end of this week, do you think, a new deal? >> i don't know if it will be by the end of the deal. there will be a deal. working jerusalem back in there, people see this president means what he says, more so than any president in modern history so that's fantastic. we will have a deal. it probably won't be by the end of the week. but mexico is going to know you have to work something out with this president. michael's right. we need to get energy into this deal but the president, i love it, he's not going to agree to a bad deal and mexico needs to realize they'll be hurt worse than we are. let's get a deal done. >> maria: thank you so much. we'll be right back.
7:15 am
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>> maria: welcome back. president trump issuing a challenge after saturday's deadly paris attack. cheryl casone has the details. >> cheryl: president trump responded quickly after hearing about the knife attack that killed one man and injured four others over the weekend. so sad to see the terror attack in paris. at some point countries will have to open their eyes and see what is really going on. this kind of sickness and hatred is not compatible with a loving, peaceful and successful country. changes to our thought process on terror must be made. meanwhile, there are reports now that police are holding the parents of friend of the suspect
7:18 am
as well. he is a french citizen. he reportedly was on a terror watch list. he was shot dead by police after his rampage. the islamic state said it was behind the attack. well, a sheriff's deputy hospitalized in good condition after being shot and wounded at a car wash. this happened yesterday in sonoma, california. two officers were called to the scene after a worker at the car wash was acting strange and refused to leave. they say the man pulled out a handgun and shot one of the deputies. that 19-year-old is now under arrest. meanwhile, tens of thousands of people turning out last night to attend a candlelight vigil in the nation's capital to honor our fallen officers. it's part of national police week. the names of 360 law enforcement officers were formally dedicated on the memorial there. well, another headline we're watching. 12 more people have become sick
7:19 am
from the salmonella outbreak. official recalling eggs from nine states across the country. the total number of people reported sick from the contaminated sick is at 35. 11 people have been hospitalized. the eggs were traced to rose acre farms, one of the park facilities in north carolina. here are the states on your screen, new york, pennsylvania, new jersey, west virginia, virginia, north carolina, south carolina and florida. snoopy and the rest of the peanuts gang may have a new home at sony. >> if there's one person you want by your side at a moment like this, it's your loyal dog. >> cheryl: sony says that peanuts is world class and that it's purchasing a 39% stake in the tv show. sony struck a deal with dhx, the
7:20 am
company that specializes in producing shows for kids. the family members of charles schultz will continue to own a percentage of the show. here are shares of sony, up nearly 7% this year, just don't get rid of the great pumpkin and all will be well in our world. >> maria: thanks, cheryl. coming up, a war of words against the justice department. the doj is accused of slow walking responses. a share at the magic kingdom, the dramatic video of a robot dragon bursting into flames during a parade. the latest this hour. ♪ i still haven't found what i'm looking for. ♪
7:21 am
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>> maria: welcome back. we're expecting a higher opening this morning from the broader averages. dow industrials set to be up 70 points. we have concerns over a trade war seemingly easing this morning. this would be the eighth straight day of gains. joining us now is craig hodges. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, maria. >> maria: what do you think are the big issues for markets as we go into the next quarter and we see the first quarter earnings season winding down? what's most important for markets and investors right now? >> well, all of a sudden as you know, we've gotten volatility back in spades. all of a sudden, since january, and it really comes down, the midterm elections are extremely volatile. the average correction during a midterm year is around 18%. there has not been a deklin decn the s&p 500 since 1946, the 12
7:25 am
months after a midterm election. so this one's very true to form. i think we're going to have a lot more volatility. i also saw the fourth quarter, the average return in a midterm election is 7.9%. so i think we'll see a lot more volatility, maybe not a lot progress until later in the year as the market seems to be getting its foot underneath it. the backdrop's great. earnings are good. i like the way the market's trading here. >> maria: how about oil, a big upturn in oil? is that going to dampen the party? >> it could. that is somewhat of a head wind. you're hearing the airlines talk about the fact that that's hurting them a little bit. that's easily overcome. i do believe that the consumer's in a very good spot. the tax cuts for the consumers are just now getting hit. they're just now being realized. actually i feel pretty good. debt levels are low. the consumer's good.
7:26 am
companies are adjusting to that. i feel like we're in a good spot. >> i want to go back to volatility which you spoke about earlier, the vics, the index which measures volatility is going down. it's below its 200 day moving average. do you think that's a sign that sort of all of the volatility's behind us now at this point? >> somewhat. i mean, i think it was kind of a shock to see after almost two years of no volatility, all of a sudden seeing quite a bit. but as an active manager, we actually like volatility. you see really good companies that go on sale, especially this earnings period. we've had one of the strongest earnings periods i've ever seen. there's been a lot of real negative reactions to earnings on an individual company basis. when the good companies go on sale, i think that's the time and at the hodges fund we're looking for good companies that can go on sale. >> this week could be a really big week for a couple sectors. we've got the nafta deal coming
7:27 am
due on the 17th or 18th. the president is making big announcements going after pharmaceutical pricing. tell me what you think might be most impacted this week by these i guess the things that could be volatile. >> it's tough to say if any one event -- there hasn't seem to have been too much going on actual news flow. i think it's more we're still -- we're three-quarters of the way through earnings period so it's starting to wind down. so once again, i would look at individual stocks, good companies that go on sale, and take advantage of it. the statistics i gave early, the first nine months of the year, the market doesn't do much. and so kind of be opportunistic and whatever the news flow, if you can find the opportunities in the market, that's what we're looking at here at the hodges fund. >> dagen: just on the drug pricinpricing thing, the presidt didn't do two things he talked about on the campaign trail, the
7:28 am
importation of clea cheap drugsd negotiating the price of medicare drugs for the public. he didn't do the things he said he would do. drug stocks rose up after the president's speak. merck was up, biotech was up nearly 3%, outpacing the broad nasdaq. there's nothing in there that's going to jeopardize drug sales for those companies, number one. number two, we get lost, we can't see the forest for the trees because we do -- we've done this all of our careers. we watched the market day in and day out. even since the steel and aluminum tariffs, the president started talking about them in march, only one of the major market gauges, the dow is down slightly. all of them are up. it's an incredible run for small cap stocks. what might be bad for blue chips it's great for smaller american companies. >> maria: would you be buying these stocks today?
7:29 am
>> yes, especially in the small cap area. they're the most volatile. they're the ones you can get the most opportunistic opportunities on, if you will. and as i mentioned, the backdrop's great. i've never seen more confidence. we do about 3,000 company touches over about 800 different companies and i've never heard more confidence with management teams. and the tax cuts are just now hitting and so i think most of these -- the management teams are going to overpromise and hopefully overdeliver. the backdrop's i think is great. >> maria: that's why it's not fair to say the money's gone into buybacks. this is just the beginning of it. you really can't see the impact of a tax cut plan in the next six months after it's implemented. you've got to look long-term. you think there's a real runway there then. craig, it's good to see you. thank you so much. coming up, a 5-year-old girl is
7:30 am
seriously injured after a bear attacked her in her colorado backyard. details on this investigation while authorities search for the animal as well. tim cook takes a jab at facebook's data practices, what the ceo of apple told duke university graduates this weekend. back in a minute. ♪ i don't know how heaven could be better than this. ♪ you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, may 14th. fears over a trade war on the back burner for now. dow industrials are expected to be up better than 60 points, the nasdaq up 15 3/4. there was a mixed day on friday. the major i'm di see may indices were up for the week. stocks are lower this morning in europe. take a look. the worst performer is down a third of a percent, that is the german dax index this morning. in asia overnight markets closed mostly higher with hong kong the best performer. politically motivated, that's the charge against the nation's law enforcement agencies from some lawmakers. here is what darryl issa told me yesterday on sunday morning
7:34 am
futures. >> the fbi doesn't have clean hands. the department of justice, their partners don't have clean hands. so we, as the oversight if you will of that branch cannot and should not trust them. we should demand the transparency that we're entitled to. we need to be in front of a federal judge so we have two against one because it's clear we're not getting where we need to go fast enough. >> maria: we're taking a closer look this morning. a 5-year-old girl survives a bear attack in colorado. she received more than 70 stitches after the attack from the bear. we'll bring you her condition, the very latest coming up this morning. and a scary scene at disney world. a robot burst into flames during a parade. visitors thought it was part of the show. take a look at that. plus, tim cook talking facebook. the apple ceo takes a veiled swipe at the social media giant in the wake of the privacy scandal as he gives a commentment address to duke.
7:35 am
what's old is new again, with the return of home flipping, should americans be concerned. all that coming up right here. but first, the top story, a showdown with the justice department. congressman darryl issa accuses the doj and fbi of slow-walking document requests from congress until after the midterm elections. he said they have a strategy. here's what the former chairman of the house oversight committee told me yesterday on sunday morning futures. do you think you're getting honest answers from the fbi and doj? >> no, i don't. i believe they're lying through their teeth. if you want to tell the truth, what you do is you the same thing you do in front of a federal judge which by the way is another branch, just as congress is, and you allow a full in dashca- camera review. i'm not here at the negotiating table. when i was there, we would most often say if you say it's too voluminous and it will take too long, great, we'll sit side-by-side with your people, we'll search and look and narrow
7:36 am
down things we don't need. to do that we need to see it completely redacted. if they want to get to the truth, that's what they do. >> maria: joining us now to talk more about this, judge andrew napolitano. he makes a good point. if they slow-walk this all the way up to november and then they get lucky whereas they get a majority in the house, they're going to change all a those committee chair men. committee chairmen. we won't hear a word about the investigation. >> democrats running the house are likely to be aggressive against the president. >> maria: that's a good point. >> there are three categories that the justice department believes it can hold back. those which the law allows, those which interfere with the internal operation of an ongoing criminal investigation, and are you ready for this one, those which would embarrass the justice department or the fbi. obviously the third category is not a lawful category but it's what they do because under the
7:37 am
j. edgar hoover years they got away with it over and over again. >> maria: they can hide if it's going to embarrass them. >> congressman isa mentioned something i haven't heard from congressman gowdy or nunes. he said look, why this impasse? let's serve the subpoena. they don't reply, hold them in contempt and get the contempt citation before a court and the judge will say okay, send the documents to me. i used to do this. i will review them and i'll decide which the congress gets and which the congress doesn't get. >> maria: that's good. >> and then the impasse is over many this has been going on and on and on. this week will be the anniversary of the appointment of bob mueller. so this has been going on for a year with respect to the fisa stuff, it's been going on for more than a year. it shouldn't be going on like this. it's debilitating to the government and damaging to th d. you have a prominent congressman saying you're lying through your
7:38 am
teeth. this shouldn't be happening in the government. the government is here to protect our rights, protect our property and service. >> maria: you would think they are on the same side, that they want justice and honesty. that's not the case. they're not on the same side. >> there is the separation of power issue. congress cannot interfere in an ongoing criminal investigation. candidly, some of what congress is looking for is still in the midst of an ongoing investigation. because politicians can't keep their mouths shut. they may see something that they'll release which will send a witness leaving or a defendant hiding. >> why don't they go the route that you mentioned with the subpoena and have a judge review it. >> maria: i like this idea. >> for some reason, they don't want to do that even when the republican house of representatives held eric holder in contempt for failure to turn over fast and furious documents, they never went the one step further and took the contempt to a court. so it's basically just a piece of paper.
7:39 am
if they had taken it to a court and it was a judgment of contempt, i guarantee he would have coughed up the documents because the judgment of contempt would have interfered with his ability to practice law after he left the justice department. >> what's the reluctance about? >> i don't know what the reluctance is. it makes you wonder. >> maria: are they hiding something. >> do they want the documents or are they doing this to turn up the base. if they want the documents, they have the tools to get them. >> it's more important to say you won't give them to me, than to receive them? >> politically is might be beneficial to them. >> maria: let's be honest. they're asking for 1.2 million documents and they've only gotten 9,000. it's been a year. >> no question that the doj is slow-walking. >> dagen: politically i don't think this is something that would motivate them. the situation with the documents that they haven't gotten, the top secret intelligent source that the justice department is
7:40 am
hiding. >> maria: the washington post seems to know who it is. >> dagen: there was a leak to the wash tub washington post. the average voter gets lost in the weeds. we understand the importance, that you have an abuse of power at the top of law enforcement. >> the washington post knew that general flynn and ambassador kisliak had been taped before general flynn had been taped. >> maria: and that's a felony. >> it's a felony for whoever gave it to the press. >> dagen: pentagon papers, two words. >> that's the case that michael ofteoftenavenati will rely on. >> maria: let's talk national security. i was taken aback with former vice president dick cheney's comments about enhanced interrogation practices used on terrorism suspects after september 11th. listen to this. >> i've been very vocal about
7:41 am
it. i believed in it. i was heavily involved in getting it set up and getting the opinion out of the justice department on how far we could go. i'm not one of those people who calls it torture. a lot of people do. it wasn't. it was set up in a way that was consistent with our fundamental statutes and agreements that were in place and it worked. i think what we did helped ultimately produce the intelligence we needed to be able to get bin laden and so i supported it wholeheartedly. >> maria: his main point is we lost 3,000 people on september 11th and it's not like we're waterboarding everybody. it was three people and the one who was waterboarded the most was the mastermind of 9/11. >> except that all the former directors of the cia during that time period, including general david petraeus a and including gina haspel say that torture doesn't work. torture is absolutely against
7:42 am
the law. what he authorized being done is now criminal to do. it's against three treaties in which the united states is a party now and was a party at the time. >> dagen: she did say in the written information that she gave to the committee, she admitted that the program was a mistake but she did say in written answers that the program produced valuable intelligence. so that's another way of saying that it did work. >> maria: osama bin laden. >> then she wasn't truthful under oath when she said torture doesn't work. she said it three times. it's clear that waterboarding is illegal today. it wasn't illegal at the time he said he was encouraging it and causing it to happen. it is illegal today. >> dagen: you can't lie, if it did indeed work and get information out of -- >> maria: he said it worked. cheney said it worked. he said he would do it again. >> brennan said it didn't work.
7:43 am
it's an age dar-old conflict. this is not anything new. now we have statutes to address it. >> dagen: one of the seal team members who took down osama bin laden said we wouldn't have been on that mission if it didn't work. >> what's the sense of having a statute if we're not going to obey it. it was written to keep our behavior moral in bad times and in good, whether the immoral behavior works or not. if she was lying, she doesn't deserve to run the cia. if she was telling the truth, she will have to explain how she said it doesn't work. >> maria: thank you. >> you're welcome. >> maria: when we come back, facebook is under fire again, this time from tim cook. he slammed the technology giant's personal data practices during his commencement speech at duke university this weekend.
7:44 am
we'll have details next. a major mishap during a parade at disney world. the dramatic video of a robot dragon that burst into flames. back in a minute.
7:45 am
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>> maria: welcome back. now this. a large black bear attacked a 5-year-old girl. cheryl casone has the details now and her condition. cheryl. >> cheryl: the bear attack happened about 2:30 a.m. local time sunday in grand junction, colorado. the girl went outside, she heard some noises. she thought it might be coming from her dog. well, the girl's mom says the bear was trying to drag her daughter from the yard but dropped her a after she began screaming at the animal. the girl suffered serious injuries. she is expected to recover. wildlife rangers are hunting for the bear, using tracking hounds and traps to find the bear. well, another child involved in a freak accident. a young boy was trapped in an inflatable bounce house as it
7:48 am
flflew onto a california highwa. then it slammed into a car. high winds blew the bouncy house a few 00 descriea few hundred f. the 9-year-old only suffered minor injuries. the driver was shaken up by it but was okay. this was not supposed to happen at the daily parade at walt disney world. this is a fire-breathing dragon bursting into flames, smoke pouring out of the head of the dragon. this happened last friday. people didn't get it. thethey just kept watch, thinkig it was part of the show. turned out it was a fire. disney says an investigation into the cause of that is under way. walt disney shares are slightly higher in premarket trading. the parks are still doing pretty good for disney. apple's ceo, tim cook, taig a ta veiled shot at facebook during a
7:49 am
commentment speech at duke university over the weekend. he hinted that he didn't agree with mark zuckerberg's response to the cambridge analytica scandal. >> we reject the excuse that getting the most out of technology means trading away your right to privacy. so we choose a different path, collecting as little of your data as possible, being thoughtful and respectful when it's in our care because we know it belongs to you. >> cheryl: well, zuckerberg heard all this. he fired back about it yesterday. he said cook's argument was not aligned with the truth. so stay tuned for more on that one, maria. back to you. >> maria: what do you think about this? thank you, cheryl. >> it's a graduation speech. it's not a advertisement for your company. it's not an opportunity to attack your competitors. >> maria: i agree with you. students need to be empowered. its not political. too many political speeches. >> dagen: i don't think corporate morality is an
7:50 am
objectiony morobjectiony more r. these -- oxy mor morom. i think there's an issue. tim is -- like i know him -- mry political. they were vocal about getting rid of a religious freedom law. he's standing on the foundation that steve jobs built. steve jobs would have said that if he stood up there and i doubt we would have criticized him. >> i would. there's a time and place for everything, that was not the time. >> dagen: gun control and abortion rights and stuff like that, that's all mike bloomberg. this is an issue of corporate responsibility, privacy versus
7:51 am
selling people's information. >> maria: we'll take a break on that note. wall street is taking on real estate. the new way firms are looking to cash in on the house flipping market. back in a minute. ♪ how do you win at business? stay at laquinta. where we're changing with contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at
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>> maria: welcome back. revisiting a catalyst of the great he recession, home flipping. recent data shows its at an 11 year high. kkr is increasing its investment in a firm that specializes in home flip r. pers. mitch rochell is with us this morning. last time this did not end well. >> let me give you a little bit of why it's happening.
7:55 am
there's 3.6 month supply of existing homes on the market. ona lot of the homes need tlc. if you can't get into that house as a first time buyer, if somebody gets that house, flips it, adds some value, it becomes happehabitable, there's a 35% wh increase. there's arbitrage for entrepreneurs to come in and fix up inventory of homes on the market, make them more liveable and pick up some of that spread 678 it's .it's a profitable bus. there's an entire tv network dedicated to that business. >> maria: that's the follow-up. we were going to ask you, dagen, hgtv and the show fixer-upper, is that part of this? >> dagen: chip and joanna gains, their show left hgtv. she's pregnant again with their fifth child. why i know that, i have no idea. that is part of the problem. i wonder if the home flipping
7:56 am
idea is skewed by a few hot markets. there are a lot of markets. even you go an hour outside of new york city, the housing market stinks. miami is weak in terms of low end properties. it's been super high end properties. >> one other thing that's happening right now, which is a massive shortage of construction labor, so if you can put the sweat equity in yourself and do that fixing up, you can actually create some value and turn that thing around. you buy a house for $300,000. you put $50,000 into it and you sell for $400,000. you made yourself a quick profit. and there's a ton of buyer who want that $400,000 house. the business mo model makes se. >> maria: that's different than 2006. >> that was just -- there was an abundance of property. therthere was a 12 month supplyf existing homes. the demand wasn't there to match the supply. prices are going up because there's not enough s supply. it was a different model. >> i was going to ask about the
7:57 am
difference between now and then. some people look at this, is this an indicator that something bad will happen with mortgage lending practices and all that. i don't think so. i think this is a smart thing to do. to your point, about the right market, i think you have to look at this carefully and not just do this anywhere. >> you need to do it in a place where you know there's a market for that house at that next price point. >> what about the small urban centers where this is popular. >> it tends to be more p popular with homes than condominiums. >> maria: two executives have exited tesla and the automaker is starting delivery of the model 3 deliveries abroad, next. to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today.
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maria: welcome back. good money morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, may 14, top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, history in the making, fulfilling a campaign promise united states initially opening embassy in jerusalem today with dedication ceremony kicking off less than an hour israel ambassador to the united nations, praised president trump's move on "sunday morning futures" yesterday. >> -- historic moment we need to celebrate it, celebrate it, grateful for president trump for finally many presidents promised to move embassy to jerusalem he is delivering he is doing it, we will celebrate it. maria: the move is sparking deadly protests in the region we are going to have latest
8:01 am
coming up, then the cost of doing business with iran, european companies may face consequences including sanctions, should they continue doing business with iran. that is the warning from the trump administration, this morning. want a life lining for krooinz silicon valley giant, president trump tweeting to help save sanctioned company what this means for high stakes degrade negotiations with china this week markets in rally mode, concerns over a trade war apparently easing futures a gain 60 points on dow industrials, when market opens this would be 8th day in a row of gains for stocks a mixed action on friday major incomes up 2% for the week it was a mixed day friday with dow up 91 points nasdaq lower by two points, in europe, stocks are oejdz lower this morning, as you can see you can across the board losses there but fractional, with worst perform in germany dax down 39 points, up a third of a percent, in asia overnight, markets closed mostly higher exception of korea hang seng up 1 1/3% there is epipen
8:02 am
shortage how government is responding to lack of assets for this lifesaving device, seattle city council voted on so-called amazon tax we take you there later to find out very latest, from -- lab to backyard get your robot dog from boston dynamics, all those coming up this monday morning joining me to talk all about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, twkre pattern ro chel, and lee carter great to see you. >> robot -- >> yes, maybe a she, actually. dagen: in time for people needing service dogs opportunities for veteran, do need assistance i think that -- and they can be your pal, just robot pal. maria: incredible. >> happening with technology. dagen: it is absolutely, they don't smuggle as well --
8:03 am
>> -- the -- not going to smuggle a robot. >> we've got that going for us, the emotion of it on snuggle. >> this morning, to be story right now a warning on trade, national security advisory john bolton says the u.s. is prepared to slap sanctions on european companies who do business with iran president trump says working with china's president to keep zte corporation in business, after it was sanction forked doing business in iran, almost went bankrupt blake burman at the white house right now good morning to you. reporter: secretary of state pompeo stayed in diplomatic terms he hopes to be able to strike a dreel with european allies as relates to iran, however, the national security advisory john bolton, went much further, in a different direction, saying european companies could be sanctioned if a new iran deal is not negotiated. >> is the u.s. going to impose
8:04 am
sanctions on european companies that continue to do employis with iran? >> i think i did give the answer, we will see -- the answer is its is possible it dpebz on conduct he depends on conduct. >> realities to zte remember last month, the commerce department band imports from zte because of shipments it sent to iran,and north korea, and at the time the commerce secretary ross explained this way saying a few weeks ago quote zte made false statements to u.s. government originally caught put on list made falsely statements during reprieve given made falsely statements again during probation because this egregious behavior cannot be ignored however president trump now apparently open to return to this for zte tweeting over weekend president xi of china and i working together, to give massive chinese phone companies zte a way to get back into business, too many jobs in china lost, top
8:05 am
galactic in house intelligence committee adam schiff one of the critics of the tweet said over the weekend quote our intelligence agencies have warned the technology and phone pose a major cybersecurity threat you should care more about our national security than chinese jobs, maria white house says the president now expectancy ross to exercise his independent judgment. gentleman we don't know where this goes, it obviously sounds like it is a chip in the negotiating going on between u.s. and china, china doesn't want to be looked at, answer national security risk but that is exactly the leverage that this administration has. >> it seems like anything else, with trade you look one direction, one day, you look in one direction, the next day, and they seem to go back-and-forth in this administration. clearly they are at a tipping point right now with chinese leaders coming here, stateside this week, the president
8:06 am
seeming to picks it up over the weekend like he always does. maria: exactly, blake burman at the white house this morning, on the path, fulfilling another campaign promise president vowed to bring sky-high drug prices down, in an overhaul. >> my administration, is launching the most sweeping action in history to lower the price of prescription drugs for the american people. government has also been part of the problem. because previous leaders turned a blind eye to this incredible abuse. but under this administration we are putting american patients first we will work every day, to ensure all americans have access to the quality affordable medication they need and they deserve. and we will not rest until this job of unfair pricing is
8:07 am
a total victory for the usa. maria: administration looking to tackle the prices in drug market with improved competition better negotiations incentive for lowering prices and lowering out-of-pocket costs biotech firms, stocks rallied on that friday relieved new policy was not as amateurish as anticipated joining me health human services secretary good to have you on the program this morning. thanks so much for joining us. >> good to see you again. >> you have to walk a balance on one hand you want to get prices down but on the other hand, you need to make sure, to be free market, where investors believe that they can actually make a profit, if they invest. in companies that are o producing these drugs. >> you know what maria, i used to run tsarm of the big pharmaceutical company so i know the financials here quite well, and i don't really buy into pharma rhetoric that you take one penny out of profit ands somehow invocation is
8:08 am
going away completely we are doing premarket solutions harness powering of the market president made clear going to bring negotiations to medicare that don't have it harness power do better bidding exactly what he is driving on we are pushing congress to help with. >> is that the secret as you see? the competition? >> sauce, the competition will lower prices what is the plan to get prices down? >> yes, so key elements bringing better negotiations with about medicare driving exam that is the program that we control, for tens of millions of americans and pay for so much, of drug suspense in this country we've got a resale pharmacy program called medicare part d, the president is going to unleash the drug plan to actually negotiate against big pharma in certain categories where right now negotiations is basically not existing with almost no discount to rebates being paid no we are pulling that off
8:09 am
allowing full negotiations going to have bidding, and real discounting in that space for the first time ever going to bring negotiation competition and discounting to the physician administering drugs where nothing existed in the past. >> terrific it is crazy where nothing existed in this regard in the part are past how is that possible. >> the way congress designed the program, running u.s. arm of that drug company if you have a physician administered drug you set a whatever price pay no discount on it, it is covered by medicare immediately, if you have a drug that people have to pick up at neighborhood pharmacy and administrator to themselves, you are not covered until the drug plan allows you in because you made the case, you pay up to 30% or more, in discounts in rebates to taxpayers the beneficiary fight formulary management going through sales first other controls, that -- this
8:10 am
is where the president is moving drugs in part b, into part b, if congress will give us that, and we are immediately working to bring direct negotiations into part -- for the acquisition program, rejuvenatenating efforts the president made a promise delivering on negotiation. maria: sounds very project, let me ask you to connect the dots here in terms of china because people are worried that a lot of that medicine is actually imported from china and as we have all of this conversation, going on right now, in terms of trade, and what will happen, and -- and the changes that may happen from the trade story whether it is tariffs what have you where does that leave people who may need those imports from china in terms of medicine? how much medicine is imported from china, sir? >> well it is mostly on generic side this is where america really leads the world, we have the most robust generic market by brings affordable drugs to americans that is why part of our drug plan, is to ensure the robust
8:11 am
speedy access to those, to build up a new biosimilar market about so affordable options, to high cost by logic drugs 40, 50, 100 half a million-dollar kind of drugs, the president is going to bring competition to that space also. that is also why the fda mission is so vitally important to protect borders drug supply system whatever comes into the country is safe when american walks into a pharmacy here they do not have to worry about the safety, and the adulteration of the medicines they get that is one of the crown jewels of the american system. >> is it majority of generics come from klein. >> no, they come from all over major, manufacturers, throughout the world, so indiana china united states, israel europe a very diverse production capabilitied in the generic industry. >> let me get take on epipen story months after consumers reported unable to purchase the lifesaving device, the fda
8:12 am
announced shortages last week here we are, first dealing with the incredible price of the epipen now we've got a detail with the fact we can't get hands on them, what can you tell me about this shortage? >> yes, so we are working with the manufacture to a make sure that a consumers have ready information about where the product is available, sometimes what happens you have pockets where the product is available in other product pockets in the distribution channel, where there are shortages we are making sure patients have knowledge where to go making sure patients are aware of alternatives for patients have needs not only product they can take it n would would be fourm lakes one deliver device but making sure people are aware of alternatives, that may be available while the manufacturer is able to bring up production solve manufacturing. >> brings up another issue, being when we have the ceo of mylan labs on, basically talking about how expensive the epipen was it was out of
8:13 am
access, for a lot of people because it was so expensive, she said it is structure, right secretary the fact they she has to give money to farme pharmacy benefit. >> structured usualing who gets a piece of revenue, is that structure still in place? >> well, we are tackling that one of the bold things president called for friday we are actually calling for a complete reexamination of the entire pharmacy benefit manager system backdoor concealed rebate, and the pharmacy benefit managers getting paid both by driving companies they are supposed to be negotiating against, and from big pharma, we are calling on -- we are going to be examining looking at making sure they can't get compensated by big pharma, also, making sure, that these rebates may be move to discount not tied to i ab surrenderly high prices make
8:14 am
no mistake at the end of the day, big pharma is responsible for the prices that get set. >> good to see you this morning thanks so much we will be watching the developments, we will be right back. and a little nervous. but not so much about what market volatility may do to their retirement savings. that's because they have a shield annuity from brighthouse financial, which allows them to take advantage of growth opportunities in up markets, while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so they can focus on new things like exotic snacks. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife. i had severe fatigue, became diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma. he was a good candidate for immune therapy, which is allowing his immune system to attack the tumor. learn more at a cockroach can survive heresubmerged ttle guy.
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8:17 am
making emergency landing in western china, after the wind she'll on right side of the cockpit fell out, this is an airbus 8319, 120 passengers nine crew members copilot suffered minor injuries none of the passengers hurt. >> a tiger brought out miami high school prom sparked outrage on social media, caged tiger was part of the christopher columbus high school prom, the tiger can be seen pacing back-and-forth in small cage means animal is stressed out, parents students said tiring looked stress uncomfortable one facebook you're criticized this poor tiger in exotic amusement, the staffer -- responsible for this tiger misery, the high school has said the tiger was supposed to be there few minutes in cage never harmed
8:18 am
in danger, also a accompanied by owner. >> adding two miami-dade police officers were in attendance. >> earnings season winding down not over until we hear from major retail companies that includes walmart, going to report numbers tomorrow, that is going to be followed by macy's on wednesday, jc penney on thursday, walmart results are out thursday that is before the bell analysts looking for earnings per share and revenue to rise from a year ago, shares of walmart moving higher, up more than half a percent. if you are looking for a pet that doesn't have to be trained, boston dynamics has what you are looking for, reporting the company is going to sell -- kind of like a dog robot, available sometime next year, the first version of the walk rolled over, no word on
8:19 am
how much this is going to cost but probably going to be a lot, dagen just what you wanted a robotic dog. dagen: i know the -- day it turned on you -- >> you can you know if your dog is mad at you what about a robotic dog? >> as. >> my dog this is in dishwasher? a whole different story. >> wonder what it is going to cost going to be ridiculous. >> i have -- >> in the dishwasher, dagen there you go. dagen: you are not married to me. coming up -- >> shake-up tesla, exiting the company automaker starting deliveries of vehicles abrotherhood the latest ahead what road is bumpy all eyes on amazon live to seattle where
8:20 am
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8:23 am
maria: a controversial tax on businesses in seattle, officials geared to up vote on so-called amazon tax, in seattle this morning, with the very latest, good morning to you. reporter: hey. good morning, everybody. maria the seattle city council may decide to pass this tax in final round of votes today, but the seattle mayor has to sign o off on it as of now he is promising to veto it he thinks taxes are too high proposing alternative plan slashing worker for large companies in half from proposing 500 bucks now per
8:24 am
employee to 250, supporters say money would be used to build affordable housing help solve the rising problem, of homelessness city has scene as companies here amazon, the pan could permanent any company more than 20 million dollars, plan would bring 75 million more dollars in tax revenue to the city, but 100 of the 600 big companies that call seattle home are pushing back on the proposal, starbucks alaska airlines, would be hit hard penned a letter saying this would punish monies job creators would be punished punished for every new employee small businesses worry would have a major trickle-down effect on them as fierce grow tax could push birs to move out of the city changing economic landscape moving people out of city as
8:25 am
well amazon, on a big concession project, in downtown seattle so the vote is decided later today, but either way maria, the mayor still says, he would be up for a 250 dollar head tax per employee for big companies even if original plan failed. maria: we will watch that important, thanks so much, dagen your take on this, i know that you've said in the past amazon does take -- pay state taxes. dagen: basically, on the purchases that it does basically add on sales tax vast majority of states in this country. >> for their own. dagen: yeah. >> for some markets -- you know. maria: what about this tax. >> additional. >> i would think it would be additional. >> going forward for need else -- >> a. dagen: a tax revenue grab by
8:26 am
city particularly, quite frankly don't care about jobs don't care about business creation they care about fill their coffers, redirectorateing that money whether to individuals who live there corporations -- >> they want revenue bottom line. >> again i suspect we are waiting to find out where amazon moves that second headquarters, going to be very business friendly -- >> you thought going to be. >> i thought orlando i was he totally wrong. maria: c close to washington? . >>. dagen: it should be -- but -- >> i think going to be greater d.c. maria: i do too. >> learn soon enough right? this is federal government any day of the week. >> we are taking a break when we come back president trump
8:27 am
fulfilling campaign promise officially opening employee in jerusalem this morning. >> a coupling off a merger about fujifilm stock down 5% this morning back in a minute. ♪ ♪ thank you for joining
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
us. i'm maria bartiromo. money m money. >> history in making, campaign promise as well, united states, officially o opening employee in jerusalem days ago ceremony kicking off less than an hour israel ambassador to the united nations, praised president trump move on "sunday morning futures" yesterday. >> -- waiting for president trump finally, many presidents promised to move the embassy to jerusalemed he is delivering he is doing it, we will celebrate it, great, because many other countries will will to u.s. >> deadly protesters from the region death toll to 25. at least, we will take you there straight ahead, this morning. leaking about the leakers a report has white house staffers targeting each other speaking to immediate karl
8:31 am
rove coming up. >> concerns over trade war easing dow industrials expected up 50 points quarter poors higher nasdaq up a quarter of a percent 14 1/2 points higher the 8th day of gains in a row in europe this morning, stocks are pulling back, edging lower in fact we've got ft 100 down a fraction cac quarante also down a quarter of a percent, the dax index worst down a third of a percent, in asia overnight, markets closest most higher exception korea, as you can see, there xerox, the company backing out of a deal with fugitive ill films fugitive ill film says it will fight to salvage this merger xerox down better than 5%, tesla elon musk, police investigating whether auto pilot was to blame, in another crash over the weekend for tesla, the automaker also facing exodus of top executives. all that coming up this morning, first top story this half an hour, history in the making new u.s. employee opens in jerusalem move from tel
8:32 am
aviv to jerusalem sparking protesters that have turned deadly, at least 25 palestinians have been killed by israeli gunfire according to associated press fox news is live at gaza border, good morning to you. reporter: morning tale of two cities celebrations in jerusalem now employee opening here gaza border things very different as you can look behind me you can see thousands protesters gathering here -- death roll rising now 28, last 10 sminz extensive gunfire explosions, fare death follow may relies celebration jerusalemed new u.s. employee opening a companion promise of nurm presidents, leading to president trump beginning with president clinton finally president trump keeping that promise moving here a major u.s. delegation come to
8:33 am
celebrate ivanka trump, jared kushner to celebrate 30 minutes watched wild across the world, getting back here, in gaza we are seeing a significant increase in tensions the moment. there are fears that the palestinians may try to rush the fence behind me in fact mamas leader said he was -- pointing for 10's of thousands to come out may be unarmed but -- as i said a great celebration in the north, half an hour till celebration britons we are going to see president trump speaking by video as well as aneurysms videos benjamin netanyahu himself as well back to you. maria: thank you so much, at gaza there, joining is right now froirm deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush fox news contributor karl rove good to see you thanks so much for joining us first reaction to employee move. >> well, historic, and one of
8:34 am
the great ironies it was prepared for this over last 8 years, by two unlikely groups of people palestinians -- to finding any solution -- at least those willing to be supportive of some efforts, soured them enormously second of all, president obama, policy middle east has achieved impossible, that is to convince state of israel kingdom of saudi arabia both united states is completely unreliable ally so in the last year president trump, starting first with visit to saudi arabia, and then subsequent action, has convinced, both israel and saudi arabia that he can be reliable ally as a result, saudis, jordanians nor egyptians gulf states have given into are to efforts of
8:35 am
palestinians to stir up bubble about this move. >> the last three presidents of the intelligence -- a bad idea to move embassy to jerusalem do you think this is a bad move? >> no, i think conditions have changed, in the past, you had jordan, saudi arabia, egypt, all of them strongly opposed, privately discouraging american presidents from doing this i don't detect any similar activity this time around it is because, again, conditions have changed, the saudis have become to believe that america's presence in middle east is essentially to the security and piece stability of the region, and they have also become convinced as a lot of major players in the middle east have, that hamas the palestinian authority are unreliable, that they can't govern on behalf of their people or speak on behalf of people particularly, the iranian influence, in the gaza worries them enormously we would have had king abdullah
8:36 am
saudi royal family president of egypt pounding white house, as they did in previous years, not this time around again ironic, because the past 8 years sort of convinced them if america wants to take this move america is going to take this move, and thick will adjust, and they things will adjust we will move on. >> we have been talking about thet tweet about bte this morning, announced working to give china telecom companies zte a way to get into business fast we know that he this company has done business, with iran, and initially with sanctions, because of that, now the president wants to help this company, what is your take on it? >> well, also, they were funny supplying north korea. maria: right. >> now, look i think we've got to step back ought not look just at zte look at big, important things, one is that chinese are stealing american intellectual property forcing american companies to want to
8:37 am
do business in china to give us their intellectual treasure house second of all the chinese are bent upon gaining dominance in telecommunication particularly -- coming -- ze zte undercutting state support of private companies ericsson nokia other major equipment suppliers around the world in order to gain this dominance they want to take and make china center of enforcing technologically advances i think the president i understand he feels he is got a great relationship with xi and i understand wants to help out qualcomm but ought to keep two bigger imperatives in mind. >> that is why blocked qualcomm detail with qualcomm because of national is president about to give away the the other doing away with national security concern? >> yeah, look, one thing that troubled me deeply in the
8:38 am
coverage yesterday that said the president would help out zte, and one of the places -- help out zte is diminish or end the administration efforts to rein in chinese, on march 23 administration put forward a challenge in action, about world trade organization, that trade lawyers tell me a very well prepared well drafted action to stop the chinese from stealing intellectual property in american companies we got a lot of difficulties getting it done because wto doesn't have really strong standards on this this is the problem with rapidly changing technology intelligent regulatory framework doesn't keep up that is where focusout to be not to basically undermine america leadership wipe out western advantage on telecommunication do we really want chinese equipment, about -- in the american telecom vie
8:39 am
when future war is going to first be fought any future war first fought cyber space complete utter access to america's telecom infrastructure. >> initially looked like president was well aware of this knew this but that is why the treasury stopped the qualcomm deal that is why he was pushing back, on china, but i don't know, is he just playing poker here or what -- >> i remember using that as the reason, that most trade sanctions would be put in place, now rolling back. maria: we don't know rolling it back that is what is at stake. >> this -- mishmash using marshal security as tornado aluminum steal really didn't apply now trying not going to apply we are where it does matter -- wait see what happens. dagen: makes us look weak does eventually weaken national security. maria: yeah, i suspect. dagen: would rethink sounds like somebody whispering in his ear a bad idea about zte
8:40 am
situation i bet listened to more than one advisory i bet changes his positive mind. >> mnuchin is in charge of this, leading that he will he had that delegation in beijing. dagen: right, about. maria: we will have be watching. >> final word. >> one issue one issue, wilbur ross the lead commerce zept where statements came action takes place where the leadership was on this, so there is a conflict here because i mean, as some reporting this morning, made clear, in essence persons union lateral move cut wilbur's legacy off on this issue. maria: you are right. >> wilbur and well maybe mnuchin's idea what were you going to say. >> if you throw china a bone, zte the question what are we getting in return, very unclear. dagen: you are picking and choosing winners and losers here, blanket policies tough pl particularly on china helping
8:41 am
iran north korea you have to get tough stay tough. maria: much more important that the transfer technology than -- the trade deficit much more important is the fact china is stealing our i.t. transferring technology, go ahead. >> the other thing going to say unless, this is the president throwing the bone to china to get them back to the table, if you don't i mean it seem like things are going awry before doing this. >> we will see we got to get to leaking call leaking obviously a big issue inside white house, axios is asking a few administration's prolific pleeshgz some forces why they leaked, one current white house official says to be honest, it is probably falls into a couple categories first is personal vendettas, two make sure there is accurate record what is really going on in white house. >> [laughter] >> i have never seen the i have seen white house i have never seen a white house leak, as much against itself as this
8:42 am
one, these are people putting their own personal agendas above those of the country, and the president that they serve, and frankly it is -- it is ridiculous it is decembspicae does nots help anyone certain not president of the united states the woman made terrible comment about senator mccain apology is due who leaked that what good would that do make mccain family feel better the president look better the white house look better in did it allow focus on what white house is attempting to achieve nobody spent four or five days talking about a -- a simply, ununacceptable comment one leaked to the press what good did that do anybody in america. dagen: story by swan points out they get more information out of white house in a week than they got out of the bush white house in a year, number
8:43 am
two, my favorite quote to cover tracks i usually pay attention to other staffers idioms use that in background quotes throws consent off said one white house official in the article. >> really, destructive. >> the strategy. >> yeah. >> you were the chief of staff. >> constructive they sent a lot of time thinking about how to leak, rather than putting that statement o working on job they are there to do. >> you are the staff can't you put a staff to this they must like it or else would stop. >> look, this starts from the top, if you created environment in which people don't leak against each other people will not leak against each other but no magic order you have to work, a president like the one that i worked for, worked very hard at creating an environment in which people felt obligation to the country and to colleagues not to do this kind of stuff worked very hard at it why people don't leak any this -- this cannot be there is no magic button you can push no reset button, that you
8:44 am
can do to make this stop, the meeting that they had -- >> maybe so many people against him in inner circle? >> i think, no i don't think i think there are a lot of people in there think they are doing a favor, remember who is the biggest leaker in the white house? it is the president of the united states, calls up media figures all of the time tells them stuff that he shouldn't be telling them, so if they -- he gives license to do this kind of stuff, needs to start from top president needs to contain outreach they do as well. maria: karl that is bottom line good to see you, sir thanks so much, carl rover joining us there -- >> karl rove joining us, automaker starting to ship model 3 cars abroad the very latest next. the demand for lithium is set to increase substantially over the
8:45 am
coming decade. the mineral resources that are needed to supply this coming demand are plentiful but not necessarily easy to unlock. the smackover formation in southern arkansas may hold one of the most significant lithium resources globally. standard lithium intends to play a key part in the development of this critical mineral resource through our structured approach to discovery, strategic alliances and our industry-leading extraction process expertise. learn more at standard lithium dot com.
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8:48 am
composured scrapped the plan merging the fugitive ill film nicole petallides on the floor of the, no, no right now with details, a broader market -- >> good morning, everybody. maria, so we are watching, about xerox today, to down sided in fact getting the closer to down low of 27 dollars and change this morning you can see down 3.7% right now, this is all on the scrapping the plan with fugitive ill film you noted, carly fiorina icahn. >> they thought investors were waiting in wings didn't like this, has been very -- saying going to put voice out say talk take it to the board and everything because they obviously don't want this, to break up meantime, you can see you can downside they think a bid the least 40 dollars a share tesla one executive
8:49 am
leaving friday that was engineering chief you have another matthew, about going to the competition key person for investigators with tesla meantime, rolled out that model three, still trying to puf pump them out the investigation continues on the utah crash out of the city police department says unknown reasons tesla vehicle failed to stop ran into back of the truck fire trick 60 miles per hour no brakes, stock up 1% today. maria: thank you so much, we will watch the open there, coming up combating opioid crisis airport new york city becoming one of the front lines in the war against driving abuse back in a minute. brighthouse financial allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities... with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife. where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs.
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maria: jfk airport one of the front lines, in the war on
8:53 am
opioids, christina is there propriety now jfk with details good morning christina. reporter: good morning, maria. like you said there is about a million packages a day through this airport alone, that means that about 60% of u.s. bound international mail comes through here we have people working around the clock, 24-7, seven days a week sifting through packages to find illicit products specifically drugs i want to focus on fentanyl in 2016 they only phenomenon six cases of fentanyl synthetic opioid in 2018 found 203 cases, you can assume maybe more people shipping drugs here but no, the actual infrastructure and machinery they use to find these drugs so is much more advanced that they are being catching a lot more criminals, specifically, to be acting port director, regarding the
8:54 am
drug epidemic here in the united states. >> in the past where officers trained to look for larger loads of narcotics fentanyl a different challenge much smaller most of -- really is about retraining officers to look now for those smaller packages. . reporter: exactly packages that are so small we went through entire mail fast there was a birthday card shown to us a musically birthday card a tiny packet of fentanyl in there, one capital of how creative some people are to ship products drugs into yoo you states also used -- k-9s to sift through packages like a game sifting through, they get a prize a toy at the end definitely a very important inspect of the mail facility at jfk why we're here today. maria: o really interesting
8:55 am
thank you. we will follow that, jfk, coming up final thoughts from all-star panel. back in a minute. ♪ a bachelor. and that's how he intended to keep it. then he met the love of his life. who came with a three foot, two inch bonus. for this new stepdad, it's promising to care for his daughter as if she's his own. every way we look out for those we love is an act of mutuality. we can help with the financial ones. learn more or find an advisor at
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it's going to have an impact on the markets probably. if we don't get in for the deal that is a problem. could move the market you have retail sales tomorrow and retailers reporting, ath end of earning season so we could see some earnings surprise, either way could move the market. >> you're right macy's wal-mart all along reporting. dagen. trade deals and other types of deals -- with country like maybe north korea you never know but not kind of the hazard trade policy, the throwing out deal and
8:59 am
tariffs by the way market has held up extremely well since march first. i started show by saying that the only of the major market gauges that is down since march first is the dow and it is only down less than 1% but the ruffle 2,000 managed to eke out a gain of six and quarter percent since that time so -- >> interesting march so again it feels rocky at times we're looking at potentially an eight day of gains longest winning streak since last fall. it almost feels like that tweet eased it concerns but i wonder tear he's going down the wrong road here. basically saying we want to help zte get back in business and a demand on chinese side. >> zigging and zagses you're the president of the united states doesn't -- doesn't make for smooth markets shall we say. because again, you're instilling this uncertainty in the markets over and over and over again. we'll see how markets react so far future is up. >> thanks everybody.
9:00 am
mitch and carter great to see you have a great day everybody. that will do it for us sail place same place. "varney & company" begins charles in for stuart this morning. take it away, charles. >> good morning maria in for stuart varney but back tomorrow we have a lot of big stories for you today. a historic day in the middle east, parking lot american embassy moving it to jerusalem after decades of promises by other presidents, president trump,s we're going to take you there live. also overseas, mike pompeo says there will only did a deal with north korea if a totally dismantleses its nuke program ad president trump in a surprise tweet offering deal to chinese tech giants set trump wants to get them back into business and the stock now market on seven day winning streak in opening in 30 minutes to kick off monday "varney & company" to be begin.


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