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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 14, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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melissa: a democratic congressman wants to create affordable housing for congressmen in d.c. david: bennie thompson wants to look into converting a vacant residence hall for congress. liz: first lady melania trump undergoing surgery today to crete a benign kidney condition. two major countries falling in line behind israel and a big democrat applauding the
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president on the move. north korea announced it will dismantle its biggest nuclear testing facility in just a few weeks' time. what the trump administration is doing to get the north koreans to the bargaining table. it's a big carrot other administrationser in took advantage of. let's get to your money. first, first lady melania trump in the hospital recuperating from kidney surgery for what's being described as a benign ailment. she is expected to remain in the hospital for the rest of the
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week. >> she is recovering in a room at walter reed medical center. she underwent an embolism procedure to treat a benign kidney condition. in general doctors say that is designed to cut off blood flow to certain parts of the kidney to stop a growth from growing inside the kidney. she is out of surgery right now and doing well, we are told. the president did speak to her doctors after the procedure. he also spoke to the first lady before the procedure. the first lady looks ford to a full recovery so she can continue her work on behalf of children. senator chuck schumer tweeted out. sincere wishes for her speedy
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recovery. the president making plans to go see her, be at her bedside when she wakes up from this procedure. liz: dr. marc siegel joins me now. it's called an embolization procedure. >> they put an artery and put the catheter into the renal artery. and they use various ways of cutting off blood supply to the growth. >> i'm not talking about her case specifically. except that the word benign was used. liz: we can't corroborate that report. >> that's what an embolization procedure would be used for. liz: it could be a vascular
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problem, right? >> it would be to cut off the blood supply to the area growing in the kidney. one is so characteristic that they can tell by look at it and they cut off the blood supply again. if this is what happened, a tiny incision, she would be at bed rest for about a day, then she would be back on her feet. it's a dramatic advance in medicine. liz: the white house is saying she is expected to be in the hospital for a week. it could be a vascular problem to something different from that. do you know what the range of things could be? >> it could be anything where you would cut off the blood supply to stop something from
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growing. if it's something benign that's growing. it's either large, greater than 4 centimeters is when they would stop following it and cut off blood supply, or it's bleeding. and if it's bleeding, they want to shrink it. embolization is something you put into stop the blood supply. liz: people are worried about the first lady being in pain. are these procedures common? this is different from a kidney stone. can we rule out she has kidney stones? >> we don't have the report. if an embolization was done, it's not done for a kidney stone. the procedure is a remarkable advance. you may get pain the first 24 hours, and that's it.
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it's watched carefully for signs of infection and more blood in that area. but very minor. liz: could she have been in pain leading up to this? >> usually those conditions do not cause pain because they are inside the kidney. liz: doctor, you are terrific, come back soon. we love your insight. let's get to what's going on in israel. america. >>ing a new embassy in jerusalem. >> we welcome you officially and for the first time to the embassy of the united states here in jerusalem, the capital of israel. >> when president trump makes a promise, he keeps it. we stand with our friends and allies. and abeautiful else we have shown the united states of america will do what's right and so we have. >> we have no better friends in
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the world. you stand for israel and you stand for jerusalem. the embassy of the most of powerful nation on earth. our greatest ally, the united states of america. today its embassy opened here. liz: fears that a cold war in the middle east is turning hot in rapid time. worst death toll in the gaza strip in four years' time. hezbollah making huge gains at the ballot box and iraq rattling nerves. the president point out that israel is the only country in the world that is not allowed to declare where its capital is. israel's new york general consul
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spokesperson and brad blakeman. good to see you first. you are wish officials -- turkish officials are saying ambassadors in he aviv are being recalled. are more countries stepping up to support israel in this move or do you see more middle east strive? >> we see more support. this is a great day for israel and the u.s. it's a great day for everyone who cherishes the relationship between israel and the u.s. we have paraguay and guatemala opening their embassies in jerusalem. liz: any other countries? those two that we hear of. i'm pretty sure there will be more in the next month. liz: george w. bush and barack
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obama campaigned on and repeatedly said they would recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. >> jerusalem is still the capital of israel and must remain an undivided city accessible to all. >> as soon as i take office i will begin t process o moving the u.s. ambassador do jerulem. >> jerusalem will remain captain tall of israel and must remain undivide. liz: that's coming across as empty rhetoric. what's going on here? >> leadership. sometimes it takes bold leadership. do something the united states is called upon by act of law for decades. the fact is. israel and the united states should have done this a long time ago. it put the united states in a vulnerable position to be part of a negotiation that shouldn't
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have been at all. now it takes that off the table. the united states embassy is in jers, should be, always will be. the question now is what happens in east jerusalem. that's up to the parties themselves. liz: a top democrat applauding president trump. senate minority leader chuck schumer saying quote, in a long overdue move, we have moved our embassy to jerusalem. every nation should have right to choose its capital. i sponsored legislation to do this two decades ago. i applaud president trump for doing it. what's the reaction in israel? >> israelis are very happy about this decision. it's something we always enjoyed american support from both sides, republicans and democrats. it's a promise made by many presidents. but i want to explain about the
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significance of this. president trump recognizes the historical truth. jerusalem has been the capital of israel for the last 70 years. it's the capital of the jewish people for the last 3,000 years. it advances peace. the truth is that jerusalem is the capital of israel. it's the first time someone is coming ford. liz: >> i e and saudi arabia have rulesgreements with israel. they are supporting israel against the shiite movement iran has continued to build. what else your take on israel on throwing gasoline on sectarian clashes about this move. >> countries who are historically hostile to israel
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understand that israel stands for peace in the region. israel is the one who is more stable than any of the enemies that seek her destruction. this is another positive sign, countries that have been hostile are coming over to israel. america may seem alone in putting its embassy there. but i can assure when america makes a move, others will follow. where is humaner? how come he, a jewish u.s. senator, a democrat, is not in jerusalem today. why isn't any democratic congressional leader in jerusalem today? shame on them? the president would have expedited their travel and welcomed them there. but instead they turned their backs on israel. liz: what's your reaction? >> we enjoy support from both
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sides. liz: were you struck by fact that democrats did not show up. >> we had people from different sides at the ceremony. the former ambassador don shapiro was there and he said also he's supporting the desion a it's overdue. liz: the jusalem mayor posting a u.s. embassy sign thanking president trump. >> the sign is amazing. it's beautiful. i wish i could have been there. if you ask any israeli on the streeting with they will tell you it's amazing. jerusalem is our capital. we thank the united states for what they did. liz: let's get to your money. the dow closing higher marking its longest winning streak in 8
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months. nicole? >> 8 days in a row. i don't know whether the bulls thought we could swing it but we did. we haven't seen 8 days in a row with up arrows since last september. also, another mover today were the casino stocks. it turns out they finished in the up side. on the heels that after the supreme court opened the door for sales to permit sports betting by invalidating a federal law that prohibited it. tesla has been restructuring their management and the stock is down 3%. liz: oil falls from three-year
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highs. israelisave standing ovations at the u.s. embassy over talks about iran pulling out of the iran deal. and breaking news. president trump tweeting he's heading to visit the first lady at their washington area hospital after a successful procedure to treat a benign condition. we'll have more on that after the break. don't go away. back when the country went west for gold, we were the ones who carried it back east. by steam. by horse. by iron horse. over the years, we built on that trust. we always found the way. until... we lost it. but that isn't where the story ends... it's where it starts again. with a complete recommitment to you. fixing what went wrong. making things right.
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liz: president trump leaving the white house moments ago heading to marine one. he's going to take it helicopter to the walter reed medical center to visit the first lady who just underwent a benign
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surgical procedure to treat a benign kidney condition. the middle east roiling the oil markets. but there is warnings about global growth uncertainty. gas prices could see a summer spike. let's bring in christian witton. couldn't the president tap the strategic oil preserve? >> there is an unseen factor in gas prices. it's often underestimated. oil is traded in dollars. and the dollar has been appreciated against other currencies.
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you will see higher gas prices that will take a bite from consumer's wallets. the u.s. economy is now an oil exporter. so this will in some ways help our economy. >> we could, iaea says in 10 years time we'll be the number one oil producer. we are showing a picture of the iran supreme leader, the ayatollah, he's reading michael wolff's book, "fire and fury." any surprise there? >> not really. it's how we generate a bunch of lies against the president and use them as propaganda. it's noticed by our adversaries abroad. what weakens our president
5:21 pm
sometimes weakens our country abroad. >> is the u.s. going to impose sanctions on european companies that continue to do business with iran. >> i think i gave the answer. it's possible, it depend on the conduct of other governments. liz: is this a time for europe to choose time and its companies as well? >> they have to do this. our new ambassador to germany warned german companies about this. sanctions are coming on iran's central banks. they take effect 180 days after the president pulled us out of the iran deal. companies doing business in iran trying to get rich dealing with this clerical regime shouldn't be doing that. but unfortunately some in europe
5:22 pm
haven't gotten that message but they will soon. liz: the media was in full-throat opposition to the trump administration warning that a nuclear war was imminent with north korea. >> president trump sounds more like the north korean leader than an american leader. >> it used to be we looked at north korea and said it looks like they are the nuts with nukes. now we have our own nut with nukes. >> this is the first time the dangerous apocalyptic statements from north korea * have been met with apocalyptic statements by our president. liz: north korea just after he nounced they will dismantle -- just announced they will dismantle their nuclear test
5:23 pm
site before the meeting with trump. north korea said all the tunnels underground will be destroyed. >> it's something we have to watch. it's an interesting development. people say this test site has been degraded and noise longer useful. but if you look at our own test facility in nevada, it hasn't been used since 1992. if they destroy the tunnels and remove the mechanisms to test nuclear weapons, that will be significant. north korea says they will not test nukes, develop nukes or ballistic missiles. liz: they can keep the tunnel system and high nukes in there. this is a site that collapsed causing an earthquake storm that hit china.
5:24 pm
john bolton and mike pompeo are saying to north korea, you could be as prosperous as south korea. we'll give you infrastructure help and help you with your power grid and economic growth, instead of bright shiny nuclear weapons while your people are eating grass. you can have economic growth. is kim jong-un into that story line now? >> i will have to see it to believe it. i am willing to suspend disbelief a little bit. the kim government is staying in power. but he's pretty confident. liz: there are two soldiers infested with world so severe they had to get treatment. it tells you it's big problems if its military is suffering. >> right. and those are their elite
5:25 pm
guards. they are low on petroleum and they are poorly trained. and they have thermonuclear weapons they could fire against a lot of people including us. they don't have the early harvest in yet, so now is a good time to be pressuring them. liz: landmark groundbreaking decision from the supreme court. it struck down a federal law prohibiting sports gambling in the states. daily fantasy sports giant says it will enter the sports betting market. what are the implications for college sports? we'll bring in judge andrew napolitano after this.
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liz: a groundbreaking decision. the u.s. supreme court strikes down a federal law banning betting on sports. the court ruling the federal ban is unconstitutional. it gives the green light to individual states to decide whether they will legalize sports betting. the case was brought by the state of new jersey. governor chris christie tweeting a great day for the rights of states to make their own decisions. look who's here, judge napolitano. first legalized marijuana, now spokes betting. judge napolitano: this statute did not ban sports betting. the supreme court ruled congress has the authority to do it. what congress did was to ban the states from deciding whether to
5:30 pm
alight. and it was taking discretion away from the states that the constitution leaves with the states. you will start to see sports betting in atlantic city by the end of the week. then you will see it in philly and new york and you will see it all over the country. the states are interested in revenue. liz: sometimes we don't know whether they will make that money in tax revenue. napolitano senator orrin hatch introduced legislation to ban sports betting. liz: are you worried about corruption in college sports? judge napolitano: i am. and i think senator hatch is. but the drive towards revenues will overcome those worries. liz: we have draft kings they will launch a mobile platform.
5:31 pm
so you feel this was a just ruling. judge napolitano: the libertarian in me wants people to make their own choices. the small government in me wants states to make the choices. as ronald reagan said, you can vote with your feet. >> we are also waiting the supreme court ruling of president trump's travel ban on whether it discriminates based oning religion. >> there are five predominantly muslim countries on this list. the population of the predominantly plus slim countries on this list make up about 8% of the world's muslim population. if you look at the 10 countries
5:32 pm
of the most of muslims, only one tbhobt top 10, iran. liz: we see the president getting a victory here. judge report other side's argument is the president said many, many times i'm going to keep muslims out. will the court use the president's words as a candidate against him? i don't think it will. 5-4 in favor of the president. june 25, the last day the court said this is not going to come down tomorrow, i believe this will be the final day. >> it's a constitutional issue. judge napolitano: correct. congratulations on this show and this set. liz: be sure to tune in on
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"making money." next up, liberal billionaire, he's an environmentalist. he compared president trump to hitler at a town hall event in hitler at a town hall event in iowa. we'll bring in steve hilton. he'll react to the sound after this. -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro. it was here. i couldn't catch my breath. it was the last song of the night. it felt like my heart was skipping beats. i went to the er. they said i had afib.
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>> through all of this and the time he has been president. he remind me of hitler. i keep thinking, what's the difference between him and hitler? hitler strikes me. and you just mentioned what he's doing to families at the border. that's what hitler did, tore families apart. >> mr. trump is an incredibly skillful and talented communicator. he really is. which hitler was, too. i think the reason people push back against the hitler comparison regardless of any similarities is hitler ended up killing millions of people. mr. trump has shown a disregard for our law but he hasn't killed millions of people. that's why we want to impeach him. we want to end it here while it's still okay. that's why we want to impeach
5:38 pm
him. that is liberal billionaire tom steyer. he has been on an impeachment campaign, but it irritated national democrats like nancy pelosi who believe the way to fight president trump is to take back congress. let's take it up with former prime minister david cameron, steve hilton. pretty insulting to family members of victims of the holocaust. >> it's almost like he was disappointed. judge napolitano made the point any time anybody makes a hitler comparison, it always blows up in your face. particularly on this day when you see this president more pro
5:39 pm
israel. the way he says it, it's like -- they literally want to believe the worst about donald trump. and the way that they make their arguments is so far away from reasonable political discourse, where you are talking about the policy positions. they are completely lost the plot. particularly in california. where tom steyer is based. they have gone so far left, it's just ridiculous. liz: hillary clinton on yet another tour discussing and explaining her loss to president trump. saying she was judged on appearance. >> there is still a very large proportion of the population that is uneasy with women in positions of leadership, and so the easiest way to kind of avoid having to look at someone on her
5:40 pm
merits is to dismiss her on her looks. liz: people in the u.s. uncomfortable with women in hour? >> there she goes again insulting the american people. this this line with the deplorables remark. and the remark about wives oh -- obeying their husbands when it comes to politics. we have had women leaders elected in the u.s., in germany, in india. what is she talking about? is she saying -- that's what the implication is, only in america can women not get elected. all over the world women have been elected if people like their policies. liz: if you have a group of people choosing their leader then the woman gets elected. there is a growing list of 0 things hillary blames her loss
5:41 pm
on. russia, comey, bernie sanders, the electoral college. >> she is too much of a capitalist. as far as the democrats are concerned, they are hoping she goes away. every time she opens her mouth she causes them problems and reminder one * why donald trump won in the first place. for her own party they are hoping she shuts up. liz: she ain't going away. the global grievance tour. remember to tune in to steve's hit tv show called ""the next revolution"" on the fox news channel sundays at 8:00 p.m. we are awaiting a vote in seattle. the city is looking to impose a new tax on businesses there to
5:42 pm
help pay for the homeless. but the debate is this. will it create fewer jobs and more problems with homelessness. we are bringing in tennessee congressman marcia blackburn from one of the lowest tax states in the country. we'll talk about it next. i've always been about what's next.
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liz: the city of seattle reviving an age-old way of raising money. a head tax on each and every work tore pay for service to the homeless. opponents footer loss of jobs would create more homelessness. amazon is halting construction of a new office space in seattle that would have created 8,000 new jobs over fears of this tax. amazon has 40,000 workers in the area and faces an extra $20 million in tax payments a year from this new move.
5:46 pm
let's bring in congresswoman marsha blackburn. >>er time one of these -- every time one of these liberal citieser. >> states goes down this road of adding more taxes to the businesses that are there and productive and employing people, they want to pick up their roots and move. that's why you see so many of them relocating. and cities that are very business friendly have benefited from the overeach of cities like seattle. liz: you have seen this, too. seattle looks like they are going to enact this tax, even though they don't have a plan yet how to spend the money. what's your reaction to that? >> government has an insatiable appetite for the people's money. if government wants to get into an area that's generally handled
5:47 pm
by the not for prove its. and if they get in there they will run the not for profits or for profits out of the way. people say government is overstepping its pounds. you should be there to serve the people at large, then allow the private sector and the not for profit sector to film of these needs from the community. it's not to say things aren't good ideas it's just who is going to deliver this service most of effectively. >> we have to take care of the poor and stop homelessness. seattle could lose jobs from this tax. so seattle spends $62 million on homeless services. that ups up 42% from four years
5:48 pm
ago. >> they keep coming for more taxes and thinking government is the answer to most of things, when we know it's not. many times government causes more problems and less money actually gets to where needs need to be met. because cities like seattle are imposing new taxes is why you see amazon launching a nationwide search where to put their second headquarters and nashville in tennessee have been on the short list of cities under consideration. liz: i like how got that in there. your home state of tennessee. you got the plug for your state. apple ceo tim cook taking another swipe at facebook's mark zuckerberg at a commencement graduation speech over the weekend. grandchildren babies too young to be vaccinated against
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>> we reject the excuse getting the most of out of technology means trading away your right to privacy. we choose a different path. collect as little of your data as possible and being thoughtful and respectful when it's in our care because we know it belongs to you. liz: it appeared like he took another swipe at mark zuckerberg. cook made the comments to duke university students over the weekend. mr. cook did not mention facebook by name. let's look how am and facebook both ended the day in the red. look who is here. lawrence jones and jessica
5:53 pm
tarlov. tim cook and zuckerberg are going after it. facebook makes its money from advertising. that means two different business models. >> i don't think facebook will go away when it comes to selling your data. this is their business model. the fact of the matter is facebook wasn't built just so people could interact. it was built so people could get addicted to it, interact. so i don't see them surviving if they keep this up. liz: it's interesting that cook chose this point in front of students. jessica: i thought it was a smart tack to take. they are talking a lot about data and privacy and what happened with facebook.
5:54 pm
they are taking most this scandal and what's going on. for a tech giant to be making a point like this. it makes a lot of sense considering the landscape. by wonder what could happen tomorrow for them. i now it's a different business model. but i thought it was right for this audience. liz: another commencement speaker michael bloomberg is warning about quote an endless barrage of lies in politics. >> so we are near the midst of an epidemic of dishonesty and endless barrage of lies. the seat in government isn't something to shrug your shoulders sat. when elected officials speak as though they are above the truth, they will act as though they are above the law. >> i think me and jessica can
5:55 pm
agree that all politicians lie. it's literally the nature of the game. i don't like it and i think it's bad. but to suggest donald trump is the only politician lying is dishonest. liz: he has called trump names in the past. what's your reaction to it? jessica: this is vintage mike bloomberg. and he has been critical of hillary clinton as well. i agree with lawrence that politicians have been known to lie in the past. liz: don't we have bigger issues? jessica: he didn't make the focus of his commencement speech national security. you are taking people to the next stage of their lives. you are trying to make a larger
5:56 pm
point about society and the kind of world we want to live in. >> the media and democrats freak out every time president trump does something. the american people say we are concerned about what the president actually done as what he delivers on. liz: to constituents. i think that's what the president is trying to say. it's not just about politics. jessica: i think everybody would agree it would be better if politicians didn't lie. liz: we'll be right back. don't go away. .
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dray, when he was younger, he loved to smile; and we knew he would need braces because his teeth wereoming inun. this is the picture that waon the front page of the newspaper. all you can notice is the braces! then, once he got to michigan state, he broke the retainer! my bottom teeth, they were really crooked, and i just wasn't getting braces again. then i discovered smiledirectclub. it's easy to just grab it and go and i can change it on the road. i did photoshoots with my aligners
5:59 pm
in and you can't see them. a smile is a first impression, that's why i think having a great smile is so important. . >> breaking news -- less than an hour ago president trump visited first lady melania trump at walter reed medical center, the first lady underwent a surgical procedure to treat a benign kidney condition. she's going to take a week
6:00 pm
there to recuperate. draftkings say it will enter the sports betting market on the heels of that supreme court decision. be sure to tune into "making money" with charles payne. he's got the ceo of draftkings coming up, jason robbins. on the decision to say yes to sports betting. let's get to charles payne. charles: emac, thank you very much. the dow rising for the eighth straight session as prospects of a china deal improve as president trump makes a major about-face. good evening. i'm charles payne and the nster trade negotiations. "wall street journal reporting u.s. and china are closing in on a deal that would give zte corporation a reprieve from potentially crippling u.s. sanctions in exchange for beijing removing tariffs on billions of dollars of u.s. agricultural products. president trump said in a tweet he is working with chinese president xi on a way to get zte back in business and

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