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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 15, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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that is the place to focus. [closing bell rings] cheryl: thank you so much for that. the bells are ringing. not a lot of smiles. the dow is at 24,706. we are at session lows. that's it for me. david, melissa, take it now. david: thank you so much, the party coming to an end at least for now. the dow snapping an eight-day winning streak. looks like it will be down 192 points. it has been worse today but it ain't pretty. s&p and nasdaq following the dow into the red. i'm david asman. trish: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have more on big market movers. here is what else we're covering during the very busy hour ahead. violent clashes continuing between palestinians and israeli troops. the u.n. security council heading an emergency meeting on the situation this afternoon. u.s. ambassador nikki haley calling out hamas for fueling the unrest. she had a few choice words for members of the council. we'll take you live to the u.n. meanwhile a south korean
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news agency now reporting that north korea pulled out of high-level talks and threatening to cancel the upcoming meeting with the u.s. the details behind this potential sudden shift. how the state department is now responding. amazon and starbucks fighting back against seattle over last night's vote to slap a new tax on them. amazon questioning the future growth in the city. we have an update on that. david: that is an unbelievable story. back to the markets. new highs on the 10-year treasury yields, all yields dragging on stocks. ending the day offer the session lows. it was worse, folks. nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange. was it all rates, nicole? >> that is certainly a big part of it. coupled with the strong dollar david asman. we just finished here, with three names in the green, nike, disney, walmart are the three dow names squeezed out in the green. the rest all red.
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pressure was broad-based. just about every sector in the red with a few names in the green such as energy. dow is down to 2706. that makes us negative for 2018. the transportation index is negative for 2018. you mentioned 10-year bond yields. retail sales up in members, 3.08 these are the highest in seven years. bank stocks, keycorp, up 1 1/2%, the smaller type banks did really well. also regional, you can see some of the other as well, people's, fifth third, almost up a third. home depot, sales were a miss. that weighed on the dow in the early going. shaved off 30 points out of the opening bell. stocks off 1. 6%.
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jeffries said analysts say it's a poor spring weather. they will do the projects in summer, trying to give optimistic outlook. tesla, fixing assembly line of the model 3. the stock is down 2 1/2%. those "fang" stocks, we have to bring this up, technology was not a lead story but a lot of our friends at home own a lot of these, apple, amazon, netflix. this group has been under pressure but seriously outpaced s&p 500 in 2017. in 2018 challenged highs with a pullback. it represents growth overall for momentum stocks. is it back and fill or what do we see going forward? back to you. david: when rates are up, people sell stocks going into bonds. that is what is happening today. nicole, thank you very much. trish: let's bring in today's market panel. gary kaltbaum, kaltbaum capital and fox news contributor.
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and gary, let me ask you what do you think, is it about higher rates, is it back and fill what is the explanation? >> well nicole petallides as usual covered all the bases. the higher dollar is hurting multinationals. you can see 3m and things going down. consumer stocks are getting hit because of higher oil prices. interest rates, i think are higher than the 2014 which is killing utilities, real estate, and housing stocks. anything interest rate sensitive, so i think you have a little dose of everything today. the good news is this, is just a pullback after a runoff the long of this term support levels. but i suspect, i've been telling you guys for weeks, i think we're in major trading range. i think it will last a while longer as we move forward. trish: lenore, do you agree with that? the things he is talking about while true were pretty much true yesterday and past eight days? >> we are seeing rising rates.
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we haven't seen analysts raising expectations for second quarter. rising oil prices, rising interest rates, wage pressure, stronger dollar are not exactly a recipe for a market that will get a whole lot stronger. melissa: go ahead, guys. >> if we're a nation that believes investing in things that have multiplier effect in our economy, investing in infrastructure programs, investing in early childhood education, investing in research and development, that is the best use of taxpayer dollars because it grows the whole, unlike this toxic tax bill that blows a hole in our deficit, driving money up. david: that was democrat senator and presidential contender cory booker making the case for more government and fewer tax cuts at liberal gathering in d.c. today. gary, you spend more on
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government. you take more away from the private sector? where have we heard that before? >> as my nanny an any used to say, oivay. i don't even know where to go with this. these people have never seen a tax hike they didn't like. never seen a tax cut they did like. they think they're smarter than us. they think the money in their pockets is better than money in our pockets which by the way we earned. amazing part about all this, they're doing all this in election year. if they want to hand over midterms to the republicans they're doing a damn good job as pelosi keeps coming out promising they will raise everyone's taxes. just amazing to watch. david: lenore, with the memory of what happened with this formula, tried by president obama for eight years, so fresh in our mind, that pathetic growth rate that never really got anywhere, yes we gained on jobs but nothing since donald trump was elected, i
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would think that voters would remember that. it wasn't too long ago? >> it is amazing. this is the same old song again and again and again. we've had wage growth since the financial crisis has been the weakest that we have ever really seen. we still haven't gotten up to the prefinancial crisis averages for wage growth. on top of that, we're heading towards deficit levels of spending that we haven't seen outside of a war or a recession. and our debt-to-gdp, that means it is total load of government debt is hitting levels we have not ever seen before outside of a war or major crisis. david: frankly, gary, if we see the stock market go down much further, if we see a real decline, say, 10, 15, 20% that might play in the democrats favor even those these formulas failed in the past. >> look a lower market hurts incumbent party. a worsening economy hurts the incumbent party, as simple as
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that. may i say this, when you hear the people say the word investment, just run for the hills. that is code for higher taxes and in that little snippet you played i think i heard the word investment five times. look out below! david: run for the hills and hold on to your wallet, folks. the panel sticking around. stay with us, gang. melissa: amazon is fighting back saying questioning its growth in seattle after the city voted to impose a hefty tax on workers at big companies. gee, that is surprising. hillary vaughn has the update. hillary? reporter: hey, melissa. the champions of this head tax in seattle are not done yet. they hope of this trend making businesses hand over extra cash to the city help build homes for homeless ripples across the country. their eye is on amazon's next home for h qii. >> i hope every one take as lesson from this victory today. >> thank you.
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>> you can take on most powerful corporations in the world an you can win. >> our mayor marti walsh, swooning jeff bezos to bring amazon second headquarters to the city. working-class people in boston looking what is happening in seattle right now. reporter: now amazon could be looking for a new home for their first headquarters. the company reacting to the new tax cut, tax on their company calling it hostile, saying the move makes them question their own growth in seattle. seattle-based starbucks roasting officials saying in a statement, quote, this city continues to spend without reforming and fail without accountability. this city pays more attention to the desires of the owners of illegally-parked rvs than families seeking emergency shelter. but even those supporters of this plan focused on villainizing jeff bezos and spent their remarks targeting amazon, this tax is hitting businesses in the city's 600
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others, including small businesses who worry that it is going to run workers, customers, and revenue out of town. >> ask you to slow down and look what the impact is beyond amazon and to your local family-owned businesses. >> we have no reason to believe that it will actually help address the problem. over 200 million in tax dollars were spent on homelessness in king county last year. that is 17,000 for every homeless man, woman and child and the problem got worse. reporter: city officials say the new tax would bring $47 million to new revenue to the city. 66% of that will go to new housing. 32% to emergency shelters, trash pickup and pay raises for service workers but after these companies shell out millions of dollars to the city, melissa, officials say only around 600 new apartments will be built to the tune of $31 million. melissa: oh, my gosh.
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wow, hillary, thank you so much for that report. let's bring our panel back. gary, can i review some of the stats that she put forward there? i'm still gasping for air. they spent 17,000 already per homeless man, woman or child and that is not enough. they need it raise more money. this is going to be imposed on 600 different employers? not just starbucks, not just amazon, not that is okay but 600 different employers. $275 per employee. you tax what you want to discourage, so tax hiring, that makes sense, yes, gary? >> melissa, companies, people, money, and capital will go where they are treated best. and these people in seattle, dolts, d-o-l-t-ss i call them, are taunting companies possibly leaving. you know why the economy of seattle done well throughout the
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years? because of these same companies they're deciding to do this too. it would serve them right a few of these companies said bye-bye, go to places and cities that treat them well. and the amazing part, you tax workers? you tax the companies for hiring and growing and building a great tax base, economy for a city? they are drinking the wrong brew. that is all i can tell you. melissa: lenore, a little bit ironic starbucks is involved in this they want to make sure the cups don't offend any one. they want to promote political conversation with a barista. they had so many great things along the way to promote liberalism in their coffee, it's a little bit fun to get them targeted. not their shareholders though. >> a little irony there. a little irony dealing with the problem of homelessness, the way you solve it by going after those that create wealth. melissa: jobs. >> an jobs exactly. that seems a little bit backward.
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seattle look south and see how well the attitude worked for california because companies are constantly leaving. you can go elsewhere and do better. melissa: guys, thank you. david: leading from behind. that is another phrase from the old administration? that is what looks like what is happening. president trump on capitol hill meeting with republican senators as china's top economic official arrives in d.c. for another round of trade talks. go to blake burman at white house. after all the confusion about china, any clear message today? reporter: as it relates to zte there are clearly concerns from many that there is a security concern here, david, with zte products. the administration has yet to clear up whether or not president trump believes there is a security issue involving zte though. the top democrat, chuck schumer today said he feels that the president is essentially being cavalier in disregarding the security concerns.
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that the intelligence chiefs had warned about earlier this year. as for the president himself, he was up on capitol hill earlier today, meeting with his republican colleagues in the senate and there were a host of issues to discuss among them. just a handful that we heard from afterwards. senate leaders say that the president spoke about nafta renegotiations. he also spoke about immigration we are told. just before the president had that meeting that lunch meeting up on capitol hill, the president implored congress to get something done as it relates to border security and a wall along the southern border. listen here. >> we are calling on congress to secure our borders, support our border agents, shut down sanctuary cities and shut down policies that release violent criminals back into our
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communities. we don't want it any longer. we've had it. enough is enough. reporter: speaking of china, david, we're told not discussed in the meeting up on capitol hill between the president and republicans zte. pass on that issue during that meeting. david? david: blake burman, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: voting underway for key primaries in four states including pennsylvania a make-or-break state for democrats trying to take back control of the house. what we could learn from tonight's results. david: making money just for moving. some u.s. towns are offering thousands of bucks for a down payment on your home or pay off your student debt if you take a job in their communities. details straight ahead. melissa: you know ambassador nikki haley standing up for the right of israel to defend its borders as allies speak out. why she says moving the american embassy is not to blame for the
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violent riots. >> make no mistake hamas is pleased with the results from yesterday. those who suggest that the gaza violence has anything to do with the location of the american embassy are sorely mistaken. ♪ carried it back east. by steam. by horse. by iron horse. over the years, we built on that trust. we always found the way. until... we lost it. but that isn't where the story ends... it's where it starts again. with a complete recommitment to you. fixing what went wrong. making things right. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. we're holding ourselves accountable to find and fix issues proactively.
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4:20 pm
against innocent civilians. no surprise, longest and loudest voice came from the palestinian ambassador to the u.n. who spoke in opposition to israel's actions during the clashes that left dozens dead and more than 2000 hurt. he spoke more than half an hour, the palestinian ambassador did, israel a cowardly power acting above the law, killing unarmed demonstrators,something the israeli am bass dispute. >> translator: we condemn the massacre committed by israel in the gaza strip. we call for halt to militarying a press against our people immediately. and we call for a transparent, international inquiry to be conducted. >> these were not demonstrations. these were not protests. these were violent riots. reporter: the only other support for israel came from the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki
4:21 pm
haley. >> those who suggest that the gaza violence has anything to do with the location of the american embassy are sorely mistaken. rather the violence comes from those who reject the existence of the state of israel in any location. reporter: kuwait, which is only arab member about security council and called for today's emergency session, it will propose a resolution on protection of palestinian civilians but present it to the council. it will require a unanimous vote. u.s. a permanent member of the council unlike to approve resolution that doesn't protect israel's right to protect its borders. melissa? melissa: rick, thank you. david: with more, walid phares, fox news foreign affairs national security analyst. this is how the liberal media is playing the news. a picture of the president's daughter. then a suggestion that ivanka's smiling while 55 are slaughtered in gaza, slaughtered.
4:22 pm
is that the right word to use? >> there is no doubt about it, david and you introduced it very well, the notion of politicization of a very dramatic and tragic situation the border between gaza and israel. definitely it will be done, even more in the future. here is my message -- >> just forgive me, walid, i want to focus on this one point because words matter. to say slaughtered, those 55, yes they were killed. perhaps some of them were killed unjustly, that has to be figured out in an investigation but slaughtered is a word that you use when terrorists come in and just slit people's throats. i mean it is not necessarily the right word to apply in this situation, is it? >> it should not be the right word. slaughtered meaning you are there with either machine guns and or other weapons and knives and on purpose, intentionally, just mowing and killing people with no other reason. that would be slaughter. being killed in the incidents, yes, of course many people were
4:23 pm
killed, were killed and that should stop. this is why what you have mentioned about investigation, fine. why don't we, the united states, project that we would accept the united nations to protect the palestinian demonstrators by deploying on the gaza side. will hamas accept that? if we call on u.n. forces to deploy and protect the demonstrators in gaza. david: the reason why i'm suspicious of that, walid, you know as well the u.n. dp organizations under the cover of u.n. have been supporting hamas and terrorist groups for years in various ways. even to the point of paying off palestinians who kill, murder israelis or tourists who visit israel. i'm wondering if we can count on the u.n. to do the right thing here? no ebb, could count or should count. israelis will stay where they are will protect their own borders. what i'm talking about not agencies taking the aid to
4:24 pm
palestinian organizations and hamas grabbing the aid, from the world, we're looking those borders, it will have multinational forces separating israelis and hamas, you protect them, what would you do? what would the u.n. actually do in the situation is my question? david: good question. i have to switch to a different part of the world because this is breaking news. the north koreans may be pulling out, they definitely pulled out of talks with south korea but they're threatening to pull out of the planned summit with president trump. the north koreans central news agency just put out a notice saying the united states will have to undertake careful deliberations about the fate of the planned north korea-u.s. summit in light of this provocative military ruckus, using their words, jointly conducted with the south korean authorities. they're talking about these war games that we, that they have not complained about in the weeks preceding this. now suddenly they're saying that it could be a deal-breaker in terms of the summit. obviously this is some kind of a ploy, is it not?
4:25 pm
>> this is the hurdle. this is what north korea is trying to do. they must be negotiating something already with the united states and they're using this matter of pressure against south korea and the manuevers. they want to basically international observers to look at dismantling of a nuclear base. now they're talking about exercises inside of south korea. so they are putting pressure already on the forthcoming summit. david: how do we play it? we heard from the state department, they say look, this is the first we heard of it. we think the summit is still going ahead. we're full speed ahead on this. can they continue to ignore it, the state department? or have they have to address it at some point? >> weville to address it. if they have already address it in one direction, they want our economic support, technological support, china's support for a lot of stuff inside of north korea, they can not at this point in time go back, we'll go back with the military blockade and back with square one.
4:26 pm
i think they are pressureing, we need to mount counterpressure and add china to it. david: interesting. walid phares, thank you very much. melissa: breaking news. president trump leaving the white house and visiting the first lady at the walter reed medical center as she recovers from kidney surgery. you can see right there. nice to be travel like that. >> would be nice back and forth. melissa: i would be good with that. david: i would be good with that. potential loss for democrats, why embracing or rejecting capitalism could be bad for democrats in the midterms. larry elder is coming up. >> ruling on sports betting opening the door to a multibillion-dollar industry. republican congressman frank lobiondo is hoping the move will reinvigorate part of his state. ♪
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melissa: a game changing decision. the supreme court voting in favor of states yesterday, prompting local lawmakers to get started on legal sports betting legislation. one new jersey congressman has been pulling for this legislation for years. frank lobiondo is with us now. frank, congratulations, i know this is what you're pulling for. and i'm sure a lot of people are concerned, what safeguards you have in place for gambling problems, all kinds of things. what are you doing on that front? >> first of all, thanks for having me on. obviously a very exciting announcement something many of us were working on for a long time. it wasn't until former governor chris christie decided to push the initiative by having a statewide referendum which passed more than two to one. the state legislature taking its move and strongly passing
4:31 pm
legislation. where we stand now the state legislature will craft legislation. president steve sweeney who is a very good friend will usher this through. he would like to see it by the 4th of july, a pretty quicktime table. what they will put in safeguards into place, with the division of gaming enforcement and local authorities with the state of new jersey. the new jersey has a very good track record of doing things right. melissa: we'll see. i know a lot of the excitement around this has to do with amount of revenue that will come in. your state certainly has a lot of budget challenges ahead. one thing i was really surprised to learn, new employees, still as they are hired are given the defined benefit plan, the old kind of pension, as they come on the payrolls today. i don't know even though you're raising a bunch of revenue, seems like that is not your problem. your problem is spending. >> well, there is a spending
4:32 pm
problem but if we're talking about, talking about function of state government versus federal level. atlantic city was being written off. there was a couple terrible casino closures and employees were put out of work. this is good deal for the state of new jersey, it is good news for my district and atlantic city. on june 28, we have two new casinos coming online. the hard rock is a fabulous property. took over the old taj mahal. melissa: before we run out of time though this, is wonderful. i understand it is your distribute but you know, there has to be something done to curtail spending. you can't just say this is for the state to do for themselves and for the local legislature. if you're bringing in new revenue there is another side to that equation. you square about those folks. their taxes are insane. >> sure, you're absolutely right but it is not a function of the federal government to tell the state of new jersey how to define their benefits.
4:33 pm
i think you and your viewers understand that very clearly. the state of new jersey is going to have to come to grips with this. i'm not too excited about some of the proposals of our new governor. the state legislature will have to work that out before the time frame of the budget, which is at the end of june. melissa: yeah. >> but meantime this is very good news for the people of atlantic city and i think the people of new jersey. melissa: if my kids had cavity at thises i wouldn't give them thor candy. thank you for your time. david: what a terrific analogy. this is where markets ending the day, unfortunately snapping a an eight-day winning streak. back in negative territory for the year. the 10-year treasury yield did it. it was at highest level in 10 years. when it went above 3%, it jumped. 3.08. melissa: american airlines is
4:34 pm
cracking down on emotional support rules. no peacocks, david. leave the peacocks at home. david: not as far off as people might think. wait until you hear about the animals we're talking about. voters hitting polls in four states including pennsylvania. what the results could tell us about the midterms coming up. >> people of pennsylvania are making decisions that today based on who gives them the best chance to get washington to work and end the dysfunction. ♪ ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz. up to 90% of those with moderate to severe psoriasis had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. most people were still clearer after one year. with taltz, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them.
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melissa: setting the stage for the midterms. voters heading to the polls in four states including closely-watched pennsylvania where voters will pick a gop nominee to take on democratic senator bob casey in the fall. president trump throwing his support behind congressman lou barletta in another test of his political clout. here now is cayly mcenany, rnc spokesperson and, a former obama campaign spokesperson. thank you both for joining us. kayleigh, we see the primaries, seems like the results are customized for the state. is there anything we're learning from them you would spread out across the country and has impact on 2018? >> sure. there are two things that i really look at. our chairwoman pointed to one of them last week, turnout.
4:39 pm
you look in the three states that voted last week, republican turnout was up by double digits from 2014. it was up 61% in west virginia. so that is indicative of enthusiasm. we'll be looking at that tonight. but also these really fractured democratic races where you're seeing bernie sanders, progressive candidate battle it out with a more moderate candidate, of course the bernie sanders candidate, much harder time in a general election than let's say a conor lamb who is dizzy guying himself as -- disguising himself as pro-trump republican when he is really a nancy pelosi democrat. that is really interesting thing we'll watch tonight. melissa: robin, who has been more successful this year, more moderate candidates or more progressive candidates which frankly in the past gotten a lot more enthusiasm? >> you know, that is kind of a tricky one. melissa: yeah. >> honestly, it has been more progressive candidates. i'm a more moderate candidate. i would love to say it is the more moderate ones but dnc is
4:40 pm
pushing conservative democrats and losing in a lot of these races which is concerning to me as conservative democrat, a blue dog dem. some bernie sanders people are really ticking off. you consider places like california. i can't conceive of their politics right now. it is so different from the rest of the country. melissa: that is a good point. kayleigh, when we look at for example, four-term congressman lou barletta. he is taking on jim cristiana in the primary. does this tell you about president trump? this is one where president trump won the state by less than 1%age point. it was a real squeaker. i think republicans will look closely what do people of that state, how are they feeling right now? >> it is interesting because president trump, the first republican presidential candidate to win pennsylvania since the 1980s. no one is stronger than
4:41 pm
president trump in a state like pennsylvania. it is a hard state for republicans but he managed to eke out in that race. in terms of who is going to win, he endorsed lou barletta. rnc we don't take positions in primaries. we'll let the voters decide. president trump's guy won last week. we'll see tonight. melissa: robin, everybody obviously wants to win. there are a lot of different themes in the race but the focus son the senate, can you flip any seats. who comes out on top. whenever there is talk about these bigger decisions, even impeachment it is how many seats everybody ends up in the end. is that the kind of take? >> it is impossible to tell where this is headed. there is a big push for health care. they're drawing a very clear line to show about how donald trump really tried to sabotage the aca because he didn't get his plan. he wants to sabotage the aca. melissa: is that working? is that getting traction? >> you know i think it is
4:42 pm
backfiring on him 2/3 of recipients of aca are trump supporters. they are seeing premiums go up. their birth control is going up. melissa: good message for democrats. >> that is good for us. we can capitalize, we can show how much your premiums go up. look at your expenses. we can fix that if you give us a chance in office. melissa: thanks, guys. we appreciate the check-in. david: in robin biro head of the dnc i have very little doubt to take over the house. melissa: he is very reasonable. david: there are not too many blue dog democrats left. melissa: that's true. david: if you're young, smart, looking for a new affordable place to live, we have the low-down on a document of places that will actually pay you to move to their town. this is the real deal. you want to hear about this coming next. ♪
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melissa: small cities, big benefits. rural towns across the u.s. are offering major incentives to attract young, trained workers including cash. our very own jeff flock is live in marion, indiana, with the latest. jeff? reporter: at a cabinet-making factory. there are fancy pieces of equipment like this, they need people to run. they need skilled workers and they can't find them. so what do they do? here is what they're doing. grant county, indiana, is offering $5,000 toward adown payment on a house. or they will pay 20% of your rent, if you will move here and work here, at a place like advanced cabinet systems. people that runs this, whitney, you can not get people to come. why? >> you know, we're halfway between for the wayne and indianapolis. right in the middle of two big cities. we're constantly competing for workers. reporter: you have a lot of need
4:47 pm
here, you have jobs. come here, you have a job. >> yes, absolutely. that is correct. reporter: asking the folks that are doing this, by the way, this has to be a skilled person, right? it has to be either a four-year degree, associates degree or tech certificate. tell me why this is good news of taxpayer money, actually? >> absolutely. the program to help our employers thrive here in grant county. it helps them attract talent and skilled workforce they need. reporter: melissa, what they're doing. they're paying positive minimum wage in a lot of places these companies. tell you, they're not alone. take a a look at other places offering incentives to get people to move there. st. clair county in michigan will pay some of your student loans. north flat,, nebraska will do the same. the company will match it. -- north platte. a company in iowa will give you free land and build build a
4:48 pm
house there. we visited with a bakery earlier today. they have a 15 million-dollar expansion planned. they don't have the workers. if they don't get it, they will move it to phoenix. they would rather stay here in the middle of iowa. maybe with enough inendtives, both public and private, maybe they can make that happen, melissa. melissa: i remember these same stories around fracking trying to get people to move out to do that. amazing hearing that across a bunch of different industries. reporter: a great story. melissa: jeff, thank you. good work. david: free land. free land. that is going back to the 1800s. melissa: yeah. david: if you wonder why the democrats are doubling up on the war against capitalism, maybe because they're taking their talking points from the guy on the right side of your screen. we'll tell you more about him coming up. ♪ .
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>> used to be an environment where the signals from washington were, don't be too greedy. now the signals from washington have been basically, be as greedy as possible. david: economist and "new york times" columnist paul krugman calling out washington for being greedy, too greedy, despite a booming economy rand decreasing unemployment rate among a whole list of positive signs for the american people. here to react to this radio talk show host larry elder. good to see you, larry. we have as many new job openings as people looking for jobs. that is full employment. we have the lowest black employment ever, unemployment ever. we've got a very low latino unemployment. businesses are expanding all over the place all that is bad because it is greedy. what do you think? >> that of course and donald trump is a racist and sexist and homophobe and the
4:53 pm
rest. the reason i wrote the piece i did on the 200th anniversary of the death of karl marx, michael moore, one of the social inflew wrote that karl marx was right. rich get richer, poor get poorer. they exploit the works la. of the is not an outlyer. over half the democratic party support socialism and 56% of the voters in the democratic primaries do. hillary offered another reason why she lost, she said during the primaries she was asked are you a capitalist during the caucuses, she said yes, it hurt her. turns out she is right. david: hillary is far too conservative for the lefties. so is nancy pelosi by the way. nancy pelosi might lose her seat even if democrats win. she might not be the next speaker. the point is, they're so wrong about things. i always take the opportunity to repeat what paul krugman said on election night. i will quote him here.
4:54 pm
it really does now look like president donald j. trump and markets are plunging. when might we expect them to recover? a first pass answer is, never! of course we know it was 18,000 on the dow. we closed even though it wasdown today, we closed at 24,700. i mean, american people realize what's wrong is wrong, don't they? >> well, david, being a democrat means never having to say you're sorry. michael moore is not apologetic about 80 million dead under the economist regime, 50 million dead under stalin and millions dead under communist regime in cambodia. he is touting the fruits of communism. honestly, has he been in a time warp? david: even in places like california where you're from, where you're speaking from right now, there seems to be signs of an awakening from people tired of getting it wrong. people do get tired of losing. donald trump, so far, i don't see many people getting tired of
4:55 pm
winning but people get tired of losing. the argument is losing. the argument that krugman makes about capitalism is losing. the argument he makes about markets is losing. aren't voters ready to turn around even in states like yours? >> i hope you're right. writ large i hope you are. not in california this is sanctuary state. they allow illegal aliens to drive cars. this state allows illegal alien to get in-state tuition. you your son or daughter couldn't get that if they lived in wisconsin. the only person less popular in california than donald trump is charlie manson. david: do we have the time to play a sound bite from seattle. this is what protesters did about amazon in seattle. play the sound bite. >> big business exist something not incidental impoverishment in our city and our cult you are. it is cause of it. >> corporations paying lower tax
4:56 pm
now than anytime in history. i don't think i would call it punishment. >> business as usual means death as usual. if they can't pay, who can? david: business as usual is death as usual. larry elder, i know you want to respond but we're got to go. we have to have you back. we love you man. please come back often. >> texas is saying come on down. david: exactly. larry elder, grade to see you. thank you very much. melissa: you will have to leave your emotional support goat at home. there is good news for your miniature pony. david: what? melissa: the new guidelines from american airlines you need to know before heading to the airport. ♪
4:57 pm
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a cockroach can survive submerged underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah. not getting in today. terminix. defenders of home. melissa: next time leave your emotional support hedgehog at home. american airlines announce new restrictions for comport pets on flight. david: we're not kidding. goats, ferrets, insects, snakes, hedgehogs, amphibians, rodents
5:00 pm
and spiders. melissa: spiders? david: will not be recognized as a emotional service animal. miniature horses as properly trained service animal is exception. banning any animal unclean or has an odor. melissa: huh? here is "the evening edit." >> negotiating leverage is what is taking place here. the first negative aspect of kim jong-un's efforts going back to participating in the south korean olympics. they're negotiating over things that they want on the table. they're getting exposed to seriousness and scale of what kim jong-un is really proposing. hopefully it is moving in the right direction. liz: new reports that north korean dictator kim jong-un is threatening to cancel the historic summit with president trump next month over u.s. military drills in south korea. calling the drills a quote, ruckus the we'll bring you the latest on that. president trump visiting the


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