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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 16, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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3% mark. global market action in europe this morning. the next market muted trading there. the cac down ever since that way. in asia overnight with next market action as well as the cost in south korea to eke out a small gain for rent in japan, shanghai and hong kong. a new threat regarding north korea. kim jong un vijay morning and they pull out of next month's summit which president trump over concerns about south korea's military drill with the u.s. also a north korean official said they would call up the meeting if the u.s. demands unilateral nuclear abandonment. the white house not backing down. kim jong un has said before that he understands and appreciates the importance to the united states of having the joint exercises. we will continue to go ahead and
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planned a meeting between president trump and kim jong un. >> the very latest there. round two of china negotiations getting underway. the president school of rewriting after this year facing a set path. a closer look straightahead. hawaii issue in the highest morning as a massive cloud of ash fills the sky in lava from the kilauea volcano. new data concerns for facebook. a personality quiz may expose information of 3 million users. this comes amid the justice department and fbi are investigating cambridge analytic. amazon offering new discounts at whole foods. there is a catch. all of that coming up this morning. investment strategist lindsay doll. editor james freeman and is symptomatic. i got it right on the first try.
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lenore hawkins. it's been too long. great to see you. >> at vcu. dagen: you were so good on the show last week. i quoted you more than once. with friday. let's hope you're right. >> i'm on the one-week winning streak. try and hold onto it. >> we've got some coming out. senate judiciary member, louisiana senator here with john kennedy. mayor congresswoman in haworth, senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. ceo of the international real estate in.there might find sun exposure and sunscreen. even tanning beds. wall street yesterday with the 10 year yield hitting highs back into negative territory for the year. blue chips finishing 193-point
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lower. yesterday's retail sales report feeling expectations the federal reserve might accelerate the pace of rate hikes this year. futures right now hovering there to take on yesterday's market action. when i looked was happening in treasuries yesterday, investors didn't seem to be nervous about all the geopolitical events that are suing. whether it's israel and the violence related to the palace indians, whether it is iran, whether it the north korea talks in china, people were not buying treasury. they were selling them. >> this is more about the strength we are seeing here in the u.s. has retail sales numbers were good. homebuilder confidence come down a little bit. really good daddy yesterday. better data as her make her way through the year in a move in the treasury yesterday was really related to recommence in europe and china.
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>> at what point has this been a story that began unfolding in early february? it costs increase volatility started to pick up worries about inflation and a pickup in the up and now we are holding above the 3% market to continue. as deals go after they were selling bonds and stocks. >> when you look at what's going on right now, the second largest abstention in history. expansions never die of old age. some of the gun we are in every type. not only are registered going up, we've got the price of oil going up. wage pressures starting to go up. now it's starting to happen with the lowest unemployment rate in 69 years. and now we've got to trade were potential as well to increase those input prices. all of that means you are
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pushing pressure in the margin for business and that is something investors are paying much attention to, but they should. dagen: what about the tax cuts? you saw that show up in the retail sales numbers that even with rising gas prices people were in the only area to really suffer decline as bars and restaurants. everywhere else people were shopping. you've got the tax cut even though higher gas prices are a third of that. still an economy come up with the canon capital spending good is no way for us to capital markets is the headline in the journal today. >> is on now. you've been describing the tax code is working. just as we hoped, we have had a boom in capital expenditures. businesses investing for the future. so now we are back to whether it's a healthy natural tension in the economy. companies seeing all these
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opportunities, wanting to invest in investors in some cases saying i don't know if i see that much potential in my country. why don't you give me dividends or buybacks instead of spending the money. this is really new because we went through where nobody wanted to spend. people wanted to invest in businesses and so this is essentially the first time that the tax cut is working as intended. lower the corporate rate, businesses invest for the future that's how you get higher wages, higher living standards. >> the journal a few days ago had a story about the rent or buybacks in the first quarter and that was getting ballot to the market when it had increasing volatility. show me the money. i want it now the roof of salt attitude. what about the tax cuts for
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corporations having an immediate impact. businesses expect the way to change the way they do business. it's about the next three years, about creating a fair platform for businesses in the united states so we can prosper for literally decades to come. spanish is the shortsightedness of investors right now. they are set to capital spending as it goes up, the company spending it, stocks don't do necessarily as well. if you are in this for the long-term, you believe economic growth in the u.s. would continue to improve for the next couple years. you need to be in high-quality companies like google, apple. >> i was think about the bond bull market versus the stock bull market. this bond bull market has been going on since the early 80s. i think that the shorting treasuries is the second most crowded trade. i don't know what the first one
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is. you might know. not that's a good sign, but people don't think treasury will be the place to be in the coming months or years. lenore. >> going on with the interest rates and growing up a lot now when we look at the interest rate, we cut the tax paid. let's look at where the consumer is today. you've got nonmortgage. consumer debt that isn't about your home and credit cards is now 26% of disposable income. that's the highest in history, worse than it was in the borrowing boomed before the financial crisis. while i'd love to see the tax cuts, would like to see consumer debt get a little bit better because eventually we do get it down. >> that is one thing stephanie tomboys talked about and as the
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fed is already raising interest rates, that is increase. with the most crowded trade before we move on? do you know? >> shorting treasuries is the second most. i want to turn to the past denuclearization between the president and kim jong so they could now in jeopardy after pyongyang will pull out and is only focused on unilateral nuclear abandonment or denuclearization and economic aid coming after they canceled a key meeting yesterday with south korea over joint military exercises with the u.s. the state department indicating the u.s. will not be swayed by north korean threat. >> we have not heard anything from that government or the government of south korea to indicate that we would not continue conduct in exercises for that we would not continue planning for meetings between
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president trump and kim jong un next month. >> historical statement set for june 12. you are seeing markets reaction because they're really worried about tensions being reunited with north korea think you would've seen had the treasury buying potentially. however, put this in perspective. is this just gamesmanship? >> markets in south korea seem to not be too concerned about this. i think the story is a good economy here with consumer sales numbers. as far as north korea goes, all along have not been expect too much to come of this. look at north korea's history. there's not really reason for op msn at this time they mean it. we've been through this many times before. having been the president seeming to want to give a pass to this chinese telecom company,
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zte, i don't think this makes any sense unless there's a big gift for china related to north korea. we are not seeing any big chinese confessions in the trade negotiations as far as we can tell. but it seems to me you've got to have some huge, huge concession on north korea. doesn't make any sense. dagen: the zte pass be the third chance of sanctions which they didn't pay the fine. this is after they sold equipment containing u.s. technology to five embargoed nations including iran and north korea. you talk to people privately. what are we giving away to china to do these trade negotiations of sanctions relief on farmer scribbler takes us back to status quo. they were put in place after this deal in aluminum tariffs.
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last time you were on come of the cia division chief for korea said that based on what we know so far, south korean delegation say they seem to indicate they were not putting news on the table unconditionally and they very much been saying that for years. this is half a century. >> whatever jim wants to do, seems to me this big zte gift to china ought to be packaged with no economic concessions. it had to say that china currently need to make this north korea problem go away and the gift is so big that not to be the deliverable on the other end. >> what about risks to our national security for literally years and years to come if we make this confession because china owns it through several different companies. they owned companies and some of
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them are defense-related. phones are not allowed for use on military bases. >> yeah, it is huge. you almost wonder, even if there is a session come is this more dangerous in terms of a rogue company caught cheating on sanctions to north korea, iran, is better. this is a company. you think about the world's biggest surveillance state in china do you really want to telecom infrastructure to be the world's infrastructure and equipment. so it has huge security risk in the united states. right now it is baffling why we are helping them out and not getting anything in return. >> i can't believe that mike pompeo come even john bolton would be on board with this. again, coming up, fresh state of concerns from facebook data
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train to a deadly storm pounded the northeast. cheryl casone has the details on the pictures. >> this is something else out here. at least three people died after
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powerful storms tore through this region. a little girl died when a tree fell on a car in upstate new york. two other people killed by falling trees and connecticut. storms knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. watch this. that was brooklyn, strong winds causing trouble right here in new york city. that kind of mental beams flying off of the rooftop and onto the ground. just incredible. and there's more. look at the spirit nightmare commuter rush hour thousands of people stranded in the grand central terminal after they temporarily suspended service. thousands are still without power throughout the new york region. let's go to hawaii now. residents on red alert. the big island's kilauea volcano is growing more exclusive as it
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was up in the sky. there it is. the u.s. geological survey has updated volcano warning signifying that an, major want to be eminem. 2000 people have fled the area and two dozen homes have been destroyed. another major data breach at facebook. a report from scientists said 3 million facebook users to use a popular personality app has a personal information exposed for anybody to see. they were sent to researchers on a website. facebook has suspended up from the site pictures at facebook facebook are lower in the premarket. meanwhile, data privacy on the agenda in washington today from the feds are targeting cambridge analytic eye. the judiciary committee holding a hearing on the company and the future of data privacy. "the new york times" reporting the fbi have launched an
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investigation into cambridge analytic. more explosive hearings on capital here. we will be following all of this right here. >> how about maybe some illustrations on poster board. we miss that. we are fond of what happened in third grade. later this morning at 8:00 a.m. eastern. i'll speak with senate judiciary committee member louisiana senator john kennedy. the most played quote from the mark zuckerberg caring. from seattle to china, starbucks ramping up the world's second-largest economy to tell you how many new stores are coming to china. a whole lot of perks. the new discount amazon is rolling out for prime numbers and whole food snacks. -- next.
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dagen: amazon wants to get its 100 million prime numbers to buy their groceries at whole foods promising discounts that the target cut delivery fees by more than half. gerri willis has more on this. >> the competition enough. prime numbers will get 10% off some sale prices at whole foods along with discounts and other select select the items. this will start today and extend nationwide this summer. to get the dealer wanted to download the whole foods have been created code to scan at checkout or your phone number to your prime account and enter it at checkout. target will cut its delivery fee in half starting this week good
6:24 am
customers purchasing because their targets restocked services will pay $2.99 delivery fee instead of $4.99. the change comes at a time when shoppers have grown used to the speed and let's take a look. drill down on those. target free two day shipping for $35 or more. groceries delivered using the shared service forward 99 annual membership fee. free on purchases of 35 bucks. nearly 60 sewers and chicago, new york and washington for a flat fee of seven bucks. for amazon, same day delivery free for prime numbers if you're a member of the program. $5.99 for those who are not in crime. two day delivery is free for prime numbers and free for those
6:25 am
not on orders of $25 on all digital products. but targets restocked program, customers can buy paper towels to coffee or his 3000 items online by 7:00 p.m. any weekday. the purchases are then dropped at your front door the next day. did you get all that? the big thing is target is cutting prices and making themselves competitive. of course amazon listed there've private membership fees. dagen: how much will these discounts the? >> it's only some items in its items already on sale. i know you are no big fan of whole foods and recall at whole paycheck to such a disaster. i didn't say disaster. they had their issues. >> one whole foods in new york. >> chester county two, my friend. dagen: i don't know if they've improved it because i stopped going in there.
6:26 am
that is important. >> it again, it's really going to be that much of a windfall? >> to get their amazon prime customers in. trying to get people who like to buy online to go to a brick-and-mortar store. they can translate their online customers into a retail store customer. don't know if that's going to happen or not. the value proposition has been hurt because so many other retail outlets offer the same deal as they do on organic goods. it's tough for them. an uphill battle. >> that you have a track record of being able to push prices down. i call them the deflationary death star. they are killing retail because they have the ability to push it down. they are not only trying to bring shoppers into the store, but they are becoming the west
6:27 am
end where instead of having essentially located, they are leveraging a whole foods stores to deliver to the home then i can get better and better. dagen: just a reminder that death star cop for not in the very first "star wars" film. >> while they aren't even that great to start with. >> what they're going to increase volume, and they are coming at the cost of the margins. >> it's a huge win for the consumer. they make whole foods affordable. for me to shop there would have to be not just lower prices, that maybe they could have been -- take a more broad view. >> either way, dakin has got
6:28 am
full preservatives. but again, you've been completely conned into thinking it is all organic and all-natural. you can find plenty of junk food and a whole foods. >> good. it should be pointed out that organic is not healthier by definition. i know people have come to believe that, but the public health academic industry if you will haven't been able to use. >> in the back of my head when i hear you say that. i love how it segued. by the way, i want to answer one question. most overcrowded trade does involve amazon. the most overcrowded trade. >> it should be noted this is bank of america survey incredibly accurate pointing
6:29 am
this out. they called the short volatility trade. that blew off entirely now. >> i just sit here and listen to everybody and try to digest it. >> no digesting the bacon for you. dagen: i don't eat meat at all. i don't like cheese. thank you of a gerri willis the senate panel to advance jinnah haspel's domination of the first of all directors setting up a close confirmation vote in the full senate. we will tell you about the democrats who've gotten on board with the nomination. no more cornflakes in caracas. kellogg ceasing operations in venezuela. we will tell you what the cereal maker had to say about that move next.
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6:33 am
points. now negative for the year. it was searching bond yields against selling in treasuries that also drove stocks down. the yield on the 10-year hitting highest level in nearly 9 years, you do see the yield ticking down just a little bit. it closed yesterday at 3.08%. that's kind of the number that you want to watch today. checking global market action in europe. we have trading going on, we have about one fifth of percentage point right now. many asia, mixed moves. kospi in south korea gaining a little bit despite warnings we got out of north korea that they are threatening to pull out of summit schedule for next month with the united states. then the path to confirmation. the senate intelligence committee set to move forward on gina haspel's nomination to be director of cia. some democrats finally say, yea.
6:34 am
>> she is quite likely the most accomplished person ever to be nominated as cia director. i think the democrats are running out of excuses to block this highly-qualified nominee and i hope more of our senate democratic colleague wills come across the aisle and support her as they should. dagen: latest democrat who stepped up yesterday was senator mark warner and we also are joe manchin. kellogg says adios to venezuela amid economic crisis. starbucks looking to give china a caffeine boost, plans to add thousands of stores in the country. ikea gets in the credit card business, find out what the perks are ahead. buried treasure found in a new york backyard but it is not a case of finder's keepers.
6:35 am
look. confirming our nation's next cia director, this morning the senate intelligence committee is said to vote on gina has pel's nomination in a closed-door session paving the way for her likely confirmation in the senate, according to wall street journal reporting by fox news. yesterday mark warner, hedi nelson voted. yesterday maria bartiromo said with leon peneda and got their work on haspel's work during the agency. >> she was a a distinguished career. she's tone difficult jobs and done them very well. >> she worked for me when i was director of cia, i found her to be extremely competent,
6:36 am
committed, i support her nomination to be ahead of the cia. dagen: joining us is former new york congresswoman, board of directors nan hayworth, great to see you as always. i will point out, though, rand paul is still a no and senator john mccain encouraged his colleagues to reject haspel, they are not doing it and we do have democrats getting on board. >> which is a great thing. dagen, the democrats from red states and those from states that they can afford politically to swing a bit toward the republican nominee, that's why you see them turning that way. i think they all recognize that there's been a big outcry about the hypocrisy of democrats who voted previously for cia director, i think it was brennan who was number four in the agency when they were doing waterboarding, gina haspel was
6:37 am
far inferior in the ranks, to oppose her on the basis of policy seems hypocritical at best. i'm glad to see her coming around because she's a worthy nominee. >> doctor, i think the confirmation vote was when mohamed came out against her. [laughter] >> i think it would have been better. she's definitely, especially when we talk about women, here is a worthy wonl -- woman who happens to be a republican. dagen: i feel like you have to look at it from opposite perspective. this woman was sitting there and nominated by a democrat and she was treated the way she has been treated, the things said about herby democrats, then there would be, by republicans, then it would be massive outrage and leading
6:38 am
every mainstream media news cat and would be in front page of newspapers about the persecution of this woman. >> this was kamala harris' standing purely political. this that's is truly offensive and thinking people, we need thinking electorate, kamala harris assailing gina haspel about a policy she had nothing to do with is disturbing. dagen: we want women to get the job. in this case gina haspel will likely be -- almost certainly be the next cia director based on the vote count from fox news yesterday if mccain doesn't vote, paul remains no and even jeff flake f he turns out to be a nay, haspel should support at least 52 yeas.
6:39 am
>> the key in flake, votes are tainted by real opposition of gina haspel. dagen: u.s. ambassador to the united nations nicky nikki haley slamming call for investigation no dealing with the violent protest blaming hamas terrorist for the recent attacks. >> those who suggest that the gaza violence has anything to do with the location of the american embassy are sourly mistaken. rather the violence comes from those who reject the existence of the state of israel in any location. dagen: following her statement, she walked out of chamber before the pa-ian gave remarks, congresswoman hayworth your take on this and hailey's strength, somebody on the capable on outnumbered said that nikki
6:40 am
haley is an eloquent way. >> another woman put in the position by president trump. she's persuasive and she is always -- she is consistent in her message and the message is not that we don't have sympathy for the palestinian people but they have to have government representing them who will deal realistically and honestly with the state of israel. dagen: somebody said on twitter, liberals call people who believe the second amendment terrorists in the country, but they call terrorists, hamas who are throwing cocktails putting women and children at risk, protestors, how ironic.
6:41 am
>> appears that president trump more faithfully follows the agenda he campaigned on. >> he does. >> any politician i can remember, really, you see what appears chaos around this white house, you know how hard it is to stay focus on the issues you campaigned on, this is another one of those promises kept, how does he do this? >> honestly the biggest source of friction for the president, aside we can talk about how he speaks mind on twitter, we all know, that may create turbulence as well. honestly, we don't have majority government in the senate and does not continue to relinkish filibuster and that has meant impasses, they can't get 50 votes, they only have 50 republican votes, 52 at best. legislative agenda has been
6:42 am
grinding. dagen: let's turn to primaries, president trump's favorite candidates won their respective senate primary elections last night. female candidates scored victories in pennsylvania primary races with at least three democratic women favored to win house races in november, your response? >> i think it's marvelous to see as a woman who managed to get elect today congress, it's marvelous to see women not being held back by gender. i think we need to move post gender, we need to look at policies because those mean the most. you can elect somebody whom you want to be your best friend but if the policies are going to be wrong, then you have to vote regardless of gender, regardless of ethnicity, vote for the person who is going to promote a policies that will help all of us to rise and those are the republicans. >> what are your thoughts on the women are making great headway in this election season but it's mostly been on the democratic
6:43 am
side as dagen mentioned, how do we get more women on the republican side and get excitement around that in. >> sure. and having been republican woman in elected politics, republicans welcome, they are eager to see women involved in this process, so i know there's no institutional bias against women. i do think that there has been just less entry by relatively conservative women into politics. and i think there are a loft factors that go into that. one of them is that, you know, if you're looking broad strokes, women on the republican side tend to be focused on home perhaps for a few more years. >> tough skin. >> yes, we do. >> not exactly welcoming. dagen: we all have tough skin. we all have tough skin, i will say that. >> you do have to. but that aside, we have wonderful republican women running and hillary supported
6:44 am
the man against me, so. dagen: there you go. doctor and friend, ikea, new credit card, more ahead.
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dagen: kellogg shutting down operations in venezuela. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: kellogg is moving on from venezuela saying the country is in social and economic deterioration. the facility 400 workers arrived to find the doors closed. clorox and general mills have ceased to operate in venezuela. the country's economy has collapsed shrinking in the last years. the stock down 9% so far this year. starbucks plan to go open 3,000 new stores in china, the company is going to add 600 new stories annually in the country over the next 5 years, double the store count to 6,000 by 2022.
6:48 am
starbucks also planning to more than triple its revenue in china by tend of 2022. shares of starbucks down about 6% from a year ago. there's your one-year chart. ikea is giving shoppers another way to pay for all their stuff at ikea, they are launching a new visa rewards card, 5% back on in-store purchases and 3% back on spending it restaurants, grocery stores, utility bills, those can only be redeemed in ikea stores, be aware, the card has interest rate of 22%, yeah. okay, then there's this, a couple in new york city has unearthed a buried treasure right in their own backyard, matthew and maria emmanuel found a rusty metal box while planting trees, inside they found $52,000 worth of 100-dollar bills, gold and jewelry, but it gets more interesting, also inside was a piece of paper and it had their
6:49 am
neighbor's address on it. turns out their neighbors had been robbed nearly 7 years ago and for some reason the really smart thief decide today bury the safe in the emmanuel's backyard. the couple has returned lock box to neighbors, it reminds me of the tv show, what would you do, what would you do, keep it, give back to your neighbors. dagen: i'm sure james knows all -- cheryl: really? dagen: currency paper currency actually can break down and then it becomes unusable, so you have to be careful how it's buried. i don't think the thief spent time thinking about that. >> we are plumbing the depths of my ignorance. [laughter] >> i'm not -- i haven't done a whole lot of coverage of currency burial, but -- [laughter] >> kudos for doing the right thing and returning it to their neighbors. >> i want to know on the ikea
6:50 am
credit card why is furniture assembly not included, that should be one of the benefits especially if you're paying 22% interest. dagen: thank you, exactly. haven't covered currency burial. [laughter] dagen: and coming up, bringing gi in into 21st century, growing popularity of super premium gin next.
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6:54 am
neil, brock is experiencing major growth in the past year taking over from beer and wine, if you will. how long has this gin been around and most people associate gin with gim martini or gin and tonic. >> what we found out that in 2008 people didn't like forward style of available gins. >> that's the one thing that sticks with people, heavy gin pine fall. >> we worked to wind down, it's smoother. dagen: how do you promote gin cocktails, how do you not only get the brockman's name out there but you have to get in front of bartenders and get them
6:55 am
to create cocktails that complement the gin. there's been a renaissance that started with bourbon, people going back to drinking. also tequila. how are you promoting through bar as cross the country. >> people are looking for more today new experiences. the brands that parents drank are no longer appealing. the bars are so important because that's where the product comes into contact with the consumer. we spend a lot of time explaining about brockman's, traditional ones and kids are so flexible, they really like it because they can create their own new cocktails based on the gin. dagen: i was telling you about a bar called the broken shaker in miami and opened one here in new york city, they have intensely delicious gin punch and you
6:56 am
would never think that you have to work on somebody's perception about gin to get them to overcome the idea o, it prevents heavy with the pine flavor? >> i think some time ago it was the one style. whiskey is bourbon, scottish. dagen: how do you expand the brand at this point? do you focus on this one gin or working to launch other products? >> this is the best gin. dagen: took how many decades to come out with it? >> some of what we are doing mirrors what they did. slow-built, a lot of education. dagen: let me ask you about brexit, are all your operations
6:57 am
based in britain? >> distillery will be in 40 markets around the world many are eu. preparing for brexit is a difficult question because we don't know what brexit means. i'm not a politician. it would be good to have an understanding of what the framework will be so we can then plan accordingly. dagen: pure nerves afraid, gin. >> i will drink to that. dagen: ceo, please come back. terrific, still ahead, production pause at tesla, more ahead. pah! that will never work. no, no, no, nah. a bulb of light?!? aha ha ha!
6:58 am
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>> dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's wednesday, may 16th. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. markets on edge. futures hovering near the flat line this morning. we have a little bit of a gain, 10 point gain on the dow futures after the dow snapped the eight day winning streak yesterday, negative for the year now, losing 193 points because people were selling bonds. treasury yields jumping big-time yesterday. the yield on the 10 year hitting the highest level in nearly seven years. it's holding steady this morning. the yelled is down just a little bit -- the yield is down just a little bit, still above the 3% mark. we have muted trading going on in europe. we have gains across the board at the moment. in asia overnight it was mostly lower.
7:01 am
the only market there gaining ever so slightly was south korea. those gains despite a new threat from north korea. pyongyang warning they will pull out of the meeting with president trump if the u.s. only focuses on denuclearization. lawmakers are taking a cautious tone ahead of the june summit. >> i don't think we should trust them. on the other hand, i think it's good we're having a direct dialogue. >> you talk about trust but verify, it's distrust and deeply verify. we have a diplomatic opening that's historic, we haven't seen in 65 years, thanks to the trump administration. the hard work is in front of us. >> dagen: the latest on the uncertainty ahead. targeting trait, round two of china negotiations getting under way. the president's goal of rewriting nay o nafta this year. we'll have details. production of the model 3 tesla halted again.
7:02 am
and an nfl legend deposed. johjohn elway facing questions n colin kaepernick's collusion case against the nfl. we have details. the cast of hamilton not giving up its shot for a presidential performance. they performed in houston for president george h.w. bush. this will make you cry, i can promise you that. all of that and so much more coming up this morning. lindsey bell, james freeman an e nofreeman andlenor hawkins, wel. have you the cast of hamilton performing in front of president bush, 41. >> i'm hoping to learn more about cocktail investing. >> following some gin, i think its topical.
7:03 am
>> dagen: i did not drink any of the gin. if i stumble on my words it's because i get up at 2:00 in the morning. nat our stage manager gin on his hands. he's going around saying i didn't drink, i didn't drink, i know i smell like gin, but i'm not drinking. north korea fighting words, the her mitt kingdom threatening to abandon plans to meet with president trump saying it has no interest in one sided talks to denew cludenuclearize. we have a live report from the white house. >> reporter: a lot of people talking about the north's decision to possibly pull out of the talks because of the planned exercises that took place between the u.s. and south korea. let me honest here. anyone who didn't think the u.s. and south korea's previously planned exercises wouldn't possibly peril the thoughts, they're either dishonest or they're not very bright. they went ahead with the
7:04 am
exercises because it's a responsible thing to do. the north reacted, calling them a provocative military rubbin m. yesterday they canceled a meeting at the peace house. given the north's recent decision to release three american captives, the u.s. remains hopeful the talks will happen. >> we have not heard anything from that government or the government of south korea to indicate that we would not continue conducting these exercises or that we would not continue planning for our meeting between president trump and kim jong un next month. >> reporter: former colleague at the state department. we have the president of use uzebekistan coming today and there will be a discussion about
7:05 am
the sanctuary state situation. >> dagen: kevin, thank you. here with us now, former policy director for mitt romney, senior advisor to marco rubio and refellow at the hoover institution, lonnie shen. do you think the summit is in jeopardy or is this gamesmanship we could expect? >> i think this is something we should have expected. one thing has become clear. the north koreans are an unstable partner to be having these discussions with. i'm not saying we shouldn't have the discussion was them. but anybody who thought that kim jong un would be he predictable or thrust worthy, they need to take a second look. this is a guy who over the years has made promises and not kept them. so i think we have to be totally aware. we have to be eyes wide open. but i do think that the discussions are ongoing and i think june 12th in singapore is still likely to happen but he's trying to regain the upper hand here many this is a
7:06 am
negotiation tactic, dagen. >> james fre freeman here. i wanted to get your take on trade. i don't see a lot of reason for optimism. you look at the chinese negotiations, i'm not seeing us get any improvement in the way they treat our technology companies. i'm looking at nafta and it's a lot of talk about the government telling companies where they can build stuff and how much they can pay. is there any hope here that these various negotiations actually lead to more open markets? >> well, james, that's the question, right. we cannot have this negotiation with china for the goal of a short-term resolution of trade deficit issues. this has got to be a longer term discussion about what the chinese have to do to open up their economy and fundamentally to have a different model. look, if we don't address the piracy of u.s. intellectual property as part of the deal, this is a big problem. this negotiation cannot be about the short-term. we've got in washington this week leo hu who is one of the
7:07 am
top chinese economic officials. he's here to continue negotiation was the trump administration. i hope they continue to press for systemic reform as opposed to a short-term sugar high when it comes to our trade situation with china. >> it's lindsey bell here. i have a question on the zte transaction. do you think that that's really a fair trade? we're letting them get back into business here, bringing their business back into the u.s. but in exchange for agricultural relief. is that fair? >> well, the big issue with zte, this is something marco rubio has spoken about a lot, look, zte is a company that does business in china. the problem really is that they have technology that could potentially be very problematic for the u.s. if they are allowed to get their technology here into the united states, they're going to be able to potentially infiltrate infrastructure here in the u.s., infiltrate national security
7:08 am
concerns. so zte is more than about just dealing with a company as part of this trade negotiation. it's bigger than that. they really do pose a national security risk. i think we have to be careful when we talk about zte and talk about concessions juch just to p the chinese out. that you i find very worrisome. >> dagen: it's look like such a national security risk, this handout to zte. it's owned by the chinese government. it's owned by a group of companies, some are defense companies, that it opens up the door. there are words used by he' espionage related to zte. the phones aren't even sold on military bases. general jack keane said he was stunned to hear this. it just seems like such a bad idea. what do we get in return for it? we literally go back to where we
7:09 am
were, the status quo on agricultural tariffs by china from where we were even in february. so who's idea is this? >> this is the thing. the suggestion that we would benefit from this i do think is highly problematic. the issue with zte, there was a hearing recently on capitol hill where all of the intelligence chiefs were there and senator tom cotton, my old friend, asked this question. he said would any of you ever purchase or own a zte product? and nobody raised their hand. zte is in the business fundamentally of espionage. i think we have to be careful here. the concessions we get on agriculture aren't even that great potentially. we have to take a good look in the mirror here and say what is our goal coming out of the negotiations with the chinese. the goal is let's get them to behave in a different way.
7:10 am
if they want to be open markets folks, if they want to have this discussion, great. but they need to be committed to protecting u.s. intellectual property. >> dagen: you mentioned that president trump like no other president in recent history has really stepped up and honored his campaign promises, most recently, it was announced last year but moving the embassy to jerusalem. >> that's what makes me so nervous on trade and immigration. i don't see the upside here. i thought the administration was moving toward focusing on chinese intellectual property theft, opening their market to our companies, not making our companies share our technology or trade secrets, do joint ventures. but lonnie, i'm not seeing that anywhere in these negotiations. maybe i guess these meetings with lou this week will change things. so far, that seems to be completely unaddressed from what
7:11 am
i can tell. >> right. until this is one of those things where there are discussions going on, we don't know about them, i do think, james, at this stage it is a little bit early for us to judge where these things are headed in the final analysis. i'm hopeful that there are people in this administration who understand the need for us to have real reform if we're going to have this discussion with china. i do think there are people in this administration who are committed to that point of view. what we cannot have is we cannot have short-term-ism in this discussion just for the purpose of improving the trade deficit potentially with china in the short run. >> dagen: fair enough. this is part of the negotiation. i lost my mind over some of the stupid ideas that were floated about the tax reform. i would come on this program and just rant and rave about it and most of them didn't wind up in the final tax law. so i will concede that. do you have a question? >> thi i'm looking at dealing wh china, i'm very concerned that we don't end up just costing
7:12 am
consumers more, that we don't end up opening these markets and that all we end up doing is putting more and more upward price pressure on the things that we import, which makes consumers have to pay more out of their pocket. how do we avoid doing that? i know that trump is very good at throwing these threats out there but how do we end up not harming ourselves? >> well, i think that's a great question. this has always been the reason why i've been a free trader, why i think open markets are the right answer for a growing and prosperous economy here in america. because fundamentally, the reason why we engage in free trade is because it helps us to acquire the goods we need and want at a price point consumers can afford. there is an argument to be made that domestic markets should be protected to a certain degree. but we've got to be careful about that. if you take it too far, are you going to see upward price pressure. i think consumers are going to demand change in that situation. the question is how much more are we willing to pay, that's the question.
7:13 am
>> dagen: lonnie, free trade, vote for trump was not his slogan. >> i know, i know. >> dagen: i'm just saying. that's not why he won. chuck schumer is drawing a line in the sand. he is taking aim at gop health care plans to roll back the individual mandate, writing like other states oregon's rates do not need to be this high but republicans choose to dismantle the american health care system instead of working with democrats to improve it. middle class families are feeling the pinch. chuck schumer and his ilk are setting the republicans up. again we find out about premium increases in october, right before the midterms. >> yeah, well, i hope the democrats decide to run on obamacare. it's not an issue i think they have the upper hand on. look, the reason why premiums are going up has a lot less to do with republicans and a lot more to do with the fact that this law as crafted was headed for this destination whether democrats were willing to admit it or not. they designed a law fundamentally where premiums
7:14 am
would go up because what's happening is the healthier subsidizing costs for the sick. that's where we're headed. >> dagen: good to see you. trump care doesn't have the same ring to it. >> i know. >> dagen: thank you. great to see you. coming up, tesla pressing pause, said to be planning to suspend model 3 production for six days at the end of the month. the latest struggles of the electric automaker. plus, a presidential performance, president george h.w. bush welcomes the cast of hamilton for a private concert in houston. the details ahead. ♪ you make me feel like i've been locked out of heaven for too long. ♪ so no matter what you trade, or where you trade, you'll only pay $4.95. fidelity. open an account today. you'll only pay $4.95. running a small business is demanding. and that's why small business owners need more.
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well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. >> dagen: disney may allow pixar co-founder john lassiter to return to the company. cheryl casone has more. >> cheryl: the wall street journal is reporting this morning that disney executives are looking at allowing the animation guru to come back to the company. he would have a new position that would reduce his role as a manager but still give him creative control. he's been on a six month leave following claims of inappropriate hugging and toughing. he's apologized for any unwanted hugs or other gestures. taking a look at shares of walt disney, the stock is higher by more than a quarter percent in the premarket. well, secretary of state mike pompeo lifting the department's hiring freeze. he says, quote, this will give
7:18 am
our domestic bureaus permission to receive the flexibility to fill positions that are essential to promoting the department. rex tiller son introduced the hiring freeze to cut the department's budget and staffing. secretary pompeo holding a town hall meeting for the department's employees later this morning. well, more trouble at tesla. reuters is reporting the company is shutting down model 3 production for six days at the end of the month to fix problems on the assembly line. this is the third time this year that production has been suspended. decembetesla's been workingto ee line as they're trying to increase output. george zoros' investment firm bought $35 million in tesla bonds in the first quarter of this year.
7:19 am
shares of tesla are up more than a quarter iners the premarket. -- quarter percent in the premarket. former president george h.w. bush treated to a private performance by the cast of the musical, hamilton. the 93-year-old shared these photos of himself with the cast and crew when they paid him a visit in texas yesterday. the former president tweeted his appreciation, saying, quote, a complete joy to welcome the ham fam to the houston office for a special performance i will never forget. history never sounded so powerful. he had hoped to see hamilton with his wife, barbara. he never got the chance. she passed away a few weeks ago. he was released from the hospital earlier this month. after her death he was treated for a blood infection. it looks like he's feeling better and he's on twitter, so we like that. wish him well. >> dagen: i like that. don't you love that, james?
7:20 am
>> it's a lovely gesture. maybe they'll continue the nonpartisan ship and give vice president pence a show at the white house. >> dagen: it was a lovely nonpartisan gesture. coming up, getting answers from the justice department. how the doj is responding to lawmakers' request on information for the person who leaked details of james comey's memos to media. living luxuriously. we have a report on the state of the luxury home market, that's next. man: i got scar tissue there.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> dagen: your dream home will cost you just as much as you think it will. new findings from kristie's international real estate found robust growth in the luxury home market, 36 $100 million and higher trophy homes are now offered for sale. joining me from an exclusive is ceo dan con. what can you tell us about the strength of the luxury market based on this report you guys did? >> well, i can say that there's been massive acceleration this year in the luxury end of the market, which is a function of a couple of things. one, 2016 into 2017 was a big pause year as a lot of uncertainty, brexit, elections, basically all over the free world and so really the people hit the pause button. now you come through that and
7:25 am
what has evolved is you've got a match maker's paradise. you have sellers that started to embrace the new reality and dropped their prices. at the same time, the buyers were bouyed by high asset values so they're ready to buy. sellers are ready to transact in pretty much every market. have you a recipe for strong growth. >> dagen: what are the most sought after citi cities for luxury housing. >> if you think about velocity, the hossest markets are not the ones you think as most luxurious. victoria, b.c., areas south of l.a., cant yea san diego, orang. hong kong, prices consistently, new yorki eclipsed london, we're the number two market. london is still strong.
7:26 am
it's a great market for luxury. >> we're seeing this vibrant market at the top end. home builders seem very optimistic. but they're still not building that many homes. is this just kind of a hangover from the crisis, people are more careful? what's going on there? >> i think it depends a little on the market. when you're in the city you feel like there are a lot of homes being built because we do a lot of super-tall here, right. and markets where the super-tall isn't a phenomenon, it's difficult to actually create the inventory. i do think -- this is an issue that you see. inventory is low in just about every market with the exception of a couple of notables, miami, new york. and you would say, yeah, the builders are probably a bit cautious going in there, but i think truthfully when you look at the way that we're approaching it kind of as a country and worldwide, there is not enough focus on driving supply. the big conversation is how do you get supply to people who are just trying to get on the
7:27 am
property ladder. i don't think enough is being done there. >> dagen: is that impossible here in new york city? again, you talk about -- what about the inventory here in new york city? last time you were on, i think the last time we spoke we were talking about 432 park, that giant hideous tower. i think a-rod and j.lo have bought a -- it's taller than the empire state building. people who come to new york will be able to see it whavment about the inventory -- see it. what about the invein you tri is coming online, particularly the billionaire market. >> there's a decent supply. if you look at new york and miami, i would describe it as a bit of a glut. 432 park did well. it did well because when you're on the inside of that and you're looking out you understand why it's an iconic tower. it has the best views was bring iarguablyin the world. there is a lot of supply in the high end. sellers are having -- whether they're the developer or
7:28 am
somebody who bought into the unit, they're having to be more realistic. 157, a fabulous building, you're seeing slight declines in pricing in the secondary market. >> dagen: that's 157 park. these are apartments that are $10 million and higher, correct? >> yes, yes. >> what do you see for demand for the luxury market going into next year as interest rates are going to continue to rise? do you think 2018 will be a great year and 2019 it will soften up? >> we're seeing it already in 2018. the challenge is inventory. it just doesn't exist in every market. there is significant demand. you would expect it, right, equity values are not at their all-time highs but they're pretty close. consumer confidence is there. the economy is stable. it's growing at a reasonable clip. people feel like they can buy. the challenge in a market like new york is you have a lot of inventory. seller versus to be realistic about pricing to trans ac. i think that will be a theme in 2018. buyers will still be buying. yoit's a match-making.
7:29 am
you have to come together on pricing. 2019, there's no evidence at this point that 201 # is going to be -- 2019 is going to be softer. i don't have a crystal ball. i don't see the dynamics changing. >> dagen: good to see you. thank you so much. dan con of kristie's international. guatemala opening its embassy to jerusalem following in the foot steps of the trump administration. details on the move ahead. plus, colin kaepernick takes on the nfl. why denver broncos general manager john elway is reportedly being grilled by lawyers in the football player's case against the league, that's next. ♪ whether you're high or low. ♪ whether you're high or low. ♪ whoooo.
7:30 am
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>> dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's wednesday, may 16th. your top stories. searching for direction, futures were hovering near the flatline this morning, 7 point gain on the dow futures, this after the dow snapped and 8-day winning streak yesterday with a triple digit loss. it's now negative for the year. surging bond yields have been selling up treasuries, driving down equity as well. the yield on the 10 year treasury hitting the highest level in nearly seven years. right now it is unchanged. take a look at 3.08%, that's
7:33 am
roughly where it closed yesterday. you're going to be watching that as we move into the trading day. checking global market action in europe, we have some muted buying but green nonetheless in england, france and germany. in asia overnight it was selling across the board except for south korea. the justice department responding, it will turn over information tied to jim comey's lawyer friend who leaked the memos. >> did you leak other things to mr. richmond? >> i don't consider what i did with mr. richmond a leak. i told him about an unclassified conversation with the president. >> dagen: the latest development straight ahead. the united states setting the tone, guatemala following in the foot steps of the united states and opening its embassy in jerusalem. an n ofl legend deposed, john elway facing questions in collin cappecolinkaepernick's suit agae
7:34 am
nfl. the judge is coming up. air fare fire sale, southwest launching broad discounts ahead of the busy summer travel season. some tickets are less than $50. and microsoft modernizing the workplace, the tech giant unveiling its version of a white board. that story is also coming up. to our top story this half hour, a response from the justice department. the doj says it is responding to lawmakers' request for information on dan richmond, the friend of former fbi director james comey, who leaked details of comey's memos to the media. comey gave that information to richmond but denied it was a leak to brett bayer last month. >> you call him a good friend and professor. you didn't reveal you hired him at a special government employee for the fbi to work on special projects. why? >> because it wasn't relevant. he was fbi special government employee until february of 2017.
7:35 am
>> did you leak other things to mr. richmond? >> i don't consider what i did with mr. richmond a leak. i told him about an unclassified conversation with the president. >> dagen: fox news is reporting that the house oversight committee hasn't received anything yet but does expect to get documents by tomorrow. joining me now is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. how does this fit into the broad picture of what the justice department has been sitting on and withholding from congress? >> well, we'll know that when we see the documents because sometimes the justice department holds things back because they're embarrassing to the justice department, not because they contain classified material. but i will tell you, it is highly unusual for the doj or for a local federal prosecutor to release anything to either of the other branches of government, the courts or the congress, during a criminal investigation. and the mueller investigation is still going on, so this obviously goes to comey's
7:36 am
credibility and to the credibility of the professor, former assistant u.s. attorney richmond. we don't know what's there. we don't know the circumstance under which he was hired. we don't know exactly what jim comey gave him. we don't know exactly what he did with it. comey's version is there was nothing classified and what he read out loud to reporters without sharing the documents from which he was reading was not classified. it was comey's memorialization of what he and the president discussed. it remains to be seen if there is more there. >> dagen: judge, i think that the growing sense among some americans is we need to prosecute the leakers and the liars. >> that is a growing sense. >> dagen: you hear about one lie after another, one leak after another, across the whole spectrum of issues. >> remember, not all lies are criminal and not all leaks are criminal and the do injury --j t
7:37 am
going to prosecute somebody who is also a witness. they may want to prosecute jim comey if it appears he lied under oath. they're not going to do it now. that would diminish his effectiveness as a witness. >> dagen: why is it important that the house committees get the information. congress doesn't have the power to prosecute. they have the power to expose. >> correct. they do not have the power to prosecute. they do not have a power to exonerate. there's a bill which he prevents congress from declaring somebody as a matter of law guilty. parliament used to do that. parliament declared thomas jefferson guilty of treason. when they wrote the constitution, they put that in there. there's a little bit of tension here. it prevents one side from getting too strong. the tension is this, that congress controls the budget and the doj answers to these various
7:38 am
committees. so congress has got its thumb on the doj. on the other hand, the doj can't expose too much mid-stream because that will cause some witnesses to flee or some defendants to flee. which is why you rarely see documents come out in the midst of an ongoing criminal investigation. and there's a federal rule of criminal procedure that would permit prosecutors to withhold from anybody, even judges, documents that are in the midst of an ongoing criminal investigation if the revelation of those documents would harm the investigation. >> dagen: in terms of jim comey, what you are starting to see is this book promotion that he's been doing, where he gave an interview to everybody, it could get him into trouble because chuck grassley revealed new evidence just recently on may 12th, i think, that comey told congress a different story last year about the truthfulness of former white house national security advisor michael flynn
7:39 am
than he was telling the public. >> you and maria and the panel and i have discussed this before and i'll repeat what i said. i am stunned that bob mueller permitted jim comey to go on the two week book tour, as smart as comey is, he shot himself in the foot or as we say in this business, stepped on his own tongue by contradicting himself a couple of times. what he says on television can be a lie. if he says something on television to sell a book, that's different than what he told a committee in secret or a committee under oath in public. there's going to be an issue there. senator grassley is quite right, quite correct to want to examine this. >> dagen: i want to turn to colin kaepernick. his collusion case against the nfl, john elway reportedly the latest to be deposed. kaepernick alleges the league worked on a plan to keep him off of a team roster over his anthem protest. the broncos were one of the few teams that expressed interest in
7:40 am
signing him but a deal never came through. judge, your reaction? >> i don't know what the facts will show. but i do know that the collective bargaining agreement between the nfl and its players prohibits discrimination on the basis of political viewpoint and i do know that many of the states in which the nfl plays, new jersey is an example, texas is not an example, protect the expression of view point in the workplace. you may not consider the football field a workplace but it is for these guys. if kaepernick can show an agreement among owners to keep him off the field because of his controversial politics, he scores big. >> dagen: very tough to show. >> why is he interrogating elway? elway offered him a job. he turned it down. elway, the former superstar quarterback, now the general manager of the broncos, offered kaepernick a job before he started to take the knee. kaepernick turned him down. after that, nobody offers him a
7:41 am
>> any employer is allowed to renege and offer if he finds reason, correct? >> yes, generally. it would violate the collective bargaining agreement if the reason is the politics of the employee. and then there's the added protection of certain states like new jersey which affirmatively protects the right to express a political viewpoint in the workplace, even a viewpoint that is defied by your employer. >> getting back to comey and the classified claim, when he walks out of a meeting the president, can he -- is he allowed to determine himself what part of their discussion was classified? >> that is a superb question. i'll tell you why. i can't give you a yes or no answer. generally, the preparer of the document decides if it's classified and if so, what level. confidential, secret, top secret. there's five different versions of top secret. comey wrote a note in the
7:42 am
margin -- the document is printed on his printer. in the margin he writes should this be classified, if so, what level, not sure. check with so and so. so and so is the person in the doj is the expert on is it classified and if so in which category. so we don't know until we see the unredacted documents and until comey's under oath and is interrogated. generally a conversation with the president would not be top secret, unless they discussed secrets. >> dagen: there you go. judge, i love when you're here. >> pleasure. >> dagen: it is a morase of information. >> tomorrow is the anniversary of the appointment of mueller. i think the president is going to blast it and rudy guliani is going to blast it. it's still with us. it will be with us for another year, waiting to see if manafort can prosecute in virginia.
7:43 am
the trial will start the week of the 4th of july. >> dagen: again, a special council can basically go anywhere, anywhere. >> justic just justice scalia wt that. the constitution says nothing about a special council independent. >> dagen: thank you so much, judge andrew napolitano. coming up, sky high deals, details on the new sale from southwest air alliance, offering flights below $50. plus, the traditional white board goes digital. the new high tech device from microsoft that looks to inspire office teamwork, ahead. ♪ hey, i just met you and this is crazy. ♪ but here's my number so call me maybe. ♪ and all the other boys try to date me. ♪ here's my number so call me t maybe. in the middle of the ni,
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>> dagen: another country opening an embassy in jerusalem. cheryl casone has the details. >> cheryl: guatemala has officially moved its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem, that's following in the foot steps of the u.s. guatemalan president and israel's prime minister marked the move in a ceremony despite consistent testimony nation from the pal -- condemnation from the palestinians. par gay sai.southwest airlines a 96 hour sale. they're dropping prices on some domestic flights to below $50. the summertime slash in prices is for flights from early june into the fall. they depend on the distance. longer flights are $79, $99 or $149. that's still a big discount. southwest acknowledged that sales have slowed since the incident in april that resulted in the death of a passenger. the airline ramped up marketing
7:48 am
efforts to try to boost bookings on their website. shares of southwest airlines are down 20% so far this year. well, microsoft taking the wraps off an updated version of the digital white board. the surface hub two can be used for presentations and remote conferences among some other things but microsoft is also hoping the white boards will help employees work together as a team. the surface two has a multi-touch display, it's more than 50 inches wide. it's exacted to launch sometime next year. microsoft shares have rallied 14% this year. they're little changed in the premarket. then there's this. two amazon customers reporting outrageous shipping charges. a georgia resident says she placed an order for three boxes of toilet paper and the shipping charge was $7,400. amazon said she was refunded. then, a tennessee resident says she was charged more than $1,000 for expedited shipping after she
7:49 am
bought paper plates. her credit card company, not amazon, said she will be refunded. amazon dismissed the seller following the incident. shares of amazon are up 37% so far this year. i can't decide what i like more, the fact they're getting overcharged and that's interesting or that people are buying paper plates and toilet paper on amazon, because god forbid you have to go to the grocery store. >> dagen: i buy paper towels and t.p. it's the pantry. again, it seems like this is the marketplace where it's a seller that's basically hitting somebody with this shipping charge. >> amazon needs to do a better job overseeing it. what has me excited it microsoft, the big white board, i have fantasies of having my house covered in white boards. it's great to see microsoft coming up with creative technologies.
7:50 am
for the longest time they were not leading, they were relying on what they had done in the past and kind of the monopoly that they had. it's nice to see them coming up with great new technologies. >> dagen: .>> i think the whitea great idea. you can use it at your home, your office. it could be the new ipad. >> dagen: sandra smith uses a white board to put up her kids' schedule every day. microsoft, people might joke about it but the stock is up 14% this year and it hasn't lost touch with no pun intended with the customers and the consumer. >> and the valuation isn't out of control either. >> you were talking about the most crowded trade. i was looking at that, most people don't realize this, since 2014 there have been just seven stocks that have accounted for about 60% of the rise in the s&p and microsoft is one of them. >> dagen: we'll talk about that next. coming up, a war of words going rail, the internet's reaction to marcus morris yelling at tristan thompson during two of the --
7:51 am
during game two of the eastern conference finals, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ bring all your apps to life on a cloud that runs on premises. ♪ ♪ the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business.
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hospital that accepts medicare patients. whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. >> dagen: lebron james taking a foul to the face but he insists it was not a concussion. here's jared max with more on king james' loss in the play offs. >> jared: king james said he was okay. the coach thought maybe not so. lebron james last night, even with 42 points, now two loses away from summer vacation. first quarter, cavs score 27 points. lebron has a straight in his hand, 42 points last night, he has games of 43, 44, 45 and 46.
7:55 am
the celtics too much. they came back to win last night by 107-94, 2-0 celtics lead. second quarter, lebron took a shot from jason tatum to the face, to the jaw. lebron had to go to the locker lockerroom he said to recalibrate. lebron said he's okay. turned out it's a strained neck. looked pretty painful. interesting notes on the internet, showing a shouting match between tristan tom monday and marcus -- tristan thompson and marcus morris. tristan thompson, the father of khloe kardashian's daughter, they're going at it. the memers were having fun. the wife of u.s. open golf champion lucas glover was arrested saturday night after lucas and his mother became victims of domestic t battery b.
7:56 am
christa is said to have verbally assaulted him in front of their two children because he played poorly and at their apartment, according to a police report, she caused lacerations to her husband's arm and her mother-in-law's arm. she tried to intervene. lucas, who said his wife was drinking all day, told deputies when he plays a bad round of golf, he starts and altercation with him and says if he doesn't improve she will leave. robinson kano was suspended 80 games without pay. carolina panthers will be sold to billionaire hedge fund manager david tepper. sale price report todd be 2.2 -- reported to be $2.2 billion, that matches the price paid for
7:57 am
the houston rockets. congratulations, david teper. >> dagen: he used to live in new jersey. now i'm sure he owns a home in charlotte. jared max, good to see you. jared's fox news headlines 24/7, sirius xm115 has reports there. we'll break down macy's report coming up next hour, "mornings with maria." ♪ in the midnight hour. we were built on it. back when the country went west for gold, we were the ones who carried it back east. by steam. by horse. by iron horse. over the years, we built on that trust. we always found the way.
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i'm relentless. and my doctor and i choose to treat my mbc with verzenio. be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. maria: good morning, everybody. i am dagen mcdowell for mma maria bartiromo. >> top story, searching for direction, futures near lat flain 14 point loss on dow futures right now snapped that 8 day winning streak tripled triple digit loss for blue chips yield on 10-year treasury highest in nearly seven years pulling back a little bit this morning, but 3.08% where it closed yesterday. . be on lookout for that. global market action in europe, we've had some new the cac quarante now dipping into negative territory, and asia overnight, it was mostly
8:01 am
negative, on across the board except for kospi, south korea, that is notable because of the new threat from north korea. pyongyang warning it will pull out of the meeting with president trump, if u.s. only forces on denuclearization or complete yun lat yal nuclear abannedment. >> -- as said before he understands appreciates importance to the united states, having a joint exercises will talk -- go ahead, and plan meeting between president trump and kim jong-un. dagen: very latest on north korea, and summit for next month, breaking news, macy's just crossing the tape, earnings in revenue beating expectations, you see the revenue number there 5.54 billion dollars for the quarter that is on top of that estimate of 5.36 billion also
8:02 am
earnings per share it is a nice beat on the earnings per share. 48 cents a share, versus the estimate of 37 cents. we will bring more on those numbers as well. red alert hawaii highest warning, as massive cloud of ash fills the sky, lava spewing from kilauea volcano. >> time for upgrade astronauts to start space walk to make repairs on international space station the world's first wireless meantime taking flight we have a look at the robo fly, it weighs less than a toothpick why that he is to exist what do you do with a robot like a o krone fly, c ifra lindsey bell "the wall street journal" assistant editorial page editor freeman,
8:03 am
and hawkins great to see you bring more information on macy's, numbers handily beating earnings, earnings per share coming in 48 cents, on revenue 5.54 billion dollars, quickly, anybody? can you weigh in look at this -- >> this look at that premarket action. >> action amazing, i think expectations kind of low because this is a stock that is 18% now, that is outstanding i think people starting to worry this servant a great fourth quarter start especially as amazon comes in to the apparel space, price pressure on margins dominates the space i am looking for that same-store sales number. dagen: raised earnings and revenue guidance for year, 12% gain on stock goes to the issue of how health is the consumer because that was what drove bond yields up
8:04 am
yesterday, retail sales numbers cars and restaurants really did -- in that monthly report yesterday. >> finally come into warmer weather will help especially with department stores, names, you saw that cold spring probably a little into -- dagen: look at washington, this morning, north korea casting doubt on kim jong-un's summit with president trump this coming as the united states, expected to engage in top trade talks with vice premier of china in town blake burman live at the white house with everything you need to know. reporter: i am not sure anybody thought would be a straight line between now, and. maria: reign 12 but here it is a sudden u-turn potential u-turn from the north koreans first canceling a meeting with south korea over joint military examines between u.s. and south now threatening to potentially pull out, of the summit next month between kim jong-un, and president trump.
8:05 am
north koreans point finger directly at about national security advisory bolton suggested over weekend the libya model has he put it could be way forward on denuclearization north koreans saying they have a quote repugnant as they put it toward bolton wrapped up speaking moments ago to the sarah sanders said there is not necessarily a libyan model going forward rather a trump model as she put it here is the statement yesterday, that concluded from north koreans they said if the u.s. is trying to drive us into a corner to force unilateral nuclear abannedment we will no longer be interested in dialogue, and cannot reconsider our proceedings, to the dprk summit sarah sanders i mentioned sponge on "fox & friends" moments acautiously optimistic. >> we are he hopeful meeting take place continue down that path at the same
8:06 am
time we know we have been prepared these could be tough negotiations the president is ready if meeting takes place if it doesn't we will continue the maximum prosper campaign ongoing. >> the president of course trying to get chinese to get tougher on north korea top chinese officials involving trade here that is probably separate from north korea situation. dagen: blake burman, at white house, for us, joining me now senate judiciary committee member louisiana senator john kennedy, senator kennedy you are one of the republican senator yesterday's luncheon with president trump how should u.s. react to north korea? and the threat from north korea? and then also what is happening, with china, on the trade discussions? >> he will with, a couple points, kim jong-un is a -- a goon a butcher. he heads a country -- trying
8:07 am
to develop nuclear weapons number two he wants to make a deal. he wants to make a deal because we're starving them half to death i hate to have to do it to north koreaaround people we are starving the country half to death with sanctions, and they are well aware of what president trump did in syria. military options is still on the table, number three, i am not especially worried about his announcement, i mean i look at it as a -- you know kind of a fastball, high and tight a pit cher tries to back off batter a little bit. but knows he's got to throw a strike otherwise the batter is going to walk, and get on base. so this is just part of the negotiations, the last point i would make is that i think china completely controls kim jong-un. and i don't think it is a coincidence that suddenly made a trip to china probably got advice about negotiating i don't see is this particularly
8:08 am
big deal i think doing what we are doing if they don't like about what mr. bolton said, i hope mr. bolton doubles down. will. >> senator james freeman here from the journal, are, as you said this, butcher a running third rate economy a tiny economy, much smaller than the disputes we have with china over trade, china is calling the shots, do you expect them to delivert to donald trump a defangsed defanged north korea as far as negotiations. >> don't know yet i think china wants to settle as much as we do frankly as much as kim jong-un does, china doesn't want to see north korea collapse, all the poor fox from north korea flood into china china will have to support them, some won needs to help them, the boy king insure isn't china is concerned about a -- a buildup in military forces in south
8:09 am
korea and japan. and it is china, china doesn't have values, it has interests. and this is an interest in the interest of china to see this settlement reached i think we will reach one it has got to be a good one though, i mean, i think we are hold better cards than kim jong-un is. and i think the sanctions are really biting. i think they really and we can make them stronger. dagen: senator i want to ask about latest controversy around cambridge analytical scandal report an investigation into defunct political data firm according to "new york times" the senate judiciary committee you are on it holding a hearing today on cambrige analytica future of privacy, the research whistleblower to testify, what
8:10 am
are you looking for hear are you prepared with more chloral questions or statements as you were for mark zuckerberg. >> i am interested in talking to mr. riley how it worked from inside, but in terms of cambrige analytica look it allegedly obtained its data unlawfulfully on facebook fbi justice will get to back to be frank cambrige analytica didn't do anything that facebook doesn't do anything cambrige analytica a political digital consulting firms try to sell candidates to voters. facebook does every day sells candidates ideas products, to me larger issue here is that the accumulation of our data led by facebook, facebook reaches 27% of all the people in the entire world. it has the ability to
8:11 am
influence what we believe, who we vote for, what we buy, how we think. now that is okay. if people voluntarily go to facebook i think facebook needs to do better job are of telling people the type of data that it collects on all of us. people think well i just go, go to facebook post something that is all they have on me, no, facebook even has ability its called the facebook pixel, to foul around on the web sites, now as long as the american people understand i am cool with that libertarian i don't support -- o bloef lottery is good i wouldn't outlaw it i think lotte radio is a tax on poor if people understand i think they do, odds of winning damn things are not very good, you know this is america, you can play it if you want to. and facebook is the same way i
8:12 am
wouldn't regulate half to death facebook is constantly pushing the envelope need to -- i got a bill in try to do this need to level with people say look here is what we're up to what we're doing, the other issue on facebook, is the propaganda. everybody can agree facebook and -- i don't want to pick on facebook the other digital platforms all platforms are spreading poisons that is easy, what is poisons. you quickly get off first amendment issues, and i don't necessarily want facebook to decide what i can see what i can't see on the other hand i also don't want them spreading fake news obviously not true trying to influence people in terms of their buy. >> senator great to see you -- >> -- we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you as well sir hawaii on red alert the new warning that another volcano
8:13 am
reputation is imminent details on high-tech device, then a toothpick the robot fly ahead. ♪ ♪ how do you win at business? stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at
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dagen: all right cheryl casone welcome back to "mornings with maria" headlines this morning, hawaii residents on a rare red alert, officials are warning the big island kilauea volcano growing more explosive, as massive ash cloud grows in the sky you could see it here u.s. geological survey upgraded previous volcano warning signifying upsetting could imminent two dozen homes destroyed, a top lawyer at novartis stepping down, a payment to a company owned president trump's personal lawyer michael cohen enforce advertise made payments to gain insight into u.s. health care policy the former ceo saying he regrets the account with cohen uncertainty over the health care policy put pressure on his company coming less than a week after at&t ousted top washington executive after his office paid cohen 00,000 dollars --
8:17 am
600,000 dollars last year novartis down 7% this year. walmart going upscale instantaneouslying up with fashion zine lord and taylor, about the pair building shopping experience 125 fashion brands, looking to -- customer base walmart trying to attract higher end consumers a premium shopping experiencing let's look at shares of lord and taylor parent company down 22% walmart down 14% over the same time. many finally check this out, you are looking at the first wireless flying robot, that is no bigger than insect, about powered by invisible engineers point to solar panel can one day perform about tasks finding gas elaboration search and ask you even, ground
8:18 am
breaking word, dagen find a reason to have insect flying around there you have it. dagen: two clicks just miss it. cheryl: it could be good we will take that. dagen: black castle. coming up a grocery store show down details for amazon prime members at whole food stores straight ahead. ♪ ♪ man: i got scar tissue there. same thing with any dent or dings on this truck. they all got a story about what happened to 'em. man 2: it was raining, there was only one way out. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint.
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8:20 am
at the heart of it, we are really changing the way that students learn. and i can't wait for ten years from now when i get to talk to them again and see, like, who they are. ♪
8:21 am
dagen: fun in sun comes with risk american cancer society reporting 91,000 americans
8:22 am
will be diagnosed with melanoma this year, consumer reports released top sunscreens 2018 to help keep you protected joining us dr. "mik" dr. mikhail varshavski you are here to walk us through, to -- values. >> absolutely consumer reports amazing job, rating products without bias purchase all the products just like you and i would if they go into a store take products not getting special product sent to them, they are bias free i am a fan i came to united states, 1996 first magazine subscribed to top four sunblocks they recommend standing here the way rated sunblocks judging do they have very good coverage for uva and uvb rays how it feels on skin, because you put on sunblock sometimes very sticky a greasy film, and
8:23 am
final one is how they smell because some have a pleasant aroma some that are listed in sentimented still have a plasticy beach ball type smell found top four o performing sun blocks, you look at price ranges pretty incredible because, one like this, can go for as high as 30 dollars. >> roach posay. >> dangerous to pro announce that. >> i read notes last night i thought that, as well, thank you for pointing it out dr. what about the least expensive. >> walmart one actually very high performing you know spf 50 i don't think a question about that. >> i read anything over 30 being irish like i am -- >> perfect. >> but i can do 60s, but does it do any good for me to go
8:24 am
above 30 when i am hitting 100 -- >> common myth you hear anything above 30 not safe technically true if you apply perfect amount reapply as needed don't go in water, yes no difference between 30 and 40, in real life though, it is wiser to go for highest si pf possible first of all, consumer sports in studies found about 30% of the spf listed were not as high when tested them, the second part about that is we often don't put on sunblock the right way don't cover with right amount per square centimeter don't reapply as often as needed we need the highest coverage possible, unless a striking difference i say two for highest. >> you got water babies -- >> cute -- >> exactly but does work. >> it does work absolutely. >> regardless of sunscreen protection how much is too much? time, in the sun for the average -- >> obviously, it is hard to
8:25 am
say because varies on a a lot of conditions about genetics skin type color of your skin pigment matters but when i say to patients barring any extremes 20 minutes in the sun if you are in more than that okay without sunblock you get some benefits from being out in the sun. dagen: that was what i wanted to ask you because particularly there has been a shift in focus on the need for real natural vitamin d to keep you healthy when vitamin d supplements a lot of people are deficient, important. >> any time -- sun is important doing so safely again 20 minutes if you are just going out for a brisk walk not that important to put on, barring extreme circumstances you are susceptible to the sun there are some conditions some patients spend 5 minutes in the sun get a sunburn people very susceptible, those were fair skin, many freckles on
8:26 am
skinny average lifetime risk to develop melanoma one in 60. dagen: we have to be clear melanoma most serious of skin cancers that you get vast majority of basal cell treatable -- >> they can be disfiguring. >> not the largely deadly melanoma deadlier to spread to very about unusual places initially may be on arm cancer may spread to eye -- they have unusual pattern for spread, like i was saying, one in 0 lifetime risk doubles if you had five sin burns when a child or later in your life, or if you have over 50 moles. >> the treatments, most particular drugs, originally developed to treat originally to treat metastatic melanoma,
8:27 am
those drugs have changed the way that is treated turned something that was deadly into something manageable. >> definitely manageable still deadly illness but we have seen last few years that survival rates of those who have melanoma go significantly up, a big stride doing in men. >> what are dummy sin -- sunblocks. >> supplement is poly, an extract from a fern plant that is supposed to protect you from the sun exposure the decrease for getting a burn, of developing a cancer as you know i am catholic i looked at research i find respectful weak done on small numbers of people, also researchers involved hat biases worked for one of these companies i personally spoke to mentor dermatologist dr. williams harvard, trained dermatologist said at best give you
8:28 am
protection 3 to 5, i wouldn't waste money on it. >> is it -- give advice -- >> if you like -- use spf. >> no time staying in shade you are losing out. >> wide-brimmed hats. >> -- >> we want that james dr. varshavski thank you so much amazon shaked up the grocery store industry, new price cuts for prime members at whole foods astronauts begin a walk outside the international space station this morning we have the details next. ♪ this endangered species is getting help
8:29 am
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dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. wednesday, may 167 top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern, searching for direction, futures near flatline right now dow industrials futures up by 2 points, housing starts building permits crossing the tape, hitting the wire reports coming up short of expectations we break down those for you momentarily watching the bond market treasury markets 10-year
8:32 am
yields doing a level nearly seven years yesterday pulling off that high, a little bit this morning, but selling of treasurys selling of stocks, in u.s. market action, looking overseas in europe, we have gains across the board, although the buying is ever so slight, and in asia overnight, it was the markets largely heading lower kospi, south korea did manage to eke out a gain, despite threats from north korea, that it won't come to the table if u.s. demanded is unilateral nuclear abandonment. >> macy's shares, a little bit higher than earnings numbers crossed earlier this hour up almost 9% after better-than-expected earnings in revenue in the first quarter macy's raising full year guidance as well. >> grocery wars heating up amazon offering new discounts at whole foods but there is a catch. and panthers david tepper make it official team announcing
8:33 am
moments ago that david tepper hedge fund manager extraordinaire former jj resident signed deal to buy team price tag said record for nfl franchise 2.2 billion dollars. futures searching for direction this morning dow snapped 8 session winning streak yesterday on rising bond yields continuing trade negotiations during u.s. and china, starting with you take what is happening right now what do you think is going to drive action today. >> i think housing starts number is important, a little bit disappointing because down month over month year-over-year up double digits to me major indicator of impeding recession year-over-year housing starts usually decline 25%, before -- before recession, key indicator so this i like the number, last month a big number for housing starts. dagen: you points out the lack of inventory this is again, new home construction,
8:34 am
is in critically important to really the economy new home construction sales that are critical to economic growth. >> i think it this is healthy economy you see home sales rising i think probably got into it before the financial crisis was thinking you housing to be driver, of the economy the creator of wealth, but i think, we are in a good spot, i know people are concerned about this yield on 10 year, search years historically very low, very compatible good economy come up because of some of them i think retail sales numbers good, reality check, looking at history on that, but seems like a good economy. dagen: retail sale numbers yesterday where they came in even excluding gasoline and autos 3/10% growth retail sales one estimate on economic
8:35 am
growth for the second quarter went up, they are projecting 2.9% second quarter gdp kind of that healthy number trump administration has been talking about. >> great to get is near historical norms happy to see retail sales talking about, is improving, but if we look at just three monleading average, that is still right now below the normal that we saw prefinancial crisis. good direction but level still not quite there. >> growth rate. >> probably related only way you get spending up make more money or borrow more money, last quarter we saw hitting record highs in credit card debt wages job market tight we are not seeing for a variety of bigger factors not seeing the wage pressure we normally expect. dagen: to he stephanie pomboy
8:36 am
credit frequent guest pointed out yesterday in e-mail, retail sales number came in average and four month, is .-- 0 .22% growth versus.85 percent month prior to the tax cut so again, about pullback beginning of the year. dagen: -- rising rates credit card debt if income not moving up, about. >> i point this out this is -- both of you wheelhouses if you look at -- trump administration first floated aluminum tariffs, broadly speaking seemed to shake investors up market incredible run, and stocks if you look from then till now, are he largely up. and so you don't see any kind of headlines from -- >> i agree, market in
8:37 am
generally up the dow down year-to-date we will see what happens today, i think, that even though not rocking the market trade war talks geopolitical concerns, the syria, iraq even investigation russian investigation on the president i think it is still weighs on the market, prevents it from moving significantly higher so i think that once we get past some major issues, we are going to have a better opportunity of moving higher, and midterm election i always tell you second third quarter of midterm election year always the worst markets decline, s&p line to 3% average once past midterm elections all bets off, half a percent fourth quarter -- >> definitely creates, i think what you see generally is markets rise, when people think it is -- it is not going to be too disruptive and decline when people think that the trade restrictions are going to bite raise prices, et
8:38 am
cetera. dagen: i absolutely agree i feel like the way that the administration so far has handled the steel and aluminum tariffs -- what is going on with china incredibly disruptive tit-for-tat with china on tariffs very disruptive to manufacturing in united states farmers a disconnect now i said trump administration needs to pick the phone up actually call some of these folks so -- >> businesses -- hands in the air. >> -- not seeing the market opening -- dagen: quick i want to remember, we want to remember, an icon, author tom wolff died, button pfizer of van tees, both -- bonfires. >> it takes a special man to voluntary for suicide mission
8:39 am
especially on tv. >> all kinds of -- between this year -- >> teaching how to -- >> everything. i am going to see the truth come out every one of them only one way to do that. >> what was that? >> lie. >> quickly tom wolfe wrote for "the wall street journal" we read all reports. >> -- academic out if you can on web site, interviewed her dad a couple years ago, personal note i had a chance to meet him one occasion, just -- amazingly humble gracious, by far the most accomplished person in the room treating everyone as if they were the stars and he was honored to be
8:40 am
included, in the department wonderful gi with giant of american literature. dagen: expiration certainly when i was a teen didn't know -- trying to figure out what to do to pay bills, really, sad passing but read his book, nasa astronauts, in space, starting a six 1/2 hour space walk to make repairs on international space station, in miami, give us the latest. reporter: nice segue from the author to a couple astronauts right now, space walking for about past hour, of course, have the right stuff, this is the first of two planned space wakes no emergencies regular routine maintenance up grades for wi-fi high def cameras outside of space station looking above us 250 miles above earth that is engineers,
8:41 am
working floating, moving component called subassembly kroltz flow of ammonia through outdoor cooling system six up there lives on line last thing anyone wants those space station computers electronics overheating, robotics engineer not space walking but inside space station controlling the big arm, robotic arm to place pump control on truss for check out, 8th space walk arnold fourth, the 50th in program history saturday big show for everything from boston to charleston south carolina look up launching from nasa, launchpad in
8:42 am
virginia, ship heading up to space station with a bunch of needed supplies. dagen: don't you love a place in virginia called what will ops island i know where that is. >> a lot of horses. dagen: eastern shore, very good. knows coast the space thank you, a new -- discounts amazon offering whole food stores anning a piece of music history -- 80,000 dollars, hitting auction blocks we have a lot of prince memorabilia here, up for sale, that is straight ahead. ♪ we know the value of trust.
8:43 am
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dagen: now on to at the carolina panthers fat price hedge fund manager tepper has finalized that deal to buy carolina panthers reported 22 billion dollars in crash a 2.2 billion dollars, your reaction to this. >> i bet you are surprised, that i want to talk about football. and. dagen: so excited, give it to me. >> i like a guy who sees -- i think david tepper has seized an opportunity quickly, on-mo, the supreme court opened up sports betting outside nevada if you are a state legislator wants go for sports betting they can do it that is a huge move. and i think it add enormously to the value of sports teams, on which bets will be placed,
8:47 am
so along combed david, about with 36 hours of supreme court ruling paid a record price for the -- i believably 2.3 billion dollars all cash extraordinary in itself beats old nfl team price record 1.4 billion four years ago for the buffalo bills, i'm intriggered he intriggered an opportunity very smart don't like politics he calls president trump father of all liars but you know, put that aside for a second, the guy is smart, he made a ton of money and i think seizing this opportunity just right time very, very quickly, a great move. dagen: smart enough to leave new jersey moved to florida i am sure buying a house or 15 homes, and charlotte north carolina expected to keep team
8:48 am
there north carolinians are very happy about. >> good to see wall street for the you understand go outside world of money and wrote a go to sports, i think a great idea, i take my hat off to guy despite his politics. dagen: great to see you, you, too. dagen: see you 12 minutes, if you need a remainder, every day, 9:00 a.m. eastern stuart you are awesome macy's shares this morning blowing past expectancies results giving a boost to other retailers nicole petallides at new york stock exchange with more. >> let's take a look at macy's you noted stock up 12% this morning, and we are seeing same-store sales growth interestitrump estimates a mays yoo's umbrella would be macy's bloomingdale blue mercury saw
8:49 am
performance on all three brands the stock doing well bringing up the other names jc penney kohl's nordstrom morgan stanley giving calling your attention cautionary tone, a story on amazon the users discounts in whole foods so i have a prime membership you get maybe 10% off of something on sale weekly details to justify 20% increase in prime member, stocks relatively flat but hoping to gain new prime members the question will it scary away those looking for scouts in the first place. dagen: thank you nicole petallides new york stock exchange, get ready to rock, prince, up to 830,000 dollars hitting auction block other
8:50 am
items from legendary musicians estate up for grabs, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ brighthouse financial allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities... with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife. stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs.
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♪ buying a piece of rock 'n' roll history two major auctions life one featuring owned by prince others on legends elvis michael jackson joining me now executive director martin nolan, we start with all prince
8:54 am
memorabilia guitar estimate is 80,000 dollars, could a lot of this memorabilia for prince just beginning to start coming to auction, do you have a sense like, how much it might go for. >> yeah, we do, indeed, people 156 -- selling hard work café vienna club, prince we sold guitar last november 700,000, a record for prince before that highest price was 130,000 -- soaring now two years since sadly passed away, people want to keep memory live. >> i'm i'm going to pick this necklace up i don't know if will fit over my head how did you could many to acquire a lot of prince memorabilia. >> one items comes from former wife was dancer -- friend wife. i am told, authenticity
8:55 am
important coming to ply something like this about. >> how much is it? >> estimate is 8 to 10,000 people bidding -- this is to up 30,000 right now, preauction bidding so going to be a block buster weekend -- in california, really walks the talk, potentially the money goes. >> a wonderful person, really sweet lady. >> others two prince outfits this is prince the ring hat guitar now we have the king -- incredibly beautiful in person, by the way,. >> this is on saturday auction -- from this worn in 1973 world famous performance, one billion people watched by satellite broadcast phenomenal
8:56 am
performance, gave it to the actor from hawaii, picked up in 2006. >> how much is the estimate. >> have the estimate range 30 to 40,000 again, frenzy bidding online all right significantly higher right now. >> how high have you checked. >> over 60,000 right now dagen: a guitar john lennon glasses, guns and roses, he video, from mtv, in a few years people won't know what that is. >> could be -- door -- stopper 10 to 15 how to great, worn, gave to fan in audience asked -- >>. dagen: dagen: can i put it on. >> 75 diamond, and elvis -- this is the most expensive piece at the table this you have to put it on.
8:57 am
dagen: may being -- make you jealous? >> 50 diamonds star shaped ring 14 carats white gold estimate 80 to 100,000 conservative, the fact you've worn this sky is limit. >> no, i am so -- so fantastic warms your heart thank you so much for being here more everybody when we come back. ♪ ower my a1c. ower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen. and it works 24/7. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. don't use it as the first medicine to treat diabetes,
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big thanks to lindsay james and lenore come back we don't see owe often enough but or or "varney & company" mr. varney, stuart take it away. >> good morning dagen good morning rch. we cover money and politics, with today make it money, and sport. david tenner is hedge fund manager worth 10 billion he bought the carolina panthers for a record price 2.3 billion all cash. tepa spotted an opportunity and put his money to work immediately monday a supreme court ruling allowed any state to open a sports betting book that raises the value of sports teams. tepa signed purchase of the panthers tuesday night. very smart move. there is other news, north korea kim jong-un seems to be newly ease


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